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Peggy Kane – Latest Radio Interview


The 2 hour video interview that Peggy did back in 2006 has certainly helped open people’s minds to the truth, but since then she has focused predominately on sharing her discoveries through her own websites, so there hasn’t been a lot of new interviews with her. That is until earlier this year when she conducted a radio interview with James Arthur Jancik for the “Feet to the Fire” radio show.

During the interview Peggy shares her most recent discoveries; including the truth about “Planet X”, the involvement of the Pleiadian and Sirian Alliance who have been helping humanity break free from Reptilian control, the true nature of “God”, and the coming freedom that is destined for planet Earth.

(Update May 2013: It seems that over the past 18 months or so Peggy’s information has become a little less solid. She has been stating, and even does so during this interview, that the “Reptilians are now gone”, but this just simply isn’t true and there is plenty of evidence to prove this (and more evidence is soon to be published). The details she reveals about Planet X does seem to be accurate, so this interview does still hold some relevance, but it just needs to made clear that she is wrong about the Reptilians not being here anymore.

Here’s the interview…

Peggy Kane Radio Interview by Humanity Wins


You can learn more about Planet X – Here


46 Responses to “Peggy Kane – Latest Radio Interview”

  1. Al Pittman says:

    peggy doesn’t mention much about the light beings that do fight on our behalf on a daily basis?? For some reason she surrounds her self with negative beings?? Why is that Peggy?? I have been in contact with pliadians since I was 8. I am now 31 and in all of my years have I ever been contacted by an entity that has an evil agenda. Although they did brand me with a sign that keeps all negative entities from contacting me. There are evil extra dementional beings just like there are evil humans. Life is like a battery. It takes a negative and a positive to sustain life. Seems like she focuses on the evil aspect of it and that makes me wonder about her. Some of the evil ebe’s are very tricky and I wonder if they have her manipulated? If so, her publicity needs to stop today!!!

    “The Awaken One”

  2. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Al,

    Peggy has had direct contact from the Pleiadians and did so for quite some time before the reptilians messed with the communication.

    She certainly does speak about the “light beings” that are helping humanity i.e the Pleiadians, and other alliance races.

    It wasn’t peggy’s choice to have the reptilians messing with her life, they knew who she was and what she was doing, that is why she attracted so much attention from them.

    I’m not sure why you say she is focussing just on the “negative” part of all this??? That couldn’t be any further from the truth! Sure, she has informed people about what was taking place on this planet, but she has always stated that the ending is going to be magnificent for humanity. And her positivity has simply grown and grown over the years.

  3. Atwa says:

    Peggy is kind of clueless! Depends way to much on her 165GB of “sound files”. Pointless conclusions. Planet X is real and is here to help. The vibrations of love is all we need to focus on….

  4. Nicky says:

    Al, I agree with Humanity Wins. Peggy has done a lot of work towards getting the real story out to people. It’s not possible to discuss anything if you are not willing to acknowledge that there are dark forces at work here. We all must be wary of their manipulations and peggy has warned people about this..that’s all. She is obviously on the right side of things so why criticize her in this way?

  5. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Atwa,

    I’m really interested to inow where your opinion that Peggy is “clueless” comes from exactly? I get the impression that you haven’t really taken the time to investigate her research in any detail? Correct me if I’m wrong on that?

    That “165GB of soundfiles” contains some of the most cutting edge information on our planet today and the discoveries made by Peggy over the past 10 years, through reverse speech, has helped shine a very bright light on the the lies and manipulations that have kept humanity ignorant and under control for TOO long!


  6. Erin says:

    I didn’t even know this interview was on here until today…why is everyone saying Paggy is so negative? She’s telling it like it is – it isn’t all rainbows and fluffy clouds out there you know! You cannot know the light without looking at the darkness – and you certainly cannot heal the darkness by pretending it isn’t there or putting a smiley face sticker over it. As someone who has direct experiences with light beings and being attacked by the darker ones I know what Peggy says is true and I applaud her work. I love that she says what she knows to be true and doesn’t care if anyone likes it or not! Go Peggy!

  7. EarthFamily says:

    What if the paladins and the lizards are fighting for the same prize? The human race cattle….

  8. trevortxeartxe says:


    I’m convinced that they are. The difference, however, is that the human race is cattle in the eyes of the lizard race, while the Pleiadians want to see us rise in consciousness and become free.

    The Pleiadians are here to help (: Namaste

  9. hononey says:

    I wonder what has happened with her. She’s been quiet for a while :(

  10. Mike says:

    hey brad, great site brotha. I just wanted to share my input, I just tried reverse speech for the first time using audacity and what a tool that is. I watch all the videos of you and peggy kane so i was aware of what i was looking for but when you actually here it for the first time its like “woooah” lol. I started off talking about peggy and how its so bad on the other side and when i reversed i heard something saying “He’s gettin’ it”…i was like no way, i knew i was right haha.

    Then I asked, because i know there listen and i asked why they do what they do on the other side and the response i got was “so we can eat”

    awsome is all i can say! :) i just wanted to let you know haha take care man, keep up the great work it is greatly appreciated by many

  11. UNIVERSE says:

    1 thing i can say..” TELL ME ABOUT IT “.. and i don’t asking i just say..

  12. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Mike,

    Great to hear you’re getting stuck into reversing for yourself! It certainly opens up a few doors doesnt it! This is the beauty of it, anyone can get answers for themselves, no need to listen to some “guru”! Get your own answers instead!

  13. it appears she was manipulated by her own fantasy, know lots of people who spend their energy being doctors nurses politicians and so on an so on, the bottom line is our life is what we make it, and whatever you want or desire you will focus your energy there, for her she just having a dream come true in her reality, doesn’t mean everyone has the same dream

  14. believe in nothing and you’re probably closer to the truth

  15. as a eckist i wonder what happen to her experience there, because in eckankar is states that anyone can fool themselves into believing anything but each should question everything, a lot of disillusioned people out their

  16. paul says:

    Im in direct contact with the feline race from lyra & have
    Been for awhile now, contact me
    Also my interviews with peggy.

  17. Future Reptilian Slayer in this life or the next :D says:

    What if the paladins and the lizards are fighting for the same prize? The human race cattle….

    Earth family,

    The pleadians are Human like us terrans. We’re all Lyran refugees – more or less. If their help comes through as planned finally, I will be eternally greatful and always there for them unconditionally, to having their back always. There is nothing better than seeing these illuminati types and the Draco filthy, androgynous egg hatching LOL SICK, bastards get a taste of their own medicine and then some. TRUST ME. We got beautiful women and they got eggs. “God pleaes send them lizards to an uber hell dimension already for all of eternity.” I have never had any ET experience and frankly don’t invite one until the net is down. A big part why we are in this Draconian(lizard) mess today is because our Atlantian ancestors screwed up big time. Contrary to the new age, Atlantian human beings were a pretty treacherous bunch. Now all this has gotta change, terrans today need to return to the way we were before we got dispersed into this univeral diaspora by the graces of this vile and utterly worthless lizard race. We need the wisdom of our pleadian brothers and other good human “Kin” ETs to be immune from such bondage, and by such inferior and plain disgusting species too, forever.. If I was peggy, I’d just ignore whenever a reptilian came on a recorder. They only spew poison. Study your own dark and dormant manipulator side, which even the best of people have, then you will predict reptilians very well.

  18. Jeremiah Stone says:

    I have learned alot from Peggy. I have to admit that I am new to all of this. One thing that impresses me the most about her and her mission is her guts for the content. I have never heard her contradict herself, and I applaud her. Way to go Peggy Kane, and keep up the good work.

    Jeremiah Stone

  19. Kim says:

    It’s high time to be Vegan. Don’t you want to be different and not given your money to these so-called ‘evils” being who are eating you like you eating the animals?

    Animals are helpless and enlightened and they are here to be our friends. The reptilians are animals and they are evil – You don’t hear stories of God eating animals do you? Let’s be vegan as we’re the light and in the likeness of God’s own image. If you can eat meat and you’re willing to be a vegan you know for sure you are not reptilians.

  20. JP says:

    Hi Humanity Wins

    Im trying to do reverse speech to find out if I’m pleiadian. For the last 3 years I started to question a lot things and began doing my research after being introduced to an interesting topic. I did ask the questions as you said in comments before. It was only 30 seconds long. I did reverse it but didn’t get anything from it. Could you give me a good free software to use please or more help to get answers, cause Im not getting anything so far? Does it also matter if you have an accent or first language is not english?

    Thanks buddy

  21. JP says:

    Ok so I tried it again and asked the question. All i got was serve clearly. Im sure it said serve everything and I got mayday. Whats that seppose to mean

  22. A says:

    I watched the video interview, pretty good stuff there

  23. Rashida says:

    Out of curiousity, I thought time didn’t exist.

  24. Rashida says:

    What a beautiful interview from Peggy. Thanks for sharing, Brad!

  25. inkal12 says:

    Does anyone here know: If they are gone, why do we still have ‘tons’ of channelings online and chemtrails over our cities almost every day?

  26. Michael says:

    Unfortunately inkal12 it seems they are not gone.

    Peggy is probably mistaken or is lying.

    It seems that the Peggy of more recent years cannot be trusted.

    It appears she was trustworthy back in 2006, so if you haven’t checked out that 2006 video, it’s worth it.

    If you want to know the ins and outs of why she is no longer a trusted source for many people, here is a link for you –

  27. Michael says:

    Cant post on the forum.

  28. Michael says:

    Um, yes I can.

  29. inkal12 says:

    Thanks Michael.

  30. Bronwyn says:

    She hurt a lot of people with her delusions. I know. I was there.

    She thinks she is Eve, THE Eve but secretive about it.

    The website is just an internet doll-house (psy op) where she and the children have no accountability for their reckless actions. Unaware there’s real people with pure intentions present.

    Her lot are ‘the best’ of God’s children, the master template, and everyone else (7 billion of us) failed in our mission here and have regret to look forward to when we die before we ‘understand’ the big picture. Just props in her soap opera.

    If anything is to be learnt by the violation and hell she and her minions put me through, it’s that MY children, family, and friends are SO MUCH MORE beautiful and real than anything she, the mother of creation, ever put forth.

    I don’t know when God will return in my heart but I’m trying very hard to see the beauty again, eyes wide open to the cruelty present in our world’s elites. The govt didn’t make my loved ones, or nature, the stars and galaxies. It’s a start.

  31. Osoo says:
    this dude is not good got bad experience with him on FB
    be aware
    love and light

  32. Hi! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers?
    My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing months of
    hard work due to no data backup. Do you have any solutions to protect against hackers?

  33. Fran says:

    Hi is anyone on here from the North West UK? Just looking to form a discussion group

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Appreciate your site greatly. Did you or do you know by chance if anyone reverse speech her last interview? Did That last interview seemed odd to anyone else?
    Thank you

  35. Melanie says:

    They are gonna kill me

  36. Melanie says:

    My name is melanie and I served in the astrals as some kind of being and now its over. I’m dead. They CAUGHT ME!! I’m dead. Was not worth it

  37. Melanie says:

    Was not worth it!!!! Was not worth it, I

  38. Miguel Edler says:

    I believe in what peggy and icke say, but now i have a doubt about psychics, i want to know if the third eye and pineal gland are tricks of the reptilians or if we can awaken those parts… and if is from the reptilians why the hell are they poisening our pineal gland with fluoride?? please answer me. thank you many love to all of you, and humanity will win, and i bet that are more races on the universe and there is more than the pleiadian race helping us.

  39. Rishi says:

    its important to fast in the proper way, fasting helps release the archon grip over you and also you cannot be free until you are attached to meat, fast food and junk foods. At least 3 days of fasting is necessary to get a clear hold on where you are. These are subtle and extremely delicate beings. Have fresh fruits, have a clean routine and try not to feel sad on every issue and this will help.

  40. Rishi says:

    Excessive information on these creatures are found in every culture more so in here. There are people who do stuffs with dead foetuses and bodies, wine and smoke. More or less most entities are telepathic and i have no doubt on that. its hard for me to come to a conclusion or belief until i have gone through everything i could find. As i say its subtle full of misinformation but this is very real. And every time you try to belief this is false, you allow yourself to become more naive. For thousands of years monks and meditators are leaving society. They see more than many see. Remember these entities can scare you only if you want to get scared. God is powerful yet good is passive. God is with you. ask him to guide you. He sees all planes and knows better than you what you should do next. I have seen people doing strange things on new moon and full moon. it still gives me chills. but remember the power lies in informed decisions and it gives me immense pleasure to find this blog ! Thank you and peace, you dont have to believe. Inform yourself and move on.

  41. Rishi says:

    Do not get confused between your power and the entities. They are less capable since they have to wait to feed of us (mostly energy feeds). The last few years its almost funny how the dots are connecting around these things as more people move in to help and discuss across the world. The ones who know it keeps quiet. Until you are out of the cube they have set for you you would never be able to grasp the faintest idea. Believe me thats the trick. It was meant to be never detected.

    Most sages across the ages and geography have told others to love. One of the reason for it is because when you emit love ( you become almost invisible to these sub creatures. Thus u see them more and more as they do not hide behind a facade since they do not see your presence in their scope. This is another reason they want most to move away from source, away from love and into their domain.

    Check out these links for some good information if willing.

  42. Rishi says:

    These entities manipulate your emotions. Try wactching your every thought for a few minutes everyday, more so when you are under drugs or unwell. These are the times u r most weak and they fully take up on your mind. More so if you are already into bad companionship or into excessive guilt and hatred. Even Buddha was attacked. They attack you immediately you try some meditation. They see it as a way for you to escape their grid. They try to stop advanced meditators. Just like planets feed on sunlight, these sub entities feed on energy, low negative energy. Anyone who is trying to fight wih you or drag you into a fight ( mmost of the time its them except at times after sundown when emotionally out of control people are a great fav of these entities. That being said, animals and humans are powerful because we feel. Feeling makes us close to god. We are his priority. Always be diplomatic, void their mind games by mixing humour with words. has also Not to get attached to your actions, stay calm and never be impulsive…

  43. Rishi says:

    This is an interesting conversation between love and lust –

  44. melanie says:

    I would say for me yes the information given was reckless. I have no one to blame but my self. I’m having to be medicated for this depression. I know that group was supposed to zip it and they just couldn’t put it down cause it was to hard to resist to be people who found out truths. Yes reverse reveals but is also subjective and can be manipulated which hurts people myself my family. They are just like Christians who stigmatize their own kind. Christians killing Christians and this group does the same thing. Hurt me and I got mixed up because I thought I had to fight again. They claim without reverse our world would have lost the light. Bullshit!!!! And at the end of their saga they admit none of its real and move on with your lives. They admitted they should have cut it out. But when you name a name for yourself its kind of hard to stop isn’t it. People like bad news or news that blows our minds. But I just want the light me as regular human had to fight for and won in 2008. Noe I’ve lost everything. I’m not going to recover. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry for everything.

  45. meg says:

    How do you know the reptilians are still here, and why is peggy kane so convinced they are gone? Why is the world in the same state as it’s always been if the reps are gone? When is planet x coming? When will the grid be dismantled? is it possible to break through the grid if you are of a high enough vibration of love and light?


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