The Planned Reptilian Takeover of the Galaxy

The following information comes from Tolec, an allegeded “Andromda Council” contactee, who claims to originate from the Pleiades star-system, and specifically a planet named Dakote. He states that his contact with the Andromda Council began back in the early 1990′s, but it is only since the end of 2011 that the release of information to the public was authorised. 

This is Tolec’s description of who, and what, the Andromda Council is…   

“The Andromeda Council is an intergalactic and interstellar governance & development body of aligned benevolent star systems & planets of sentient intelligent life… for worlds in both the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies.  The Andromeda galaxy is also known as M31 to the people of Earth.  The chaired members of the Andromeda Council comprise a total of twelve (12) different, distinct member worlds & races.

Many of the member races of the Council are acknowledged throughout the Universe to be some of the same races that originally seeded Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, as evidenced by the variety of humans on the planet today.  It is said the majority of these races have already been through the process of transformation, of upliftment -  the elevated vibration, density, and spiritual consciousness of 4D, fourth dimension, 5D, fifth dimension, and 6D, sixth dimension” 

According to Tolec; the Andromda Council is made up of thousands of different starsystems across our galaxy and Andromda , including Arcturus, Vega, Sirius A, Procyon and the Pleiades 

Many different sources have stated that freeing Earth from Reptilian control is a MAJOR EVENT, and will have huge consequences for the rest of the Galaxy, and even the entire Universe.  But why exactly? Why is this tiny blue and green planet so important?  

Of course freeing Humanity from a dark tyranny is a noble thing to do, but why would this have such massive implications for the rest of the galaxy? After all; Earth is not the first planet the Reptilians have conquered and controlled, far from it. So why is such importance being placed on Earth? Why are the “Elite of the Elite” of the Family of Light here on Earth in such large numbers? Why was “training for lifetimes” in preparation for this mission necessary?
Well the information released to Tolec by the Andromeda Council in April 2012 may just answer these questions (reverse speech analysis follows)…


The accompanying written transcript…


For clarity purposes it is recommended you listen through headphones

Forward – “And They’ll Do the Same Anyway”

And They’ll Do the Same Anyway (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “We’ll Win a Mess, Loose the Net”

We’ll Win a Mess, Loose the Net (R) by Humanity Wins

In reverse speech “The Net” refers to the Reptilian low frequency grid that surrounds the Earth (what David Icke calls the Moon Matrix). This is Exactly what Tolec describes in the video. It’s certainly been a mess down here on Earth, but it is coming to an end. The Net will be no more. 



Forward – “That I Extended Their Appreciation”

That I Extended Their Appreciation (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Yes You’ve Heard The Net’s Had it”

Yes You’ve Heard The Net’s Had it (R) by Humanity Wins

More confirmation that the Net is coming down.



Forward – “No Actually We Have Talked to That Caller”

No Actually We Have Talked to That Caller (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “The Dark as It Pass by You He’ll Try One”

The Dark as It Pass by You He’ll Try One (R) by Humanity Wins

The Reptilians and their “dark” servants will always look for opportunities to cause trouble



Forward – “The Short Answer is it’s About Presumptive Arrogance, in That They Feel That This Universe”

The Short Answer is it’s About Persumptive Arrogance, in That They Feel That This Universe by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Serve and He Sit, The Lie He Fed, Done it, And The Gray is it’s Mother, Rob the Snake, They Were Saying Oh Shit”

Serve and He Sit, The Lie He Fed, Done it, And The Gray is it’s Mother, Rob the Snake, They by Humanity Wins

A long reversal and slightly unclear in certain parts but lets break it down; This is the part when Tolec is describing how the Reptilians believe they are the rightful owner of the universe, so the first part certainly connects with that. The Reptilians serve their domination agenda, taking over and staying put on planets they conquer. As a race they believe the lie that they are the rightful owners of the universe. The next part of the reversal is fairly cryptic and I’m not 100% on what is being said, but this seems to be implying that the Grays created the Reptilians? I’ve never heard this anywhere else so I have my doubts about the correct interpretation of this. 



Forward – “They’ve Been Living in Orion”

They’ve Been Living in Orion (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “The Owl Running, He Build a Bit”

The Owl Running, He Build a Bit (R) by Humanity Wins

The Owl usually refers to the Reptilians but it can refer to the “dark forces” in general, so here it is describing the Grays. They had been fleeing across the galaxy and evetually arrived in Orion, where they began to rebuild their civilization.



Forward – “Natural Event That’s Happening Here on Earth”

Nautral Event That’s Happening Here on Earth (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Turn a Race, in the Past, But They Will All Shine”

Turn a Race, in the Past, But We’ll All Shine (R) by Humanity Wins

Not the clearest reversal, but I believe this is referring to the Reptilian’s plan to turn human DNA into reptilian. Some sources have stated that we have come into the past here, in order to change the dire future events, so this reversal seems to back that up.



Forward – “This Planet to Raise in Vibrational Energy”

This Planet to Raise in Vibrational Energy (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Is Your Net on a Chair, Bad, And See A Ruse, and I’ll Send Them”

Is Your Net on a Chair, Bad, See A Ruse, and I’ll Send Them (R) by Humanity Wins

It seems Tolec’s information about the “Ascension Process” may be incorrect. Whenever I hear anyone saying that we just need to “sit and wait” and things will change, I always feel uncomfortable. So this reversal is saying that just sitting and waiting in “our chairs” for everything to change is not the truth. The term “ruse” is quite common in reverse and means a deception, as does “net” in this context.



Forward – “Anyone Else Says”

Anyone Else Says (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Says Fine I’ll Win it”

Says Fine I’ll Win it (R) by Humanity Wins

Although Tolec’s information about us just needing to sit and wait for accession may be incorrect, there is no doubt that things will turn out well, even if it does mean a little more work before we can celebrate.



Forward – “Andromeda”

Andromeda (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “And a Mars Net”

And a Mars Net (R) by Humanity Wins

Confirmation that the Reptilian Net involved Mars.



Forward – “They Would of All Synced Up”

They Would of All Synced Up (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “But They Saw Through it”

But They Saw Through it (R) by Humanity Wins

The Andromda Council were able to see through the Reptilian’s plan.



Forward – “What We’re Look at is”

What We’re Look at is (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Say High, and He Build a Wall”

Say High, and He Build a Wall (R) by Humanity Wins

The Reptilians were using this Net technology to create a high wall around the galaxy.



Forward – “Like This Grid, This Web”

Like This Grid, This Web (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “They Will Sit, They Will Sit, Send Help”

They Will Sit, They Will Sit, Send Help (R) by Humanity Wins

If the Reptilians were allowed to complete their plan then they would of sat back knowing that the galaxy was totally protected. Help was needed to stop this. That’s why we are here.



Forward – “To Make This Whole Galaxy”

To Make This Whole Galaxy (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “It’s High Loss a Games”

It’s High Loss a Games (R) by Humanity Wins

A good one to end with. This has certainly been a “high loss game”.


Overall, from these reversals it does appear that Tolec is sharing accurate information. But I do have reservations about a couple of things. Of course the reverse speech on his description of the ”Ascension process” seemed to raise some doubts, and this is certainly an area for further research, but also his statement that there are only a handful of Reptilians left on the planet doesn’t sit very well with me at all.

But saying that, his information on the ” Reptilian Galactic Plan” is very congruent in reverse and a lot of his information is backed up by other sources. The existence of a Reptilian “Net” around the Earth has been known about, through reverse speech, for many years, and then we have David Icke’s research into this as well (what he calls the ”Moon Matrix”). Even the specific details of what this Net techology does is backed up by reverse speech and other sources i.e. Frequency control of humanity.

The closing statement of the “Pleaidian Message - A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light” video is certainly put into greater context…

“What Happens on Earth Now Will Effect the Entire Universe”  

And then we have the more recent Pleiadian/Sirian message communicated back in May 2012, which indicated the importance of our mission and it’s significance beyond this planet. We came… 

“To fight for a cause the Multiverse will be buzzing about through the echos of time”

The more we understand about the “bigger picture” the easier it becomes to accept the struggles and hardships that we all are facing as Family of Light here on Earth at this time. Everyone involved in this mission is of such huge importance to all life in this Galaxy (and beyond) and are loved, honoured and adored more than can truly be known.

But no one person has ALL the answers, and is 100% correct with everything, even those who claim to have contact with the benevolent ET Alliance, such as Tolec, so we still need to be vigilant and never just accept things on face value. Certainly more research is required on this.

More information from Tolec coming soon…


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31 Responses to “The Planned Reptilian Takeover of the Galaxy”

  1. mél says:

    Great work Brad!
    Thank you
    Peggy Kane she talk about Adam and Eve very good also!
    Bless you all

  2. Bobby Hanson says:

    Chris Constantine has much to say about david icke and his involvement in the mystery schools (exact same as those he preaches against). Not to mention his mentality and channeling are CARBON COPY of people like alice bailey and her channeling of rah/ramtha, along with that other nerd who is supposedly a reincarnation of edgar cayce (david wilcock). So how come nothing is ever said about why their belief systems are basically exactly the same for all intents and purposes? I mean a simple look at a few evidences on youtube videos or whatnot would easily provide you enough proof to substantiate that their ideology is way more similar than it is different. So sad…I personally have never heard one channeled message that tells you to love God and love your neighbor (what the entire Bible commands), and instead of coarse all they do is attack bible versions pulled completely out of context. Reminds me of all the cult Bibles (mason, Christian science, JW’s, etc.) that take Gods word and try and twist it to mean something the opposite of what it actually does. God warns about taking away from or adding to his word in scripture, be sure that is something you do not want to be doing. Bless you all to realize truth and the love of the Creator God and His Perfect Son Jesus.

  3. TruthCker says:

    Brad, you seem to be caught up in fear and confusion. I read your post about your struggles and brief foray into Christianity. If there is a message from the Light Workers, it is that we must develop within ourselves love, peace, and harmony. I have viewed a lot of David Icke’s work and messages. Be careful about putting much stock in what he says. I question this whole reptilian message. It is very likely the workings and manifestation of evil spirits. You can reverse speech almost anything and get it to sound like some reptilian speech or something. Why would they even make a statement to give themselves away? Don’t give up your reasoning mind to just believe what you want to. Think this stuff through and see if it is even logical.

  4. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi TruthCker,

    Your comment reveals your lack of awareness about quite a few things…

    Firstly, I am far from “caught up in fear and confusion”.

    Secondly, correct me if I’m wrong, but your comment indicates that you have not done the slightest bit of research into reverse speech? I doubt you have even read the post on this site called “Is Reverse Speech a Valid Tool or is it Bullshit?”.

    Thirdly, I can assure you my “reasoning mind” is very much intact! All the information on this website is based on evidence and not “me believing what I want to believe”, but if you had spent more than 5 minutes on this site and reviewed the information with an OPEN MIND you would of seen that.

    And last of all, can you please elaborte on why “I need to be careful of David Icke and what he says?” – Because for me, and many others across the world, David Icke has proven himself to be one of the brighest lights on this planet. But I look forward to hearing you elaborate on why you disagree with that?


  5. Polaris says:

    Lotza lizards trolling this site.

    The venomous hatred reeks of reptilian.

    Nice try lizzies

  6. Siobhan says:

    Great post, good to know that things are getting and will get better. People that comment so negatively have the same emotional tone as the reptillians re: shit!

  7. G’day Brad,

    Many thanks for the post this morning and the reverse feed of the actual message.

    I appreciate your time and attention to the details.

    From this point;
    I am horrified that anyone would leave you comments like those of Bobby Hanson.

    When one encounters this sort of response, and unfortunately all too often, one’ must consider if humans in their current form will ever evolve to something better…………….as evidenced above, quite clearly there are some attitudes that are just not compatible with a loving and caring existence of all.

    I am very sorry that you and others like you, that are brave enough to find answers, and publish those findings; get denigrated to such a level.

    Thank you for your hard work, love and care……………try not to get side stepped by this sort of person who is obviously struggling with their own problems.

  8. TruthCker says:

    Sorry to have offended you, Brad. You are right about supposing I have not researched reverse speech. I will not get into name calling like Bobby Hansen. He is not a very good example of what a Christian should be saying or doing. Have a good day!

  9. Humanity Wins says:

    Bobby Hanson,

    I think you’re in the wrong place my friend!

    And I have my suspicions that you are “Huge” who caused trouble on this site a few weeks back.

    But anyway, I’ve seen you spamming your bullshit all over my website in the past 24 hours, so all future comments will be deleted.

  10. Karin says:

    Hi Brad
    I do not know how else to get hold of you, as there is no CONTACT US on the site.
    I need to ask you something. I stumbled on your website today and need clarity on something (That freaked me out a bit).

    Do you perhaps have an email address.

    Thank you very much

  11. Karin says:

    PS: I have subcribed to your site, so you should have my email address. Thank you

  12. MÉL says:


  13. Nitsuga Zelaznog says:

    Hi friends and brothers in the enlightning.

    Squepticism is a healthy trait is this sort of topic. I’ve been studying this since I was ten and have a multidisciplinary approach in my research. This is a puzzzle that fits perfectly if you relinquish the traditional point of view and enbraces an open minded scientific and historical perspective. Icke, Hoagland, Sitchin, Von Daniken, Gardner, Redfield, Morningstar and Coterell are just part of the scientific background behind this site. Brad is esentially right in his perspective.

    Most of your confussion comes from the shock of finding your religious believes threatened by facts and logic. For your relieve, Jesus is real but not in the way you spect. The Turin shroud is the single most perturbing piece of evidence of paranormal relevance in this world. A prove that something happened there. Jesus (as many others) was a pleiadian initiative to elevate our spiritual performance and gradual evolution. The reptiles only adultered and manipulated the message for their oun twisted purposes.

    There is too much information and correlated data that overwhelms the traditional mind. If you question my words, it means you still have hope. Just use your mind, your logic to see the facts and analyse them out of emotional burdens and then open your soul. You will see the truth, you will feel it, your unconcious mind will react to it instinctively.

    Brad: Keep on the good work, you are a light house in the stormy sea.

  14. mcabldz says:

    Hi Brad and Lxyzz:)
    First of all i want to thank you for all the info you provide, it has been very useful to me.

    I know this isnt the right post but i couldnt comment in the abraham hicks post.

    in my opinion both you and Lxyzz said manythings that are truth, as for the matter of only experiencing good feelings, if you do that you are denying a part of yourself. we were created with the capacity of feeling low vibrational emotions but they help us growing in great measure, if we just deny them you are probably missing a good opportunity to grow.

    i have read somebooks of osho, in one of them he says if you are angry feel your anger, try to understand where it comes from each time you get angry and suddenly one day you will stop getting angry because you no longer need to, you already learned what you need from it. but this is a natural process you cant just skip it.

    as for the law of attraction i think thoughts do help generating reality but our own action is very important in the process as it helps it manifest much faster but i would like to add that for people who are more “connected with their heart and with earth, and that are less contaminated”, their thoughts affect their reality much more.

    i would like to add that i was also a victim of sleep paralisis and dealing with the problem(trying to wake up) finally resulted in astral projections in wich i was sometimes able to appear where i would like to and i also saw some black figures wich i didnt like much their presence, thou they had a very likely human form would they be reps? but i cant choose when to do it, i mean i can not do it if i want but i cant do it always i want, if you have any hints tanks if not it doesnt matter

    also i would like to add Eckhatr Tolle to your list for reverse speech and i would appreciate it if you post a link or something for the software of reverse speech please

    please let me know if im wrong with any of what i said…

    thanks for everything

  15. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi mcabldz,

    Thanks for sharing your perspective my friend. Yes Eckhatr Tolle is already on the list and the reverse speech findings will be added sometime in the next few weeks. I’m interested to know why you couldn’t post on the Abraham-Hicks post though?

    Hi Nitsuga Zelaznog,

    Thanks, I appreciate the comment.

  16. Diana says:

    Hi, Folks, and Brad, the conversations here are excellent and present various points of view. I think all of them have valid points.

    In duality, there’s obviously going to be two sides. It’s our journey to bring ourselves into unity consciousness. The reptilians should be doing that too ;), but I don’t count on that! I have met two types of reptilians. One in physicality and very brutal and vicious. The other one, kind. I met this one in meditation. He apologized and explained that the reptilians that we are dealing with on this planet are considered renegades. He told me that many of his kind realize that they are not evolving if they hold to the negative way of their experiences. He explained that they’ve been trying to get the renegades to come ‘home’ and move into the light, but they have not been successful. He told me that he wanted to apologize for the brutal experiences that I had been through, and that he also wanted to express that not all reptilians are vicious. He asked for nothing from me. He just wanted to convey the message. I thanked him. He never contacted me again.

    As for the Hicks story, I can share with you what happened to one of their followers by the name of Lynn Grabhorn. She suddenly became possessed by Abraham and began going to horrid pain. ‘They’ told her that they needed her to help birth the 12th planet (earth) and convinced her that they were raising her vibrations so that she could do so. I know this because I knew her in person for a brief time while she was going through this. I tried to reason with her that no loving presence would put her through such pain, but would guide her to the light in such a way as to preserve her health and vitality. But she felt otherwise. I finally had to give up and let her go. Eventually, she died in agony. She left a message to the world not to grieve for her because she was going on to help birth this new earth in the afterlife. So they held her mind all the way to the end. You can find her books on Amazon. To the world her death was a mystery.

    What I think we go through is that we experience different levels of consciousness. If we’re going to get to the light of our Divine Essence in this dual planet, then we have to experience the dark side to get to that level of 0ne-consciousness. That’s why I think every one’s point is valid. It’s good to study the negativity and what’s behind it. It’s also good to explore way to release and heal as much darkness within ourselves that we can in order to help raise the consciousness and the vibrations here. It’s important to educate ourselves about the light and dark. And let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water. In my experience, when I was in the lower vibrations of consciousness, the channelings of the higher masters, saints, and beings were reptilians in disguise. But many years later, as I overcame fear (and got help to get the mind control entities and implants removed) and moved into higher vibrations of love and light, I discovered that these same named beings were actually real, and do assist humanity. They give meditations and technologies that help us break free of mind control, etc. That’s why I say not to throw out the baby with the bath water.

    I took Diana Burney’s workshop to learn how to remove these entities. There’s another one who teaches how to do this, if you’re interested, Wayne Brewer (Wayne Each of these work with the upper beings of light, and since the fruit of their work actually works, I know they’re for real. It’s a great feeling to be able to get rid of these ‘nasties’ and turn the tables on them for a change!

    This is a great website, Brad, and you’re doing a wonderful service. I enjoy it very much. Diana

  17. Dia says:

    BTW, the book Divinely Touched (on Amazon) is about a woman who was possessed by many entities, including reptilians who were trying to kill her. Her story is how she healed from her experience and broke free. Diana

  18. mél says:

    Thank you Diana.
    Its very good what you share,i am going to look Wayne Brower=)
    I will share after my experiences !
    Its so confusing sometime and i try not to be discourage and keep loving people and life, but sometime when you know all of this and having children and seeing arguments at shcool, it’s hard, but i do teach my kids to see darkness in them and they can see in others (and not get looped with them) (dark side is behind backs kids… ouf!
    Thank guys love and light
    Sorry i am french so written in english its not my best.But its so good for me to share my point of vu!!!=)

  19. MÉL says:!



  21. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Mel,

    Yes I’ve commented on this “David Icke De-bunked” video by Chris White a number of times. Chris is a Christian and is simply trying to squeeze David Icke into his narrow minded belief system. There is really no REAL evidence in this video at all (and I’ve watched the whole thing).

  22. mel says:

    Ok! thanks to let me know Brad =)
    I am looking for to chat with all the new peoples you have on you site !Love and light

  23. Fraser says:

    Hi Brad just discovered your website and read some of your information on different subjects and they concur with a lot of my own research,much respect to you.

  24. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Fraser,

    That’s good to hear my friend!

  25. Krshna says:

    lol all the people supporting the bible just don’t get it. We pursued knowledge and truth and this is what we found! anyone of any worldly religion is fixated in the material world and only believes in such religions because its what they were told was true. if a christian was instead born in pakistan then he would without doubt be muslim and vice versa

  26. Arthur Fomalhaut says:

    I agree with your two caveats (small number of R left, easiness of ascension), I felt the same when I listened before reading your analysis.

    About the first, I guess we concur it doesnt seem to be any faltering of the many manipulations/agressions/agendas around us. They do seem to be experiencing difficulties (cloaking failures, memes dont propagate adequately, awakened bother a lot in internet, forcing to tremendous disinfo campaigns which backfire in terms of less people trusting any source anymore -weird mass psychological situation- etc), but overall is the usual brutalization. Only possibility I see is the whole juggernaut of structures keep going on because of a sort of built-in inertia even if absent many of the ultimate drivers at the end of the pyramids.

    About the second, seems Tolec was merely dismissing the idea that a certain group, because of blood type or whatever, was in in a special way, thence “anybody who just is on Earth”, but I still need to study Tolec`s materials fully. The diversity in this planet, with races made by probably different outguys, is a constant source of discomfort apparently not only for us, also for the A Council.

    Thank you. Good article as always. You must be one of the most proficient sailors of the murky ocean of infos and disinfos in the planet at the moment :) I also like your lack of cult of personality inclination. You deem Tolec in, but if something sounds fishy you just say it, you’re not developing cult of personality towards him, or mental addiction, like the bible fellows with their thing, to assuage you of the aforementioned maddening dissolution of certainties we are living at the moment.

    Struggling here now not to develop cult of personality relative to you LOL. Do you have a sacred book or any…oops sorry.

  27. Ronnie says:

    Thank you Brad for doing a reverse speech on Tolec. Can you do one on Cobra from Portal2012. He has some interviews out there but disguises his voice electronically because he says he needs to protect his identity and keep his family safe. He doesn’t do many interviews. I don’t know if disguising a voice will mask the results.

  28. Heather says:

    Hi Brad,
    I have been doing a lot of research myself lately and have woken up, I have just finished a very thought provoking, interesting book which I recommend to anyone, here is the link to a free online copy
    If you read this could you let me know what your views are towards it.

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