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Ancient Egypt, Reptilian Symbolism and the Cloning of a Pharaoh

It always makes me laugh when I hear someone stating that the “Illuminati Agenda” for control of planet Earth only goes back to the 1800′s, when the evidence overwhelming shows that Babylon/Sumer (approx 4000 bc) and ancient Egypt (3100 bc) were the real beginnings of the Illuminati’s power hold over humanity.

There is no doubting that the Illuminati networks have a strong affinity for the ancient Egyptian time period and much of their symbolism can be traced back to ancient Egypt. The pyramid is one of the most obvious symbols used by them throughout history, but there are many others, including the obelisk (which represents Egyptian God, Osiris’ penis).

The Washington Monument

The Egyptian pharaohs were able to hold their power for millenia because the population believed so strongly that the “divine right to rule” was given to the pharaohs by “the Gods” and that their “bloodline” was directly connected to these “Gods”.

The Egyptian Gods were numerous and each one had their own “story” and identity, with some of the most well known being Horus, Isis, Seth (or Set), Anubis and Ra. Most of these Gods were depicted as half human and half animal, with the reptile being one of the most common.

Even the headwear worn by the Pharaohs was designed to make them look like the Cobra snake and visually depict their connection to the “Gods” (their Reptilian masters)

There is obviously a lot more evidence available to connect the Illuminati networks back to ancient Egypt, but I just wanted to touch on the subject briefly before moving onto the issue of “cloning” and how these two subjects ultimately connect.



As has always been the case; any information released into the mainstream, and shown on the evening news, is simply the tip of the iceberg and the subject of “cloning” is no different.

In February 1997 “Dolly the Sheep” was headline news across the world for being the “first ever” animal (officially) to be cloned by scientists and this opened up a huge debate over the ethics of cloning and eventually led to laws being passed, including the recent SB 243 bill in the US “prohiting human cloning”.

If the ability to clone human beings has been available to mainstream scientists for at least a decade, then how long have the Illuminati networks and the “black projects” had access to this technology?

The process of “mummification”, used by the ancient Egyptians, contained a “mysterious property”, that even today’s scientists have struggled to reproduce. This ancient mummification process stopped the body from decomposing (or at the very least slowed the process considerably) and as a result viable cells and DNA material has been taken from many of the ancient pharaohs in recent years in order to learn more about their genetic linage.

Now, the “purity of bloodline” has been of such importance to the Illuminati networks, just look at how the aristocracies of Europe have insesently interbred with each other throughout history. And it’s not just as simple as them wanting to marry for power and influence purposes. It is all to do with bloodline and genetics.

The Reptilian controllers have wanted their hybrid puppets (the Illuminati networks) to be as “pure blooded” as possible because this has made them easier to control, manipulate and ultimately “possess”.

As I have discussed in many of the past posts, the evidence strongly suggest that a number of the high ranking Reptilians have now left our planet (since 2006). But their “blueprint” for Earth and humanity is still being followed by the Illuminati networks, and this will likely be the case for at least a year or two yet.

The “Endtime” period planned by the Reptilians for millenia, which would include the reduction of Earth’s population by approximately 80% and the bringing in of their “New World Order” and “One World Government” structure is the time we are moving into now. And it appears that part of this “Endtime” blueprint consisted of an “Anti-Christ” figure who would be responsible for igniting the start of all of this.

Now I have to stress here that the whole Christian ideology is a complete Reptilian created control system. They have created and controlled both sides; Jesus and Satan, and therefore “Christians” and “Satanists” (the Illuminati networks) have both been manipulated to play “their part” within this planned “Endtime” scenario. (if you want more information on this then I recommend you check out the post “Is Reverse Speech Satanic?” in the Reverse Speech category).

So what I am suggesting here; is the possibility that the Reptilians planned to bring back one of their “purest blood” Illuminati servents to play this “Anti-Christ” role, because, to the Reptilians, all of this has simply been a game. They have looked at humans as nothing more than playthings, food and entertainment.

And who better to play this role then one of their purest blooded, great rulers, from ancient Egypt.


The symbol of the Sun God, Ra, was one of the most common images of worship in ancient Egypt and here is Pharaoh Akhenaten, his wife Nefertiti, and their two children worshipping Ra…

And this is the logo used by Barack Obama during his 2008 presidential campaign …


In 2009 Barack Obama visited the pyramids of Egypt and as he walked through the chambers of the great pyramid he stopped, pointed and said jokingly “That looks like me, look at those ears”

But could there really be more to Obama’s statement then it just being a joke?


Let me introduce you to Freeman

Freeman has been researching the “global conspiracy”, and a host of other “bizarre” subjects, for most of his life and here is the “about me” description listed on his website…

“Freeman is an internationally-known award-winning TV producer, film maker, radio talk show host and lecturer. Freeman is considered an expert in the fields of the occult, trauma-based mind control, government conspiracy, and ancient civilizations.

Freeman, host of Freeman TV, has been witness to phenomenon that some men only dream of. His natural curiosity necessitated voracious studies of high weirdness which have led him to discover the hidden code behind corporate logos, the secret of ancient astronauts, while finding time to investigate HAARP and chemtrails. Conspirologists take note: Freeman starts where Alex Jones leaves off. In the spirit of David Icke and James Redfield, Freeman illustrates a world that is both cosmic and miraculous. He presents hope displayed in the creative spirit of humanity.”


Here is a clip of Freeman showcasing his discoveries about the Obama family…


>>Pictures of Obama and Family<<

This puts the whole “where’s Obama’s birth certificate” question into a whole different context.

So is Barack Obama a clone of Akhenaten, Michelle Obama a clone of Akhenaten’s mother, Queen Tiye, and Obama’s two daughters clones of Akenaten’s daughters?

These are obviously very strange questions to be asking, but as the saying goes “Truth is Often Stranger Then Fiction”, and with everything we’ve learnt, and continue to learn, about the world we live in, there’s no denying that it is certainly a possibility.

But as always, it’s up to you to make your own mind up and decide for yourself.


But before you do make your mind up, here’s the full presentation from Freeman (approx 1 hour)…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7


So, was Barack Obama the planned “Anti-Christ” figure?

Is there even such a person?

What I do know is that there are some very strange similarities between him and the ancient pharaoh Akhenaten.

What do you think?

The next couple of years are going to very interesting to say the least, but the “Endtime” events planned by the Reptilians are not going to unfold as they hoped! Far from it. Their plans have already been foiled massively and Humanity’s “Endtime” is going to be nothing short of magnificent! It will be the end of slavery, manipulation and supression and the beginning of freedom, truth and a whole lot of good times! I have no doubt about that.


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67 Responses to “Ancient Egypt, Reptilian Symbolism and the Cloning of a Pharaoh”

  1. Msme says:

    Very interesting..they all sure fit, don’t they? far as cloning nothing surprises me.. has anyone seen Michelle birth certificate? I mean anyone can make up a past and fake life. many do everyday, with the powers behind you to help create any life they need shoot easy…thanks for the story,, something to think about…Peace to all

  2. Caitlin says:

    WHOA – those videos are intense! I’m going to start Freeman’s presentation on “Barackhenaten” when I get home later. Everything is beginning to make SO MUCH SENSE!
    I was more suspicious the way Obama’s birth certificate “magically surfaced” in the news last summer, more than it was when it was still non-existent.

  3. Norman Jon Sawyer says:

    Is your implication of, “Renegade,” negative, positive, or just is what it is…?
    Of course I am referring to the video of replicating mummy dna.

  4. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Norman,

    Well Freeman gives out a definition during the presentation as “someone who turns on his people”. Obvioulsy being a renegade can be a good thing, I’d certainly class the guys that visit this website as “renegades”. But I doubt Obama could be classed as being in the same mould, do you?

  5. Elohwyn says:

    Where is Nefertiti?

  6. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Elohwyn,

    Yeah good point, I knew I missed someone out!


  7. Kathy Vik says:

    This has some good info, but I think you are missing some truth.
    Humans all have 12 strand dna. even your feared obama!
    If YOU have access to light, what makes yu think others don’t?
    Your posts are drenched in fear, and I think that is sad.
    EVERYONE has the potential to ascend to 5D. EVERYONE>
    Why practice your outdated fear mongering and hate?
    Do you think spewing fear is going to assist those who need access to LIGHT and LOVE in order to reach spiritual heights HELPS or HINDERS their work?
    Your fearful and hateful and distrustful messages are not in tune with 5D reality.

  8. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Kathy,

    It’s pretty clear that you haven’t spent too much time on this site. I may be wrong? But the fact that you are calling me a “fear monger” indictaes that to me.

    Did you actually read the entire post here? Maybe you missed the closing statement…

    “The next couple of years are going to very interesting to say the least, but the “Endtime” events planned by the Reptilians are not going to unfold as they hoped! Far from it. Their plans have already been foiled massively (they aren’t even here anymore for starters) and Humanity’s “Endtime” is going to be nothing short of magnificent! It will be the end of slavery, manipulation and supression and the beginning of freedom, truth and a whole lot of good times! I have no doubt about that.

    Light is “Information”. So this post is simply sheading some light on the Illuminati/Reptilian’s workings and posing the question is “Obama a clone?” That is far from “fear mongering” in my book.

    You do bring up a intersting point though. Can a “clone” activate the full 12 strands of dna and “evolve”. That’s an interesting question and I don’t see why not. Worth looking more into that though.


  9. Ea says:

    This is all nonsense.

  10. Enlil says:

    this is good story but do you have something in your mind abouthe 2012 december 21st or the posible terror atack on london olimpic 2012 i f you have please share it.

  11. Rob says:

    Well, From my personal research and knowledge, I have discovered that the Temples of the Ancient Egyptians were by the hands of the Sirians (Sira Star System). Beings of the Sixth Dimension. Infact, their temples were so vivid and beautiful that the Reptillians were jealous, hence where the cities of Sodom and Gremmorha came from, to try and compete with the Star beings.

  12. Sam I Am says:

    In Resp.2 Th Q Frm.Elohwyn,”Where is Nefertiti?”Well’I think Im Speaking for Everyone when I Say,”Who would’nt appreciate a beautifull Nefertiti or two once in a while!!!Furshur!!;)/:0!LOL!Peace,Love and Light!!

  13. Ashana Starseed Martinez says:

    I am a very strong natural prophetic physic medium since birth,with connections to the ancient past,and I to had come to the conclusion of the Illuminati cloning whom ever they need.I knew Obama was different and of Egyptian making /energy because I see him shape shifting into that persona,quite often.But,it is his wife that I continually see as the possible anti christ,her energy is always that of an old man in disguise/demonic.I actually think she is the President not Barack…

  14. Ikramalgeria says:

    The first cloning being was in 1996 and obama was borin in 1961!
    So freeman talk doesn’t make sence, plus lot of black people look the same and the egyptians were black, you can’t impost this you have to do a DNA test to both of them!

  15. Brad says:

    Hi Ikramalgeria

    Yes the first clone created PUBLICLY was in the 1990′s. But like I said in the post if the mainstream has had access to cloning technology since at least then, then how long have the Illuminati bloodlines and their black projects had access to it?

    And as for “all black people looking the same” well I have to strongly disagree with you there! Also what are the chances of ALL 4 of Obama’s family looking EXACTLY like Akhenaten’s family?

  16. You Guys Suck says:

    you guys are just a bunch of racist! They do not look like Akhenaten’s family. YOUR REALLY JUST CONNECTING THE TWO CAUSE THEY ARE BROWN SKINNED AND YOUR ONLY REFERENCES FOR AKHENATEN IS DRAWINGS AND CRAVINGS. #GetItTogether I get told I look like Im ancient Egyptian all the time; DOES THAT MEAN IM A CLONE OF THE FIRST CLEOPATRA????

  17. Gail says:

    I believe it just recently I read something in reference to cloning and the person that would be cloned would have the soul of the devil.No birth cerificate multiple SS#,voting fraud..the conspiracy goes on and on and on where this is smoke could be just that or fire.

  18. Victoria says:

    I thought Cleopatra WASN’T Egyptian???? IDK…what do I know. (@ you guys suck.)

  19. Anonymous says:

    Victoria: Cleopatra was greek. But ruled in egypt, originally greek though and very intelligent.

    Brad…. I thought yesterday or the day before I posted something about drunvalo and ken page? Did I not? I can not find it at the website anymore.I spend a lot of time putting that text together with evidence etc.

    Also the symbol you have on the website of the illuminati they use that symbol for their practise.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kathy,

    It’s pretty clear that you haven’t spent too much time on this site. I may be wrong? But the fact that you are calling me a “fear monger” indictaes that to me.

    Did you actually read the entire post here? Maybe you missed the closing statement…

    “The next couple of years are going to very interesting to say the least, but the “Endtime” events planned by the Reptilians are not going to unfold as they hoped! Far from it. Their plans have already been foiled massively (they aren’t even here anymore for starters) and Humanity’s “Endtime” is going to be nothing short of magnificent! It will be the end of slavery, manipulation and supression and the beginning of freedom, truth and a whole lot of good times! I have no doubt about that.

    Uhm, I dont want to burst your bubble, because a few months ago I was maybe even saying the same thing,thats all going to be ok. But not after what happend to me the last months.And what I have seen.About them not being here anymore maybe in their form they are not but they are in humanbodies and they are not human and dont have humanskills but superhuman skills. Better yet reptillian skills. The end of humanity is indeed the end of humanity but i dont find it magnificant that humans will go into this “ascension” process disease will go away and they will all feel better but what happend is they have changed your dna into reptile dna.After what I have seen and undergone through their operations believe me any sickness or anything is better than to become like them.Its not supposed to be like that. Even though you feel better it doesnt mean you are better. I know entire groups through churches and the leaders are reptiles and draconians they fill the people with the holy spirit but its a reptile instead. Disease go’s away, brain starts to function more quickly like reptiles have,tumors gone etc. But yes nice, to what price? Now you are one of them…And i am not kidding and i am not trying to scare anybody.I was the one who said for years and years, they cant win and we are ruling etc. while i was saying it thinking they couldnt do anything, apparently they must have been laughing their ass off. Dont fall for it.
    And dont try to ascend to anything as you are already everything!

    As i tried to find a way out of what they have done i found a woman with the same kind of experiences:

  21. Anonymous says:

    Kathy Vik says:

    April 5, 2012 at 5:12 am

    This has some good info, but I think you are missing some truth.
    Humans all have 12 strand dna. even your feared obama!
    If YOU have access to light, what makes yu think others don’t?
    Your posts are drenched in fear, and I think that is sad.
    EVERYONE has the potential to ascend to 5D. EVERYONE>
    Why practice your outdated fear mongering and hate?
    Do you think spewing fear is going to assist those who need access to LIGHT and LOVE in order to reach spiritual heights HELPS or HINDERS their work?
    Your fearful and hateful and distrustful messages are not in tune with 5D reality.

    Well i am not into fear either but i have to tell you, being fearless got me into this mess. I just walked into all the crap thinking it couldnt harm me anyway an i was protected. You have no idea what you are talking about. Dont be stupid look at the world is it peacefull , its only getting worse, its because THEY ARE STILL OUT HERE< AND THEY ARE OPERATING IN HUMANS. And all this crao about ascending into another dimension is all a trik of them. Thats how they lure you into their cave. So yes i agree fear based talk is not helping people ascend. But all this crap about going into another dimensio and people going to healers who can assist in your ascension and receiving healings and dna changes THATS where the reptiles operate.Open your eyes. These humans who give these dna healings MOST of them if not ALL ARE REPTILES. Thats a reptillian trade not human. They know how to mess with dna. Better yet most of them just put a reptile in you and because of that your dna will change because the reptile will alter it.Because reptile dna is different than human.I am not kidding arround and i am not trying to scare people. I have been tricked myself.I am trying to protect you. Dont mess with your dna. If it changed its a natural process. Dont go to healers or try to receive something.Everything youreceive will not be what truly belongs to you. You will just take the YOU out of you an put THEM inside of you. Yes maybe you feel better. But thats only if you go along with it. Once you try to get out , thats when the crap starts.

  22. Michael says:

    Hi Anonymous.

    Brad has had to be away from the site over the past few weeks, and so I thought I would make a quick comment –

    In the past few months, his view regarding our situation here on Earth has changed to a degree. He has stated more recently somewhere on this site that, although he is confident of us winning, he now believes that we have more work still to do than we thought. He says that his partner is psychic and has been seeing lots of reptilians around and about in the last year or so (I hope I havn’t misunderstood what you said Brad, but I’m sure you’ll let me know if i have.) ;)

    From my point of view Anonymous, I thank you very much for your input.

    Just letting you know that we do have a forum, with a section on how to deal with Reps. Any contribution from you would always be appreciated by me I’m sure.

    How the fuck do we beat them? I’m not certain, but I doubt it’s by sticking our heads in the sand and reciting New Age mantras!

    Thanks again Anonymous and all the best.

  23. Anonymous says:

    his real name is BERNARD PERRONA.. or something close to that.. he statedin the book he took the body of a BERKELEY PHYSICS STUDENT.. etc.. he has since tried to negate the bio.. natch.. ah ho WIO

    And then, we parted on very friendly words, sir, but these people had left me a letter which I did not open until a few hours after they had left. And in this letter was written that I should not attend David Icke’s talk, and that a strange person called Alia Czar was watching me. I don’t know who Alia Czar is. And they said to me-these people had said to me when we met-that they were under a great lord called Melchizedek. And, after I’d read this threatening letter, which threatened that if I talked, my wife, who is sick of cancer in hospital, is going to die if I talked. Then, I began to wonder. Who were these people?

    testimony 9:

    hi everyone,

    i was studying merkaba meditation because i wanna try it out but i had an talk about it with a friend of mine and we were talking about the david star what you’ve to use it the merkaba meditation and he came by the conclussion that it is an Evil symbom and that the 6 triangles , 6 lines and 6 corners shows the number of the devil together and he warned me to look out what i do because you can walk into some evil things with this because it was used also to curse people. and i really starting believe this because the man who bringed this meditation to public named drunvalo melchizedek have some history or hanged out with some masonic people. So what i wanna know: Is this really an evil thing? // Can someone tell me more about The David Star if its evil or good? // will there be risks on this meditation? or if you’ve have some tips or advice for me its allways welcome


    testimony 10:

    Drunvalo openly and casually admitted in front of many witnesses, a few years ago, that his particular Merkaba meditation protocols are specifically designed to get the more talented adepts directly under his control. Thanks to the internet, this comment was broadcast and he apparently lost most of his credibility. He also openly promotes the Great White Brotherhood, which is a high-end Illuminati organization which also directs masonry, Rosicrucianism and Thoesophy as well as the newage gurus of whom he’s only one.

    testimony 11:

    Torkum Sassarian had died right before DB woke up, by the way. He showed me a photo of a gathering of newage gurus, with Sassarian in their midst, taken in 1987 on the grounds of the Masonic Temple in Sedona, Arizona. During that conference they were designing the mind control agenda that would be called, ‘the Harmonic Convergence.’ Present were DB, Sassarian, Gregg Braden, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Jean Houston, Shirley MacLaine, James Twyman and a dozen other people whose names I didn’t recognize, including Goru Adachi, from Japan, whom DB mistakenly assumed was Ken Adachi, who is an Italian guy from Brooklyn.

    It was another six years or so before DB consciously realized that this was not a gathering of self-sacrifing beings. He told me that Shirley MacLaine is a very sweet person, though a childhood product of one of the early CIA Monarch Programs. He also told me that Drunvalo was given his job after DB bolted in the mid 90s.

    testimony 12:

    drunvalo is alien agenda. he is working for them. I have no doubts about it.

    This is all just testimonies i gathered from several people over the internet.

    So i am not the only one who is saying this. Stay away from this man, drunvalo melchizedeck. Stay away from ken page.

    Keep out of churches too.

    Look within yourself, you are IT.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Michael again, you did not post one of my comments. The latter was only the last part of the story. It doesnt make any sense now. You did not post testimony 1 through 8.

    The piece that you posted is just the last piece of the text. It doesnt add up like this…. whats going on. You yourself did a workshop with drunvalo?Trying to stop the truth from coming out?

  25. Michael says:

    Hi Anonymous

    This website is owned by Brad and I am not a moderator.

    I don’t know why your post didn’t appear, but I would be very surprised if there is any malevolent reason (I do understand your being frustrated by it not appearing, and it is easy to start becoming suspicious. In this world, unfortunately, we have to be wary of everybody – who is for the truth and who isn’t, but I hope you give this website a go. I think you’ll see that Brad is more likely to be on your side than not).

    If the truth you are talking about is that Humanity has been fucked around for tens of thousands of years by alien beings, and, is still being fucked around by them, then I think Brad would agree with you 100% (please re-read my previous post). Also,this is what he wrote in the comments section on Oct 9th 2012 on his Esther Hicks post (preferably go to the post and read the previous comments as well, so as to put his comments in context).

    “Hi Mark,

    Well I have to say my friend, that this may be the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard this month…

    “It appears to me unfair to claim that people who disagree with you do so without a shred of evidence. Well, their evidence is how they feel and that is as valid or more valid than some tool such as reverse speech. (I suspect that point might be maddening…)”

    Damn right that’s maddening. Damn fucking right!

    What planet are you living on? Certainly not the same as mine! How the fuck is what someone FEELS about a subject classed as EVIDENCE???

    I’d like to see that stand up in a court of law in front of a jury – “so do you feel this man murdered Joe Smith?” – “Oh yes we really feel he’s a bad man”!

    Total bullshit I’m afraid Mark, and if that offends you well that’s up to you, you’ve offended me so I guess we’re even.

    And as for you or anyone else becoming offended by my “colorful language”, well! If someone is going to get offended at the use of swear words (used in a JUSTIFIED manor) then they really need to grow up, get a backbone and grow a pair! We don’t need any more fucking “shrinking – “oh I wouldn’t say boo to a goose -I don’t want to offend anyone now” – violets” on this planet! We need people who are PASSIONATE, ENRAGED by the Evil on this planet and are willing to fucking do something about it!

    I’m sorry but if someone is going to be offended by swear words then they sure as hell ain’t gonna cope very well when they discover the truth of the Reptilian’s evil i.e. raping, torturing and mudering countless numbers of children across the world on a daily basis!

    Now I know some people will say “well the low level emotions just feed the reptilians – we shouldn’t get angry, we just need to love” – but sorry if someone isn’t FUCKING ENRAGED by the EVIL on this planet then there’s something seriously wrong with them! And ALL emotions are there for a purpose!! And yes when I’m angry I use swear words, if anyone takes offense at that, get over it for fucks sake!”

    I think we need to hear from people like you, and i think Brad would agree.

    All the best mate.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I was just reading some posts uphere again, people with the thing of not installing fear and we will all ascend to 5dimension…

    Does anybody not see that REPTILLIANS LIVE and ARE 4th and 5th dimension?

    Thats why all the creeps that teach acension and all seem to know somuch and be “highly” avanced (which only seems to be like that because in overall 5th dimension is low compared to all the dimensions that exist above that) is because THEY put “humans” stuck in 3d dimension , now they pretend to be our heroes which is a big complex for reptillians, they really love to put themselves on pedestals. “people” (better yet, snakes) like drunvalo, “feel” LIGHT to us because they vibrate in a higher dimension yet i would not call them Higher beings as in Higher of Light as in positivity. And even remember, what is Light? Its energy. Even satan, lucifer, is called the angel of light.And also the devil is mentioned as a snake….
    How you figure that… isnt that a coincidence?

    If anybody would want to ascend, i suggest you ascend above their dimension instead of IN theirs.

    And again this is not about fear, this is about reality. You can not fix something if you dont even realise whats going on or that there is even something going on.

    Its the same as people and relationships, either friendship or romantic.

    You can create your reality but you dont just have to deal with you, its also the other one. Here on earth right now, its not just us, its reptillians too.
    In a relationship, if you have this great image of your friend and you always think positive and give them love and never believe anythign negative about them. Yet still one day, you find out that this person betrayed you and went behind your back and just used you for information or to get a nice job or to let you pay everytime and have a free ride going to restaurants and movies etc.
    I am just creating a scenario here. Yes you can create and you are creating with your thoughts but its not just connecte to that. There are also others involved.

    Yes you should offcourse keep positive and have a positive view on things. But open your eyes for the truth so you can actually do something to get us all to your great vision of ascension… let that be above the reptillians instead of in their dimension.

    So no you should not see this as fear, open your eyes.

    This ascension, what is it?

    If it was true that these energies and symptoms people have are positive changes then why are the enlightened ones/indigos feeling them/being attacked with these energies. If they are to lift us to a higher state of being shouldnt these energies move to the presidents and politicians because they are in more need of this ascension then us?And if these shifts have happend to them then why is there not more ascension in the way they rule? If these shifts are over the entire earth an not just attacks on the true enlightened ones. If these shifts are indeed positive and helping us. Then they shoul be aimed at everyone and especially governments etc.

    Yet when you look at them they seem to have no signs. Let me remind you true light an ascension cuts through everything. So if this really was happening all over the planet even them would be affected by it. Yet it seems that the system their system is only getting worse.

    They decide what you can buy in the supermarket, they decide what price you pay when you use the train or bus. They decide on our taxes, insurence, medicine, speedlimit etc.

    If these “energywaves” would have been good of the good ones, they woul have specifically been aimed at the governments etc. because they need the true enlightenment and ascending. Yet are they? Look at your town, look at the world. Everything is digital,they keep data on us etc.everything is NOT better.

    So what is this ascension? while they are putting the true enlightened ones the ones that already were enlightened because nly a true enlightened one would even seek enlightenment… the ones that seek it dont realise they already are enlightened. Because someone who is not enlightened and are blocked of inside they do not feel the need for enlightenment.

    Its the same thign with evil. When somebody good does something bad for example they lie and feel really bad about it. They think they are a ba bad person. But truly when you think about it , the fact that they feel bad shows thatthey are good. Because when you are truly a bad person you dont care when you do something bad.

    Anyway, the ones that seek enlightenment and go to all these workshops and focus o the energy waves and shifts etc. dont realise they already are enlightened inside.Its a veil, its a blockage that fails to remember who you are, what you already are,so you dont need to become what they say you need to become through ascension. Its a scam of the reptillians an illuminati. Because they will be there with open arms to welcome you to their ascension program.

    This is not about fear, this is about awareness so you can start your true ascension and that is the one that wakes you up from the reptillian influence and not puts you to sleep like so many say ascension makes you sleepy,but makes you jump out of your chair thinking… i am going to do something about this.

    So yes offcourse be positive hold positive emotions and meditations do whatever you want. But dont say its already done when you look outside an its a complete mess.

    Its all hands on deck, we can not afford the true ones who seek enlightenment now to fall asleep while they are still operating in their systems.

    Again its not about fear, dont be afraid, just be aware so you can do something. If one person go’s against the system it would be much harder then if we all would.

    I mean look at all the millions of people going and moving arround in new age wanting enlightenment. Good, if those millions come together to actually change the system they dont have a leg to stand on anymore.
    But where are they when the governments are deciting about new laws and weapons etc, they are too busy being enlightened an meditating. Yes everything is energy, but the reptillians created this physical world and trapped us in this 3d dimension, and true you do need to work with energy, but there is a physical part connected to this.
    We are in human bodies in a physical world.And we also need to actually DO something. They are deciting on laws and future plans as you read this.Why shouldnt we. This is our responsibility as a people. If you dont make a decision it will be made for you. If you dotn make a stand with the politicians and leaders, they will make THEIR stand, and then you have to live with it.Are you ready for that? We have to get involved, whether its protest, whether it is voting (and actually do some research on not just blindly pick a person), wheter it is getting into politics yourself, whatever fits best for you, but we have to get involved….. cause they will and are.They put themselves in goverments and business etc because those are places of power. The enlightened ones dont really like that nasty word power, and politics and business etc. But lets face it , as long as they are systems of power like governments and companies and we are in this physical world and they are deciting about our homes, our food, our relationship with other countries,because when they decide to not be friends or be friends with another country suddenly we as a people have a friend or enemy. Did you chose that?
    We have to get involved, we have to get in to get their influence out. We have to want to decide because if we think politics are too nasty and we dont make an efford to decide wheter to vote etc, they are more then happy to.

    And if you are willing to go into politics go and do so, bring your light and be our voice. If thats a bit to big for you, then at least have a voice. And dont just let them decide all these things about us.If you count all the people in the governments and you count the one with the ones going to spiritual workshops trying to ascend plus the ones meditating at home being enlightened, this group is bigger than any government. We just have to wake up from the coma they put us in. All of this ascension is just to keep us busy while they are still working to achieve what they always wanted to achieve.

    Yes keep yourself positive and do whatever you need to do to be in a powerfull higher energy, but dont let it be just that… go recharge yourself meditating and then after that bring that into the world and into their systems so your dream for humanity will actually materialise.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Oh and this…

    you know what people say, maybe you even thought it when you read the post above…. when you mention that we have to stand up as a people and change this. That we ARE the ones who pay for our food and if we ALL stop going to a store or at least 50 or 75 % they will HAVE to change to keep their money.

    The thing is when you say this, automaticly people get this feeling, that its too hard and it will not work anyway.

    Thats a reptillian program in your mind its part of their net, because thats what they do. They make you believe it will not work anyway so you wotn do anything. An if everyone believes that nobody does anythign and they can just continue.

    Its a program, think about it, we pay them, in fact we are their bosses.

    We pay for transportation. If we dont use the bus anymore they go out of business.

    Its us, its all us.

    So yes we can.

    Just get out of their program and start waking others up.

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    Very interesting read…
    Almost everything my client said matches what I found. She knew nothing about Akhenaten pior to coming for a session, except Nefertiti.

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    If anyone was to be the Anti-Christ its obviously going to be Putin or maybe a Chinese communist leader, or even African; the internationalists have made sure to put Communist dictators in place in Africa with a anti west attitude…thus all this talk about Anti-imperialism etc…it could even be a guy like the North-korean leader or more likely a Muslim representative…but he will guaranteed have Nuclear weapons. And u can see the media is building up the “war” between 2 main figures; the Muslims and Putin.

  42. VoodoViking says:

    I obviously meant between the west and 2 main figures; the west and the Muslims and the west and Putin.

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    It will be a time where people will learn about their spiritual gifts from a young age.

  46. Ashlee says:

    End times events will happen to save humanity.

    Believers in Yahushua should not go to man made churches. There are many witches in the church and many teach false doctrines. They lie and say the Sabbath shouldn’t be kept and it should be. They don’t say the true names usually.

    Believers in the early age met in homes, hills, and had a mission to help people! !

  47. Esther says:

    As a young woman of color who is culturally aware unlike most black people I don’t appreciate the constant insults thrown at this modern president. As a admirer and supporter of President Barack Obama and having an understanding of politics. I can say That President Barack Obamas way of doing things is actually similar to Presidents Abraham Lincoln and John F Kennedy. ALot of caucasians dont understand this new man who happens to not be corrupt and is culturally aware very rare in the black community. This president should be applauded for having America and his family’s best interest in mind. I have not heard one evil or twisted comment from this president. I’ve heard psycho comments from my instructors at school not from the president. He’s not a dirty politician. Lets be logical and wide eyed here. He is the first black president that is pretty historical.

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    Pray to Yahveh Elohim and believe in His Son ushua who came to save the world from sins

    Believe in Jesus – Yahushua in Hebrew.

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    Google images and type in: Prince William and the Shroud of Turin and look at them side by side. There’s your Antichrist. And Jesus is real, I have met Him and I know Him. He is the Word of God and the Truth. But you are right about the fake “Jesus” (like the one on the Shroud). The fake Jesus is the one presented in all manmade religion, both Protestant and Catholic. That is the one given to you by the Illuminati to pit against Satan as two false opposites when in reality, they are BOTH Satan. The Bible says that Satan comes disguised as an angel of light and his servants as servants of righteousness. Don’t be deceived. Jesus Christ is the Truth. You can’t have all these lies, cover ups and deceptions not to mention PURE EVIL, without PURE GOODNESS and TRUTH. Jesus will crush Satan and his minions under His feet very soon. I’m looking forward to it.


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