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Excellent Reptilian Shapeshifting Video Series

There are many people getting information out in different ways on the internet and video is obviously a powerful way to communicate. One of the best video series on YouTube at the moment is from a user by the name of “TheyLive2012″. This person has done a great job of accumulating and analysing a lot of the Reptilian shapeshifting videos along with other Reptilian and Illuminati information. There are 23 videos in total and you can watch the entire series below.

Obviously one person won’t have all the answers and some of the information shared in the videos may be incorrect, but overall this video series contains some very powerful information.














Part 11 has unfortunately been removed by YouTube (terms of use violation or some rubbish like that)



For some reason video 13 has the embed option disabled (I think it’s just an error) so you’ll have to watch it on YouTube – Part 13



Again the embed option is diabled on the next video so you’ll have to go over to YouTube again – Part 15










43 Responses to “Excellent Reptilian Shapeshifting Video Series”

  1. javier29 says:


  2. javier29 says:

    tHANKS.. :)

  3. luis says:

    Awesome job, keep the uploads. I really enjoy obtaining knowledge.

  4. Nejdet Kiral says:

    Well done Great Work! Thank you for your efforts and sharing these excellent videos.

  5. MJ says:

    as soon as a found these i didn’t stop till i watched them all. no lie. thank you for these.

  6. russell says:

    the jonas brothers seriously i always thought they were aliens.

    what was that movie in the beginning of part 1.

  7. Eduard L. says:

    thank you

  8. jon says:

    is there a way for us to tell which people are the reptilians just by looking at them. what i mean by that is like in the movie “They Live” the sunglasses. it seems to be the same premisis im imagining they just changed the light spectram so they could see them for what they really are… what light spectrum are they operating on and what would be a good way to just walk around to spot them so we know who or what were dealing with?

  9. dave says:

    We all need to watch out. I for one believe every thought put forward in these videos. The evidence is all around us. The truth shall set us free!!!

  10. Mark says:

    Very interesting

  11. Josh says:

    Do you have any information about the “greys”? Are they really slaves to the reptilians as well? Or are they neutral? Or are some of them actually allied with the reptilians? Alex Collier says that they have their own agenda and that they are not technically on the same side as the reptilians.

  12. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi josh,

    From everything I’ve come to understand the Grays are the Reptilians slaves, or are at the very least working in partnership with them. I will be adding a section to the site some time soon with information about the grays and will be reversing a lot of Gray information to gain even greater clarity on the subject

  13. OpenM'eye'nd says:

    One must remember, deception is always a dual edged blade. Take 9/11 for example, the attack itself was both a distraction and a tool. Next time you find yourself a midst a “spectacular” happening, look away from it and look around. Make a note of the time and date, then study all variables of that time. Often you will find something else was happening that was of far greater importance in the end.

    We are affected by far more things than just what we can see. Things happening millions of “light years” away and things happening an inch away. We’ve been living under a veil of control and deceit for so long we have lost sight of what we truly are capable of and what the world around us, that we can’t see, is doing.

    I’m horrible at explaining things of deep content, but hopefully I got my point across.

  14. TheGrid says:

    These videos have opened my eyes, a brother of mine introduced me to the wake up call video, then told me to explore this website and read the very first thing that caught my eye, and that was the reptilians, my brother and I believe we were sent her to assist those scouts that were sent her before us long ago, we believe we will be those wielders of justice, for when the time comes, when humanity will be freed and the reptilian oppression has ceased to exist, we will be there to fight for man, for that is our purpose, we are paladins of the light. Your videos have awakened me and my conscious, for he had been released long before me, but I am sure of it now, that as the end of this year draws closer, they will fall, which is why I believe they are getting more sloppier in concealing their kind (Reptilians). They know a war is coming, and thats why they are pushing to get as many as they can to bend to their will. Because they know, that they will lose. We all must work together, and free ourselves.

  15. Endovelyco says:

    Another videos about reptilian analysis:

    Nicki Minaj –

  16. Endovelyco says:

    why my post was deleted?

    I posted two another videos about reptilian analysis here.


  17. Endovelyco says:

    Now appeared again saying “Your comment is awaiting moderation.” Im confused because is the first time i see this.

    but i understand the moderation, i just though it was deleted because i used to see my posts right away when i submit it.


  18. rich says:

    My guess is that, in the near future, as per the book of Revelations, we’ll be shown who is pulling the strings by way of the consciousness level of humanity being high enough to pierce through the Reptilian grid. If (or when)that happens, we’ll probably end up seeing Reptilians all over the place, like on Youtube. What do we do then? Following the theory that a number of us are of Pleidian origin and are incarnated warriors, what are we supposed to do when the time comes? Kill the Reptilians? As I understand it, the Reptilians are ruthless. It’s them or us. But, they’re partly human too, where the problem is.

  19. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” rich “” well the good thing is humankind don’t have to worry about Reptilians.. because almost,, all of them when kill .. in the same time.. and the few remain of them will be arrest for The Galactic Federation of Light.. so humanity don’t have to worry about that.. and for the true about the who is pulling the strings to the humanity being high enough consciousness level.. that will know too.. with time and later.. because all what happen before it was going in the wrong direction and it was not in the way supposed to be.. and at the end everyone will going to want to know the true and the why.. so everyone with ther own eyes will see “” who, why and what “

  20. ladyb says:

    Hey brad,
    Can you please tell me what plug in I need in order to watch these videos ?

  21. Brad says:

    Hi Ladyb,

    No plug in required, if the videos aren’t playing for you then you may need to download the lastest flash player (it’s free) – you can do that here…

    Hope that helps


  22. ladyb says:

    I downloaded the flash player………Now its just showing black screens……..not sure whats going on

  23. Brad says:


    Very strange indeed – So you can watch videos on youtube without any problems?

  24. ladyb says:

    Hi Brad
    acstually I can watch videos on the reg computer. On the laptop how ever, I cant watch any on your site and still have problems watching a lot of the videos on youtube. Not all but the majority.

  25. Brad says:


    Yeah sounds like an issue with the settings on your laptop then or a lack of certain software updates to allow you to watch videos in the normal way

  26. Daniel says:

    i’m kind of curious about cats, because there are articles that says cats are the best reptilian busters known to mankind, is this true? here’s one of the links:

  27. chris says:

    I truly in courage people to look at video 4. we have multiple plausible outcomes here.

    You will see Obama possible become assassinated, only to rise up and come to life. This is very plausible.

    1) you have the many people upset you taking all their jobs, and rights. and now wanting their right to be left alone to farm, be self-suffienct, and carry weapons. And they are starting to speak up.

    2) you have people freaking out from all the conspiracy theories. And no answers calming them. Fema, Coffins, Chemtrails.

    3) You have people freaking out over the Ufos, and Mayan Calenders. Others are exciting for it. People are divided.

    4) You have Religions VS. Conscience. You have the ability to create a war believing in a “Jesus Christ” Reincarnation. Indeed, it is no lie many believe Obama as the Anti-Christ.

    5) you have war all in the middle east. A unfortunate event could easily occur to a “Savior to our nation.” We Are Change People consist of a huge following.

    Should a event happen in the middle east like this, possibly on a trip to deliver a peace treaty, the reincarnation could even happen on the arguably “original” Home of the Father’s Son.

    Mayan Calender can be debatable on having the world end (or begin a new!) set date of December 21 or December 23 of this year. IF i am not mistaken, on the third day, Jesus ROSE. This could be literally Death of the dark age of “Evil”, and the Birth of the light age of “GOD.”

    As you can see lately, Obama has not been on the News a whole bunch. No video images of his activity. However LOTS of events are occurring showing bunch of bad things. Focus on the middle east is noticeable also. The only time you really think about obama is when his name is said on the news (usually trying to fix the bad news). Why cant we Watch him doing all of this like we actually watch about everything else LIVE.

    Laws are being passed and, more importantly, put in to effect at specific times. Increasing bad laws according to a large percentage of citizens stacking up. And they are getting aware of it and will not accept it. Patriots. Start a war between countries, and then with the patriots going, followed by resistance from a New World Order (fema camps) to “supress” the fighting.

    This would be civil war that is being prepared for by many today. end it all with the loss of a head figure with a large cult. This result would be total chaos. NO government guiding a path for so called peace from the war because they are supposedly having issues with chains of command. No more hope. With no leader to govern and protect, we look anywhere for a source of hope. Of Good. Then we receive a gift from God. Our Savoir Returns to save us. We are given the gift of Light. The Religions will believe in one true god. Christianity. Christ will bring peace to the kingdom on earth (as obama said in video).

    A return could also start a mini war because of the anti Christ believers.

    Then, we have the conscience “light.” The visit by our extra terrestrial identities. Back to religion VS conciseness. will this be a painful, killing of war? or a peaceful transition war? This is the question.

    This is a completely possible outcome. rather it lasts for weeks or years, the outcome can happen at any date. I highly encourage the true seekers to now rewatch the video again. Listen to the references to the bible. “Kingdom, This is not the end I will be back, The Devil.” Listen and become aware.

  28. WhiteScales says:

    I do not want Christianity to be true but I have to ask.. if it is not true then why do so many of the Illuminati shills such as Jay-Z and such seem to be against it? I want to break this illusion while I have the chance. For instance in one of those videos up there some preacher plays audio of a rapper saying, “666, murder Jesus.” What is the point of that if Christianity is just another control system? I really need to know because I am sick and tired of feeling like I am going to Hell. If Christianity is true then I am screwed. I know that. I need to understand why lyrics like that would be hidden in music..

  29. Brad says:

    Hi WhiteScales,

    I understand your confusion my friend, I’ve been there!

    My suggestion to you is that you first read “My Story”, the link is at the top of the site. You’ll learn about my experiences within Christianity and just how powerful of a mind control and manipulation tool it has been for the Reptilians.

    After you’ve done that I would advise you to read “Is Reverse Speech Satanic? Is it the Work of The Devil?”

    here’s the link…

    Once you’ve read those two posts I have no doubt your mind will be a little clearer on the truth about Christianity.

    As for your question as to why some of Illuminati schills like Jay-Z seem to be against Christianity, well you have to understand how the Reptilians manipulate and control humanity. They always set up systems of control where two sides (or more) appear to fight against each other – just look at the structure of Government – Republicans vs Democrats – they seem to be against each other but both sides are controlled by the hidden hand of the Reptilians – it is EXACTLY the same with Christians vs Satanists.

    You have to understand just how complex the manipulation is on this planet. Pretty much everything within society is a manipulation. EVERYTHING! Every structure of society has been set up by the Reptilians and they don;t care which box you buy into as long as you buy into something. They don’;t care whether you shut yourself in the Christian box or the Satanist box or one of the thousands of other boxes they have created. Does that make sense?

    So I don’t personally know a huge amount about Jay-Z’s beliefs, he is obviously a Freemason and part of the Illuminati network, but does he believe that Jesus is his enemy? Maybe he’s been programmed to believe that and therefore that’s why his reverse speech said “murder Jesus”. Just because one speech reversal from an Illuminati member indicates a hatred of Jesus and Christianity does not mean that Christianity is the ultimate truth. Do you understand?

    Just look in the “Religion” section of this site (under Control Matrix) and you can hear LOTS of reverse speech indicating that Jesus and Christianity is a MANIPULATION. I suggest you review that section of the website after you’ve read the 2 posts I mentioned for you to read first.

    Look it isn’t easy trying to piece together this puzzle, so confusion along the way is just part of it. It takes courage to walk this path. It takes guts to question everything! The Reptilians have created a true MATRIX down here on Earth to keep humanity lost and confused. But we are breaking free of their chains of control and as every day passes we learn more and more about the situation we are dealing with here.

  30. WhiteScales says:

    I understand now! It has also helped to watch Alex Collier, especially his most recent interviews. He said that the Reptilians/Illuminati are done with Christianity because that paradigm has run its’ course and that they are going to play out the end times here because humanity has subconsciously willed it to happen. You know how the law of attraction works in our lives? If we focus on something enough it comes to us whether positive or negative? That is what is happening. So many people, whether they are christian, muslim, or any other religion that believes in some end times scenario that involves the judgement of “god” have been all but begging for this to happen. Well here it is. I hope that enough people wake up and this comes to a stop before it can happen. If enough people wake up then the collective will of humanity will wipe this paradigm from existence. I know that it will get better. Some people talk as if there is no solution and they are the ones that I have to stop listening to. Alex Jones is a bit suspicious because of that. He seems to get you into a hysteric fear and does not offer any realistic solution. Alex Collier tells it like it is. I do not completely understand this reverse speech thing but it seems like a useful tool!

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  34. Ashlee says:

    Bible says ‘you are elohim (gods)’ speaking to humans, adamahs. The Bible and Yahushua (His name given in Hebrew along with Emmanuel) It means Yah saves and El (god) with us. Yahushua is thr begotten Son of Yah while humans can be adopted sons and daughters of Yah. His words life and humans need to be saved.

    Bible says every thought is manifest.

    Bible says the kingdom of Heaven is at hand and to repent.

    Bible says anti-Christ will perform false miracles and lead many people away.

    If your thoughts are manifesting then you need to stop lusting, hating, and thinking all sorts of horrible things.

  35. Ashlee says:

    Yahushua taught the importance of cleansing even your thoughts and getting rid of sins.

    Humans nees to be forgiven of their sins through the sacrifice Yahushua, a King of Kings, made by coming to Earth Israelites who were laden in sin. He is coming again and people will see Him coming in clouds and every knee will bow.

    His words are life. He sent His Spirit, The Comforter to help believers.

  36. Ashlee says:

    Yahushua called the religious leaders den of vipers.

    HE warned about WOLVES IN SHEEP’S clothing.

    Bible talks about entertaining strangers to dinner because you might be entertaining angels unawares.

    Do not agree to switch, trade, or be replaced by anyone. Do not let anyone do anything ‘for you’. Do not agree to let anyone use your image or likeness, even verbal agreements.

  37. Ashlee says:

    In the Old Testament, humans tried to summon the dead and that dead relative appeared ,(not sure if in spirit form) and it wasn’t the dead relative, but a demon instead.

    Satan is called a subtil creature and a snake in Genesis. Yet in Revelation it says:
    Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

    In the end times satans angels are coming to earth!

  38. Ashlee says:

    I am saying this as a warning.

    satan is a deceiver and he tricks people into selling their souls by sinning and naking them think it is okay. in most cases he isn’t going to bring out a contract explicitly stating what he means.

  39. Ashlee says:

    ” You have to understand just how complex the
    manipulation is on this planet. Pretty much
    everything within society is a manipulation.
    EVERYTHING! Every structure of society has been
    set up by the Reptilians and they don;t care which
    box you buy into as long as you buy into something.
    They don’;t care whether you shut yourself in the
    Christian box or the Satanist box or one of the
    thousands of other boxes they have created. Does
    that make sense?”

    They want people to buy false Christianity and they are in the man made corporate churches. True Christianity is not about a religious system, but a group of people getting together to do good works and to know God. The scriptures say, if you did not do it to the least of me, you did not do it to me! It says to feed, clothe shelter those in need and to visit those in prison and take care of the sick. There is no law against true love.

    They want everyone to move around in their corporate created boxes and be members of a corporate system. They do not want people to find Yahushua or His Words.

    The Scriptures is also a map to escape the Babylonian slaving system. It is a slaving system before civil war only slave births were registered. They want everyone registered.

    Yahushua is the ONLY WAY OUT! You need forgiveness of your sins and need help escaping the Babylonian prison system they set up.

    Please email me if you want details on how.

  40. Ashlee says:

    This is why the Scriptures say BE SEPARATE FROM THE WORLD! That doesn’t mean go get licensed and registered card carrying member of it.

    It takes time so pray about what I am saying first.

    Register means owned by the crown!

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