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Abraham-Hicks – Reptilian Channelling

If you’ve spent any time in the New Age arena then you’ve likely come across Esther Hicks and the group of beings she channels, that refer to themselves as “Abraham”. Abraham-Hicks, as they are commonly know, are one of the most prominent promoters of the “Law of Attraction”, publishing many best selling books, including “Ask and it is Given” and “The Law of Attraction”, and they were orginally featured in “The Secret” movie, but did not make the final cut (for unknown reasons).  

But who exactly is Ether Hicks channelling?

Well first of all it needs to be made clear that the Reptilian’s most effective method of manipulating humanity has always been to mix truth and lies together, to distort and twist the truth, so that the lies are packaged to look and sound just so wonderful and positive. There is obvioulsy no doubt that our thoughts and emotions are very powerful and do help shape our perception and lives, and certainly in the higher dimensions thought can create almost instantly, but right here, right now, in the Reptilian control matrix, of 3rd density Earth, can we really accept that our thoughts, and our thoughts alone, are responsible for everything we experience?  

The premise that Abraham-Hicks promote is that EVERYTHING happening in our lives, good and bad, has been “attracted” by us 100% because of our thinking. There is simply no exception! We are born into this world with a blank canvas ahead of us and we create all of our experiences as we go along, all as a result of the thoughts we have been thinking.


The Reptilians have always wanted humans to believe that the horrors that happen in the world have been “created” by humanity itself. Anything that keeps them out of the limelight and puts the blame somewhere else is what they desperately want. And if they can get people to feel guilty for their victim-hood then that is one hell of a bonus for them!

Yes of course, the “Law of Attraction” is real and does play a part in our lives, but things are not as clear cut with this as the Reptilians would like humanity to believe. It is very apparent that the teachings of Abraham-Hicks are attempting to turn people into robotic humans. Humans who must distract themselves from all negative thoughts and never show any sign of negative emotion. This also creates a situation where people lose all empathy for the vunerable of society because they are looked at as being responsible for their situation, due to their thinking.

There are many accounts from people who have experienced the negative effects of following Abraham’s teachings…

“My mother was following Abraham Hicks for about 5 years. She became completely brain washed and her personality, connection to family and sense of reality changed as a result. She bought and listened to everything they had along with her circle of new spiritual friends. She learned and believed that our minds have the ability to manifest our physical being and that anyone that has a disease or illness somehow manifested it upon themselves.

My mother came to live with me 6 months ago because she had suddenly lost her vision and of course thought this was a spiritual thing… Well, we took her to real Physicians and found out she had metastatic cancer. Hmmmm, guess she manifested it in herself. Upon finding this out she was in denial and became frantic to listen to her audio Abraham-Hicks tapes, meditate, etc. I ended up listening to them by default and found their tactics to be very cult like and a lot of what they said was very manipulative. Every book says the same things in different ways over and over. Other things they said were no big secret but plain old common sense. As for my mother, as her illness progressed no matter how hard she tried to will it away, she could no longer deny it. She decided to stop listening to the tapes. She gradually started changing back to the person we knew and reconnecting with her family. We can never get those 5 years back and we have no future. She passed away on Jan 7.”

The Reptilians understand the human need for spiritual connection and they are masters at manipulation in this area. They are an incredibly intelligent race, and for them, speaking to a human is comparable to an adult Human speaking to a 4 year old. People are unfortunately too quick to assume that such apparently ”evolved beings”, speaking such “wisdom” through a sweet little woman like Esther Hicks, could be anything other than trustworthy…   

Here is Abraham discussing the concept that ”no accident is accidental”…


On the surface it all sounds so positive and empowering doesn’t it? But dig a little deeper and really listen to what’s being said and you can start to identify the deceit and manipulation. For example, at 13.02 They say “Are There Awful Things That Happen? – No Not Really” - WHAT??? Well actually, YES, there are A LOT of awful things that happen and most of these “awful things” are being carried out by the Reptilians. But of course they want to keep that quiet and make Humanity believe the opposite, don’t they?

 Here is another example of someone experiencing the negative effects of Abraham’s teachings…

“I was an Abraham Hicks fan and was introduced through The Secret. I was also a big Eckhart Tolle fan at one point. I got into the habit of listening to Esther’s you tube videos at night. I’d just make a playlist and think, “Great, I get to fall asleep listening to positive messages.” I won’t ever listen to anyone before going to bed again, especially ‘new age’ teachers. Their words had a strong hypnotic effect and definitely assisted in what I consider brainwashing. There were nights I couldn’t fall asleep so I’d put on Esther’s recordings and fall asleep shortly after.I read their [Esther and Jerry’s] books and was a big youtube listener. I felt the only people that understood me were other “abers”. I felt I knew some amazing knowledge that only other abers knew. I only wanted to be around other abers. I went to a workshop to see Esther in person. At the workshop something clicked in my head. When she asked in the beginning of the seminar, “It is good to come together in the purpose of co-creation do you agree? It’s co-creation at its best,” everyone, including myself, replied yes at the same time. I thought to myself, “I sound brainwashed.” I then wondered about what she just asked. Was being at that seminar really ‘co-creation’ at its best? I then immediately dismissed it because that was a negative thought.

What really made me get away from this new age nonsense was the increasing trouble I was having socializing with family, friends, and people in general. I attempted to explain to my mother that she unconsciously brought on breast cancer through her thinking processes. I could no longer sympathize to what she went through. My basic human emotion of empathy was stripped. When you are in the cult society is divided into abers and non-abers (followers and non-followers) Non-Abers have human feelings such as empathy and feel the need to take action when something is wrong. As an aber, I was unwilling to let myself feel any emotion for more than 68 seconds. When I got upset I convinced myself to let it go immediately even if something needed to be done. With Tolle’s work I became very passive and it scared my boyfriend. He told me “You hesitate every time you speak as if you are second guessing what you should say.” I took positive thinking so seriously that I wouldn’t allow myself to say anything negative for fear it would bring on negative thoughts. Again, lifeless, robotic, numb and blissfully brainwashed.

What snapped me out of it was going back to college. Higher education especially in the medical field, stresses critical thinking and the importance of it. We study facts, not fiction. Critical thinking goes against everything Abraham teaches. I still was finding it hard to relate to everyone. Anytime someone complained, even when it was justified, I thought in my mind, “this person doesn’t understand that their thoughts are causing all of the trouble.” If anyone was going through an illness or struggle I concluded, based on Abraham’s teachings, that it was ultimately brought on by them. Since I no longer empathized with people I was alone. Very alone. One day I just decided to snap out of it and to regain my life. I searched and discovered more people felt the same way. At the beginning of this ‘new aged brainwashed’ period I just wanted to learn more and seek some truth. It turns out I finally did.”

The Reptilian’s are using the New Age arena in exactly the same way they have used traditional religion for millennia; To separate and divide people into “believers” and “non-believers” and to pacify people into accepting and disconnecting from the horrors and cruelties of this world. The Reptilians don’t want a human population that will stand up, come together and take action against their agenda. They want people at home visualizing ferraris and yachts, and focusing on their own personal needs, not coming to the aid of their fellow man. 

Well now I think it’s time to show what reverse speech was able to reveal about Abraham and their teachings?

The video below was used for the reverse speech analysis…



For clarity purposes it is recommended that you listen through headphones  


Forward – “My Truth is”

My Truth is (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “See Through a Scam”

See Through a Scam (R) by Humanity Wins

Pretty self explanatory



Forward – “Anything Long Enough”

Anything Long Enough (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Find Them All and Give a Net”

Find Them All and Give a Net (R) by Humanity Wins

For those new to reverse speech terminology; a net refers to a deception. Abraham are wanting to suck as many people in as they can.



Forward – “What You’re Saying is, as I Feel Good, as I”

What You’re Saying is, as I Feel Good as I (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Pass it Out Believe…Saying Yes Sir”

Pass it Out Believe…Saying Yes Sir (R) by Humanity Wins

The phrase after “believe” isn’t too clear, but Abraham are passing out their words and wanting the audience to believe it all and the audience memebers just nod their heads like school children.



Forward – “Against Others and Make Anyone Your”

Against Others and Make Anyone Your (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “We No Win a Game, We Serve That Snake”

We No Win it, Game, We Serve That Snake (R) by Humanity Wins

Again for those new to reverse speech; snake is one of the main metaphors for the Reptilians. They may be trying their hardest to deceive and manipulate but ultimately they won’t win.



Forward – “When You Come into Alignment”

When You Come into Alignment (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Then the Owl Blowing the Muck, We Knew”

Then Owl Blowing the Muck, We Knew (R) by Humanity Wins

Once again for those new to reverse speech; Owl is another main metaphor for the Reptilians. They are certainly blowing their muck in this Abraham disguise.



Forward – “Source is Diverse”

Source is Diverse (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Serve Bad, They Throw Us”

Serve Bad, They Throw Us (R) by Humanity Wins

Abraham are serving up bad information to throw people off



Forward – “One Truth But There”

One Truth But There (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “I Heard Their Push Now”

I Heard Their Push Now (R) by Humanity Wins

This is the audience member questioning Abraham’s teaching on there being ”more than one truth”. Abraham are certainly trying to push their viewpoint here.



Forward – “That’s All There”

That’s All There is (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Say We Lost That”

Say We Lost That (R) by Humanity Wins

This was Abraham’s response to the question about “truth”. They know they were struggling to present a solid argument here.



Forward – “Against That”

Against That (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Bad Snake”

Bad Snake (R) by Humanity Wins

Sums things up pretty well.



Forward – “Born as Liquid Love That You Are”

Born as Liquid Love That You Are (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Throwing the Ball, We’ll Send Her Home”

Throwing the Ball, We’ll Send Her Home (R) by Humanity Wins

Abraham are quick to jump in with their responses to questions and shoot down any uncertainty. They throw the ball quickly back and send them home with the viewpoint they want to instill.



Forward – “Galactic Federation of Light”

Galactic Federation of Light (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “It’s The Owl Try to Share That, Just Tell it”

It’s The Owl Try to Share That, Just Tell it (R) by Humanity Wins

The “Galactic Federation of Light” (including Ashtar Command) is a Reptilian manipulation (A future post will cover this in more detail), so this reversal could be referring to the GFOL or Abraham. It certainly fits with both.



Forward – “Then it Will Serve You”

Then it Will Serve You (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Reverse Will Win it”

Reverse Will Win it (R) by Humanity Wins

Reverse speech is helping us to see through the Reptilian’s lies.



 These last few reversals are from the first video about accidents…


Forward – “Less Strong”

Less Strong (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “The Large Sell”

The Large Sell (R) by Humanity Wins

Abraham are certainly giving the audience the hard sell.



Forward – “Things That She Would Normally Say”

Things That She Would Normally Say (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Yes See Them Moan, The Wishes Knit”

Yes See Them Moan, The Wishes Knit (R) by Humanity Wins

People come to Abraham’s teachings predominantly because they have problems in their lives and are looking for solutions. And like a genie in a lamp, Abraham appears to be able to grant all their wishes.



Forward – “Nothing is Accidental”

Nothing is Accidental (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Oh They Disguise it, in a Fun”

Oh They Disguise it in a Fun (R) by Humanity Wins

The Reptilians always disguise their manipulations within the New Age movement as something light, loving and fun.



Forward – “That Feeling of Vulnerability”

That Feeling of Vunerability (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Hear the Labour and Love Then He Leave, It’s Bad”

Hear the Labour and Love Then He’ll Leave, It’s Bad (R) by Humanity Wins

The Abraham followers come to hear what they are supposed to do so they can go home happy with their new found “wisdom”, and it does appear to be told in such a loving way. But in reality it’s nothing but lies and manipulation.



Forward – “Felt Bogus and Awful”

Felt Bogus and Awful (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “We’re For a Net, it’s a Glum Life”

We’re For a Net, it’s a Glum Life (R) by Humanity Wins

Life in this Reptilian Net has certainly been glum for the vast majority of humanity. 



Forward – “Emotional and Vibrational”

Emotional and Vibrational (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “One Chair, Bad Net, One Show Me”

One Chair, Bad Net, One Show Me (R) by Humanity Wins

The audience members come up and sit in the chair to speak to Abraham, and every time they are given lies and deception.



Forward - “Is Always Acknowledging the Value”

Is Always Acknowleding the Value (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “We Lie… Reach the One, There’s a War, See”

We Lie.. Reach the One, There’s a War, See (R) by Humanity Wins

The Reptilians aren’t manipulating humanity just for the fun of it, there is war going on here and they are desperate to hide their agenda.



The message that Abraham are ultimately trying to promote is for people to turn away from the horror and “negativity” in this world and focus only on the positive. Much better for people to believe they need to turn away from the problem, or else more negativity is going to show up in their lives. It’s a pretty good self defense system for the Reptilians; make people AFRAID of even looking at the truth, let alone trying to do something about it.

Secondly what Abraham fail to acknowledge is that many of us have come to Earth with “a plan“. Certainly those of us on the front-lines of removing the darkness on this planet (if you’re reading these words that means YOU) have  pre-designed much of our lives long before we arrived here. We have a “blueprint”, what some refer to as fate. Of course there is room for maneuver, and many of our life experiences will be unplanned and fully spontaneous, but overall we have come here with a definite plan of what we want to achieve. We were not born, as Abraham suggests, with a “blank canvas” which is to simply be filled in as we go through life, as a result of our thoughts. 

But as is always the case the Reptilians have mixed truth into this manipulation as well. Yes, our thoughts and emotions do play a significant role in our life experiences, so it is important for us to be mindful of our thoughts and be aware of where our minding is taking us. Thought ultimately does create in this universe, but the reality of manifestation is not as simple and clear cut as Abraham are trying to make people believe, especially in this Reptilian control matrix of 3rd density Earth. The level of mind, emotional and frequecy control that humanity has been subjected too for millennia has made it incredibly difficult for humans to be ”the creators of their reality”. 

It’s a good thing humanity will soon be free of Reptilian control and will be able to, once again, experience their true potential      

More New Age information coming soon…


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42 Responses to “Abraham-Hicks – Reptilian Channelling”

  1. JordynC says:

    So can you explain the difference between the GFOL-Ashtar and the Family of light from the video you share on this site? Is the GFOL just their version so they try and make it seem like from the same people?

    Also can you do reverse speech on Alaje, Bashar and Mythi?

    They are some of the common names out there in this community.

  2. Marie says:

    Thanks, great post. I started reading and listening to their info but within a week it just didn’t resonate with me which normally means it isn’t the Truth!

    Have you thought about reverse speech for Ramtha? That would be interesting! Although i am sure you have many people on the list!!

  3. melianna says:

    If your are denying your feeling how can that be spiritual!
    Acceptance of it all would be the way for me…no need to react to it but to accept it is the way.

    Truth is within, I think no matter what we listing too we should always check inside how we resonate with that “new knowledge”.

  4. road says:

    You’ve been the victim of dis-informaion, Brad. Abraham/Hicks is a major player in the family of light. They teach how to manage your state, and how to create your own reality. They teach you to free your mind. They provide the tools for that. And that is all. They don’t engage in fear in any way, shape or form. Their message is entirely positive, and has always been perfectly consistent.

    In fact—-they teach the only tools that actually have a chance of working. You either manage your own thoughts—or you have them managed for you. They teach you how to manage them for yourself, and in doing so, create the world we all want to live in. They are about one thing and one thing only—-empowering people to create reality—instead of being victims to it through negative reaction and fear. Through programming. They show you how to break the programming within you. How to plug in to Source and get your own direct download.

    It doesn’t surprise me that they are finally coming under attack. Through their techniques, many people are discovering their own power, and are using it.

    There is only one battle out there, Brad. And it is the battle for your thoughts, for your attention, for your focus. Because what you focus on—you feed.

    The reptilian mind does not use the high frequencies of love and joy that are at the core of Abraham/Hicks. The reptiles use fear, horror, hate, suspicion, anger, dread, terror to achive their ends. They use the lower chakras to do their dirty work—-and not the higher ones. Because they can’t use the higher chakras. They don’t have access to those. Do you see?

    The reptiles would, however, attempt to turn people away from Abraham/Hicks with lies, manipulations, fear, and suspicion. Which is what you posted.

    I would check your sources on this one, my friend.

    Keep up the good work.



  5. Erin says:

    Road, I’m afraid you are a little confused about Abraham. Let me ask you, how loving would it be to completely shun the 9/11 victim’s families after the terrible events of 9/11? To make no comments to the grieving families whatsoever – to not share even a brief “we are so sorry for your losses” on their website? Because this is eactly what Abraham-Hicks did after 9/11…did you know that? What they actully said was soemthing to the effect of “we won’t address them because it wasn’t a tragedy – they only believe it was.” REALLY?? Wow – how enlightened and loving and compassionate of you Abraham-Hicks – way to express that loving higher consciousness coming through. This is only 1 of MANY examples. I urge anyone (and especially you road) who actually believes the brainwashing of Abraham-Hicks to focus on their hearts while listening to them speaking their “truth” and see how it feels. Throw out everything they are saying and don’t listen with the mind – FEEL in your heart what the truth is. If you still maintain that you believe Abraham is alliance, well than you might just be a reptilian yourself! ;)

  6. michael says:

    Hi Road.

    I’m betting that when you cross a busy highway you are careful to avoid being hit by on-coming traffic? If so, you are most likely being guided by a deeply ingrained biological want to stay alive. The method your body uses to ensure you don’t become roadkill is FEAR. Some fear, surely, is absolutely necessary to ensure we remain alive and to be able to locate REAL possible threats! I have no problem stating that some of us (through our negative actions) contribute to ourselves feeling unnecessary fear, but surely it is only sane to feel fear (and to allow ourselves to recognise it as such) when we are under attack by some external source or, dare I say it, ENEMY.
    Of course, you might respond that I have created my enemy and his/her actions by not thinking the correct and loving thoughts, but then I could respond that the car that hits you on that busy highway was due to you not thinking enough happy and positve thoughts before you decided to cross the road.:)

  7. victor says:

    Hello Brad, and all who are reading this.
    thank you very much for this, I have been going through a slow but sure, waking up process, because of this website and your dedicated work.
    the turning point has been reached and there’s no way I can go back to “before” now!
    thank you again,
    Much love and appreciation.

  8. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Road,

    Well unfortunately you have totally underestimated the Reptilians and their mastery of manipulation.

    Of course some of what Abraham “teach” is based in truth, this is how they are able to manipulate so effectively. When truth and lies are mixed together, especially “spiritual truth”, then humans connect very deeply with the truth of what is being said and simply soak up the lies without being aware.

    The Reptilians are 4th dimensional beings and although they do not connect with the higher frequecies of love, this does not mean that they can not PREDEND to do so, in order to manipulate humans. They can make things sound so loving and positive but this does not mean that they are. They have been doing this within organised Religion for thousands of years. Just go and listen to an average church sermon and you will hear how “loving” and “positive” the message being shared by the Reptilian controlled pastor is. But in truth it is lies and manipulation. Exactly the same thing with Abraham-Hicks.

    As I discussed in the post, yes thought does create, but the dogma that Abraham communicate has twisted this fundemental truth into something that is mis-leading and greatly helps the Reptilian agenda; Keeping humans in the dark about the REAL causes of the problems on this planet and making them believe that humanity is ultimately to blame. This has been their prime directive for millennia.



  9. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Jordyn,

    Yes the “Galactic Federation of Light” is a Reptilian manipulation, their purpose is to do exactly what you have stated; make people believe that it is the Family of Light and the Alliance of benevelonet ET’s which are helping humanity and fighting the Reptilians. The REAL ET alliance are called just simply “The Galactic Federation”. So the reptilians have used a similar name in order to confuse and manipulate. I will be posting more information about this very soon.

    And I can certianly check out the people you’ve listed and see what reverse speech can reveal

  10. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Victor,

    That’s great to hear my friend! I’m glad the website has helped in your awakening process!

  11. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Marie,

    Yes Ramtha is next on my list!

  12. Councelor says:

    Hi Brad!
    I’m having some double/mixed message issues concerning the fact that we shouldn’t listen to things like: blueprint, plan, manifestation of self through your passion etc. when listening to the Pleiadian messages that’s (in my opinion) exactly what you’re fed… Enlighten me please!

    And then there’s the Andromedans and the Arcturian messages, Alex Collier and all that stuff, man this really is a jungle… But I’m getting closer and closer to the big picture, sometimes with a little help from my friends…

    Keep up the good work and I will honor you with doing the same in my part of the world!

    Res Ipsa Loquitur…

  13. Jacques says:

    There is a lot of contradiction in this that I am having trouble swallowing… it seems like there is a lot of fear indicated in the interpretation of Abraham provided… which makes it harder to see as a light-based effort in the first place.

    I mean here you are waggling your finger at Abraham and saying they create an us vs. them dichotomy through their teachings… but at the same time, aren’t you doing the same thing right here right now with this whole light versus dark regimen?

    I believe there is a lot of truth in the pleiadian messages, but I am not convinced by this sort of article because it smells strongly of shadow-boxing.

    What of the us vs. them dichotomy that is being pushed by the very suggestion that there are malevolent forces controlling us? This seems to be an externalization of the same process of polarization… and in doing so it seems to drag one’s perspective outwardly into the illusion space, while the real truth is always inside of us.

    This smells like ‘reptilian interference’ just as much as the purported misguidance from Abraham that is being suggested therein.

    How can you possibly preach against someone that you say proposes an us versus them mentality? It is inherently self-defeating to do so because you are illustrating your OWN us vs. them mentality in the process.


    I honestly want to understand this, but it’s important that everyone keep an open mind, even the writer of this article. I’ve never heard such accusatory words directly channeled from a pleiadian source, so how can you justify such supposition?

  14. Jacques says:

    P.S. a little background:

    My girlfriend got way into Abraham and made me pretty uncomfortable with it at first. I eventually got into it myself as a means of testing the waters, and found a lot of goodness in it even though my initial response was to see it as potentially dangerous. HOWEVER, I also moved on from it pretty quickly, and she has also moved on from it… so I certainly don’t consider myself an Aber, just a light worker and a seeker.

    Furthermore, it seems worthwhile to mention that my initial impression with the pleiadian teachings was in a similar vein. I found the subject uncomfortable and potentially dangerous. In fact, I see just about any teaching that comes through the limited form of physically manifest man in the same way. I take EVERYTHING with a grain of salt, but i think it’s worth mentioning that I felt threatened by BOTH of these teachings initially, and had to relax through a sort of gut-reaction in BOTH cases.

    There are two ways I can look at that information… on one hand, I can see that BOTH sources are “not right for me” and trust my intuition and close off to both sources of knowledge…. OR, on the other hand, I can see that BOTH sources are showing something IN MYSELF, TO ME. My RESPONSE, how I respond, to each of these teachings, is a telling sign of my own inherent fears and a lack of understanding within myself of my own true nature as a being of light who is INVINCIBLE TO ALL THREATS.

    Since I AM WHAT I AM, I choose to accept ALL teachings and to pick what I like from them all.

    In my opinion one can “see” as much fear mongering as they WANT/HAVE to see, in ANY teaching, in order to learn about ONE’S SELF.

    These are all stories, people. Illusions. Explanations. They are designed to bounce off our psyche in such a way that might wake us up to our own true nature, which is the ineffable God Head… that which cannot be described with words. Waking up doesn’t require knowledge, it requires knowing. Knowledge can lead to a state of knowing, but only through honest self-assessment and a constant shedding of beliefs.

    I pray you tell me how beliefs in plediadians and reptilians is any different than the beliefs that are created by Abraham’s teachings. I suspect that you will find that beliefs are beliefs, and are always fallible. Truth is not made of beliefs.

  15. JordynC says:


    I just came across this video. I am honestly trying to discern all information, even this site and sources. I actually resonate with much of what has been said by Icke and for the last 2 years have been all about Pleiades, connecting with Angels, and illuminati. But this film, if you watch all the way through makes some interesting points. The first half of the film I was like, I believe all of that- this video is misinformed, but then they provide interesting facts that also make sense. Can you comment on your view of it please? I have no opinion either way yet, I am just curious if you have seen it and what you think of it. Thank you very much.

  16. road says:

    Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the response. And to all else who responded to my post. Much appreciated.

    It is clear that some of you have decided to believe something. And that’s fine. I am not here to change your beliefs. There is no discussion possible when it comes to beliefs. So believe away.

    All I can tell you is what I know.

    The Abraham/hicks stuff is nothing but a set of tools for learning how to manage consciousness, and nothing more.

    Brad, your argument is based solely on the premise that Abraham/Hicks wants to keep humans in the dark about the real problems and causes for the conditions on this planet. This is simply not true. What they suggest is that you do something else with this information than what you are currently doing with it—which is feel fear, dread, outrage, powerlessness, horror, etc. These are the feelings that the reptilians want you to feel. The reptilians feed on these feelings. This is why they do what they do. To elicit this response from humanity.

    So if you catch yourself feeling these feelings in response to whatever you happen to be focused upon or considering, know that you are serving the reptilian agenda; that you are giving them exactly what they want—-negative feelings.

    So along comes Abraham/Hicks, who says that yes, DO take a look at this negative stuff—-but choose a different response—immediately—because if you don’t choose a different response, then you are helping to co-create that negative reality. And that by feeling these negative things, you help perpetuate that negative reality. It is as simple as that. But because most people don’t have the slightest clue about the immense power that they possess via consciousness and focus, they inadvertently end up using that power to serve the ends of others—-whether it be the reptiles or McDonald’s.

    But it sounds like you might already be too heavily invested in demonizing Abraham/Hicks. Which is too bad, because they provide the cleanest tools currently available on the planet to deal with the reptilian mind-fuck.

    Do yourself a favor. Watch the following short video, and then if you still believe the same thing, then at least you can say that you’ve seen the evidence first hand; and can therefore stand by your current convictions with clear conscience. The guy in the video hammers the snot out of Abraham/Hicks along these lines. In fact, Abraham/Hicks gets both barrels from this guy, up close and personal—in other words, he ain’t taking any prisoners. It’s pretty intense, which I am sure you will at least find entertaining.

    But please watch it, from beginning to end—and don’t be like one of those Bishops who told Galileo that he didn’t have to look through Galileo’s telescope, because he already knew that there was nothing to see.

    You know, Brad, I’ve been doing this deep analytical spiritual work for over forty years in my attempt to understand exactly what is going on on this planet and why—-attempting to understand the truth of who we are, what we are, and why things are the way they are. I’m not some ingénue off the boat to be played by whatever huckster, sham-meister, rigged-deck-dealing 3-card-monte moron who might happen to cross my path. (I left the church at 6 years old, and read all of Plato’s dialogues when I was 14. I’m no light-weight. And my level of discernment is fairly well developed. Just sayin.)

    And the guy in the video? I know exactly where he’s coming from. And I suspect you might too—trust me on this one.

    I look forward to your response.

    Keep rockin….


  17. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Road,

    Well first of all I’ve just finished watching the Abraham video you linked to in your comment and how refreshing it is to see someone actually challenge what Abraham preach! He asked the questions that needed to be asked and Abraham simply DID NOT answer his questions. They just didn’t! For example his question about the 6 millions jews being murdered – Abraham simply did not answer this question! They are quick to shift the focus away from the specific questions and become as general as they can, often reciting stories about Esther instead.

    But thanks for making me aware of this video, this wil be a VERY interesting one to reverse – I will be posting the results on the site soon.

    Also, what you have failed to address in your defense of Abraham is the reverse speech??? Which is really the main focus of this post. Not one reversal came out as positive. The theme of all the reversals were of manipulation and Reptilian involvement.

    This is why reverse speech has proven, time and time again, to be such an important monatilty for uncovering the truth and seeing through the Reptilian’s lies and manipulations. It does not care about “beliefs” or “opinions” it simply reveals the truth.

    But if you have an issue with the validity of reverse speech then that is an entirely different matter altogther, and if that the case, than I strongly suggest you invest some time into reseaching the subject before dismissing it.

  18. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Jacques,

    Thats quite a lengthy comment you’ve left there but your closing question was really what you were getting at wasn’t it…

    “I pray you tell me how beliefs in plediadians and reptilians is any different than the beliefs that are created by Abraham’s teachings”

    This question reveals your lack of awareness about the Reptilian agenda and the benevolent ET Alliance that are helping humanity break free. So my suggestion to you is that you do more reserach in this area and then you’ll be able to answer that question pretty darn easily. The info on this site is a good starting place, but it is only a starting place.

    Best of luck


  19. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Councelor,

    I think you’ve got confused there my friend – I’m saying that we DO come into this world with a plan of action; a blueprint. This is what the Pleiadians are communicating as well (as well as others of course).

    The Andromedans and the Arcturians are all part of the benevolent ET Alliance that are helping humanity break free from Reptilian control – so the messages being communicated by these races are going to be very congruent with each other.

    Hope this clears things up for you

  20. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi JordynC,

    Yes I have watched that “David Icke De-bunked” video produced by Chris White and I’ve commented on it before – I believe this comment was on the Pleiadian Message Video (the 1st one).

    But in a nutshell I said that Chris White is basically trying to fit David Icke and his reseach into his very limited Christian belief system. There was really no “solid” evidence in that video. Quite laughable in fact.

  21. JordynC says:

    Thank you for the response. I appreciate it.

  22. road says:

    Hi Brad,

    I’m a bit amazed that you managed to come to such a definitive judgment on the matter within only an hour of my posting.

    Puts me in mind of Eugene McCarthy at the communist witch hunt hearings of the 1950′s.

    But as Paul Simon reminds us: a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest.

    Abraham did answer the question, but just not in the way that you wanted it answered. Or perhaps it was an answer that you did not want to hear.

    As far a reverse-speech is concerned, I’d hardly say that the results were definitive beyond question. The level of ambiguity involved, particularly with regard to the correct interpretion of findings, gives me pause. I’d like to see a lot more research be done on the method before I’d be willing to condemn someone to the gallows on the strength of such evidence alone. Call me kooky.

    In any case—-good luck with your witch hunt. I hope it brings you closer to that which you seek.

    All the best—


  23. Eduardo says:

    What can I say, bro? I have wandered through the world of magic, occultism, self help and spirituality for years, I have done so much research all my life and I also count on my intuition and spirit guides to help me see through illusion and tell right from wrong, true from false.
    And it is just amazing how you seem to be always on the right track. You exposed that BS and the nasty cold blooded reptiles behind it.
    I just can’t wait for us to have our Humanity free from this losers.

    Greetings from Brazil

  24. Erin says:

    About a year ago, I began to be able to see the reptilians and their dark little buddies (shall we call them family of dark?) I have always been psychic, but began awakening very rapidly and have been able to see more and more of what’s going on as time passes. I’m not claiming I know everything or can see everything – far from it. But I just wanted to share with people what I can see and hope that it helps open a few eyes. You don’t have to believe me, but I hope you can try and keep an open mind to what I’m about to share. Also keep in mind that several years ago, I too was sucked into the Abraham-Hicks dare I say, cult-like brainwashing – so I really can relate to how hard it can be to see outside of it. They ARE very charming – and funny too – I get that. But remember, they are MASTERS of manipulation. This is all the reprilians do – humans are their life you know.
    Anyway, in any video I have watched with Esther channeling Abraham I can see standing behind her, a rather large (ugly too!) reptilian being “hooking” into her. There always seems to be a cord or funnel of dark energy beaming into her. I have seen this same situation with almost (not all) every politician and celebrity – there are always reptilian beings standing behind them, either controlling them (or in Esther’s case) manipulating them. Just thought I would share what I see – believe it or don’t believe it but it’s the truth!

  25. Jacques says:

    “But as Paul Simon reminds us: a man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest.”

    Amen to that.

    Peace man, way to ignore 98% of what I posted. I won’t be back to your site. Take care.

  26. Mél says:

    Good !I did listen Ramtha and she said often lezard!nets!and other stuff but i happy Brad if you do reverse to Ramtha and + i did like him=(

  27. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Jacques,

    I do find it rather interesting that both you and Road (the two main defenders of Abraham) have said goodbye and left me with the same quote!

    I’ll let people read what they want into that!

    As for me ignoring 98% of your post, well quite frankly the 98% of the comment I didn’t respond to was simply you parroting New Age belief. Yes there was some truth to what you were saying (just as there is some truth to what the Reptilian controlling Esther Hicks is saying), but I like to cut through the crap and get striaght to the point, and I appreciate it when others do the same. So yes I identified the REAL question you were asking and responded to it.

    I guess you’re not willing to spend the time and energy investigating the complex Reptilian agenda on this planet, like the vast majority of open minded people who visit this site are, and hence, you have decided to say goodbye.

    So good luck in your joruney, where ever you choose to go next

  28. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Road,

    So you’re amazed that I was able to see through the Reptilian manipulation so quickly? Well I guess that comes from years of experience my friend!

    I understand you’re insinuating that I didn’t give the video a “fair review”, but I can assure I watched the whole thing and it did make me quite nauseous!

    And no Abraham didn’t answer the TOUGH questions at all! But if you’re entrapped within the Reptilian control matirx of the New Age then their answers will be more than satisfactory I’m sure.

    Just for the record I used to follow Abraham-Hicks myself – I brought their books and watched their vidoes for a number of years, so I KNOW what it is like to be sucked into their manipulation.

    As for your comments about reverse speech; well I’d certainly agree that the results are not “definitive beyond question”, some reversals are clearer than others and, yes, there is the requirement for some interpretation, BUT my interpretations are based on years of research in this field, and it is plain to hear for anyone, that all of the reversals follow the same theme – manipulation. Not ONE single positive reversal?? Sure it is not definitive “proof”, but it is certainly strong evidence to show the Reptilian involvement.

    If you would like me to give you the full audio clip and the software to listen to the audio in reverse yourself then let me know, you can then evaluate the reverse speech in your own time and let everyone here know your findings?

    And I will be reversing the video you linked to and will be posting the results soon. You’re asking for “more research be done on the method” so I am honouring that request.

    If on the other hand you are asking for more research to be done into reverse speech as a valid modality then there is already PLENTY of evidence to support the validity of reverse speech and how it has proven to be an important tool in exposing the Reptilian’s lies and manipulations on this planet. This website has enough info on the subject to get you started.

    And you can call what I’m doing a “Witch Hunt” if you wish but I prefer to call it a REPTILIAN HUNT, if that’s all the same to you!

    Take care

  29. sunny says:

    Hi, Brad,

    Would like to interview you sometime. A group of people and I left the EVP Forum. We’ve documented all the evidence we could salvage between the admin, Peggy, and people on the forum before they could delete it. It is turning into a cult where freedom of speech is no longer valued and those that are being attacked on the forum by unseen forces are written off as lunatics and banned. The members who left are now on frank’s site. I no longer reverse as this whole soul mate business was a sham and Peggy claims to be Eve from the Bible. Also ran into a girl on video chat that claimed to be Eve too.

    What is your take on this and where are you heading spiritually? Some friends of mine are also wanting to know where we go from here. We have reason to believe that Peggy is being manipulated. Comparing the old Peggy from the blog is different from the new Peggy. She’s also recycling her information. While she and her followers are waiting for the end. Not much different from Christian followers. And not like I can help anyone on the forum after Nindi banned all the people who stood up for themselves.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  30. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Sunny,

    Well I haven’t paid too much attention to Peggy’s site in the past 6-9 months or so, but I have still gone back there on occassion to check what’s new. But I have certianly been having my concerns over the information she has been putting out in recent times.

    Firstly the whole “The Reps are gone” perspective is just simply not true. I know Peggy has tried to explain their presence as “programs” from the past or something along those lines, which was quite a confusing situation to get my head around anyway. But I did believe this for a while, I mean I really had no reason to question what Peggy was saying, she had been spot on for many years, and even when I double checked her information about planet X and did my own reversals on this the same info came out – of the Reps leaving Earth (or at least some of them anyway), so this just cemented my belief in Peggy’s info.

    But it wasn’t until meeting my partner, Erin, back in May, that she made me realise that the Reps are still VERY MUCH here. She is psychic and can see them everywhere she goes and they have constantly messed with her (she’s left a comment above describing the rep she sees controlling Ester Hicks). She had even contacted Peggy to tell her that the Reps are not gone and that she still sees them everywhere, but Peggy just told her it was these “programs” that she was seeing. Now I considered for a while that maybe these Reps could be “programs” of somesort, but it just didn’t sit very well with me. The things that Erin sees the reps doing are NOT the behaviour of some type of A.I program. Of course it could still be a possibilty that these reps are some type of program set up to carry on the show here after the majority of the reps left Earth, but it has become less and less plausable as time has gone on.

    And yes you’re right Peggy’s main mantra for quite some time has been “just wait”. Like nothing else is required from us, its all basically over and done with and we’re just waiting for the “right level” of healing to happen or something and then the reptilian net comes down and we all skip off into the sunset. But I KNOW there’s more to it than that!

    Then there was the whole issue of “everyone’s a clone”? And that just got more and more bizarre.

    So yes there’s been a few alarm bells ringing when it comes to Peggy’s info over the past 12 months or so for me.

    I guess right now the jury is still out – but I’m certainly swaying towards the likelyhood that Peggy has been manipulated recently.

    But I do still have 100% total optimism for our situation here – I have always felt that the reps are ultimately loosing their control over humanity, but I think there’s a bit more work to do before we’re ready to party.

  31. JordynC says:

    Hi there,

    I don’t want to get in the middle of your discussion regarding whether or not Abraham-Hicks is of the reptillian illuminati or not. I actually was surprised to see this and find more info out there that supports it. Thought you may find this video interesting. The tarot deck of cards from the Hicks with Illuminati symbolism.

    I have been a big supporter of law of attraction and seen great results in my life, not necessarily only with the hicks.But I also see that it is missing the accountability part. We must act and be accountable for our realiy too, not leave it up to the Universe to fix or handle for us. You set yourself up again as powerless beings that way. “oh let us or God handle it.” Yes I do communicate with angels and feel they can help us on our path but also feel we have a reason for being here and have a role to pay in healing this world right now. We must create for ourselves. There is a sense of don’t participate in your life, simply focus on only that which you want and ignore the rest. Well that is nice but then you alienate yourself from much of life. Life is about learning and growing, from the seemingly bad too. So I know how this teaching can make someone alone and secluded in their minds. I have seen this first hand. It is ok, I think, to focus on the light and believe in manifesting a positive reality based on thoughts, but I now see a huge value in healing and facing all the negative too. Move away from duality deal with both in the same light. So if I don’t like the Illuminati, I can’t just focus on the world I want and visualize it and somehow I move into a new reality. That may be so in my frequency and mind, but I also must voice what I know and do what I can to make changes in the physical too. Example is you can have all the intentions to lose weight. Heal your past and present emotions issues with food etc. That will in turn have an effect on your habits and eating, but that doesn’t do it for you. The universe may bring you the opportunity to go to the gym but you have to do the work. Same with our world. Our frequency may help us get an upper hand but we have to do the work. otherwise why are we here in physical bodies? Why not send spirits to do the work, or that is what they are saying right. We have physical bodies for a reason, to change the physical world, not just the mental and emotional. You need mind, body and spirt. Not just mind and spirit. So that is my little 2 cents. But I respect others that resonate with this, because I was there and am now waking up, as others will too. Simply by others like yourself and this page. Sharing what you know for those open to listening and choosing for themselves. Plus it isn’t healthy to get attached to any one side or teacher anyway. So no reason to ever get upset or be let down, because really that is just giving your energy to them. Much love~

  32. Polaris says:

    Great site,

    You may be interested in doing some reverse speech on this guy:

    He’s supposedly channeling an entity/entities who want to kick the illuminati’s ass.

    I get a crazy feeling listening but I’m confused cause he refers to himself as “the owl”, “pan”, “Horus” “abaddon”,etc

    All the music is free so he’s not making money off it.
    (he attempts to explain what’s going on on the main page)

    It’s actully pretty wild, I’d love to know what’s goin on on the reverse side of things.

    Anyway, keep up the great work.


  33. Chad says:

    I hope no one believes this woman. Complete trash.

  34. Lxyzz says:

    Hey Brad,

    First of all I’d like to say thank you for the effort you’ve put into making your videos and this website. I especially enjoyed your video on “Pleiadian Message 2012″ and still do now.

    Second, I myself was once a “victim” of these so-called “dark entities”. I suffered from frequent attacks by those energy vampires to such an extent that I was once almost paralyzed. No modern or traditional medicine could cure me. All they could say was “your immune system attacks your own body, which has no cure” and all they could do was to give me painkillers, which wasn’t very effective. I was cured eventually, when I came to a spiritual energy healer, who saw those “invisible” entities attaching themselves to my lower chakras, feeding off my energy. Turned out my immune system wasn’t attacking my own body, it was these energy vampires it was fighting against. So this healer, she called upon the power of love and light of God (or the Prime Creator/ the Source/ the All that Is), and used her hands of light to detach them from me. The process went on for months, which was extremely painful, during which I was very angry. “Why, why me, what did I do wrong?” And when I asked her this question, the reply was no less shocking “Because it is your karma, in other words, you chose to experience it before this incarnation!” Again, another question came up “Why was I so stupid that I chose to experience this, to be this miserable?” I had had that question stuck in mind for years later till that day, when I first read the “Conversations with God” books by Neale Donald Walsch. It was when I got the answer I had been seeking.

    And the answer was exactly what Abraham-Hicks have been teaching: Everything that happens in our lives are created by us. And it is created on three levels: body, mind, spirit. The human conscious mind, in most of the cases, however, is not aware of this, which leads to this perspective of being the “victim”, not the “creator”, which I observe you are currently having, Brad.

    Simply put, here is God’s answer (the voice of God inside the author’s head, in case you haven’t read the books) to this: “In the realm of the absolute, where God and God’s children/extensions reside, there is only love, light, hope, … all the positive things. All the magnificent spirit-children of God are always perfect, loving, they know it, but couldn’t experience it, for good can’t be experienced without the presence of bad. So some spirits volunteered this way: “OK, we will temporarily forget who we are, and ‘pretend’ to be the bad guys, and hurt you, so that you guys can experience yourselves being good, by forgiving, by hoping, by moving on after what you would call the most miserable times in your life… It’s just a game, and we will only hurt you in the game because we love you. But we’ll make a deal, that after having experienced that, you will learn and forgive us, because in truth, we are all one, and there is only love, for always and ever.” That was when darkness was made, so as to allow light to experientially know itself as what it is.”

    Here are some other teachings from God that I’d like to share with you, Brad, and all who are reading my comment:

    “- Things are neither bad nor good. Good and bad are made up constructs of the mind. From God’s viewpoint, things just are.
    - There are no villains or victims. There are only opportunities.
    - Everything is perfect in every moment of creation.
    - I have sent you nothing but angels.
    - There is only love.”

    This is why Jesus taught that ” Love your enemies”, because in truth, there are no enemies. Eventually, when we all return to the realm of the absolute, after having experienced all we desire in the physical realm, fully enlightened, we’ll know it’s just a game.

    Brad, I hope you won’t be offended, but from my viewpoint, you are committing “the original sin”, by eating “the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil”, which “drove Adam and Eve away from the Garden of Eden”. And mind you, I’m not a Christian, nor do I practice any man-made religion, so please don’t accuse me of being blindly religious. Brad, the “original sin”, put in simple terms, is thinking that there is such a thing as a sin, that there are saints and sinners, there are good and bad people, victims and villains, dark and light, and the light must fight and win the dark before everything gets destroyed… It was from this perspective that arose all the fighting and wars on Earth up until now. It was from this mindset that humanity drove themselves out of the place once known as Garden of Eden, not God. In truth, God doesn’t take sides, since everything is God, and God can’t be against God. Say, if you love even your enemies, who can be your enemies anymore?

    I’ve also watched some videos of Nora Herold and Wendy Kennedy channeling some 9D Pleiadian Collective and other higher – frequency entities, and they all said things like these, from their perspectives:

    “- Humanity on Earth agreed (yes, agreed) to have their DNAs deactivated, to create more challenge for them. The purpose was to overcome this challenge, as a test to show how strong they are. And this contract was made on the soul level. In the human conscious mind, however, this has been most of the time interpreted as “victimization”, rather than “creation”…
    - There is not a single dark worker on your planet. You’re all light workers.
    - From your perspective, Earth is destroyed. From ours, everything is perfect.”

    Brad, I’d like to, once again, remind you of our purpose here on Earth. We came here to fight nothing, judge nothing. We came here to stay in the heart, to love, and to broadcast the frequency of love to raise the vibration for Earth and her beings. So yes, I’d agree with Road’s perspective above, that we can’t deal with the “dark” if we are stuck in this trap of duality. You consider them your enemies, you broadcast the frequency of hatred and fear. And it will become your reality, in which you will keep having something to fight against. So fight nothing, and nothing can fight you. Love, and see the love within you become the change you want to see.

    Here is a video entitled “Before Starseeds Came to Earth”. Please watch and remember, once again. :)

    Peace and love my friend

  35. solsmoke says:

    wonderfully said by lyxzz. i have been coming to this website off and on for about a while now i was brought here by the Pleiadian Message 2012 video as well. i seem to be on the same path as lyxzz and i decided to comment out of worry that you might be falling prey to your own fears. i think it is a wonderful message that you started with and of course you working so closely to the subject of fear puts you more at risk for it. thank you for doing what you do please just remember to be careful. also i am confused as to how taking responsibility for ones actions and thoughts is a bad thing?

  36. michael says:

    Hi Lxyzz.

    I hope you are feeling alot better physically these days. It sounds like you went through a horrible time there for awhile.

    Lxyzz, a few years ago I probably would have agreed with what you are saying, but now I’m leaning more toward what people like Brad and some others are saying. I am not saying you are wrong, but I’m now a bit suspicious that we all ‘create our own reality’ and that everything is perfect in the universe. With me, I like to use examples to help me understand things and so I hope you can answer me this please-
    If I come across a man dying of thirst, and I have plenty of water,
    what should I do? Should I reject his pleas for help and explain to him that he created this situation in order to learn and that I am here to assist him in that process of learning?
    I hope I am understanding you correctly. I am not trying to be difficult, but I would like to know how the Abraham-Hicks teachings are applied in our 3D world.

  37. sunny says:


    Thanks for replying. I’m questioning all that’s happened with Peggy, her site, and God Himself. Something is definitely wrong and I will spend the rest of my life wondering why this happened to me. RS is no different than a Ouigi board as long as it serves as a medium to communicate. I’ll spare you the story, but Peggy’s soul mate game led me done a rough path to learn a hard lesson. Ghosts are capable of rape. Enough said. But the more important lesson is that they can’t harm someone unless that person communicates with it. Important lesson number two: humans are powerful beyond measure. No materialistic object saved me from rape, sleep paralysis, mind invasions and other demonic attacks. My mind and body rejecting whatever it was I talked to for 7 months, gave me back my life so that I could continue to function in college. I claimed my free will and took back my power. Lesson three: God did not save me. I saved myself. Lesson four: the answers to life lie within the human body. Lesson five: I personally established that ghosts do exist and they are evil. I also conclude from personal experience that there is an afterlife. Therefore, there must be other dimensions of existence and a path to the Creator.

    Lesson five: I know the reps are still here and they never left, because nothing has changed with the political structure. Celebrities are news, the rich live in mansions while the poor grovel for work. I am curious as to where all our information of reality came from other than school. The reps know us off the back of their hands. If indeed they are extraterrestrials from space manipulating our race for ages who gave us everything we know, or at least, they know how to manipulate information to oppress us, then how is it that they can teach us love? Or is that unique to humans? How can they exist in front of people if love is so powerful?

    Love did not work on a sadistic, conniving, evil, duplicitous, monster. I’m sorry, but beaming love while getting raped is the most asinine thing to do. New Age teachings based on positive thinking are easily turned into brainwashing. Truth comes in polarity: positive and negative. Truth that is only positive can be a lie while the real truth can be negative, my lesson number six. Lesson number seven: I established for myself that psychokinesis is real. Therefore, I know that humanity’s mind is on lock down. The elite are afraid that we will all wake up and a global revolution will occur. As noted through History, mistakes are repeated when the brainwashing and conditioning is literally impossible to escape.


  38. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Lxyzz,

    Yes I do agree with a lot of what you’ve written here. Yes of course EVERYTHING is part of the One (God), including the Reptilians, no one can really deny that. But this does not mean at the level of “the game” that we are experiencing right now, here on Earth in 3rd density, that we can simply blow them kisses and send them love simply because we “know” they are just part of God, like us.

    I know you are trying to come from as “high” a perspective as you can by saying what you are, but in this reality, right here, right now, the Reptilian’s are evil evil scum! Evil to core. And sorry if that sounds like I’m being “negative”, but I challenge anyone to stand and watch a Reptilian satanic ritual taking place, where they are torturing and terrorising little children so that their blood is full of adrenaline before they are murdered and eaten (often in front of other children who are about to be murdered as well) and come from the perspective that “I must LOVE my enemies”??? I’m sorry, but anyone who is able to stand there and LOVE these evil sadistic sumfucks while they do this kind of thing needs to have a good look at themselves in the mirror and ask themselves why they are predending that “all is good”?

    And as for Neal Donald Walshes channelled information in his “Conversations With God” books, I’m sorry but I don’t believe for one minute that is was “God” speaking to him. I know Peggy Kane reversed him years ago (when she was still highly credible) and his reversals provided evidence of Reptilian manipulation. But I have been making a list of New Age “teachers” to reverse and analyse for future posts, so I will certianly add him to the list now. The New Age arena has been a major source of manipulation for the Reptilians and this post on Abraham-Hicks is simply the first of many to build up evidence to expose this.

    Like I said in the post, the Reptilian speaking through Esther Hicks does mix truth and lies together, so of course, some of what “Abraham” are saying is accuarate, but the purpose of this post was to expose the Reptilian manipulation taking place here, not necessarily to cover the huge subject of the deeper workings of God, which is such a difficult subject to pin down and get “solid” answers on. That’s an ongoing journey for all of us. But right here, right now I feel it’s important to focus on what we “know” is going on and doing all we can to make a difference. I want to help the poor little children of this planet who are being raped and eaten by an evil sadistic race, and I won’t stop. Ever! I’ll let others bury their heads in books that tell them “all is good” and “not to worry”.


  39. JordynC says:

    Just an fyi,

    I went back and watched a channeling from the Ashtar Command and in the video hidden is a picture of a Reptillian. I was shocked. I never resonated with this particular channel, claiming to be them. But she didn’t deny it. I commented asking why the reptillian? That it can’t be the Ashtar that is working with the Algarthans/Archangel Michael to bring in the light. She claims that not all reptillians are bad and he is the commander of this fleet and a part of the light too. Perhaps there is a real Ashtar command, but I don’t think they are channeling with people if that is the case. The reptillians have assumed the roles of the voices of light here to control the message. Very interesting.

  40. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi solsmoke

    Well firstly I’m NOT saying taking responsibity for our thoughts and actions is a bad thing, of course not, I thought I made that clear in the post? Maybe not? See, this is how effective the Reptilians are at manipulation, they mix truth with lies in order create a very compelling manipulation. So yes, the Reptilian controlling Abraham is telling us about the power of thoughts, but they are twisting this fundamental truth to confuse and manipulate.

    I will state it again so it’s as clear as I can make it…

    “The Reptilians want humanity to feel GUILTY for their victim-hood”

    It is like the Nazi’s attempting to make the the millions of jews imprisioned in concentration camps believe that THEY were responsible for their situation??? Do you see where I am coming from? How can 6 million jews ALL of had the same thoughts that created that horrific situation??? Of course they didnt, and anyone who tries to explain that away as the “Law of Attraction” is brainwashed by the Reptilian New Age doctrine I’m afriad. NO, the NAZI’s were responsible because they wished to imprison and murder.

    So you think I might be “falling prey to my own fears”?

    Can you elaborate on what you actually mean by this? Because that’s quite a vauge statement and I would like the opportunity to respond to this accusation?

    But I will take a stab at what I think you mean…

    Well firstly I am pretty fearless to be honest with you. I have nothing but TOTAL OPTIMISM for the future of humanity, this planet and the wider Universe. Fear paralyses, and as you can see from this website I am quite active in my means of contributation towards the ending of darkness, fear and ignorance on this planet. It sounds to me like you are coming from the perspective that “fear” and “negativity” must be ignored or destroyed? Please correct me if I’m wrong? Although I choose not to come from a fear based mindset (as often as possible) I still accept and acknowledge my fears when the do come up. Otherwise it can not be healed. It is no good just diverting and distracting your mind away form the fear, it needs to be dealt with, and most of the time it is an uncomfortable process to go through. But if it is not healed that it will always be there.

  41. Lxyzz says:

    Hi Solsmoke, Michael and Brad, thank you for all your wonderful responses! And believe me Michael, you were not being difficult at all, in fact quite the contrary, you inspired me to write this next comment and I’d try to use as many clear illustrations as possible to help explain my ideas to you all.

    Also I’d like to break down my comment into numbered sections for better clarity.

    And please feel free to disagree with any info I provide, since that’s the beauty of it – diversity, right? But also don’t jump to conclusions too quickly and rob yourselves of the opportunity of being mentally challenged, OK? Here we go!

    *This is mainly to Brad*

    1. Brad, “Loving your enemies” doesn’t mean you’re a masochist or one experiencing Stockholm syndrome, enjoying being raped and tortured by others and even defending them, LOL. What I meant was, Love is actually our strongest and finest, and yet simplest weapon to “fight the dark force” (in your words), the mechanism of which I’m gonna explain later.

    2. God is not your parent, who decides things for you. God always gives you guidance, through the heart, but it is you who decide which action to take. Or to quote Brad’s video: “We’re here to remind you, not to do things for you.” In truth, God delegates all its creative power to its extensions (i.e. us), so yes, each and every one of us has the power of the whole universe within our being. Or, according to Jesus “This I have done and more you shall do”, which doesn’t mean he was Less than us, of course, so please don’t look down on him. What he meant was that we’re all equal, and equally powerful in the creative process.

    3. Having said that, from my viewpoint, what Abraham-Hicks were teaching was not deceptive at all. (And I only discovered them about 2, 3 days ago) I find it absolutely empowering and liberating, in fact. So Brad, from your perspective, they were trying to make “people feel guilty of their victim-hood”. From mine, they were telling us that, if we are the creators of all our experiences and realities (and in truth we are), that if everything happening to us has been caused by us, then we’re in complete control of our “destiny” and are able to change any kind of circumstances we don’t agree with.

    4. We don’t have to fear or even hate the so-called “Reptilians” or whatever you’d like to call them. They are the ones in fear, already buried deep in hatred. So if we say “No, we can’t let you keep fucking with our lives any more, that’s enough”, then they’d probably think “Oh no it’s bad, if they wake up and activate the light within, we’d have to find other ‘victims’ of fear to feed off. That’s scary, we’ll have to stop them before it’s too late”. You see, we’re in complete control of our lives as we remember how powerful we are. They, however, are not. They depend on us for survival. And that’s their greatest misery, being totally disconnected from the source within, going against the evolution of consciousness towards the light. Not to mention the legions of “warriors of light” on Earth right now, who are the bravest, most loving and experienced souls to come for mission Earth.

    5. Brad, as for “loving your enemies”, I’d put it this way. As you know, we create and shape reality with our thoughts, or, as the Buddha said “What you think, you become”. So if you keep thinking your way “I’d have to fight and win the Reptilians to…”, then it will become your reality, in which the Reptilians keep appearing for you to fight. And if you’ve persuaded enough people to think your way, then the Reptilians reality will come true for the collective consciousness. And even if they are defeated, then, through the Law of Attraction, the Universe will be more than happy to send you another similar, if not worse, race/ dark force, because that’s what you ask for – to have a “dark” party to fight and win against. In other words, it is thoughts like this that help keep the Reptilians in existence.

    - But if you change your perspective, Brad, into “I love you and hope you will soon find the way back into light”, things change completely. It will be a slap in the face to them, because your message actually means “You poor Reptilian souls are just lost and filled with fear and hatred. But keep that to yourselves, go somewhere else to play your game. I’m too mature and powerful to get involved in this fight with you. Your violence and control are not allowed in my presence. I’d rather spend time doing what I love and fill myself and others with joy. Join us if you’d like!” And if you help spread this message to enough people, you’ll together create a reality of love, where no form of suppression or provocation are allowed to exist. Doing this you will automatically drive them away, wining without fighting.

    - So again, I’d like to remind you, Brad, fight nothing and nothing can fight you. We came here to love and use love as our greatest weapon against the “dark”, simply by being joyful all the time, staying in the heart. Remember, darkness fears light, fear fears love, love and light fear nothing, because fear is just an illusion, and love is all there is. Again, Mr. Buddha’s wise words, “Hatred never ceases by hatred, but by love alone is healed.”

    6. I also observe, Brad, you’re very much into this speech reverse tool, and have spent quite a lot of time using it to “spot them Reptilians in disguise”. You believe that it’s highly incredible, and my friend, I’m sure it’s true, for you, in your reality, because that’s how the Universe works. So when you take the speeches of anyone, ANYONE that is, to reverse and analyze, you’ll always find some “hints” to bust them, even though only 1% of the content could help strengthen your belief. “You only see what your eyes want to see”, you know what I mean. And feel free to do what you’re doing now. But I’d also suggest you ask yourself this: “Do I feel joyful and totally at peace doing what I’m doing? Does it rid me of concerns and increase my confidence in the present, or does it increase the fear in me about terrible outcomes that might happen in the future?” Well, in case your answer is focused on the future, then don’t be surprised if someday all the terrible outcomes you have imagined come true for you, since you’re putting your thought power into them in the present.

    7. Last but not least, Brad, the 5th dimension is the realm of unconditional love. So while in 3D, we wishes ourselves good things, in 5D, what you want for yourself, you want for others. No one is excluded, no one is left behind, no matter “how bad” they might seem. Just so you know, Brad, if you keep binding yourself with this rope of “good fighting bad”, you’re making it more difficult for yourself to enter 5D, which is nothing more than a huge gift to the “dark force” as you call them. So I hope you’ll lighten up a bit, cheer yourself in even the most depressing of situations, and be sure that in the end, everything will be alright.

    (I’m responding to Michael in another comment soon, OK!)

  42. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Lxyzz,

    Well firstly your comment and “explanation” of reverse speech reveals how little research you have actually done into the subject. There is enough evidence on this website alone to prove that reverse speech is one of the greatest tools on this planet for cutting through the lies and manipulations. If you really want to learn more about this tool and not just base your opinion on ASSUMPTION, then a good starting place for your research is this post (Is Reverse Speech a Valid Tool?) –

    And yes, again, I agree with some of what you’ve said – love IS the most powerful force in the universe and it is the force which is ultimatley going to free humanity from Reptilian control – yes the the Reps feed off low vibrational energy. But This is NOT the debate here and the purpose of this post. This is about the exposure of the the Reptilian manipulation which is Abraham-Hicks.

    Like I stated in the post a lot of what Abraham “teach” is based on truth, but the OVERAL message is a lie! The reverse speech alone is strong supporting evidence of this, but it is not the only evidence available. (and more reverse speech analysis of them is coming soon)

    We could go round and round debating the “nature of the universe” and the powers of manifestation for weeks here, but again this is not the purpose of this post. Esther Hicks is being controlled by a Reptilian entity for the purposes of manipulation, but if you are unable to even consider that possibility, even with the evidence presented, then that’s your choice and it makes no difference to me.

    And I am NOT fighting the Reptilians in the sense that you are stating. I do feel pity for them and often when I feel their presence near me (even when they are inflicting crippling pain upon me) I will get into my heart and I will send them love and do my best to raise above their vibration. I am “fighting them” by exposing their lies and manipluations for those who wish to understand. Plain and simple.

    Ignorance is the only thing I fight, and unfortunately with you Lxyzz, you may believe that you have it all figured out, but I can assure you, you haven’t.


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