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Peggy Kane’s Letter to George Noory (of Coast to Coast radio)

(Note: I have added a “My Story” section to the site, so that those that are interested, can learn more about me, the journey I have taken over the past few years and what led me to creating this website and sharing this information. It is at the top of the site, next to “Welcome”)



Peggy Kane recently wrote a letter to George Noory (of Coast to Coast radio), with the intention of informing him of the “Big Picture” and what has been discovered through Reverse Speech. If you are new to this site and are unaware of Peggy and reverse speech then please check out the rest of the site first.

George Noory has had literally thousands of guests on his show over the years, all with different beliefs and different perspectives on what has, is and will happen on our planet. So Peggy felt it was important for him to understand more about reverse speech and the “truths” (I know, big word) it has revealed.

The letters are a great overall summery of what has actually taken place here on this planet with the Reptilians, the enslavement of humanity and the ultimate freedom that is coming. So I felt it was important to add copies of these letters here for you, so that you can get a full understanding of the “Big Picture” directly from Peggy.

Here are the letters (unfortunately I don’t have the audio files she refers to throughout the letters, but the descriptions that Peggy includes are all that is needed really)…



Letter 1


Dear George,

I have listened to and recorded you and your various guests and callers on Coast to Coast many times in order to get information from the reversals. I have actually recorded and reversed thousands over a period of 9+ years.

I don’t care what people believe in their conscious minds. Everyone has their opinion and the smorgasbord of theories can certainly give one a huge case of spiritual and mental indigestion.

The exception to this is reverse speaking where every mind is connected to every other mind and everyone knows exactly what happened here, and why. We all know the future and that future is glorious. This is NOT the subconscious, but the universal mind, working hard to communicate. It is our connection to the mind of The One, God.

The managers of this programmed matrix closed this part of the mind to the conscious part. Reverse speaking, even with its limitations of clarity and unusual metaphors, is a crack in the door of that hidden part.

George, you often talk about the feelings of some great impending event. Callers will refer to this, in various ways, both positive and negative. 2012 comes up often with some believing this is a momentous date while others dismiss it. The guest prognosticators talk about their insights, sometimes vague and other times more specific.

But everyone agrees about what is on the horizon in reverse. There are no contradictions and what is coming is the most massive and colossal change imaginable. This is why we all feel it.

In order to appreciate the fantastic future that is approaching, we must understand that we have been living in a programmed reality run by a reptilian race behind the scenes. This race while morally bankrupt, was technologically far superior to us. If this idea is more than you can entertain, you will be in for a tremendous shock because as the light enters the Earth, we will be compelled to see everything that has happened here. There can be no doubts or misunderstandings. We will see what this race has done, why it happened and how we have come through a time of terror and violence for a very good reason. Our contributions here, remembered or not, were critical in opening a path for light to enter and for the beginning of the incredible change that everyone knows and speaks of in reverse.

About the audio files:

Every one of the attached reversals in part 1 is communicating information about this interdimensional and extraterrestrial reptilian race. (This is but a tiny fraction of my files.) They operated openly in the Astral World but unseen here, coming and going through doorways or portals everywhere. They were behind all of the abductions using their slaves, the greys, as the up-front poster aliens.

Orbs were their crystalline scanning devices or cameras, so we could be observed.

They possessed many of the elite and that is why bloodlines were so important. They needed a certain amount of reptilian DNA in order to possess a person. They could then influence that person to help create the messes we’ve had here. Humans blame each other but our heads have been manipulated from cradle to grave and we don’t even know it. How can you fight an enemy when you don’t know that enemy exists?

We’ve never seen out into deep space. We live surrounded by an electro-magnetic force field simply called the “net” in reverse. This net was the scrim for holographic projections.

The One (God) and the Universe are waiting for everything to be in place before this net is opened. It is imperative that we do not succumb to fear. The Creator will speak into the hearts of everyone to calm and reassure. This must be done very gently and carefully.

In the next email, I will put up what you, and others tell me is going to happen, in reverse of course.

It is truly fantastic and wonderful.


Peggy Kane



Letter 2

Dear George,

Many of your guests and callers talk about dire events coming. I am putting up forwards and reversals of a few of them to show that in their Universal minds, available ONLY by reversing their speech, they consistently contradict these predictions.

Among the people who’s audio is attached is

Ed Dames,

Steven Quayle

Stan Deyo

Matthew Alper (the God Brain)

A Guest on with Art Bell in Feb. ‘09

Gerald Celente

Damon Vickers

Edgar Cayce (some old audio that you played on your show)

Lots of your own audio

There are a few others, not guests, but also add to this same information.

Finally a child’s happiness finishes these audio attachments.

Over and over, the theme is the same no matter who is talking or what they believe. The net (electro-magnetic frequency barrier) is opening up to bring in light and Eden. It will end the terror and stress here and a new world will begin for all life.

We will have one-on-one communication and contact with God. Money and debt will be eliminated. The Earth will be washed clean and all life will speak to us including those from other star systems.

We will find joy and become real students learning about the totality of consciousness and the beauty of life everywhere in the universe.

There is never a reversal from anyone condemning us to more pain and suffering in the future.


Peggy Kane

P.S Obviously, these are not my theories, but come from the minds of all people without exception.


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45 Responses to “Peggy Kane’s Letter to George Noory (of Coast to Coast radio)”

  1. BEATNFLUFFY says:

    I like your website.:) Why doesn’t Peggy ever post here?

  2. Humanity Wins says:

    Thanks! Glad you like the website :-)

    Peggy is very busy on her own website, she’s posting nearly everyday and she just doesn’t have the time and energy to post on this site or any other. But we’re all in this together, making our contribition in our own way and reaching out to different people with, ultimatley, the same message!

  3. Langston PARKER says:


  4. Humanity Wins says:

    Not a bad idea Langston

  5. Alex says:

    Knowing this really clears my head alot about small worrys I had on upcoming events.
    I am also very interested in a reversal about weed. I use it daily and would be just fine without it but i feel that without it I may have never opened my eyes to the truth lol. Amazing article I’m intrigued to find a pic of these fireballs now

  6. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Alex,

    You’re not the first person to ask about reversing of weed, so I will do this soon and put up a post. Personally I don’t see weed as a negative thing at all, it opens the mind and allows people to access levels of reality that they wouldn’t usually be able to. But as with anything I would say moderation is the key. As long as you are in control of it and it is not in control of you, then there really isn’t a problem. Same with a lot of things.

    As for the “fireballs”, I have some video footage of these in the “Planet X” post, in the Space War category. They are towards the bottom of the page. I do plan on expanding on this topic, of the “astral war”, in a future post.


  7. Scott Ferrarello says:

    Love it. :D

  8. Adam says:

    I only recently “woke up” to the truth by watching david Ickes videos, and so much of what you have put on this site. I feel like things have bee put in place for me to find, so I can continue my progression on this new journey, and this post is clearly one of those things. I didn’t even feel the need to read these letters, as Ive already felt convinced that reverse speach is a valid line of communication. But I was shocked to see your conversation about weed following the letters. I have actually had very bad experiences smoking in the past, and still do to this if I ever try it (which isn’t often). Every time I get high, I feel a presence that that is able to, in some ways, “control” me. I was not a religious person before this started to happen in high school, but I came to believe that I was afflicted by demons. I realize now, and am completely convinced that it is fact actually a reptilian presence.
    I would like very much to hear your perspective on this, and would like to know if you have ever heard of anyone else with a similar story.

  9. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Adam,

    Great to hear that your “journey” is progressing well and that the info on this site has helped in that process.

    As for your question about smoking weed, well if you personally are experiencing mainly negative effects then it’s obvioulsy best for you to leave it be. But for others it can bring some positives. Everyone is different, things aren’t as simple as being right or wrong. I don’t personally use it much, just every now again. It can make us more aware of things, and things that come into our awareness can be labelled as either negative or positive. It is my feeling that during the times that you have used it you have unfortuantely become aware of other levels of reality that are supressive, and I would say they are likely there whether you are aware of them or not. The weed has just hightend your awareness to it. But you certainly aren’t the only one to be exposed to these types of suppressive energies. Far from it. All the “awakening” people who are here to make the difference on this planet, such as yourself, are no doubt targetted much more than most. But they have no power over us! They will try, but try to treat it as nothing more than an irritating mosquito when it does come into your awareness! The dark’s time is up and they know it!

    But like I say, best to leave the weed alone, if all that is coming into your awareness are the lower vibrational energies while using it. I live by a simple philosophy: Do more of what gives you power and less of what makes you weaker. And the first step is becoming AWARE of what makes you stronger or weaker. For you, the weed is definately a weakening influenece. Just stick with what makes you more powerful and do more of it!


  10. Adam says:


    Thank you so much for your prompt response, and the great words. The fact is that I have been aware of the presence every single day for the past 14 years. I learned over this time that they have been feeding off of my negative energy, and they have tried all this time to make my life as dificult as possible to keep me down. Although I am aware of them, they only have noticible influence on me when I am in a lesser mood, be it depression, anger, jealousy, etc. I have, over the years, learned to be stronger, and could go through most of any given day without even thinking about it. Since my realization of what they really are, and what I really am, the change has been phenomenal. When I 1st watched your video about the reptilian presence/ajenda (the one with the battlestar galactica montage at the end), I cried my eyes out, and finally felt free!!! That was only about 10 days ago. And since then, I have spent every free minute of every day reading everything I could find, and watching every video on here and on I love this… I am so excited about the future, and I want to do everything I can to try and help others “WAKE UP”!!!

    Thank you!


  11. Adam says:

    Since you were talking about doing a reverse speak on the topic of weed, how would you feel about doing a reverse analysis on my opinion of my experience? I don’t have a negative opinion on weed. In fact, I wish so much that I could enjoy it, and be able to experience the clarity of consciousness that others have. That is why I did try it a couple of times recently, I thought I had better control, and thus could have that kind of experience.

    I tried today to do an a reversal on a quick 3 minute diary type recording of my recent revelations. But, being new to this, I am having trouble making it out. One very interesting point, however, is I did clearly make out something about the Mideast. This is interesting because i spent an extensive amount of time in the military, and I have been very concerned about what is happening there now, and how it relates to the illuminati agenda.



  12. Humanity Wins says:


    Sure thing, if you email over your audio I’ll analyse your reverse speech. I don’t list my email address on the site for spam reasons, but just add yourself to my subscriber base and then you’ll have my email. Subscribe link is at the top of the site.

    Sounds like you’ve been going through a powerful “awakening” process over the past week or two! That’s all good! I can certainly relate to this and the total focus on getting as much info, as quickly as possible! Once that flame is lit it’s not going out!


  13. FlaMe says:

    ‘m a keeper of sheep.
    The sheep are my thoughts
    And my thoughts are all sensations.
    I think with my eyes and ears
    And with my hands and feet
    And with my nose and mouth.

    To think is to see it and smell it
    And to eat a fruit is to taste it’s meaning.

    That’s why on a hot day
    When I ache from enjoying it so much,
    And stretch out on the grass,
    Closing my warm eyes,
    I feel my whole body lying full length in reality,
    I know the truth and I’m happy. (Fernando Pessoa)

    Alberto Caeiro

  14. Lilian Tuder says:

    Hey, very nice website. I actually came across Hotels freeze new Samui expansions | on Bing, and I am happy I did. I will definately be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just absorbing as much info as I can at the moment. Thank You

  15. farid says:

    hay Brad! What is this weed your talking about?..any drug?

  16. farid says:

    yes I agree .this guy has certainly created a real gem of a website!

  17. farid says:

    I am glad that we have a platform like this!

  18. skorum says:


    Ok first of all, I first encountered Peggy Kane yesterday evening. I watched her videos on her youtube channel “peggykane1″ and I also saw her in a video mixed with David Icke´s presentations and knowledge. Ok, I don´t really know where to begin. I have been a truthseeker for several years now, and I try to have a both skeptic and open mind.

    I do not see myself as “enligthened” but I do know that I know some stuff. I have felt myself totally lost in the matrix many times, knowing that it is a matrix. So I can not turn off the intellect, it just keeps on going sometimes, and I have figured out that, in a way, I am exposed to some kind of field where I can feel the matrix. I can feel/hear others thoughts, and after yesterday I thought that it must be the reptilians messing around with me. Anyways, I am not trying to give my lifestory or anything, just trying to point out that Peggy´s words really got to me, somehow a lot of stuff I have been wondering about blended in together in a beautiful symphony and I could understand why and where the beliefsystems come from and that we have been genetically manipulated.
    Today is not yesterday, and my skeptic mind is back craving information. So Peggy tells us there have been an astral war and all the reps are gone now, but the net still exists? This gradual opening of the net so that we can receive more light (I call it informational energy from the sun and from outher space) would explain a lot of stuff.

    But I am wondering, why did Peggy shut her website down? How come she tells us that the reps are gone but she herself seems to have disappeared. If she has been terrorized by these scaly unfriendly types for several years, wouldn´t it be a great relief to know that they are gone?
    Her story really really got to me and not a lot of stories do. I would like to find her, contact her in some way. How do we know that the reps didn´t attack her computer? Or that she was cloned and manipulated to tell people that the reps have left.?

    I am just really skeptical of this, that the reps have left.
    Sorry for my bad english (grammar and not really good using of metaphors)

  19. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Skorrum,

    Well Peggy’s old website was shut down, but she has been sharing her information on a new website for just over a year now – the link to this is in the post “Peggy Kane, Reverse Speech and the Reptilians” (Reverse Speech category).

    These are good questions you’re asking and I understand your concerns. As for the reps leaving Earth, well reverse speech has revealed a lot about this over the past few years, the post “The Truth About Nibiru (Planet X)” (Space War category) has more information about this, as well as Peggy’s last radio interview (the link to this is also in the Planet X post).

    Hope this helps


  20. Peter says:

    Brad, awesome job dude.. I have been searching for something my entire life… and I’ve recently just found it.. they negative stuff used to get to me (family, money problems) and I was using drugs and almost died of hypothermia.. I was paralyzed waste down and also had to have my blood filtered on hemodialysis…

    fast foward 4 years I wouldn’t change a single thing.. I am no longer paralyzed or have to have any type of medical treatment.. I would like to say I’m better then 100 percent physically and mentally.

    I guess my question for you is that, do you think with the NET falling that time will change? do you think GOD or creator will put it back to what it was? (around 1 year in the astral = 90 years here) I hope so… that would be amazing.. we would learn and understand more then we could’ve ever imagined..

    Take care and keep up the good work bro!!! the truth will set US free!! =)

  21. Peter says:

    also I have an eye condition called congential nystagmus (from birth) my eyes kinda twitch like when you get on drugs or alcohol and drive (cops check for this with flashlight as eyes only usually do this when they move side to side but mine do it all the time.. over the years I have learned that I can focus on things like a camera.. I am also very sensitive to spirits and ghosts.. and have been looking to find more for about 4-5 years.

    I am also the only person I know in existance that has nystagmus and can see 20/20 or better. when I look into the sky and see the stars I can kinda tell its a holographic projection as I can see certain stars flickering and light energy actually makes a halo type apperance..

    I was told at birth i would never drive, or see well enough to do anything.. I said BS on that, because I can see better then about anyone I know.. the only time I have trouble is when things are too close or the same like a buncha 00000000s it’s a little hard to count.. but I have awesome periphial vision etc..

    my father and uncle and cousin in the 70s saw a UFO up close and personal (pretty sure they were abducted) so im not sure if they changed something or not (MY fat her is colorblind to greens/browns) and I am not. crazy right? =)

    take care guys and keep going, it only gets better from here.. I can actually say this and mean it for once… GOD Bless…


  22. Rashida says:

    This is great so did she ever do an interview on that radio show?

  23. Observor says:

    I understand that people have many different points of view, born mostly of the surface intellect, manifesting in ideas, beliefs, and assumptions etc. While I had and still have some of ideas, the connection with Spirit really is our home and our truth. So decisions felt, seen, recognized and verified from within, with Spirit, with God and Knowledge, bears itself out over time, no matter what, the truth shows up. The truth always wins.

    That being said, I consider the truth of the following free ebooks to be self evident, confirm-able within and something each person needs to experience, in depth for themselves, in their own way, and at their own pace.

    In my experience, I consider these 2 books to be effective and ethical and pure, unaltered from the state of revelation in which they were received. They are sent to prepare humanity for a future that will be unlike the past and for our emergence into a Greater Community of intelligent life.

    Without a spiritual preparation and connection within, the physical preparation will not be wise and efficacious for the future, and I would say that 3/4 of the preparation is spiritual and getting connected to God and Spirit, is the most important. Why? Because you could be the most prepared physically in your external plans, yet in a moment, through unseen disaster or natural event, you could lose it all. So the only truly portable preparation is the spiritual, you take it with you when you leave this world as well. This preparation for me has been shown to be all about being in the correct place you need to be in in your life, with the correct people and serving the correct purpose for your life….purpose obviously can take much longer than the first two to discern and apply and be with.

    There is a second spiritual intelligence called Knowledge, put within each human being at birth, that is meant to guide protect and lead us in navigating being in this world, powerful forces have restricted awareness of it. Yet now everyone must know of and build the bridge to this deeper mind and deeper experience of life. There is a preparation that with 365 daily steps can build a permanent connection with this First Mind of Knowledge, the preparation is called Steps to Knowledge: The Book of Inner Knowing. Its online free here:

    Knowledge represents each human’s ability to see, know, and act upon the truth of any situation, in real time, beyond manipulation or persuasion or need for consensus from others. Knowledge is the most powerful force in the universe, and the visitors that are here now on our soil, without mass consent or awareness, do not use it. Were they to use Knowledge they would not come to a sovereign world and begin an Intervention there.

    Knowledge is that First Mind with each human which gives consistent inner guidance and certainty, born of taking incremental action on decisions, as objectively as we can, and then moving with that inner connection into balancing our life to find who we are, why we are here, and whom we’re here to meet.

  24. Suzette says:

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  30. Tanisha says:

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    I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I figured I’d
    post to let you know. The style and design look great though!
    Hope you get the issue fixed soon. Kudos

  31. Hello! This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog.

    Is it very difficult to set up your own blog? I’m not very techincal but I can figure things out pretty fast.
    I’m thinking about creating my own but I’m nott sure where to start.
    Do you have anny tips or suggestions? With thanks

  32. Lauren ;-) says:

    Dear Farid,

    Regarding your inquiry, as follows,

    farid says:
    August 5, 2012 at 2:17 pm

    “hay Brad! What is this weed your talking about?..any drug?”

    Just thought I would mention for you and any others who may not know the American slang, “weed” refers to a plant (I believe it’s a type of very tall hemp grass, hence, “weed”) known as cannabis (cannabis sativa, I believe, but I am neither a botanist nor a pothead), also called marijuana, maryjane, pot, grass, weed, reefer, dope…that’s all I can think of right now, although when rolled into a cigarette it is popularly called a doobie or joint (remember the Doobie Brothers?), while the smoked-doobie stub is called a roach….

    I’m kind of an old-timer so there are probably many more new words which have cropped up to describe it which I am not aware of (or have simply forgotten ;-). But when people say “weed,” they are generally referring to cannabis and not just any drug. Weed is popular for recreational use and typically smoked (rolled in paper into a cigarette, in a pipe, water pipe (bong), etc.).

    Weed is also very popular medicinally, especially among cancer patients, who apparently like to eat it. I hear weed is particularly helpful to chemotherapy and radiation (cancer) patients in overcoming the severe nausea and the lack-of-appetite/inability to eat which typically accompanies these brutal and barbaric medieval, modern “medical treatments.”

    Weed is the crushed up leaves and buds (I believe), of the mature, dried cannabis plant and it has long been popular for both recreational and medicinal use. I’m pretty sure that weed is a member of the hemp family, which I believe is a type of grass(?—hence they call it grass, as it is essentially a type of very tall grass(?). I don’t know where it originally hails from, but I’m pretty sure it now grows virtually all over the world because back in the day, I always heard about it coming from Thailand, Colombia, Panama, California, Hawaii…of course we’ve all heard about the Marrakesh Express, popularized in song.

    Hemp is very popular for its plant fiber (very useful for making rope and textiles like clothing and handbags shoes and such—it has many uses, including cosmetics and medicines), although it’s my understanding that the hemp used for industry is NOT the same as that used recreationally or medicinally, as it does NOT possess the same high THC (the active ingredient) or cannabinoid content as does the plant referred to here as “weed.”

    Back in my day, it was very popular to eat weed baked into chocolate or fudge brownies (called pot brownies, which were, of course, homemade), but it’s my understanding that you can now buy pot in all manner of already-prepared “foods” and candies and such. Especially in states that have favorable laws (like California) which legally allow the sale and use of pot with a prescription from your doctor.

    Notably, despite the fact that many STATES have now either decriminalized—or completely legalized outright—pot (weed), FEDERAL law still prohibits the sale and use of pot (weed) and many states who allow medicinal pot have suffered raids and prosecutions (persecutions) by the federal government, who still considers pot a crime.

    In any case, my dad, a career DEA agent, now retired, (DEA=U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, formerly the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, or BNDD) was a charter member of Nixon’s War on Drugs and some of what I have heard in the zeitgeist suggests that in fact, smoking pot (weed) actually has some effects in the brain which actually INTERFERES with (as-in, UNDERMINES) Their (as-in “Them”) “programming” of Us, which suggests THAT may have been the REAL motivation for this insane, half-century-long “War on Drugs,” which obsessed my father for most of his adult life.

    In fact, it occurs to me now, I think it was Cathy O’Brien who said that POT MESSES UP (interferes with) “THEM” MESSING YOU UP. I saw her on YouTube and I think O’Brien said she was a victim of MK-ULTRA (mind control and programming) and I’m pretty sure that’s where I heard that smoking pot interferes with Their ability to mind-control you, or mess with your mind, so I deduced that it’s probably at least one of the reasons for their declaration of this insane, decades-long “War on Drugs.” I’m sure there are many others.

    America’s INSANE corporate-prison-industrial complex springs immediately to mind—we have something like five or 12 percent of the planet’s total population, but 50 PERCENT of all the incarcerated people on Earth are in America! That is higher than any other country on Earth, including all of the usual suspects whom people typically think of as corrupt and as incarcerating a lot of people without respect to their legal or human rights.

    If the powers-that-be (TPTB) were to suddenly LEGALIZE POT, they would have to release a LOT of innocent folks from incarceration who are “guilty” only of smoking or possessing pot—literally, a WEED. Leave it to THEM to make the growing, possession or use of a PLANT, A CRIME! (?!?) But crime DOES pay in America, especially if you OWN A PRIVATE CORPORATE PRISON AND POT REMAINS ILLEGAL!

    Plus, TPTB do not want everyone smoking pot and then seeing through their BS and manipulations, so they outlawed it. Fortunately, the pot prohibition was just about as effective as the prohibition on booze was in the first half of the last century. Most people ignored it. Another story I heard about the pot prohibition—and the prohibition on growing hemp in general—is having to do with Dow Chemical and probably the other big CHEMICAL COMPANIES and other CORPORATE CREEPS.

    Hemp, being such an incredibly useful and versatile (and easy-to-grow, plentiful and sustainable) plant which has so many amazing uses, was considered to be an enormous threat to TPTB because it cuts into their outrageous profit-margins and monopolies. I heard the hemp-rope business was threatening Dow’s synthetic-rope business, not to mention that folks can use HEMP OIL to light their lanterns and power their cars and generators, not to mention making their clothes and shoes and other useful necessities, and God-only-knows what else. To say nothing of the many cosmetic and medicinal uses for the plant, which is no doubt considered a huge threat to the CORPORATE-PHARMACEUTICAL-MEDICAL MAFIA.

    Also, unlike the growing of other popular modern textile fibers, like cotton, HEMP does not rely upon expensive (and toxic) CHEMICALS (ie: Dow or Monsanto…) for its production. It’s my understanding that hemp is pretty easy to grow (like a weed) and it requires very little, it’s easy on the environment.

    God-forbid we should all be able to meet our own needs by growing what we need ourselves cheaply, abundantly and sustainably without having to BUY all of our vital necessities from Them and be forever enslaved in this sick, usury paradigm. THEY cannot have all of Us living in a world where we don’t need THEM for our very survival, so They have a nasty way of always conveniently contraindicating and outlawing anything that threatens Their monopolies and status quo.

    It’s time we all stop cooperating. There are very few of Them and over seven billion of us. We can all resist just by refusing to believe the lies. We can ignore Them. We can stop cooperating. We can stop supporting our criminal-thug governments and instead support each other. Just think how we could all transform this world if all we did was to stop “voluntarily” sending a third (or more) of our income each year to the feds and instead put that money to work building off-grid, sustainable housing for the homeless and each other. ;-)

    Did you know that it is actually UNCONSTITUTIONAL for our federal government to TAX OUR INCOME? That’s right. And there is NO LAW THAT REQUIRES YOU TO PAY A FEDERAL TAX ON YOUR INCOME. Check out Aaron Russo’s mind-blowing documentary, “America: Freedom to Fascism.” It’s free on YouTube. Russo is the guy who made that hilarious comedy with Eddie Murphy, Dan Akroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis back in the day, “Trading Places.”

    Russo is dead now, and I can’t help wondering if this film had something to do with that. Legally, our paying of federal income taxes is considered voluntary. And I guess technically it is, since EVERY YEAR, WE ALL VOLUNTEER TO DO IT.

    I vote that 2016 is the year that EVERYONE IN AMERICA JUST STOPS SENDING MONEY TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. We all HATE what they are doing with it anyway, so HOW ELSE ARE WE GOING TO STOP THEM? I wonder how long my Congressman would remain in Washington NOT representing me if he wasn’t getting paid. ;-)

    So in 2015, everyone that still has a job just change the withholding on your tax form at work to ZERO or whatever, so your employer is not automatically deducting that money from your paycheck and sending it to the feds. Then in 2016, if EVERYONE just decides NOT TO VOLUNTARILY SUBMIT AN INCOME TAX FORM TO THE FEDS, what are they going to do? Arrest EVERYONE?

    You know you HATE what they are doing with your money. For all the money we send them, NOBODY should be homeless, EVERYONE should have a free, high-quality education and PLENTY OF GOOD, NUTRITIOUS, HEALTHY FOOD and hardly anyone should be incarcerated. And not only that, but NOBODY should have to pay for the public services which WE HAVE ALL ALREADY PAID FOR BUILDING, like the communications infrastructure and the energy infrastructure and the INTERNET and transportation.

    Nobody should ever have to pay more than what it actually COSTS EACH MONTH to provide the vital services in the public interest (ie: water, energy, telephones, Internet, transportation). The public has already PAID for the installation or construction of these services, then AFTER WE HAVE ALL PAID FOR THEIR CONSTRUCTION WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS, our corrupt, criminal-thug governments HAND THEM OVER TO PRIVATE INTERESTS (corporations and monopolies) WHO CHARGE US INSANE RATES FOR SERVICES WHICH WE HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR. What’s wrong with this picture?

    Get everyone off of this insane rat-wheel of the current usury paradigm where nobody EVER stops paying Them for their housing and energy and food and let’s just build each other homes where everyone can have a garden and we will all feed each other REAL food instead of having to eat their disgusting, criminal Frankenfood bio-weapons. By all of us—both individually and collectively—continuing to participate in this insanity, we are agreeing to this insane paradigm and IT IS TIME NOW TO QUESTION EVERYTHING…especially your own beliefs and assumptions.

    Is this working for you? Really? Because I would point out that the only reason things are the way they are is that all of us allow it. People need to start asking themselves when did you ever agree to voluntarily giving up half (or more) of your income just to have a roof over your head? I mean, yeah, we all agree to it because WE DO IT.

    We do it because we think we have no choice. That’s what it costs these days to have a roof over your head. But THAT IS WHAT WE NEED TO QUESTION. Just because this is how things are and this is how they have always been for your lifetime, does not mean that this is how they have always been or the way they have to be. They will only be this way AS LONG AS WE ALLOW IT. Do you think the Native American Indians lived like this? NO! That’s why they were such a threat to TPTB! And they never would have gone along with this insanity. Let that be a lesson to all of us.

    In the meantime, let’s start talking about how we can all do this much better, in a way that works for EVERYONE, and not just the WEALTHIEST ONE PERCENT. Who actually OWNS all the land, anyway? And how the hell did THEY get it? Seems to me the Native Americans never had this problem until the immigrants showed up and instituted all this nonsense. It’s all crap. Just LEGAL FICTION. FICTION.

    It’s only real if you believe it is. What would happen if everyone in America, for instance, just STOPPED PAYING THEIR MORTGAGE, STOPPED PAYING RENT? Everyone that has a place to live would still have a place to live. But the wealthiest people who own everything would no longer have the right to live off of everyone else’s labor at the expense of all of us. And particularly at the expense of those who can least afford it. Housing should be a right not a luxury. And nobody should EVER be homeless!

    And that cost to all of us is that WE NEVER ESCAPE OUR RELATIVE POVERTY. This amazing, beautiful planet has abundance and resources to sustain everyone. There is no lack. There is only manufactured shortage and crises designed to make you THINK that there is a scarcity of resources and that’s the reason why so many on this planet live in abject poverty.

    Time to start living your truth, people. What kind of world do you want to live in? That world is at hand. We only need to make it. Let’s get that conversation going so we can get started. BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD!

    Anyway…long answer for a short question. Hope you have as much fun reading it as I did writing it! ;-)

  33. says:

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    as time passes than i will count, as well as Sansas, iRivers, iPods (typical & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, an such like.
    Among me personally and my better half we had far more MP3 people in recent times than I am able to count,
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  34. melanie says:

    well have I got a story. just kidding..not…I do but that was then .pr now or the middle…I don’t know. I learned a lot since waking up a while back. one thing I learned is love exists and god has the ability to love which I did not think he could. he is A super charged male and female being and to be on gods shit list is worst thing ever. last I heard cuz I couldn’t take the up and down reversals. high low scary high lows. last I heard was god really loves me he knows me very well but he can get angry with me because I’m onery. he knows I did a lot of visiting he said I won with the light eventually I will male it out. the simplest advice was go and have fun I will heal up faster. I heard daddy is nowhere but then he comes back to see if my asthma (metAphor) has calmed some. “hu h urry the exit” I don’t know… I’m very tired. I said to myself you already know what to do I’m tired of waiting on you. I miss you. I will just fucking wait for you. yep it’s been heavy but I heard we all can be healed.

  35. melanie says:

    we all owls and the power of light. all life

  36. melanie says:

    I meant we have all fought the owl. the planet did pass which the ppassed which in that time I was like what the fuck is going is on here. I thought I woke up in hell but that isn’t besides the point. I’m just not going to explain my day that day. scared I was yes. but then it was awesome by the end. that exactly happened what was being said even right down to cars stopped and all life had stopped what they were doing. dad who ever pulled out a guitar and sang for us. he was so happy. I mean just total peace on earth!!! with reverse you can talk to any conscious. my dog said “I’m excited” I still don’t understAnd a lot but just becAuse of that did not mean I couldn’t still upset the one or even have the one walk out on me. everyone is connected to god “dad”

  37. melanie says:

    have fun and the light will come in. last I heard the one wants the earth excited for the possibility. don’t fear monger the same old news. grow a garden if you don’t want to pay. I’d say call out to the light they are here but the only way to do that is personal. dance, sing, do art, pray, what ever you find is light then do it. see that’s why I don’t feel it will happen all at once. some of us are dying and in real dire straights. that’s why light workers are working hard
    I’m one because I heard it. I’m a light worker. an enigma

  38. melanie says:

    a lot of us are dropping out of the old tight evil nets. about half out. soon we’re just going to be in a new net. it will be fast paced. like a wave but it doesn’t seem profound…it will….fate.” your going to like your fate” new suits. our new bodies. yay.

  39. Bomac says:

    Reverse speech is extremely subjective in its nature. That is not to say it can’t be a great tool, though.

    As you have written, only a very small percentage of reversals are clear. Therefore it can be the height of silliness to post a reversal and be adamant that you have heard it for what it really is, let alone, how it is meant.

    Take the reversal you included on your The Moon Matrix video of the newsreader which is probably the single greatest recording of shape shifting, ever — (and made even better by the remarks about her hearing the people in the control room yelling.)

    To me ear, that is highly experienced in RS with hundreds and hundreds of hours of practice, what you say you hear is way off from what I hear. It’s a huge stretch, in fact. Yet you obviously felt is what a home run, or you wouldn’t have including it in the video.

    Even forward speech is often not clear and a slight change from what we hear compared to what someone said can alter our interpretation completely. As a mundane example, lets say we’re talking and you bring up how you like squash. I respond by saying, “Oh, I hate that with a passion.” What you heard, though, is, “Oh, I ate that with a passion.”

    Then when I come over for dinner one night at your place, you present a huge bowl of squash, telling me how you spent hours making it for me because you know that I love it as much as you do.

    If we have these problems hearing forward speech, it’s amazing to think that we are able to definitively know what is being said in the incredibly garbled reverse speech.

    Do some experiments where you and others, say on your forum, post reversals that you and they personally have documented — not taken from others who have documented and posted them. But instead of telling what you document, let others tell you what they document.

    A forum is not ideal actually, because once people start posting what they are hearing, that influences what others are hearing. So it should be a sticky where no one can reply, but they email you their answers.

    I’m sure you’ll find it extremely enlightening. I would say that even in those 5 to 10 percent of reversals you consider, “clear,” you are going to discover most people aren’t hearing exactly what you are hearing.

    As far as weed goes, have you heard of Don Croft. He started the orgnonite gifting movement. He is adamant that weed and drugs in general open holes in your aura and these holes are then used by entities, reptilians are others (including disembodied humans who have stayed on this plane) to attach to you and influence you.

    I used to be a drug person, but I’m glad I’m out of that personal era. As Icke spoke of in The Biggest Secret, drugs are a huge part of the conspiracy, distracting us from why we are here in the first place.

    Speaking of Icke, what do you think of the David Icke shape shifting videos?

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