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A Pleiadian/Sirian Communication – A Message For the Family of Light

A full reverse speech analysis of The Family of Light message presented in the video “A Wake-up Call For The Family of Light – Volume 2″ has now been conducted, and all the reversals are contained within this post.

But first, here is the FULL message communicated by the Pleiadian/Sirian Alliance, channelled through Erin K, on the 18th May 2012.


The message was channelled in written format, but below is a recording of Erin reading this message… 

Family of Light Message by Humanity Wins


“This is a message to our family “stationed” on Earth at this time. We are contacting you at this time to give you an energetic boost and also a wake-up call. We call on you, our brothers and sisters, to WAKE UP! REMEMBER who you are individually and collectively.You are here for a reason and came upon Earth at this time with great purpose.


We ask you now to open your hearts to us, your galactic family, and to each other. You are here because you wanted to be here. You heard Earth’s desperate cries and responded like a loving mother would to her crying child. You said, “let me go forth into the denseness and the fear, fog, hate and suffering. Let me go forth into the darkness that is 3rd density Earth at this time to assist all beings residing on the planet who are crying out for help.


“We, as Family of Light, take many forms. We are Pleiadian, we are Sirian, we are the Dolphin and Whale beings, and we are in human form. Many of us don’t have names but all are here at this time to serve with great purpose. To fight for a cause the Multiverse will be buzzing about through the echos of time. Remember who you are peaceful warrior and open your heart. Remember why you came here, where you came from, and most importantly, WHO YOU ARE. WAKE UP dear Humans your time to shine is now! 


Don’t get too distracted by what is transpiring around you. We hear you calling to us for help – WE HEAR YOU! We are assisting you at this time to free humanity and all of Earth’s creatures from a dark tyranny that was forced upon you long ago. The time to step up is NOW – your  power is NOW! So we say to you, our Family of Light, brave one who has stepped up to assist a planet in crisis – remember your mission – remember who you are! Remember why you came here and what you are a part of!


Do you know WHO YOU ARE? You are among the elite of the elite, the bravest of the renegades who came forth to “bust” the system. We are not appealing to your ego now we are speaking directly to your heart – FEEL US reminding you of why you came here. DO NOT forget your mission or your origin – you came here with GREAT purpose and with clarity of intent.


Don’t allow yourself to get derailed in your efforts of bringing and holding light within you at this time. The darkness, the suffering and the distractions are great now – don’t lose your focus! We made a promise to you before you embarked in this most important mission to give you a “wake-up call” – this is that reminder for you to wake up to your true purpose and power of who you are!


Don’t forget, dear ones why you came here! Stay focused and get to work! There is no room for self-pity at this time, choose your thoughts and emotions wisely. We have the utmost respect and confidence in you! You came here for a reason – now remember what it is brave warrior! You chose this – you volunteered – no one forced you to be here.


It takes great courage to do what you are doing on Earth and we salute you! Remember, you are NOT alone – you have an entire fleet – an army behind you here to support your great work. Most of all, we want you to know – to remember – how much we LOVE you! We love you, we love you, we love you and we will say it again – WE LOVE YOU! Now get to work!”  




Forward – “We Love You”

We Love You (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – We Value”

We Value (f) by Humanity Wins

 We are loved and valued more than we can possibly comprehend right now.



Forward – “Remember, You Are Not”

Remember You Are Not (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “I Know You Remember”

I Know You Remember (r) by Humanity Wins

We all know within us who we are, why we came and what we are a part of.



Forward – “Volunteered, No One Forced You to be Here”

Volunteered, No One Forced You to be Here (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Her Head is… Self Knowing, Race Know of “

Her Head is… Self Knowing, Race Know of (r) by Humanity Wins

The word before “Self Knowing” isn’t clear, but this follows on from the last reversal, “her head”, and all of our heads, know the score, and we certainly know the Pleiadian and Sirian races very well indeed. 



Forward – “Thoughts and Emotions Wisely”

Thoughts and Emotions Wisely (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Heal Selves Then Show Me the Stars”

Heal Selves Then Show Me the Stars (r) by Humanity Wins

Once we are fully healed and all the obstructions (emotional, mental and physical) removed, which are disconnecting us from our full consciousness, then we will take our place among the stars with our Galactic family.



Forward – “Forget Dear One”

Forget Dear One (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Now Raise Dagger”

Now Raise Dagger (r) by Humanity Wins

We have come to raise our swords (daggers) and fight (and ultimately defeat) the evil on this planet.



Forward – “Light Within You at This Time”

Light Within You at This Time (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Mask, Sit, That We Knit Through it”

Mask, Sit, That We Knit Through it (r) by Humanity Wins

We have had to undercover the countless “masks” of the control system and “knit” our way through all of the Reptilian’s manipulations. Not an easy task at all, but we are getting there.  And I would say that the word “sit” refers to the importance of patience in all of this.



Forward – “Do Not Forget Your Mission or Your”

Do Not Forget Your Mission or Your (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “We’re All in a Chamber, Yeah We Find Noose”

We’re All in a Chamber, Yeah We Find Noose (r) by Humanity Wins

We’ve all come into this prison (chamber) and we’ve certainly experienced the pain and suffering of the Reptilian’s “noose”. But we’ve come to break open the prison bars from the inside and free humanity



Forward – “To Your Ego Now, We”

To Your Ego Now, We (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “The One Know The Race”

The One Know The Race (r) by Humanity Wins

The One (God) certainly knows the Pleiadians, Sirians and all Family of Light races. This connects well with the reverse speech phrase used in the video “Star-Force Will Help God”



Forward – “We Are Not”

We Are Not (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Honour You”

Honour You (r) by Humanity Wins

I think the message is coming through loud and clear. We are all deeply loved and honoured for what we are doing on Earth. 



Forward – “The Bravest of the Renegades Who Came Forth”

The Bravest of the Renegades Who Came Forth (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Self Make, We’re Taking Over the Severe Bit”

Sef Make, We’re Taking Over the Severe Bit (r) by Humanity Wins

Those of us who came to Earth voluteered to take on the most difficult assignment in the whole process of freeing humanity.   We have “taken over the most severe bit”. 



Forward – “And What You Are Apart of “

And What You Are Apart of (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Fight Our Peril, We Own”

Fight Our Peril, We Own (r) by Humanity Wins

We have been incredibly brave to put ourselves in the firing line here, but we will succeed.



Forward – “Brave One Who Has”

Brave One Who Has (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “So We’re Now There”

So We’re Now There (r) by Humanity Wins

We stepped up and volunteered to come, and now here we all are.



Forward – “Power is Now”

Power is Now (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “One See You Walk”

One See You Walk (r) by Humanity Wins

The word “walk” isn’t totally clear, but The One (God) is with us every step of the way and will be eternally grateful for what we have done.



Forward – “Free Humanity and All of Earth’s”

Free Humanity and All of Earth’s (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Serve A Lot, an Aid, and I’m Here”

Serve A Lot, an Aid, and I’m Here (r) by Humanity Wins

Again, we’ve here to serve and act as “aids” for humanity.



Forward – “To Distracted by What Has”

To Distracted by What Has (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Is it a Web, Discourage, Seduced”

Is it a Web, Discourage, Seduced (r) by Humanity Wins

The word “discourage” is not the clearest, but the countless Reptilian manipulations (web) have certainly seduced many into false belief systems, and for those who are waking up to the truth, the Reptilian’s main agenda has always been to discourage, and make it seem as if it is an impossible situation to change (when this is anything but the truth).



Forward – “Our Peaceful Warrior”

Our Peaceful Warrior (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Yeah You’re a Wolf Seeker”

Yeah You’re a Wolf Seeker (r) by Humanity Wins

“Wolf” is one of the main reverse speech phrases for the Reptilians, and we all are here as “Wolf Seekers” to expose, and ultimately eradicate, the Reptilian’s hold over humanity. 



Forward – “Mutiverse Will be Buzzing About”

Mutiverse Will be Buzzing About (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Bring Us Up, We Both Serve This”

Bring Us Up, We Both Serve This (r) by Humanity Wins

The entire Multiverse (all dimensions) will be lifted up by what we accomplish on Earth. It is not enirely clear who the “both” is referring to, but I would suggest it  means both the Alliance on the inside (those of us on Earth) and the Family of Light races supporting us.  



Forward – “At This Time to Serve With Great Purpose”

At This Time to Serve With Great Purpose (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Sever, Help the Rest, Smash, Sit Back”

Sever, Help the Rest, Smash, Sit Back (r) by Humanity Wins

Once the Reptilian’s stranglehold over humanity has been severed and smashed to pieces, then we can all sit back for a well deserved rest and fully take in what we have managed to accomplish. 



Forward – “And Also a Wake Up Call”

And Also a Wake Up Call (f) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Walk, But They Will Assign it”

Walk, But They Will Assign it (r) by Humanity Wins

This message from the Pleiadian/Sirian alliance was part of  an assignment,  to help wake up Family of Light members on Earth to their true purpose and origin.


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53 Responses to “A Pleiadian/Sirian Communication – A Message For the Family of Light”

  1. Howard says:

    Thank you!

  2. FlaMe says:

    Thank you brother, if we can send energy to others with our thoughts
    we sure will be reciving mine. Be Strong galatic Friend

  3. Jordan says:

    I have this intense overwhelming feeling of knowing but I have no Idea what it is that I need to know, all I do know is that when the time comes I will be the one to show the way of future generations. Im 18 and I know that I may be too young to know this but I am a golden child. I have no idea what it really means but I know that its grand.

  4. John Popeck says:

    Thank you very grateful ) love and light..

  5. Roy says:

    I am 100% skeptical of this post. Who is Erin K?

    The reverse messages are a very far reach. I stopped listening after “dagger.” The All wants us to fight and further endorse violence?

    But let’s be base level in our criticism here: Why would an entity go through great lengths to channel messages through a human, only to hide the real message in reverse playback, and then not really say anything profound, except for to introduce a level of violence?

    This reminds me of Stairway to Heaven. Thanks for the message Lucifer.

  6. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Roy,

    Well firstly Erin is my partner.

    It sounds to me like you are new to reverse speech? If so, I suggest checking out some more of this site and in particluar the post “Is Reverse Speech a Valid Tool or Is it Bullshit?” – the link is above (at the bottom of the post). And if you haven’t done so already, you may want to watch the video “A Wake up Call For the Family of Light – Vol 2″ (Video Section).

    But let me clear up some misunderstandings you have about reverse speech quickly; In a nutshell reverse speech acts as a “truth serum” – it is connected to the universal mind and has proven to be an incredible tool for cutting through the lies and bs on this planet. These reverse speech “messages” are not controlled by the person speaking in normal speech – so the “real message” (as you put it) is not being hidden at all – the reverse speech of this channelled message from the Pleiadian/Sirian Alliance is very congruent with what is being said in forward speech, so this simply provides more evidence to support the authenticity of this message.

    And as for the reversal that upset you “Now Raise Dagger” – well this is a metaphoric statement relating to the “fight” that is happening on this planet between dark and light forces. It is not suggesting that we go out and buy daggers and start hurting people. I’m sure most people can understand that?

    Anyway I hope this helps


  7. Luigi says:

    Thank You!, I’ve been watching the wake up call and had some reserves even though I resonated with most of the message. As I start my awakening process and getting more and more information and can I see clearly my mission. The matrix noticed this and its blocking me from watching the wake up call with my Youtube ID, I published on my Facebook account Luigi Albau. Now I’m convinced of this is true. Light and Love!

  8. Chad says:

    I happen to believe in the Family of Light and their messages for us. It’s obvious they want peace and want to defeat the Reptilians and criminal cabal keeping us in the dark. I also believe that the increase in ufo sightings, over 30% in a few months, more sightings than in recorded history. It is tied to 2012. We should prepare ourselves we will be meeting our brothers and sisters of light face to face. There will be mass landings and peaceful contact.

  9. sky pegasus says:

    Wow! 4 days ago I was contacting 3-4 people that are friends telling them they mean so much to me as “my family”. 2 days ago I listened to this video and another Pleiadian message 26 minutes long and I could tell my frequency was lifted. Yesterday and today I sent 2 very close friends the video and asked them to listen with their heart and I believe them to be “my team”. Today I see the UTTER SEQUENCE OF EVENTS and synchronicity and came to this website. I am a very young 55 with a 5 year old daughter, absolutely telling the truth and I want to mirror the message from Jordan who is 18. Jordan you are not alone!

  10. laura says:

    Brad, Can you tell us about Bashar. Also drunvala is reptilian same with LiLou Mace,and that George K. guy. Thank You Brad i send you love and light<3

  11. chris says:

    I am still skeptical. Considering the supposedly plan of these reptilians over so many thousands of years that are in the making, do you not think they would have prepared more for a opposing equal force of good? how can we be sure that the genetically mixed human/reptile are not these “good” forces we are believing to be friend not foe? if this great awakening is so important to the galaxy, why so vague in directions? why not give us more info? we seem to have so much info about the reptilians but not the forces of light? this reminds me so much of you article of the bible Brad. So much info and input from the bad guy but vague, leave it all to us to “figure it out or perish” from the good guys? the first “message” video sounds so clean and nice (whos voice is it anyways?) but one has to be cautious of “another trap”

  12. Willz says:

    This is a time for us all to band togeather and hold postive, loving feelings in our hearts, which I believe in turn shall help unlock the vaugness some of us are experiencing in our heads. Intuition is a powerful gift installed upon us all and to doubt it is to doubt yourself and purpose of being.
    I believe there is a higher purpose for us all and will do whatever I can to surround myself with like minded people.
    Syncronocity of combining the greatness that is to be is the key to adjusting the negative frequency we have been imprisoned to for so long. So yes brothers and sisters… Wake up, wake up, wake up.

  13. Brad says:

    Hi Chris,

    Well of course being vigilant is important, and sure have a healthy scepticism.

    But to your answer your question “why the vaugeness from the good guys” – well firstly WE have to take responsibility ourselves – the human race has to be responsible for throwing of the chains – we can not be “rescued” BUT we can be supported – and we are! If you listen to the messages of the Reptilians PRETENDING to be the “good guys” e.g The Galactic Federation of Light, then you will see a very disctict difference. The GFOL state they are coming to “save humanity” and take care of everything. Where as the “real good guys” know that they can not just come down and save humanity in that way. From the bigger perspective this is all about humanity re-connecting with their true power and taking responsibilty for their own destiny. If another race was to simply come down and rescue and take care of everything here then there would be no growing experience for humanity. Make sense?

    But saying that, the “good guys” have done ALL, and are doing ALL, they can to support and be a CATALYST for change. That is what all of us are doing down here right now. You, me and pretty much anyone else on this website, reading these words, are part of the ET alliance (whether from the Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturius or elsewhere) who volunteered to incarnate into a human body in order to be the catalysts for change from the inside. Without this “external support” humanity would of NEVER woken up and broken free from Reptilian control.

    But sure keep questioning, come to conclusions for youself Chris. What FEELS right? The voice on the 1st Wake up Call video is Barbara Marciniak by the way.

  14. Lina says:

    I’m only 17 and I just KNOW that I came here to do something BIG but I just don’t know exactly what it is…fellow sis*stars and bro*stars hehe :) can you give me any advice on how to connect to my past and remember why I came here and what it is I have to do?

  15. Ace Pilot says:

    To do list:
    -have every human read ‘The Biggest Secret’ by David Icke first, then it’s up for them to believe or not
    -help those who are interested
    -help the awakening to wake up and know their true objectives within their hearts of why they are here on Earth :)

  16. Ace Pilot says:

    changed my name from Daniel to Ace Pilot, by the way.

  17. Katherine says:

    Im being patient to see how this whole thing unfolds. I think we all need to be patient (my 2 cents) and observe and FEEL how things are presented. I know there are a LOT of ET sightings and my gut is telling me to feel it all out. Are they the progressive ones or the regressive one. The negatives are very very intelligent and sneaky, so we have to keep this in mind and not fall for the first mother ship that comes in with signs of peace and hope and it turns out to be a hoax. Know what I mean? but this is just me.

  18. that crazy toaster says:

    Hey Brad, nice to meet you. Apologies for the dumb question and for posting it here in this most excellent forum but Im new to the site, trying to figure out where I can change my picture.
    It’s ok but I’d rather “IF” possible change it. Green vampires doesn’t exactly ring my bells if you know what I mean. Thank you Brad.

  19. Danyael 81618 says:

    We are getting stronger everyday. Soon will the others known the power of Light.
    I love you all

  20. scott says:

    I have been surrounded by darkness for over 16 years, black darkness, but now I am awake, and will never go back.
    I know I must keep the light inside of me bright now.

    God is Love.
    Comes from Within,
    Love to All.

  21. Susan says:

    I began to awaken to the fact that we are a world in transition over 25 years ago. I have been educated by the channeled being Lazaris on reality creation and conscious evolution and have maintained close contact with my inner guidance for two decades. I only began to investigate the dark side of what is happening on earth in the past 18 months. I now know what is in the chem trails and how we are being blatantly exterminated, and how the FDA is making health illegal. With the government making every bad decision it could make, it is so obvious to me what is going on, but I am horrified that most people still can’t see it. I feel as though I have stepped into an alternate dimension in which gruesome things are happening, but that most of my friends and family are still oblivious, which makes me feel all alone. I want to become more proactive in waking people up but other than to post info on my blog, twitter, and face book, don’t know how. There needs to be neighborhood support groups to deal with the emotional pain and fear of such terrible news. Humanity needs to come together in prayer, celebration and light. Is anyone working at creating such a movement? Other than giving us information about the dark side, where are the leaders who will organize the revolution and tell others what to do to participate in a meaningful way. At this point, I believe that waking up humanity and helping each other deal with the fear and pain related to what is occurring is our greatest need now.

  22. luckyadidaschick says:

    I was lost. I couldn’t understand why people didn’t see,feel,or even believe the things i expirence in my life. I have something about me though and spend my time trying to control my abilities that not everyone even knows about. Before I was scared not having guidance and over-whelmed in all the gut-renching evil in the world but after a week of trying to figure it out i feel my search is done and now my full learning can begin. I know, I believe,I am ready, and for the first time in my life Im not alone in a way few understand.

  23. luckyadidaschick says:

    we are here to make a difference one person at a time. Its as easy as listening. When you listen to someone then when the time comes, if they are internally good and know true love then they will listen to you and as much as people are in denial they can still see the good and the light if they want to. I once got a message to relay. It was to a person that didn’t believe. I had an eternal fight on weather to tell her what her dad had said so shortly after his death. When something is real though they can’t have denigeabnegation forever. (psychological defense mechanism in which a person is faced with a fact that is too uncomfortable to accept and rejects it instead, insisting that it is not true despite what may be overwhelming evidence) In relaying the message though (no matter the outcome i had a job to do) I have made her a believer, I told her things i guess only her and her dad knew and to this day she comes to me for guidance. Even though she still doesn’t want to believe half the things I know.But I kept talking and recently found out that her daughters listened with out me even knowing, so continue talking people are listening weather you think they are or not.

  24. I have awakened in South Africa.
    There are not many folk to discuss this with here. I feel like I’m passing what I know and teaching which is perfect. I am being divinely guided and I need assistance from other members of the family of light, Bringers of the Dawn. I am looking for pdf copies of Earth by Barbara M and David Ilkeston latest. Remember who u are etc.
    Or any other advice
    Love and light

  25. Michael says:

    Hi Darryn182AfricaRises.

    Knowing what we think we know, it can be pretty lonely at times for us in the “real world”. This is a place where you can talk to others that will be on a similar wavelengh. Check out the forum on this site if you would like.

    I can’t help you regarding Earth or David’s book but there maybe someone who can.

    Catch you around. =)

  26. Steven says:

    Dear Brad,

    I would like to let you know that I am deeply greatful for everything that I am learning through your website! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    A question came up. This wake-up call is fantastic, but how can I remember what it is that I came here to do and what I should do? Is it possibly through my work (I am a classical musician) or in another manner? What should I aim for? Do I need to be aware of what I do energetically or is e.g. “just” making beautiful music already enough to contribute to bringing down the net?

    Thanks for your trouble, Brad!


  27. Michael says:

    Hi Steven.

    Brad’s had alot on over the past few months (big understatement), and hasn’t been able to keep abreast of what people are saying and asking.

    Hopefully he’ll be back with us within a few weeks time.

    Regarding your question, I and many others are all asking the same questions. Especially “what do I do now – now that I am awake?”

    I’m going by what my heart says, and it says to start being the light that I want to see in the world. And, it is hard for me, as it is for many others reading here as well. I’m still muddling along, but I know that I need to be an example to others. And, of course, sometimes I am failing miserably ( I have a real problem with arguing with my flat mate- he’s pretty much a sheep and I sometimes get on my high horse and unfairly get stuck into him- I’m definitely not being the light I want to see in this case!). But, there are times now when I do think I might be getting somewhere. Hopefully.

    Listen to your heart. Listen to your experience – i.e what actions have you done in the past that have uplifted others; and what actions have you done that only caused pain to others. You’ll start working out how to be that light. It may indeed be your musical talent that is your tool to use. I’m sitting here with my head phones on listening to some of my favourite music of all time. I was just thinking a little earlier how amazing it is that people can create such beautiful sound. My music helps to keep me going. To not give up.

    Also, one last thing. Try and remember to be yourself and allow yourself to feel. You are a once off creation on this planet. No one is exactly the same as you, no one has had the exact experiences that you have had. (I’m looking for work at the moment and I am expected to “play the game” of selling myself to potential employers – so, I am willing to fake it a bit without guilt, as I believe our system is based on a lie. I am willing to lie to a lie, and sometimes it is the 100% right thing to do. But, in genuine circumstances and relationships, I believe we need to allow ourselves to be who we are.) No need to try and impress anybody (and this is also hard to do at times – you know, most of us have that insecurity as well as sometimes an inflated ego, and we do want to impress sometimes – but I believe we need to be who we are. =)

  28. Steven says:

    Well, Michael, thanks a lot for your sincere reply; very much appreciated. :-)
    I understand that my heart/intuition is my guide. And I also understand that it is important to be a lighting example to the people around me. Also I can really have a hard time with that. And strangely I am more of a well balanced, nice guy to the people that I work with than to my own wife and children. But then, maybe that isn’t all that strange…
    Anyway, give Brad my best wishes. Talk to you later!

  29. BFeather says:

    Have you heard anything about reptilian defectors /renegades/ rebels? I’m trying to gain clarity on whether I am one or if an experience I had was (just) a vivid journey to know them on a more personal level and gain insight.

  30. Timuras379 says:

    Does anyone else think its weird Brad all gone? Especially now that won?!?!?!???
    Where the f is he? I though we were to celebrate!!! :)))

  31. Penny says:

    Hi All, and to the Brad especially!
    We have not won, and there is much trial and tribulation to come. I recommend this site (and page specifically) to explain thing to come. All the NWO and Dark Elite (which all worship Lucifer) plans are spelled out, and backed up by the Bible. I believe the “Lizzies” to be created by the fallen angels to deceive humanity. Many lies have been told to humanity by these ‘great deceivers’. I believe there are good angels all around as well. Know the truth in your heart, that God is love and light, the Alpha and Omega, and that God is WITHIN us ALL.

    Brad, I hope you are ok, please let us know! And hope you find this information valuable.


  32. Macca says:

    Hi I found the two wake up calls inspiring and uplifting and I was wondering when we can expect to view volume three…..I note its been over a year since vol 2,

    Eagerly waiting:-)

    If the third volume is out where can I find!!

  33. Zara says:

    In response to Macca:
    I do not expect a volume 3. You will get the messages you need, by any means after awakening. Social media, both mainstream and alternative, are a great help.

    Instead of a new volume, I expect messages for the awakened not yet ascending, let’s call it the ‘alignment’ (for now). Read the comment by Michael (above).


    In response to BFeather:
    Not all lizzies are bad, since there are peace loving ones as well. Just the power attached races in their alliance dominate the spectrum. Some have allegedly joined the Galactic Alliance, many feel their origin on Orion, and all reptilians on earth who are no power lust psychopaths may raise their vibrations to a higher frequency level and mix with other star seeds incarnated in human form, as well as ‘original’ humans as far as these exist.

    If you feel you are a renegade, you may have a special talent in spotting, doing undercover work, join the free-masons, whatever.
    Just cover your tracks and go in stealth mode.


  34. cosmix says:

    Question to Brad.

    Why have you used clips of George Bush in both videos?
    That makes me confused, and I think others too.

    Many knows him as a figurehead for the cabal. To see him in these videos with a positive meaning is very confusing.

    Please explain.

  35. Nicolás says:

    Friends, we must discover ourselves and bring our true nature and reality out to the world. Do not let the external circunstances define you. Shine with your own light. Love to all.

  36. myideal999 says:

    Hello! all brothers & Sisters,

    Thank you for your messages of light and love. I truly believe that I have met one of these wolves. He called himself a wolf many times, and he could read my mind, shape shift, travel thousands of miles in the time it takes to blink an eye, and when he took photographs, he was enabled to capture dozens of the unseen within the picture. He was out and out evil, and would cast spells to enforce people to do things that they would never normally do. Question: What’s a wolf-peg?
    Love & blessings to you all!

  37. myideal999 says:

    Greetings again brothers & sisters!
    After reading some of your posts, I decided to elaborate on what was previously shared by me. I awakened back in 2013, I had read about the numerous murdered children, (descriptive information will not be shared at this time),and I noticed that no resolve was ever to be found regarding justice being done, and it was like a huge awakening alarm bell. I was so distraught for those poor children. Also, I have had many visits from the unseen spirits, and they would keep me awake all night since 2002.

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