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A Wake-Up Call For The Family of Light – Volume 2

This is the follow up video to “The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For The Family of Light”

It’s highly recommended that you watch in “full screen” mode (simply click the small square in the bottom right corner of the video).


View the Entire Pleiadian/Sirian Communication (Including Reverse Speech) – Click Here


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107 Responses to “A Wake-Up Call For The Family of Light – Volume 2”

  1. Erin says:

    Brilliant video!! You never fail to amaze me. Good luck topping this one next time! And who is this channel? She sure sounds amazing….;)

  2. Strbrst001 says:

    Thanks Brad!!
    That was amazing!!! It gave me chills in an awesome way!!!

  3. Jason says:

    Drunvalo Melchizedek and Gregg Braden, are they illuminati members?

  4. jeffinOZ says:

    I had no idea you were poorly, just thought this next installment would be worth the wait when it turned up…….and it is. Much appreciate your work and generosity.

  5. Chad says:

    You sure have a knack for splicing together various Sci-Fy shows and creating an inspirational video. Where I heard the reverse speech that said, “Star-Force will help God.” God doesn’t need help. He’s the almighty. Alpha. Omega. Great I AM. Another source says that the Federation of Planets will begin arresting these cabal members by June 22nd of this year if they do not give up. I’ve been abducted. And believe in a lot. Sadly, most of this sounds like great science fiction. Reverse speech has and always will be Satanic in nature.

  6. Alexei Viktorowich Pakkanen says:

    Thank You Sooo Much, My Dear Family Of Light, For This Simply Awesome Material! It Returned To Me My So Needed ( A Kind Of Lost ) Courage To Fight Against The Tyrannies And I Really Started To Live Again Immediately! ”they” Tried So Hard To Change Me Into ”their” Victim And Puppet During All Those Years And I Was So Near To Lose Totally My Hopes, Dreams, Powers And Warrior’s Spirit.. But After I Heard Your *Wake-Up* I Really Woke Up To Recognize And To Remember WHO I AM And WAS From The Beginning Of Times. All I Wish Now Is Just To Reunite With All Of You, Oh My Beloved Brothers And Sisters Of The Universe, In Any Form And In Any Time. I Am Really Ready To Take Contact With You (You Can Do It When I Sleep, Telepathically Or In Any Other Form). Please, Do It As Quickly As Possible (I Wait Patiently). The Victory Will Be Ours For Sure And We Never Give Up In The Fight For All The Goodness, Light, Peace And Love For All Who Need Us In Universe! Stay Cool, Tuned And Happy! I Send Thee My Blessings, Adoration And (Of Course) Cosmic Humor. :) <3 ;) I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU!!! Sincerely And Eternally Thy, Alexei Viktorowich Pakkanen

  7. jeffinOZ says:

    I would like to know two things?
    What is it that we are supposed to do? There are no instructions just encouragement to be strong……..anyone? Have a clue?

    Have these channeled messages been reversed to see what is really being said? If we are to believe that this is a genuine way to see through what is being said by those that control us, surely all information requires the same litmus test, i.e. like the way Alex Colliers words have been disected; so too these repetitive, repetitive words of encouragement.

    Please dont shoot this messenger, I am like everyone else here, looking for truth, answers to that truth and purpose. Namaste.

  8. Ian says:

    Thanks Brad for your work!! I do video also and I know it is a lot of work. Good job buddy! : )

    I understand your felling of “what I’m supposed to do”! I was feeling the same way a couple weeks ago, when I heard the Wake up – volume one. I always knew that I was not from planet Earth, so during my awakening process I discovered I was a Pleadian officer. Great! So what I’m supposed to do now? I thought a lot about my mission since. And this is the conclusion I came up with:

    The most important thing is to remove fear from Earth. There is so much aspect of human life based on fear. So I try to be fearless myself. I’m becoming a beacon of Light for people. I smile a lot, I do compliments, I write positive messages on social media,etc. I’m happy to know that the world is not going to crumble in chaos (like I used to believed in past years…), so this what I “preach”, this is a part of my mission.

    I’m working on myself a lot too. I quit smoking tabacco three months ago (that was not easy!) I also quit smoking weed (that was even more difficult!!) I reduced sugar and cafeine. I try to eat like an athlete and I changed a lot of lazy habit I had. So I do exercise every day. I began to do meditation every day too. My wife is so happy, she doesn’t recognize me hahaha! So I feel really good about myself and I get out of my bed every morning and I’m Superman!!! This is a part of my mission.

    We are here to bust the system. I don’t spend money on techno gadgets, fast-food, cool clothes, big vacations, etc. Every month I pay completely my credit card bill (they don’t make a dime on me!). I have zero debt. I don’t put my money into banks, shares, or products controlled by the Illuminati. I’ m almost “all in” in gold and silver. Fiat money is a fraud. So I prefer to convert my wealth in precious metal (whatever if it goes up or down, I don’t care really, I just wanna pissed the bankers!!!). I encourage every one of you to “get out of the capitalism system” and preach that philosophy. This is a part of my mission.

    I am a graphic designer and I started my Youtube channel last year (it’s in french). This is what i’m good at, video making. So I did a couple videos to speak about the system, in a creative way! I also promote collective meditation, I really believe in the maharishi effect (I learned with David Wilcock’ work). I’m also really active on Facebook…

    A lot of things is going to happen before the end of the year. My role is to be informed. I try to stay in touch with what is going on with the mass arrest of the dark cabal, the financial crisis, the Ascension, speeding up of the time, the photon belt the Earth is entering, DNA changes, etc… To be honest, I don’t speak a lot about those things with people around me for now. But I keep reading about many possibilities and possible scenario. So the day something big happens and every human start panicking, maybe I will have the right knowledge a the moment to calm people around me by explaining what I know… This is a part of my mission.

    So there you go! This is what I think and its a pleasure to share it with you. Pardon me for the syntax error, I’m french from Montréal, Québec, Canada. I would like to read your comments, partners!

    Stay strong! ; )

  9. Eyvonne says:

    I too am at a loss what are we really doing here I heard “Wake-up” in my head 2008 and have been working like the dickens and still feel that I am not quite where I should be to “get to work” Any ideas.

  10. Brad says:

    Awesome very emotional thank you.

  11. christos says:

    very good job……and quess what…..we love you too…we love you we love you…….we are here to save the world…we are lightworkers!!!!

  12. Gazman says:

    Good comment there Jeff, I to want to know if the message has been reversed? If i am to put my faith into anything then i have to be as sure as i can be and so should we all! As Peggy Kane says,MOST channeling is corrupt. Peggy called Barbara Marciniac a fraud yet i see her name in the credits? Guys dont allow yourselves to be led a stray! Might i also add that if you dont know about and the Terra papers then you should listen to what the Hopey and Apache indians have to say about our past! BEFORE we were here on this planet. Read the PDF Terra papers then watch his 3 part vids about 45mins total.Then you might be a bit clearer on who the Pleiadins are. Dont trust it, Question it!
    Also another man you might not know of is Santos Bonacci on youtube his handle is mrtheology. I feel something big is coming i do but im not about to trade 1 type of enslavement for another, I want to be as sure as i can be.One more thing,Its all well and fine to tell us to wake up and answer the call but how are we to WAKE UP? I have been into coming 2012 shift for at least the last 10 years,So can anyone tell me exactly how im supposed to wake up? I know all about the Illuminati and the alien agenda and the shadow government and how they plan to kill most of us off and the control methods their putting in place to control the masses and the mass graves already prepared for bodies and the false flag alien event coming in london and the technologies they have had since Roswell and a very good idea of the technology they have today and ive heard all the stories about how we are winning the war but to date i still dont know what my part in all of this is? Do any of you? Ive heard the planet is about to become a star? George savassilas,The planet is going through the tale of planet x (Nibaru)and the net around the planet will be destroyed so for the first time man will see whats really in space! The Sumarians are returning ,The Annunaki are returning,Mankind is about to have the full 12 helics reconnect to give us the power of GODS instead of the 2 we currently vibrate too.
    Yet in all of these things(theres others i know)Not one person can tell me what it will take to wake up! Knowledge? I have it but i dont feel like i know a damn thing about my previous lives,where i came from or what my place here and now is?
    So til someone can tell me what it takes to wake up then i can only assume im still asleep because all i have is earthly knowledge of this life. So i say to you becareful who you put your trust and faith in and for christ sakes dont believe a damn thing anyone tells you until you have had a chance to prove or disprove what your being told, Aliens might very well be coming to save or skins! Then what? We go where? Do we return to our home planets and pat each other on the back for a job well done? What part did you play in it? Are we trading this prison for a bigger one? Please if theres anyone out there that can answer my questions i have all the time in the world to listen,I wont accept bible answers such as its just how it is,Thats bullshit and one of the ways we became enslaved in the first place. Real answers that can be verified in some way.Thanks for your time.Peace to us all,Freedom soon.Keep spreading LOVE!

  13. john ybarra says:

    Wow! I heard some good shit, I feel I am waking up to something also, I am hving the same self cleansing cocaine, meth, extasy, cigarettes, alcohol, caffeine, are gone, my body is rejecting these things, red meat and pork makes me sick, I still use scoal chewing tabbaco and marijuana, but those will be gone soon, and sugars, that’s the hardest! I am 41 and have spent a lot of my life in prisons or hustling in the streets, I never felt like a gangster, even though I have lived as one, I have always felt the need to feed and protect, I am really big on feeding people, and making sure people get food, I overly hate bullies(which I am working on). I agree with who to trusIam 100% street, so I trust no one I don’t know, and when I see someone selling or profiting off these shit I automatically shutt them out, if you have powers, use them in the money world to make money to give spiritual guidence for free, sex and GUIDENCE or spiritual guidence should never be paid for. I am getting ready for whatever, and prepairing without fear.

  14. john ybarra says:

    Oh yeah, and by the way, either I’m a mental case, or my mission is to feed and protect

  15. Humanity Wins says:

    Well first of all I’ll respond to Gazman…

    Yes the message presented in the video HAS been reversed and I will be posting the reversals sometime in the next few days.

    And Chad…

    So you know God so well do you? How do you know that God doesn’t require “help” from his children when it is called for? And can you elaborate and provide EVIDENCE to back up your statement that “Reverse speech has and always will be Satanic in nature”?? I’ve certainly provided evidence that your statement is a falsehood on this site, so I’ll be waiting to review the evidence you provide and I’ll let you know my thoughts.

    And everyone else – thanks for your support and lets get the job done!!

  16. Michael says:

    Great job on your video. How i have felt since as long as i can remember. Some ask what can i do? Teach! Live life by example and educate everyone you meet. One soul can make a huge difference. :)

  17. Alphatest says:

    HumanityWins : Do you think that by any chance you can do a reverse-speech analysis on someone named “Drake”? There’s been much talk about him in the past few months with Mass Arrests of the Cabal/Illuminati, as he was introduced by David Wilcock. Probably you’ve heard of Drake/Wilcock/Fulford/Cobra/Bill Wood. Lately he spoke a lot about E.Ts such as Pleiadians involved in freeing & assisting humanity.

    I feel he’s sincere as I’ve listened to about all the radio shows he’s been involved. I dont think I’m that naive, David Icke is too quick in dismissing these people, I’ve done my research and I dont think David Icke did a fair amount of research before criticizing all of them (he forgot to mention the Keenan lawsuit for example).

    Just wanted to ask your opinion on all of this though.


  18. Jesus says:

    Yessssss, they are here…2012 darkness will fall, the Reptilians will falll….. Light will rise!! WE are teh familyt of light! :D….Whoa hoooo

  19. lolipop says:

    great stuff brother,,loved it so much i was waiting for the ladies to throw their knickers in the air…lol

  20. Eduardo says:

    Hello. Thank you for this video. It had a big impact on me right now.
    I must ask: how are we supposed to act right here right now? I am trying to take care of myself and raise my vibrations. I’m not doing much more than that. Is it recommended that we go around trying to wake other people up and expose the truth to them? is that what we’re supposed to do?

    Also I want to ask you who are the people whose speeches have been used in some parts of this video. There are several speeches of men and women and only parts of these speeches were used in the video. Do you know where I can find these to listen to the original?

    thank you a lot!

    Greetings from Brasília

  21. Berto says:

    Just here to advise people on things they can do to speed up this 100th monkey syndrome process. If you have not studied the real human history, do it. If you have, share it with everyone you know. And I mean EVERYONE. Every single one of your family members, regardless of what you think they might think, you cannot think for them. Today more than any other day people are truly asking themselves who they are and want to know what their purpose in life is. I myself have told everyone I can think of and if they want to believe it or not is up to them, i know my job is done once I inform them and inform them well. I don’t care if they’re religious, atheist or whatever, i still inform them, and most likely than not they will feel some sort of connection with the information, because it vibrates with everyone. We are all here for the same reason. Lets build grassroots knowledge! Much Love.

  22. Cheryl says:

    Great video! I believe that our New Golden Age will be here in the next 3-4 years. It’s time.

  23. A great submit pertaining to being seen information on this particular subject matter. I take pleasure in a person putting up this particular, it can be info i could use. End up being doing time and energy to understand your some other threads; you can see of which I’ll be below to undergo the newly downloaded posts.

  24. Lt. Cmd. Z says:

    Overall, the impression I got from reading the comments is that everyone is at a loss as to what we need to actually DO. This organization (aka this website) is doing a fine job informing us of our mission and reminding us of our true purpose: to bring about a new society. But we haven’t reached the stage where words become organized, concerted ACTION. We know that the end result is a society that sees fear of any kind as childish, therefore we know that the transformation will have to largely be INNER, or psychological in nature. However, I believe that if we focus on key aspects of society and improve on them, we are bettering our chances. For example, I feel that free healthcare for all will decrease fear and increase happiness all across the board, we should focus on that. Food and shelter for all is also vitally important, for the same reasons.

    I have no doubt that more advanced societies (such a the Pleidians) have overseen and successfully undertaken the task of “busting” fear-based societies, and I’m sure they have it down to an art form. Being uncertain is part of our task– do you think the heroes of human history always knew what to do next? Of course not. Confusion is human, and that is what we are. At the moment. Follow your instincts, brothers and sisters, and be ready. Jiddu Krishnamurti defined true responsibility as ‘the ability to respond, appropriately and instantly.’ So, like a cat awaiting its prey, we must wait and be silent. When the time comes we will shout out from mountaintop to mountaintop, and the shining words of peace, unity and love will be heard by all, and it will be good. I’ll see you all when the time is right. And when the right time comes, don’t hesitate, spring to your feet and march, armed with an uncompromising sense of morality, tempered by compassion.

    Ok i’ll get off my soapbox now lol.

  25. Ricardo Casimiro says:

    I’m Ricardo and i’m 17 years old and i live a normal life but when i first seen this i made me feel like i was older my chest was warm and there were some tears coming out and i don’t know what it means.

  26. Cate says:

    Dear Brad,

    I didn’t find any contact info, but I hope that you will still read this message.

    Recently, I have seen snakes/serpents used in connection with the pleiadians and their message, and I have tried to search for truth regarding snakes/serpents, unfortuntaly without any luck. Do you know the truth regarding snakes/serpents? The snake is a powerful symbol of the Illuminati and it is also referred to the reptilians, so it made me a little sceptical what to believe. Also, I thought that the Pleiadians didn’t like the “Lizzies” that much. Do the pleiadians have anything to do with snakes/serpents? Is there a connection and if so, what is it?

    Thank you for providing all this information.

    Much love and many blessings,

  27. George B Duran says:

    Greetings FAMILY OF LIGHT: Thank You LIFE for the opportunity to experience this great times.

    This is my first time sharing… I just wish for all to enter the LIGHT within and allow IT to expand in through and around; by visualizing and feeling IT intensifying Its radiance to encompass the whole planet… Called for your own HIGHER-SELF (“I AM”) to show you the true way; and bring you the assistance that the law of your being allows it.

    In reference to ‘reverse speech’: Just bare in mind that even “so called” evil messages could say an entire different thing in reverse. I woukd like to suggest all to watch: “Little Nicky” starring Adam Sandler… It is entertaining and brings a lot of useful ‘hints’ on how to release the LIGHT.

    In any case, it all comes down to exerting our free will, by making the call to the LIGHT and allow IT to flush out anything and everything unlike Itself.

    And rest assure that when we do our part, the LIGHT AND ITS LEGIONS will do THEIRS. “BE FEARLESS, BRAVE AND TRUTHFUL”…


    “I AM” LIGHT.

  28. Stu says:

    I am too new to this calling. We need leadership Brotza. You found me with your story, lets talk more. Please contact me. My life experience is very similar to yours that you shared with us all. We may together have the answers?
    Truth in Heart always…..Almost gave up…ahhh all those coincidences again.

  29. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Cate,

    Can you go into detail with exactly how the Pleiadians were used in connection with the snake/serpent? What was your source for this? Because YES the Pleiadians certainly don’t “like” the Reptilians (to say the least!!)


  30. Marie says:

    In reply to Ricardo Casimiro – if you had that kind of emotional response, it is highly likely that the message is true for you.

    I am saying this because that is what happens to me when i hear something that is true. If you trust yourself you will know what it means:)

  31. Endovelyco says:

    I have the same feelings as Ricardo Casimiro, when I see, read or watch this kind of matters I always have my eyes watering against my will, its like crying automatically, then I feel shivers/gossebumps through all my body, my breath change, like when we feel some adrenaline, should be our nervous sistem connected with this because of its reaction?

  32. Eduardo says:

    Same as above happens to me too. I even cried. I don’t usually cry watching YouTube videos lol. It must have really resonated with something we have inside

  33. Preston says:

    Hmm interesting message, I am particularly speechless about the fact that I am not sure how I came apon the message in the first place, it’s almost as if it was set in my path for me to see. My receiving this message was definatley devine in nature, and what’s more mind blowing is the fact that I have had in increased interest (over the last 3-4 months) in how the mind, the spirit, the natural universe, and our living bodies have an interconnection through radiowaves. What does all this mean to us? Well, I think that with positive thought toward others and beyond, we will together in effect, begin to bring down the darkness, this may be the first step in our wonderful journey towards defeating the darkness.

  34. stu says:

    Really struck a chord with me too, made me cry.

  35. TheGrid says:

    I am not sure how to really tell what I was as a Pleiadian. Though for some reason I have the strangest feeling that I was of like a guard or a warrior, another buddy of mine introduced me to this wakeup call, for he has the same vision as I did, and he told me he was a Pleiadian warrior, but i cant help feeling as if it was being as a guard or as such….I keep thinking Paladin for some reason, but that is just an earth reference, but thats the closest thing I could describe it too. Can anyone help me? anyone who is familiar with Pleidian ranking structure?

  36. Endovelyco says:

    The olímpic games will start in a couple of hours have your eyes open for what could happen, and signs in the skies.

  37. Michael Allan Boese says:

    I am, and I shall always be. I am a very old soul and now I’ve awakened spiritually to the sights and the sounds of my dearest friends all around me. We are the ones who will make things right. I remember who I am as well as what my mission here is. I will defeat my adversary Satan and my “Angels” will defeat the Devil’s “Minions”. The battle for the Heavens must be won before the Earth is considered, and this battle rages on at this time. I truely believe that I am Archangel Michael. My Father has confirmed this to me many times as I have slowly awakened these past 8 years plus.

    Good things take time – and very good things may take a very long time. The wheels are in motion and the time is at hand! How exciting it is to be living at the dawn of this new age of true freedom! God bless us all!

  38. Yoshi says:

    Why are there so many Battlestar Galactica scenes in these videos? They can’t use any other shows or movies?

  39. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Yoshi,

    Battlestar Galactica has much “truth” within it. If you swap the Cyclons for the Reptilians then you have quite an accurate picture of what has taken place in our own Galaxy. So much “science fiction” is based on truth, whether the writers were conscioulsy aware or not. Also I have only used Battlestar Galactia footage in order to keep the same “theme” throughout the video.


  40. Chris says:

    Thank you so much for the videos they are helping quite a bit get chills every time and it fills me with energy. Still not sure on what path i need to take or to go to yet but im sure with persistance and paitence i will find my way ^^. Thank you for the videos keep up the good work!!!! love to all.

  41. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Chris,

    Great to hear the videos have been helpful for you my friend! And no doubt you’ll start to get more and more clarity on what you’re here to do as time moves forward. Just trust that things are progessing for you exactly as they need to. Never feel you need to rush or have everything worked out at this moment

  42. D'JOY says:

    When All is Shaken ~Only LOVE Shall Endure .
    We Have But Two Choices~ To Act out Of~ LOVE OR FEAR ~
    All “Feelings”~ Come From One Or The Other~ Do Not FEAR TRUTH~
    Gems of Worth …. Can Be Found In Many Places …(There Are Many Voices)Be Ware !!
    Choose Love ~ We Are Hear To Learn To LOVE WISELY~ Cleans Your Inner Vessel~ Raise Your Consciousness & Vibration~ Be Led In Wisdom By Love~ We Are Not Alone~ Respect Others Who Are trying To Live Goodness ….As Well AS They Understand…. Be Unafraid To Speak Out Against The Negative( In Kindness )~~~DO NOT GIVE YOUR STRENGTH TO THAT WHICH YOU WISH TO BE FREE OF~~~ YOU Shall “GROW” What You Focus On~
    If Your Hearts Desire Is… Peace~ Knowledge~ Truth~ Love~~~ Use These Tools( You Wont Go far Off)… All People Smile In The Same Language~ USE THAT Language OFTEN Freely!! i Do Not Believe In “Coincidence” i Believe In Messages( Listen) & Learning Opportunities( Learn The Lessons)My Own Life has Been Truly~AMAZING! Wonderful Changes Are Taking Place In This Place & Time ( Yea! it will get “Messy” ~~~BIRTH IS~ You Do Not Have To force Yourself into Something Else~ BE YOURSELF… JUST DO IT BETTER~ IT Shall All Work Out Beautifully~ and Remember To~ ENJOY THE JOURNEY!
    Namaste D’JOY

  43. road says:

    Thanks for the work, Brad. The videos are really great. Important and timely.

    “…to liberate consciousness into a new way of perceiving.”

    Works of art, lit, plays, music, film—-these are instruments that when properly conceived and created, can result in an objective interface capable of decoding and transmitting the frequencies of greater awareness to the less aware, and provides them the opportunity to have their awareness triggered, their memories jogged, their hearts kick-started. Sometimes, all you need is a spark…

    I’d like to hook up with any serious artist/writer/filmaker in Chicago who is on this frequency bandwidth, if at all possible. So please leave a comment.

    I am only interested in creating language and seeding new realities, not in ‘fighting, battling, or warring’ against anyone or anything—-neither reptiles nor ronald mcdonald, or their crocodile creations. To focus too much on the ‘problem’ is a form of contributing to the problem. Let our awareness of the problem serve only to awaken us to the energies of solution (which reside within us).

    I am only interested in decoding the language of the emerging new landscape of light, and in creating the formal structures needed to refract and sustain those frequencies within and through the repressive fog that shrouds the planet. The key is to create works of art that resonate with the higher frequenciees—above the bandwidth curently in use by the controlling faction, (on or off-planet). Reptiles can’t decode love, and therefore cannot see it even if it bites them in the ass. In other words—the higher frequencies render one invisible to them.

    Love creates.

    Providing the opportunities for others to get a view from this perspective will axiomatically allow them to clearly and objectively see the oppressive frequencies under which they are enslaved. Works of well-created art can function as series of torches to help lead people out of the dark caves of the materialist, fear-saturated culture and back up to bright surface where the sun shines, and the trees sing to sapphire skies with emerald leaves.

    If there is no one in Chicago—-that’s okay, too. I’m happy either way. But, as we all know—there’s nothing like a shared vision….

    Keep up the good work all….

  44. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Road,

    Great words of wisdom there my friend!! I do hope there’s a few people that you are able to hook up with in your local area!

  45. Endovelyco says:

    Road it’s weird that most of the people who are interested in knowing more about all of this are in every corner of this planet but separated by distances from others with the same interest.

    Brad is the nearest person who I can meet someday just him no one else, because if the majority were together in a region I bet that we could had discussed about this already and more often and live as a group reunion.

    I would love to assist the conversations of a group reunion about this someday.

  46. road says:

    Yeah, Endovelyco, it does seem a bit odd how people seem geographically positioned. Sometimes I suspect that this may not be by accident.

  47. HasekBrodeur says:

    I can tell for all my life violence of any forms disgusted me and made me sad. Social inegalities also always was something ” not right ” inside me. For more than a year I searched for the real reason of my presence here on earth. By making research on UFO’s, the Universe, made me discover this website. By knowing the truth I’m filled with joy. A few might be open enough to ear about this. Love is the ultimate weapon, by helping others in any means possible fills me with energy and more LOVE. For sure I’m from somewhere else, an elite soldier behind enemy lines with the goal of achieving peace and more LOVE.

  48. Leo says:

    towards the end of the vid its sais that it loves us and to get to work. What work what work is there to do and how is it supposed to be done+how can they assume im a light worker not just a human how do they know your an elite infiltrator and not another human

  49. Endovelyco says:

    Bobby why I have to feel the need of explaining to you about my picture and what I did to it? For you to say that is the eye of lucifer it just shows how ignorant you are, well we are all ignorant about something right? That’s why we are all here to end that ignorance in a civilised way with respect, love and comprehension about what people say, unfortunately sometimes we have to deal with uncivilised people full of hate and evil in their brain and they like instead of asking in a polite way about what dont know, starting with accusations without any sense. For those people I just send my Love and Respect but not my knowledge because they will never understand, even with a amazing ammount of info here the dark side they show through their words avoids them to understand making it even more difficult, it’s all here.
    Bobby I send you my Love and Respect to your soul, I wish I could help you.

  50. White says:

    Brad –

    Keep up the good work brother. I am always inspired when I read and listen to your posts. I know I keep referencing the “One” being here. One quote from reverse speech, “Star Force help God.” Also the One is being referenced all over other reverse speech. If you thought your posts were out on the edge, here is mine. You can believe it or shake your head. The “One” is incarnated here now. He showed up in India Feb 2011. Just put this email on the shelf. We are all gong to have a good laugh and a beer. The shits about to hit the fan.


  51. christa says:

    Hello, dear friend,
    thank you for your great effort. It is true. We are mavericks, misfits, all of us. Disconnected, hurt, abused, baffled, confused.
    All the time, we hear a call in our minds. All the time we feel this spark that something needs to be done, but then there is more disconnection, hurt…in an endless spin.
    I was at a very low yesterday with a my light projects.
    And then I came across your site. THANK YOU!

  52. Humanity Wins says:

    Hu Christa,

    That’s great to hear my friend! :-)

    And your description of all of us is totally spot on!

  53. michael says:

    Hi Christa.

    Yes. That it may be the mavericks and misfits who are the sane ones in this crazy world!

    I can relate to you being picked up by discovering Brad’d site. Whenever I hav had a difficult time lately, coming to this site always lifts my spirits and helps me to renew my resolve to start making a difference in this world.

  54. UNIVERSE says:

    i think sometimes everyone need to learn how to trust your inner self..because sometimes your feelings can deceive you.. but with time you can learn who you can trust with time.. base in your experiences,, in others people and learn how to trust your inner self.. so you will know who you can trust and if you feeling something wrong.. is may be,, because is something wrong,, so just take time to learn to trust and know someone and just trust your inner self.. ok .. and do the right thing.. and you see how life is easy

  55. UNIVERSE says:

    looks like everyone are awakening and at the end everyone it will .. and look this side of the one are already awake.. looks like everyone are awakening and at the end everyone it will .. and look this side of the one are alrady awake ..

  56. Halka says:

    Hello Brad,
    I am a new subscriber as of today but I follow your website for a while. It is a real oasis for me; your dedication is a true inspiration. The Wake up call videos make a huge difference in our lives. I am awakening to my full potential and your website is part of it. I am so in harmony with what is happening now, that I know it is my (our) purpose to protect humanity, bring peace and real freedom. Thank you! With love!

  57. Brad says:

    Hi Halka

    Well that’s truly great to hear my friend! :-)

    This website is run exactly for people like you! So glad to hear you are gaining value and it is helping you through this period of transition.

  58. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!


    Whenever your ready, Costa Rica is ready 4 U All ………….see ya when ya get here!


  59. pierre says:

    super j ai prefere le premier mais bon celui la est bien aussi ,que de message pour les gens qui sont interresses en tout cas les dons fleurissent partout nos chakras s emballent et les reactions des gens sensibles sont toutes les memes et ce qui est vrai sonne juste

  60. Chad says:

    We’re all being fooled into believing these alien races will be the answer to Earth’s biggest problems. They’re all false prophets, as it states in the Bible. I used to believe just as much as you do, maybe more, but I’ve seen no physical proof. It’s just all been grainy videos and fantastic stories. Sheldon Nidle has been telling us for over ten years the Pleaidians are here to help and would be landing. It hasn’t happened yet. God is the only one we should believe in and worship. Unless you can prove otherwise.

  61. Sarah says:

    I know…the title is totally misleading/silly I only put the video on YouTube to show my sister. I’ve been thinking the my alarms are broken and that my room was haunted so I videotaped me sleeping…the first tape I did wouldn’t play ..the next night I realized that my alarms weren’t broken and that it’d actually been getting out if bed to turn the off while my daughter and I swat away light orbs in our sleep.

  62. Brad says:

    Hi Chad,

    Sheldon Nidle has been working with the “Galactic Federation of Light” and this IS a Reptilian manipulation. This organisation are the dark forces PRETENDING to be humanity’s allies and true family. The Reptilians constantly try to pretend to be The Pleiadians etc. I can assure humanity is not alone in this fight!

    But from what you’ve said you appear to be coming from a Christian perspective? Believing that the Bible is the truth? Correct me if I’m wrong?

    So you’d rather put your trust in the control structure of Religion and in a book that was written by man and edited many times over the years by the Illuminati networks?

  63. TITAN says:

    By the WAY I see that the woman who made the video is using as an Author a GERMAN hahaha I hope this Site is not a trap for the people… In case you try to make traps on my Army i give you a warning better not try to do so…

  64. TITAN says:

    John Osborn can we have a Bio for thise man and for the woman Barbara Marciniak

  65. TITAN says:

    Are the Germans Reptilians or not ? Lets see how Pleiadians you are

  66. TITAN says:

    I Advice the People not to Trust this Site… Dont believe every bull they throw at you if some one knows who the Pleiadians are better ask the Original Pleiadian not the fake ones hahaha. This site looks to me more like a FISHING SITE rather a true site… You try to Fish people and i am sure you found those info and you made the video because you where following a TRUE pleiadian

  67. Peter says:

    something is happening to me also, my diet has changed to the better, eating way more vegetables and fruits and rejecting meat.. and I am cleansing.. as I have quit taking my medications xanax and pain killers long ago, even tho I almost seiezed from the benzodiazepe my will to overcome was greater then all… I chew tobbaco and have cut way down…

    what else should I remove from my ingestion?

    keep up the good work bro, as we will overcome and complete the mission, have been wandering my entire life like neo in the matrix, but now I have found the purpose, it isn’t something you can work out with math or common logic, its a knowing or feeling..

    keep going and may the force be with you

  68. Mahito says:

    George Bush was and still is one of the illuminati members and the New World Order is their main agenda. Why are you quoting him in your videos both in Volume One and Volume Two? Why are you promoting the illuminati propaganda? I also noticed at the end of the volume two video, someone is making a heart shape but it changes quickly to the one-eye symbol, which is a common symbol used by the illuminati.

    Again, are you trying to promote the illuminati propaganda?

  69. Anitka says:

    Hi Mahito,

    George Bush is quoted in these videos to show that the elite are talking about NWO and other Illuminati things openly; to show that it is not conspiracy, that it is real and not to promote the propaganda. Just for the information. I know it is quite difficult to find a website that is good and not promoting anything, i have had some troubles with it. What I like about Brad’s website and the reason why i come here when i can is because it goes straight to the point of the issue and uses a tool – reverse speech – to back up the information that has been given here. Everyone can download a software and try it for themselves and see if they see if the evidence is there or not.

    Other websites, like the Spirit Science, i found too vague and abstract, you know they are talking about things like “wish for money and you will get it” and they dont talk about the “negative” stuff like that there is some evil power here and we as humans need to realize it and do something with it. Other websites maybe wont have videos of Bush and others saying that there is NWO to be forced upon people because it is too negative and as the people on the websites claim “we should only look on the positive things”. But that is silly, isnt it. Problems do not disappear because people ignore them and pretend they do not exist.

    So when you see people talking about Illuminati things and the NWO it is only pointing at the problem and not promoting.

    Hope it helps :)


  70. Mark Marris says:

    To Whom it may concern,

    My name is Mark, I have a message for all Team Members.

    My Duty is to bring energy onto earth and has been for 13 years. Now I am in Prime recepticle position to periodicly Accept & Release energy with the tools I have Globaly at regular intervals. I would like all team members to know with the experience I have obtained in my field realizations will now speed up dramaticly and become incredibly intense for everyone. The firring of individual codeans and realizations of your identity is going to be fast tracked now.

    I am not here to preach to you or anyone and deffinately not judgemental. I am simply here to help all living things on earth become who they truly are, “FREE.” I am not a teacher such as David Icke. My purpose is to allow bulk energy to be diseminated Globally to the team and all those recieving. I consider myself to be now Primed.

    If you wish to contact me you can by email:

    I wish you all abundance.

    Mark Marris

  71. Mark Marris says:

    Message to Bilderberg Group Entity & Illuminati Group Entity.

    My name is Mark Marris. You know who I am. I am posting this message to let you know this is your final warning. You now have until the 20th of March 2013 to sign yur contracts of Ascendance. On the 21st & 22nd of March 2013 global sunspots will directly impact Earth. They are the knock out Blows. Two consecatively will impact Earth and are Immanent.

    The Star Force Fleet both local & Cosmos are here to attend to Humanity and all living things earth. Star force fleets will attend to everyones health and prosperity with abundance.

    Bilderberg entity & illuminati entity. If you do not sign your ascendance contracts you will be immediately placed under arrest by Star force Fleets upon our arrival. Then Delt with according to Cosmos Law. Your number is up.


    Mark Marris

  72. Mark Marris says:

    I Descibe Myself at this Point onwards as Ascending out of Vibration & Sound.

  73. Nizzy says:

    I want to ascend now.

  74. Mahito says:

    @Mark Marris
    Why are you posting a message to Bilderberg Group Entity & Illuminati Group Entity here. There are no illuminati members here in this forum. What are trying to achieve here???

  75. scott says:

    I have been surrounded by darkness for over 16 years, black darkness, but now I am awake, and will never go back.
    I know I must keep the light inside of me bright now.

    God is Love.
    Comes from Within,
    Love to All.

  76. Soul says:

    I am a little confused, throughout the site you are talking about GFL as a foe and a manipulation tool and then you recommend “A wake up call for the family of light”? am i missing something? or have i not understood something correctly? or are you a shill? again, just questioning:-)

  77. Phil says:

    we should start to find a way to remove Monsanto corp from our planet they made millions of animal suffering this create TONS of negative energy we wouldnt be able to create as the entire human species remember that “when you eat your cheeseburger that is really near of a demon feading himself with souls” so dont buy annything for groceries that came from this industry if no one buy there products groceries will have no choice but to stop ordering aliments from them it hard to identify what they sell because they pass there produts to others compagnies like Kraft and many others you should reaserch what is all there brand to avoid them because more of that there products are really toxic in long term for human conssumation and meat contain ARSENIC to desinfect it before use and before that the meat is not red it purple gray, we should start agricultures of natural dna fruits, vegetables, milk and egg in respectuous way with the animals give them space, liberty and not eating them like big faggot, there are several natural way of promoting growing by natural medoth that is not destructive to the enviroment but harmonious we could then after we made profit rebuy the lands own buy mosanto one by one and then destroy all animal productions system desinfect the earth (wating to the next year is enough for that) and then re-use the earth for natural plantations, at least that a start.

  78. PureLOVE says:

    To anyone that is unsure of what to do, or what your role is in all of this, just follow your intuition, things will start to come together, and you will instinctively do what you were intended to do. I know that might sound vague, but we all have different purposes here on earth, and for them to outline one thing that we are all supposed to do just doesn’t make much sense. It is something from inside you, just continue to do what you believe is right, and that is your purpose.

  79. Fireball says:

    Meditate breathe in the snowflake crystals which contain knowledge and strength imagine them melting and becoming part of me, come into my aura and body. Heal me, make me strong and give me knowledge. Ask that the crystals are clean and clear, fix all in me that is not aligned with the light and love, awaken me and make the knowledge deep within me come forth with clarity.

    Next breathe in the violet crystal flame ask it to clean, purify and burn everything except the records of what your soul needs to learn, all connections with trauma, conflict, darkness. metamorphous everything dark and impure into unconditional love.

    Ask the flame to expand my soul and body.

    Envision and clockwise whirlpool in my crown chakra with suction to remove anything impure, anything not for the purpose of my soul to learn and not aligned with the light.

  80. Fireball says:

    I am feeling a great transformation, I am humble but feeling great things coming to me and feel the need to connect with others. Can you offer guidance on what I am feeling and what I need to study? I have only just now stumbled upon your work, Kabbalah, the Torah, Zohar, Gnostic texts and Hindu text. I feel it is all important and all together is a truth but needs to be perceived and messages extracted from the code by each individual for the solution to unfold. I am starting to see meaning in old words which I would not have understood before and I feel the need to get more to balance with the dense life experience I have been blessed with. I have found myself sabotaging the material wealth I was given and couldn’t care less about that, the spiritual growth of my path feels far more important even though I enjoyed material things and places much. I am starting to read things which seem to be validating things I knew or felt but had no label or understanding of the structure to which they belonged. The structure is starting to make sense in an intangible way and it is blowing my mind, filling me with peace and excitement. Others around me don’t necessarily agree with my priorities so I am looking for signs to stay on the path. Below are rough messages or ideas my life, science, nature, my positive and sorrowful feelings, clues such as yours, insight and intuition have inspired. Some of it makes perfect sense to me, some of it I worry is too grand but I am feeling I am at least part of it or a conduit through which it passes, even if I am just the admirer, protector, messenger or supporter of something great which I do not fully understand. I know I am supposed to bump into people and that which I carry inside me brings change. I had the thought of sharing with you today even though I have not but started reading the things above, maybe you can nudge me towards the most important things that have spoken to you which will help me progress.

    I was inspired to write this:

    I love the dance of transcendence, I do not dance to that of which I am not
    I do it because it is right, truth, not out of fear of punishment, I was born with that principle
    I am the conduit for a new series of unforeseen events that will lead to a positive sway to free souls
    I have come forth through the most unusual seemingly random yet inescapable paths
    I cannot miss regardless of through which what paths I am led
    I was born Joseph and renamed David I wonder what my real name is
    Though I am light and truth I have been in exile much, be it my choice or others’
    It has been lonely yet I have been blessed with finding the souls I was meant
    Unwavering love over self-preservation
    Unify an important group, I am drawn and others are drawn to me and after a seemingly slow period I feel the beginning of quantum leaps
    Dealt / deal with jealousy and negativity
    Transformation Success
    Soul mates
    I am in the middle of War / Darkness, Love / Poetry; it fascinates me, it infuriates me and I would not wish to change who I am, where I have been and what is to come
    Even in the most darkness and suffering I have not lost my enlightenment and connection
    Study much, take action and music, joy will come
    I come from a mixture of light and dark, pure and impure
    I am perfectly imperfect
    Exploit darkness to overcome darkness in man and shine the light proudly
    My experience and study has been in the dark and I carry the light, I look forward to being surrounded by more light
    Don’t worry, it is already true, know it
    The foundation is upon us, balance it
    Use greed to fight greed, hunger to fight hunger, ignorance to fight ignorance and laziness to fight that which I won’t even grant naming
    As I study I find what I already know, yet there are areas I need help with completing the puzzle
    I feel that wisdom is simple, while ignorance is complicated, yet I need others. Separation is the illusion hiding the truth of unity. Courage is straightforward, while fear is a many forked winding road.
    Smile everyone we are all here now together, and will be forever! It is already done, we are just savoring the struggle and the story.
    The reason we can’t go faster than the speed of light here is because we here we are light, our reflection of what we are in another place, therefore we can’t go faster than what we are here
    I am here to go there
    Two places at once and go between
    Something great is coming
    The solution is inherently inside us, nurture it’s release
    You will know when you should know

    It is time to start knowing

  81. Matthew j Routley says:

    Truly beautiful Fireball!!!

  82. the MAPLELEAF says:

    As a fellow lightworker ,who has just realized why im on this planet..i feel great to be alive at this time in history.. To be part of this AWAKENING is an absolute HONOUR .. i always thought the my country CANADA was a great place to be born in,but now i realize that I AM HONOURED that MOTHER EARTH has allowed me to come and help save her from these REPTILIAN RULERSand i will do WHATEVER i can for this planet.. STAY STRONG LIGHT WORKERS and remember who you are.. PEACE, LOVE AND above all RESISTANCE to the reptilians….

  83. Stuart says:

    Just watched the video. Feel as if something invisible is covering me, not just my, but my whole being, and blocking me from receiving and communicating. Is this usual ?

    Not sure what to do nest except keeping watching and meditating.


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  85. esther says:

    Barack Obama is not the enemy RACISM is. Like Abraham Lincoln Barack is one of the better politicians it’s sad people cant see that. People of color have always been the victims of reptilians and arians. How could anyone here wanting truth not realize this.

  86. esther says:

    I like volume 1 way better

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  89. stargazer says:

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