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The Light Warriors of the Silver Legion

There are many beings, from many dimensions, who are assisting humanity to break free from Reptilian control and one such organistation is the Silver Legion.

The Silver Legion are a group of  “Light Warriors”, taking many forms, and coming from many dimensions, and they are…

“…dedicated to helping further the cause of freedom across the multiverse, and to defending and protecting others so that they can follow their own paths free of those who wish dominate or control them” 

Although the Silver Legion is a sovereign organisation, they do have many allies acrosss the multiverse, including the Andromeda Council, with whom they have been working very closely during the recent war with the Draco Reptilians over Earth and humanity. 

Below is an Introduction interview with Tolec (Andromeda Council contactee) and Tanaath (Silver Legion member incarnate on Earth)…

(Reverse speech analysis follows)




For clarity purposes it is recommended you listen through headphones


Forward – “And the Delvers”

And the Delvers (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Serve the Light, Beat the Net”

Serve the Light, Beat the Net (R) by Humanity Wins

Tanaath and the Silver Legion are serving the light and helping to bring down the Reptilian Net which has surrounded the Earth. 



Forward – “It’s Definately Not”

It’s Definately Not (F) by Humanity Wins

Reverse - “I’ll Kneel and Fight”

I’ll Kneel and Fight (R) by Humanity Wins

Further confirmation of the Silver Legion’s dedication to the service and protection of others.



Forward – “And er, Definitely One of the More Serious”

And er, Definately One of the More Serious (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Say Race…Then We’ll Win the Fight, Bad Net”

Say Race…Then We’ll Win the Fight, Bad Net (R) by Humanity Wins

The phrase after “Race” is inaudible, and the middle section is fairly quick, but once again we have reverse speech confiming that the fight for humanity’s freedom will be won. “Bad Net” is referring again to the Reptilain’s Net technology.



Forward – “Fully First”

Fully First (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Serve, Heal”

Serve, Heal (R) by Humanity Wins

Light Warriors may use force, but they play an essential role in the healing process, by helping to remove the cause of the problems.



Forward – “Your Connection With Your”

Your Connection With Your (F) by Humanity Wins

Reverse – “We All Shine Free”

We All Shine Free (R) by Humanity Wins

The Silver Legion desire freedom for all beings across the multiverse.



Forward – “Walks in the Light Can Fathom Leaving a Soul to Die”

Walks in the Light Can Falthom Leaving a Soul to Die (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Had This Loss and He Heal the Path, Yeah Lets Help”

Had This Loss and He Heal the Path, Yeah Lets Help (R) by Humanity Wins

The first part is a little unclear, but this is the part where Tanaath is talking about recovering their “dead” and never leaving anyone behind.



Forward – “No Body Who”

No Body Who (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “We the One”

We the One (R) by Humanity Wins

This follows on from the last one. An acknowledgment that the Silver Legion are simply part of the One (God).



Forward – “Point Being, Their Time’s Up”

Point Being, Their Time’s Up (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Was Nasty, Need Help”

Was Nasty, Need Help (R) by Humanity Wins

The Reptilians and their treatment of humanity has certainly been nasty, help was needed.



Forward – “Enough That They”

Enough That They (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “That Fun”

That Fun (R) by Humanity Wins

This is the part where Tanaath is explaining that some Reptilians turn to the Light eventually. This must be fun to witness.



Forward – “Immense, it Destabilised”

Immense, it Destabilised (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Sell em at Sea…Stab”

Sell em at Sea, Stab (R) by Humanity Wins

Once Tannath’s home planet was destabilised, and almost destroyed, her race were left ”all at sea”.  


Forward – “Prophecy of Some Species to Come That Would be”

Prophecy of Some Species to Come That Would be (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Keep the Wenlock, See Sheeps in my Space”

Keep the Wenlock, See Sheeps in my Space (R) by Humanity Wins

This is when Tanaath is speaking about the history of her home planet. This reversal is a little cryptic, but a “Wenlock” is a type of monastery, so this connects to the idea of a ”prophecy”. And it appears the race that arrived and sparked the chaos were mindlessly following some type of programing maybe? After all, they couldn’t been very highly evolved if they felt the need to conquer and start wars.



Forward – “Technology That the Machielli”

Technology That the Machielli (F) by Humanity Wins

Reverse – “He Lie, a Sham, Dad is Not Impressed”

He Lie a Sham, Dad is Not Impressed (R) by Humanity Wins

According to Tanaath the Machielli were the race which caused the trouble on her planet and went onto become the Draco Reptilians. But it’s difficult to know what is the lie and the sham here? “Dad” is one of reverse speech’s affectionate names for the One (God). It certainly makes sense that the One would not be happy with this evil race messing around with the DNA of so many races for their own agenda.


Well, from the reversals it certainly appears that Tanaath is telling the truth about the Silver Legion and the work they are doing to help humanity. As she says in the interview; “the universe is teeming with life”, and anyone with an open mind would be able to consider the possibility of an organisation (likely one of many like this) who are dedicated to fighting tyranny across the multiverse. I’m sure it’s quite an impressive sight to see the thousands of different beings who make up the Silver Legion.

Details of specific operations carried out by the Silver Legion, against the Reptilians, will be coming in the next few days.


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38 Responses to “The Light Warriors of the Silver Legion”

  1. Chad says:

    Come on . . . I’m a believer. However, all of this is just getting to far fetched to believe. Plaeidians, Acturians, The Galactic Federation of Light, Ashstar Command, and now the Silver Legion. All of these beings and yet we still hear nothing but talk. Where are the mass landings and contacts? I find it hard too believe in channelers and mediums. I’m reading ‘Bringers of the Dawn.’

    I still believe in God – better known as the Supreme Creator by the Pleaidians. When? Where? Are any of the wonders they speak of ever going to come to pass?

  2. Lou says:

    Not all is contained within our visible light spectrum…
    Thank you for taking the time to do these reversals Brad.

  3. jeff belli says:

    @Chad……..I have these same thoughts and I console myself with stories in the reverse……EBES come here experience, then return to their homes and tell of what they have seen.

    First they speak of our Amish in the fields, then they speak of the workers in Silicon Valley, then the natives of the Amazon……..all rounded up by a tour of what goes on in the Balkan states……..finishing with a bazaar story of shootings and gangs…..

    To another civilization this must sound crazy, this diversification and ALL on one little planet.
    To this end;
    Can we really try and relate their reality on our level of reality?
    I think not…….

    That said; we must each question, weigh up the answers and just keep moving forward.

    Iam with you Chad………after so many decades of promises and precdictions at this smorgasbord of story telling………..Iam bloody well ready to eat!

  4. Derec says:

    Hi! I’ve read a lot of inspiring stuff here.
    Thanks for your commitment to what you believe is truth.
    My problem is: I’ve been believing many things for many years without ever having the sligthest hint of a reflection of the shadow of a cloud. Now, it’s over. Not that I decided so, but I woke up one day and I realised I didn’t believe anymore in that kind of stuff. It is sad because I liked to believe in these things, cause it gave me hope that humanity would someday be free of the greed of a few, ansd that our civilisation, which is wrong and illogical, would change. We had so much possibilities but… Sorry.
    Jeff Belli (above) is right in this instance. We’ve never seen anything but testimonies and talk…

  5. Dustin says:

    i told my friend about this yesterday. and i listened to it yesterday. we both had the same dream. we both dreamt about saving a person from rape. mine was a little boy. his was an asian girl. i think i won in my dream. shes right its hard to remember the dream.

  6. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Chad,

    So you’re a believer in what exactly???

    You’re reading “Bringers of the Dawn” channelled information from the Pleiadians, but yet you still state that all this talk of Pleiadians, Acturians etc is too far fetched??

    Slighty confused about your perspective here my friend??

    And as for “Ashtar Command” and the “Galactic Federation of Light”, well these are Reptilian manipulations and I will be covering this in a future post.


  7. mél says:

    Do you know Brad(silver legion) ?Tathaan i guess?
    And andromeda council Aton?
    The pleiadiens are not all bad and the same other races, that why we have to do reverses!
    Mél =)

  8. mél says:

    Oups!Sorry Brad! Forget Silver legion, they are good as you did on reverse Thank by the way!
    I mean Andromeda Council only?

  9. Shemuel H. Lynn says:

    Brad, Thank You So Much ~ Thank You So Much ~ Thank You So Much !!! You Deserve Thanks & Peace & Love !!!

    One Love !!!

  10. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Mel,

    Well so far Tolec (Andromeda Council contactee) has reversed quite well – it was only his information regarding “acension” that came out as incorrect. I do also have some reservations over his statement that there are only 150 Reptilians (approx) left on Earth, but overall the Andromeda Council certainly appear to be a legimate organisation. More information from them will be posted soon as well.

  11. Richard says:

    Please tell me why both of these characters have American accents?

  12. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Richard,

    That’s because they are American? They have incarnated here on Earth from “elsewhere”, like many of the people here on Earth right now.

  13. nathan says:

    Sounds a bit “Team America” to me =) !!!

  14. Brad says:

    Hi Nathan,

    Well the universe is a big place my friend, and humanity has been so shut down and distracted from opening their minds to bigger undersatndings of what takes place in the universe that hearing accounts of “Galactic War” or “Light Warriors” can at first sound a little far fetched but we’re in a time of great change where the truth is coming out and ignornace will have no where left to hide.

  15. Warlock says:

    Lets take an introspective look at history and thus’ the Illuminat’ and the hypothetical conception of their Reptilian orgins and subsequently’ the existance of other extracelestial life.
    In 1604, George W. Bush’s cousin, Thomas Percy’ who along with Guy Fawks and several other Jesuit puppets of the infamous Illuminati- were executed by King James of England for attempting to assassinate him and synchronously blow up British Parliament. The same instances were applicably carried out by the King of France’ who executed a large majority of Free Masons.The Bush’s have a history of trading with the enemy and subsequently’ during WWII had several businesses sequestered by the U.S Federal Government – under the Act:”Trading With The Enemy” The enemy in question was: ‘Adolf Hitler’ and the notorious Third Riech (who were controled by the nefarious pedophiliac order of the Jesuits’ more commonly known as the Ustashi). The Bush’s changed their name from Percy to Bush at the height of crossing the Atlantic to the U.S.There are 13 prominent Illuminati blodline famlies who are hell bent on establishing their “New World Order” and thus’ enslaving an entire world populace. The Rothschild’s formulate as the apex of the Illuminati, and who are implicated in most of histories genocidal massacres and wars including all of America’s. Subsequently’ the Rockefeller’s are no different….just mere sychophants. And indeed’ the effluental discharge continues to ejaculate from the blurtnous propagating mouths of these ‘Jackals’.

    Since the first rays of light broke through the crimson reds of an ancient medieavil’ bygone dawn, these paracitic parasites have unremiitingly sustained their uncontended conquest for world domminence, at the naieve expense of the populaces demise. Rome, initially’ was primary platform, the neucleus for the Illuminati’s ‘New World Order (Alexander the Great). And others would follow including Adolf Hitler, who’s War Machine was financed and sanctioned by the Rome’s Vatican. The United Nations (UN) constitutes the New World Order, with NATO formulating as the New World Army. “Wake up.”!
    The Illuminati and and its sychophantic (Boot-Lickers) Jesuits were outlawed and evicted from 83 countries world-wide in the wake of Bavarian police intercepting the Rothschild courier carrying the Illumiati plans for the Nepoleonic War. The ironic twist being, God decided to truely ‘enlighten’ the courier – who consequentially’ was struck by lightening and killed)!As a consequence, the Illuminati are eligible (‘meet the requirements’)for execution. Indeed’ without hesitation,it is time to hunt this genocidal faction into extinction!

    Reptilian or not, these parasites ‘bleed & die.’

  16. anonymous says:

    I have experience with them and I do not trust them one bit.bout reversed speech,I’m not sure if that even would be a method of checking but if someone is really of the dark with all the mind control and walking through walls stuff and everything i see they can do.Don’t you think they would have control over the reversed speech thing too?
    I believe through my own experience,which are horrific that silver legion is just as evil as the other ones. They are all here to deceive.Its just a way of attracting spiritual people and advanced souls so they can read them and use them just like the reps do.I would not wish on anyone whats been happening to me. So please be carefull and just stay away from them and the other counsils.You dont want to think, after the fact, i wish i had listened. If you contact them they already know how to trace you.Its all a set up. I fell into it the hard way. PLease be carefull I love you all somuch, I am so worried about you all.I know the things that happened to me must be happening to others to. We are all deceived and the ascension thing is the biggest one of all. Its not an ascension but a desencion to get to the indigo’s because they are threatneded by you, The sleepyness they talk about has nothing to do with ascension either. Its when vthey operate on you and put you to sleep, they make you forget. You think you become more peacefull but its spiritual death. Indigos dont try to ascend you are already ascended they want you to think you need to ascen and then when you do you descend you think you become more peacefull because you feel less. You become less sensitive and you think you become more normal now.But you dont. You become robot. And when they are done with you you dont feel anything at all anymore.Also maybe some of you have experienced going to the bathroom all the time.And feeling really hot. Its evil. Just be carefull all of you.Bumps that seem like pimpels they are not they are implants with a hard thing inside when you press your skin.Dizzyness is not from ascension its also from the operations an they are evil.
    Feeling more quit is also not asscociated with peace its because they have drained all the info out of you and they are making you a robot and empty shell.You are supposed to FEEL. I know alot of you are so sensitive that its a relieve feeling less. But once you see its evil you will ot be happy. The reason indigos feel somuch and people think they dont fit in is because indigos are normal and the world is crazy.If you can stay at this planet and not be upset THATS crazy, when indigos are angry and upset its because inside they are normal and the outside world is upsetting them. If you are not upset about the outside world anymore its because they already turned you.The ascension they are talkign about is descension and the whole goal of the reps and the others is to de sensitize you. They say you will become more peacefull and the outside world will not bother you anymore or your sensitivity ill hurt less. Its because the paralize you. They suck the life and sensitivity out of you.You are supposed to be sensitive.Thats love. If you are not upset about the ba things that happen its evil. They just make you feel like, oh everythign is going to be ok, ont worry about it just go to sleep. They want you to stop fighting and think its al going to be ok. Thats how they put you to sleep so that the indigos will stop fighting and become like all the otehr robots on this planet and then when they put eeryone in this “peacefull”state of not fighting anymore THEN they take over. Its already much further then you think. Everybody thinks we are ascending, we are descending right now. Its a trick.Its all a scheme. I wish i found out before. But i found out when they already had me. Thats when i could see the truth after they ha done it.Everyone who i thought were the good ones, were indeed the bad ones.Its all a sceme.Please be carefull.

  17. Joanne says:


  18. Joanne says:

    Hey freaky shit! I just did a test run to see if my comments would be put on the site because just before, I did a whole scroll of writing and it dissapeared. The little dragon face icon that has been nominated to my name sort of looks similar to the dragon I got on video here in NZ on a slow 2px mobile camera 1 year ago. Just recently I decided to do a search as to where it could of come from and discovered the Silver Legion with Tanaath who speaks about a dragon in the legion called Acutalish and other dragon members, who heals light legion warriors after battle. Tannath also speaks about portals from space connecting to the earth where these beings can be seen. I found Tannath’s knowledge quite interesting but then a thought crossed my mind, did Tanaath watch too many scifi movies, play too many Playstation games as a kid and is she involving us earthlings in her own game of having a vivid imagination?
    Did the Silver Legion and other dimensional warriors get rid of the reptilians so they could have their wicked ways with us naive earthlings and are really depending on our energy for power and control over earth and us.
    Another freaky thing I must mention about reversed speech and this is not a joke. My partner and I were in our swimming pool when I had a bright idea to do some healing work on him, so I asked him to float and I then supported him under his body and began spinning him clock wise for awhile and then I changed direction and started to spin him anti clock wise. My partner has a few bad memories that he would like to rid himself of, and he thinks I am really KOOKY believing in this Quote “Hog wash Spiritual Shit”.
    When I finished spinning him he said to me.”That he felt beautiful all his memories from the past dissapeared but when I stopped and went anti clockwise he said he heard a voice in his head saying “She Must Die” meaning me, i can still see the evil look on his face until he calmed down). Can this reverse speech happen without radio frequencies?. He had absolutely no knowledge of me visiting this site or of reversed speech.
    I also saw what (anonymous) wrote and all of a sudden my vision of myself as a fully actulised citizen of this earth began to waiver..
    christianity,Islam,judaism, moselem etc speak of the same things God vs Satan, Good vs Evil, but now we got Reptilians vs the Siver legion, Pleidians Vs Reptilians and so on…
    If you look at this from a normal prespective you would be considered insane for the belief system.
    The belief system is still based on fear no matter who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. there is always something scary out there to be beware of! SO my question is why programme fear based knowledge into our hearts and souls when in actual fact there is nothing but good out there in our crazy universes!!

  19. Michael says:

    Hi Joanne.

    Fot me, this is not a belief system.

    I aim not to believe in anything. I am just searching for what is true (like so many others), and the evidence I have seen so far has lead me here.

    I am not saying that the info on this site is true. I certainly don’t “believe it”. I just consider the info on Brad’s site to be the most probable, based on the evidence I have seen so far. Of course, we all weigh up the same evidence differently. We all place more weight on some pieces of evidence than others. That is our perogative.

    Hope you stick around. :)

  20. joanne says:

    Hi Micheal
    I totally agree with you and I will stick around lol. Brad’s site sort of filled in a few gaps for me as well and I have been enlightened by some of the info on the site and had a few questions answered for me?
    The only thing about a belief system I think is, that it is not a belief system, until someone believes in it,
    so if we believe in the devil, satan, reptillians, silver legion, Galactic Federation, Budda, allah, Jehova, God, we have created a belief system through an experience that may have confirmed it for us on this plane otherwise the belief would not exist or like a herd of sheep, have followed someone elses belief system. I guess it is what we resonate toward or the concrete evidence we have encountered that makes that belief become authentic.
    I do Like brads openess and opinions of what other people he has as guests on his site.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Joanne: SO my question is why programme fear based knowledge into our hearts and souls when in actual fact there is nothing but good out there in our crazy universes!!

    Ok thats all very nice and all,but that way of living got me into trouble in the first place. If you really want to make a difference you better start opening your eyes as i didnt for years. We dont want to see, and i must say the things i know right now, i still dont want to see them.But you know what, these reptile humans they hardly sleep or eat.They work day and night with their schemes and i am NOT joking i WISH pray to God that i was. I know it all sounds crazy, and it is crazy, they are crazy. If you believe there is life beyond earth you should look at the facts. There is not peace on this planet. Why is there this much turmoil. If there was just one race on a planet as it was supposed to be originally then there would not be any war. We would all be one family. The reason and the fact that you see all these problems is because we are not one race on this planet. Why is there somuch fighting and stuff going on, its species that dont fit together. On one planet. If you know there is more out there and you see there is not peace on this planet then you know a war is going on.OVER this planet and over US.I know its not nice to think about and its easier to think that there is only good out there and its all in our thoughts. But i never believed in the crap that happend to me, and i always believed the best about everyone even the ones that tried to kill me. I made up excuses for them. Because i just didnt understand how somebody could be that evil so i tried to make excuses an stuff to make it not be real. Well i ahve made excuses for too long.You all better start waking up because if not, we will yes all be living on this planet still, but we will be one with the reptiles. And living like they wantus to live. We will be them and they will be us.Yes you feel more peacefull. You know why? Because reptiles dont feel!!!!!! They dont cry they dont get upset.I thought that was good to feel less, i thought that my entire life. Now i wish i knew what i know now.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Read this:

    Listen to me, with the fearbased knowledge thing.

    It doesnt matter fearbase or not, when you sit on your couch not fearfull at all watching a movie being peacefull beign loving , loving all and veryone always want to help and wish this planet would be in peace. And suddenly pain strikes you. Things being shot into you. Marks on your skin. Bleeding. Feeling beings arround you.

    How does that fit into your system.

    At the link you can read about a woman who also head one if the attacks i have had for quite some time now. Only i have had this day and night.

    An i will tell you when this first started i did not even know what it was. I didnt pay attention to it. I thought the marks on my body were some skin issue. And the pain was something physical.

    For months an months i just layed there relaxed on the couch feeling stuff going on. Laying there peacefully thinking that somebody was maybe trying to help me.

    Yes i am not kidding.

    I thought they were helping me. I was not in fear. And look where it got me, once i found out what they had done it was already too far. Now i am still trying to undo how they worked on me for months.

    So whats your solution for me. Dont fear? I did that, and it just gave them easy acces to me.Being peacefull and loving it just made me an easy target.because you wont fight them. Thats what they want. And thats what the whole goal is with this ascension crap. Its of the reptiles. They want to make you into slaves. Just be completely peacefull. And then when they pull crap or do something that is wrong you dont fight them anymore because you are too peacefull to fight them!

    I am sorry i wish i could tellyou something else, but this is what happend to me. And i wouldnt wish it on anybody. Just try to be peacefull as in not wishing harm on anybody, but keep using your brain when something looks wrong it IS wrong.And it needs to be dealt with.

    When i was researching how to get help i even found a woman with the same issues and this reptile even said to the hypnotist that one of the things they know about us is that we are too nice etc. But he said you dont get me out of her being nice, you have to force me out of her. I know you humans dont like that. Thats what the reptilesaid.

    Listen to me,they exactly are getting us to our core. We are not evil, but now they use that to their advantage. So that we will not go against them anyway.And i am telling you as someone completely against violence and everything, its not helping just being peacefull and staying in love. I live like that and they pulled this crap on me anyway.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Joanne says: The belief system is still based on fear no matter who the good guys are and who the bad guys are. there is always something scary out there to be beware of! SO my question is why programme fear based knowledge into our hearts and souls when in actual fact there is nothing but good out there in our crazy universes!!

    The fact is, and i just stumbled upon the same statement from someone else on the internet.

    Positivity is the real religion of fear.

    Its easy to just look away and stay positive while the entire world go’s to crap. This positivity movement is putting the real soldiers (indigo children and spiritual further along enlightene ones)to sleep. They can relax and just be positive an not do anything. Wake up! I fell for the same sceme.

    Its NOT a positive thing if you can just walk trhough a warzone and stay peacefull an not feel anything. Thats reptile trade. It means you are already so far along in desensitizing that you dont feel anymore. Thats why indigos are so sensitive because they have not gone to crap yet!

    Wake up and stop trying to live in a fairytale while this is war! Bullits are being shot at you but you dont even defend yourself because you are to busy pretending they are not there and pretending everything is ok. Because thats the safest thing to do. THATS fear. Pretending there is only goodness in the universe while clearly look at the planet for Gods sake, people are getting murdered, tortured, children are getting raped. Souls are being lead into illuminati churches thinking they give their soul to God while it gets into their illuminati network. The biggest cable agents telling you NOT to worry about the reptiles anymore while he is one themselves. Saying the reptiles are gone and defeated while the entire planet is till a mess, if they were gone it wouldnt be like it is right now. Stop believing their lies. They want you to think its all ok, so they can do whatever they want. Dont follow like a sheep they will slaughter you when they want to.And no i am not trying to scare you. You should be scared of the ones that tell you just to relax and believe the reptiles are gone. Those are the creeps the wolf in sheepclothing. Those you should be scared of. I wasnt and it was wrong.

    Dont let them put you into this all acceptence stage. They want your walls to be down so that you wont notice when an attack is coming in.Just go with it. No DONT.

    I am not kidding you. I am not saying you should be afraid, but you should be aware.

    Stop kidding yourself. Open your eyes. Ascension was not ascension it was indeed the end of the world as we know it. We are uner greater attack than anybody knows right now, because of this sceme ascension people think the stuff that they are feeling is because of the shift. What shift? Its their attack!

    The mayas were right, only not like the spiritual gurus explain it to you.They tried to warn us for this.And now everybody just go’s along with it because they have called it ascension.

    You know if i come up to you with a gun and i tell you its an ascension machine that when i shoot you you will ascend and you’ll accept this. Sure ok your body dies your spirit ascends. Ok yes a gun a an ascension machine.

    The only crap is, you dont know death. Death of the body is not death. If illuminati just kills you physically your soul still will move on and you can come back and be a pain in their ass again.Its not good enough. Thats why they came up with the ascension crap. Theyare not after killingyour body. They are after killing your soul as it is. THATS what the ascension process is about. They cant do anything when they killyour body and you move on. Your soul is still a pain in their ass.
    And ou could stilln come back to earth while they do not want us here. They want earth the reptiles want earth.

    And they are not gone, they are moving in human bodies among us.

    They are the “healers” and church leaders who fill you with the holy spirit/reptiles.

    The only way they can really, get rid of us is not by killing us. Its by altering our souls our essence and our dna which is linked to our essence.Thats what this whole ascension thing is all about.

    Why dont you think with all the resources they have, they dont just kill us all. Because they would be killing the body! An it doesnt work. Because we will just reincarnate and give them grief again.

    The only way to attack us is while we are alive and they bury us in these bodies. The ascension is to mess with your soul and most of the dna changes healers offer is to change you into reptile. Yes you feel better. Offcourse, this is a reptile world, look at government, look at hospitals look at leaders. This is a reptile world. The ones with all the money those are the ones who do not fight the reptiles. They are not a threat.

    If you are having a hard time in this world. Its because you are not of this reptile world. You should be happy. Once things start to come easy to you THATS when you should be scared.

    You know why, because then you are one of them.

    They are not fighting ou anymore, money comes to you opportunities etc. because you are not fighting the system, their system, your IN and you dont even know it. You feel better while the rest of the world still go’s to crap. More an more seek for relief and go to these reptile healers and churches to also get their dose of relief. Which is altering of dna to make you reptile.

    And once ou are reptile suddenly you feel better, dissease go’s away, money comes toyou more easily. You are in the system and you are not a threat anymore.

    This is the truth.

    Not to scare you, to make you aware.

    You should be scared of the ones that lie to you and give you a fairytale while you should open your eyes look outside and see what they are doing to the world.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Let me rephraze that, you should NOT be afraid of them. Offcourse not, thats giving them power.

    But just dont close your eyes for whats going on. Dont just go with this crap.

    And dont let just someone mess with your dna and dont just go along with some healing.You are already perfect.

    Stop trying to ascend while you are already ascended.

    I am not trying to put you in fear i am trying to put you in power.

    You should not be afraid but dont close your eyes either.

    We can do something about these creaps. But we have to stop trying to ascend and go to healers and churches etc who are just after being worshiped themselves.

  25. TG says:

    Forward/reverse speech segment interesting, but not sure why you thought you had to use reverse speech to detect if the Silver Legion was telling the truth.

  26. joanne says:

    Anonymous Thankyou for your advice. I liked that last peice of Info you gave me about “you should not be afraid of them”. Cause I am not.
    I relate to you being attacked. I did believe alot in the Galatic Federation of light at one time not now.
    I have a huge White quartz crystal I programmed for receiving and transmitting information from light ships.
    I had been inactive for 4 years and out of the blue I commanded that the crystal be reprogrammed 2010 to bring in extra terristal information of the light to me (a little naive).
    My partner got it in the neck. he was attacked on a fourth dimensional level by reptilians( I think). He was so upset (same partner who doesnt believe in anything spiritual) . I was not present but he was fighting for his life trying to stab with a knife these beings (green) in colour(goblin type and 1 humanoid). When armed defenders squad found him he was talking to a being they could not see, and he was in full conversation with her.He cant remember what she was saying but the squad watched him for a good 20minutes talking to this being. He then went to stab her but he said that when he did she turned into me (shape shifted) and he burst into tears cause he really thought he had killed me.( I was not present).
    He was arrested and charged and assessed for a psyche test( which proved that he was sane). My partner is not a mental health consumer he is so straight laced and grounded, I think he’s insane!
    You do realise I am not religious!
    Why do you call youself “Anonymous”
    Do you think that maybe my partner was visited that night by the Silver legion of light, or reptilians or someone else?
    I have had many profound spiritual experiences in my life this is just one of them.

    I like Brads website but I am also a great follower of researched information as well I follow Micheal Tsarion.( not to say Brads wesite is not researched).
    I am aware that there is a dark force in this world but if you spend your whole life worrying about whos goood and whos evil then you miss out on LIVING LIFE. You just need to allow yourself to continue to go with the flow of the river,and let your intuition guide you accept the good along with the bad and celerbrate “I AM A SURVIVOR”.

  27. "MJ" says:

    Wow, I’m reading so many people who have had enough. I can empathize, having run the gamut from believing in reptilian shape shifters to then feeling it is all folly. But in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth as I read the 8th Tablet, I was STUNNED to read this.

    “In the form of man moves they amongst us, but only to sight were they as men. Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted, but appearing to men as men among men. Crept they into the Councils taking forms that were like unto men. Slaying by their arts the chiefs of he Kingdoms, taking their form and ruling o’ver man. Only by magick could they be discovered. Only by sound could their face could be seen. Sought they from the kingdom of shadows to destroy man and rule in his place.”

    Now that sounds to me like reptilian shapeshifters replacing our leaders and doing all manner of things against what was promised in the campaigns of the human whose lives they took over. Sound can shatter glass, powerful enough sound shattered the walls of Jericho in the Bible. Somewhere in the texts of the Bible and the Emerald Tablets lay the secret to defeat these buggers once and for all. The “tares” whose hearts are black with hate will not ascend into the 4th or 5th Dimension, Heaven.

    One poster said many things are happening outside of our visible light spectrum and I feel this also to be true. However, in one great video I watched, the helpers awaiting for more or most of humanity to be on the same page spiritually, STOP the hating and anger and fighting, as this blocks ALL connections t Source. A loving heart is the only way, f**k the bills the loss of love the anything to do with this material 3D world, MAKE TIME to focus on the esoteric, ask in your heart/mind for the help we need, not just for you but for the rest of us. And lastly, if you are a Light Worker putting yourself out on the line for the ridicule that comes from minds not yet awake, DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL, it is what it is. Keep sending the LOVE and by your example they shall slowly follow and wake up. We alone can never win this battle, God told us, the enemy is strong enough to make God take notice and arm up, who are we humans to fight this alone, our task here and now is to WAKE OTHERS UP. There is magick in words (I am a writer) so use these words to the doubters: “I respect your right to disagree with me but I base my beliefs not on any single incident or previous doctrine but on the preponderance of evidence that irrefutably testifies to the truth of what I and others speak and know, and that which validates the Universal truth: the Light is inside each of us, there for us to find and follow back to its Eternal Source.”

    The evil in this world doesn’t want us to know our true origins, the leaders of this world are not humans, not anymore. The Emerald Tablets are older than the Bible and Torah and look at what was said in the pages…. “reptilian shape shifters masquerading as men taking the places of our leaders to do great harm to God precious seed, HueMANITY.

  28. Michael says:

    This is an excerpt from Tanaath’s most recent update.

    I have a good feeling about her, but i know I may be wrong.

    Here it is –

    “We are still very limited in how we can affect the physical world you live in. Interaction with us in the physical world, for the time being, is going to be limited to the occasional high-altitude sighting of our small craft. Unfortunately, the only ones who seem to be able to land right now are the ones you don’t want to interact with. The nice guys are being kept out somehow. We are looking into the problem and don’t have an ETA on the solution, unfortunately.

    Because of this, our work with Earth directly is mostly taking place in the spiritual plane and the higher dimensions. We’re assisting energetically where we can, but our influences are more subtle. This is not a matter of us being able to decide, by any means, what happens or does not happen on this planet. We aren’t gods, and the positive ETs don’t have the ability to dictate what does or does not happen on this planet, either. Those from outside the planet not able to come swooping in to solve every problem, and even if they were, that would be the wrong approach.

    The onus is also on us Terrans to work at fixing this place up as well. Don’t rely or depend on outsiders to do what you are capable of doing. You have a lot of power yourselves. Even on this planet, those initiatives that tend to be the most successful are not the ones where outside contractors come and do everything for a community, but the ones where the community itself is involved and invested in the project and its success, and the contractors act as ‘subject matter experts’, teaching and providing knowledge and expertise, rather than doing it all for people. This is no different. Try to avoid externalizing too much, maintain a conviction that you can make a difference and have a right to be involved in your own life and your own community.”

  29. Phoebe says:

    What’s up everyone, it’s my first visit at this web site, and
    piece of writing is really fruitful in favor of me, keep up posting these content.

  30. Marc Lincoln says:

    Ive been reading from this site and a few others the lasy few days. I have known about the evil oppressors for many years, but this is the first I have heard of having any help on the way except the help of God. Either this stuff is genuine or it is disinfo to make open minded people think that are saviors are coming, I am honestly not sure which. Maybe its true, but for those about to rock, if any exist. Please pick em up and line em up soon.

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  32. BARON ARTH says:

    We must always remember this sobering fact that always in the bigger scope of events right or wrongs are neither existing nor relevant because simply “there are no rights or wrongs, only perspective’s” when you realise this you are then truly free to act.

  33. Michael says:

    Baron Arth. Would you like someone to come to your front door tomorrow and round you up, take you to a concentration camp, and then gas you? Are you honestly saying that would be fine by you?…or, do you think it’s fine if you started going around and torturing animals and then deciding to torture and murder people? So, you would not consider that to be wrong? Free to act in a way that would instill intense physical suffering on other living being?…Honestly, can you please explain what you mean?

  34. Carla says:

    These are not to be trusted!!
    They talk of stabbing whales and dolphins.
    Do not be deceived!!

  35. Carla says:

    ‘sea sheep’s in their space’. Lol
    Saturn is the Father of this one.

  36. The Sun says:

    Hello there.

    Wow, so much information it makes one MAD! But I love it, I started WAKING UP this year after becoming very ill – from using antibiotics(a neuclear bomb, lol.) and my immune system went to shit. We all know antibiotics kills bad bacteria BUT it also destroys the good ones that are suppose to keep you healthy. So on my journey to heal myself and replacing the good bugs, I started doing research about Microbiology, but the thing is I starting seeing the truth – all these antibiotics and other drugs were created to destroy our immune system and without that we would be able to survive. Like the fluoride water, Mcdonalds, etc. All these things are created to destroy us from the inside out – by “these people”. Here read this:

  37. doctor says:

    Michael, I can understand Barons point. Its a matter of perspective and that fact you counter him with dark parts of WW2 shows your focusing on the negative therefore biased in your perspective to see the bigger picture.If you can’t understand what is said then you aren’t meant too, unfortunately.


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