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Bible Prophecy: The Endtimes – The Reptilians Reveal Their Endgame Plan


The Reptilians have loved telling humanity what their plans were and “Bible Prophecy” (mainly in the Book of Revelations)  was simply them revealing their “Endgame Plan” for humanity. Shame their plans are being foiled!




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36 Responses to “Bible Prophecy: The Endtimes – The Reptilians Reveal Their Endgame Plan”

  1. Brent Malik says:

    Great Video my friend! :) don’t stop doing this.
    I would like to email you something if i may. It is also, really great stuff!
    Love & Light my Brothers & Sisters.

  2. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Brent,

    I apprechiate that, thanks. I certainly won’t be stopping my friend! Plenty more videos on their way!

    (I’ll send an email to the address you’ve listed here. Suject line will be “Humanity Wins Illuminati Lose”)

  3. Purcile says:

    I was crying over this video when I saw the nuclear explosions all over the planet. I was thinking of all the kids that would be dying with no cause. It was a revelation when I realized, no humans would do this to each other. The image you had of the reptiles holding the puppets leading us to WW3 was particularly stricking.

    I look forward to a video on christianity from you, as it was a revelation when you pointed out how the bible makes people stand down and accept the coming destruction as god’s will. I would like to be able to sit and watch a well put together presentation about the deception and manipulation that is christianity and the bible.

    You are very talented in video making.

  4. Humanity Wins says:

    Thanks Purcile,

    There is so much more that I will be doing to expose Christanity (and all Religions) over the coming weeks, months and years! I am only just getting started really! So there will certainly be more videos on the subject, no doubt about it. If you read my story (link at top of the site) you’ll learn about my personal experience within Christanity (over an intense 6 month period in 2008) and how I have come to understand that this was part of my “mission”, if you want to use that word, in order to understand how powerful of a manipulating tool it has been to the Reptilians. Without that personal experience I would not be able to do what I am doing now, such as making this video. But plenty more to come.

  5. BIG John says:

    AWESOME video my friend and I agree with you 110%!!! There are several in my family who are Christian and I can’t get them to wake up for nothing! It’s so great to see other like minded folks who are not inside the box. I was starting to feel lonely :)

    God bless and keep up the GREAT work!

  6. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Big John,

    No need to feel lonely my friend! Those of us awakening are finding each other and this will just continue to grow and grow! Unfortunately you can’t “make” anyone wake up, people will wake up in their own time, best we can do with people that have their minds tightly shut is to just plant seeds and help them open their minds just a little at a time.

    Thanks for your support my friend, much apprechiated


  7. Anonymous says:

    2012 21 december is the day we enter the photon belt so, don’t worry we will be out of this jail soon.

  8. Erin says:

    Beautiful video keep up the good work!

  9. Humanity Wins says:

    Thanks Erin

  10. Twana says:

    I am very interested in your information but unable to log in I subscribed! unable to watch your videos, Help Please

  11. Humanity Wins says:

    I Twana,

    You don’t need to subscribe to have access to the videos. All the information on the site is open to anyone. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to view the videos

  12. Cheryl says:

    Beautiful video! I have to say one of the best ones I’ve seen regarding the end times. Very well done. That would be the answer would’nt it, all soldiers from every walk of life, just stop, put their guns down and walk away, come home, and live our lives like we were suppose to in the New Golden Age.

  13. Endovelyco says:

    Brad do you know anything about the noises that people claims to hear in several parts of the world?? noises like trumpets, that vibrates the ground, is that to do with reptilians or pleaidians?? or it cames from hollow Earth? if the Earth is hollow.

    I wish to get some feedback :(

    Can this website have a chat room or something?

  14. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Endovelyco,

    The noises that you are talking about, which have been heard in recent months have actually had a reverse speech anaylsis done by Peggy Kane. It wasn’t actually the noises themselves that produced the reversals, but the video reports of them. The conclusion was that these noises were the collective fear of the planet being expressed. And that this fear is now in a major healing process.

    Also – yes I am planning on adding a forum to the site soon

  15. Endovelyco says:

    a forum would be amazing, i hope it happen…

    I have sent you some mails, and Im planning to go to Bournemouth from Doncaster in the last tuesday of August, so if you want I can pass in your location.

    All the best for you ;)

  16. angedamour says:


  17. UNIVERSE says:

    well the thing is of this video . is not going to happen.. because this when change.. i will tell you was going to happen because is time.. well whats going to happen is the soon the Ascensions will start really soon ,then 2 entities. 1 of them will start to move everything to the higher vibration so will help,. everyone a easy way to help the rest to ascent. after it will be a disagreement,. the it was going to end bad.. but because everything when chance.. well this will make the rules get broken.. because the dark ones will try to force and finally try to conquer earth, sending a ship to poison and start to kill everyone in earth,, and the Galactic Messages Of Light was going try to protect everyone in this,, thats the war they talking about.. but like i say before everything when change,, so like i say before at the time the dark ones try do it.. well they will pay the consecuences of this.and. everyone will going to see it.. but thats ok.. because anyone will going to be ok.. and the 2 entities are the Galactic Messages Of Light and the dark ones.. and the bible when change so the people was thinking the everything was going to be bad in anyway.. as many other things the dark ones try to make chaos.. but they fail.. bacause in this time is different.. and everyone will be happy to see how this will end.. and that one was the decree.. as the universe

  18. Peter says:

    most of the aliens or ets are disabling our nuclear weapons, I now feel it is impossible for us to have nuclear holocaust.. nuclear bombs affect the 3rd 4th and 5th dimensions so they really dont like them lol.. they have been doing this for quite a while..

  19. question says:

    You guys are building up something that has no foundations or history. Where are the Pleaidians through out history of man kind? Why aren’t they tell people like what the bible tells us and building their foundation from history. You can’t just come out of no where and proclaim that you have the final truth. You are just acting like those new age movement who are misleading all.

  20. Ace Pilot says:

    I just recently heard these news here in Philippines that North Korea will declare a nuke war on United States, i was having this doubt if most reptilians did leave Earth during ‘Operation Sting’, because if they did leave, the remaining can’t initiate the last world war scheme; or they have some time machine used that they found out that Nibiru is just a hologram, and they come back here and proceed their plans?

  21. Neo says:

    I was hoping someone could answer why the Illuminati puts Satanic and sexual subliminal messages in Disney movies and pretty much all of Hollywood and the music industry? And this site is pretty much opposed to Christianity, so please tell me what your thoughts are on the RFID chip and it’s association with the “mark of the beast”?

  22. Michael says:

    Hi Neo.

    My view =) is that the reps wrote the bible, and they played the role of Yahweh/Jehovah. The reps are satanic, have deceived good people into believing in and worshiping a god (i.e Yahweh/Jehovah) that is actually satanic in nature.

    The reps wrote Revelations because that is what they want to happen, and they have the power at present that makes them think they can pull it off!

    Of course, the part of Revelations that won’t come true is where Jesus is meant to come down from the heavens weilding his sword and handing out justice to the satanic forces. This is because Jesus (or the character Jesus) is on the satanic (i.e reptilian) side. I believe the reps want millions of Christians to just wait and do nothing to fight the coming evil, as, after all, Jesus will ficx things when he comes !!! …. Yeah right. How perfect for the reps if people can see and acknowledge the evil, but decide to sit on their hands and do nothing! Just like the New Agers (another rep invented belief system) are not going to do anything, because lots of them won’t even acknowledge that evil exists, or, if it does, they say that the victim chose this. How convenient for the reps again.

    Remember, this is my view only, but from what I have read of Brad’s writings, he would probably agree with most of what I’m saying.

    Also, keep in mind that this is what I think is most likely the case, but I am certainly not saying that I am right. This is just my current view, and tomorrow i could change my mine if the evidence presents itself =)

  23. Neo says:

    Michael, thanks for responding. That sure makes a lot of sense, and I’ve heard both Christianity and New Age of being accused of being Satanic, and that’s where I’m torn. I started to accept Christianity a few months back when I had a very spiritual experience, but the more I researched it, the fishier it got. From the Vatican, to the Egyptian sun god references, to the Pagan holidays, to the numerous rewritings of the Bible, there just seemed to be all kinds of deceit in the religion. So then, I started buying into the New Age stuff about us all being one, that we’re all spiritual beings, that we reincarnate after death, and that we’re waiting for Christ Consciousness to guide us to ascension. But then, I watched a few videos about Christians saying that New Age is Satanic and not to be tricked. So it’s all so very confusing. And now you’re saying they’re both Satanic? If all religions are Satanic, aliens are out there deceiving us, but also good aliens helping us, does God exist and what exactly is God? And David Icke’s beliefs seem to be New Age to me, so if Brad believes and supports everything from David Icke, what does that mean?

  24. Michael says:

    No problem Neo.

    If you are able to, check out Brad’s – My Story – on this site.

    It pretty much sums up his journey to awakening, and includes his negative experience with Christianity.

    Regarding Christ Consciousness, I am open to the possiblity that the Jesus in the bible is the distorted version of a true spiritually enlightend man (being). But, regarding the Jesus of the Bible, he doesn’t come across as spiritually enlightened to me. – For example, why didn’t he just go around handing out healing to anyone who needed it. God knows (no pun intended =)) many people back then were suffering and would have been desperate for relief! But no, jesus wanted the people to BELIEVE and have FAITH that he could heal them before he would heal them! WTF! No faith, no healing.(Now it has been a few years since I have read some of the gospels, so I am willing to stand corrected on that one if it is shown not to be the case, but it is my memory that Jesus wanted a person to have faith in him BEFORE he would offer healing. Not exactly the loving thing to do in my book.

    I’ll leave it at that for now Neo, and i’ll get back to you shortly.

    Enjoy Brad’s great website. =)

  25. Michael says:

    I’m back on quicker than i expected. –

    You mentioned the Vatican and the sun symbol. I’ve seen that I think. In the Basillica – David Icke videod his journey inside the vatican some little while back. well worth checking out if you haven’t seen it.

    Coca-cola versus Pepsi, McDonalds vs KFC, Labor vs Tory’s, Republicans vs Democrats, Christianity vs New Age – all 2 sides of the same evil coin it seems. We have been given the illusion of choice.

    I believe there is most likely a true creator. I look at all the beauty that still exists on our planet, and they appear to be the work of something good. Having said that, there is a lot of suffering and brutality in the natural world as well, so I don’t really know what to think for sure, but the beauty that I do still see in the world makes me believe there is something good “out there” somewhere.

    Also, I see and read abou all the evil in the world. I see all the symbolism in our society. Secret symbology hidden in plain site for anyone willing to look. There is so much negative on our planet, that it makes me think that there must be good-guys somewhere out there. Surely there must be a balancing force for good wanting/trying to counteract all the evil on our planet. Surely there are space beings somewhere who want to help us, or are willing to help us. Hopefully. Hopefully…….and then there are us – people of good intent and good hearted. We exist =). We know we have good intentions. Therefore, surely other good intended beings exist out there in the cosmos.

    Regarding David and Brad – no 2 people will probably agree on anything. Even though Brad would agree with a lot or most of what David is saying, that doesn’t mean he will agree with everything that David says. And vice versa. This is true for all of us. And, if we are intending to spiritually evolve and become more fully conscious, we must always be willing to hear someone else’s alternative view. We must be willing to look at all the evidence, and not just to look at what we would like to be true. =)

  26. Michael says:

    I said “but the beauty that I do still see in the world makes me believe there is something good “out there” somewhere.” –

    I forgot to say this – not only what I see, but especially what I hear (music in particular)

  27. SacredGeology says:

    I’ve been through a similar experience as you describe on your home page. But if you have a chance, I’d like you to see this video of earth images that were “cast” into the mountains that tell a story, like a mural. Some of the images support stories that are associated with Pleidian images, but some of them exist side-by-side in the mountains with Revelation images. If you look at the video, you’ll see what I mean. Note that each of the images are 3 miles wide, but they are also in close proximity to each other. The image on Venus describes the Aztec legend of creation, and its 5000 miles wide. I don’t think it was created by little green men with shovels.

    For me, I would think that this means that there’s more truth to be found. Alas, I might consider that BOTH the Pleiadian legends and the Book of Revelations could be very much related. Based on this discovery of mountain art, I would hesitate to say that their works are diametrically opposed to each other.

  28. Wendy says:

    Wonderfully put together truth revealing such deception since the beginning of time. I had been raised in Protestant religions since birth from many generations. Reminded often during video watching professors teaching the “truth” I cried at the end seeing the men come back to see their families home where they should be!Thank you!

  29. ROZ says:

    I have gone through a lot of your reversals, and I must say I am intrigued, a lot of what is being said is very interesting when you connect it to spiritual truths. I read your experience with “Christianity” which by the way is just a new word being used for those who follow Christ, but once again Like Baptists, Methodists and the Catholic church it has taken what was meant to be a relationship with The Almighty, the One, The beginning and the End, The Alpha and the Omega and replaced it with tradition and Religion to once again try and deceive many. Yes there is a lot of truth in what you are saying and in a lot of the findings but I can to identify a lot of the lies. And didn’t you say that was the best deception, when lies and truth are mixed together. You have done what seems to be extensive research into everything else but when it comes to really finding out about the Bible and Jesus, it seems that you didn’t even scratch the surface before you decided you had an absolute qualified opinion. First of all there are many different dimensions and realms and yes indeed there are beings that move in and through them, the ones that are on our sides are called Angels (they like humans only have a deeper beauty to them because of who they are)they are the “beings” that fight the dark side. In fact God is the one who sends Angels of every type and form to connect to his creation everyday, Not just fighting in the super natural every second as a legion of angelic hosts, but through the hearts of those who love him to uplift those who are destitute and downtrodden. The reason why reptilian are so successful at coming in and deceiving many “Christians” is because some of these Christians and in fact many people today need miracle to believe, how easy it is to deceive someone who only needs to see something supernatural to believe in whatever is flying around. If you think that what is written in the bible is all the truth to what God is saying then you really have not looked very far. In fact the very reason you have discovered so much is because of a biblical principal “seek and you shall find, knock on the door and it will be opened, ask and it shall be given to you”.
    So you say you asked for Jesus to reveal the truth to you and then when he didn’t answer immediately you brush it off. He will lead you into the truth he doesn’t rush you there. Your entire process of you seeking could be him helping you to discover things. You need to ask God to help you to be sensitive to what he is saying, to block out all the static and the voices and help you to hear him, and he will speak to you but you have to get real humble ask him in faith and humbleness he is still the Creator of Heaven and Earth after all.
    There is so much to take in and we are only human after all there is a lot of truth to uncover, and how do you uncover the truth if you don’t have understanding and knowledge and wisdom. So thanks anyway I am enjoying reading all of this it is very revealing, it puts a lot into place for me. The Illuminati and the rest are all pretty much in the open now but there are the other things that are still being uncovered that is exciting, still some things to come out with Planet X. By the way the book of revelations, don’t throw it just because you don’t get it, it is a breakdown of all things to come and to the dim person who thinks the bible was written by the reptilian…there is foundational history, remember there is evidence everywhere if you look hard enough and go back to a source and have some concrete foundation otherwise it sounds like a nut and a conspiracy theory. Take what is relevant and sift through everything and get to the truth. As for the sounds that people have been hearing all over the world….yes it to is mentioned in the bible….really people God has said that in the last days he will sound out a trumpet for the whole world to hear before the beginning of the end, to warn humanity that the time is coming to prepare yourself for war, to seek for the truth, to get your heart ready and not to fear but to seek him (This is not word for word the scripture I’m not holding the bible in front of me but it is easy enough to find there is a lot of online bibles you can just type in phrases). He didn’t even hide it!! So stop taking the word out of context, the next time someone has something to say about the bible go and study it first. By the Way Moses had plenty of contact with the Reptilian and first hand experience with the other dimensional creatures he was found by the Physios wife when he was a baby and he grew up as a part of the the phyros family, he knew all about the pyramids etc. Anyway I’m getting carried away here, Brad thanks for the info it is great, just don’t get carried away in the wrong direction, stay grounded. I would also like to ask what are you rooting yourself to? because if you don’t have an anchor you gonna blow around in every direction. Ultimately this all ends with God, The one, The almighty this is going to be his great unveiling. So that we once again can have a glorious relationship with him and it is gonna be awesome. Just keep him as your center, we all know him, in your heart and in your spirit where nothing can lie to you If you truly ask him he will show you and nothing can stop that from happening because he is God after all and he is all powerful and he loves every one of us and he wants us to all be free.

    Lots of love to you all, be honest everyday, be eager to do good everyday, this is how we help to slowly defeat any kind of evil everyday one baby step at a time. “Defeat evil by doing good”

    From a daughter of the One and only Almighty God.

  30. Jordan says:

    I think you have an okay video here…. but the last part it way off dude GOD has already destroyed and wiped out mankind once already with the flood of noah in the old testament. i mean he didnt destroy the whole world but he destryed pretty much evervody except for noah and the animals. He did this because he was so disgusted with what the world had become then and look at it now so why WOULDNT he destroy it again?

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