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Humanity’s Awakening (Video)

Humanity is waking up and the ultimate ending to the mess on this planet is going to be beautiful beyond words!

Reptilians, Illuminati, New World Order – It will all be a distant memory soon enough. I can’t claim to know exactly how things are going to play out over the next few years, but I am beyond optimistic about how this will end.

I know there is still crap going on in the world and likely in your life, just like mine, and you may find it hard at times to really believe that this bullshit is coming to an end soon, but I know it is. I see it and I feel it.

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37 Responses to “Humanity’s Awakening (Video)”

  1. Michael Lee Mann Junior says:

    where is that voice from i need to know!

  2. Michael Lee Mann Junior says:

    in the first video!

  3. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Michael,

    it’s David Icke.

  4. Eric Lime says:

    Finally people are starting to awake! I really hope that this all matrix system will be crushed soon :) till then I’ll try and wake up others.

  5. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Eric,

    Yes! People are waking up! The Mess on this planet IS coming to an end! There’s no doubt in my mind about that.

  6. Txeroki Sol says:

    i think i wanna raise my vibration level and DANCE! thnx for the vids!

  7. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Txeroki Sol,

    Sounds like a good plan to me!

  8. andrew says:

    Reptilians & The New World Order


  9. Boxman says:

    THIS COMPLETELY F***ING CONFIRMS THIS. I HAVE WANTED TO MAKE A VIDEO USING THE E.X.A.C.T. same song using footage from crazy things happening around the world. All my conspiracy and religious research has lead me here from unbiased resources.I was searching for the meaning of life and it lead me here I believe you but i want to know how i can ascend or do something to help. I have been trying for the past two months to astral project with no result.
    Please send me information on what i can do with the knowledge i have learned.

  10. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Boxman,

    That’s SYNCHRONICITY in action my friend!!

    Amazing that you had the same idea, with the exact same song!! Life is certainly an incredible ride, full of this kind of thing when you really start connecting with it!

    to your questions; “How do you Ascend?” or “do something to help”. Well first of all, my take on ascension is that it is not neccessarily a process where we “go” anywhere or get “taken up” into a higher dimension. I believe the process, which some people refer to as ascension, is simpy the process of pulling higher vibrations “down” into the body. We are bringing the higher dimensions down into this dimension through the body.

    So, one of the top priorities is to get the body functioning at as a higher level as possible – through diet (lots of high vibrational foods i.e fruits and vegatables), getting the mind functioning clearly (through meditation), I will be adding a great resource to the site very soon which will allow people to instantly put their brain into a meditative state at the push of a button (this helps A LOT).

    This doesn’t need to be someting that you have to really try and try to do. Once you start putting the intention out that you want to raise your vibration and allow higher enegies to flow through your body you will be guided to what you need and what actions you need to take. Just remember that the Universe, God, the One, or whatever name you wish to use is ON YOUR SIDE and wants to work with you!

    What I’m really saying is allow your INTUITION to be your guide! And it sounds like you are doing this because of what you’ve said!

    I will be putting togther an ACTION GUIDE soon, where I will lay out all of this in much more detail.

    As for the question “what can you do to help”, well quite simpy, ask that question to YOURSELF. Ask yourself “What can I do”? When you begin to ask this to yourself you WILL begin to feel intuitive nudging from within and gain inner insight as to what direction to go in. What visions and images come into your mind? What feelings do you get? What are your passions and skills? And how can you start using them TODAY, right NOW to start moving in a direction where you will be contributing in a big way? What do you want to be doing in 3-5 years time? What’s the big end result for you?

    This is all a process though, so don’t get frustrated if you don’t have everything become crystal clear right away. Just continue to move with the flow, the flow knows where to take you!


  11. maria says:

    thank you for this!! I TRULY BELIEVE!!!

  12. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Maria,

    Glad to hear it!


  13. Bodo says:

    supa dupa fly

  14. Thomas says:

    To Boxman: You have to treat yourself as a conduit, which is what we are on many levels. We are made of up energy vibrating at various levels. So the mare you train yourself in every aspect to become a better conduit for the Universe to work through the more clearer what it is you are hear to do and come back into balance and things become even more synchronized in your life. So what makes a good conduit? Something that is strong but also flexible, for example gold one of the greatest conductors and conduits of electricity, the purer it is the easier electricity passes through it. So step 1) begin by removing impurities from your life; food, beverages, what you listen to, what you watch, what you do. Remember a lot of things out there disrupt the central nervous system or take the body or mind out of ballance that aren’t obvious, preservatives, sugar, caffine, tv/ rapid flashes of light, antibiotics, hormones, florescent lights, lack of sleep ect. so do your research and be aware of how things effect you step 2) make yourself strong and flexible for example Tia chi or Yoga are the best on many levels; mind, body, spirit. step 3) Mind and spirit need to be cleansed, strengthened and expanded/made more flexible. Approach all of these aspects Work on all of these aspects and you’ll see amazing things happen in your life. Most of all consciously stay open and work on opening up yourself to the universe on all levels… stay mindful/aware and you’ll have fewer and fewer problems.

  15. leo says:

    david talks about freeing your mind i wonder how i perfectly understand that im not my body im not leo, leo is my experience yet i still dont feel that much freeing of the mind or awakening.

  16. Lesley says:

    I am told I am a person who exposes others and their behaviours, which I totally agree with. I’m not self righteous at all I see my weaknesses and seem to be the only one who admits to my weaknesses. I have spent my life being someone who people are always jealous of, even though I am nothing special or possess a lot etc. I have always thought I was weird and didn’t fit in. I don’t really know if this is for me as yet……..I can see a comfort in these philosophies……………..

  17. Daniel says:

    hello, i just started researching how the spirit and mind can interface on the 3rd and 4th dimensions and even beyond human comprehension. i just started this research 4 days ago but i literally cant get it off my mind, its too fascinating and i cant learn enough. i too would love to experience channeling, astral projection, and most of all to find my guide. is there any advice you could possibly give or should i just let my curiosities lead the way?

  18. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Daniel,

    You’ve certainly started an incredible journey my friend! I would let your intuition be your guide with all of this. But I wouldn’t recommend astral projection right now. This is opens up the likely hood of manipulation. We will all be living in a very magical reality soon enough, so all that kind of stuff can wait I think.


  19. Eduardo from Brazil says:

    Hello, I just found your website. I am amazed, I am thrilled. I want to share some things

    1) There was a shaman in Brazil some 12 years ago, a messenger that told a story of ancient times, of the illusion we are living in at the present time and what’s to come in the near future. He said somethings thar are pretty much the same things you are saying in this website, only with other (shamanic and native south american) terminology. Still, he emphasized this ray of light that is coming our way is not guaranteed to set us free because it is too powerful and may cause complete chaos. He said this wave of energy needs to be able to “pierce” into the “buble” that is our reality and we can help that by being open to it, inviting it in, grounding it into our bodies and thus serving as “hooks” for the wave to connect to the planet, working as anchors to ground it deep into the Earth. He said all this and this man did not know Barbara Marciniak and was not into ufology or channeling, he was simply a native american shaman.

    2) I myself have some practice with shamanism and I want to share with you something that happened in mid june of last year (2011). It was a week before my birthday, there was a lot going on in my life back then and I was desintoxicating from benzodiazepine sedatives (5 days I could barely eat). On the 5th day there was a burst of eneregy inside me, it was the so called kundaliní. Anyway, this does not matter. What happens is what I dreamt of that night.

    I dreamt that 2 ET groups (and I don’t dream of ETs ever) were in a battle against each other. All this was going on in the city of OSLO, Norway. One group was planning a bomb attack in Oslo and this (I will name them evil group) was made up of *several races* of aliens. I could see them within their spaceships, I saw it all, I swear to God I saw it all. They were setting up a scheme, placing bombs and calculating everything. The goal was to make it look like a terrorist attack and spread fear. But there was another alien group working against them to prevent this from happening. This group however was not made up of several races, they were all of the same race. This good race was not present in the other (evil) group. They had faces like felines. I mean cats, jaguards, tigers and especially lions. Yes, they had humanoid bodies, but Lion faces. I mean exactly like lions that you see on tv or at the zoo. And they were in a tremendous hurry, a race against time because the evil group seemed to be ahead of them. Do you know if the pleiadians have lion faces?

    The good group could see me in the dream and they did not want me there. I later assumed they did not want me there because they were concerned for my safety. The evil group was not able to notice my presence.

    This kind of dream never happened again – thank God.

    One month later you all know what happened. Bombs exploded in Oslo and I was shocked. I told some people but they thought I was crazy, I even showed them an email written back in June in which I told the dream to a friend. But that too was useless as TV was showing the bombs were placed there by a crazy man, not by aliens.

    I am brazilian but I have been to Oslo twice, I had a girlfriend there. This could explain why I dreamt with a distant place.

    3) I am trying so damn hard to believe you when you say that humanity will win and that it is going to be beautiful, but I still can’t. I am seeing things turn worse instead of better. Please tell me you have evidence beyond just wishful thinking. Anyways, even if you don’t have it and we are heading into the NWO, I still want to thank you for giving us this website that is white and light as a feather, it is very relieving to my mind and body to read these things because it gives me hope. I am a person that sees things and sometimes wishes I could not see them because they make me bitter and sad. I desperatly want things to change, but I see them changing for worse, not better…

  20. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Eduardo,

    It pleases me greatly to hear that the website has had a positive impact on you my friend! The website is really for you and everyone else out there who is on this path of greater understanding about our world!

    That sure is an interesting dream you had, and I feel very strongly that it was actually little more than just a “dream”. I believe you were experiencing REALITY! Reality in the “Astral dimension”. The vast majority of the activity involving the ET races i.e Reptilian, Pleiadian (and others) has been taking place in the astral. I’m sure you know a fair bit about the astral dimension (or 4th density dimension) already due to your Shamanic backgroud, but the astral is incredibly close (in vibrational terms) to our 3rd density dimesnion and is were the Reptilians have primarily operated from and this is the dimension we often travel to when we are dreaming, but most of the time we don’t have any recollection of it.

    But your dream mirrors my understanding and the discoveries made by Peggy Kane and through reverse speech about what has been taking place in the astral over the past couple of years. There is a lot to the story, but I will try and condense it down as much as possible.

    The Reptilians had total (open) control of the astral Earth, and Earth in that dimension has literally been a “prison planet”. The humans in that dimension knew the deal, they were slaves. The Reptilians operated openly as rulers.

    Even though the Reptilians did operate mainly in that dimension they have manipulated and controlled our Earth (in 3D) from the astral also (predominately through their Illuminati hybrids), with the ultimate agenda being to turn our Earth (3D) into the same style “prision planet” as in the astral i.e the creation of a “New World Order”. They have been behind ALL the chaos on this planet – wars, terrorist attacks etc. And there is no doubt that the attack in Olso was the same.

    Now the reason I say your dream mirrors reality is because since 2006 the benevolent ET “Alliance” (led by the Pleiadians) started the process of bringing the Reptilians to their knees (once and for all). Well infact the process started before that here on Earth with people like you, me and many others “waking up” within the Reptilian created matrix which allowed the “Light” to gain a foothold. But in 2006 a “sting operation”, which had been planned for a long time, was finally excuted by the Pleiadians which ultimately tricked the Reptilians (or most of them) into evacuating Earth.

    I am going slightly off topic here with regrads to your dream and what happened in Oslo, but it all ties togther, and I feel it’s important to give you as much of the “full story” as possible. This “sting operation” involved “Planet X” or “Nibiru. I’m sure you are aware of all the doom and gloom talk that has been going around over the past few years about a giant planet that is supposed to be coming into our solar system, passing close to the Earth, and as a result causing massive destruction. But this planet was not real! It was some type of HOLOGRAM created by the Pleiadians to make the Reptilians THINK that massive destruction was coming to Earth and would cause massive problems for them.

    The Reptilians had created a massive force field, which has been emmenating from the moon. In reverse speech it is called “The Net”. This “Net” is super high techlology, and as well as acting as a force filed to protect the Reptilians, has also been responsible for supressing human consciousness and stoping us here on Earth fully connecting with our true connection to the universe. It has “shut us down” and has stopped us accessing certain frequency ranges so that we were not able to “consciously” conncet with the astral dimension and therefore see the Reptilians.

    Once this “Planet X” was inbound and going to pass close to the Earth it would of created major problems for this “Net” and most likely would of destroyed it, leaving the Reptilians totally vunerable to attack and all of the Earth humans (in 3D) would then be able to see them as well. Not a good situation for the Reptlians to put it mildly. So they really had no choice but to evacuate Earth (for a short time anyway) before this Planet came in.

    So in 2006 they started their evacuation and the Pleiadians were waiting for them.

    The vast majority of the Reptilains were taken out or captured as they left the protection of their “Net”, their forcefield.

    The Pleiadians now had pretty much free access within Earth’s atmoshere and the second stage of the process could now begin. This was rounding up the Reptilians that were still here on Earth (in the astral).

    So this is were I believe your dream comes into this.

    The Reptilians that were left were still trying desperately to ingnite fear and panic in the world (very desperately) over the past couple of years, because their “Net” techology has been powered by low vibartional human emotion – fear, anxiety etc etc. So their hope was to re-fortify themselves. But the Pleiadians have had the upper hand for a while now and whatever the Reptilians have done is really all in vein.

    The Pleiadians don’t look like lions (as far as I know), I’m sure there our races that look like that, but I feel your dream could of been more symbolic in that sense, because the Pleiadians have certainly had a “Lion Spirit”! Even David Icke uses the symbol of the lion to represent “awakening humanity”. So your dream may of been a “representation” of real events, rather than you remembering things exactly as they happened. But there’s no doubt in my mind that your dream is based on reality.

    I can understand your doubts about humanity’s future and why you may not share my optimism, but my knowing is not just based on “wishful thinking”. Firstly, yes, I have had an overwhelming KNOWING inside of me from the very moment I “woke up” that things are going to be more than ok! And as I have continued my journey I have simply been exposed to more and more evidence to back up this inner feeling. The discoveries made through “Reverse Speech” by Peggy Kane, myself and many others over the past 5-6 years (and more) has been the most consistent and detailed evidence by far and continues to be incredibly valuable!

    By the way, the information I’ve just shared about Planet X and the Pleiadians may sound a little far fetched, I can understand that, but I’d recommend you check out the post labelled “Planet X” in the “Space War” category. This explains a lot more and contains a sizaable amount of reverse speech revealing some of what happened, as well as a link to a radio interview with Peggy Kane where she shares this same information based on her own discoveries. I’d recommend you listen to the Peggy’s radio interview first.

    I didn’t call this website Humanity Wins – Illuminati Lose for nothing!

    Humanity will win, there is not a doubt in my mind about that!

    Stay strong!


  21. Jason says:

    First of all, I can’t thank enough for all of your hard work and all the supporters out there!

    I just wanted to say that this idea of “good and evil” is really an illusion. What I mean is that “evil” is not the opposite of “good”, it is the absence of “good”. “Dark” is not the opposite of “light”, it is the absence of “light”. If we fill the entire universe with “good”, then there won’t be any “evil” at all. If we fill the entire Space with “light”, then there won’t be any dark side.

    Let’s not think of it as “a war against evil”. Let’s take it to another level. This is not a battle but a great opportunity to fill the Earth and the Universe with GOODNESS, LIGHT, and LOVE!
    Our love can convert Reptilians, our love can embrace and light up Satan!


    Thanks to you all!!!

  22. Mark says:

    Hey Eduardo,

    For many months now I’ve been in touch with a group of lion/feline beings through a panther girl. Apparently these beings are higher vibration beings that also call Earth home, but were unable to stay with her when the Earth vibration became so low and darkness covered the planet. Now as the vibration rises, they are beginning to come back – in force! This is their home too.
    My experience is that they are absolutely good, very loving, kind and compassionate. When you have the good fortune to meet one, you’ll see what I mean.


  23. Selena says:

    amazing finally so many more people are coming aware ! unfauntantly I have alot of friends though that find things out and its all just too much for them they get really worked up and fearful I try and explain the whole point is to not fear and there is nothing to fear so just show them positive stuff instead :) but the increase in people that know these things now is sooo good and its not considered ‘weird’ so much anymore but simply the truth !
    I am reading your’e story to its amazing havnt finished yet though ! great videos the whole sites awesoe well done !

  24. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Selena,

    Yes indeed! You’re certainly not alone! And LOVE is really the key! Some people might hear that I say “oh that’s just hippy bullshit” but Love really is the most POWERFUL force in the universe. It is the force that MADE the entire universe! When you are in a state of Love and someone comes up to you to pick a fight how do you respond? You are in VERY POWERFUL state when feeling love and it is the force that the “dark” fears more than anything, they can’t deal with it, they have nothing against it, that is why they have kept the world in a “Fear vibration” easy easy easy to control people when they arew in fear!

    Thanks for you support and glad you’re enjoying my story, although it’s certainly not over yet! :-)


  25. Benjamin says:

    @ brad
    so, if we are truly winning would that be why their are more and more instances of the “media” trying to start race wars/ religious wars/ economic riots? and when can people expect to be completly liberated from the reptilians? idk, theres still an awful lot of evil politicians and posions in our food for me to beleive that everything is getting better.

  26. Annie says:

    Hi Eduardo

    If you take a look at James Gillilands website, he lives on a ranch and has ET action all the time.

    Some of the Beings who visit the ranch and have been seen by many and I believe even photographed they call the cat people.

    james has extraordinary experiences – personally but also on a daily basis and if anyone wants to have proof that ET’s are already here then I would suggest you take a look at his site and the thousands of pictures and video clips there.

    Great conversation thread you have going here Brad. I appreciate all the hard work you put in and I listen to the Pleiadian wake up call most days now and every time I hear or resonate with a different part of it.. It is brilliant.

    Mary Rodwell has also encountered the Lion Beings so she is another good source of information.
    Much love

  27. Annie says:

    Sorry I left out the link

    James Gilliland & Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence
    Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence, UFOs, Orbs. Investigations of Science, Spirit and World Transformation at the James Gilliland ranch …
    ACERN – Australian Close Encounter Resource Network
    By Mary Rodwell

  28. Humanity Wins says:

    Thanks for links Annie :-)

    I know what you mean about the Pleiadian message video, everytime you listen and watch you will become aware of something new inside of you, that wasn’t there before! I have found that with many different types of information. It really is a continous process of gaining greater levels of awareness, I doubt it will every stop!

  29. Bruno says:

    I love the information you guys are sharing here, so thank you very much. I would like to add a couple of suggestions to Daniel, and, I listen to them almost daily and the information resonates with me immensely. My understand is that we are all spiritual beings having a physical experience on planet earth, we chose to be here at this time and we should make the best of it by eating healthy, meditating and sharing love as much as we can…and Eduardo, the world is getting better for sure, look for things to appreciate and you feel what I mean! (I am also from Brazil, Rio :) valeu!. Thank you again everyone! B

  30. Kara says:

    Hi Brad and everyone else who is consciously waking up, I have been feeling things for two years and could not spend enough time on researching these type of topics. I am happy to say that although not everyone I have spoken to agrees I would say I have opened the minds of half the people I truly care about. My boyfriend for example, did not believe in “E.T.s” until I showed him so much evidence like Steven Greer and other that it could not be denied. I pray for all humanity, and even though it is hard I agree with Jason, we must forgive and understand the negative must be here to wake us up! Do not feed into the fear. Brad you seem amazing inside and out, Peace. K

  31. Loveoneanother says:


  32. Endovelyco says:

    well I think most of the stuff this website have until now is more than enough to show to people what is really going on, but now I would like to ask IF its possible to start to show and explain the other side, about what really we can do against it, because as we see here most of our daily routine have some reptilian origins (using money, cellphone, tv, watching the news, celebrating events, our behaviour….) and how can we do to avoid certain stuff when we need it to live our lifes? how to control our sub-conscious when we talk or think bad?? Or we do any wrong to please our survival necessities of the 21st century???
    I would love to read here from anyone Tips or Tricks about to avoiding reptilian stuff.

    Sorry if my comment sound a bit confused, and sorry again of doing a lot of “spam” on this website by commenting in many places.

  33. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Endovelyco

    Well I certianly plan on adding much more in the way of “solutions” to the site over the coming months – not that I personally have all the answers right now, but I will be sharing what I know and will continue to share new discoveries as they are made.

  34. Very informative post.Really thank you! Fantastic.

  35. Anisha says:

    I truly have found out something from this blog post, your site it’s truly fascinating and catchy. You have gained a life time visitor having this post only!

  36. Thomas Davis says:

    God bless David Ike , my new hero, and god help us all in this battle against these evil bastards from hell. MINE EYES HAVE SEEN THE GLORY , OF THE COMING OF THE LORD ! Even if it’s only my brother and I , if it’s the LAST thing I do I will RID THE WORLD OF THESE BLOODSUCKING , VAMPIRIC , EVIL , MOTHER FUCKIN LOSERS!!
    LETS ROLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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