Is Reverse Speech Satanic? – Is it the Work of The Devil?


Is Reverse Speech actually the work of The Devil?

Is it a very clever manipulation by “Satan”, as part of the “Great Endtime Deception”, to lead people away from Jesus Christ, and condemn people to eternal suffering in Hell?

These are big questions and if you’re a Christian and have recently come across reverse speech then these are questions you’ve likely asked.

After all, the Bible did warn…

Revelation 16:14
“Therefore, it should not be surprising to learn that it will be those who had not a love of the truth who will be swept away in the great delusion that God is sending for the purpose of separating the tares from the wheat just prior to the great end-time harvest”


If you’ve read my story (the link’s at the top of the site) then you’ll know the personal experience I’ve had within Christianity and the utter confusion I went through in trying to make sense of everything. Once I started to learn about Peggy Kane and reverse speech I went through some serious mental processing.

It was a confusing mess to jumble with, but over a number of weeks and months, I eventually started to gain more and more clarity. I still have my notebook from that time, and I find it incredibly interesting to see where my mind was then, to where it is now.

Christians are told that “The Devil” is “The Master of Deception” and will try anyway he can to lead people away from Jesus and take people to “Hell”. So, from a Christian perspective, there is a lot to lose if you fall for any of Satan’s deceptions. No wonder the fear is there when trying to determine what is truth and what is lies?



As I shared in my story, I had already conducted a lot of research into the Illuminati, the global conspiracy and the Reptilians, before I entered the world of Christianity, so I already had a very strong opinion about Religion. All the evidence I looked at was so overwhelming and showed that ALL Religions were set up for manipulation and control purposes. I had absolutely no reason to doubt that.

But then I had my first powerful “spiritual” experience within a Christian environment. It turned my world upside down and left me questioning EVERYTHING! (you can read my story for the full details) Christians refer to these “spiritual” experiences as being “touched by the Holy Spirit”.


These “spiritual” experiences continued constantly while I was within Christian environments i.e. churches, Christian conferences and often at home while studying Christian information. I would have a “presence” around me a lot of the time and I could feel an “energy” coming down upon me and sometimes I would have to sit, or even lay down because of it. I would have the sensation of being light headed, what Christians refer to as being “drunk in the Spirit” and would often be unable to speak properly or think straight.So it just seemed that Jesus Christ could be real after all and that Christianity could actually be the true path.

I felt uncomfortable with fully accepting this though because of all the research I had done, but how could I argue with these “spiritual” encounters with the “Holy Spirit”?

I had so many questions in my mind. I couldn’t just forget all the research I’d done over the years into the Illuminati, the “New World Order” and the Reptilians, and just accept that I got so much wrong and Christianity was in fact the true path, simply because I was feeling a “presence” around me and having “spiritual experiences” in Christian enviroments. Something felt wrong. But I continued to research and try to understand more about the Christian perspective.

I listened to audio and watched videos, almost nonstop for months, and sure, there were Christian ministers that spoke about the Illuminati, the global conspiracy, Ufos and some even mentioned the Reptilians, but they just seemed to be missing big pieces of the puzzle and be so far behind in their understanding, compared to so many other, “non-Christian”, researchers.

Chuck Missler was one of many Christian Ministers I listened to

I stuck with Christianity though, hoping that my questions would be answered in time. But as the months passed by, I just became more and more confused. How could researchers like David Icke, Peggy Kane and so many others be so “spot on” with so much of their research (what they were saying was backed up by overwhelming evidence), but be so wrong about Christianity? It made no sense. But I tried to look at it from a Christian perspective and considered the possibility that these researchers were in fact being deceived by “Satan” themselves. But still, this just didn’t feel right.

Once I started reviewing Peggy Kane’s EVP and reverse speech information (5 months into my Christian exeriences), and eventually started to conduct reverse speech analysis for myself, I began to see these “spiritual encounters” from a very different perspective.

All the Christian ministers I reversed said the same thing about the “Holy Spirit”, “Jesus” and “Christianity” in reverse. The constant theme throughout was of manipulation, lies, deceit and Reptilians (All these reversals are in the Religion section of this site). Reverse speech was indicating that these encounters with the “Holy Spirit” were not “Divine” and from God at all, but were somehow being created by the Reptilians! This was big!


But even though my discoveries (combined with Peggy Kane’s research) were incredibly compelling and helped me understand the “spiritual encounters” I was experiencing from a different angle, I did still have doubts. Could reverse speech actually be a manipulation by Satan? The doubt was there because if I got this wrong I could potentially be spending eternity suffering in “Hell”! This wasn’t something I could take lightly.

The most compelling element of reverse speech was that is was backing up everything David Icke and many other researchers were saying about the Illuminati, the global conspiracy and the Reptilians. It wasn’t giving a “new” or “different” perspective, it was simply giving the same information, but was adding to it. Peggy Kane’s website contained hundreds of reverse speech clips from so many different types of people and the same “story” and “theme” was consistent throughout.

For example, in reverse, George Bush revealed his Government’s involvement in the 9/11 attacks, known Illuminati figures revealed their true nature, like Dick Cheney, who said “I am the master of the fuck” and Prince Charles said “Yeah, I’m a Wolf, but who’s gonna believe this?” . Even NASA astronauts confirmed that the orginal Moon landing was faked in reverse.


The Reptilian shapeshifting videos on Youtube, when reversed, also gave us insights into their autheticity. One reversal came out as“They can see us now, I’m serious, it’s time to get out”!.


If reverse speech had been telling a different story altogether, then I would of been very suspicious from the start. So it was overwhelmingly convincing that it was an incredible tool for cutting through the lies and manipulation on this planet. But even so, there were still doubts circling in my mind that I couldn’t get rid of. This one question wouldn’t go away: Could reverse speech still be a very clever manipulation by Satan?

I needed to clear my head once and for all and remove the doubts. This is when I decided to just write everything out. All the thoughts, doubts and confusion running through my mind about Christanity. I just got it all down on paper. And over a period of a few weeks, I started to gain more and more clarity.

So what I want to do here is basically lay everything out for you. All the processing I went through. Because I know if I went through that kind of confusion, then there will be others…


2 Possible Situations:

1. An inter-dimension, extra-terrestrial Reptilian race took control of planet Earth, sometime in the distant past, and have set up many structures of control throughout history, including Religion. They have the ability to manipulate the human mind, create “spiritual experiences” for people and can “shapeshift”, appearing as “angels of light” and other types of beings. Reverse Speech is connected to the “Universal Mind” and is helping us see through the Reptilian’s lies and manipulations.



2. The Bible and Christianity is the truth. Satan is in control of planet Earth and is responsible for the Illuminati agenda and the creation of a “New World Order”. The Reptilans are not extra-terrestrial aliens, but are Satan’s “demons”. Reverse Speech is an intricate manipulation by Satan to lead people away from Jesus Christ.



The Christian Perspective

I came to realise that finding 2 Christians with exactly the same interpretation of the Bible and of “God” was a difficult thing to do. There are so many different ways of interpreting what is written in the Bible and Christians are constantly debating over what “God” really ment and using different scriptures to justify their opinions. But in terms of the subject of “salvation” and where you will spend enternity after death it is fairly universal.

The common theme supported by Christians is that at the end of someones life God will decide whether that person goes to Heaven or spends eternity in Hell. In a word “Judgement”. The ONLY way to guarantee passge into Heaven is to accept Jesus Christ as your “Lord and saviour” in this lifetime and surrender your life to God. You are basically born a “sinner” and accepting Jesus is the only way to clear yourself of sin. If you fall for any of Satan’s lies, then you will go to Hell and suffer for eternity.

Christians always refer to “God” as the “loving father”, but somehow this concept didn’t paint a picture of a “loving father”. First of all, how could people be blamed for being born with “sin”? That’s like someone blaming you for something your great great grandfather did? How does that make any sense? And Why would God create Human beings in the first place, let them live 70 years or so, and then make them suffer for eternity if they made mistakes and didn’t have the opportunity to “accept Jesus” in this short lifetime?


I thought about all the people across the world, and throughout history, that would never of had the chance to read the Bible and understand any of this? For example; the native tribes that live in the middle of the Amazon rainforest and have had no contact with the “outside world” until very recently.


“Why am I Hell?”

“Well, you didn’t accept Jesus Christ as you Lord and Saviour”

“Jesus who?”

“Didn’t you read the Bible?”

“What’s a Bible?”


I asked Christians this question and no one really answered it properly, but the most common response I got back was…

“Well, God will give everyone at least one chance in their life to know about Jesus and accept him as their Lord and saviour, and this is why we as Christians work hard to spread the Gospel”

I thought about this, and sure, I’ve had Christians knock on my door or stop me in the street and ask me if if “I know Jesus”. So yeah, it is possible that most people will have the opportunity, at least once, to hear about Jesus and understand the Bible. Ok let’s just go with that for a moment.

Here’s an example though…

A young single mother is hurrying through town on her way to the hospital to visit her sick son. She’s stressed, she’s emotional and she just wants to get to the hospital. Then she’s suddenly stopped by a Christian who says “do you know Jesus”? She doesn’t stop and hardly even listens. That was the one opportunity she had to learn more about Christianity and accept Jesus as her “Lord and Saviour” and she blew it. Oh well, I’m afraid it’s “judgement” for you.

If this is the truth then people don’t reject the Bible and Jesus because they “hate God”, they reject it because of a lack of understanding and lack of proper investigation. Surely God gets this?

I would often go and sit in the park when I was thinking about all this and one particular day there was a young mother playing with her son. The love she had for that little boy was obvious, and as I watched them I thought…

“Are you telling me if that young woman and that cute little boy died tomorrow and hadn’t accepted Jesus as their “Lord and Saviour” then God will very likely put them in Hell to suffer for eternity!”


That’s just totally ludicrous!

If God had the authority to send someone to Hell for an ETERNITY OF SUFFERING then surely a “loving father” would show compassion for his children? It makes absolutely no sense that God would be so totally narrow minded and so utterly, utterly heartless.


Satan Taking People to Hell

But the second viewpoint from Christians paints a slighlty different picture. Many suggest that Satan himself has the power to take people to Hell, once he has them deceived. In this situation Satan pulls people into “sin”, and God has no way to stop it from happening. He is left suffering that one of his children has been condemned to Hell.

The Bible does give an indication of this…

1 Timothy 2:4

“God our Saviour, who wants all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth”

Matthew 18:14

“It is not the will of your Father, in Heaven, that any of these little ones should perish”


Now this perspective makes a little more sense, and can fit with the view point that God is a “loving father” and does not want to see any of his children suffer.


With this second situation, Satan is seen as a very powerful figure and it was contemplating this scenario that really made me stop and think. If Satan’s entire motivation is to ensnare people and pull them away from Jesus, and into Hell, then he could certainly be clever and manipulative enough to create reverse speech. It was a possibility.

During my Christian research I watched a number of videos of minsters speaking passionately about the incredible numbers of people that are being taken to Hell. One minister I watched was speaking to a large group of teenagers at a conference, and he was literally screaming and crying that he couldn’t cope with the number of God’s children being taken to Hell because of Satan’s deceptions! It was compelling stuff.

A Christian Minsiter speaking about Hell

But here’s the deal; Satan and his demons are obviously working incredibly hard to deceive people 24/7, using thousands and thousands of different deceptions, ranging from creating other Religions like Islam, and Buddhism, creating the entire “New Age” movement and all the “Channelled” information, creating drugs, alcohol, rock and roll, etc. He’s also responsible for “non-Christian” researchers like David Icke and Peggy Kane and, of course, reverse speech. The amount of stuff in the world to make people doubt the Bible and distract them from Jesus is beyond overwhelming, but from a Christian perspective, all of this is the work of Satan.

So there’s no doubt that Satan and his demons are working incredibly hard. They must want people’s souls pretty darn bad, wouldn’t you agree?

And then we come to God’s role in all this…

What exactly is God doing to save his children from an ETERNITY of SUFFERING at the hands of Satan?

I was trying to piece together a picture of our “God”. What was his character? What kind of being was he? Well look at it this way, from the Christian perspective, Satan is a very, very hard working being and he obvioulsy cares A LOT about people’s souls. After all, he’s willing to create something as intricate as reverse speech (which 99.9% of the population won’t ever come across anyway). But it seemed that God’s ONLY involvement in trying to save his children and combat Satan’s deceptions was to tell Christians to “spread the Gospel” and get the Bible in front of non-believers.

Was that it!? Really? That’s all you got?

The Bible was written approx 1700 years ago! What exactly has he been doing since then? Yeah, I know Christians will say “he sent his one and only son to die for us and wash away humanity’s sin”, and he, appartently, “speaks softly into our hearts”, but what exactly is he doing right now to help combat “Satan’s deceptions” and help save his children from an eternity of suffering in Hell? This is a very big deal! Is he really expecting people not to fall for the thousands upon thousands of different deceptions put in place by Satan because of ONE Book? The odds are so ridiculously unbalanced it’s laughable!


If this was reality, then our God, our “loving father”, seemed to be either 1.incompetent and absolutely no match for Satan’s brilliance or 2. Just plain lazy, and didn’t really care as much as Satan.

Either way, would you have much respect for someone like that, when so many people are suffering for eternity?


The Bible


And so to the Bible. If this is all true and God is telling Christians to “spread the Gospel” in order to “save” people from an eternity in Hell, then this has got to be one powerful book, full of Divine truth and brilliant wisdom! Something that’s just going to smack you in the face and pull you away from Satan’s deceptions!

So let’s take a closer look at this book and see how effective it really is at turning people away from Satan’s deceptions. We can, of course, learn more about our “God’s” character as well…

Genesis 22:1

Now it came to pass after these things that God tested Abraham, and said to him. “Abraham!” And he said, “Here I am”.

Then He said, “Take now your son, your only son Isaac, whom you love, and go to the land of Moriah, and offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains”…

And Abraham stretched out his hand and took a knife to slay his son. But the Angel of the Lord called to him from heaven and said “Abraham, Abraham!” So he said “here I am”.

And he said “Do not lay your hand on the lad, or do anything to him; for now I know that you fear God, since you have not withheld your son, your only son, from me”.


What the hell was that!? I couldn’t believe it the first time I read that!

Ok, sure, “God” didn’t actually let Abraham sacrifice his son. It was just a “test”! That’s ok then, isn’t it!?

Can you imagine the trauma of being told that you have to kill your own child! What an absolutely horrific thing to have to go through! Does this sound like something a “loving father” would do? And to be quite frank, if ANYONE told me, I had to kill ANY human being, let alone MY OWN CHILD I would think they were very sick and very twisted! Plain and simple.

Christians try and explain this kind of thing away with “well, we can’t understand all of God’s ways” Yeah ok, fine, but does this sound like someone you would want to associate with on ANY LEVEL?

This is not an exception though, there are many things like this throughout the Bible. Here’s another…

Exodus: 21:20

“And if a man beats his male or female servant with a rod, so that he dies under his hand, he shall surely be punished. Notwithstanding, if he remains alive a day or two, he shall not be punished; for he is his property”


Right, so you can go ahead and beat your slaves so that you nearly kill them, no problem with that, just make sure they don’t die straight away. But if they survive a couple of days and then drop down dead, then that’s perfectly fine.

Got it!

Again, Christians explain this kind of thing away with “Well, that’s just the Old Testament, the New Testament is much more loving”

Ok, fine. But you’re missing THE POINT! This is supposed to be the WORD OF GOD!


Can God really be so stupid not to understand that, in our modern age, intelligent people will dismiss the Bible as nonsense when they read things like that? Is this kind of message really a match for Satan’s brilliant deceptions, like reverse speech? Come on “God”, at the very least, tell “your people” to update the Bible and remove this kind of crap!

Again Christians seem to dismiss this kind of thing and just carry on “spreading the Gospel” as usual. They’ve got souls to save haven’t they. They haven’t got time to be thinking about all this stuff too deeply. It’s God’s word after all. He knows best. End of story.



Now I’ve mentioned that God’s only involvement in human affairs seems to be telling Christians to “spread the Gospel”, but that’s not entirely true. God is doing a little more than that. He does seem to be performing “miracles” as well.

There are many reports of “miracles” happening to Christians all over the world. People report gold teeth miraculously showing up in their mouths, gold dust appearing on their body and even oil starting to flow from their hands. Very convicing stuff.

Here’s “God” giving gold teeth to people…

And here’s Christain Minister, Johua Mills, manifesting gold dust on his body and oil from his hands…

No wonder people say “wow, isn’t God amazing” when these things are reported. It’s just more “proof” of the power of God, isn’t it? Why would you question these kind of things? They’re miracles! God is just so awesome!

But here’s where I had a problem;

So God does have the ability to interact with people and influence this world directly with his actions. That’s what these “miracles” show. He obvioulsy has incredible power and seems to be able to change this world whenever he feels like it.

So once again, I come back to the question; “If Satan and his demons are working tremedously hard 24/7 to deceive and manipulate people, with thousands upon thousands of different deceptions, and as a result millions of people are being condemned to Hell for an eternity of suffering , what exactly is God doing to help?

He obvioulsy can help. If he can give someone gold teeth or bring down gold dust, then surely he can help Humanity and counter-act some of the thousands of deceptions created by Satan? Does he really only care about his “chosen people” and not give a crap about the rest of Humanity?


After I began to process this I even asked out loud: “Jesus, if you are real and Christianity is the truth then you need to show yourself to me or do something to give me the full understanding here, because you must be aware of how compelling all the evidence is against Christianity”.

“Jesus” did not show up!


I know some Christians will say “well, he does help”. But look at it this way, if someone like me, who has asked Jesus for help in understanding the truth (a simple request compared to wanting gold teeth) in order to gain clarity and potentially save his Soul from Hell and nothing happens, what does that tell you? Did God not hear me? Does God blame me for questioning him? Does he not care about my questions and understand my perspective? I am not one of his “chosen people”

It even says in John 5:11

“Now this is the confidence that we have in him,
that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us”

Well, he must of heard me then, so why not help me out?

What I’m getting at is that this image of God is not a very good one is it? While millions of his children are being pulled into Hell, to suffer for eternity, because of Satan’s, lets be honest, brilliant deceptions, like reverse speech, God is simply sitting back, telling Christians to “spread the Gospel” and every now and again messing around with people by giving them gold teeth or making oil flow from their hands? Sorry, but do you think that is anywhere near good enough?

And what about the suffering that exists in so many forms across our planet at this very moment, like the thousands of children dying in Africa of Aids. Can we really accept that “God” is more concerned with blessing “His people” with gold teeth then he is in helping these poor, desperate children?

Again, this makes absolutely no sense and paints a very bad picture of our “God’s” character doesn’t it?

(There is another explanation for these “miracles” though, and I will get into that a little later).


The Illuminati Bloodlines

So then we come to the Illuminati bloodlines. I really thought long and hard about the involvement of the key Illuminati figures, and how most of them pretend to be “good”, “honest”, Christians. Just take George Bush, Barack Obama, Bill and Hillary Clinton, the British Royal Family etc, they all promote the image of themselves as devoted Christians. (when behind closed doors they are anything but).






And just incase you are in any doubt about these Illuminati puppets and whether they are actually “good”, “honest”, Christians this collection of photographs should be an eye opener…

Waxwork of famous “Satanist”, Anton Lavey, founder of “The Church of Satan”. Notice the Horned hand gesture

George Bush and Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

George Bush visting the Queen

George and Laura Bush

George Bush and his daughter

Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama

Dick Cheney

Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi


These Illuminati puppets certainly are convicing when they confess their love for “Jesus” and speak about their life as Christians. Here’s Barack Obama…

Barack Obama speaking about his relationship with Jesus

Now, of course it makes sense that the Illuminati bloodlines would want to hide their true characters and the evil that they are involved in. It makes perfect sense that they would want to promote a “nice”, “clean” image to the public and you can’t get much cleaner then a “good”, “honest” Christain now, can you?

But here’s the million dollar question…

If Jesus is the ONLY real enemy of the “powers of darkness”, is the ultimate truth and is the ONLY way to defeat Satan, then why oh why oh why would the Illuminati bloodlines promote Christianity to the world?

Stop and have a really good think about that…

Even if they are not true Christians themselves, and are just using it as a “front”, why oh why would they promote the ideology of Jesus Christ and Christianity, at all, if Jesus Christ is their ONLY true enemy?


May be they know something about Christanity that most Christians don’t?


Beware False Prophets and Deceiving Spirits


The Bible constantly warns Christians throughout that they must beware of “false prophets” and “deceiving spirits”. Jesus warns, in the Gospels that during the “Endtimes”, there will be great deception.

Timothy 1 4:1
“Now the Spirit expressly says that in the latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctorines of demons”

Matthew 7:15
“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheeps clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves”

John 1:7
“For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, this is a deceiver and an antichrist”

Peter 2:1
But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there will be false teachers among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, even denying the Lord”

This fear is installed into the minds of Christians. That anyone challenging what is written in the Bible and what Jesus preached is an “antichrist”, a “demon” or controlled by “evil spirits”. And FEAR is the central word here. It controls people more then anything else.

If you’ve had it programmed into your mind that “demons” and “evil spirits” will try to deceive you and lead you away from “salvation” and in to Hell, then you’re going to very frightened of even listening to something that goes against Jesus’ words.

It is interesting to see the countless Christian ministers that are “exposed” as “false prophets”. Just searching on Youtube brings up hundreds of Christian ministers that have be labelled by different Christians as “false prophets”. It’s certainly going to make your head spin, knowing who’s telling the truth and who isn’t? After all, if you listen to the wrong person or get “sucked into Satan’s lies” then an eternity of suffering awaits. Confusion, confusion, confusion, Fear, fear, fear.

Peggy Kane Accused of “Communicating With Evil Spirits”

It is overwhelmingly obvious that the host of this show has not done any real research into EVP or Reverse Speech. She has simply watched a video on Youtube of Peggy Kane and, jumped to the conclusion that she is communicating with “evil spirits”.

“We’re not supposed to do that” she says. Why exactly? Because the Bible says so. Right.

Why exactly would “God” not want people understanding more about the nature of reality? What doesn’t “He” want people to discover? Is it really as simple as “if you communicate with evil spirits then you go to Hell”? Well that’s what most Christians believe.

Of course communication with “spirits” is not always a good thing, there are certainly entities that will try and manipulate you e.g the Reptilians (as Peggy Kane herself will testify). And a lot of the “channelled” information is definately suspect and open to manipulation. But to label ALL entities that exist outside of our frequency range as “evil” is just utter nonesnse. It’s like saying that all human beings are evil. There are both good and bad.

And who gains exactly, from keeping people in the dark anyway?


The Reptilians


The level of manipulation and deception on this planet has been absolutely mind blowing and getting your head around all of this can take some time before it really sinks in. But the Reptilians have understood the human mind like the back of their hands, they have had technology so far ahead of humans, it makes us look like we’re still in the stone age, and they are multidimensional in nature. Creating “supernatural” experiences and “miracles” for people really hasn’t been a big deal for them.

Religion has been a major control structure of the Reptilians, but it has been more then simply a way to control humanity. They have fed off of human emotion and this is one of the key elements of all this. Just think of the amount of “worship energy” created, just in a single church alone, every Sunday morining! All that emotional focus and intense worship energy directed towards “Jesus” and “God” has gone straight to the Reptilians. This is a complex subject to fully understand, but to put it simply, they are multi-dimensional in nature and human emotion to them is a very tangible substance.


Here’s a quote from David Icke’s latest book; “Human Race Get Off Your Knees”…

“By choosing to give yourself to a deity or “god”, you open your psyche to possession by the force which that deity or “god” represents. You make a vibrational connection. Deities like “Jesus”, “Yahweh” and “Allah”, symbolise very different forces to those perceived by their believers. World Religions are a fantastic source of energy for the Fourth Density Reptilians when the worshippers are manipulated to focus on deities that represent them. This energetic connection is used to trawl and drain the life force of humans.”

What he is saying here completely backs up the discoveries made through reverse speech.


Many Christians have stories of “miracles” happening, like the gold teeth appearing or “being filled with the Holy Spirit”, and of course everyone goes “wow, isn’t God amazing”. Why wouldn’t you think it was God? Who else would it be? Who could create these experiences other then God?

The Reptilians aren’t stupid. They know if they just gave followers of their Religions suffering and hard times then people would see through the lies very quickly. This is why they occasionally “bless people” and create “spiritual experiences” for them. It stops people questioning and doubting, and gives them the “proof” they need that their Religion is the “true path”.

Bible Prophecy

The Reptilians have known what they’re “Endgame” plan was for a long, long time. They are multi-dimensional, so time has been a different thing for them altogether. It has been easy for them to plan things, literally thousands of years in advance, and that is why “prophetic” books like George Orwell’s (Illuminati) book, 1984, which was written in 1948, was able to predict our modern society with such accuracy.

Now, Christians look to the prophecy written in the Bible, and how it does appear to be manifesting right now, and they shout “See, God’s word is true!” Just look at the book of Revelation and the “mark of the beast” as an example, and how it is describing the “microchip” that the Illuminati want to introduce within the next few years.

The book of Revelation also predicts the coming of a great war, where billions of people will die. The two previous world wars were created by the Illuminati networks, and the Reptilians had planned for three great wars, before their “New World Order” could be fully established.

Many reseachers have written about this and famous Freemason, Albert Pike (Illuminati), is often quoted, as he wrote about the plan for “three great wars” back in 1871. Recently, reseachers have indicated that the “Third World War” would involve China, Russia and NATO (US and Europe).

And the Bible does show us what the Reptilians had planned…

Revelation 9:15

So the four angels, who had been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, were released to kill a third of mankind. Now the number of the army of the horsemen was two hundred million.

And thus I saw horses in the vision; those who sat on them had breastplates of fiery red, hyacinth blue and sulfur yellow, and out of their mouths came fire, smoke and brimstone.

By these three plagues a third of mankind was killed – by the fire and the smoke and the brimstone which came out of heir mouths.

For their power is in their mouth and in their tails: for their tails are like serpents and with them they do great harm.



So, again Christians look at these “prophetic insights” and shout “See the Bible is true, God is warning us!”. It must be God, who else could of predicted these events? Well, if you aren’t aware of the Reptilians and their control and manipulation of this planet, then it is the only logical conclusion to come to really.

Christians are led to believe that all of these events; the creation of a “One World Governmet” (the Beast), the introduction of the “microchip” (the Mark of the Beast) and the total destruction of civilization as we know it, through the Third World War, are all part of “God’s Plan”. Therefore they won’t do anything to stop it from happening! They will just sit and, watch it manifest around them and think it is the way it has to be. They are promised that this is all part of the “Great Tribulation” period that they must go through before they are “Raptured” up into Heaven to be with Jesus.

But it is NOT God’s plan. It is the Reptilians!

They have always told Humanity what their plans are; Books, films and TV shows have consistently informed people of what is planned. Just take the 9/11 attacks as a prime example:

The “X-Files” spin off show, “The Lone Gunmen”, broadcast it’s pilot episode on 4th March 2001 (7 months before the attacks), which depicted a terroist attack in New York City, involving a passager jet flying into the World Trade Center…

The Lone Gunmen Pilot Episode

The Bible is no different. It is simply the Reptilians main “SCRIPT”. And the Illuminati bloodlines and the Christians around the world are playing their parts perfectly, just as the Reptilians had hoped.

After all the chaos of the “Third World War” has left the world in tatters, the Christians that have survived will look to the sky and hope that Jesus returns soon and takes them to Heaven. But it will never happen. Instead, they will come to understand that they have been duped on a monumental scale, as the Reptilians appear openly, declaring themselves rulers of planet Earth, and laughing at them hysterically for being so gulliable!

Why would God create such a beautiful world and such an amazing Human race and then destroy it all so heartlessly?

The Reptilians, through their Illuminati puppets, always promise people that “change” is coming and the “future” will be so much better. They constantly string people along with false hope and false promises so that no real change ever happens. Whether that’s through Barack Obama, with his slogan of “Change” or the Bible telling Christians once they go through the Tribulation, THEN they will be ok. False promises everywhere and from every angle.


The Reptilians have always set up controlling structures with 2 sides that play off against each other. Just look at the structure of Government. Republicans v Democrats in the US and Labour v Conservative in the UK. When in fact, both sides are controlled by the same hidden hand of the Reptilians. It is exactly the same with Christanity. The Devil v Jesus. They control BOTH SIDES!


Here is “Jesus” instructing Christians that the planned chaos must happen before his return…

Matthew 24:6

“You will hear wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom And there will be famines, pestilences, and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of the sorrows…

And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold. But he who endures to the end shall be saved”

False hope and false promises. It’s always been the Reptilians way.


Jesus and the Gospels

The Bible gives us clues about reality, because it was created by the Reptilians, but these kind of texts are always truth mixed with lies. It is a much more effective way of manipulation, compared to giving people 100% lies. Most humans are intelligent enough and can see through something that is an out and out lie, so if you mix truth and lies together then people connect with the truth on a deep level and just soak up the lies without noticing.


Take what “Jesus” says in the four Gospels for example, it is full of spiritual wisdom (or most of it anyway), and contains some good lessons to live by. So people really connect with these parts of the Bible and feel the Universal truth that is being communicated.

But not everything Jesus said was “uplifting” was it?

Mathew 10:34

“Do not think that I came to bring peace on Earth. I did not come to bring peace on Earth, but a sword. For I have come to set a man against his father, a daughter against her mother and a daugher-in-law against her mother-in-law. And a man’s enemies will be those of his own household. He who loves his father or mother more then Me is not worthy of Me. And he who loves son or daughter more then Me is not worthy of Me”

He certainly seems to have a problem with jealousy, doesn’t he?

Matthew 7:21

“Not everyone who says to me Lord, Lord shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father. Many will say to Me in that day, Lord, Lord have we not prophesied in your name, cast out demons in your name and done many wonders in your name? And I will declare to them; “I never knew you; depart from Me”

A note followed this Bible passage…

Eternal life is not dependant on whether you know Christ, but whether He knows you. Obdedience, not activity, is the sign of relationship”

Wow! So even if you spend your entire life doing “good deeds” as a devoted Christian, Jesus might still turn round at the end of your life as say “sorry, who are you? You’re not coming into Heaven, on yer bike” That’s nice to know.

It’s all about OBEDIENCE isn’t it? And what quality does a master look for most in a good slave? Oh yeah, that’s right.



So, Is Reverse Speech Satanic?


Well, what do you think?

Be careful now, after all, Jesus did say in Matthew 7:13…

“Enter by the narrow gate: for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction and there are many who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it”

Why would God have to make it all so difficult for us anyway? He creates us, gives us intelligence and the ability to think, ponder, question, and realise when something does or doesn’t make sense, but then he’s going to punish us for using the very abilities HE’S given us in the first place? Work that one out?

It really comes down to this: Do you think the Bible was written by God? Do You think that Christianity is the “ultimate truth”? Or do you think there might be more to the story then a book that was written over 1700 years ago, and re-edited many times over the years?

Christians generally agree that the offical, “authorised” edition of the the Bible is the “King James Bible” which was first published in 1611. All monachies and government structures since the “beginning of civilization” through Summer/Babylon (approx 4000 bc), to accient Egypt, the Roman empire, the monachies of Europe and the government structures we have in our modern societies have all been controlled by the Illuminati bloodlines (and the evidence is available to prove it). How can Christians trust one of these “kings” to give them the truth?


Fear has been the Reptilian’s most effective form of control. It keeps people in a very small box and stops them from asking questions and seeing things from another perspective. The whole Christian ideology is basically built on fear. “Must do that, I can’t do that, I don’t want to end up in Hell”. Just those two passages quoted from the Bible earlier give us an indication of what these Reptilian beings are like.

As Bill Hicks said: “It’s just a choice between: FEAR or LOVE

You can let FEAR (mind) dictate your beliefs and your actions, or are you can allow LOVE (heart) to guide you? The mind has been the playground of the Reptilians and they have literally “programmed” people’s minds from birth to believe what they want them to believe. But the heart is a different matter. They cannot touch the heart. The heart is how we connect to “intuitive knowing” and “gut feelings”. The heart KNOWS, while the mind THINKS. Massive difference. The heart is where our true connection to life and the universe is and the Reptilians are terrified of LOVE more then anything else!


Reverse Speech is one of the most incredible tools we have available for seeing through the Reptilian’s mainpulations and lies. Plain and simple.

Humanity has been messed with on every level imaginable. Keeping people in fear, confused and blinded from the truth has allowed the Reptilians to stay hidden and made it possible for them to control and manipulate behind the scenes, without a problem.

They knew this period of “Human Awakening” was coming and that is why they are frantically trying to complete their “control grid” across the planet and have warned in their Bible for Christians not to fall for the “Great End Time Deceptions”. Again, time is very different for them and that is how they knew about this time of Human awakening 2000 years ago (at least), and are so desperate to supress it. But who’s “End Time” is it going to be: Humanity’s or the Reptilians?

Will they achieve their “New World Order”?

Will they kill billions in a coming nuclear war?

Will planet Earth become a “living Hell” for the future of Humanity?

I say NO!

Things are changing. Humanity IS waking up! People are starting to see through the lies and manipulation that has kept them hypnotized and asleep! We are entering a new era of understanding and awareness and the Reptilians cannot hide in the shadows for much longer. Humanity’s prision doors are going to break open. I have no doubt about that.



So if Christanity is a Lie, Does That Mean There is No God?

Absolutely not!

In reverse speech our TRUE CREATOR is called “THE ONE” and is also refered to, lovingly, as “DAD”. We have been disconnected from our true connection to “The One” because of the Reptilian’s manipulations. They have set up control systems which surpess human consciousness and stop us accessing the greater universe and fully connecting wih God. We are ALL part of the One.

We are not in this fight alone. Our Creator is helping us break free from Reptilian control and when the mess on this planet is finally over, and we have our full consiouness restored, EVERYONE, not just the “chosen” or the “saved” will be able to communicate and have a relationship with God, our creator, our “Dad”.


The Reptilians have had incredible power and intelligence and they thought that they could take control of the entire Universe and become more powerful then God! A lot of the atributes attached to “Satan” are based on truth. This is why they have loved pretending to be God and get billions of people worshiping them (unknowingly).

But their time is running out, and I am beyond optimisic, that humanity will be restored to it’s true BEAUTY and MAGNIFICENCE, and the Reptilians will receive, nothing short of, the full punishment they deserve for all the horrors and atrocities they have subjected the Human race to throughout history.

Freedom is coming…



I know some Christians that read this will just dismiss it all without any futher investigation whatsoever. They’ll probably label me as an “antichrist” or a “demon” and conclude that all this is part of “Satan’s Deception”. That’s fine. I didn’t write this for them. I wrote it for all the open minded people out there who are trying to make sense of the world around them, but still have fears (programming) which stops them really having a closer look at reverse speech and what it is revealing, along with incredible researchers like David Icke and Peggy Kane.

We’re all on an incredible journey here, and as we gain greater understanding and access new levels of awareness, we can start moving forward and begin contributing towards the end of the lies, manipulation and control that has plagued this planet for far too long and help usher in the freedom, love and truth which Humanity so desperately needs.

I say bring it on!

There’s really no need to be uptight about any of this though, so I’ll leave you with George Carlin; time to have a good laugh about all this! (although he is wrong about there being “no Creator” of course!)…

And one final note; It has been discovered through reverse
speech that a “Satan” is in fact a rank of Reptilian (high level).

Til next time

Your friend



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96 Responses to “Is Reverse Speech Satanic? – Is it the Work of The Devil?”

  1. laurence says:

    WOW.. I totally concur with all of that as ive had very similar experiences myself with christians,jehovahs, i was searching for answers but found none of these organisations could answer to my burning questions and satisfaction. this is a true masterpiece brad and im sure,im certain this info will resonate and change peoples lives. we welcome you aboard here now. let your love n light shine. 11.11.11.

  2. Good Read, it explains alot. Thanks for writing that out in a way that makes so much sense. I hope people will take the chance to think for themselves instead of just blindly following!

  3. laurence says:

    do you think jesus will,when he returns to this dark planet, want to see a FUKIN crucifix lol…only sick misguided christians would wear such a symbol…

  4. ray says:

    i came across some 911 vids on youtube that could be helpful. they are the best, they practically blow farenhiet 9/11 out of the water. Youtube: Killumanati Project 9 11 part 1. There are 6 parts, and it totals on a little over an hour, total.

  5. ray says:

    oh…thats why church’s have steeples. they act as intenna’s of this energy!

  6. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Ray,

    I handn’t actually thought about that, but it’s certainly a strong possibility. Thanks for your input

  7. The dude with the cross says:


    ty very much for this, i love it. still trying to figure out what i just read. its brilliant !

    @laurence you dont have to be christian to wear a cross on you chest.. i dont really belive in any higher power, only the power of the mind to be honest. i still wear a cross around my neck. i have all so walked around with a buddah around my neck. just saying. cant fight a war if you ain’t peacefull ;)

  8. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi The Dude With the Cross,

    Thanks, I love the fact that you’re still trying to work out what you just read! That’s funny!

    I think Laurence was just refering to Bill Hicks when he talks about Christians and jokes saying “do you think if Jesus comes back he’s ever going to want to see another cross”! So true! Wear what you want man, nothing wrong with wearing a cross if it feels good.

  9. Magnetic says:

    i must say reading this was very exciting and uplifting.
    one thing though.
    with the story of the dude with the golden teeth – a proof that it´s a bullshit story ( or a reptillian move)

    silver is a color, and metal blessed by god. so of all colors you would think god would use that color, so why would he use gold? gold has nothing to do with holyness.
    if you dont believe me then look into the story of vampires. whats one thing that can kill vampires instantly? anything made of silver, because them getting touched by silver is like them getting touched by god himself. and every1 should know myth´s has it, that vampires are creations of evil ( the devil)
    just thought i´d share that one!

  10. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Magnetic,

    Glad you got some value from it my friend. Interesting about the gold and silver, you’re right, that’s just more evidence for it being a Reptilian manipulation. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Donovan says:

    I just feel so bad for the people who just dismiss all of this and stick to something they have been taught feeling like it is blasphemy to even consider any other conclusion… and think its hilarious that they feel just as bad for me and in their own minds my “condemed” soul!

  12. alienoise says:

    I experienced all that you’ve have mentioned and I find myself constantly searching for the truth…. I still believe Jesus is the truth…. Religion… questionable do to the fact that man has corrupted it….

  13. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Alienoise,

    I still think there is more to know about the figure of Jesus, but you’re right, Religion has corrupted so much truth and twisted it.

  14. LightDancer says:

    wow- and your sharing came into my inbox from a fellow Seeker, just today, when I followed a prompt to finally write it all down: my journey of rolling around with all of these years/decades(I’m 64) of all these questions, same ones, and more- I came to realise that I have no issue with the Christ/Kryst/Christos concept/Entity, lose the cruci-fiction! though…although the Jesus human is another matter…and that’s saying a lot because I incarnated into a family of anti-religionists( religion is the opium of the people! ) but no problem accepting a Higher Consciousness Creator, but it wasn’t talked about, just something I absorbed: the Love for Nature in all its expressions- what a relief to finally get clarity that to keep us from the potential of seeing the real beauty of the human experience, we have to make that step from Mind to Heart-centered…Mind being the arena of the reptilian brain which we’ve had to have implanted in ours for them to manipulate us from within, the original microchip!- well I’m still looking into that to get a clearer picture of how that works…the rudimentary whatchamacallit, and what makes more sense now is the message that keeps pointing to ourselves and the need to transform our own darkness when we feel dread fear disgust hate for anything, but ESPECIALLY FEAR- it means we have still more of the reptilian essence in our rudimentary brain to cleanse/clear out/dis-engage/NEUTRALISE!
    I feel I must say in answer to an earlier comment by laurence: Jesus returning? well, by other names there have been and will be many more: in fact everyone has the potential within them to real-ise Krystic energy/vibration/light/love when we truly step out from under the hypnosis of fear induced malleability by tptb- the cold blooded energies that need the heat of the human emotional drama to keep them going- we take that away, and they fade- then Jesus will be known by many names, laurence too- the cruncher is though that it is each human’s response-ability to question, to dig for the answers, not leaving any stone unturned, follow the prompts, don’t judge, don’t ever pass judgement but nurture the Heart and the voice of the HigherSelf will get clearer and we will not be lied to because we are not just enlightened, but we will be The Light- as many of us are already very close to…gosh well there it is- thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your journey with the rest of us – Good Vibrations!!

  15. Bertha says:

    Hello, friends,

    This info on pleiadians is fantastic news that there are “good guys” out there to help us in the spiritual battle. I was losing hope.

    I am very glad to have read this article because it does discredit most of the very shallow “Bible Christian” denominations and their black-and-white way of thinking. I went to a few Bible studies and could not buy into their very grade-school level question/answer sessions.

    On the other hand, you will be very surprised to know that (on my first glance – which is definitely not the definitive word, but it’s an educated impression) Catholicism (the original church of Christ on this planet earth) is consistent with the ideas on this website. I have also researched for many years what is actually happening, and now I get it. The Catholic Church, I believe, which emphasizes free will of each person above all, converges with the pleiadians.

    Our Lord is the Divine Creator, and he sent himself in the form of one of us, Jesus Christ, to try to save us from evil (the reptilians and maybe others). Well, we failed the test when Eve was deceived by the serpent/reptilian. If you really study the Catholic faith, as I have (M.A.), you’ll see amazing parallels, and you’ll realize that the Catholic Church really is the path to the Truth.

    One point of possible deviation is that our intuition is not truly our “feelings.” Our intuition is our natural connection to God himself who is our creator; therefore, we have that organic knowledge of him very deep in our being. I don’t believe intuition is directly linked to “feelings” on an emotional level. Intuition is much more than that.

    Anyway, the way to humanity’s victory is to grow as close to our Creator, God, as you possibly can. It is not through these unrestrained orgies and massive parties. Nice try, but give me a break. The way I am getting there is a very careful study of the Catholic Church and also sticking very close to good, holy (filled with the Light) priests and friends who are all on the same path to the ultimate Truth in God. It has worked for me, and it may work for you, but you have to see for yourself.

    I believe that in the same we pray to God (and our legions of angels and saints) we may also beckon to the other pleiadians in the universe. In faith we know God can hear us, and in faith we can also know that other pleidians can hear us. And they will come to our aid – without question.

    Thank you again for all of your hard work and intensive research.

    I felt that most people in this community, not this website, have tried to address Catholicism, but it’s a little weak in its approach. I have found that most critics had one bad experience, they leave the faith, and they spend the rest of their lives trying to justify why they left. My response to those people is, “You have no idea what you left behind.”

    Anyway, lots of people here have dealt with Protestant denominations through your own experience. I really, really appreciate that you’ve taken the time to analyze where it goes in the wrong direction.

    There is incredible depth and knowledge in the Catholic Church’s teachings, and you might be very pleasantly surprised if you give it a look. It all starts to make sense. If God/Divine Creator truly came to us through human form, then it’s very reasonable to believe that the evil people attacked it and formed all these faulty and deceptive Protestant denominations, thousands of them. But the Truth *is* here on earth. If the earth is really that important in the intergalactic sense, the Divine Creator would not have left us on our own. He gave us the Way to the Truth: it’s in Jesus Christ. For those of us who didn’t get to see him when he was here, we now have the Catholic Church where it all started – and Peter was the first one to carry on his legacy. Today we have Pope Benedict XVI.

    Back to free will… I started to study the Catholic religion at the graduate level *because* of its emphasis on free will. Really. I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise. That’s what drew me about the pleiadian message, free will.

    And doesn’t it also make sense that our Divine Creator would have left a legacy to “help us along” in our journey? Yes, it makes perfect sense. Our Divine Creator sent us his Son which was Jesus Christ who asks us to love our friends and our enemies alike. This is the message of Light: to Love. If we can do that, we as humanity, friends and enemies, can join together and beat any evil forces on earth.

    Go, good guys! Let’s fight the good fight!

  16. Michael02 says:

    All i can say is that all this information is just blowing my mind and is really AWESOME STUFF!!!

  17. gigi says:

    I do not agree. they do not control both sides at all. Jesus (and God) is all that is, they are the black holes that are eating our souls.

    Or lets take it another way:
    Go and Jesus is the perfect balance of the energies, but they are the complete unbalanced beings that are eating our souls.

    There can’t be balance between balanced and unbalanced.

    Jesus is real, and ÈreptiliansÈ can do nothing to us till he is real! I believe in him and <3 him.


  18. Jaminique says:

    First , let me say…… I can feel your sincereness in writing this document. I applaude you for being real in asking and posting questions that every human should ask, Interestingly, I was led to this, on You Tube. I do not believe in coincidences. I have asked these very questions my self. I would ask God how could He not see all theinnocent children dying. I would ask, why would He allow this to go on, on and on? I have asked God if He has favorits? I have asked God why He allowed the Native American people (that seemed to be so in tune with nature) to go through Trail of Tears. why would God allow bombing and killing of little children all over the world? People loosing their home, families being displaced after foreclosure. The mega churches collecting tithes from poor people but cannot turn around and help these people Christ is White but comes from the Middle East.. These were just a few questions I ask God.Every thing bad gets labeled as being black…I felt all along there was mass manipulation to brain wash humanity,. In the end I see the game leading to humanity’s destruction. Nevertheless, I honestly believe there is a Higher Powder and this Higher Power of goodness is about ready to let us know Its presence. The bible obviously have been used to promote humans selfish agenda . It has been manipulated when “they” find it helping their cause of greed Yet I think hidden in between the lines some truth can be found. After reading your document presented above,,it should be now a bit easier to read through the lines to find the truth. Again I applaude you for questioning what we all have been brainwashed not to question.

  19. Jaminique says:

    I used the word “He” connotating God to be masculine because that is how God has been presented in the Western world . I ask God ..if we are made in His image is it ok for me to assume…. since there are women… God must also be Female? I did not get an answer My assumption then became God is male and female and something I tend to keep to myself.

  20. Enlightenus says:

    This was a revelation for me on multiple levels, just reading this. I’m 19 and about 5 years ago I woke up and realized there’s a lot more going on than we think, and I needed to know the truth. I got deep into spirituality and read an amazing amount of literature on so many subjects. However exactly 5 months ago I had a dream where I was praying to god for a sign, then in the dream I was baptized? Woke up the next morning and it was like it wasn’t me – I wanted to read the bible – was I insane? I thought wow maybe I’ve been deceived and need to turn to Jesus. So I took up the bible and tried to accept it for what it is. And up until 3 weeks ago I’m finally breaking the spell, whatever that spirit was, is a spirit of pure lack of knowledge, instantly turned me judgmental, fearful of doing the wrong thing and going to sheol (hell), among other odd phenomenon – mainly dreams of doom and visions inside the dreams that TPTB were barely real. This was literally 100% backwards from what I knew.

    I’m now quite sure I was deceived by fearmongering spirits, or I had thoughts implanted into my head along with visions, as I know they can do this with technology, part of SETI was how to transmit encoded visual messages by radio signals etc. It would seem they can still put someone on a path to enlightenment back to sleep.

    I would have put more thought into my post but your speaking voluminous truths to me and I just want to read more. So with that I’d like to say thank you and great work on the site. I can tell you’re a true seeker of knowledge.


  21. Enlightenus says:

    Oh and I saw you say something about there being more to Jesus, and there is! Google Jesus and the Essenes, check out their gospel of peace and the true book of revelation. If you look deeply into this it would seem Jesus was part of a sect that had advanced knowledge and studied other religions, and basically obtained the knowledge of the mystery schools so that it would be available to everyone.

    When or if you do read the scriptures of the Essenes take notice of the vibrational energy coming from them vs the bible! Jesus’ words were watered down in the bible. Just check out how highly Jesus actually esteemed woman: (Gospel of Peace)

    And they asked him (Jesus) in amazement: “Who is our Mother and which her angels? And where is her kingdom?”

    “Your Mother is in you, and you in her. She bore you she gives you life. it was she who gave to you your body, and to her shall you one day give it back again. Happy are you when you come to know her and her kingdom; if you receive your Mother’s angels and if you do her laws. I tell you truly, he who does these things shall never see disease. For the power of our Mother is above all. And it destroys Satan and his kingdom, and has rule over all your bodies and all living things.


  22. hugh says:

    you people into world religion (any of em including the new agey filth that predominates all of the posters here) are no better than d. ickes inspirtation alice bailey (founder of lucifer trust) you parrot the same devil channeled material that has caused harm for centuries off the insane proponets of deceptive doctrines. You people are supposed to be loving your neighbors, yet instead you are just setting up the world for what is written in the book of revelation, pure devastation just like what happened in the floor thousands of years ago…few if any of you would give up you lives for another soul, yet you sure are willing to kill and attack quick enough…just look up the information about where all your channelled filth comes from, you people call them reps or aliens? well the message is the same in each case, and it’s pure demonic coming from the father of lies the devil/satan…God is stronger than anything created, and all you peeps continually bow down to created things, be it the sun, or gods (humans), or anything else like money, you should be ashamed of yourselves for your attitudes and repent and do what is right…yet how many will? Wait til you see the kind of thing you have been supporting with you newagey slimeball garbage, it will make the 3rd reich look like small time compared to how bad things are going to get before Jesus returns to destroy all the wicked. You think all this is some joke and we should just all get the warm fuzzies instead of real love? Lord God Almighty and His Holy Son Jesus have mercy on you to realize the truth, and not filthy world religion. The Holy Bible says GOD ONLY RESPECTS AND CONSIDERS ONE RELIGION AS PURE AND WITHOUT FAULT< AND IF YOU LOOK IN THE first chaper of JAMES verse 27, you will see that it has NOTHING to do with the newagey satanic filth that people are spewing in this above posts, IT HAS ONLY TO DO WITH REAL LOVE AND FREEDOM FOR GOODNESS…please look it up, you should know!

  23. Humanity Wins says:


    You’ve posted a lot of comments on this site, but you haven’t actually engaged in conversation once? All I hear from you are preachy ramblings.

    First of all, here you state that David Icke’s inspiration is Alice Bailey?? I’m sure if you said that to David Icke he would laugh so hard he’d probably struggle to stop!

    You haven’t addressed ANY of the questions I pose throughout this post? It is almost like you are a computer program or something?

    Your statement “Few if any of you would give up your lives for another soul, yet you sure are willing to kill and attack quick enough”??? Who exactly are you addressing with this??? No one on this site I doubt, and certainly not me.

    And what are you talking about when you refer to “channelled filth”??? Hardly ANY of the information on this site comes from channelled material. Channelling has been open to some major manipulation, and it has to be carefully ananlyzed and checked (reverse speech is an important tool for this), but not all channelled information is a manipluation.

    Ultimatley you are not making a lot of sense and I’m sure the vast majority of the people coming to this site, with an open mind, can see very quickly that your words hold very little weight. You have not even addressed the question I posed to you on another post about why the Illuminati bloodlines promote Christanity if it is the only way they can be defeated?? I’m still waiting for your response to that. And I’ll certrainly have a few more questions for you after that one.

  24. hugh says:

    First of all, here you state that David Icke’s inspiration is Alice Bailey?? I’m sure if you said that to David Icke he would laugh so hard he’d probably struggle to stop!



  25. hugh says:


  26. Humanity Wins says:


    I am finding the more you speak the more you hide behind insults and aggression, instead of really engaging in conversation. Very dull indeed

  27. Antowanette says:


  28. Antowanette says:

    Further more, I believe to what you say to be 100% True, because I have experienced the same awakening process and i processed all this information and came up with the same conclusion. Not everyone will have the same information and will be quick to dispute your information, which goes to show you that alot of people have not been enlightened, especially when they depend on the BIBLE to explain away everything and they have not done their OWN research on the HISTORY of Bible and its creation….and not even taking in to consideration of all the conflicting stories in the bible. You know exactly what happens when their is TRUTH, their is automatic denial.

    I Thank you for taking the time for your research and your writing. I know what I wanted to say, but didnt exactly have the words, but you do…so THANK YOU!

  29. Joyphine says:

    I like this version of truth…very much like mine but I am wary and do wonder why many get addicted to reptian info…i have stopped giving them relgion and new age less time and enegy…i need to act more like a child of God and be more in my heart and off line…as even here they get in..i still learn but now I take no sides and be love…my fear is going and iam growing back into original human before the dna rape…bless them….we will recover…earth will have herown web of creation restored if we think act and be in our souls heart and higher brain x

  30. Britania says:

    by the way the dead sea scrolls that were discovered from thousands of years ago actually match the KJV Bible word for word. The bible has been preserved though time by God. So even tho there is a KJV it still matches the dead sea scrolls and the oldest forms of the bible ever found. It seems your focus is so much on opposing Christianity that you fail to do proper research. Your research appears very biased and you seem to take alot of your information opposing christianity mainly from david Ike and peggy. I am not intending to put you down in anyway. In fact I understand how you can think the way you do as I have read your story and all your material. But I know I can give you information about the truth. Afterall that is what you want isnt it? the truth?

  31. nova says:

    Hi Brad,

    I realy don`t want to hurt you in any way. No, I have no chrisian background and I´`m not religous at all.
    Spiritual comes closer to my way of behaving.
    But I think you don`t have the full picture (yet).
    You`re still way to much in your mind in search for a rational explanation for all the mess around the world.
    Reconnect with your heart, brother.
    I love you,

  32. sayewhat says:

    OMG! I am just in aw right now. My heart feels at ease and filled with so much excitement, while my mind is blown away. This piece of info is so helpful, I am looking at things in a much different perspective. In my dream tonight, I might even dream about it and what I should totally believe, and when I do, I’ll know for sure.

  33. Mark Cocking says:

    I concur with your thesis wholeheartedly and have spent many years attempting to point out to Christians that they are indeed the primary deception of the darkest forces. For a summary of my own early insights see:

  34. salvane says:

    people really can be grasping, i mean look at the opposite side of the information from what you have embraced, do you not even understand balance to any degree>? Please know that you are loved, and grow in goodness. Blessings for grace. look at the failed predictions of all these people, and then take all this craziness with a grain of salt (good celtic or himalayan). Bye for now.

  35. javiet says:

    The quote about wars and rumors of wars and nation against nation and earthquakes and famine is the sign for the beginning of birth pains. Try to understand that. Glory be to God our Savior. Hallowed be our Fathers name who is in heaven. Praise be to Jesus the only begotten Son of God. And glory and praise be to the Holy Spirit who resides in the followers of Christ Jesus.

  36. Endovelyco says:

    I dont understand the entire last part of your post javiet, open your mind, dont be so close to a belief system, because if dont, you will never understand anything beyond that, and remains forever controlled, open your spirit.

  37. javier says:

    Hi Endovelyco,
    I meant to put javier not javiet for the record.
    What do you mean don’t be so close to a belief system? I am close to Truth or at least it is my desire to be close and in line with Truth.
    I say those words of praise so people know what my beliefs are and who i follow and to give credit to the Most High. You think that ALL Christians are mind controlled by the Bible dont ya? Do you believe this guy who made this post?
    The author of this post thinks the questions he poses point out fundamental flaws in the TRUE Christian belief system. They can all be answered and even though this may sound harsh, to me he sounds like he is complaining because things are working out how he planned it or wanted it to work out. Keep in mind not all questions DESERVE an ANSWER. So he rationalized a bit in his mind in order to find some kind of comfort and something to support his flawed thinking because Jesus didn’t give him what he wanted. I’m guessing this didn’t happen because the request was either foolish and not in line with God’s perfect will or he simply did not have 100% of his faith in Jesus. “How is a little human gonna demand that God show Himself honestly?” We MUST Realize our place in the world and in EXISTENCE. We all have flawed thinking. I am not calling him out specifically even i have flawed thinking, but I trust in my God to guide me when my thinking fails and that is the difference between us. I do not lean on my own understanding because my understanding is only a fraction of a fraction of the truth. The thing with God is it is all or nothing. Tht doesnt mean I am not open new ideas. Now that may sound crazy but it makes sense if you understand a tiny bit of how God works. No man can fathom the mind of God or no man will fully understand why God does what He does. There is a purpose or a plan to all this apparent chaos. Maybe these lizard things are real idk but God is bigger than Everything. He is the Creator of all things.

  38. Endovelyco says:

    Hi Javier,

    Thank you for your explanation.

    But when I refered belief system I was meaning the religious belief system, we need to believe more in OUR spiritual system, why worship a man made God image when you can worship yourself spirituality, I find more helpful.

    We are sleeping divine entities and we must wake.

  39. ardyami says:

    i have been looking for answers all my life about religion. this is the only thing that makes sense at all, i want to thank u so much for your help Brad ^_^

  40. Geneve says:

    Thank you for posting such an informational read!
    I did watch a video “The Pleiadian Message” and it has made sense but I still many have questions after reading various articles and watching many videos on spirituality and “gifted” people. If the reptilians are the ones who have dictated earth and humanity from the beginning through religion, DNA and other ways, how did they become so evolved and advanced? Who made them the way they are? How did EVERYTHING begin?
    Those are only a few of the questions I still have! I will keep reading and browsing around and retain what I feel I need to for this lifetime :)

  41. Endovelyco says:

    Geneve maybe they were here even before dinossaurs,you can see some similarities between them and the extinct ones…maybe they created dinossaurs and then destroyed to create us….experiences?!!

  42. Cygnus says:

    To Humanity Wins

    I really have respect for your work and you spent a lot of time in your life to achieve all this, but only one thing is obvious. You have a little box and you are inside of it.
    That box is Christianity. So you watching all universe from that little box. How You can be objective than? What if Christianity was distorted in the past. That means your view will be distorted too. If you stating that Satan brought other religions, that was because you don’t have any knowledge about other religions, especially Islam.
    Islam is update to Judaism and Christianity.
    The last book, “KUR’AN” states that all latest monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity, came from the same place. They came from the Creator of the universe. You should read the last book where you can find all details about Jesus, and that He was saved first night from the cross. Also you can find that Jesus was a God’s messenger like all previous prophets, but people because of great love to Jesus created story that he was God, what is wrong.
    And even they added to God, mother and father! So all info about distortions that people created thru all this time you can read in the book of True.
    You know that in the beginning there was no names for religions that believed in One God, people gave the names after. So in the beginning it was just religion that believes in One God! Jesus never said “believe in me”! He was saying “Believe into my and your Master”!
    There is a lot of other details that can hold breath. Read the last book.

    God bless us all.

  43. John Hunter says:

    Excellent site, and I hope more info comes out. First I want to ask whether you reversed Chuck Missler and Hal Lindsey? I have spent a lot of time with both of them. Second, in response to Cygnus re: Islam/Kuran et. al., its the same old “offer you can’t refuse”…believe or go to hell. Gee, what a free choice!! I have dealt with Muslims in business a number of times, and 80% were treacherous and untruthful. Thats my experience.

  44. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi John,

    No, I havent reversed Chuck Missler or Hal Linsey, but I can certainly do that at some point – The more minsiters reversed the better – The plan is to build up a huge resource of many different minsiters (as well as other prominant figures) with their reverse speech listed for all to see.

    Thanks for your suppport my friend


  45. Jorge says:

    Christianity is NOT wrong. I could try to answer the questions you post; but, first, have you ever read “space invaders” by William Schnoebelen? He gives biblical answers to the UFOs, he talks about greys, reptilians, etc., and gives alternative explanations which have more biblical base. Not just that they are not real, but, while being real, have a part in Satan’s schemes to deceive, and, yes, Christianity is the answer. For instance, I saw once some videos of people who were abducted, and only through Jesus’ name and power they could stop “aliens” to abduct them again, nothing else worked for them. But, that is not in that book ( I think ), but a research on the phenomenon and finally a conclutsion on how to understand this from a biblical point. Hope you read the book and tell me what you think.

  46. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Jorge,

    Well you’re saying you “could try to answer the questions” in this post? So please, go a head my friend… I’m all ears???

    As for Bill Schnoebelen, yes I’m fully aware of him – like I said in the post there are Christians who talk about UFO’s, and the Reptilians. Bill is one of them. And yes, Joe Jordan is the main Christian researcher who promotes the idea that “calling on the name of Jesus” stops alien abductions – There will be a furture post about this very soon – so stay tuned.

  47. UNIVERSE says:

    to … “” JORGE “” you know the anyone who use religion to their own benefics and knowing whats the right things to do and everyone knows that.. everyone who use the name of god in ther own benefics will going to pay the price.. soon. and not matter whats the excuse they make .. just remember god can see the true and if you are doing something wrong .. god will enjoy punish you

  48. lightseeker says:

    I like your website and am quite open-minded person.
    One question I have in my mind that bothers me after reading this article: if you assume God and devil are both the manipulation of reptilians, then all that theory of yours would make no sense as later you put all the human race (us, and other good ones) against reptilians (others, bad ones)in the same way you put God vs devil, basically stating that we are on the ‘God side’ and reptilians are on the ‘devil side’.
    And also if we are supposed to be ONE (as all and everything is ONE), so ONE with reptilians as well? How would that work then? Could you share with me your point of you in this case as I’m stuck with it? Would be interesting to hear your opinion on that. Thank you!

  49. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Lightseeker,

    Well firstly to clarify, I’m not saying God is a manipulation, I’m saying that the God of Religion is a manipulation. Of course there is a creator, call him/she God, the One, Prime Creator or which ever name feels right for you.

    Well, all Religions contain a mix of truth and lies. So this concept of the the Dark Vs the Light or Good Vs Bad, is a universal truth. So God Vs the Devil in Christianity is based on a true theme. But Christianity has distorted and over simplified this universal truth and created “The Devil” to represent the dark force in the universe.

    So yes, the Reptilians are certainly a “dark” race, who wish to dominate and control and many of the charateristics given to “the Devil” are based on truth with regards to the Reptilians.

    And yes EVERYTHING is part of the One, including the Reptilians. Different expressions of the whole. I doubt anyone could claim to undersatnd the deep workings of the creator while we are in a human body and experiencing a 3D dimension, so asnwering the question “why would God create a race like the Reptilians” is a difficlut one to answer. But ultimately everything is an experince within infinity. So in this Universe, in the 3rd and 4th density dimensions, we have a situation where there is a “star wars” type situation of Dark V Light.

    Peggy Kane has an interesting theory regarding the purpose for the Reptilians, if you’re interested here’s a radio interview she did last year where she explained some of the details of this –

  50. Eleanor says:

    I think you were on the right track . But your study’s for truth drove you to a dark side. I hope and pray that others will not get sidetrack by your search of the truth. Your opening a can of worms that should not be open. To every one out there God,Jesus and the holy spirit are real. May God grab hold of all his children and protect us from harm.
    My sheep hear my voice,and I know them,and they follow me. And I give them eternal life, and they shall not perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of my hand. John 10:27-28

  51. michael says:

    Hi Eleanor.

    Brad has provided lots of evidence on this site as to why Christianity is likely of Reptilian origin!

    Like lots of other Christians who have made comments about his posts, you provide ZERO evidence as to why you are right and why Brad is wrong.

    We all should be questioning what we have been told over the years. i was brought up Roman Catholic, but when I was about 20 I started asking questions asnd soon realised that Christianity appears to be built on a foundation of sand. Qouting bible verse does not make it true.

  52. VP22 says:

    Good day Brad,

    I’m not sure where you learned of reverse speech, but i’m assuming it was from peggy kane, as you mention her often. I’m sure you’re aware that the founder(in our modern times), and top expert on this phenomenon is David John Oates. There’s been some discussion by David and others on his forum, that she releases faulty and misleading info regarding reverse speech.

    This makes sense that there would be those in the ‘disinfo’ community that would want to lasso this technology, and put their own spin on it for disinfo purposes. I believe if any of your readers want the straight dope on RS, they should first investigate the works of David Oates.

    As for D. Icke, he may or may not be a disinfo agent. He seems to have alot of info about reps and royals, etc., and he talks alot of love and light, but never tells his audiences to try practicing meditation or prayer, or to read any spiritual books or documents… of which there are probably thousands available. Just to trust that all is being taken care of for their spiritual advancement. He ends his talks with this, “just be good and don’t worry about it” bit, so everyone there can leave with a sigh of relief, thinking; he really knows his stuff, so we can just go back to doing nothing.

    The world is now flooded with new-age know-it-alls, like George Kavassilas, Greg Braden and many others, which I believe 99% of, are mostly just pacifiers and disinfo agents for the controllers agenda. The agenda to turn us away from God, from true spiritual teachings. To trust that they know it all because some aliens or channeled beings told them how it all is. And sadly, it seems to working for them.

    If your readers are interested in reading(or listening) to some very interesting books about Jesus and related spiritual topics, they should have a look at the works of Marilynn Hughes. She has many books and audiobooks, free to download from her website. I would also recommend that anyone interested, start by viewing her new documentary; “The Road To Armageddon” on youtube.

    Thanks for bearing with me for this long winded comment.

    (I have also done a few videos of reverse speech analysis on youtube if any are interested… user name; VioletPine22 )

  53. rynn says:

    i do believe fear is a negative motive to believe into something i have my father lecture years ago about iluminati, masons, and world bankers i was raised catholic as so were they. So dismissed all that nwo propaganda and didn’t want to dispair that i was born in the worst most tribulating times of existance. Ive had my 9 lives brush with death falling from 40 feet at construction site at work onto hard concrete floor got pushed into on-coming traffic by truck beside me switching into my lane and accelerated ahead of him and made it back by hairs breath of incoming car. So hard for me to say its all random. I believe it wasnt my time to die. Are we awakening i don’t know but i can this if we were all millionaires we just take life as it is and wouldnt welcome all this spiritual change right..So anyways my family member of mine disapointed in his life watches the news always complains full regret should of, would of. …what if i did this when i was younger always likes promoting doom and gloom revelations not in a religious way but conspiracy paranoia way to explain that theres a reason for everything going so wrong in this world.

    Secondly this late Spring i split from my 5 yr relationship me and my gf stayed out of contact for a few months. I dated few people and found my life less negative complaining. then me and her talked on the phone as friends slowly texts hows your family hows your pets etc. then she revealed to me she was going back into acting i was proud of her. But her motives surprised me she said shes sick of getting no where went to univeristy has debt from that, and all her other friends have more money basicaly in self denial jealously and envy. then the darker part came out she explained christianity didnt get her no where and she read in span of the summer is a expert now on repilians and that she wants to sell her soul to them and satan which she says us christians label bad because we have a wierd concept and perception of good and bad. plus a physic told her that her and her best friend were going to be famous beyond belief and that christianity is like believeing in purple unicorns basically. so when ever we talk as friends on the phone somehow she always brings up all this new world age thinking and we dont get along because she believes the sad truth is we are all slaves and only way to get places in life like hollywoood is mk ultra-ing your self and you gotta have certain bllodlines for them to let you in and you gotta do horricific acts u’ll never remember of molestation and sacrifice and soul selling which went into the Queen of england sucking souls out of jars etc. she says when i talk about the bible i sound nuts and vice versa i say to her sounds like she rather give in to this sick agenda and be cattle because it will give her temporary fame and money on this short filled life. My theory is lets be scientific here an unfull filled life tends to wonder and gravitate to something my popular with their circumstance. lets just say theres no satans deception involved am i right we believe we are more than ourselves. like telling a ant in ant language your more than an ant your a bird so basically in short i have a brain washed x gf i have no intention in dating again i just feel in my heart its my christian way to flock her back to the light of god because if her intensions were i wanna be an actress and work hard but she basing this on tarots and physic reading and her guy friend thats a satan bible reader and a heavy metal aspiring guitarist and thinks satan is a good deity which in my heart in soul sounds perverse.

  54. rynn says:

    SO basically i think its about which pill do we swallow blue or red, matrix metaphor. Or in religious veiws narrow path or wide path biblical metaphor.

    1)one pill tells us its all a matrix deception we are like spiritual demi-gods have been held back of our potential from reptilians that feed off us like cattle through hate misery and worshiping energy to them through manipulated bibles and doctrines to control us through fear because its the opposite polarity of love and after 2000 yrs our spirit awakens all of humanity and our 3 dimensional thinking has us traped in these flesh bodies for benefit of these selfish outer dimensional entities (repilians). that when we are young go to school we are trained what to eat as humans, how genders should behave what are our limits in life and watch hollywood and envy to be like them and live in a materialistic world. and at end of it all good ufo beings are trying to help us reach out and hint we hled back as species by reptilians ufo beings. i didnt cover it all but thats the new age spiritual theory
    easier pill to swallow cause rids you of guilt and sin and if you awake you do if not your back into mind matrix resumes till good ufos release humanity from its bonds.this is the wide path because its so broad the possibilities and theories but if you love scifi as do i is so attracting.

    2)God is real and God left us proof his authored bible from him,and gave his only son his word and that satan knows it inside and out tries to deceieve the world with materialism, counterfiet ilummanit’s masons repitilians, ufo first contacts, vatican molestation scandles and makes revelation happen to instill fear so we can find other false salvations through self illumanation spiritual awakening and satan’s agenda is through fear of sins we take the easy way out and adopt this new age one world religion that sounds all happy with love and a good peaceful ending when he tries to manipulate us with other possibilities through media and film slowly exposing uswith little bits of truth mixed with lies like e.t independence day battlefield los angeles or that we have powers like floating a coin because we are evolving from Looper list goes on bout ufo movies and how we unite coincidence? sounds like things of old adam and eve agian we are trying to eat the apple of good and bad knowledge all over if jesus comes during rapture people will think its a hoax staged by satans pawns and confused as they are on whats real or not reject salvation, or its really hoaxed and people will think satan posing as our savior will be worshiped. hardest pill of all to swallow but rewards are great if you persevere through it all. Narrow path one father one son one word easy to wonder off because of human greed we always want more money power knowledge etc.

    in the end of it all a scientist comes along and says were are all full of bs lol a few scrolls up and i found the christians on here getting angry and vulgar and condeming with “god will take pleasure punishing you” bs. im christian my self i believe he weeps for every soul. remember your judged on the measure you judge others let everyone think freely and openly NO opinion here can scientificaly be proven(to the common public) its based on belief
    to find out you been lied too, the human mind cant grasp it all at once, just in trickles its like finding out metaphoricaly that your mother and father are brother and sister you’d throw your self out a window chances are lol be hungry of the truth but take it in a grain at a time, i agree one thing my brothers and sisters christians alike all religions and new age spiritual thinkers something isnt right with our world today free our bonds one thing we stand united on is LOVE is the way.

  55. H says:

    I love satanic 666 #love

  56. Annunaki says:

    Actually we ARE these reptilians, its just another dimensional plane…

  57. Ace Pilot says:

    Hi Brad,

    i guess this will make every religious fanatics and mind controlled people in this world wake up from their black and white minded brains, so that the true colors may fill their blinded eyes, and may they see the real truth for themselves,..

    and, keep up the good work!!

  58. Phyl says:

    Religions of the world so steeped in dogma and tradition that there is no room for any real love. Religions and members who purport to be Christian and yet live and dictate from the old testament of “an eye for an eye… “. Please awaken. You do not need any one to tell you how to be spiritual. You cannot be otherwise! You are the manifestation of Source. In reality, you are complete and whole now; not after someone says you are saved, or you fulfill some dogmatic rule.

    Jesus attained Christhood (illumination), but know that the word Jesus and Christ are not the same word. Third dimensional issues are not God ordained or sustained but are the manifestations of erroneous beliefs- you are creators. You see why it is so important to stand vigil at the door of your thoughts and words.

    Christ, which means Light, is a term for enlightened consciousness and is not the name of one special man. Jesus attained Christ consciousness while on earth, which enabled him to “seed” the heavy material consciousness of that time, with the light of truth. This allowed those ready and seeking truth to access that which had not been available to them up to that point. Christ is one who is illumined and carries the Light of Divine Consciousness. Christ is the attained consciousness of oneness with Source.

    The Christ is born within every man when they realize (not intellectually discuss), their oneness with Source. This is evolution, this is what the business of third dimensional experience is all about. onenessofall,com

  59. Mark says:

    tell me when you ACTUALLY find a true God rather than Jesus Christ, you ask Jesus Christ to show you a way..ect, but you did it without faith but with doubt…and he showed himself to you, you would surely die..
    Exodus 33:22- “But, he said, “you cannot see my face, for no one may see me and live.”

  60. misong says:

    I am interested in reading much of this website but..
    Why is there so many images of the devil?
    It is repulsive to me..
    You don’t need to put so many images which generate negative vibrations..

  61. Jenn says:

    Hey! I just want to let you know that you are entitled to believe what you believe :)
    I am a Christian, I do see my Jesus as a loving Father, I have seen people healed in His name, I used to be a thief, My father abused my brothers and I, and now I am still standing and I would like to believe it’s because I have a God who loves me incredibly much so much so that it brought him to a cross, I believe that children, special needs people and people who have either not or are incapable of hearing about my Jesus in their lifetime find grace in my Abba because my God loves his people and he is an understanding God…..BUT
    I also believe that IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN you recognize that people have free will IT HELPS NOBODY to be hateful in your words and to act “righteous” when the bible says none of us are.
    Jesus loves you, and I love you man.
    I’m praying for you and I’m praying that God continues to pull on your heartstrings. I wish you didn’t bash my faith so much, but I forgive you and I hope that your research brings you back to God :)
    A sister in Christ

  62. Laurie says:

    Hi Brad,

    i just wanted to “thank you” for all the information you have included on this website!! I kind of found it “by accident” yesterday and have not been able to stop reading since. I have been on a truth search for a while and was also becoming confused about the Religion and New Age Deception Agenda, but thanks to you I don’t think I am anymore:))

  63. Dennis says:

    Cool article. Lmao!!! At fist I was about to quit reading I thought you was trying to sell me jesus but I stuck with it and it was a good read. interesting stuff thanks for the info.

  64. aaron says:

    Hi. At the start I thought I stumbled accross somthing very interesting.
    But then blahhh relized your judt very very confused.
    You see you have all the pieces to the puzzle,, but you just cant put the puzzle together.
    Im a christian but your right when you say the churches are currupt.
    And with the reptilian thing. TELL ME WHAT THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WHAT YOU CALL REPTILIANS and what I call spirits that can have control of our minds if we allow them.
    Anyway what you need to come to relize is that 90 percent of the churches so not practise what the bible has to say. The bible is a very very deep book. You can can get somthing from one verse but dig deeper and see when the verses written by differnt people in differnt times can come together as it was written by ONE. JESUS WHEN ON EARTH WAS AGAINST THE CHURCH AT THE TIME. LOOK INTO THE PROPHeCY OF DANIEL. The iron and clay dont mix. (Meaning there will not be NWO. But that wont stop thwn trying. WHERE AT THE END OF DAYSTIMES ARE GETTING VERY

  65. esther says:

    I am a young person who voted for Barack Obama what is it exactly that this man did wrong except run for presidency. He is in more danger simply for being of color cause racism is still around. He has said nothing incriminating compared to his opposers. Would anyone disagree with me if I said he is a part of the family of light? Well he is. I know what it’s like to be mixed race in a dominantly caucasian world. I support Barack Obama a 100% Why is it believed that caucasians are the heros in this world whites are not the only people here.

  66. Michael says:

    Hi esther.

    I used to be so into Barack Obama!

    I remember when he was “elected” at the end of 2008 telling a friend that we must protect him – this good man.

    Unfortunately, I had been taken in by his charm and charisma. And, also, I was still asleep back then. I was under an illusion and I didn’t know it, but, I am awake now. . I have become disillusioned :). My view of course, but you can start finding out for yourself if you want to.

    We need to look and see what he has actually done (and, also what he hasn’t done). This is not a racial issue, although I believe the powers-that-be love it everytime we try and make it one!

    All the best.

  67. Heather says: a brilliant read for those who are “awake”. Author John keel, Trojan horse, copy link for free PDF download, please bear with it after witness statements as their is a few or skim them to get to relevant information. I would love to know what you think by replying Thankyou.


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  69. The Way, The Truth, The Life says:

    This is for you Brad,

    Are you saying there is no satan/devil, only reptilians? Who is their leader? Yes the modern church is corrupt. Based on your supposed illuminati research, you should know that this is the work of the Roman Catholic church and the Knights Templar/Freemasons that abandoned the teachings of Jesus for riches and power.

    Your article poses many legitimate questions and many valid points about an extra terrestrial reptilian race. Many times in the Bible, satan/lucifer/devil is referred to as a dragon or serpent (reptile). When God created the Earth as he intended, humans had everything in nature as well as a choice of free will; paradise. Adam was created first in the image of God and was given Eve as a companion. Human existence and the fate of the earth was sealed when they disobeyed the only rule by eating the forbidden fruit. Eve was coerced by the serpent/satan to partake, he promised her the knowledge of good and evil(key word). From the beginning the test was failed and this sinful nature has been passed down through generations of time. Out of LOVE, God created us. Out of LOVE, God saw how corrupt his world had become and sent his son Jesus to die a physical death so that humans may have a chance at salvation. The Holy Spirit, then inhabited the Earth and served as a spiritual savior for anyone who would accept Christ. For Obama and other occultists to openly discredit Christianity, this would bring about outrage and war, Christians would not stand for that. Furthermore, if they vocalized their stance they would never get elected(or at least trick the population into thinking their vote matters). Soon enough they will reveal their true colors and try to extinguish all followers of Christ because they are well aware he is the only competition. Your point about the person that has NEVER heard of Jesus is: 1) hard to believe and 2) not their fault. Judgment is determined by the condition of your heart, not your actions but simply what you believe in. If God was judging and he determined you had never heard anything about him or his son, Im pretty sure he wouldn’t send you to hell. You fail to mention the undeniable crutch of forgiveness, no matter what we go through by having a prayer relationship with God and admitting your sins we can be forgiven and accepted into his kingdom. By the Grace of God he will bring us back to heaven to escape this hell on earth.

    Lucifer was of course an angel in the Kingdom of Heaven before he and other angels(the fallen angels, also known as nephilim who supposedly impregnated human women)opposed God’s will and were cast out of heaven. Lucifer vowed to oppose God and corrupt his people by any means necessary. Yes, the Jews were given the Holy Land as Gods chosen people; this is arguably an old testament label as many believers consider the current body of Christ on earth to be his people. Yes, the old testament was gruesome and unfathomable in this modern age; so was every other time period throughout history. It made me a bit sick to hear you give praise to Satan for working so hard to condemn you to a lake of fire. God is God, no man can understand our God completely but by opposing him you are choosing the fire.

    In John 5:11 the key words there are according to HIS WILL, not your will. As far as being afraid, this is a CHOICE each person has to make. Fear is in your mind, you have to accept fear. Read Psalms 91, there is no reason to fear a damn thing, God has it all handled if you let him. Spirits can be good, evil or indifferent. If you 1000% gave your life to Christ and are questioning the spiritual experience you described, I ask you to examine if you ever truly BELIEVED what you were getting into? He is the HIGHEST power. You admit there is a creator, although by a weird name, but your theory about reptilians and good and evil can all be found in the BIBLE.

    How do you explain the countless artifacts and hieroglyphs that depict two different ET’s: one resembling a winged man(angel)and another a creature(reptilian/demon). How do you explain the secret societies that worship Lucifer and pagan gods and their rise to prominence, their control of the Earth? How are you promoting the same message as the most famous Satanist, Aliester Crowley, by telling people to rely on themselves and oppose God. I believe Crowley was up on the power of reverse speech way before you were. How do you explain the Cremation of Care every year in the Bohemian Grove where demons are worshipped by elite world leaders? Do you propose we can defeat the Reptilians/Illuminati? How is this possible if they are so much more advanced than us? We would surely be outnumbered as they have the Freemasons, Satanists and any other traitors on their side.

    I appreciate your dedication to the truth, I just feel like you may need to reconsider Jesus as your savior. Do not let your pride get in the way, you have a wedge between yourself and the path to the creator. I hope I was able to answer your questions, maybe you could return the favor. As a Christian I do not worry about Church establishment, just my own personal walk as a disciple of Jesus. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, surely you don’t believe a reptilian could defeat the Almighty God? I believe there could be truth to a theory of extra terrestrials influencing humanity, but the truth of Jesus is so much more important. Wake UP dude!

  70. Marines says:

    Good job Brad.

    I read your story (for starters). Have been following many researchers since the 60s , always in disagreement with my life as a born catholic and growing up accordingly ( I’m a 70 yr old grandma) I’d have a long long journey of looking for the truth, always knowing my Creator was out there because I felt it in my heart. I use to pray to Jesus and Mary. But I used my intelligence, mind and dicernment as TOOLS to put aside all fear of punishment and going to hell.
    I remember reading books of many writers before David Icke, David Wilcock and Peggy Kane.
    As a matter of fact, the first one author which put me in the right track was a retired by the Catholic Church Jesuit, Salvador Freixedo, who was exiled by Franco from Spain; God bless him he came to the Americas and now he lives back in Spain. There were Jordan Maxwell, Erick Von Daniken of back then. I learned of the Annunaki (reptilians also) with Zacharia Sitchen. The story the Reptilian Race conquering our Galaxie, and their bases in the moon and Mars many thousand years ago when they defeat the Pleiadians and Sirians I learned from Peggy Kane ( also about what our TRUE CREATOR, DAD has done to free us all… all of humanity and our beautiful planet).

    Thank you Brad, God Bless you.

  71. Vegar says:

    The true universal language/toungue is comming from feelings and heart. Lusifer prinsip is duality and represent the split in our thoghts. Yes and no. Right and wrong etc. Its for the experience of both sides and it challenge our progress.

    Feelings manifest much faster in the materie and also conect with God/the one. For eks i think a real Christian is connected with god because he/she has strong belive in the heart. Jesus represent somthing good, His perfect eksempel of spirituality. God dont judge the intellekt. Your intelect can lye, but not your heart. A real artist segregate his own thoughts from others. 90 % of our thought belong others, its then easy to predict what you thinking and controll it. True christian know that the word of Jesus is not commercial for the masses.

    If you see a image of jesus he use satanic signs with hand and has taken out his heart. This image is of Lucifer and If you calculate the Word Jesus in nummerology you Get 666. Each letter represent a number. The illuminati blodline has decive us to belive in thought religion who represent duality and Lucifer. But the real Jesus in the bible is a man of truth. His conected with his heart and speak from a conscious state of mind. “I am… The tru only way. We can folow his statement, then i am.. When we worship and belive in somone outside in, we give away our true power. Belive in sin. But the sin is in our mind because we think we are the split mind( ego is in the reptile mind)Therefor have to choose between right and wrong. We have to belive in the true Christ witch is consciousness. And not in His flesh. But His spirituality

    I dont think Jesus wanted us to worship him, but tell us that the truth is in you. I think many Christian is on the right track, but satanist has decived them beliving in Lucifer and dualety, thought religion . Then thought controll. If you turn that around jesus in the bible is a brilliant teacher. The truth is in him and in you. Your essens. “They Who have ears hear”. The intellect mind will always be splited. The Heart is one. If we use our intellekt from our heart its fantastic instrument. And use the word of Jesus to strengthen and to be spiritulaizied.

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  75. Seth Tyrssen says:

    Reverse speech is the work of our own subconscious/unconscious mind, not any devils, demons, spooks, or hobgoblins. Believe whatever religion suits you, but have the sense to realize that there is much about ourselves that we don’t yet know.

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  84. Jo says:

    I have to say that I’m a bit shocked. Reading this article of yours felt like somebody read my mind then decided to put it all in paper for me adding more information and clearer summary of it all…
    thank you Brad.
    I accidentally stumbled on your page and so far it content captivated me for several hours.

  85. Makedon says:

    I’m not English . God is the truth and satan is a deception, God creates and satan destroys, Jesus said my sheep will know me by heart and will fallow me, not by the meaningless facts that satanists change so they can have control and power over other human beings because they are parasites. The word of God like every other thing on earth(free energy discovered by Nikola Tesla in 1902) are bought to us by people of God – people who create, satanists ( rothschild, zionists) only thing they can do is kill this people and use their creation to gain power and control humans, THEY CAN NOT CREATE, THEY USE THROUGH DECEPTION.

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  88. sickpuppy says:

    author, you cherry picked too much, took verses out of context and did not build on the foundation.

    reverse speech is a real phenom but you are yet to see the ‘bigger picture’ other than what has been carefully prepared for you to ‘discover’

    …28″For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost to see if he has enough to complete it?
    29″Otherwise, when he has laid a foundation and is not able to finish, all who observe it begin to ridicule him,
    30saying, ‘This man began to build and was not able to finish.’

  89. Freedomgeek says:

    What is interesting is that christians used reverse speech back in the 80′s to reveal hidden messages within Rock music. Watch the documentary “Hells Bells”.

  90. Stanly says:

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  92. Christopher says:

    Humanity Wins,
    I stumbled across your site today while doing research on reverse speech and wanted to give a reply to your beliefs on what the Christian Perspective is. #2 of your possible situations is close to accurate but the purpose of Reverse Speech is ambiguous, which is what lead me to your website today.
    Because of the original sin of Adam and Eve, God banished them from the garden, took away their immortality, and made life much harder for them. Thus all of Adam’s descendants are born with the propensity to sin but hasn’t yet sinned upon their birth. God’s justice is perfect which means he can’t let sin go unpunished or he would be unjust. Adam and Eve disobeyed God and received their punishment. God showed mercy by not ending their lives immediately which he would be justified to do.
    Any person who is mentally capable of accepting/rejecting Christ will be held accountable for the sins in their lifetime and will be judged upon death. They will be judged for their disobedience of God’s commands, sin, not just for being born with an inclination to sin. All men sin at least on time in their life and deserve God’s justice. Whenever we sin against God we incur a debt that must be repaid. We are all guilty of disobeying God’s commands and deserve punishment. God is merciful and gives some men “70 years or so” the opportunity to repent instead of ending our lives immediately after we sin, which he is justified to do. God sent his only begotten son Jesus to pay the price of the sins for all who believe and follow him. How is God loving? God provided all humans one way to be forgiven, one way to have eternal life, and the ability to reach out to him through prayer and have a relationship with himself. God did not have to provide humans any path towards salvation but through his love and Son he provided a single way. It will be your choice to accept this lifesaver or push it aside.
    We sin and incur debt by our own free will which must be repaid. God does not cause us to sin. God created man for his own glory. The evidence of God is readily seen by examining the intricacies and architecture of God’s design through nature. The good news of Christ’s resurrection has been available for almost 2000 years now. Albeit rare in this day and age with technology and missionaries, if a person truly did not have the opportunity to hear about Jesus once in their lifetime then God may judge this person less harshly than someone who rejected the message. Luke 12: 47-48 (CEV) – 47 If servants are not ready or willing to do what their master wants them to do, they will be beaten hard. 48 But servants who don’t know what their master wants them to do will not be beaten so hard for doing wrong. If God has been generous with you, he will expect you to serve him well. But if he has been more than generous, he will expect you to serve him even better.
    Your worldview seems to correctly identify some of the false testimonies of healings and other fraudulent manifestations of the holy spirit, meant to deceive, but does not account for the truth of Jesus. It is a mistake to consider all charismatic leaders as true believers as they may be filled with another spirit and not the Holy Spirit. Please feel free to email me if you would like to discuss any of this or ask me questions.

  93. Caveman says:

    Hell is eternal but only for certain creations.The fire of God will consume destroy unmake some other souls.Dont mess with the occult,period.Pray for wisdom.L-RD I pray for wisdom,for you are wisdom,and fear of you is right.

  94. Jmillerdoc says:

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