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Is Reverse Speech a Valid Tool or is it Bullshit?


Is reverse speech nothing more than “seeing faces in clouds” and making something from nothing? Or is it one of the most effective tools available for seeing through the lies and manipulations on this planet?

Can playing someones speech backwards really reveal anything of value?

It makes no “logical” sense. How could the gibberish noise of backwards speech communicate any real information?

Maybe it is as simple as people just wanting to see something, or hear something, that isn’t really there, so they can try and make more sense of the crazy world they’re living in? Nothing but the “faces in clouds” concept. That’s the “logical” conclusion to come to, but is there more to it than that?


When investigating anything, it is essential to review a significant amount of data before coming to a definite conclusion about it. Looking at one or two pieces of information isn’t going to be enough in order to come to a valid conclusion.

Just remember back to when you were first exposed to the concept of the “Illuminati” or “9/11 being an inside job”, or whatever else it was that first opened your mind to a different perspective about our world. I can bet you didn’t believe it 100% the first time you watched a video on Youtube or read a book on the subject. But over time and with continued research and the analysis of more and more information you began to form a “solid” conclusion.

This methodology must be the same when coming to a conclusion about reverse speech.

What I’m going to do here is lay out some of the evidence for you, so that you can start making your own mind up. I certainly don’t want people believing what I say, just because I say it. I want everyone to have the opportunity to review the information for themselves and form their own opinions.


In order to put the subject into context and to lay the foundation for this post, I feel it is critical that the “background” is understood. Because, without having this foundation it will be very difficult to really “get” what reverse speech is all about and why it is potentially a tool for uncovering the truth.

I’m sure most people’s minds, when they hear the term “reverse speech” or “backwards speech” instantly recall stories of “subliminal messages” being hidden in music and how discoveries were made (in the days of vinyl records) that certain records played backwards contained “messages”.

Religious followers often concluded that these were subliminal messages being hidden by “Satan” or “demons” in order to influence and control people.

If this is your current understanding of reverse speech then I strongly suggest you let go of any preconceived ideas and start again with a blank canvas. The belief that these “messages” were placed within music purposely just doesn’t hold any weight. There simply is no evidence to support this theory. Just think of the technical genius that would be required to write music which purposely contained messages when played backwards. That is a logistical nightmare.

Of course with everything that we know about the capabilities of the Illuminati networks and their control over the music industry, it is of course a possibility, but what I’m saying is; there is no evidence to support this idea and there is, of course, another explanation for the appearence of these “messages”, and that is what this post will be addressing.

Rapper Jay-Z


I wanted to address this subject briefly before getting into the real heart of this post, because preconceived ideas about a subject can stop your mind opening up to new possibilities and seeing things from a different perspective.

So, the concept of reverse speech, or backwards speech, has certainly been around for many years, but it is only in recent times that a new understanding about it has come to light. For me, it was Peggy Kane and her reverse speech and EVP (electronic voice phenomena) research which opened my mind to it’s potential.

Peggy’s two hour video interview from 2006, where she shared her discoveries about the “global conspiracy”, the “Illuminati” and the “Reptilians”, through reverse speech analysis, got my attention in a big way. Nearly everything she was sharing in that interview connected so perfectly with the research I had already conducted and she backed up what so many other great researchers, such as Daivid Icke, had uncovered about the Reptilians and the Illuminati agenda.


Peggy had hosted a UFO and Paranormal TV show for many years called UFO AZ and had many different guests, from different backgrounds and areas of research, and it was one such guest that introduced her to the concept of reverse speech. This person was David Oates.

David Oates is an Australian therapist who is credited as the first person to ever document speech reversals in human speech, going back to 1983. He has published several books on the subject including “Beyond Backward Masking” and “Voices From The Unconscious” and for the past 27 years he has devoted his life to this field.

Here is a TV interview with him (a good introduction to the concept of reverse speech)

Although David Oates is the original pioneer of reverse speech, his discoveries have only gone so far, because he is not aware of the “global conspiracy”, and the “Illuminati/Reptilian agenda” on any level. Therefore he has been unable to the see the “big picture” that reverse speech has been communicating. And it is at this point that Peggy Kane’s research was able to make a huge leap forward.

David Oates suggests that reverse speech is connected to the “unconcious mind”, but Peggy (backed up by myself and many others) has come to understand that it is not connected to the “unconcious mind”, but the “Universal Mind”. It is believed that The Universal Mind is connected to all of creation and knows everything. Some call it the “Mind of God”.. This explains why much of the information revealed through reverse speech goes far beyond what the speaker could possibly know, even in their unconcious mind.


Reverse speech has many common phrases and metaphors and Peggy Kane, myself, and other reverse speech analysts, who are aware of the Illuminati and Reptilian agenda, certainly differ from David Oates’ explanation of some of these common phrases.

For example the phrases “Owl”, “Wolf” and “Snake” are, we suggest, descriptions for the Reptilians (the evidence certainly supports this). But David Oates suggests that “Owl” refers to wisdom, “Wolf” refers to strength, and I’m not aware that he even has explanation for “snake”.

Ultimately reverse speech, “The Universal Mind”, appears to be trying to communicate the “Big Picture” of what is happening on our planet (and beyond) and it acts as a “truth serum” of sorts.


As I stated earlier, the most common argument against reverse speech is that when you listen to any gibbersih noise long enough you will eventually hear words and phrases within it. But this argument simply doesn’t hold any weight. And here’s why…

When you really start looking at a diverse range of people, speaking about a diverse range of subjects, it becomes very apparent that the reverse speech phrases are almost always connected to what is being said in forward speech. If it was just random words and phrases with no connection to what is being said in forward speech then there would be no value in reverse speech at all.

Secondly, I think one of the main problems that people have in seeing the validity of reverse speech, is that they don’t often have the opportunity to hear the difference between the audible reverse speech phrases and the gibberish noise which makes up 80-90% of the reversed audio. Even though the reverse speech phrases posted can be heard (by most people), people’s minds can often explain it away and dismiss it prematurely, with the general assumption being that if you spend long enough listening to backwards audio you will eventually start to hear and make up words and phrases.

But, like I said, if you are going to come to a solid conclusion about something then you must evaluate a fair amount of information first. From my own experience, it is always the people that only listen to a handful of reversals from, one person, speaking about one topic, that conclude that it is “nonsense”.

So what I want to do here is list a number of examples so you can see (or hear) for yourself the difference between reversals from people speaking about different topics and also the difference between the gibberish noise and the audible phrases which are contained within it.


All of these examples are taken from reversals currently listed on this site, in different categories, but here I have lengthened the audio files to include the gibberish either site of the reversals. I must stress though, that these are simply a handful of samples, and you can listen to the full reverse speech analysis of each video in the relevent categories on this site.


The first samples are from Christian minister, Joshua Mills and show host, Ryan Wyatt, as Joshua shares a story about a visitation, that he and his ministry team, received from an “Angel”.

(It is not necessary that you watch each video in it’s entirety, I have simply posted them for reference)


Again, all the following samples are long, without editing, so that you have the opportunity to indentify the reversals within the gibberish for yourself (although I have listed some of the reversals, in red, you may choose not to read them if you feel this will effect your perception).


For clarity purposes, it is essential that you listen to the reverse audio with headphones



Forward - “And Instructed Her That We Were Supposed to….” 
And Instructed Her That We Were Supoosed to by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…He is Naked…Was the Worst Snake…Scared, Really Was Snake…”
He is Naked… Was the Worst Snake…Scared Really Was Snake…He’ll Heal, as if by Humanity Wins



Forward - “And Those Testimonies Were Just a Taste….”
And Those Testimonies Were Just a Taste (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Snake Rapes…”
Snake Rapes (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “And Know Him More and Just Get Closer….”
An Know Him More and Just Get Closer by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Wound is in the Ass, Fill My Ride, Me Seeing the Wolf He Get Down My Rear Hole…”
Wound is in the Ass, Fill My Ride, Me Seeing the Wolf He Get Down My rear Hole by Humanity Wins



The next set of samples are from Chris Constantine (Youtube user Gorilla199) as he shares his first experience with the “Holy Spirit” after becoming a “Born Again Christian”.



Forward - “Um, What Happened Was, I’d Been Searching For God For a While….”
Um, What Had Happened Was, I’d Been Searching For God For a While (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…The Owl Were Fuck With Me…”
The Owl Were Fuck With Me (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “Thank You For Being Real, Thank You For Being Real, And I Was Just Crying and Crying and Crying….”
Thank You For Being Real, Thank You For Being Real. And I Was Just Crying and Crying and Crying… by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Fell Down, Meet the Owl…”
Fell Down, Meet the Owl (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “That His Messenger Spoke to Me Here, in My Kitchen….”
That His Messenger Spoke to Me Here, in my Kitchen by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Our Souls it’s a Seige Net…A Rapes You Show His Kingdom…See Owl’s Deceit….Yeah Owl Runs it…One is Not of That…”
Our Souls it’s a Seige Net…A Rapes You Show His Kingdom…See Owls Deceit…Yeah Owl Runs it… by Humanity Wins



Forward - “If Anyone Wanted Prayer to Come to the End….”
If Anyone Wanted Prayer to Come to the End and Their Was you Know a Band Playing… by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Yeah Was Net, Was For Show”
Yeah Was Net, Was For Show (R) by Humanity Wins



The next set of samples are from Richard Hoagland as he speaks about his theory that Mars’ moon, Phobos, is in fact an ancient “spacestation”.



Forward - “Will Probably be Shown Data, Information….”
Will Probably be Show Data, Information (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Oh There Were Ships in it”
Oh There Were Ships in it (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “You Know, Reliable Political Forecast….”
You Know, Reliable Political Forecast (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Reach the Owl, Send Mars do…A Net, This High…Was Infested so Open it”
Reach the Owl, Send Mars do….A Net, This High….Feel a Fight, This a Net….Was Infested so Open by Humanity Wins



Forward - “The Natural, You Know, Fabric of the Solar System….”
The Natural, You Know, Fabric of the Solar System… (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Oh Shine, the Worst Shit, Reverse Them…It’s to Show Us That You’re Bad…”
Oh Shine, the Worst Shit, Reverse Them… It’s to Show us That You’re Bad (R) by Humanity Wins



The Next set of samples are from an, alleged, Reptilian Hybrid shapeshifting during a live TV broadcast.



Forward - “Yelling at Me For the Way I Read That….”
Yelling at Me For the Way I Read That…(F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…It Was Seen, They Know it”
It Was Seen, They Know it (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “Know What You Want to Hear What She Has to Say….”
Know What You Want to Hear What She Has to Say…(F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Unearths Your Plotting, Lied What We’ve Seen This is….”
Unearths Your Plotting, Lied What We’ve Seen This is (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “Celebrity’s Risk Factors and Make Her Analysis….”
Celerbrity’s Risk Factors and Make Her Analysis by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Find Their Game….”
Find Their Game (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “Yeah Yeah Yeah, Exactly, Just Incase You’re Wondering….”
Yeah Yeah Yeah, Exactly, Just incase You’re Wondering… (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…There Knows We’re Willing to Fake This….”
There Knows We’re Willing to Fake This (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “According to Them the Tab Says That Brad Has Finally moved Out….”
According to Them the Tab Says Brad Has Finally Moved Out… (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…I Wish to Die…Look, Hide, Did I See….”
I Wish to Die…Look, Hide, Did I See (R) by Humanity Wins



The next samples are from Coleen Thomas, and the news presenter interviewing her, as they discuss the “Pleiadians” downing a US missile off the coast of California.



Forward - “Towards China, With, up to Absolutely no Good at All….”
Towards China, With up to, Absoultely No Good at All by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…They Fire Weak Main at the….Our Ship Will be Seeking Out…”
They Fire Weak Main at the…Our Ship Will be Seeking Out (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “Maybe Airplane That Was Seen Off the Coast….”
May be Airplane That Was Seen of the Coast by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…The Owl Will Try it…”
The Owl Will Try it (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “Sprayed With These Minute Particulates That Rain Down….”
Sprayed and These Minute Particulates That Rain Down (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…That Were a Saucer…A Net and Then they Fill, it’s a Great Owl Burning…”
At Night…That Were a Saucer…A Net and Then They Fill, It’s a Great Owl Burning (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “You Have Contact With the Pleiadians, How Often do They Talk to You….”
You Have Contact With The Pleiadians, How Often Do They Talk to You by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Surrender Hawaiian Airspace Standing…”
Surrender Hawain Airspace Standing (R) by Humanity Wins



The next samples are from David Icke as he talks about his theory that the Reptilians brought the Moon into Earth’s orbit, and how he has been guided by an “unseen force” during his years of research.



Forward - “And You Go; it’s Impossible, it’s Got to be Flat….”
And You go; it’s Impossible it’s Got to be Flat…(F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Give it to Me Slow, Boss, One is, Ah, it’s the Dark For All to See…”
Give it to Me Slow, Boss, the One, Ah, it’s the Dark For All to See (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “Inside it, You know ….”
Inside it, You Know…(F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Owl, He Arrive, He Arrive, Sit Sit….”
Owl, He Arrive, He Arrive, Sit Sit on (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “And it’s, Um, Very Clear, That When you Put All This Together….”
And it’s Um, It’s Very Clear When You Put All This Stuff Together… by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Up Bring the Well, He Arrives in….”
Up Bring the Well, He Arrives in (R) by Humanity Wins



The next samples are from Chris Constantine (Gorilla199) again, but this time he is taking the micky out of David Icke (generally being abusive), and his theorys about the Reptilians and the moon.



Forward - “But it is Acceptance, But My Goodness Me….”
But it is Acceptance, But My Goodness Me, You Guys, You’ve Been so Childish Haven’t You…(F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Asshole Said it…Smell…And I Should Wash….”
Asshole Said it…Smell…And i Should Wash (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “A Film Script, And Now You’re Going to the Part of the Aliens….”
A Film Script, And Now You’re Going to the Part of the Aliens by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…a Morph, Snake Like…”
A Morpth, Snake Like (R) by Humanity Wins



Forward - “Incredibly, Ridiculously Childish….”
Incredibly, Ridiculously Childish…(F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “…Shit Washed, He Sell His Shit…”
Shit Washed, He’ll Sell His Shit (R) by Humanity Wins


Once again, I would like to stress that these examples are simply a fraction of the reverse speech analysis that exists. If you combine the analysis conducted by myself, Peggy Kane and many, many others, then the number of reverse speech excerpts easily runs into the tens of thousands.

Here is Peggy Kane giving a summary of the situation humanity has been dealing with on this planet and the discoveries made through reverse speech (and EVP). This was filmed a couple of years ago and some of the information shared in the video is outdated now (new discoveries have been made about Planet X – see the “Space War” category on this site for the updates), even so, Peggy’s words should help you understand exactly how important reverse speech has been in understanding the “bigger picture”.



Peggy has sinced moved her information to another website and I have links to the new site in the “Reverse Speech” category.

Peggy mentions in the video that she often reverses herself in order to gain clarity and greater understanding, and this is the other huge benefit of reverse speech. It can be used by anyone to gain greater understanding of personal issues and problems. I personally have used it many times in order to understand my personal circumstances from a different perspective and help me make difficult decisions.

For example, when I was suffering through the darkest days of my life and could not see a way out of my severe health problems (you can read my story for the full details – link is at the top of the site) I spoke into my audio software while feeling totally hopeless and almost suicidal. The reversals that came out included “You Chose This”, “I Shall Not be Down”, “I’m Good”, “Have no Shame” and “You Know it All and Then Pass it Down” .

It was like getting a direct communication from “God” or my “higher self” telling me everything is going to be ok, just keep going.


Reverse speech is connected to the “Universal Mind”, the “Mind of God” and I believe that it has been put into place by “God”, “the One” or whichever name you wish to use, in order to help humanity see through the lies and manipluations that have plagued our planet and help us break free from the Reptilian control matrix.

In the 2 hour video interview, which I mentioned earlier (if you haven’t seen it you can watch it in the “Reverse Speech” category, under “Peggy Kane Intro”), Peggy speaks about the Reptilians “not seeing reverse speech coming” and therefore not having a plan in place to “shut it down” or manipulate it. Of course reverse speech is not the only “system” or “tactic” being used to wake humanity up, but it has certainly proven to be an incredible weapon in “God’s Armoury” . It’s one way that “God”, “The One”, has given the middle finger salute to the Reptilians.


I hope you have been able to see reverse speech from a new perspective here and your mind has opened just a little. But, this is only an introduction, I wouldn’t expect someone who is brand new to all of this to fully accept everything 100%. My intention here was to provide a sufficient amount of evidence in one place, so that people don’t prematurely dismiss reverse speech as “nonsense”, simply because the information required to form a solid opinion is not available to them.

Is it critical that you accept reverse speech?. No, not really. You have to follow your own inner guidence and if that is telling you to go elsewhere then do so. There’s no rules to follow. I can only speak from personal experience, and for me it has opened doors that I didn’t even know were shut and I believe it can do the same for others. It is a technical modality that anyone can use and that is the beauty of it. You don’t need to listen to some “guru” here, you can get your own answers.

The bottom line though, is that whatever path you chose or whatever you choose to believe, it’s all good, because I know, within every ounce of my being, that the worst is over now. The power of “Good” and the power of “Light” is about to overcome the force of “evil” and the force of “darkness” on this planet (and beyond).

Humanity Wins! The Reptilian’s game is up.


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33 Responses to “Is Reverse Speech a Valid Tool or is it Bullshit?”

  1. peggykane says:

    Reversing spoken words has been in incredible tool for me and others. The limitations are a few though. One has to understand the meanings of the numerous metaphors, otherwise interpreting what the RS is stating can lead to mistakes.
    One also has to listen with as little bias as possible. This can be difficult if one has a strong opinion about the speaker and/or the message.

    RS (reverse speaking) will try hard to communicate, but there are lots of forward words that this part of the mind has to deal with. So much of it will sound like gibberish. The RS mind is stuck with a lot of these sounds, but there will be clear phrases and even sentences if the listener is screening carefully.

    In this matrix, where everyone has opinions and most of the time, they are different than others who also have their opinions, RS is remarkably congruent. Even those who hold opposite opinions will tell the same essential story of Earth and what has happened here in reverse.

    They will always tell if they are lying. However, they may also be telling about a lie, so the forward speech is essential to differentiate.

    People can be damned by RS that is not held to the highest standards and so one or two negative sounding reversals is not enough to condemn a person. It should always be a body of reversals taken from enough forward speech to give a fair analysis.

    This is communication from the part of the mind that is closed to us. It is connected to all other minds and is ultimately The One mind or Universal mind. But it can be misunderstood and misused so one must take great care and be willing to hear that their own biases may be faulty.

    I have made a great many mistakes in my 10 years of intensive listening to RS, and I kept at it and stayed open to correct my errors.

    I started with EVP (spirit voices) and from those people, I learned about the reptilians on the other side. The metaphors used to describe the reptilians were many (owl, snake, wolves, vipers, the worst, devils, etc.)

    Others felt these words were a part of our own psyche and that would make it more acceptable to mainstream who were not about to acknowledge reptilians. This muddies the information.

    With all of the limitations though, reverse speaking when done with great consideration and care, is the ONLY way to bypass the consciously-conditioned mind. Everything else is still channeled through the conscious mind which is so often faulty.

    Even the gut feelings which may be true, are still interpreted through the conscious mind. So is every other thought or belief here. But RS totally bypasses this part of the brain-washed mind. It is the only way to cut out this handicap.

    So thank you for this website, it’s great and thank you for letting me have my say here.

    Keep up the good work!
    Peggy Kane

  2. Humanity Wins says:

    Thanks Peggy for dropping by and sharing your personal account of reverse speech. You are the PIONEER of reverse speech and without your dedication to uncovering the TRUTH all those years ago this website wouldn’t exist. Fact! I place yourself and David Icke as the 2 greatest warriors on this planet today and I love you! Thank you so so much!


  3. peggykane says:

    You are certainly welcome Brad, and thanks to you for your efforts in this area.

    Once people get the deeper understanding of what reverse speaking is communicating, they will be in awe of the wisdom.

  4. Mvincentia says:

    Great work, Brad!

  5. biosphere says:

    If one were to sit back with a complete open mind who has researched everything, the lower astral, This 3D plane, and the higher dimensions, one would realize that mostly everything feed to us is a lie, or disinformation. When it comes down to one and his own psyc, one is left with following their heart and intuition with the ability of listening to themselves deeply. When one knows they are on the positive path in life who seeks a positive way for themselves, the only thing left that i have found is Reverse Speaking. It has shown me the way of knowing, listening better, with the ability to weed out any disinformation by simply reversing it again. Reverse Speaking has become part of a family of mine, and i love them dearly.

  6. Humanity Wins says:

    Thanks Mvincentia.

    And Biosphere, I hear you my friend!

  7. Lou says:

    I use reverse speech on my own recordings as a tool for personal growth, thanks to David Oats.
    But lately I have been getting reversals that have not made sense to me. After much searching on the net, I believe that my recent reversals pertain to the subject matter on this site.
    In the forward I was talking about my son, who is applying for a Navey Appretaship… some of the RS applies to him, but most is bigger picture stuff (I think).
    Anyways, thought I would post it hear in case someone here may find it useful and in the hope I may gain some insight as to it’s meaning…







    HAHAHA (Like laughing)




    MY TOUNGE, IT WILL MESS (in reference to my supporting Navey choice?)







    Anyone understand this?


  8. Brian says:

    I’m a little confused regarding the language of the reverse speech. why is it in english? is it because it is spoken forward in english, or does the universal mind work in english?
    will the reverse speech work in every language?


  9. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Brian,

    From my undestanding Reverse Speech can be heard in other languages, I’m sure, for example an Spanish listener, listening to a Spanish recording will hear reverse speech in their own language. But also, I know that Peggy Kane has reversed foreign language speech before and English phrases are still heard within it. So it would be interesting to explore this in further deatil. The fact that only 10% (on average) of the reversed audio contains English phrases (from English audio) could possibly mean that there are other languages present in the reversed audio, but I only speak English, so may be someone who speaks another language may hear reverse phrases in their language that I miss. It’s certainly possible, and would be interesting find out.



  10. culley says:

    i had a dream a few months ago and it showed me about the world ending and were i was should i be worried about this? also i really hope evrything peggy is saying is true maybe if planet x goes past us then all the electric and wars will stop and we will start once again as we did from the beggining thank you for your information


  11. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Culley,

    There have been many twists and turns with the truth behind “Planet X” – if you listen to Peggy’s last radio interview (in the reverse speech category) and then review the “Truth about Planet X” post (which I think you already have) then you’re be up to date on all this.

  12. Patricia says:

    Curious if you have done reverse speech on Akiana Kramarik. She is the prodigy who claims to have met Jesus and that he began inspiring her to draw and paint since the age of four years old. I have the impression she is not getting her inspiration from Jesus, but from something satanic. If you could post an analysis of her reversed speech of her story, I would be very interested in the results. Thank you. God Bless.

  13. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Patricia,

    No I haven’t reversed Akiana Kramarik before, but I am planning to do a lot of reverse speech analysis over he next few months of many different people, so I can add her to my list, no problem.

  14. Anna says:

    I’ve been rolling my mind over reverse speech for awhile now, since I saw Peggy Kane on one of David Ickes programs. I decided to download some software to do this with. I don’t go into great detail about the dreams I decided to talk about, but the last one was of me talking about how I fell in love with an alien and he came here to lift the veil from off our eyes. This last part when I reversed it said, “See, I’ve known about this information all of my life”. Hearing that made my heart race! To know that, for myself, I have proof that I do know what’s going on and what’s going to happen. I would say that reverse speech is a very very valid accurate tool =D I plan on talking about some other dreams that I’ve had a long time ago that have stuck with me to see what I have to say =D

  15. Seeker says:

    Brad, I have tried looking on your website on how to contact you like an email, or how to post a new question…but I could not find how to do it, so I am just going to ask here hopefully you will see it…have you heard of Andrew D. Basiago? On You Tube he has interviews concerning time travel, was wondering if you could do some reverse speach on him, and see what you get.


  16. Seeker says:

    This is the site that has his 6hr interview also :

  17. Brad says:

    Hi Seeker

    Yes, funny enough Andrew Basiago is already on my list of people to reverse. His information is very compelling indeed.

  18. Dave V says:

    i just wondered, if what your emotions say comes out in reverse while you’re speaking, what happens in the case of Stephen Hawkings and say people who have lost their larnyx who have to re-learn to speak?

  19. Anitka says:

    Hi Dave V :) ,

    well ‘just’ because someone lost their larnyx or had to re-learn to speak doesn’t mean that they cannot express their emotions. But the reverse speech shows not the emotions of the talking person as such but rather it shows the Universal Mind (how Brad and Peggy call it). That means that the reverse speech always reveals the truth about the topic that is being talked about; and the person that talks about the topic doesn’t even have to know the truth (at least not consciously). So, if you would reverse Stephen Hawkings talking about some cosmological stuff, for instance, you would find out not only whether he lies or guesses about it but also the truth about the subject he is talking about.

    Hope it helps ;)


  20. Dave V says:

    thanks Anita, i wasn’t at all being cynical, it was just a passing thought and that to be able to decipher a speech machine in this way, which perhaps doesn’t seamlessly interlink words as a human would may make it more difficult?? I can understand that re-learning to speak through burping for example, may be more difficult to interperet but i guess it still works. I’m glad i came across this site as i am genuinely interested in this idea as i really do believe this is how we get our gut feelings. Yes body language plays a part, but not as significant as this!

  21. Anitka says:

    hi dave, i didnt think you were being cynical, sorry you had the impression from my answer…

    i don’t think the fact it’s a speech machine depicting the words would make it more difficult. check out the links to peggy kane interviews (i believe it’s the video, not the radio show, where she talks about it mainly but either should do..) – she talks about the electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and white noise and how she was getting words and information out of that.. so when people can get words out of white noise or background noise, speech machines should be fine as well :)

    it’s all fascinating isn’t it? it makes me think what speech and language really mean. i don’t believe that what i’ve been taught – that it’s just a form of “communication for survival of the mankind that diversified over the ages” anymore. especially with all the stories about people who fell into a coma and when they woke up they were able to speak a different accent or language they hadn’t know before. or what paulo coelho talks in his books – that when we are in a different state of consciousness we can be able to talk another language..


  22. B7 says:

    Hello, everyone.

    I am from Austria and I wonder, how I possibly search for “clouds” in german spoken reversals. Is it the same theme, only with their translated reference?
    And furthermore(if that is the case): Does one have too pay attention to the person’s accent also, to determine the real metaphors?
    I would like to share with you an audio sample, where I probably found an english sounding (at least to me) “metaphor” heard in reverse, where the original was spoken in german. And there you could hear something like “keep tied as slaves”, where the topic of the interview of the recorded lady was about happenings around 2012, and in the segment where I found this, she spoke something along the line of “unadaptive humans dying around this phase, because after all this there is more fun in the new life.”
    Well, but maybe I am just a bit over-abitious… :P

  23. Lori says:

    When I was young, there was a big fuss about a song from a girl band K-3 (making music for children) when reversed one can clearly hear “grote massamoorden, god laat je zitten” or in English “big massacres, god will let you down”.

  24. misong says:

    Hi, I am a korean(south) and I just downloaded the reverse speech application at my iphone.
    I recorded several times speaking by myself on subjects that I was curious about, but couldn’t hear anything like meaningful.
    I talked also in french and in english and I got the impression that it would be easier to get something in english maybe because the language is rounder and softer. but the korean language seems to be difficult because in reverse it sounds completely different from what it sounds normally. So that there seems to be no possibility at all that some meaningful korean words will be heard.
    I can not explain to you what korean language looks like, but in reverse in sounded like German!! completely different style!!!
    Anyway I will do some more try… and let you know eventually ^^
    I wonder if there is someone who got something on other languages..

  25. We must win says:

    Reverse speech works. I heard clearly from a song “we gonna fool em” proving that the illuminati does own the music business

  26. Peter says:

    i wonder if we can do this with them robotic voices too ofc not as they are but by reading them up loud and then record them so we can reverse them

    i wonder if the person saying the words would be neutral in this

  27. Anderas says:

    Iam new to this kind of information on my Spiritual wakening Journey, i will be open minded about it , i am now studying this reverse speech.

    I have read the book the power of your subconscious mind and it talks alot of our sub conscious of its operating and yes i am open for that all is connected.

    It struck me can one use this reverse speech to get the truth of ones own fears and doubts say relationships issues?

    it can be so ahrd to feel what is right etc because our own fears Codependency attachments etc

    i would like to hear if anyone knows


  28. Logan says:

    Hey Brad, I’ve been looking at your stuff for a while now. I had never come across reverse speech until I found your website. I have a few questions if you or anyone else could answer these I would really appreciate it!

    So reptilians are shapeshifters and demons are shapeshifters, so in conclusion reptilians must be demons. But if thats the case then Satan must be a reptilian too, and if thats the case what are angels? With that question being asked I’m starting to wonder if angels even exist. Do we have a guardian angel or is that just reptilian manipulation as well? What about the people who have had a glimpse of Hell from God and described heaven and Hell? Is that all BS too? No heaven, No Hell, No Angels, Just Humans, Reptilians, and other species of course like the Pleiadians here to help and then just one creator who created both Humans and Reptilians called “The One”. And where did this name come from? Reverse Speech? How do we know RS isn’t manipulated as well. And also, last question. If The One, our creator knows about the net and the reptilians taking over then why doesn’t he do anything about it to save us from their evil doings?

    Also, here is a video a of man near death talking about the glimpse of Hell he saw! Do you think, this may be him being manipulated by reptilians posing as God and showing him the souls being stuck here in this dimension by the reptilian “net” and them being eaten, raped etc and that is the “Hell” he is seeing? Check it out—



  29. Christian says:

    Cant really say yes or no. But in many of the samples I simply cannot hear it. THere are a lot of samples on youtube, clear samples, but still. I wouldn’t say bullshit, but 99% coincidence.

  30. Nellie21 says:

    Hello Brad, Peggy and other truth seekers,
    I just found this great site and have a couple of things to share…

    Another way to access both the subconscious and the universal consciousness is through muscle testing (applied kinesiology). I use a self-testing method that speeds up the process considerably. As you have described, Peggy, one has to be very careful with this as well and make sure you can get yourself out of the way regarding your own desires, agendas, etc., but you can get yes and no answers to almost any question as long as it’s for the past or present. The future is open to change, so it will not help you find out the winning lotto numbers, for example! I feel the more tools we have at our disposal, the better off we are. I do feel the deep place in my heart along with my connection to our beloved Mother earth and Father sun give me the clearest answers when all is said and done.

    I learned how to muscle test from Dr. Bradley Nelson. You can Google– Dr. Bradley Nelson muscle testing You Tube– to find many different styles and to learn the basics. “Dr. Brad” is religious, though rather open-minded, but still very much a part of the labyrinth or FALSE matrix. (The original meaning of ‘matrix’ is ‘womb…’ but it’s been co-opted; yet another way to put down the feminine by using this word to mean the synthetic system, and George is guilty of this, though not on purpose, I believe.) Dr. Brad has developed a couple of great systems for healing called the Emotion Code and the Body Code.

    The other thing I’d like to share is an experience I had awhile ago where I met a group of people up north in Idaho who were all into the GFL. I stayed with them for more than a week and at that time did not know about the whole deception, so was kind of exploring. What I found was their moral compass was kind of askew and the GFL was obviously (in retrospect!) manipulating them through their egos. Just as George has talked about, one of them was being groomed by the GFL to believe she was Isis! She was a nice person to talk to for the most part, not putting on airs, but she had been married many years and was busy going after someone else she liked who was in a band because she believed her role was to be unfettered and free, and that her husband would just have to understand. I could see the hurt she was causing, but she was determined to let him work it out by himself. Her teenaged daughter was on hand to sort of comfort him sometimes. Everyone else in the group seemed to think she was Isis too and that what she was doing was fine.

    Another female was younger and had two young kids. She believed she should be able to physically love whomever she chose, that that’s the way it ought to be. Again, I could see the deep hurt in her very supportive husband’s eyes, and she was oblivious. I’m a sensitive person and can feel energy. On the level of her sexuality I could feel something very damaging she was doing to herself. She was artistic and could see past lives of people going way back to previous lives on other planets. She would draw pictures of them. Again, like the other, she was a very warm and loving person to spend time with.

    These people were all very psychic in different ways and were into channeling, into rocks and crystals, into feeling the stories the rocks had to tell, including if the rocks were from different planets. They were into going to the ley lines and the power spots, especially mountains where they could connect, not so much with the earth, but with the star ships! They even told me to expect headaches up there, and that that was good!!!

    It is all so clear to me now how they hadn’t done the serious inner work of rooting out and facing the shadow sides of themselves. I feel as I look back, that the women especially were being targeted in a different way than in the past. Before, women were just put down, oppressed, minimized, but now, they are told that they are great. They are free to do what they like, and that they have great responsibilities in the future when all the start ships will come down to save us from the terrible things that the earth will go through. They are completely under the GFL’s influence, losing touch with our Mother!

    One person that I meditated with at her house told me that the GFL comes into her bedroom at night and the whole room gets transformed into a huge hall with tall columns all around. Since I took that trip, I had been having difficulty connecting with the earth. With the help of Dr. Brad’s Body Code, I discovered this same person had put an energetic subliminal message in my subconscious when I was meditating there. The message was “The earth is not your mother.” I released that message and now can feel my mother again.

    If there’s anyone out there who thinks you are a “star seed” or an indigo or crystal child, or whatever, and you are getting negative thought patterns where you hear voices telling you to go kill yourself or something self-destructive, it’s possible it is the GFL or something like it. Best bet is to go to a beautiful place in nature if possible and connect to your mother earth. Ask for her help. This happened to a young man I know. Unfortunately, he later got sucked into the GFL and thinks they saved him, when it was really his mother who he connected with on Mt Baldy.

  31. Tim says:

    Hi Brad, You’ve got some great material and are on a wonderful journey. An observation of mine, is according to pleidian material, dark energies (sufferring, pain, fear etc.) feed the reptilians giving them power and control. I’ve come to believe that focussing on the problem does this. Focussing on the strength of our being in the light, rather than the conspiracy against us, releases the light.

    As I read a lot of your material, I feel the shadow rising in me and my vibration lowering. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

  32. Joshua Schmude says:

    I am a certified Reverse Speech Analyst and was trained by David Oates. I graduated with my certificate in 2008-2009 and I must say it has changed my life in positive ways. Having used this technology consistently for about 8 years. I have become very interested in reversals uncanny ability to predict the outcome of future events, so interested I wrote a book about how to use it to win horse races or any other venue people may desire. The book is titled Reverse Speech in Theory & Practice: How To Use Your Unconscious Mind To Predict The Outcome Of Future Events. It is available on the Reverse Speech website, Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Noble and everywhere else ebooks are sold so I hope those interested check it out as I am sure it will teach you things you thought weren’t possible. I don’t simply rehash Davids theory’s I actually present a new hypothesis. Peggy Kane is right the trickiest part is understanding the metaphors but there are ways around that which I get into in detail. If the hypothesis is followed it will work for anyone as I have used it MANY times and I have no doubt WE ALL have the ability to use our own reversals to predict the future. God Bless and Happy Gambling :)

  33. Joshua Schmude says:

    One more thing I want to mention, I dont think reversals are just coincidence or projecting into the clouds because I have gotten expansive information from clients I have worked with that they didn’t mention forwards. For example, I was working with a couple who were both Heroin Addicts. During the conversation forwards they talked about their family life and their struggle with drug addiction. Nothing was mentioned about any diseases yet when I did their transcript and reversal analysis the woman ran a reversal that said “he has shit dirty needle” When I confronted the couple with this they broke down and she started crying saying that she thinks they both had Hep C due to sharing dirty needles. It actually tripped them out as they said nothing about it forwards and they were kind of embarrassed but it helps break down barriers and forces clients to be upfront and honest with themselves.


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