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The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

(Apologies for the lack of new posts within the past 2-3 weeks, but this is the reason why)

The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

“There a millions of you on Earth right now who have come to bust the system”

“It takes renegades, like the Family of Light, to come into systems that have been primarily dark for eons, and change it”


(To watch in full screen mode simply click the small square in the bottom right hand corner)


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184 Responses to “The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light”

  1. tim says:

    like it!

  2. Strbrst001 says:

    Hi Josh,

    That video really resonated with me. I was finding it very strange that fear has left me for some reason but now I understand why. I don’t fear anything anymore. So my questions to you are, should I post this on my Facebook? I am not afraid to get any message out, I feel I was sent here to do this but I don’t want to be too abrasive.

    I am am a member on Peggy’s forum and I just want clarification the reps are gone right? In the video, they speak as if they are still here. Can you please help me understand?

    I love your website by the way! You are doing an awesome job and keep up the great work!!!

  3. Strbrst001 says:

    Sorry Brad not Josh… Ooops!! Don’t know what I was thinking when I wrote your name wrong! Lol

  4. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Strbrst,

    Of course share it on facebook my friend! I’m going to be making it a lot easier for people to share the info on this site on fb, twitter etc, my focus over the past few months has been to build the site up with content, but now I feel it is time to start focussing on promotion more and this will be my focus over the next week or 2. There will of course still be new content added as well, this will be continuous.

    Ok, your question about the reps being gone? That is certainly the case! The whole point of the video above is to give people a full overview. The vast majority of the people that watch it won’t be aware of the info shared by peggy and the discoveries made through reverse speech, so I didn’t want to overload people with too much info in one hit. There’s already a lot in there, as it is!

    The Pleiadian message used for the video was actually communicated back in 1992! So there have obviously been many new unfoldings since then! The entire communication was over 2 hours long, I took the most relevant parts and condensed it down into 20 mins in order to provide an overview. I will post the entire 2+ on the site soon.

    If you want extra clarification that the reps have gone [outside of peggy's info], then I recommend you check out the post “planet X”, in the “Space War” category. This confirms what peggy has been saying about planet X being part of a sting operation, a deception, to get the reps to evacuate Earth. If you’re on board with the validity of reverse speech, then this post will be quite an eye opener!

    Thanks for your support my friend


  5. Humanity Wins says:

    Also great to hear that fear is starting to leave you! That is going to be the theme for many, many people throughout this year, and beyond! It is the same for me.

    We will continue to feel more and more love as things move forward! This is my interpretation of “the light entering”, as peggy says. This light is the power of love entering us! And then everything changes from there! The worst is well and truly behind us, exciting times are here and will just continue to build. We won’t recognise ourselves in 12 months, I’m sure of that!

  6. Strbrst001 says:

    Thank you Brad!! I appreciate you responding to me! I have read everything in your website which led me to the forum and I am opening up my friend’s eyes to reverse speech. It is taking a little to sink in but it will be worth it do they won’t fear anymore as well, no matter the caos they read about. :)

  7. Strbrst001 says:

    I sent that message by iPhone and it likes to insert its own words. That word was so not do. Sorry again. Lol

  8. Humanity Wins says:

    Reverse speech is a difficult thing for a lot of people to “get” right away, the “logical” mind just can’t see how it is possible! I get that, that’s why I’ve written the post “is reverse speech a valid tool, or is it bullshit”, in the reverse speech category, to address the questions and doubts about it. Some of my friends, still don’t totally get it!

    But it takes some time to look at the evidence, before the mind finally clicks in and gets it which is what you have done. Unfortunately there are a lot of people that will just dismiss something if it doesn’t make sense right away.

    I will continue to reverse and add more and more to the site, I already have the next 2 posts ready to go. One is alex collier’s interview from 1994 where is speaking about the reptilians, pleiadians etc and the other is about stargates.

  9. Chatarina Bergman says:

    It is important to clarify that this channel belongs to Barbara Marciniak and is taken directly from the book Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library!


  10. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Chatarina,

    Yes you’re right, this message from the Pleiadians was channeled by Barabara Marciniak. I will be putting up a follow up post for this video with all the info. It was actually from “Bringers of the Dawn” though, not “Earth: Pleiadian Keys to a Living Library”.



  11. Eyelean says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Bravo.

  12. Cory says:

    :D Wow i recently woke up and everything clicked and made sense and all fear was gone and i can clearly see the matrix we’ve been tricked into believing. Its been building in me for a long time and i can now see how it all led to the awakening. I am very frenquently being brought to tears of pure joy and love and am now on my path of spreading and intensifying the light. I was always told my mom was “crazy” but i never believed people because i was never totally out of touch with the universe like many have become. It was really funny when i was able to tell her “well mom ive finally gone crazy with you!” And as we walked our dogs and i tried to talk about it but i was just being overloaded with the possibilities and implications of it all and could hardly finish a thought or sentence before the next revelation hit me. I laughed pretty hard because this is what my mom gets like when shes excited. I used to get impatient and say “Get to the point what are you trying to say!!” but now i am the same way lol its wonderful. I came to the realization that i was a light warrior and realized what i was here to do but now that im seeing videos and things the more common term is light worker. Anyways thanks for letting me rant on, its been building up in me and i can hardly speak the words light worker or warrior without getting choked up and on the verge of tears lol so typing it out helps. Peace, Love and Light to all my fellow spirits, lets continue to increase the consciousness on this planet and enjoy the prosperity that will follow.

  13. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Cory,

    AWESOME, just AWESOME!!!

    What more can I say! You’re on your way! You’ve woken up, and will continue to wake even more, and that is a HUGE accomplishment! There are not many who are at your level of awareness on this planet right now! So high fives to you! You will lead others into this awareness and the momentum will just contiune to build!

    Just carry on kicking ass, you mighty fine warrior!


  14. Sue says:

    I have never seen anything that felt so empowering. It takes all the threads that are woven through everything else and brings them together. Inelia Benz (youtube) also has some very empowering things – but not quite like this. Thank you! I have posted it on Facebook and gotten LOTS of responses!

  15. FlaMe says:

    ‘m a keeper of sheep.
    The sheep are my thoughts
    And my thoughts are all sensations.
    I think with my eyes and ears
    And with my hands and feet
    And with my nose and mouth.

    To think is to see it and smell it
    And to eat a fruit is to taste it’s meaning.

    That’s why on a hot day
    When I ache from enjoying it so much,
    And stretch out on the grass,
    Closing my warm eyes,
    I feel my whole body lying full length in reality,
    I know the truth and I’m happy. (Fernando Pessoa)

    Alberto Caeiro

  16. Sandra says:

    Dear friends,
    I like message very much. It resonates with me nicely. All of us who woke up eagerly waiting change and life full of freedom in next days.
    Please would you be so kind to upload exactly the same video WITH English title for us who are not native English speakers.

  17. elif says:

    Dear Brad,
    Thank you so very much for this video. I am familiar with extra-terrestials and other messages from universe and also with wisemen/thinkers/researchers from our planet that have desperately trying to get the message through for decades. If you trace it back to the beginning of civilizations on this earth, the same message (of light and love) has been repeated over and over, in different forms, but humans have failed to get it. But especially since the beginning of 2012 I see a shift around me. As I said I have been (and still are) researching a lot of ET contact, reading manuscripts, watching videos but never has a message just resonated so much. I got this video through a friend last night and have been watching it over and over again ever since I got it. It is like a message from my own heart. Interestingly enough this video found its way to me after I suddenly, in an unexpected moment yesterday, experienced a pure moment of bliss and love. May light always be with you :)

  18. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Elif,

    That’s fantastic to hear my friend! Yes, you’re right, the message of truth and light (same thing really) has been trying to breakthrough for a long time, but it is NOW where the balance is finally going to tip. This has been a grand plan and it has taken milliena to impliment and many lifetimes of “training” for those of us that are here on this planet right now to see this plan through to it’s final conclusion. Everything that has come before has layed a steady foundation for this time now, where we will finally knock this one out of the park! I mean just take the Pleiadian communication that I used for the video, that was actually communicated through Barbara Marciniak in 1992! This message has been around for 20 years! But it was now time to “re-package” that message for this time period now, 2012 and beyond, so that it could reach the wider audience. The original Pleiadian communication channelled through Barbara Marciniak was nearkly 3 hours long, so I had to condense it down into an “overal summary” and package it into a 20 minute video so that it could be easily accessed by the “masses”.

    And the beauty of this time period is the technology that is available, just look how fast information can spread now with the internet! This speed of information is an essential part of getting the job done now and is the reason, i believe, why this time period was choosen as the time to unleash the final assult of light. It just wouldn’t of been possible, even 15 years ago. Like you say, your friend forwarded the video to you and how easy was that to do? I can understand why you’ve watched it over and over, everytime you watch it you will get something new from it and it will just soak into you. It took me about 3 weeks, working litterally non-stop, 12-16 hours a day, and I probably watched it 100 times back and forth, during that time and It shifted something in me very powerfully!

    The dark is running for the hills! It’s time is over!


  19. Christine says:

    E X C E L L E N T !

  20. Anita Mulchandani says:

    Thank you Brad…this really resonated with me…answered so many of my questions and jargons which I had heard people use on the spiritual forums…Reptilian, 528 MgHz frequency, etc…I now completely understand everything though I have yet to remember who I am and what I am here for…

    Much love to you and yours,

  21. Msme says:

    OK! come on team we have a lot of work to do! Let’s get busy!!!

  22. Nebrajeska says:

    Hello everyone,

    i found this message recently and it resonates with me very much, but what I really wanted to ask is about fragments of movies u used to create this amazing video:) for example the part in which light is shining through dark clouds and fighting spaceships?:)) I would be very gratefull for an answer and i send to all of you love and light, we are living in beautifull, incredible times!

    Keep up with your wonderfull work:)

  23. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Nebrajeska,

    Great to hear the video has impacted you in a positive way! As for the segments of video used, most of the space battle footage is from Battlestar Galactica. There is a lot of truth in that series, hence why i used it. If you swap the Cylons for the Reptilians than you have a pretty accurate account of what has been going on within our galaxy. Other than the part about humans creating the Cylons of course. But the theme of a human alliance fighting a dark force that wishes to take over it’s very accurate.

    Not sure which part you’re talking baout with reference to “light shining through dark clouds” though. Let me know which part of the video that is and i’ll be able to tell you.

    Thanks for your support my friend


  24. Humanity Wins says:

    Good shout Msme!!

  25. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Anita,

    That was really the motivation behind the video, to condense the “big picture” into 20 minutes! I’ve had plenty of people tell me they “kind of knew this” from many different sources already, but having it delivered in one hit is powerful! We’re all in the process of remembering who we are and what we’re here to do, I doubt it will be long before you really start to feel and KNOW it!


  26. Nebrajeska says:

    Dear Brad,

    Thank u so much for reply:)
    The other part i was asking about start around 21:03 and ends 21:13

    Let the force be with you:)

  27. Psychicmistress7 says:

    Thank you for this wonderful video! I have been working with my family for years now on our spiritual journey of love and light. We were on our individual paths our whole lives but now after the right people all fell into place and entered our lives we have become a team of lightworkers. We have all been waiting for and deep down searching for each other. The work we have accomplished in the last years and are still working on has been amazing. We truely live in wonderful times! Stumbling across this video really helped because even though we all knew it was great to see this video that verified things we had no proof of. Our hearts all sung in great resonance with this video. We all knew we were here to help, but understanding that we are from the family of light and are here on assignment really propelled our understanding of truth to another level. Thank you again from a group of the family of light. From our hearts to yours! love blessings and light to all life everywhere

  28. humanitarian says:

    Dear Brad,
    Thank you for putting up this website as the more websites like this that are out there, the more people will stumble upon this information and start to wake up. I already started to wake up back when I was told of a website to get back all the sovereign freedoms that have been stolen from us (USA and all other countries around the world too) back in 2008. But I completely woke up last year when I read the little book called, “A Helping Hand” and then read the books called, “The Law of ONE”. That was when all my “fear” vanished and I realized there is nothing to fear at all. I enjoyed watching this video and will be watching all of your other videos soon. I believe I am a light worker who has come to help with 2 different areas of people’s life. I do not know which group I came from, but I feel it’s the younger generation who is the final light workers here to help.
    I send you all love and light.
    justice for all

  29. elif says:

    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your reply, I read it the day you posted it. Like you say we wouldn’t been able to talk to nor find each other wouldn’t technology advanced to it’s state today. Information age it truly is… Something made me come back today and read your reply again… After reading it I scrolled to the beginning of the page and although I have been on your site earlier (many times watching the Pleiadian Message) I hadn’t seen the tab about your own story, when I wrote you the comment I just figured out your name from earlier comments… Your story captured my attention today. You have had a tough one! But I agree with you that, hadn’t we gone through those moments in life we wouldn’t be the ones we are now… I have travelled the world a bit, but all those times I’ve been to UK have been special, holds a special place in my heart. You live on a very interesting island, take good care of yourself, I hope you find your own balance soon, or maybe you have already found it?… It is such a joy :) We have sufi tradition in my country, although I was born and brought up in another one, I kind of have it in my blood and you may be familiar with Rumi. Rumi says you can only speak to those ears that hears you (and he said this in the 1300′s). And in the sufi tradition it is believed that whatever happens, happens when the time is right. So I am not surprised when you say that Barbara Marciniak’s message is from 1992…

    You’ve done a great work. Thank you again.

    Know that you have a friend in Istanbul. Let there be light!


  30. John says:

    Hi Brad,
    I love the Pleiadian video. Also enjoyed your bio. The search for the truth has lead me to many of the same conclusions. The cure for your health is found in meditation. TM is good but this is my favorite:
    Love and Light,

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  32. Eli says:

    I felt a rush more like goosebumps right when she said family of the light wake up.

  33. One More says:

    Hi, can anyone tell from what movie are the images displayed between minutes 12:20 -12:48 (the girl disclosing a reptilian in front of a group)? Thanks!

  34. justme says:

    I agree that all religion is manmade for the purpose of control. However, on the subject of channeling, how can one be sure they are not being deceived by an evil force? Evil never presents itself as evil but parades as goodness. I think that is a dangerous activity and no different than a ouija board. I also noticed that the theme of only a few will ‘get it’ and understand just as all religions teach. That is used to make those who say they ‘get it’ feel superior to those who require a bit more proof. All religions demand that you do not dare question but follow blindly so what is the difference here? These channelers may be communicating with the most evil of beings and cannot begin to show proof otherwise. I am not trying to be ugly but after finally getting free of fundamental insane christianity I tend to be very careful of all things. Just as Thomas Paine wrote about personal religous revelations, someone else’s revelation is nothing to me and I have no way of knowing if it was true or not. I, for one, will not be taking the word of another human on any revelation or channeled info even though they most likely believe what they are claiming.

    It is always good to see others who have freed themselves from the mind prison of religion and it’s cruel bloodthirsty gods.

  35. Humanity Wins says:


    A fair point about channelled information. So much “channelled” information has been open to Reptilian manipluation so I don’t trust a lot of the channelled material out there. But that is not to say that ALL channelled information is a manipluation. The Pleiadian information channelled through Barbara Marciniack (video above) has been backed up by many other credible sources e.g David Icke, Peggy Kane etc over the past 5-6 years. So this is why I felt 1000% confident in getting this material out to a wider audience. At least 90% of the information shared in the video is backed up by other sources.


  36. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi One More,

    It’s from the TV series “V”.


  37. eli says:

    hi i really want to know why did i feel that rush goosebumps type feel at the end of the video.

  38. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Eli,

    I would say that feeling of “goosebumps” is your body’s way of telling you that the message is hitting somewhere deep in your heart and soul!


  39. Beth says:

    I have known about spreading light for about 20 yrs, and been told I had an old soul by a few psycics, lately Ive had a yearning to learn more, Ive already been practicing spreading light for years, now I think I know where Im supposed to take this knowledge.

  40. Nat says:

    Did anyone notice at about twenty minutes in it said ,,,,,, so this planet can house a new species?

  41. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Nat,

    Yes, well when humanity has all 12 strands of DNA active again we will be a new species. That’s what this statement is refering to.


  42. mark says:

    hi brab,love the website and so love the videos ive really awoken up now sum thing amazing happened wen i was watchin the video sumthink i cant really explain but i had a rush of well being and felt extremly funny and bust into tears.i now no why im here!! and im gona spread the word the only thing is people just think im a nut case lol like my parents and gf i wish i could convince them to wots really happening!! do u no of any groups in the uk where i can join with people likeourselfs that have awoken? thanks mate love and peace mark.

  43. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Mark,

    Great to hear the website has helped you! And that sounds like a pretty good reaction to the video to me! Feelings of well being, tears and laughter is a good combination in my book! Ha ha! Don’t worry about your girlfriend, family and friends thinking you’ve lost the plot, stay strong, keep shining bright and they’re get where you’re coming from soon enough! Just accept where everyone is at.

    I don’t know of any groups as such, but I’m sure they are out there! I’ve got plans to do something like that soon myself though.


  44. Alex says:

    PLEASE make a version available without the BLARING distracting woo-woo music. I think it also undermines the credibility of the message making it so new-agey.

    I was one of the first to read the Marciniak stuff, and think the resurrection of it deserves far more of a mass-appeal feeling of credibility than such a woo-woo presentation.

    At least make a choice available.
    Thank you.

  45. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Alex,

    If you don’t like the soundtrack then you can listen to the original recording by Barbara Marciniak on Youtube – Just search “Barbara Marciniack – Bringers of the Dawn”. But from the feedback so far, the video has been more than effective at “appealing to a wide audience”.



  46. Confused one says:

    I have begun to research things about the illuminati, which led me to reptilians, which led me to this site. I have become semi obsessive over finding out more things about all of this… Although I get very nervous while watching certain videos…. or after I get off of the computer…as if someone is watching me. I have always felt like something or someone is watching me at different points of my life…from childhood years up until now. Sometimes I do feel like I have an unknown yet very important purpose of some sort but I just don’t know if I could claim to be a pleiadian because it seems as though everyone else on here has lost their fear while watching the video… or have become more at peace with themselves or enlightened… I just don’t know… I’m feeling more lost than anything else.

  47. Jerry says:

    Hi Brad,
    I am a lightworker and in the process os accension. I am happy for you and the work you do. I think I have now moved to a point where my focus is not so much on how we’ve all been deceived, but what we do with it and where we go from here. Jesus didn’t have it wrong, but people still do. I focus on the love growing daily inside my heart. I send it out as much as possible so others will awaken, and I work on changing the world by changing the only person I control, and that is myself. As I change, so does the world. I send you love my friend, and hope that the peace that come with that opens understanding for all of us….. Namaste

  48. yirrpa says:

    I would like to know if possible details of the gorgeous soundtrack at the beginning of The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light if anyone can help me out please.



  49. I would like to know the source of the image at 15.23 of the video. Looks like a painting I did in the 70s I call the light. Its remarkable the simularities. You can see it here.!/LawrenceS.Currie

  50. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Yirrpa,

    The track is from the 2004 film, King Arthur. It is called “All of Them” and was composed by Hans Zimmer. Although I have heavily edited the original track for the video, so it doesn’t sound quite the same.


  51. Donald says:

    I knew that i didnt belong here, i knew i possibly couldnt ever fit in with these manipulated people, ive known this my whole life, but i never knew the truth until now…and now that i know the truth it makes so much sense and clearly connects with me perfectly..all my life ive had questions ,doubts,theories, and my own personal beliefs but none of them ever made sense…now that i know the truth i feel so much of a relief that ive noticed that my best friend clearly thinks the same way and thats the reason we both connect so much and get along so well, because WE ARE BOTH PLEIADIANS…him and i have had the most interesting and spectacular conversations and theories that we have both come up with but they never made sense and we knew deep inside that something was controlling the human race…I KNEW at the bottom of my heart that this was all an inside job that all these questions had a clear answer and this is it…after my reaserch and viewing all these videos i clearly belive that I AM A PLEIADIAN.

  52. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Donald,

    Great to hear that things are becoming clearer for you!


  53. Lt. Z says:

    May I have a complete transcript of the message in this video? Also, how did this message come to be? Was it channeled? Any other info you think might be helpful is welcome. Thank you brothers and sisters, Zach.

  54. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Lt. Z,

    Yes the entire transcipt is available in book form called “Bringers of the Dawn” by Barbara Marciniack, it should be available on for s few bucks. Also you can listen to the original recording in audio format, it should still be avialable on Youtube, just search the same title. And yes it was channelled by Barbara Marciniack. In fact she ended up writing 4 books. But the first one, “Bringers of the Dawn” is the most “pure” in my opinion. Channelling has been open to some major manipulation by the Reptilians, so I don’t trust much chanelled information out there. Bujt there is something very special about the original communication by the Pleiadians through Barbara which, like I’ve said before in the comments here, has proven to be very accurate indeed as the theme (and a lot of the finer details) has since been backed up by many “solid” sources.

    As for channelled information, Peggy Kane has conducted reverse speech analysis of a lot of the stuff out there and most of it is a Reptilian manipulation (but obvioulsy not all). And I have been planning for quite some time to add a section to the website regarding reverse speech analysis of channelled material, so people can see for themselves.


  55. Jesus says:

    Is great to be awakend!!!…Took me years of reasearch and study…….We are humans and we need to take our power back from the reptilians, we need to awaken and activate our Pleiadian unfuctional DNA…. Humanity wins and Illumminaty Lose!!!!!!!

  56. Hello Humanity Wins, I am interested in the source of the images at 15.23 and onward, for a few seconds in your video not the music. The image you portray is a globe of people linked around a globe. My work I call the light is the same. Mine dated 1979. I would like the source of your images in the video?.credits?

  57. Michael-Jaun Wolfe says:

    I feel I must apologize for my intrusion, but I am new to this info and still very much a skeptic. But first, let me share my background. I used to be Christian, but felt very manipulated by their hypocrisy, and have studied all that is under the Christianity umbrella, and finally decided to leave the religion. I am currently studying Paganism in Wicca. I have always never felt like I belonged,always looking for my home, and have been trying everything to figure out why. I was introduced to this video from my sister and found this website. My question is this, do all of you guys really believe in this stuff? Is this like a new-age religion? The reason I ask is that this sounds very much like the Waco cult incident. I’ve been studying this website several days now and do find it most intriguing, and if nothing else, entertaining, and naturally approaching it with caution, given the web as is what it is. I’m having trouble convincing myself that any of this is true, and the evidence is not forged. Is there anything else that could prove to me that this is real? I have no intentions of arguing or debating the validity of this site, I only want the truth.

  58. I guess I am not going to get a responce about the source of image at 15.23 in the video. As an artist creator of images I have to protect my artwork, could you get one of your channelers to perhaps contact the Plieadians since obviously they are the source of the images in this video. Now not only do I have to protect my artwork from corporations and ad agencies but aliens too.! A credit would be a nice start. Lawrence Currie

  59. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Michael,

    It’s not up to me, or anyone else for that matter, to “convince you” of the validity of this information.

    All I can say to you is; if you are brand new to this subect then it may take a little time for you to look at the evidence (which it sounds like you’ve started to do), before forming a solid opinion. If after taking the time and effort to really look at it (not just on this site necessarily) and it resonates with you, then take things from there.

    You might want to read my story (links at the top of the site) in order for you to understand a bit more about who I am personally and the journey I have taken. It might help put things into perspective a bit more for you. If you still feel I’m full of shit, and the info on this site is bull then that’s cool with me, I hope you find what you’re looking for my friend.


  60. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Lawrence,

    Sorry my freind, I did check out the segment of video you menthioned, but I completely forgot to get back to you! Sorry about that!

    Well, I’m afraid I can’t remember exactly where that segement came from to be honest with you? But I did look at the image you linked to in your last post and didn’t see the similarities? If you created this particular aninmation then let me know and I’ll add you into the credits.



  61. jamesdavid says:

    My awakening started when I was a child, raised by a strict, dogmatic Christian sect. I was beaten every day on advice given to the people I called my parents. I NEVER bought it. I saw the inconsistencies and outright LIES perpetrated by this sect and once I got old enough to venture out and look at other sects, it was the same BS…but I kept thinking “what about this Jesus guy?”, I mean its a life or death decision foisted upon the minds of children and the BRAINWASHING is very powerful. I am proud to say, I did it! I don’t really know how, but I spent many years wrestling with the Jesus concept and salvation through his blood(yuck!). I realized that Christians pretend to be cannibals but their God doesn’t seem to approve of cannibalism.
    I say all this for the benefit of any others out there who are struggling with these same issues, and I know there are many.
    Another thing that needs to be said is that people who are still in the matrix are NOT bad people just because they are believing LIES. They are manipulated under an extremely powerful BRAINWASHING. It is WRONG to condemn people for doing what they truly believe is the most right thing they can do with their lives. I believe people ALWAYS do the best they can with what they have. If you are privileged to have a high level piece of information, there comes with it the responsibility to lovingly guide others who are still in the dark and that is why I am grateful for this site. Humanity wins, your comments are spot on! I read some postings that reveal the ignorance laced with animosity that THE brainwashing produces and you handled all the ones you addressed with loving tolerance.
    Sorry to ramble on but this is subject matter that hits me as close to “home” as any can get. I am not Pleiadian. I pre-date the Pleiadians I am, however, a member of the family of light here at this time to do whatever I can to help with this. All I have found so far is to hold the frequency of transformation and build ORGONE generators. Please research THAT and tell everyone you know to make one. I will provide instructions upon request. I have heard they are effective in repelling Reptilians.
    One more thing, is there any avenue for me to get involved here? Thank you very much for your time and all you are doing. Feel free to use any of this message in any way you want. Much love,

  62. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi James,

    Well first of congratulations for seeing through and coming throught the lies of Religion, it is the highest form of brainwashing by far and I can only imagine how difficult it is for people who are raised as children in such mind controlled conditions, my experience within Christanity was very different because I was in my late 20′s when I experineced this powerful mind control first hand and already had an undersatnding of the mainulation on this planet, and that was hard enough to navigate through. So for you to see through the lies and manipulation at such a youung age when everyone around you is telling you this is the truth is a MAJOR testiment of your POWER!

    I agree with everything you have said here. I believe everyone is doing the best they can with the current awareness they have. You can’t look down at people or dismiss their views as wrong or stupid. And I actually have some Organite in my home and carry some with me, as often as I can. I’m not familar with Orgone generators though, so thanks for sharing that.


  63. Hi,

    I loved the video, and the message stated in it has many facts that have been confirmed for me through the universal law of attraction. I personally can’t say where I am from as that has not become revealed to me, but I know that I am being guided to become awakened or enlightened on my own spiritual journey. Thank you for sharing this video with the world!

    I have one big request of you. Can you please tell me where to get the music in this video?

  64. Vanessa says:

    Greetings to all Lightworkers, Star seeds, Indigo children and other family members! :) I came to know who i am when i studied Christ’s/Jeshua’s channelings couple weeks ago. I used to deal with so much resistance, fear, self-hatred, self-doubt, guilt and all other low vibrations of matrix that i am truly proud i was able to move from that frequency and jumpstart my evolution. I feel like a totally different person, renewed one, full of optimism and love. The solution that will bring us to our Victory is that we activate our DNA to its highest energy holding potential. That is activate all 12 strands of DNA and then activating additional 3 strands. That is 15 active DNA strands that enable us to access 15 dimensions. This is the legacy of Jesus and his apostles. By activating this much DNA we will be like torches and we burn up all the unnecessary matrix vibrations in us or around us. It was said that 144 000 beings are here to do this which will reset DNA in all humans and in the Earth’s grids. This will also enable us to move to the fifth dimension/fifth world. This is what we came here to do. To heal ourselves, come to know who we are, recognize our own strength and power, activate our DNA in Divine Right Order and just BE because we light up the darkness only by being. That is all it takes. So, my dear family :) follow your intuition and let’s get to work! Victory is ours! :)

  65. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi John,

    Great to hear my friend! We’re all on an incredible journey and sharing what we discover with each other. But the journey ain’t over yet! It’s just picking up pace, plenty more to come, no doubt about that.

    The music is from the Hans Zimmer score for the 2004 film King Arthur, the track is called “All of Us”

  66. yirrpa says:

    Thanks Brad for the info. on the soundtrack … celtic …. my goodness music seems to be so important of late …. there seems to be a silver thread spinning out connecting consciousness, nothing quite like the universal language of music to connect people world wide.
    Amidst the descent into ecological and economic chaos, some remarkable crystal star children now rising in the consciousness of humanity re-energising those who have become distracted. Think Leona Lewis and recently Rachael Learcar on the voice in Australia.
    Then the rainbow children, think jackie Evancho et all …. children who work extremely hard at developing the remarkable gifts they have. They are not sitting back being entertained. They apply themselves to their inner guidance with authority and grace. The example they give shows the way forward …. and we need to enlighten and get our act together as well.

  67. hugh says:


  68. hugh says:

    “You can’t look down at people or dismiss their views as wrong or stupid”
    you SURE AS SHIT CAN AND SHOULD if they are perpetuating garbage (such as is 1/2 of what you say) and doing that with full knowledge of the harm they cause. The blind leading the blind is just a recipe for destruction…1+1=2 truth is simple sometimes, children understand it well before fiends come and try and corrupt their minds with insanity. I say again, you and your new age freaks are just as bad as anything going from your opponents, the Christians, etc. you believe in wiccanism or some supposedly watered down version of witchcraft, yet it is the same devils you are giving your power to, same insanity. So I say again, if someone is a devil serving harmer, and they want to try and perpetuate that filth, you need to come against that with whatever spiritual weapons (the WORD IS TRUTH) you have available…A LIE IS A LIE< and if you don't address that fact, and simply continue on with your garbage e.g. your truth is valid, then you are participating in harming your neighbor with your uncaring attitude towards life and love. Here is some that is honest and true about reverse speech unlike much of the insane newagey devil worshipping channelled filth that you parrot like some un-discerning Jesus Christ hating nazi/commie worldling…Believe me if you think some of this is hard for you to understand, you need to look at how little you know and how much you think you know…a little humility can go a long way with you proud types, WHAT DO YOU HAVE THAT YOU HAVE NOT BEEN GIVEN? EVEN YOUR ABILITY TO WORK IS A GIFT FROM ON HIGH< WHAT RIGHT DO YOU HAVE TO BE PROUD OF IT, WHERE IS THE THANKFULNESS? BLESS YOU AND ALL AROUND YOU TO REALIZE TRUTH IN LOVE!

  69. Humanity Wins says:


    Like I’ve said before everyone is welcome to share their views, but I am finding your attitude rather grating.

    You’ve quoted what I said here “You can’t look down at people or dismiss their views as stupid” and attacked it. That’s fine, but this reveals much about your level of consciouness, if you hold the view that you are 100% correct and if people don’t agree with you then they are “freaky newagers”! The “New Age” is a Religion just like all the others and I think nearly everyone here would agree with that. I’ve made my feelings very clear about that on this site.

    I’m interested in EVIDENCE, always have been and always will be.

    There are so many questions I could pose to you, but I’ll start with just one for now and we’re take things from there.

    This is a question I just posed to another Christian on this site…

    If Christanity is the ULTIMATE TRUTH and Jesus is the ONLY way to defeat the forces of darkness, then why do the Illuminati bloodlines promote Christianity to the world??

    George Bush Jr & Sr, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, the British Royal family etc etc etc all promote themselves as a “good, honest Christians” (when they are anything but) so why would they promote the ideology of Jesus to the world if Jesus is the only way they can be defeated?

    After you’ve answered this one, I’ve got a few more for you…



  70. Saw says:

    Hello. Does anyone know what are the movies titles from which scenes are taken?

  71. hugh says:

    God damn you peeps are pure stupid sometimes, you mean with ALL the knowledge of recorded history available at your fingertip (the Inet) and also thousands of videos on the topics about the questions you asked me, you still manage to remain completely ignorant to the core>? Why even bother asking me about those things if your hunger for truth and knowledge is so awesome as you claim it to be…ok, you really need to love your neighbor AS THIS IS ONE OF THE TWO COMMANDMENTS THAT JESUS SAID ALL THE LAW AND THE PROPHETS (OT) HANG ON, do you realize how many people all those people have murdered? Do you even care? TIP: WHEN JESUS TOLD YOU TO LOVE YOUR ENEMIES< when someone goes around killing their friends, it's an indication they are NOT following the WORDS OF JESUS. Like I should even have to tell you these spiritual basics…

  72. hugh says:

    and just for your information, I am not here to be your slave…I like to serve and to be of use to humanity through Jesus Christ my Lord…yet I do not have to answer your questions, and neither do you have to answer mine. You honestly think those people promote Jesus? You really are not too good at observations, no wonder much of your reversals probably mean the exact opposite of what you proclaim they mean. Here is another tip for you, when EVIL PEOPLE HIDE UNDER A CLOAK OF RIGHTEOUSNESS and others PROCLAIM THAT CLOAK AS GENUINE (e.g. they promote Christianity for real) then they just such up that garbage meal like the goatkind they happen to be…YOU AND YOUR PEGGY KATE . DAVID ICKE (lucis trusts alice bailey adherants) are purely into witchcraft on every level, witchcraft is REBELLION AGAINST GOD, AND I REMIND YOU GOD IS LOVE< SO WHY DON'T YOU SERVE GOD AND HUMANITY WITH TRUTH instead of having like a 50/50 ratio riding the fence, AND HEY I AM NOT SAYING I AM PERFECT IN ALL THIS STUFF JUST YET< IN FACT I AM QUITE A SCREWUP AND FAILURE ON MANY LEVELS< which is a good thing in a few ways because it helps me to be more humble and forgiving towards others I think because also I used to be REALLY bad and not care about GOD or LOVE hardly at all…so please do not think when I blast you for seeing shadows for reality that I am not doing it for YOUR benefit (and mine and others too)…anyways I don;t know what else to add to this, just google your shite zeitgeist nazi filth and see how much opposition you have FROM REAL LOVING PEOPLE who hate the same idiotic devil channelled filth that these exact same people try time and again throughout history as if no one is aware of their designs and stupidity (and hate)…please google d. icke debunked, realize these people are quite hardcore antiChrist and hate Jesus and are very much like hitler in those ways, and as mentioned before alice bailey and benjamin creme, pure filthy humankind and God haters…remember this is not a joke, and we are not playing here, this is for keeps. You need to wake up!

  73. hugh says:

    and to answer your question for your edification in the loving savior Gods Son Jesus. If people who practice the most base and abominable forms of deviltry and filth are considered to be good promoters of Christianity to you, then you really need to take a look at the gospel of Jesus properly. However there is also a side aspect to it somewhat as well, I can site the instance of one of your favorite preachers to reverse, benny hinn…someone who has been seen doing the EXACT same kinds of demonic things as the politicians you have mentioned…do you consider him to be a good preacher of the gospel as well in ALL it’s fullness? My relatives warned me about these people many years before through careful observation and prayer I learned the truth about what they are doing, and THESE ARE THE KINDS OF PEOPLE WHO WILL STAND UP AGAINST SUCH FILTH UNTIL JESUS COME BACK AND IS THE END OF ALL DEVILTRY ON THIS WHOLE PLANET. WE ARE NOT TOLD TO ACTUALLY DEFEAT ALL THIS STUFF ON OUR OWN (we are to save souls by winning others to the real gospel of Jesus), JESUS CHRIST is the one who has won the victory for us at the cross, and also the one who EVERYONE will have to give account for of their very thoughts, as well as their actions…anyways, I have shared my views on much of your boards, because I believe it is important to realize that you ARE hardcore newagey, not because EVERYONE who disagrees with my 100% true sayings (as if) is one of those types, yet even the atheist is religious, and many of them would believe very much in satanic things even though they would just claim to be secular humanists etc, just interested in evidence…is every religionist evil? I do not believe so, yet if they show signs of favoring things that are evil and hate Jesus (whether they admit it or not) then I find them to be quite harmful to both themselves and others, and predominantly care only for themselves (which in reality is NO caring for yourself)…so when you find my messages grating, good, I was actually hoping for that effect, because if you were comfortable with the truth and evidence they contain, then I would know that I wrote them to the wrong person in the first place, and therefore I was not accurate in my information shared…so it’s all good as far as this goes, please tell me where I am wrong about this, and I will do my best to correct and improve if you think ANY of this data is not true. As mentioned before I am not perfect, and many times (as us all) make quite a few errors, so even though I love Jesus, and you from all indications appear to hate him, lets see just how much effect we can have to stop these insane people who promote all this newagey alien/zeitgeist babylonian deception.

  74. hugh says:


  75. Humanity Wins says:


    Ah yes, Mr Chris White (the maker of the documentary you have linked to), one of many Christian’s I listened to and researched in depth during my “Christian period”.

    I watched all of his “de-bunking” documentaires during this 6 month “Christian period” in 2008 – and even while under heavy “Christian Mind-control” I still found his “evidence” and “de-bunking” pretty weak to say the least.

    I find it very interesting indeed to review Chris White’s “de-bunking” information again (relating to David Icke), years later, and from a VERY different state of mind. So THANK YOU Huge for giving me the opportunity. :-)

    I am going to watch the whole thing (I’m 30 mins in at the moment), but so far Chris’s “de-bunking” of David Icke is confused, unclear, based on assumptions and not a shread of “solid” evidence has been presented so far, but I’ll see how things pan out throughout the rest of the film.

    I would recommend everyone watch this “de-bunking documentary” as well, and make their own mind up about whether David Icke is “channelling demons”, taking his inspiration from Alice Bailey and leading people into “sin and destruction”. I’m certainly not into censorship in any way and think people are intelligent to form their own conclusions.

    Love you Huge. You take care now :-) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    P.S You didn’t actually answer my question about why the Illuminati bloodlines promote Christanity, so whenever you’re ready…

  76. hugh says:

    I answered the question, it would take understanding of truth though to actualize that though, something you as a servant of the new world order and new age religion behind it would fail to recognize of coarse.

  77. hugh says:

    however, love to you as well, I am most intrigued as to how this is working out.

  78. hugh says:

    so just to summarize it for you, as you do not seem to very well be able to follow evidence unless it is of the simplest sort, THEY ARE NOT PROMOTING CHRISTIANITY< pure and simple.

  79. hugh says:

    “If this is the best God can do to reveal the truth to the world then we’re in BIG trouble”
    yes you and your typical a. jones fearmongering filth…may God change your mind about your insanity and lies, in order to spread truth and love to those around you.

  80. Humanity Wins says:

    If you aren’t aware that the Illuminati bloodlines promote Christanity than you are not living in the same reality I am???

  81. Humanity Wins says:

    Huge, Alex Jones is a Christian, so your comment is very muddled indeed???

  82. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Saw,

    Which parts of the video do you want to know?

  83. Humanity Wins says:


    Yes, Chris White’s “David Icke De-bunked” documenatry is certainly confused, and not a shread of soild evidence against David Icke is presented.

    Chris White makes the assumption that ALL entities (and forms of consciousness) that exist ouside of our frequency range (out of sight) are evil? So much of the references he makes to David being “guided” and “having communication from” entities outside of our frequency range are made with the ASSUMPTION that these “entities” MUST be evil??? What utter utter rubbish. Only a closed mind would refuse to believe that other plains of reality exist and that the “entities” that live there could actually be trying to HELP humanity. It is not just “demons” that live and operate in dimensions and frequecy ranges outside of our eyesight. People call these realms by differnt names “spirit world”, “4th, 5th dimension”, “Astral plain” etc etc, but they refer simply to dimensions of reality, that we as humans, can not perceive with our 5 senses. So no, not ALL entities in these “realms” are evil or are demons. There are certainly beings that do what to manipulate humanity in these other realms of reality (e.g. the Reptilians), but to say that ALL entities outside of our 5 sense perception are evil is total rubbish!

    The only comment left on that video sums things up pretty well…

    “This documentary does nothing to debunk Icke, Icke is a researcher who takes info from many sources. Some of the things he says may sound like the work of Alice Bailey, but he doesn’t support Eugenics or the dominance of a master race. The reptilian argument is immensely bigger than Arizona Wilder, who ever made this video, has massively missed the point, and done some really poor research”

    This is a very desperate attempt by Chris White to squeeze David Icke into his very narrow minded belief system. And he fails very miserably indeed!

    Nothing but “theory”, “opinions”, “guesswork” and indcredibly confused conclusions here I’m afraid!

    I would like everyone to make their own mind up about all of this though, so please watch this “David Icke De-bunked” video for youself. But make sure you’ve done the research yourself on David Icke as well. Maybe a good starting point is to actually read one of David Icke’s books for yourself.

    I hold no negative feelings for Chris White, he is doing what he believes is right, but unfortuanately when you set out to research a particluar subject with the conclusion already drawn up in your mind, then the result is always going to be “less than solid”.

    Same for you Hugh, you’re doing what you believe is right, so I send you good will, love and wish you well on your journey through life xx

  84. hugh says:

    Well, now I suppose (knowing how you would respond)…it is time to go into your robot (lol) mode for a little as you so politely suggested (well in a way you most certainly did). I want you to know that you saying there was not one shred of evidence in that documentary of 2.5hrs long, when it contained MANY facts from d. icke’s works themselves, and thoroughly refuted lie upon lie that this deluded and very much satan orientated presents to unwary people (blind leading the blind) is very typical, and especially poignant because YOU offer NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDEMNCE OF YOUR ASSERTIONS. You do not take ONE doctrine or statement that is taught in the 2.5hr video or try and refute it. I suppose you will try now, but what is the point if you are just going to continue deception with untruth/nontruth. I don’t even believe that you watched the whole thing like you said, are you surprised? Here is another video refuted your totally new age filth, and the fact that you put your credence in channeled material that david spouts along with others of his ilk (in spite of you saying there is virtually no chanelled material on these boards…what hogwash, this board is littered with the exact same new age religion garbage that these demonic entities have been “sharing” for thousands of years. So here is a proper refutation of your horrid anti-biblical doctrines, same kind of thing as the last video, but even more irrefutable and powerful.
    I sincerely hope that you enjoy this video, it really should help you realize how deeply you are in need of love and truth combined and how you can free yourself from the mind control that you have currently embraced from demonic entities that are on the exact same side as the ones you say you are against in the currently very evil system of control worldwide. Again may you and all your friends and family be blessed to share truth with one another in love and change this world for the better by kindness and wisdom. These are not just mere words, yet also true sentiments. You should know that GOD loves you and that ALL of the servants of GOD also love you…yet we must tell you that just like all the other people that have trusted devils and believed their lies and spread them to others are headed for sure destruction, and the thousands of prophecies in the Bible, many dozens about Jesus birth are and have come true, it is a book that was hated by fiends (who listened to devils like your new agers do) like hitler, and is still hated today. It is because this Holy Book tells you to love your neighbors and do good to those that hate you, to be Holy as Jesus is Holy and Perfect as Jesus is perfect…it tells you to pray and do good for people and not lie or steal or do harmful things. This is mainly why people such as yourself call it mind control and other insane accusations, it is because that book convicts you of your sinful ways and pricks your conscience which you are so desperately trying to kill of so you can just do whatever you feel like, even murder people because devils tell you they are on the side of reptiles posing as humans…truth is true, and LOVE IS LOVE, and they are two sides of the same coin…you need to watch this video and realize, there is MUCH TRUTH IN IT< and NONE OF THAT CAN BE REFUTED NO MATTER how hard you want to and keep trying…TRUTH ALWAYS WINS OVER, and LOVE IS ETERNAL! REMEMBER THAT!

  85. Humanity Wins says:


    I don’t apprechiate you spamming my website.

    Yes, I did watch the whole “David Icke De-bunked” documentary, and like I said before no “solid” evidence in there at all. Simply someone with a very rigid belief system trying to fit David Icke into their very small box of perception.

    By the way I didn’t ask you the question “why do the Illuminati bloodlines promote Christanity to the world” because I don’t know the answer! I asked you that question
    to see what YOUR response would be to that question (and this is only one of many I could pose to you). And the fact that your response was “They don’t promote Christanity” speaks volumes!

    Anyway, I am no longer willing to accept someone who spams my website. So for now I say goodbye to you and wish you well.

  86. Humanity Wins says:


    Like I said I won’t tolerate spam on this site. So all future comments will be removed

  87. Deanna McLain says:

    Wow! Finally, confirmation. As a small child growing up, I always knew I was different. I come from generations of christians and never bought into the teachings of christianity. I often found myself as the object of ridicule and persicution as I consistantly questioned all that was being told to me. I would get in trouble for questioning god and eventually they did not want me at vacation bible school anymore, which was fine with me. I concluded that one of several things HAD to be true I was either born to the wrong family or they weren’t my family at all, I was born in the wrong time period, or I must be from another planet. I have always been an overacheiver compared to my peers and excelling came almost effortlessly. I have had outerbody experiences and a memory that takes me as far back as 1-2 years of age, I have also experienced very vivid visions and frequent deja vu. I have always felt that someone somewhere was watching over me and guiding me and telling me that i was special. I have been called weird and crazy and at one point I began questioning my self, but i could not let go of the feeling that I had a light so bright that no one could dim it and i was convinced that there must be others out here like me. I also, once i became aware of DNA and how it works, became convinced that something like instructions had been built into my DNA. Even though I had been tought about the book of revelations and that the end times were near and we all seemed to be doomed, despite all the praying and worshiping, but could never quite grasp that concept. I guess I was around 12 when i came to the conclusion that the light ALWAYS wins and that i was a part of the light and had a true pupose to serve. Now that I have found this page I am convinced of these things and i just want to know what my role is in all this and how do i execute the position with precision. I KNOW that i was put on this earth to do and create great things! Oh yeah, couple things i need to mention 1) somewhere along the way the messages, energy, and metaphysical expeiences deminished in strenght and numbers, but is still present. How do i reactivate them? If you or anyone knows. 2) Around the age of 7 i began drawing. Something powerful drew me to a picture of a puppy and as i looked of the picture something said to me over and over that i could draw it exactly as i saw it, with no prior experience, i did just that. don’t know where the ability came from but for the most part i still have that ability today, althoug with not as much ease. I apologize for going on and on but i have had so many questions for so long with no real outlet. I’ve always wondered why me? I hope this will lead me on the path to deeper self discovery and understanding. Thank you for what your do!

  88. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Deanna,

    That is wonderful to hear!

    Yes indeed, you were put on this Earth to do GREAT things! And you will! And it sounds like you already are!

    You are not the first to speak about your experiences of growing up in a Christian eniviroment and being able to see the inconsistencies in what you were being taught at any early age! And the fact that you were literally expelled from vacation Bible school for “asking too many questions” simply speaks volumes! Ha ha!

    And of course you would of been labelled as “crazy” or “weird” by your peers and the people around you, because of this inner power you had!

    To answsewr your questions…

    1. How do you “re-activate” your “connection” to the level you once experinced. Well, I suggest you ask that to yourself. Ask out lound as well and make your intention very clear. I have no doubt that the answers will begin to come to you, and quickly. You will get flashes of inspiration and be guided to what you need. Whether that is a book, a particluar “technique”, the meeting of someone who can help with this, or through which any other type of process . Just be open to following your inituition.

    2. That sounds to me like one of your MANY gifts. To be creative in this way. And a great gift to have!

    Thank you for sharing and welcome to the site :-)


  89. Saki says:

    Can I ask why nothing happened in October 2011 as was suggested by the Quickening?

  90. jimbo says:

    hello brad

    i like your video sends chills down my neck and goose bumps up my arms, james gilliand sent me this he is a contactee his website i call them galactic federation of light as you call them alliance which is cool i hav watched videos before saying if your watching this ur pleiadeon or ur going filth demension but my mission is to awaken people i hav only managed to fully awake 1 of my friends the rest blow it off its a mind game and i cant b bothered because as you said that person has to step up them selves to arise to the challenge soo glad in this day and age light rules evil! cant wait for the after party going to be epic!

  91. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Jimbo,

    Thanks for the link to James site, I wasn’t aware of that.

    Yeah, unfortunately you can’t “make” anyone wake up. If you try the hard sell than you end up being no better than the Christian preacher on a street corner shouting through a megaphone. People generally switch off to this “hard sell”. The best way is to be “attractive” with your approach. If people feel they are being “sold to”, then they switch off and run the other way. Even if the information being “sold” is going to be beneficial for them, they will still put the barriers up. So a much better approach is slowly raise the interest levels. Obviously there are different ways to do this. For example when in face to face conversation I’ve found the best way is to just give a very small amount of information to someone and then stop talking and wait for their response.

    An example – I moved into a new flat a few months ago and it was only my 2nd or 3rd night there when I get a knock on my door at 1am. I was just about to go to bed and thought is was a strange time for someone to be knocking on my door. I opened the door and it was 2 young guys (about 20 years old). They appologised for knocking so late, and explained they were about to play a board game with their friends and needed a dice. I didn’t have one, but said they could have some tape and paper to make one. They then invited me over to their flat (they lived in the same block) for a glass of wine. Even though I was tired, my intuition told me to go with them. Anyway, there were 5 guys there (all students) and after chatting about general stuff for a while the conversation moved onto the interent and websites etc. I said I had website and they asked me what it was about. I knew if I told them the “whole story” they probably would of thought I was a nutcase. So I just said it’s about “conspircy FACTS”, rather than “conspiracy THEORIES”. And then I just stopped talking and left it there to see what their response would be…

    One of them spoke first and said with a laugh “What like the 9/11 thing?”

    “Well that’s a small part of it” I said

    4 of them were pretty “close minded” about the subject, that was clear straight away, so I knew I just needed to give them one piece of info to chew on and again leave it there. So I said “ok, how many skyscrapers collapsed on 9/11?” “Well, 2 of course” was there response.

    “No, it was 3″ I said

    “what do you mean 3?”

    I then told them about building 7 and the details of how it collapsed. I could see there brains working overtime! I didn’t try to give them all the evidence in one go and they kept firing questions at me and eventually I could see in their eyes that they were starting to open up to a new perspective. They weren’t ready to completely change their views of the world there and then, but it was a step in the right direction.

    The way I see it, my job was done and it was then time for someone else they meet to bring the subject up again and take them to the next level. We’re all working as ONE UNIT on this planet and we’re being guided and “orchastrated” by the “higher power” that can see the whole picture. It’s just a case of following your intuition as much as possible, because this is our link to that “higher power”.

  92. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Saki,

    Can you remind me what the “Quickening” is?

  93. Saki says:

    The Quickening is explained all in this video:

    It basically suggests that the spiritual shift should have happened in October 2011, rather than December 2012.

  94. Greetings
    Your help I would like to ask it in it that announce it at what with more men it that the death it does not exist , the host body is destroyed only , the soul remains what sees his own death , at this time on a tunnel (on an avenue) you are going throughout and you are born in an other world
    this happening all races that’s right, to this it is necessary to believe it only and ensues then what the Maya predicted : The extraterrestrials establish the contact the grinds and in the interest of a good aim , they help to develop a more beautiful future , help me!

  95. Hal524 says:

    Your video is just outstanding…

    If anybody needs a transcript of Barbara Marciniak words, send me a PM.

  96. xiang hu says:

    amazing video, informative, cute, the graphics keep me entertained

  97. xiang hu says:

    pleadians, acturians, benevolent reptilians, council of light, i sincerely plead for your help against the globalists and the reptilians. here is a list or atrocities that the global elite and reptilians have done:

    fluoride in water
    starting wars
    creating man made disease
    tainting vacinnations
    destroying nutirition
    creating separation among humans
    moon matrix
    tyranny, corruption
    so much more!

    we need to overtake the global elite and the reptilians. humans need your help. please help us pleadians, acturians, and all benevolent beings.

    humans should become:
    like science fiction
    against war
    sense of oneness

  98. carlos says:

    I want to say something……….but frankly I have no words. being a true believer of “GOD” and I mean the creator of this magnificent material universe.Not the gods that came from the heavens.I must say that I’m enchanted by the way this womans voice.Through out my life and I’m not a young man I’m convinced that we have been manipulated by this entities that have come from the heavens not only once but many times.WE have to learn to love, true love unconditional love in order to lift ourselves out of this pit. Sometimes words are said but not understood, like “unconditional love” can have many interpretations.To me the words spoken by this lady are of unconditional love.
    greetings to my friend and family of light.

  99. Brandon says:

    This is my initial exposure to this website and first viewing of the video. All rings true and very recognizable to my searching soul. Towards the ending, that had to be George Bush referring to the New World Order. Please tell you do NOT support this man or the NWO!!!

  100. Jas Baku says:

    Hey I found this site on the You Tube link for the above video – it’s a tear-jerker for sure :’) Totally resonated with Brad’s ‘About’ page. Props to you from Bristol UK.

  101. Jas Baku says:

    Yea Brandon, that gave me pause, too.
    * HEY BRAD!! It’s so out of context, why is it there? (serious question ~ that segment could invalidate the whole brilliant video)

  102. Brandon says:

    Thank you, Jas Baku, for your comment. Yes, it is a brilliant video, indeed. It spoke the words of what I’ve felt/known since the 1960′s. With all the dis-information coming from very conniving dark ones, we all must be vigilant in our seeking for light and truth. I’m sure there must be an honest explanation which I surly hope will be shortcoming, but really, when I heard/saw Satanist Bush and his NWO, my insides did a major 180 degree turn…while experiencing such an uplifting message!!

  103. Moo says:


    Great vid!

    What is the music score in this video. It’s beautiful.

    Is it possible for you to upload the video with just the music soundtrack, or let me know where I can listen to just that.

    I would love it to meditate to.

    Many thanks,


  104. Humanity Wins says:

    To Brandon and Jas,

    The Bush “New World Order” clip is referencing what the “New World Order” actually is – A Reptilian agenda! The phrase “New World Order” is probably the most common term thrown about in the “conspiracy movement” so that clip was used to make people connect everything that’s explained in the video with current events and their current understanding of the fact that there is a “New World Order” agenda. Make sense?

  105. Brandon says:

    I was hoping that was, indeed, the intent of the NWO clip. I was just wanting to verify. Thank you for your response. And again, great video!!

  106. Josh says:

    So has this been reversed yet? I am just curious because Peggy Kane says that she has never heard a reversed channeling that was not manipulated. I do believe that the Pleiadians are here to help. I am actually a Pleiadian Starseed myself. I am just wary about channelings. I trust you and your site, certainly a lot more than some other ones, and your information matches up with what I have found out about all of this. The video made me feel very light, very positive, and so I would think that it’s very legitimate. But again I am wary of channelings. I recorded a bit and reversed it but I am not that experienced with reversals yet to really pick up on that much. I have picked up a few things after recording my own voice but that’s it.

  107. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Josh,

    Yes you are right MOST channelled material is open to manipulation – but not all – the reverse speech of the channelled message used in the latest video has been reversed and I will be adding this to the site very soon. I would of done it sooner but I have needed to take a break away to focus on my healing.



  108. Miroslav Juric says:

    I cant describe the emotion the tingling warm sensation on my entire body especially at the spine and my head that I experienced while watching this Wake up call.I felt immediately connection with the message that contains.I thought I was crazy even I am a very spiritual person and read many books.I watched and listen this video over and over again and still I could feel the same positive and indescribable energy or emotion that I felt simply by listening that beutifull voice.I want to meet them and to connect with them have that desire to get to know them.Thank you very much Who ever make this video You awaken in me some unspeakable hope and energy.Cant wait that Spiritual Revolution on Mankind and his DNA.God bless you all with the Divine Light of the Source.Keep up the good work my brothers and sisters :)))))))

  109. stronguy20 says:

    wow!! its crazy i chose this body and on top of that i am part of so called Family of light!! do i really have control over my mind or… i just dont know what to believe anymore

  110. Miroslav Juric says:

    Its wonderful to know that we are member of Family of Light.I hope for us and for the mankind that we will win this war against darkness.Light will prevail and the Earth will become a place full of Light,Love and Higher Consciousness.
    God bless All who recognize Themselves in this Wake up call with Divine Light and Love.

  111. Anita says:

    Hello My Friends, I found an extended version of the Pleiadian Message. The welcome message is written in Czech but all the message is in English. It is the same message communicated by Barbara Marciniak, opnly it is longer and much more detailed. If anyone’s interested, here it is:

    PART 1:

    PART 2:

    PART 3:

    Enjoy! ;)

  112. RUSSELL MCLAREN says:


  113. RUSSELL MCLAREN says:


  114. UNIVERSE says:

    i think sometimes everyone need to learn how to trust your inner self..because sometimes your feelings can deceive you.. but with time you can learn who you can trust with time.. base in your experiences,, in others people and learn how to trust your inner self.. so you will know who you can trust and if you feeling something wrong.. is may be,, because is something wrong,, so just take time to learn to trust and know someone and just trust your inner self.. ok .. and do the right thing.. and you see how life is easy

  115. mcabldz says:

    brad i cant see this video anymore i wanted to show it to a friend:( could you fix it please? it appears that it has been blocked

    thank you

  116. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” mcabldz “” try this link to the video you want to see. .

  117. mcabldz says:

    thank you very much:)

  118. UNIVERSE says:

    you welcome

  119. christa says:

    the message is taken down in Germany, due to copyright issues.
    It’s a pity.

  120. UNIVERSE says:

    looks like everyone are awakening and at the end everyone it will .. and look this side of the one are already awake.. looks like everyone are awakening and at the end everyone it will .. and look this side of the one are alrady awake ..

  121. ladyb says:

    I guess they hv tamered with the video………it says this video contains content from discovery international, who has blocked it on copy right grounds.

  122. Jas Baku says:

    Soz, a very late reply (lost you!) Thanks for the explanation, it is a relief to know that.

  123. Lou says:

    Thanks for this vid; needed that : )

  124. Peter says:

    Watching this I was in tears of happyness the entire time, I was never very emotional and not much effects me, but I couldn’t stop tearing up during the entire thing, I feel every fear has left me, I no longer need to read everything, I feel I already know it.. incredible how fast this happens… it can’t be put into words or sounds or even pictures…. it’s just a feeling of overwhelming joy and sense of a mission.. I’ve been wondering why I was here my entire life and who I was… it’s finally clicked in somewhat….

    pretty sure I am a pleadian.

    your friend and im guessing renegade soldier from another world lol, Peter

  125. Kelly says:

    This message sings to me, I have always felt I don’t belong here, but I’m here for a greater purpose, and for years I have been trying to wake people to the misgivings of the illuminati, and the reptilian threat, I have three network pages and try to spread the word as much as I can, but its frastating people are simple and stupid, even those I call family are niave, I wish to do more, give me a gun or a ship, and point me at the enemy, I want to rid the human race of the reptilian, once and for all, 300.000 years of slavery is enough.

  126. Jesse says:

    Dear, UGH…. your words dont belong in this website. Dont you dear to isult the Pleiadians and Sirians becasue your “God” thing is your a Retile maipualktion which means that you are shut down, wake up my brother.

  127. Sunny says:

    Are you say all the truth in the bible is not written by God? Where are the pleaidians all these thousands of years? You wrote up during this century ? Are you telling me that all the Gods starship can not just come and distroy these reptilians? This is just hard to swallow.

  128. Michael says:

    Hi Sunny.

    I’ve been reading lots of Wes Penre, and he said he was also asking this question.

    This is a very, very basic translation by me of what Wes has explained (I apologise Wes in advance if I have misinterpreted anything of what you have said).

    [Also, I just want to say that I am not subscibing to Wes's view on what has been going on, but I am open to what he is saying]

    One possible reason why the good guys may not be able to come in and destroy them, is -

    Earth is considered a Living Library (one of just a few in the Universe – although it is no longer of the same quality as before the Reps invaded).

    Along with that, we are the descendants of the Original Earth humans who were created by the Prime Creator (Mother Goddess – who apparently continuously is re-incarnated as the Queen of Orion (i.e she is queen of the massive Orion Empire)(good guys) and She gave us the Fire of the Mother Goddess, which, apparently not many species have. And, although we have been genetically downgraded (degraded I suppose), we apparently still contain this Fire.

    The Reps ultimate aim is to overthrow the Prime Creator and they need us to be able to access this Fire (i.e they need this Fire in order to take control of the Universe). They also intend to turn our planet into a “machine world” and use us as soldiers to fight against tthe Mother Godess.

    The Queen (Mother Goddess) probably does have the firepower to free Earth, but not without possibly having the Living Library and Humanity destroyed in the process. Apparently the Reps have no problem with using us a human shield. Also, if the Orion Empire (not the Orion Group =)) came to free us using force, the Reps would convince most of Humanity that we were being invaded by bad guys and that we had fight them, and so we would have billions of humans fighting the actual good-guys.

    Again, I just want to say that I am not saying that what Wes says is true.

  129. Sunny says:

    This is really a great fictional story or a great movie to be made. Here are just a few of the flaws about this whole idea of Reps and Plaedians.
    1. The prime creator is not a God just another massive empire ruler. It really degrade this so call god. I do believe there is a God and he is all powerful and his word will not return in vain. So powerful that he created the universe and earth, think deeply about the power there should be in a God. If the prime creator can do this, then all heaverly powers and principalities will will praise HIM. I do not see it in your prime creator, it seems like he is so vunerible and only live in the universe.
    2. Since Reps live many hundreds or thousands years ago, they can take over the world and control us when we still riding horses since tech started only within this 100 years. Don’t you think this is such a joke that all these guys appear now ?
    3. So you say the earth is a living library, the Plaedians can attack the moons and mars now since that was the Reps domain then the whole world will be able to see what is going on outside of the earth so we will all believe. But nothing was happening outside, there should be millions of spaceship debris flowing in space by now since the was has already started many hundred or thousands years ago.

    I am totally open minded and only believe what is logical and makes sense. Or could this be another new age movement coming together with all this stories and spreading all over YouTube.

  130. Michael says:

    Yeah, it probably would make a good movie. Wish I had the rights to it :). (Sorry Wes).

    I’m just firstly re-iterating that I try not to actually believe in anything or anyone. I am just trying to go where I think the evidence leads, and so I have come to sites such as Brad’s, but I certainly am not saying that what Brad or Wes have said is true. I don’t think Brad is saying that what he is writing is 100% the truth either. It’s his best bet based on his weighing up of the evidence, and he has said he is very willing to consider evidence to the contrary.

    Also,I have never seen a Reptilian or a Pleiadian or whoever. I have never seen anything unusual in my life (as far as I can remember). On this site I do speak in a manner that suggests I think the Reps are 100% real, but I truly don’t actually know. I speak as if they are real when commenting on this site, because I think they are probably real, but I feel it would become tiresome of me to always be qualifying my comments when writing on this site.

    Anyway, just a couple of quick answers to 2 of your points.

    You speak as if you think that if you can’t see it, it must not exist. Well, there are things that you can’t see, but you know they exist. Radio waves for example. Or, what about infra-red. Go out to a national park on a pitch black night and try and use your human eyes to spot a nocturnal animal. But, put your night vision goggles and wow – there they are :).

    With your first question, I suppose most of us who think of a being called God, assume it is all-powerful and all-knowing, but this is an assumption. Can you prove to me that the God you believe in is all-powerful? It might be. I don’t know. But, are you saying that you know with 100% certainty that it is all-powerful? If so, can you give me that proof.

    All the best mate. Sorry I haven’t addressed your 2nd point yet. I’ll try to soon. :)

  131. Michael says:

    “With your first question, I suppose most of us who think of a being called God, assume it is all-powerful and all-knowing, but this is an assumption. Can you prove to me that the God you believe in is all-powerful? It might be. I don’t know. But, are you saying that you know with 100% certainty that it is all-powerful? If so, can you give me that proof.”

    That should read “With your first point”.

  132. Michael says:

    One thing I had meant to say regarding your first point:-

    I know it could be hard to get our heads around a Creator that isn’t all powerful, but I had been thinking that if we have been created as beings with free-will, then wouldn’t we have needed access to power. After all, intention without the power to bring it about, comes to nought does it not?

    And, if we have been granted free-will and the power needed to exert this free-will; then what is stopping a created being from rebelling against the creator? A created being with power….maybe many, many created beings all deciding to turn against the creator, and all of them having access to power/energy.

    Sunny, I am just speculating. This is just a thought. I don’t actually know, of course.

  133. Question says:

    If you studied all these complicated physics and laws that governed all of us, and the vast life that was created here on earth and the universe, then you know that this creator is all mighty and powerful. Even all these aliens(Pleaidian, Grays, Reps and others ) needed spaceship to travel in space while this creator is not even bound to any of these. If he willed you or me to ied today then it will be done. Look at this celestial clock which governed us and everything according to plan.
    It seems like this creator of yours seems like someone who has no plan to call on his elect and let them speak according to their believe. This is just another symptoms of man made stories. It seems like you guys took part of the bible and blended into your story with the alien. While I do not find flaws to the bible but found many flaws in this alien story.

  134. Neo says:

    I find it incredulous that you cannot find any flaws in the bible. If you read Genesis Ch.1 it says God made man and woman in his image. But in Genesis Ch.2 it says The Lord God saw there was not a man to till the ground so he made man from the dust of the ground. Can’t you see the contradiction? Genesis Ch.6 also talks about the “sons of gods who came down and saw that the daughters of men were fair and took wives of them all that they chose”. So who were these sons of gods? The bible is full of questionable stories and I find it hard to understand how anyone can objectively read the bible and not notice the inconsistencies.

  135. Question says:

    I guess you are reading the bible linearly. The bible is written in a way that needs cross references. Gen 1 is the beginning. Gen 2 is the detail.
    The sons of God are the same human but they are the elected or chosen people. If you read the rest of the Buble that is how God refer to his elect, the sons of God. There is no contradiction but we just reading it like a normal book from start to finish.
    I see that you guys are taking a lot if things from the bible and twisted to fit your needs.

  136. Michael says:

    Hi Sunny

    I’ll answer your other point.

    I’m assuming you are talking about all those You Tube videos showing people supposedly morphing into Reps?

    One possibility is that these Reptoids (i.e people with a mixture of human and significant reptilian DNA) are unable to hold their human appearance as well as before.

    This may be because of the so-called radiation that is meant to be coming from the galactic core at this point of time. Apparently Earth has (within the pastfew years) started to be bombarded with these rays,as Earth has recently been in galactic plane alignment with the core. These rays are meant to carry information/energy that is automatically bringing things that have been hidden to the surface.David Icke calls these rays “truth vibrations”.

    I am going to repeat myself again and say that I don’t know if this is true. All I have given you here is one possible explanation.

    All the best.

  137. Donald says:

    I am 73 years old and have been working with different groups for years to heal the planet earth with light and love. I’m so glad that the rest of you are finally waking up. I’m just sorry that i’m at the end of the spectrum and my race is almost done and I don’t have much time left to enjoy your comeraderie. But I am content in knowing that the the work will finally continue. Sweet awakenings everyone.

  138. heymetatron says:

    Where are you getting your information?

  139. heymetatron says:

    This is a deception. By concentrating on galactic realms and space, we take our attention away from the earth – our home. The power of light is in the earth, the earth’s core, nature, and the plants and animals — the vital force — that inhabit it. This crazy pleiadian message is anthropocentric in its lack of regard for the sentient life forms on earth and their singular and cumulative contributions to an dynamic and evolving group consciousness. This Pleiadian agenda has no business here. Our solutions are rooted in people and the earth’s ecology.

  140. David says:

    I’d love to get that edited version of “all of them” (seriously)…Very nice selection of music.

  141. I heard Earth’s desperate cries and responded like a loving mother would to her crying child, like many others.

    “You are here for a reason and came upon Earth at this time with great purpose.”

  142. Kyle Croft says:

    I just want to sy this resonates with me so much I’ve always “known this” since I was little I am so glad to have seen this because the message really did awaken me to my pliedian identity I now feel like I can do anything!!! A

  143. chip says:

    3 yrs ago i had my awakening and it felt like i was tripping. i had intense visuals and a flood of information was hitting me all at once. my parents thought something was wrong with me and took me to the hosbital and i tryed to forget everything thinking i must be crazy. since then i’ve had a flow of info come to me again and again but i just thought i was still crazy. I know thats what they want me to think now. the past couple months i’ve been noticing little subliminal messages on tv that no one else caught and im sure everyone around me thinks i’m crazy because i’ve only been drinking my zero water(fingers crossed it really takes out flouride lol) i’ve know my whole life that i was different. i’ve never thought like other people think. i don’t intentionally cause problems in other peoples lives and so on. this video gave me chills. the only thing i keep going back and forth on is god from the bible really satan/lucifer or is lucifer the light and god is darkness? because i dont get why they supress the occult and promote god. what do you think?

  144. Michael says:

    Hi Chip.

    I don’t know for sure, but I lean to the view that both Yahweh/Jehovah and Satan/Lucifer are the products of evil.

    Regarding the video, I find it very inspiring (and Brad has done a great job putting it together).

    Cheers mate. =)

  145. United says:


    I hope this finds you doing well, my friend.

    I can’t thank you enough for all of the incredible content on your site. Your story has truly hit home with me, and like you, I feel a bit like ‘Neo’ at this point in time.

    Everything about this particular video has resonated with me (including the great music to accompany it). After a warp-speed awakening, I’m searching for answers each and every day. When I first began my journey last year, anything that had to do with Pleiadians really, really struck me. Each time I play the video, I feel chills and surges of energy that almost paralyze me. David Icke and others continue to show me the true ways of the world, which I’m eternally grateful for.

    Like you, personal turmoil has led to me to this point. After a period of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to embrace this journey and see how far down the rabbit’s hole I could go. Knowing what I do regarding the reptilian agenda and all that follows it, I can’t help but feel I have to do something, anything, to help this current reality we’re faced with.

    I don’t have the ambition to work meaningless, bs jobs/careers anymore. I also feel myself drifting away from relationships and situations that no longer serve me. It’s quite a lonely feeling, but I know it’s for my greater good. My hope is that I can find a path that suits me until ‘the party’ truly begins. Life over here in the US as a thirty-something continues to be difficult, especially since so many are still in such a deep sleep- you can obviously tell that from the Boston bombings.

    Anyway, thanks again for your inspiring efforts. I look forward to being a regular on the site and connecting with like-minded mavericks from all around the planet.

    All the best to you and yours!

  146. Rachael ~ says:

    As I watch this, I get quite fascinated. But I do want to ask, is this more of a religion, or a solid belief?

    More videos, please~

  147. Karen says:

    I never felt like i belonged. Now I do

  148. Ani says:

    What about Bashar and Kryon?


  149. Jessica says:

    I’ve never had anything Marciniak “said” that struck me as a manipulation or inaccurate. Most other channels have struck me as manipulators and I won’t listen to them for that reason. I’ve read her books and listened to hundreds of hours of channelings. And – she’s not all fluffy. She’s pretty pragmatic and repeats to never put trust or worship in anyone or anything that asks you to dote after them – that that is a huge key in which you can know that energy has your worst interest in mind, no matter how “fluffy” they come across. This is a reason she gained my trust. She/they will not accept worship and are quick on the draw when asked when the P’s will “save anyone” or “get their hands dirty” – they continue to repeat that humanity’s will is what we have to work with and that it’s their co-creative karma to give guidance that WE ARE READY FOR and nothing more. No direct instructions – nothing. We forget that many of us are these lineages incarnate and I believe when we talk about P’s or others helping save us – we’re effectively still talking about ourselves.

  150. Michael says:

    Hi Jessica.

    From what I have heard of Marciniak’s channellings, I agree with you.

    They aren’t all about rainbows and fluffy teddies. They are telling us to get to work. They tell us to get our hands dirty.

    The messages are genuinely empowering.

    If they are just disinfo, why are they messages of empowerment?…Rule 1 when fighting an enemy – “Never give a sucker an even break”.

    If this Marciniak channellings is from the reps or dome other negative source, why do the messages carry such an empowering message. Why would the reps want us to believe we can actually win?…Maybe they are just being arrogant, but why take that chance with us. We might actually be able to beat them


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  152. tyson says:

    Hi Brad, may I ask who is the woman narrator of this video? She has a real nice voice.

  153. tyson says:

    wanted to say you are good with bringing together different elements to make this nice vid, nj

  154. Alex says:

    Sorry, but there is not such pleiadian family. We are alone in this universe. So if exist evil people ruling our world, we have to fight without celestial help with illuminati if they exist.

  155. esther says:

    The scenes in this is from the matrix reloaded sequel

  156. Michael says:

    I now believe that these so-called Pleiadiens that Barbara Marciniak channels are working for the dark side.

  157. Michael says:

    I read her book a couple of months ago and it regularly repeated the new-age mantra that we are responsible for everything that happens to us in our lives. This made me very uncomfortable and I finished the book feeling quite let down.

    The messages in the video above are only some of what they tell us. What isn’t shown in this video is the books relentless push to instill new age belief into the reader.

  158. Michael says:

    And yesterday I read that apparently these Marciniak Pleiadians are working for Enki. They are apparently calling themselves Enkiites. Now, Enki is apparently one of the prime candidates for being Lucifer (and Yahweh/Jehovah). These pleiadians apparently also promote Sitchin who I don’t know much about but I’ve heard that he is probably disinfo.

    I’m not saying I am right -I have just become a lot less convinced that this Family Of Light is the real deal.

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  167. Esther says:

    This explains alot, I encounter entities who hate human beings on a daily basis. One of the best ways to defeat them is to not be apart of them. Seek out spiritual people not religous fanatics. People who are like you. Stick with them as you fight darkness. If you’re friends with one or work for one learn what you can and like Whitney Houston sang “Find your strength in love”

  168. crafting says:

    Having read this I thought it was extremely informative.
    I appreciate you spending some time and effort to put this short article together.
    I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and commenting.

    But so what, it was still worth it!

  169. genie says:

    I rarely comment, but i did a few searching and wound up here The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light | Humanity Wins, Illuminati Lose.
    And I do have a couple of questions for you if you do not mind.
    Could it be simply me or does it look as if like a few of
    these comments appear as if they are written by brain dead visitors?

    :-P And, if you are writing on additional sites, I’d like to keep up with everything fresh you have to post. Would you list of every one of your shared pages like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

  170. Josh says:

    I really like this video the more that I think about it all the old legends of my ansestors become to make sense like how we were always to be wary of snake ( or reptiles.) or how there was a Great War in the sky’s idk it makes sense to me I’m Native American by the way.

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  178. Confused seeker says:

    Hi Brad,

    Interesting that there have been no Reverse Speech been done on Barbara Marciniak’s channelings?… Having read quite a few posts on this site, it seems that you feel most of the “channeled” information is questionable and most probably manipulated by “the Lizzies”, such as Abraham Hicks & Bashar… but any work channeled from a source claiming to be Pleiadian is free from Reptilian deceit? Interesting to note from Barbara’s work that she states on multiple occasions not to trust “them” or their “stories”, and that the human race contains the “living library” and we are encouraged to allow possession of our physical bodies to other entities to fulfill our purpose (!!!) I got this information from Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library. Looking forward to your input,

    Confused seeker

  179. Confused seeker says:

    Also I left out a very important piece of information that I keep reading, – that the Pleiadians are reptilians!

  180. Michael44 says:

    Hi Confused seeker.

    I’m with you.

  181. joybleu says:

    if good and evil do not exist, only consciousness then why such a divide between the pleiadians and the reptilians – the two must be one…

    my friend and i, most likely part of the same soul group, were addressing such questions last night/early this morning. whether we questioned or validated each other, our spirits were vibrating high – that feeling of love void of judgement and criticism. admitting we know nothing but truth and conversed as if were children again with a mission to spread such divine light and love.

    my daughter is an indigo child and i have had premonitions of destruction and a new habitat for our species before learning about the two earths and the pleiadians. in one dream, i witnessed an aircraft transporting certain humans towards a ship like entity while the moon hung grand and low by the tide. in another dream, i crossed a vast ocean between mountainous rock formations (very similar to the Northern Pacific Ocean and all its glory) with a darker toned family of three.

    i hope to gain more insight in order to protect and assist.

    thank you all lightworkers <3

  182. Carl says:

    …I am a reptilian and I am gooooooiiiiinnnnnggggg tooooo eeeeeeeeaaaaattttttt yyyyyyooooooouuuuuuu!!!!!!

  183. Katerina Safarik says:

    Some good points, but I cannot share this. WTF?: “What happens on Earth now, will affect the whole universe” – yeaaah, righ. And we should not be arrogantly self-centered, yeah? Sounds pretty arrogant to me.
    And the sentences like this in this video would make me seem totally crazy. Not the info about reptilians etc, that is all true, of course, I have load of evidence, just the new age-y and messiah-complex crazy overtone, and that “you are chosen” overtone, with such a “DESTINY” music, lol.

    P.S.: In the comments: “Reps are gone” – what?? And things are worst than they have ever been, now in 2015. It’s hell on Earth, here in Czech Republic (and I’m sure on many places also). No jobs, everything so overprised, the constant stress… it’s all… ugh….

    This video, in it’s naivette, can work on children, right?

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