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Connecting with Your POWER

You can spend your entire life reading “spiritual” books and understanding the concept of “higher consciousness” intellectually, but all of that is totally pointless unless you are actually FEELING IT!

The mind is really the village idiot compared to consciousness and there is whole world of difference between THINKING something and FEELING something. When you place your hand in fire you don’t need the mind to think about whether it is hot, you just KNOW it is. Connecting with your true consciousness is exactly the same. You will be in no doubt whether you are connecting with your true consciousness, you will just KNOW that you are.

But we do need an understanding of exactly HOW to do this.

Activating the brain and nervous system is a key element and there are some incredibly simple, yet profoundly POWERFUL ways to do this, so that higher energies can flow into and through the body. Would you believe me if I told you that connecting with higher levels of your consciousness was as simple as scratching your nose? Well, why don’t you suspend your disbelief for just a minute or two longer until you’ve done this for yourself.

If you’ve read “My Story” (links at the top of the website) then you’ll know the incredible challenges I’ve had with my health since I experienced a nervous breakdown in 2006, shortly after a profound “spiritual awakening” took place in my life. I have tried many healing practices over the years, but one of the most powerful practices I’ve used to reclaim greater health and connect to higher levels of consciousness is the simple act of FEELING different parts of my brain, which literally activates the body and nervous system to a higher vibration and allows it to connect to higher energies.

But again, I don’t want you to just intellectually consider what I’m saying here, I want to give you the TOOLS to do this for yourself, so you can FEEL the truth of this as you activate your own brain and nervous system.

When I first came across this method of body activation I was sceptical. I’d tried many different healing practices over the years, and sure I got some benefits from most of them, but nothing really mind blowing. So I didn’t expect too much when I first tried this simple method. But within a matter of minutes of trying this technique my mind began to gain clarity like I had never experienced before, I felt extremely “connected” to life and it was like “negative” thoughts were not allowed to come anywhere close to my awareness. I was blown away!

Now, this can take a little practice to really start feeling the benefits I’ve mentioned, but a little persistence is a small price to pay, is it not? And you may well experience this shift within minutes the first time you do it anyway (I certainly did).

Let me introduce you to the person I learnt this technique from: This is Rama


Rama is a “Spiritual Counselor” and he has devoted his life to healing himself, the planet and other people. He has also spoken of his connection to the Pleiadians (which doesn’t surprise me at all).

Below is a presentation by Rama where he explains how this brain and nervous system activation works and walks you through how to do it (and it is incredibly simple). As a side note; don’t let the poor quality of the video or the bored looks from some of the audience members distract you from the immense value of this information.

It is the crown chakra activation (spoken about from part 2 onwards) which I have used consistently to re-connect to higher levels of awareness and gain greater clarity in my thinking. But the Pineal Gland (Third Eye) activation is also a very powerful technique which I have used alongside the crown chakra activation.

I recommend you follow along with Rama as he guides you through the feeling techniques and then use them as often as you can throughout each day. This is really the beauty of this technique; you can do it anytime and anywhere, and the more you do it the quicker your brain and body will adopt this connection as a habbit and you will find yourself doing it without really thinking about it.

Rama’s presentation is approx 1 hour…


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9


You should of experienced a shift in your awareness and greater clarity in your thinking as you followed Rama’s guidance, but if you haven’t, don’t worry, just be persistent with it and you WILL start to experience the benefits.

More tools, techniques and information will be posted soon to help you connect with higher levels of your consciousness and reclaim your power, so stay tuned…


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109 Responses to “Connecting with Your POWER”

  1. Jesus says:

    I have activated some of hidden powers, my senses have altered…whooho im awakening…….pliedians!! come to earth :D plz

  2. gigi says:

    this is amazing!

  3. Humanity Wins says:

    I’m glad you guys are receieving the benefits of this already! There is absolutely no reason why this won’t work for EVERYONE who tries it!


  4. Gene Wheeler says:

    I am greatful for this guidance and knowledge of my Light Body.
    I thank you, for reminding me of my Light Body; and my nervous system’s connection to the Sun’s coded/frequency-based, information for all of creation’s benefit; not just man but the entire, Earth.

    Sincerely, Gene Wheeler

  5. Lou says:

    Great topic, thanks for sharing this info.
    Rama speaks so peacefully, I’d love to hear his reversals :)
    Keep up the good work!


  6. Beth says:

    I just have to say how excited I am to find all of you! I have known for quite sometime that we are all mostly energy. I cannot wear a watch, or stand near a gigacounter, as I break the watch, and set of enything that measures energy. At 25 I learned that we can spread love and light, change peoples days, and Ive been practicing this on my own for 20 years..but I always knew there was more to it. A purpose. So I have studied many religions they only reenforced my beliefs that light concours darkness, and is way more powerful. I want to learn how to unlock whatever else is inside me, to be a vessel to help heal ..thanks

  7. g says:

    that was awesome, felt a flow of energy through me. almost as if i could do what ever i want. when i look at things it is in a different perception. i feel rejuvenated, awesome!!!

  8. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi G,

    Yes indeed that is EXACTLY the result of doing this! A different perspective! Because you are accessing higher frequecies of energy and allowing more of your TRUE consciousness to flow into and through the body! Great to hear you’re getting this result! Just start developing it as a habbit and there is no reason why you can’t have this connection throughout most of your days!


  9. Ian says:

    Hi Brad!

    My name is Ian. I’m from Quebec Canada (I speak french so pardon me for the spelling mistakes!). I just discovered your site today! My journey for truth began in 2009, and like your story, my life was upside down until the beginning of this year. Like David Icke always says: learn to connect the dots together. But man it’s hard to connect everything from economics, geopolitics, history, religion, UFO and so on… But since 2012 began, all the dots seem to fit perfectly every day! The coincidence and the synchronicity are too big in my life to not to recognized them. I’m wakened up to the Light. And like you, I always felt that I was on this planet for a “mission”. At the age of 14, I even rejected Christianity because I had the strong belief that the human race was the fruit of much advanced extraterrestrial beings. And man I was laugh at!!! But I was right, we are not alone. And there are coming back to help us! Life is beautiful. I don’t want to be a reptilian slave anymore. Nobody deserves the life we had for the last centuries. I’m new to meditation, reiki and all the “energy weird stuff” we were told that is fantasy. So thank you very much for sharing Ramas videos, I will listen to them carefully tonight at home. Thank you for your work brother! See ya in higher dimensions my friend! : )

  10. Stevie B says:

    wow. I sat and tried to connect when I saw a huge white light in my head that I got a chook and looked around and think about what just happened? in while I watched the video. I thought the light would then come from the video, so I tried to rewind back a little in the video for that as if there was something big light in the video. but it was not there! cant believe i saw this in my mind. this is so real. fantastic!

  11. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Stevie B,

    That’s pretty interesting my friend! When you start connecting with higher realms, then “strange” things can certainly occur. But then what we see as “strange” likely isn’t starnge at all, but is simply us coming back into alignment with our “natural state”, the state that we’ve been disconnected from, due to the untold
    levels of manipulation. Humanity is coming back to it’s natural state and soon what most people currently see as strange will simply be seen as a rememberance of who we REALLY are!

  12. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Ian,

    Yeah it can certainly make your head spin at first when you’re trying to piece all the many, many pieces together, but eventually you start to gain greater and greater clarity and you can start to see the “whole picture”, or at least much more of the whole picture then you could when the puzzle pieces were all scattered about and you were trying to work out what the picture is supposed to be. It just starts to make sense. But the whole picture certainly isn’t finished yet!

    And “coincidence” and “sychronicity” really start to become a normal way of life, because we are all being guided by “higher forces”, whether you want to call that your higher self, God, the One or whatever name you wish to use. As David Icke says, “just get on the airbed and flow with it”. I like that analogy!

  13. Marije says:

    I absolutely loved watching these videos.. It has put things in a clearer perspective to me, i think Rama makes (complicated) information more accessible. Also i loved being in touch with my body during the videos.. it is amazing what more there is to life.. you can feel it! I hope the videos make more people aware of this, it’s so important.

    It is just what i’m looking for; to get in touch with my feelings/ myself. So thank you for placing these videos on this site.. :D


  14. Steve says:

    Hi Brad, This article is really interesting but it doesn’t tell much about how you found out about Rama and what your experiences are afterward. Please post your story on your website. Also, I looked up Rama’s website and it doesn’t tell much about how he developed his spiritual experiences and his background. To me, he is like a stranger.

  15. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Steve,

    I have shared quite a bit more about Rama’s method and some of my personal experiences with it, but only with the subscribers of the site, but you’ve made me realise maybe I should add that kind of detail to the post as well. Thanks for nudge! :-)


  16. Vlad says:

    Hello, is there a problem with the videos? They don’t seem to work, there’s just an exclamation point. Is it due to the fact that they are restricted in other countries, outside the US? Guessing that this website is based in the US?!

  17. Vlad says:

    Nevermind, they work now :D

  18. Deanna says:

    hello humanity wins,

    I recently subscribed to your site and received a confirmation email which prompted me to subscribe to other newsletters. I couldn’t seem to go any further until i did so. Even after doing so I didn’t receive further instruction. I thought after subscribing i would be able to log in or is that not part of the subscription? thanks in advance!

  19. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Deanna,

    When you subscribe to the website that means you will receive email notification of all new posts on the site as well as additional information from me (via email). The confirmation link that you click on just confirms that you have requested the subscription, this way other people can’t subsribe people without there say so. It’s just a way for me to know that the subsribers to the site have choosen to do so. You won’t be subscribed to any other newsletters though, I never share people’s deatils with anyone.


  20. Deanna says:

    Hi Brad,

    I was reading your story, lots of similarities to my own journey but that’s for another time, and I was wondering if you have ever heard of DNA activation. Sorry for your illness hope you are doing better! The day before I found your site I was watching a video on youtube about the symptoms of DNA activation, and it mentioned the symptoms could last for years. Thought this might help or at least answer some questions.

  21. Deanna says:

    My post is gone. Did I say something wrong? just wondering.

  22. Humanity Wins says:


    No your comment wasn’t deleted, I’m just having to approve all comments at the moment due to someone trying to spam my site.

    You’re not the first person to see similarities in their own journey with mine. There seems to be similar themes that many of us have gone through and are going through. My health is improving all the time and I know I will be firing on all cylinders in the very near future! There is no doubt that all the problems I’ve experienced with my body and mind are a result of “waking up”. Like I explained in my story, I literally woke up spiritually in a very powerful way and was having some amazing experiences and then 2-3 weeks later BAM! Everything collapased in my life and here I am 6 years later still recovering from it. Activating DNA is all part of this and connecting to the higher chakras outside of the body. I always had a very strong KNOWING that I was going through that hell for a very big reason and I have since had this knowing confirmed to be true from outside sources. As David Icke says…

    “Life has a brilliant way of disguising our biggest gifts as our worst nightmares” – So true!

  23. Ashley says:

    With as great as all this was.. He kept talking and talking and never getting to the point. I was getting bored.

    I’m interested in this “reactivating the nervous system” business but this guy put me to sleep.

    I can’t wait for you to post a simpler way of doing this without dragging on throughout the entire lesson.

    I usually don’t get bored with stuff like this. In fact, it fascinates me and I can’t wait to try it out for myself. These videos weren’t helpful, though.

  24. Prince Kay France says:

    I want to start this by saying thank u maybe about 2 yearz ago i waz awaken by a conversation i had with family n friends one nite on my porch from that day on i felt like this was my callin i have researched a watched many videos about meditation and conscience elevation i can honestly say being born on dec 25 1989 did not affect me until i realized one day that i alwayz felt out of place here i honestly do not think i am of this planet. I have reoccurring feelin that i have thi mission to do but i can not remember what it is and its a very strong feelin i would love to hear back from you guys i know u are busy but we have to work together on this… thx

  25. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Prince Kay France,

    There’s no doubt that you have a “Mission” here! Everone’s mission is ultmately the same – To Remove the darkness from this planet

    But you may not be clear on exactly what your specfic way of contributing towards this is yet. But it is already within you. Ask that question to yourself

    “What can I do Now”

    What skills and passions do you have and how can you use them to spread information and love to people?

    I have a quote written down which says…

    “For You to Know Your Purpose, You Only Need to Know 2 Things; What Are My Gifts and Who am I Supposed to Give Them to?

    Is it Music, Speaking, Writing, Poetry, Film Making, ??? You are a creative being, use your creativity to impact others. You may not have everything planned out yet, but as you start taking action and building momentum things will become clearer. Listen to your intuition. Where is it guiding you?

  26. Michael Allan Boese says:

    I am now, as I was once before – long ago. My name is different now but I look the same as I always did. I am a traveler of space and time. I am an ancient who has begun the unfoldment of awakening.

    My current name is Michael Allan Boese and I was born on January the sixth nineteen fifty eight – The Epiphany. I am a glazier by trade.

    I began having visions of some of my past lives a little more than eight years ago. In each of these lives I have an adversary that is unchanged through the ages. Many times I recall falling prey to its cunning “game” and losing life of body, but my chi has never relinquished the fact that I am far more than flesh and blood. I am actually a creature of light, and after a brief respite – I always return to continue my quest for the divine truth.

    I have had more than my share of noteworthiness in past lives, but I’ve never felt the power of the deep understanding of the “truth” like I do these days. I feel a change occurring deep within the very core of reality that will soon manifest into a new age of mankind. I suppose many other people can feel this as well. I have broken free from the adversaries’ grip only to discover yet another “net” has encompassed me.

    Deeper down the rabbit hole I flew until I began to understand the nature of this new “unknown” enemy. The repetitive nature of this new threat pointed more toward a mechanism rather than an organism. The concept of quantum physics and nature of quantum computers has provided reality with a myriad of possibilities past, present, and future. But, what happens when one of these “things” we depend upon for the very fabric of atomic structure malfunctions? Repetition is a sign of either insanity or of a mechanism running a program – the latter applies.

    Now, knowing what it is that contains me – I ask myself, “Where is this electromagnetic producing quantum contraption?” On April the third, two thousand and four I found it and immediately removed it with extreme predjudice, but nothing changed. Redundacy of systems is also a sign of mechanical intelligence. How many more of these “things” are out there overlapping reality and controlling our very thoughts and actions. Sources of even subtle electromagnetic activities are all suspect at this time.

    A “grid” is a complex structure that must be maintained vigorously at the quantum level where it can remain unseen or clouded. The grid layout assigns each parcel of space an address that tells a wave of energy to emanate into any given thing at any given place, and this is what our pysical reality is created from – it seems.

    My studies are beyond the “aliens” themselves. I want to learn more about these mecanisms of subduction that are obviously employed. To cut the “head” off is to win this ancient war.

  27. Moises says:


    probably you already know about this youtube channel
    but if you dont, ill give it to you:
    — Spirit Science —

    recommended video to watch:
    Spirit Science 12 – THE HUMAN HISTORY MOVIE

    Hope you like it
    Be Bless Brother

  28. Eyvonne says:

    I have tried everything and I have seem to have a major block…any suggestions.

  29. Nate says:

    hey can anyone feel their pineal gland.. i mean not jumping around or anything but i know where its located kind of at the back of the brain but on the same level as my eyebrows. but i can feel it like i can focus on it but i don’t exactly know how to use it

  30. Fabien says:

    Hi Brad,
    Thank you for putting out all this information out there. I am buddhist, spiritual or whatever you want to call it. I’ve always believed that there must be something else better than the materialistic reality we are being spoon fed on a daily basis!

    I must confess I am finding David’s theory on reptilian hard to digest … However, even if you discount it, I really think David makes really good points and no one can ignore the facts that we are all sleep walking into a totalitarian dictatorship on a global scale. Before this presentation I was totally oblivious to it and this is changing my views on things BIG TIME! I’ve always thought politicians served a agenda which never really serve their voters’ best interests. Now I know why! I’ve listened to part 1 which blew my mind, I am finding part 2 even more compelling, I’ve watched 1.5 of it, can’t wait to watch the rest!

    Rama sounds awesome, I can’t wait to work with him.


    PS: I am French but I also live in the UK (Oxforshire).

  31. Mellok says:

    Hi there!

    I am a bit confused about the peneal gland focus, does he mean to feel the point between my eyebrows on top of my skin, or the region inside my brain on height of that point (the peneal gland is inside the brain physically, as a found out by google images).

    Thank you.



  32. Sand says:

    Thank you very much!
    from Brazil

  33. TONY says:

    holy shit it works, i got a spinal cord injury and doing this made my hands and feet tingle and i got more feelimg in my body i feel more awake

  34. Endovelyco says:

    Have all of you seen this video?

    Frequencies can shape our reality…and our DNA, our Conscious.

  35. Endovelyco says:

    ops is not the link above.

    this is the correct one:…feature=related

    apologises ;)

  36. tony says:

    you can go to his web site sighn up with email and listen to his audio to heal the hole body

  37. Endovelyco says:

    I tried this but I dont know what kind of feeling I should feel by focusing on my pineal gland, i think i need help.

    Brad as Im in the UK like you, cant you tell me where to find places that practice and teach all this???

    thank you

  38. nicole says:

    i see so many videos out there repeating the same thing: “we are all ONE”… but where is our relationship with God in all this new belief?

    maybe the truth is: “we are all ONE with God”; we were never separated… we only chosen to experience self-awareness, the illusion that make us see ourselves separate from the rest and in isolation from God…

  39. Endovelyco says:

    I remember that I did what I’m gonna tell twices and had the same feeling, I’m not referring the videos experience, but other and would like to see if someone know what it is, or it could be related with the video too:

    - ok once I was in front of my mirror, after having a shower, when suddenly I looke to myself and looked into my own dark eyes, then my brain started to make me asking questions to myself while I was focusing into my eyes very deeply, questions like “who am I? Where am I? What I’m doing here? Who am I? Who am I?” then after a while I think it took 5 to 10 minutes I got a strange feeling surrounding me, the feeling was looking to myself as I was looking to a stranger and start to not recognise the place where I was, I think I got out of my self, but then I stopped asking questions and looking at the mirror because i started to be scared to look at myself.

    Someone had the same experience? Is this related with the pineal gland??
    I would love to do it again but not alone.


  40. Asia says:

    I love you Rama <3 thank you for starting the perfect shift in my life <3 Mucho love to you Rama!!! your soul is so beautiful!! along with your smile!!!

  41. Brittany says:

    Wow! Amazing and I’m so thankful for finding this. I am 23 and was paralyzed after breaking my neck 3 yrs ago as a passenger in a car accident. 3 yrs of rehab and therapy I have made improvements, gotten stronger and some feeling back. BUT I’ve taken notice that the feeling I had been getting back wasn’t normal feeling, I could feel the insides of my body slightly like if something touched me I’d feel a pressure and small tingle at the spot under my skin. After these videos, my whole body is tingling like crazy inside and I don’t think people that aren’t paralyzed are feeling this exact feeling. I feel like I am all connected now! It’s amazing! From the start with focusing on the top of my head, I felt a pressure in my chest which is where i lost feeling from after being paralyzed then I felt it in my stomach both with every breath I took in. When focusing on the middle of my brain I felt the tingly feeling traveling from my head to my arms and down my legs! When focusing where the spinal cord and brain connect I felt my whole body tingling constantly! It still hasn’t stopped even 15 min after I watched these vids. I then decided to grab on to my things and for the fun of it to try move my legs while tingling was present. My thigh and calves and feet muscles make a small twitch!!!! I’m so excited!! Thanks so much for posting these!! I think this method of fixing my nervous system, which is actually damaged (bruised) at level c6/c7, will be the best way to healing myself. I’m so thankful!, i want to just do this all day!!

  42. Dave St. says:

    This was great, a whole new awareness! Thanks for the wake-up call!

  43. Antoshkapt says:

    Perfect i found u ! ^_^ my teacher at the moment u will be :P Will watch all videos as soon as possible :)

  44. Wespa says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. Gonna do this excersise now. :)

  45. Dustin says:

    I love this! what a great feeling. this is EVERYDAY life stuff! this should be taught in schools.

  46. Luigi says:

    This is amazing, to reconnect with my body again. I felt aenergy running throught my crown and back of my head. I was able to see my lips identation with my eyes closed, thanks for sharing!

  47. Trevor says:

    Hi Brad – thank you for your priceless website. I am from the UK. I am not a ‘medium’ but see pulsating clouds of purple and white light when I pray to spirit and the creator. The dark can not hide from me either as I also see their spineless negative black shapes. They disappear immediately when they know I can see them.
    I have read so much thanks to the internet about ascension, the galatic federation and the very positive future for humanity. So many are now discovering their real identity and purpose.
    I have also read many plausible predictions of major physical changes in the earths make up in December 2012 as she ascends initially to fourth dimension frequency. What is your take on this? – thank you – Trev

  48. Diance says:

    Hi :) Love the website name! We can do it!
    Might also help if we could chant OM in any Now moment as millions of others are doing.
    The videos helped to clarify what I had experienced once. I was practicing a Tantric Wave Guided Ritual and the body movements. In my mind at my third eye center pineal gland, I imagined and felt the concentric circles of an older tree. I would see each circle, bringing my mind to the center of it. One morning I half awoke and had what I thought was an Out Of Body Experience but now I know it was an In Body Experience. My mind went to its center. I went through a hazy moment and saw some colours then I, my mind, settled into a limitless space. I had only my eyes to see, no corporal body, no pain, no illness, clarity of mind, and I was an energy I can only describe as Love. I was in the Now moment, thought by thought, no past, no future, couldn’t even think of them. My every thought, word, had energy. If I thought ‘hug’, I received a cosmic hug. If I thought ‘bounce’, I could feel the bounce. Positive thoughts expanded me, negative, contracted. I discovered I am indeed a Soul. I had an urge to go forward, but wanted to stay put to get my bearings. I saw what appeared to be blue streams of lightning coming from my solar plexus (I thought this was ‘purifying’ but am not sure.) This event is described in Led Zeppelin’s higher consciousness “Kashmir” which is rife with zen sayings. He traveled to the Astral World “with no provision but an open face”, etc. Stairway To Heaven is about alchemically changing from the dross of the ego to the gold of spirituality. “Bustle In Your Hedgerow” is a humming in the head that Lightworkers hear, a call to action and love.
    Ok, said enough, thanks for listening. Namaste.

  49. Love & Light says:

    Hello my brothers and sisters!I am happy to have found this site! I am excited about our future!

  50. UNIVERSE says:

    you will..

  51. mick says:

    I really enjoyed this, it was very good,

    funny thing is I have heard alot of what rama said here from Bashar !!

  52. hi says:

    i cant believe this guy charges like a wounded bull , its ridiculous

  53. Foday Camara says:

    This is the double truth.Rama explained the connection between man and the universe in such depth and yet so detailed,you start to feel the truth and realised how tricky the would and some beings are.
    Thank you Rama,I will spend more time now doing this.

  54. JUSAWAKENED says:

    Just out of curiosity, have you done any reversed speech on Rama?

  55. Bert says:

    Goodday you all,

    I have some quite disturbing news for you.
    Have been in contact with Rama trying to find out on which side he is operating as i found out most of the “healers/lightworkers” were even on illuminati side or had their amazing powers changing dna because it is a reptillian skill.Knowing drunvalo myself and knowing he is a snake,reptillian and very evil.He is not even hiding it anymore because he calls himself serpent of light, and hangs arround on masonic/illuminati meetings.I had very bad experiences with him. So i wante to see where rama was standing.When i asked him if he supported drunvalo he said he was very well on the same side as drunvalo. After that i started getting attacked again like how i got attacked when i was in contact with drunvalo.I want to warn you about them.This is very dangerous.And I wouldn’t wish on you what they did to me.I hope this website will take action and remove this article or change it in a warning.

  56. Michael says:

    Hi Bert.

    Yes, we have to be really careful. We need to always question question question.

    Take care.

  57. James says:

    I’d like to think the site owner is smart enough to have checked him out already.

  58. Becker says:

    i just watched rama. And i did not unerstand why people do not see everytime he makes these evil horns with his fingers. I know somebody else who does that a false prophet and people made videos of it and i thought what a load of crap thats just a coincidence. But guess what it was not,this man did awfull awfull things to me.And body language even says more than reverse speech.
    Also what is funny or not funny is, that we are not bodies like he claims.We are our souls, and we are water and this was once a water planet untill the reps came and screwed it up.They wanted us to help them and we did gave them supplies etc and then they wanted to move to our planet we said no. Because when you inhabit two races on one planet they start to mix in dna. It happends. But they were building these human bodies to do work like getting gold out of the earth like machines to work for them.They wanted to soul to manifest physically. We were never like this we are not our bodies, and indeed are bodies are a prison we are not suppose to be like this.The main thing that keeps us dumb and not knowing who we are are our bodies. Rama says our bodies are heaven, its wrong, our soul is. How in Gods name can anybody believe our bodies are heaven.Its physical its like a machine.Its like saying you love your car more than your wife or husband.Its about feeling or technology. Reps are about computers and physical technology.Like drunvalo wants to get enlightene by sacred geomotry. Its all about mathematics thats not what the soul is,its feeling.How do you call something like a parent lifting a car of off their child while they do ot have any physical machine to do so. Its love, its feeling. THATS heaven. Our souls are. Also rama says what is love? Its the centre of the earth that pulls us to earth. Are you kidding me>? There was no gravity, it came with the reps. We were water and feeling and consciousness, infinite beings. Then the reps brought their planet and placed in into middle earth.The science thing is opposites attrack and same alike energies repel. We were water, and the middle of earth was the same like us, we WERE earth, or more like oceanië. So we were the same an alike repells. So we had no gravity as we could come off the earth.Then the reps brought their planet/crystals in the earth and we were no more alike to the earth and so opposites attrack, an there was gravity. If the crystals and middle earth is reptillian base and rama says that that is LOVE. Then he says reps are love. And they are not,they dont care about us. When we denied to let them live here because of the risks of mixing races and losing our planet plus identity, they got pissed off like ego is a big thing with reps. (also notice how many times rama is repeating its about I, I, I, I, its all aboutyou yourself, me me me, thats not our nature, thats not unconditional love for all andone consciousness thats all about seperation and being on your own)Then they came up with a plan to trap our water bodies/souls into their machines/bodies to work for them. Why do you think most of us is water?We ARE water, we are NOT our bodies.And he is teaching us we shouls not want to be anywhere else. Offcourse not, they want us trapped in these bodies.Then he says more horrific things like we were MADE to grow BODIES! Are you kidding me? I am not mae to grow a body! I already have one! Its my soul! And its far more advanced then these stupid computer machinelike things.Then he says about the fact that everything started with an idea to manifest here in human bodies. Yes thats true, the reps came up with that, with their experiments.Thiis is what i have been trying to tell you. STOP trying to get enlightened its just a scheme, you already are! You are not your body.
    An all of this grounding stuff is just to keep you on earth. They want you to learn how to feel more comfortable in your body and learn how to deal with it, and how to be grounded. Ever wonder why indigos diont want to be here talking about wanting to go home? Why am i here i want to leave. Problems with grounding. Offcourse, because grounding means connecting to middle earth where reptile base is!All this new age crap is to put you MORE IN YOUR body. Ever start to listen to your soul? Ever wonder why you have this urge to NOT be in your body? Maybe you should trust that. If anything we should try to figure out how to get OUT of these bodies.And return to our natural form and escape this “matrix” they set up that when you die you keep getting locked into their system/bodies.These bodies are for them not for us.The grounding shit and expanding in your body is just because they want you to fully integrate in your body to FULLY TRAP you.You know what ascension is? Dying and having your soul move out of this trap.Unfortunately we also have to break their system of trapping us again in another body.
    We are infinite beings yes but not like they say. They know how infinite we are. And they want us to fully integrate that in our bodies so they can get full use of it.
    Now the ascension they want is to live forever and making your body so that you wont die. Even the merkaba crap to trap you and they tell you it is so that you can use your merkaba to travel and come of the earth. If you were not trapped inyour body you would not NEED a merkaba to do that because your soul already can levitate and do anything.Merkaba is the biggest death trap.And living forever? Are you kidding me, wake up. The only thing that is mortal is THEIR made machine bodies that trap us. THANK GOD. But NOW now they want to perfect that mistake and try to teach us how to entrap ourselves for all eternity in their prisons which are these bodies!Thats what all this crap is about. All this new age crap. Is to fully integrate yourself in your body. And people think its a good thing they get more healthy and live longer. For God sake, you are not supposed to be healthy in this body because this body is not natural. Its a machine made by the reps and their experiments.And all the hurt and pain and war its also their work to hurt your real body which is your soul!Why do you think indigos often also get sick often etc. Because everything inside them go’s against this body. Because they know its not natural.They give us all this crap how to learn to live forever but our souls already do!Have you ever thought about what if they /we succede in this scam. What if we really are going to succede and ascend and full integrate, for God sake do you want to be trapped here on earth forever in these bodies? Imagine we reall getting so healthy etc that we will not die anymore. It means your soul is in this body forever. And what happends then when the reps take control and we are connected to the “earthstar” which is their reptillian star/planet located in middle earth. Its like a crystal vibrating day an night sending information through us.By all means, GROUND yourself. Yes your soulstar is up there, but the earthstar is not our original earthstar because they placed their planet inside middle earth. And thats when this earth started to change.Look at it, the houses the food, the cars. Do we need that or do they need that? We are energybodies we are souls. We dont exist in this level. we dont need cars, we ARE cars. We dont need food we ARE food. Our souls are infinite. This is all a created world of them.An they have fun playing arround with it. And we keep thinking why am i here why do we exist, this doesnt make any sense. why is there war why are we hating eachother why are we so messed up. Its not us! Its them!They trapped us in these bodies.Yes their techniques will help you feel better in your body. The point and question is, is that what you want? If you remember who you are? Is this what you want? Do you want to be a machine?Do ou want to be controlled by bodyurges, i just cant controll myself i have to have sex i have to have alcohol i have to have drugs i have to scream i am angry. I have to this, i have to that. Why am i behaving like this, i dotn want to behave like this. No offcourse not, its control. Its their control. Also the magnetic thing about the brain as being the same as the centre of the earth. Yes its called the reptillian brain. Google it.Wake up people, its all a scam. Its like this timeloop we are trapped in, repeating repeatin repeating itself. And some of us even remember some past lifes and they dont want you to remember. But even them see that they now go through stuff they already went through in other lifetimes. Why am i repeating myself? Because its a scam! They even trap you with socalled “karma”.First they drive you crazy with their mindcontrol, mess your soul up make you act crazy. Then they install this chip inside you that when you are born again you are going to be punished for what yyou did while they cost it in the first place! And us feeling bad, feeling like we are evil, no we are not they just want you to think you are because thats how they keep you trapped. As long as you think its your own fault you shut down and dont open your eyes to see whats really going on here. Its a trap.Then they put all this crap in television and commercials to make you act like beasts, sex, anger etc. so just that you create more bad “karma” and are more messed up they are playing with us like we are puppets and they are the puppet masters.We come from Source. why would God/source create such a thing like the body.Doesnt it seem like it has too many flaws to be created by God? God made the soul, its infinite it can do anything and everything. These bodies cant. Now we are working they develop consciousness thinking we are growing more smart with more computers etc. While we are just getting more dumb! The more computers we build the more we try to let these bodies ascend, the more we get disconnected from the real computer/source which are our souls!Wow what an invention the telephone, wow such a great person who came up with that. Are you kidding me? We ARE telephones. When we are out of these bodies that limit us we can just communicate through feeling an telepathy with our energy bodies. The only thing that seperated us from eachother is tthe reps. When they didntlive on this planet we were all water all one, feelings emotions, vibrations infinite. We felt everything that all of us felt.Then the reps came in between mixed themselves with us, and put us in these bodies, which created a seperation from ourselves and or one consciousness. Now they want to re create OUR one consciousness through connecting our bodies in THEIR web just so that we are more easily to be controlled all at once and this network working as a power source power plant for THEM!
    Now it seems like we are living our lifes while they are still working out their plan, we forgot what in Gods name is going on.Tryin gto survive wondering every day why we are even here, why is this place such a mess etc…

    The only thing you should be doing while on this planet is trusting your feeling, even if it says i dont want to be here. Offcourse you dont who i his right mind would want to be here.But while here, lets beat the system and STOP promoting people/robots who are talking about the boy being HEAVEN. Come on, do not try to be more like them, be yourself. You are here to beat them, not go into their system. You are NOT your body. So please stop listening to someone who claims you ARE your body and you were MADE to grow a body.What an insult is that. Don’t you think GOD is bigger than that. Look at these bodies, you need to breath, eat sleep, they do not exist o their own. Your SOUL/SPIRIT does, and only THAT comes from GOD. These bodies come from the reptillian gods. Ad thats what Jesus came to say that you shouldnt try to preserve your body and your earthly life, because its worth nothing. You should rather care about your soul.Stop listening to robots like rama, he is completely empty. And i have no doubt indeed that he is on the same team as drunvalo and i have no doubt that he would even admit it,cocky as they are.

  59. James says:

    Ive reversed his speech n he seems pretty legitimate …

  60. Truth says:

    I’m with Becker, and sorry but you will only get mixed signals from reversed speech if there is actually a soul/spirit in somebodies body. Rama is robot, he is programmed for their side. They let everythign come out the way they want it too. Please only the little guys you can catch with reversed speech. Those are the ones who are taken over by reps or other creeps. There is a difference between a reptillian and somebody who has reptillian possesion. With the reptillian possession because there is a conflict between the reptillian spirit and the spirit of the person you get mixed signals out of their mouth. If they ARE reptillian or robots there is no conflict and offcourse rama is completely true to himself but he is not on your side, as somebody else mentioned he is on for example drunvalos side. And drunvalo is reptillian snake and very dangerous. And about the comment rama charging like a wounded bull. Offcourse they do, first they imprison you and kidnap beings from other planets to put us in these bodies. Thats why indigos all scream they dont want to be here. Because they were taken against their will and their spirit/lightbody knows it. First they kidnap you, then they mess you up and tell you you need healing and offcourse they give the healigs and charge indeed ridiculous. The same thing as spraying us with dissease and then owning the hospitals that give out the medicine.Only one is in the chemical business and others in the spiritual healing. But it ends up the same the money go’s to them. While they are invaders on this earth.Oh yes and they love nature somuch, offcourse, because they made it. They made these bodies. We are just trapped in them, we didn’t use to live like this.We were free infinite beings.

  61. ...... says:

    Please change your story up here, I have bad experiences with him too. I don’t even want to talk about it. But please.
    And no, we are not meant to grow bodies.

  62. Rosayna says:

    This video series ist just fantastic. Thank you so much for inspiring me again to focus on myself instead of searching at the outside. I am also one of the so called indigo childs. and I really understand what it means to connect to the inner sun. Because one of the first things everybody has to do is to heal himself. After I am healed I am fully present. I also could say I am enlightened. And this is nowadays possible for everybody. The new paradigm shift means to be a fully enlightened person. Thank you again so much for sharing this and remembering me!!!

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  64. Mike says:

    My energies have been enhanced by Rama. I am becoming a more ‘complete’ being whose arareness is astounding. I can project my thoughts more clearly, and my reception has become phenomenal. My energy field extends far beyond my phsical body – I can actually see it as well as feel it. I have become a healer. I am still developing my powers, and I am learning more as well. Do not be so sure that you are on the right track with this reptilian stuff – the ‘underlying’ problems at the quantum level are far more intriguing. To cut off the head or remove the source of its electro-magnetic energies from the grid is the ultimate weapon against the Adversary(s). I am close to blindly feeling my way through this conundrum, and when I do you will all feel it as well.

  65. Michael says:

    Hi Mike.

    There’s evidence for this reptilian stuff. I haven’t experienced anything that can prove to me that Reps are real, but it has to be looked at as a valid possibility. It’s irrational not to.

  66. soraya says:


    After seeing the Rama video i decided to go and visit his website. i downloaded few of his audio tape . after hearing one specially i felt like i had to do a reverse speech ( How to manifest your dreams…). so i download a reverse speech software and start to listen. And BOOM !!!! not so nice after all i couldn’t believed what i’ve heard… From the start i heard : ‘ there is nothing like hundreds on earth’ then the words snakes and owl came many times as well as the net i couldn’t hear perfectly all of it but what i understood was that there is nothing like hundred people coming to save the planet and quote’ what you heard is not true there is no hundreds no achievement or net.’ So as there is no doubt about that it is a reptilian talks i would like to know why you said upload Rama videos and says that he was ok? Please anyone go and check i download a free reverse software called Audacity, Google it and download then please try this audio tape from Rama and let’s talk about what you hearing…Something is wrong here!!!!

  67. Nellie21 says:

    I agree with Soraya. Brad, you’ve lost your way again. This Rama fellow says the top of your head is the source of all your power. No, it is definitely not! It is within each of us in our core heart space. He says to “bring the energy in..” to awaken your nervous system. Did you get that? We have all the energy we need! We do not need to bring it in from outside! These Rama teachings are nothing but the same old eastern kundalini/chakra school that some people are finally realizing is part of the FALSE white light.

    Please listen to george kavassilas on Super Woo Radio and read his book, Our Universal Journey and watch his movie, Our Journey Home.

    Check out — for very pertinent info about the chakra system and kundalini.

    For 20 years I personally immersed myself in a very similar practice to what Rama is teaching and I finally woke up. It has taken me several years to get all of that out of my system.

    We have some powerful programming that makes us want to look outside ourselves for the answers. Part of that is our deep subconscious feelings and beliefs that we are small, helpless, worthless. We eagerly look for someone who we perceive as more “enlightened” than us and we proceed to give them all our power. Then they become very powerful because they feed off of our energy.

    All of these Indian gurus and other so-called “masters” who come over to the west know that they can find plenty of money and power here. They might seem to be very loving people, but that’s precisely why we fall for it. On top of that, we convince ourselves that they are so much better than us so we put them on a pedestal. Sometimes we even go so far as to worship them and call them incarnations. We have no idea how amazing WE are. Life is full of illusions and it’s very difficult, I know, but stop giving your power away!

    Don’t take MY word for it…Do some soul-searching. You may find, as I did, that what we need was within us all along. It’s necessary to get some help along the way sometimes for healing and figuring things out, but be very discerning about who you’re getting help from.

    Our Mother Earth is one of our greatest teachers and healers, we just have to give her our respect, love and gratitude, and in return she gives us what we need. If we continue to give our power away, we will be not be able to help HER. We help her by waking up and connecting to our higher selves, but not the way Rama says it!


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