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Esther Hicks, Reptilian Manipulation – Part 2

If you’ve reviewed the previous Abraham-Hicks post then you’ll be aware of the debate that erupted in the comments section soon afterwards, with many people jumping to the defense of Abraham’s teachings and attempting to make me “aware of my errors”. They simply refused to believe that Esther Hicks, channelling Abraham, could be anything other than a “light bringer” for humanity, communicating ”wise, humorous and loving”, words of wisdom. It just couldn’t possibly be anything to do with the “dark energy” of the Reptilians!

I understood people’s defensive attitudes, because it’s certainly not a pleasant feeling to even consider the possibility that you have been duped and conned by someone, or something, you have loved, cherished and followed for many years. Just look at the people who eventually break free from cults. They often feel ashamed, and blame themselves, when they realise they have fallen for such intense lies and manipulation. They believe whole-heartedly, often for years, or even decades, that they KNEW the truth. No one in a cult actually thinks they are being manipulated! Of course they don’t. They follow the cult with such intensity because they believe it without question.

But I think the people who have attempted to defend Abraham so aggressively have failed to understand the complexity, and scale, of the Reptilian manipulation on this planet, and without being aware of this, it is all too easy to accept information as truth, just because it “sounds” so uplifting. I KNOW this first hand. I bought Abraham’s books and watched their videos for a number of years before I began to look at things from a different perspective.

No one can really be blamed for falling for these types of manipulations because the Reptilians are master manipulators, understanding the human mind like the back of their hands, and have had thousands of years to perfect their agenda. Of course it does take some courage for people to accept that they have been lied to and manipulated on such a massive scale, but unfortunately not everyone is willing to do that it seems.

After much debate on the previous post a user by the name of “Road” left a comment, with a link to an Abraham-Hicks video which he thought would change my mind. This is what he wrote…

So, I obliged, watched the video, and replied back to “Road” explaining how refreshing it was to see someone confronting Abraham with the “tough” questions (which most people are too scared to do), but unfortunately it was very clear that Abraham had simply not answered these questions at all. They had simply given vague, and often unrelated responses, to the questions put forward. I also asked “Road” to explain the theme of lies, manipulation and Reptilian involvement throughout the reverse speech analysis of the previous Abraham videos (last post) and this was his reply…


Obviously “Road” was expecting me to be “converted” by this particular video, and had already dismissed the reverse speech analysis of the previous videos. So, it was at this point I decided to honour his request for “more information on the method” and conduct a full reverse speech analysis of this “tough question” video.

I think with a subject matter that has stirred up so much debate it is important to bring as much evidence to the table as possible, otherwise doubts and concerns will just continue to stir in people’s minds. So, if you haven’t done so already, I would recommend you watch the video in it’s entirety (23 mins) and then continue on to the reverse speech analysis below…

(as a side note: if you are new to this website, and are unaware of reverse speech, then you may want to review the rest of the site before continuing here).





For clarity purposes it is recommended that you listen to reverse speech with headphones


Forward – “The Likes of Abraham”

The Likes of Abraham (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “My, How Bad This Gal Look” 

My, How Bad This Gal Look (R) by Humanity Wins

By struggling to answer these tough questions Abraham (and Esther Hicks) came out looking pretty bad, for those with minds open enough to see anyway.  



Forward – “At This Moment”

At This Moment (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “No One Said That” 

No One Said That (R) by Humanity Wins

An acknowledgment that his specific question wasn’t being addressed by Abraham?



Forward – “In Divorced a Little Bit a”

In Divorced a Little Bit a (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “A Stabled, and Me Solving This” 

A Stabled, and Me Solving This (R) by Humanity Wins

Was he becoming more stable in his beliefs? And he was certainly attempting to get to the bottom of all of this (aren’t we all?) 



Forward – “Your Vibrational Offering”

Your Vibrational Offering (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Near Fall on Chair, Diversion”

Near Fall on Chair, Diversion (R) by Humanity Wins

A little cryptic, but I would suggestion this is referring to Abraham being close to falling and faltering because of the questions being fired at them from the chair. And of course there is some serious diversion going on here with the answers.



Forward – “Attract Otherwise”

Attract Otherwise (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Sell With That Gash”

Sell With That Gash (R) by Humanity Wins

Reverse speech doesn’t care much for “political correctness”. Are Abraham selling “gash”?



Forward – “Law of Attraction”

Law of Attraction (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “And They’re Charged of All”

And They’re Charged of All (R) by Humanity Wins

I wonder what Abraham could possibly be being charged with?



Forward – “Miserable Lies”

Miserable Lies (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Sell All Their Sin”

Sell All Their Sin (R) by Humanity Wins

He’s making it clear what he thinks Abraham are actually selling.



Forward – “And if You”

And if You (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “We Fake Net”

We Fake Net (R) by Humanity Wins

Net in reverse usually refers to a deception. 



Forward – “You Have Found it”

You Have Found it (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Then Lie Push”

Then Lie Push (R) by Humanity Wins

There’s certainly a theme of “pushing lies” so far in these reversals isn’t there?



Forward – “Understanding, Because”

Understanding, Because (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Duck Him, Didn’t Answer”

Duck Him, Didn’t Answer (R) by Humanity Wins

Well that was my feeling exactly while watching the video. 



Forward – “In Non-Physical Where There is no Time, no Space”

In Non-Physical Where There is no Time, no Space (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “So the Masked Ones, Say They Walk as if, Money”

So the Masked Ones, Say They Walk as if, Money (R) by Humanity Wins

Esther Hicks and Abraham certainly “talk the talk” but do they “walk the walk”? Could it be there’s actually some masks being worn here and that money is infact a major motivator?



Forward – “Your Work is to Shine a Spotlight”

Your Work is to Shine a Spotlight (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Yell Ops and I Should Take Her Away”

Yell Ops and I Should Take Her Away (R) by Humanity Wins

The word “Away” is a little distorted, but are Esther Hicks and Abraham part of an “operation” (ops)?  Maybe whoever is in charge of this particular “operation” is thinking that it might be time to pull the plug?



Forward – “Early Days, Because He Was Always Writing”

Early Days, Because He Was Always Writing (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “There’s a War, So We Suck Him, See a Dealer”

There’s a War, So We Suck Him, See a Dealer (R) by Humanity Wins

Could this “Abraham Opertaion” be part of a larger war? And What exactly are they dealing out to people, and why are they wanting to “suck” people in? 



Forward – “The Astral Many Times, and Last Time I Tried to Come”

The Astral Many Times, and Last Time I Tried to Come (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “A Muck Thou Shall Not Sell That, Smash and Then We’ll Shine”

A Muck They Shall Not Sell That, Smash and Then We’ll Shine (R) by Humanity Wins

 The guy is certainly making his feelings clear in reverse. Will humanity shine once the Reptilian’s game-plan is smashed? I’d say so.



Forward – “Against a lot of Things”

Against a lot of Things (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Knit For All a Snake”

Knit For All a Snake (R) by Humanity Wins

Snake is a common reverse speech metaphor for the Reptilians. 



Forward – “Nor Any of the Other Genocides”

Nor Any of the Other Genocides (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Pass, and That’s the Lie They Think They Own”

Pass, and That’s the Lie They Think They Own (R) by Humanity Wins

Abraham, once again, seem to be “passing” on the specific question being asked. And they certainly sound confident when they speak, but how much of it is actually truth?



Forward – “A Hell of a Step”

A Hell of a Step (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Bad, Said the Lie”

Bad, Said the Lie (R) by Humanity Wins

The theme continues on.



Forward – “Experience Which We Live”

Experience Which We Live (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Fell, Use Your Snare”

Fell, Use Your Snare (R) by Humanity Wins

Why would a group of “enlightened beings”, like Abraham, need to set up “snares”?



Forward – “Unless You”

Unless You (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “We Sell Net”

We Sell Net (R) by Humanity Wins

more reference to a deception being sold.



Forward – “In the Last Couple of Years”

In the Last Couple of Years (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “They’re Evil, But Talent”

They’re Evil, But Talent (R) by Humanity Wins

I don’t think there’s a better description for Abraham than this.


I think its clear for anyone with an active brain cell that these reversals do not indicate that Abraham-Hicks are sharing “enlightened wisdom” with the world. Once again the theme is lies, manipulation and Reptilian involvement.

Now for some, even with this evidence (including the previous post), they will try to dismiss it away by doubting the validity of reverse speech, or choosing to believe it is some type of manipulation in itself. Of course this is an easy option to choose if tightly held beliefs are being challenged. It’s really no different to the Christian follower who chooses to believe that anything that contridicts or exposes their religion must simply be ”the work of Satan”.

For those who choose to dismiss reverse speech without any further investigation, well that is their choice, and I’m sure they will go back to their comfort zones and carry on with their lives as normal. But as Albert Einstein once said “Condemnation Without Investigation is the Height of Ignornace”.

Reverse speech is simply a TOOL, and it has proven time and time again, for many years now, to be one of the greatest tools available for seeing through the Reptilian’s lies and getting to the truth. But it is by no means the only source that is shining a light on the lies of Abraham-Hicks.

This is a description from my partner, Erin Kanzenbach, who is a very gifted psychic, and has been able to see the Reptilians for quite some time..  

Of course it can be a difficult situation to accept for people who have devoted so much time, energy and money into the teachings of Abraham, but truth is truth. You can stick your head back in the sand and refuse to believe that Abraham is a Reptilian manipulation, or you can accept it and move on. I’m sure there will be New Age followers who will continue to protest and attempt to make me aware of how misguided I am and how wrong I’ve gotten things, thats’s fine, that ‘s their choice, but for me I prefer to face the truth.

More channellers and channelled information to be reversed and analysed over the coming weeks.

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281 Responses to “Esther Hicks, Reptilian Manipulation – Part 2”

  1. John says:

    Hello Brad,

    I’ve grown increasingly frustrated with your postings over the past few weeks, but this one has reached a new low for me. It was my understanding that the purpose of your site was to welcome and collaborate with people who felt that they were here from other places with special purpose and to provide a forum for us to help one another.

    This post directly conflicts with your goal by calling out your readers for speaking their minds. You have done so in such an antagonizing manner as well by putting their thoughts up in front of your entire readership only so that you can tear them down and claim that “anyone with a brain cell” should agree that they are wrong.

    I’ve been watching you for quite some time. My last comment on one of your articles was months ago. I was asking for help because I was very new to all of this. I never received a reply and since then all I’ve noticed is that you are so dogmatic about your own views that whenever someone offers a differing view, you become aggressive in your assertion that they are far less intelligent than you are.

    This attitude is not producing friends. You would do well to actually help people who are seeking your assistance rather than dedicating entire posts to alienating them.

    I am also beginning to strongly question YOUR reverse speech analysis. I don’t know about Peggy Kane, but each time I see you interpret things, I notice a pattern of spin on all of your interpretations. Some of the things that you interpret could very easily be interpreted in different ways and I notice small things such as how you interpret the same words when you are in favor of the person as opposed to when you are in disagreement.

    For example, when the words of snake, owl, or net appear, if you agree with the person, your interpretations are that the reptilians are being exposed and if you don’t like the person, your interpretations are that the person is in cahoots with the reptilians.

    It is all so very frustrating to me because it is becoming divisive. You are dividing the remnant on earth who see that there are dark forces controlling our governments and, even our reality. Rather than attack your own readers, maybe you should provide a place for intelligent minds to contribute to something greater than the sum of its parts.

    But I am sure that my comment will be met with an assertion that I don’t know what I am talking about and I might even be featured in your next article. If so, so be it. You are not going to be successful if you proceed in this manner, however. Too much is at stake for you to attack the people who you are trying to help. I suggest you seek humility and get back on course.

    My two cents. Take them or leave them.


  2. Erin says:

    John, just wondering how you can put a spin on “they’re evil but talent?” pretty straight forward – just saying…..

  3. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi John,

    Well Firstly my friend it is very easy for me to miss comments that are posted on the site, I do my best to keep up to date with them as them come through, but it simply isn’t possible for me to reply to every single comment. If people have questions they want to ask me, email is always a better option. So don’t take it personally if I didn’t answer your question.

    Now as for the accusation that I am attacking my readers and – “putting their thoughts up in front of my entire readership only so that I can tear them down”

    well first of all, these weren’t “private” letters, they were comments already listed on the site in the comments section of a previous post. Most of the visitors to this site are fully aware of the debate that took place on the previous Hicks post. “Road’s” comments were included as part of this post to give the background and explain the reasons why this specific Abraham video was choosen for reverse speech analysis.

    At no point during the post did I “attack” Road???

    The statement I made on the post “I think it’s clear for anyone with an active brain cell that these reversals do not indicate that Abraham-Hicks are sharing “enlightened wisdom” with the world” was not specifically directed at Road! It was a satement to anyone who listens to the reversals??? Because its true! I’d like anyone to stand up and suggest that those reversals are “positive”??? And then go on to make a compelling argument for their case!

    So no, I wasn’t “attacking” anyone.

    I have NO PROBLEM with people speaking their mind on this site, as anyone who has shared their thoughts here will likely testify – but when someone is criticizing and attempting to blame me for “making mistakes”, as with Road and the Abraham-Hicks issue – I have EVERY RIGHT to defend my point of view and counter any arguments against me. And I do this with EVIDENCE! Not name calling, not petty squabbling – just evidence.

    Road asked me for “further research to be done” And so I did – I could of told him to Fuck off and leave me alone, but no, I decided to honour his request and I spent 4-5 days of my life involved in the analysis of this video and the creation of this post.

    And so you are questioning my interpretation of the reversals? Ok, I have no problem with that – I would never say that I get every interpretation of every reversal 100% correct – but I do the best I can and I NEVER intentionally mislead or mis-inform EVER!

    This is the nature of reverse speech, some reversals can be subjective – that’s just the way it is – but I have been involved in this field for many years and I’d like to think I’m a better person to interpret reversals than most. But if you or anyone wishes to disagree with my interpretations then I have absolutely no problem with that at all.

    If you wish to analyse the reverse speech of this video yourself then please let me know – I can send you the audio file and the software you can use to listen. I would be interested to see what your interpretations are?

    So you say my attitude is not producing friends? Well maybe, just maybe I’m not here to make friends? Maybe I’m not here to win a fucking popularity contest? Maybe, just maybe, I’m here to wake some people up to the truth! And if that upsets people or people become offended by the way I’m doing that, then thats up to them.

    So if you are serious about backing up your statemnet that I am “spinning interpretations of reversals” then like I said, I will send you the audio file and the software so you can analyse the reversals yourself. Please let me know if you are willing to do this and back up your accusation with EVIDENCE.



  4. John says:

    I was merely pointing out that it is extremely easy to have multiple interpretations and spins on what the reverse speech produces and it can be abused easily. But the validity of reverse speech itself was not the point of my comment. Singling people out and belittling them as unintelligent or blind creates a divisive environment that acts contrary to the goal of uniting the resistance movement and giving us a common purpose.

    As of yet, I don’t see what it is that any of us are supposed to do to thwart the plans of the reptilians. And as evidenced by the lack of our liberation to date, I have to assume that our allies may be busy with their own fights. In order to reach our planet and free us, they may need to fight their way to our doorstep. What can we do to make their missions easier? What can we do to free ourselves? Is it to call each other stupid and divide ourselves against each other? I doubt it.

  5. Humanity Wins says:

    Well john, I really don’t see how sharing the TRUTH with people is “creating a divisive envirmoment”???

    I quoted Road’s comments in the post? So What? Does that mean I’m attacking the guy?? Of course fucking not! I already explained why I quoted his comments in this post – to provide the background.

    Yes I’m telling “New Agers” and specifically followers of Reptilian controlled Ester Hicks, to WAKE THE FUCK UP!!! But I’m not singling anyone out or fucking attacking anyone???

    And NO it’s NOT…

    “extremely easy to have multiple interpretations and spins on what the reverse speech produces and it can be abused easily”

    That is total bullshit I’m afraid!

    Some, yes some, reversals can be subjective (around 5-10%) but the VAST MAJORITY are very clear cut – but who gives a fuck over the possible mis-interpretaion of 1 or 2 reversals anyway??? There were 22 reversals in this post alone and ALL of them followed the same theme! The previous post had 18 reversals! So lets look at the big pitcure for a moment – out of those 40 reversals how many POTENTIALLY indicated something positive??? You tell me??? And then lets look at how many indicated something negative??

    So fuck worrying about the interepretation of 1 or 2 reversals out of the 40 – what is the OVERAL THEME??? You tell me??? Please do???

    And if quite friankly, you’re not willing to take me up on my offer to send you the audio file and software so you can study the reversals of this video yourself then please stop stating that I am misleading people with “false interpreatations”.

    So I’ll extend that offer again – I’ll send you the audio file, the software AND full instructions of how to use it for FREE – just tell me where to send it??

    If anyone is responsible for creating a “divisive environment” you may just want to have sneeky look in the mirror my friend and ask yourself why YOU are attacking me?

    And last of all if someone can’t handle being told to “Wake the fuck up” and to “get their fucking heads out of their butts” and is going to feel like they are being singled out or attacked when I make statements like “anyone with an active brain cell can see this” then quite honestly they need to grow a pair – and quick! This world’s in trouble and it needs people to stand up who aren’t gonna take offense at every fucking swear word or potential insult!

  6. Diana says:

    Dear Brad, I can speak from personal experience. I’ve personally seen the shadow behind a woman, but at the time I didn’t know what it was. I’ve also seen a human male shapeship with the reptilian eyes. I personally worked with David Oates, the founder of Reverse Speech for over a year. His work has been successfully used to catch criminals. Reverse Speech is a major investigative tool for many professions.

    Also, many folks have mind control implants that blind them. I know, for I had several of them and it has taken 23 years to find and remove them all.

    The fact that what you’re doing means you’re shaking things up, and your speech reversals
    Are helping me to find people who channel valuable and truthful information.

    I love the work you’re doing. It’s priceless, so keep it up.

  7. John says:

    You have repeatedly failed to understand the simple point of my previous comments. I’ve not attacked you. I haven’t come close to the offensive nature you use to make your “points”. The mantra of “I am right and anyone who disagrees with me has his or her head up their ass” is EXACTLY the mantra that fundamentalists have used to mislead people in the past.

    Dogma creates fundamentalism, and the fundamentalists don’t even realize how poisonous their delusions have become. I see a pattern of you “welcoming” disagreement on here, but then beating down anyone who posts something that threatens your beliefs. Don’t become that which you are fighting.

    Have you ever considered that their points might have weight? This isn’t even about the reverse speech. I simply pointed out that you seem a bit biased in your interpretations sometimes. The entire POINT of my comment had nothing to do with reverse speech. Just that anytime someone questions reverse speech or information that you post that you seem to fall off the hinges.

    Certainly, there will be people who try to derail us from our truthseeking efforts, but my point is that those aren’t the people you are turning away. I am a truthseeker too, you know. Road is as well. It does not appear as though Road is ignorant based on his comments and I am not ignorant either. I choose to investigate things.

    You want people to believe what you say the moment you say it rather than address their questions and debate logically. If they think you are wrong, they are stupid and “simply don’t get it.” Acting like the radical fundamentalist leaders in the past is a poor start. You are becoming like those who you want to expose.

    THAT is my point. Your attitude needs to change because I’ve watched intelligent people who were only seeking truth be pushed out of here because of your rigid stance on everything. It takes an extremely open mind to even listen to what people like us have to say, so being closed minded will not help us come together collectively from different backgrounds to create a plan of action.

    I mean, what is the point without a plan? All I have seen is talk. There is no road map to freedom, only promises of freedom. Even the reptilians have given those promises. And they were illusions of freedom that led to a deeper level of slavery.

    But instead of coming up with an answer- a method of reaching freedom, we only get this broken record on the comments. And this post took that spirit and posted it up as a feature piece. I don’t think that singling people out is keeping in the spirit of anything that David Icke, Peggy Kane or any credible truth seeker believes.

    If you want to go through my post and pick out the small irrelevant things that you can to argue about, be my guest. None of it is relevant to my point that you cannot organize a resistance effort if you keep alienating members of the resistance party.

    And sure, send me the reverse speech stuff. I’m not afraid of investigating it. But it has little to do with my comments.

  8. Humanity Wins says:

    Well John,

    What can I say…?

    So you’re trying to tell me that your “point” was simply you telling me that “I’m being rude to people”? That’s it?

    So you made no points about reverse speech at all? Ok, sure, well maybe you should re-read what you wrote then?

    So you’re now accusing me of “following dogma” and “shooting down anyone who disagrees with me”? This is your real point yes? Correct me if I’m wrong with that?

    Well look, this is the BEAUTY of reverse speech – it doesnt give a fuck what someone’s “beliefs” or “opinions” are – it reveals the truth – plain and simple – if you want to get into a debate about the “validity of reverse speech” or “whether its a manipulation” then thats a whole other issue – but there’s not a SHREAD of evidence to date to suggest that – but lets keep with your main “point” for now shall we…

    All I care about is EVIDENCE – I’ve gone with the evidence, always have and always will – Now if there is OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE to suggest that Esther Hicks is being manipulated and controlled by the Reptilians then I go with that – and I have a pretty SOLID belief in that. So when someone, like Road, comes along and tells me “I’ve got it all wrong” and that “Abraham is a memember of the Family of Light” without providing ANY EVIDENCE, NONE, to support the statement – then YES I will “shoot them down” as you put it – people can throw opinions about all they want – its easily done – you’ve done it here yourself with your OPINIONS about me (and my work with reverse speech) – but unless someone can provide EVIDENCE for their opinions – then it’s WORTHLESS to me!

    If someone came and knocked on my door right now and said “Brad – Abraham IS a memember of the Family of Light and here’s the evidence” then I’d take a good long look at it all – I’m always willing to change a belief if new evidence is brought to the table – My beliefs certainly aren’t set in concrete – I wouldn’t of got this far in my understanding if they were – but right now the evidence is totally OVERWHLMING that Abraham-Hicks is a Reptilian manipulaton – so when someone throws out a “belief” or “opinion” which goes against that, without providing ANY supporting evidence – then like I said, I WILL make my feelings known! If that offends someone that tough fucking shit!

    Yes we need to UNITE and we are – but right now its VERY FUCKING IMPORTANT to know what we’re dealing with here – and if someone like Road (or anyone else) is totally misinformed then they need to know! You can accuse me of being no diffrent to a religious fanactic if you wish – but the BIG fucking difference between me a religious fanactic is that my conviction and confidence in my understanding is backed up by SOLID EVIDENCE!

    So go ahead John, accuse me of alienating people and dividing up the “truth movement” and carry on telling me how I should behave and that “my attitude needs to change” (YOUR OPNION of course) if it makes you feel better – but quite frankly I couldnt give a shit what you think about me or the way I go about things – But if you have LEGIMATE information and evidence that you think I should take a look at then I’m here anytime – but if all you’re going to do is fire your OPINIONS at me and accuse me of this or accuse me of that -then quite frankly I’ve got MUCH MORE important things to be doing with my time then listening to your opinions about me!

  9. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Diana,

    That must of been pretty interesting to have worked closely with David Oates! I’d certainly like to shake his hand one day and tell him how much I appreciate his work! I doubt this website would exist without him!

    As for Rep mind control implants – yes – they are a BIG problem! I’ve been removing a huge number of them from my own body (with outside help of course ;-) – I certianly plan on putting out some information about this and ways to help and remove them – most people aren’t aware of just how manipulated humanity is right now (on all levels)!

    I’m really please that the website has been of value to you! :-)

    And thanks for you support! Much appreciated!

  10. Tosh says:

    Hi all,
    Although I am not a loyal follower of Brad or most of these postings, I have at times found some of the information in his posts useful.. I could go on about all of the things I have come to know and DNA coding and all of that stuff, but that really isn’t the point here.

    First I have to be honest and say I tend to agree with Brad b/c I have been at a conference with the Hicks’ and I can honestly say they have never resonated with me. One thing worth mentioning is follow the money. True spiritual masters do not amass the kind of money many of these Hay House authors amass. I have also personally met both Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra as well as many other Hay House authors (I am also an author and spent many years at publishing conventions where I personally spoke with many of these people); they are not energetically genuine people.

    Second point worth mentioning- why so personally heated about this? You do not have a vested interest in the Hicks’. Do they pay your bills? Do they personally counsel you about your daily life? Can you personally vouch for them? The problem with a lot of New Age information is it feeds on people’s spirituality which if you look closely, is no different than religion. The only truth you should be listening to is your own. Stop giving away your power to people who have no personal interest in your life.

    Sorry if this isn’t news you wanted to hear, but as a mom of 4 highly intuitive children, and an intuitive myself I have learned to trust myself above all others…

    Love and light <3

  11. Mark says:

    Hey Guys!

    Enjoyed the research and all the comments – on both articles.

    Brad, I agree with you that reverse speech is a tool. And I also agree with John that it is possible that there can be some alternative interpretations, as the reverse speech tool is not perfect and requires personal analysis.

    And I agree with John that fighting amongst ourselves is EXACTLY what the dark challengers want. And I agree with Brad that it is vitally important to shine light and expose the Truth for all to see.

    And, most of all, I agree with Tosh that living truthfully as you follow your own personal intuition is most important.

    It’s interesting (to me) that one day I discovered that no matter what anyone was saying to me – no matter what their opinions might have been – at one point in my life I would probably have totally agreed with them. And if they are saying or doing something completely repulsive, it’s likely that in one of my past lives I made the same exact mistake. I’m reminded of the Hindu saint who said, “If you knew everything, you would forgive everything.”

    So, I use that fact to help me give up judging others.

    A couple final closing comments for you, Brad. It appears to me unfair to claim that people who disagree with you do so without a shred of evidence. Well, their evidence is how they feel and that is as valid or more valid than some tool such as reverse speech. (I suspect that point might be maddening…) Of course, their feelings show where they are in their development and if they are perhaps somewhat lacking and they are open – then maybe a kind word here or a suggestion there might help them step onto the path towards more love and less judgment.

    Brad, I also humbly suggest that perhaps you could make your points without resorting to the use of swear words. Now I guess that from your perspective we are at war with the darkness and we must destroy them, and so passionate exclamations of dismay, outrage and intent are called for. However consider that some of your readers may be offended and put off by the use of such words. And for some, they will opine that anyone that cannot make their points without the use of swear words is lacking in some way.

    I hope my comments are helpful and that your site enjoys success.

    May the blessings be.

  12. Anita says:

    Hi Brad,

    I agree with what you say. i’ve never come across this Abraham’s teaching and i am glad i havent. Even without listening to the reverse speach it’s obvious that this person is manipulated. I mean, how can someone say that the people and the children who suffer do not suffer as much as we think we do? That our perception of their pain is much greater then the pain they actually feel? Ive seen children without parents living on the street eating rubbish and I can tell that they suffer MUCH MORE than we can imagine. i stopped listening to the video when i reached this point as i was too disgusted and i do not need any more evidence to make sure i do not come across this persona again. It is so awful what he/she says! i mean come on we are humans
    completely denies it and says not to worry about it too much! Wtf?

  13. Anita says:

    I strongly recommend that all the people who follow this Abraham go and see kids without limbs and homes because OUR countries blew them both off and see how these kids do not suffer at all!

    I like to believe that feeling companionship for each other is in our nature, isn’t it? Or do people here think that we should ‘stop worrying too much about what is going on in another part of the world’ like the gentleman in the videos is told to do?

    Why are you guys questionning Brad instead of questionning Abraham? He/she is in the main point of interest here. Brad is obviously awake, we all here are that is why we are having this conversation here while most of the humanity is still asleep. I believe Brad is right. But even if he wast’t and I were’t either, I still believe that humanity is being led towards light so eventually we would find out that we were wrong. And Brad says it on the website that if he was mislead he would admit it and MOVE ON. Maybe the guys who now disagree with Brad will find out that they were wrong. That is all part of the awakening process, isnt it? We’ve all been there. I was led to believe that Drunvalo Melchizedek is helping humanity. I don’t think so anymore because I found evidence that he is a reptillian. Yet there are still awakening people who follow him. Do I question THEM? No. Because everyone has their own pace of awakening so I leave them to awaken in their own time.

    This is not a race or battle or free speach competition. Every one can say their truth but noone can force it on other people. This is how all the wars in the world start and also the main reason why humans keep fighting humans instead of the real enemy who – as people on a certain stage of the awakening process do realise- is actually not human at all. Other people do not realise it yet and it is fine. Everything will come at the right time for everyone and those who are awake have to find the right way and then, once the rest of humanity will begin to awaken, will be the wayshowers. But we do not find the right way by questionning others. We find the right way by questionning OURSELVES in the first place and then OUR SOURCES and then OTHERS. I dont think that there are many people fully awaken yet, if any at all. I am not and people who are posting comments over here aren’t either (no offence to your egos!). But it is fine. It is a long way and as Brad says reptillians know us very well so we all are sometimes being misled but, eventually we will all realise that we are being misled and we will all find the right way to go.

    So guys, question yourselves, then Abraham or Drunvalo or George Bush and at then Brad or other awakening people. All the time. Maybe you’ll learn something :)

    PS Keep up the work, Brad I think you’re really cool.


  14. victor says:

    Dear Brad,
    great, fantastic, and much needed work! thank you man!
    I see this site as already very SUCCESSFUL. Becoming the target and origin of this, long overdue, conversation is a powerful deed.
    The closer we get to the truth, the more dangers we face, we are in arms way.
    Never let fear and doubt creep in ,and we’ll be able to stop feeding the REPS.
    Much love.

  15. Rebecca says:

    They say follow your instincts, they will guide you. My first reaction to the Abraham Hicks duo was anger & despair.

    It was a glib, facile response on the surface. Beneath that was a subtle & spiteful form of ‘blame the victim’. To paraphrase: If you haven’t recovered from horrendous abuse, then you’re just not trying hard enough. If you can’t ignore your empathy, then you’ll remain in darkness. (What?!)

    Of course, thinking positively is the end goal, but there’s nothing practical here to bridge the gaping chasm caused by trauma. Just ‘be selfish, try harder’ — assinine at best, malevolent at worst.

    The reversals merely confirm my instincts about these 2 snake-oil peddlers. They’d still be encouraging you to think about kittens & rainbows as you’re marched into the gas-chambers. At which point the bliss that comes merely from ignorance is shattered by harsh reality. What Hicks is selling is fundamentally flawed, however well it is packaged or however much we might like it to be true. It isn’t.

    If you want good sense, try Taoism & Bushido. They don’t do flashy videos or tell you what you want to hear, but they have infinitely more value than a bit of surface glamour. The Rama videos in the Consciousness section are wholesome too. (And wholesome is an excellent thing to be.)

  16. mél says:

    Well people douting don’t do any changes in my mind about reversals.) I am fallowing my intuitions and i get much better on it!
    Reversals do clarify clearly for less douting in my self.
    I did feel watching Esther taking to that guy she was so embarrassed, and all your reversals show me so much my good feelings.(That guy was just saying my ancien feeling about life=)
    Reps are pretty bright and i do see shadows also, back of people or around them, so i am very glad to have a friend like you who are helping people to WAKE UP !!!!!!=)
    Brad i do send you love and light in my thoughts.

  17. Erin says:

    I’m sorry Mark, but judging others is needed! This is the thing that gets me so worked up about the new age movement – the not judging others. I’m not saying judge others in a “oh I hate that person” way. I’m talking about judging what they are doing. Killing little children in a ritualistic sacrifice is wrong and needs to be judged! Turn the other cheek to suffering? No thank you, that needs to be called out and judged harshly because it needs to stop.
    Also, if the thing that you are most offended by are the use of certain choice words to express the extreme frustration over the suffering in the world – you have got a big problem – you are missing the big picture. I’m sorry I don’t give a shit who says fuck that has nothing to do with me. What you believe about certain words has everything to do with you and your attached belief systems to them. It’s just a word for God’s sake! What offends me and Brad (which is why he chose words that “offend”) and SHOULD offend you are evil entities that manipulate hundreds of thousands of people into believing that suffering is OK and that the death process is wonderful so go ahead and turn away from all the killing and the suffering in this world because after all, they manifested it – it’s not your problem! That serves them well doesn’t it? They can just continue feeding off the fear and terror and suffering. That shit SHOULD arouse anger and frustration – not passivity and “non-judgement”!
    It’s not OK! It’s not alright with me if humans are being lied to and manipulated into believing that they shouldn’t have compassion for one another and try and end the suffering in the world because we don’t “understand” the death process and suffering. The victim’s choose it? Tell that to the 2 year old child who is getting her throat slit in a sacrificial ritual (I have seen this happen in multiple psychic visions – this goes on whether you want to acknowledge it or not.) And your offended by a curse word? I’m sorry, but shame on you! If that’s what you choose to be offended by, then you have some big problems indeed my friend!

  18. universo says:

    well for what can see.. life was i way to go and not matter if they try to change it will never happen,,.. sorry but i try to learn how to use this.. the fast i can

  19. universo says:

    everyone will know with time. everything.. and all,, plus everything is working in a way.. so to me. that it will not change the true destiny of humanity and you true path is with the arcturians.. so not matter and not worry.. all will be with the ones belong.. just do what is right.. and follow your heart.. plus i try to do the best i can.. and the best for everyone

  20. rainbow says:

    Still we have humanity not respecting the truth of others, we are all in this major shift to UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS together, our heart’s MIND
    , when followed leads to ONENESS—–fear illusion~~~heart unity- which one do we choose. Love is simple , fear is hard work :} Our hearts beat as ONE

  21. UNIVERSE says:

    thats ok.. you have to remember the everyone have to awake with time.. because thats the true way,, because if you push everyone .. it will not help.. so you know everyone awake with time,, the same way you do.. in this time everyone will have a chance to do it..

  22. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Mark,

    Well I have to say my friend, that this may be the most ridiculous statement I’ve heard this month…

    “It appears to me unfair to claim that people who disagree with you do so without a shred of evidence. Well, their evidence is how they feel and that is as valid or more valid than some tool such as reverse speech. (I suspect that point might be maddening…)”

    Damn right that’s maddening. Damn fucking right!

    What planet are you living on? Certainly not the same as mine! How the fuck is what someone FEELS about a subject classed as EVIDENCE???

    I’d like to see that stand up in a court of law in front of a jury – “so do you feel this man murdered Joe Smith?” – “Oh yes we really feel he’s a bad man”!

    Total bullshit I’m afraid Mark, and if that offends you well that’s up to you, you’ve offended me so I guess we’re even.

    And as for you or anyone else becoming offended by my “colorful language”, well! If someone is going to get offended at the use of swear words (used in a JUSTIFIED manor) then they really need to grow up, get a backbone and grow a pair! We don’t need any more fucking “shrinking – “oh I wouldn’t say boo to a goose -I don’t want to offend anyone now” – violets” on this planet! We need people who are PASSIONATE, ENRAGED by the Evil on this planet and are willing to fucking do something about it!

    I’m sorry but if someone is going to be offended by swear words then they sure as hell ain’t gonna cope very well when they discover the truth of the Reptilian’s evil i.e. raping, torturing and mudering countless numbers of children across the world on a daily basis!

    Now I know some people will say “well the low level emotions just feed the reptilians – we shouldn’t get angry, we just need to love” – but sorry if someone isn’t FUCKING ENRAGED by the EVIL on this planet then there’s something seriously wrong with them! And ALL emotions are there for a purpose!! And yes when I’m angry I use swear words, if anyone takes offense at that, get over it for fucks sake!

  23. Humanity Wins says:


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, much appreciated

  24. Mél says:


  25. UNIVERSE says:

    is not just thoughts.. is everyone future

  26. Margi says:

    Brad, how do we know if we have mind control implants, and how the hell do we get rid of them?? How have we picked them up in the first place..I suspect TV frequency might be one way.

    Margi :)

  27. UNIVERSE says:

    if you want to know the is locate the mind control implants is located in the back of the end of the skull .in the middle . or easy in the middle of the back of your head.. well use you finger .. and move up and down firmly all of way down .from where you head connect to you body and you will feel how you break something.. after you break it,, is not way you can get it .. again …..

  28. Mr. D says:

    Hi Brad,

    I really like your passionate attitude. Keep it up! I guess we, Light Warriors, have a temper…

    I wanted to make (another) comment on your bio…
    You have explained your current situation regarding your living situation and your income (or lack of it)…and also explained that our donations (mine is yet to come…sorry) weren’t going towards a luxury yacth or sports cars or what not… What I’m trying to say here is that it’s okay to live well. I don’t know how we can do any good if we don’t live a decent life. How can we fight Evil when we can’t fill the frige or pay the mortgage. (This comes from a guy who hasn’t earned a buck in three years…long story…)

    So, don’t think that we’ll judge you, or your work, even if you put up commercial links or banners ( does it pretty well I think) on your website or if you get any kind of income from doing good. To the contrary… You know the two are compatible.

    So speaking for myself; the deal I made with the Universe is that: I help , therefore I get help! And, somehow, I always manage to eat three times a day!

    So, having said all this, I hope you can feel that there can be abundance in your life. At least, I wish (and called) it for you.

    To quote a famous ET; Live long and prosper…lol

    Mr. D

  29. Mr. D says:

    I would like to comment on the current topic also…

    I get how people can resist the fact that the information relayed by Esther is tainted.

    But thank God someone is saying out loud what I’ve been saying to my family and friends for as long as the fucking Secret movie came out: this is total BS!

    Let me rephrase that; The Law of Attraction is a tiny portion of what is needed to actually shape our reality. So focusing only on that aspect (much like a religion) is a grave error, in my opinion.

    The biggest variable missing from the equation is how to harness the energy required to bring an intention into reality. And that is exactly what the system has been aiming at: making us weak! So every tool of theirs (the Reps or Illuminatis or whathever they might be…) is intended on leaving us without the resources to acheive our goals. And as long as we are seperated from each other and from the Source, our ability to accumulate and maintain a meaningful amount of energy is what is keeping us from truly impacting our lives with our own original and untainted intent.

    So until we are really able to achieve that, Free Will and the Law of Attraction are mere illusions and unattainable mirages.

  30. vishnu says:

    Hi Brad,

    I really appreciate u doing this. I listen to Bashar from time to time and find his stuff very useful, i would be very grateful if u could do a reverse speech analysis on one of his videos and let us know what u think about it.


  31. UNIVERSE says:

    for MR.D .. look if you worry about the how you life is. just do the right things and believe in yourself and what you do when you try to do something and you will see how fast and and better everything will back to you

  32. Mr. D says:


    Thank you for your feedback.

    I was not worried about my life per say. What I’m trying to say is that we’ve been sold the idea that the Law of Attraction is the ultimate tool to get what we want in our lives. But it’s really not that simple. Since our body, mind and Free Will are being attacked on a daily basis. So it’s a full time job to stay in tune, healthy and sane.

    And I’ve always been skeptical of something that becomes that mainstream and commercial. And I think that Esther Hicks is a part of that denaturized idea that is the Law of Attraction.

  33. UNIVERSE says:

    if you see about Law of Attraction,, it is a tool the you can use in your favorite.. because everytime you experience that.. you will learn with time what you really want a what you really need.. as i can see you start to do it.. other wise you will not talk about it. so you see just look inside you and ask your self what you really want,, and how you picture the type of person you wish to love you… because even when someone have a person with you,, you still feel alone.. or just only try to communicate with the person you love and say how you really feel..

  34. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Margi,

    Well I’m going to be providing information on “implants” and “programs” in the very near future.

    The ones that we can deactivate and remove personally are the “energic” type programs that everyone has – these effect our thougts, emotions, beleifs, self confidence and a whole host of other things. But yes they can be removed.

    And we pick them up through a whole host of different ways – I’m sure the chemtrails have something to do with this – the next “Silver Legion” opertaion that I will be posting is all about this as well – and Tanaath goes into a lot of detail about how some of these “programs” have gotten into our bodies.

    So yeah, a lot more info coming on this – its an important subect, to say the least!

  35. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Mr D,

    Yes I understand where you’re coming from completely! I don’t need to applogize for generating an income from my work!

    We get paid in this world for providing value to people and society, so I’m certainly attempting to provide all the value I possibly can!

    I guess I was trying to make it clear on the donations page that “I’m not doing this for the money” – but I’m sure the vast majority of people who visit this site can see that anyway!

    But yeah I appreciate what you’re saying, that Spock dude knew what he was talking about didn’t he! haha

  36. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi vishnu,

    I’ll be reversing Bashar sometime soon, for sure!

  37. Mr. D says:


    I get what you are saying. But I can assure you that I’ve been working on myself and the law of attraction for over 20 years.
    You actually get results from time to time.

    But when you’re in the trenches fighting the war, sometimes you get a blow back, and it’s not always fun or easy or happy happy, joy joy! When you mess with the System, most of the time, it comes back for you. And you get more than what you bargained for. In those times, you need more than a childish and simplistic teaching on the fucking Law of Attraction, you need serious backup from serious people!

    So like I said before, my deal with the Universe is; I give help therefore I get help. And if I don’t, then there is no deal. But I can assure you that it never happened. When I ask for help, I get it. In a big way! So I keep my end of the deal and I go on doing what I do to help!

  38. Humanity Wins says:

    And yes Mr D,

    You’re totally spot on with what you’ve said about the Law of Attraction and the way it’s been sold by the New Age arena – as the “magic wand”.

    Sure the Law of Attraction is real, but like you said, creating our reality right now under this intense manipulation is just not a clear cut thing at all!

    I’m going to be covering the Secret, and a lot of the “teachers” featured in it, soon as well. Plus a lot of the other “key” figures in the new age arena.

  39. Mr. D says:

    Hey Brad!

    Yeah! That’s exactly what I meant. And may I say that this website of yours is of great help. And you are one lucky dude to be in touch with so many great people like the Silver Legion… (The image with the angel coming down with the sword is now on my desktop background… I guess I’ve alway seen myself in that manner; a Light Warrior!)

    So fantastic work and value on your part! Thak you for that.

    Mr. D

  40. Mr. D says:

    I’m right with you on that Secret hocus pocus. It became very clear when I listened to the video that it was a form of manipulation…the proverbial, head in the sand, that is the law of attraction, at least the way it is presented.

    So I was going to make the suggestion that you analyse the Secret with your unique ability…and there, you mention it! They say that great minds think alike! lol

    P.S. Sorry for my bad english… it’s my second language…

  41. UNIVERSE says:

    to MR.D is how you learn.. with time.. and not matter how it is .. you see the emotions you have is something, natural the will help you be better.. and you see with time are getting better.. is thats what you really want it.. so like say before you have to learn about it.. so you can past the barrier of Law of Attraction and start to really have the feeling of love plus everything is base of the experience of life.. and not in what with want to past with out learn first the bad. so you know was good.. everything is with time.. not try to run when you try to learn how to walk

  42. Erin says:

    I’m sorry Universe, but what the hell are you talking about? I’m just lost….

  43. Mr. D says:

    Thanks UNI

  44. Mr. D says:

    Oh! So I’m not the only one…

    Hi Erin!

  45. Mr. D says:

    What is your point of view on this last thread?

  46. Mr. D says:


    Have you seen the Thrive movie?

    It looks more like an advertisement of what is about to be annouced in the mainstream media than anything else. And they promoted the movie, free on YouTube, to make it seem New Age and less mainstream.

    They talk so openly about ETs and the Tesla technology and the taurus and how everyone is going to have access to a new kind of energy while making it just a little out reach for the masses…it’s like they are suggesting that we’ll have acces to free energy but through a provider (you know they show a little box in every neighborhood like it’s a public utility company service)…I don’t know, it bugged me…Still a good mix of truths and lies.

    To add insult to injury, they have the whole thing hosted by Foster Gamble…the way it’s presented, it’s so beautiful and sentimental. Another big budget manipulation. It looks very appealing though…

  47. UNIVERSE says:

    ok “” ERIN “” i was talking about how ..”" MR.D “” about the law of attraction .. and “” MR.D “” well you are not the only one. because everyone is special and you too.. in everyone own way.. plus i try to answer the questions of everyone too

  48. Margi says:

    Awesome, Thanks Brad. Will be looking forward to the info :)

  49. UNIVERSE says:

    so i think .. everyone will found something interesting in the Ronald Reagan’s speech about UFO Alien at UN .. if is play in reversed…

  50. victor says:

    Here is a link to a movie documentary that I think everyone should see, but we all know it is not that easy. lots of evidence of alien deception. and like it is pointed out in the movie: KNOWLEDGE PROTECTS and IGNORANCE HARMS

    much love

  51. michael says:

    I’ll be very much looking forward to what you have to share about these implants and programs, Brad.

    Also, thanks so much for all your work so far Brad! I’ve been reading your site since April when one of your articles appeared on David Icke’s site(I’m pretty sure it was David’s site that linked to you – I’ve been reading David Icke’s site since Jun2011)…

    Brad, thru David, You, and a few others, I have found people who seem soooo down-to-earth and sensible but who just happen to be talking about stuff that is literally out of this world. I feel like I have been awakened from a dreamworld. You have also instilled in me a courage to face the world in a new and better way. Also, the thought that just maybe the Family of Light and The Alliance may actually exist, and that just maybe I could even possibly be a member of the Alliance brings me joy and hope for the future.

    I feel I have come a fair way since then in my understanding of what is probably going on on this planet, but I am probably still near the tip of the iceberg [of course, as Anita pointed out, most of us here at your website probably still have so much to learn - and Anita, my ego definitely wasn't hurt. I know I am still a baby when it comes to all this stuff:)]. Any information about how the Reps have been playing with our brains and minds is sorely need, and I’m sure will be greatly appreciated all of us who like to spend time at your great website.

    Ta again Brad.

  52. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Michael,

    Well that’s awesome to hear my friend! I’m so happy the website has been a valuable part of your “awakening process”! That’s great! :-)

    As for you being “Family of Light” and an Alliance memember, well it’s not for me to tell you; you are or you are not, but the fact that you are here on this website and are attracted to this type of informtaion makes me willing to bet a lrage sum of money that you are. I think there will be many people over the next 12-18 months who not only “think” they might be Alliance, but KNOW they are. This knowing will come from the heart, not from the mind. Opening up the mind with information is a big step, and it helps us access the heart, and our inner knowing, so it’s all important, but the heart and FEELING the truth is really the end goal. And I’d say everyone is more then capable of reaching that level of knowing (and sooner rather than later).

    It’s an ongoing process of course, and I’m not saying I’ve got it all figured out myself, or am totally connected to me “real self” just yet. I wish! I’m acceptig the process though and trusting it all.

  53. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Mr D,

    Yes I have seen the movie Thrive, and know all the “New Age” teachers featured in it, like Deepak Chopra, tried to distance themselves from it after they found out David Ikce was it in it as well! These “enlightened masters” didnt want to be associated with a “controversial figure” like David!

    I havent totally made my mind up on it. It could a legitimate film, just with some big pieces of the puzzle missing, in order to appeal to a more maintream audience, or it could be a clever manipulation. Really not sure at the moment?

    Oh, and I’m not in personal contact with Tanaath, of the Silver Legion, I ment that I’ll be conducting a reverse speech analysis of her info (the Rep Program operation) before posting all the details. Just to clear that up.

  54. Mr. D says:

    Yes it’s a process. I’ve been asking questions since I was 14 y/o. Sometimes it feels like I’m progressing by leaps and bounds and sometimes it feels like I’m stalling. But in the end, when I look back, I’m pretty impressed by the road I traveled. And yet, at the same time, I also feel a bit overwhelmed by the road still ahead. But when you find people on the same path, it’s pretty encouraging.

    So thanks to all for sharing and thank you Brad for creating this environement and egregor.

  55. Mr. D says:

    Ok everything is clear, my misunderstanding…

  56. Mr. D says:

    Oh! By the way, I’ll be using my real name from now on…

    So Mr. D is really Dax.

  57. Erin says:

    What happened to all the other comments? They were all here yesterday and now they are gone! Oh well. I meant to say hello to you Mr. D and tell you that I have agreed with a lot of what you said about the LOA and other things. As for what I think about this post? Well, I am actually Brad’s partner, the psychic who sees the reps standing behind Esther mentioned in the post – so I would say this article is spot on!
    Not only do I see Esther (and many others) manipulated by big ugly lizards, I have also done my own reversals on Abraham and others in the new-age arena. The reversals I have done on Abraham always come out negative – I have yet to hear a positive one and I’ve done several. “Liar” came up over and over again in the Abe reversals I have done. I actually used to buy into (not completely, it always felt “off” to me – but I gave it a go!) Abe and The Secret and all of that materialistic LOA stuff until I reversed them and started to see the manipulation that I had felt was there all along.
    All you need to do is get in touch with your heart and that (subtle at first) feeling of “knowing” when you listen to any material – it’ll let you know what’s up. Abe always says how much love there is for everyone – but have you honestly felt that vibe coming from them? I never did.
    Yes of course our thoughts are creative and we co-create reality on many different levels (many we are not even aware of) but it’s overly-simplistic to say that every single conscious thought you think is going to automatically create itself in your life. We are multi-dimensional and have many levels most we are not currently aware of and are being purposely disconnected from. These other levels are also creative, and we came in with big plans as well. I’d say watch out for overly-simplistic and one-size-fits-all type answers – there are always exceptions because infinite consciousness is just that – infinite. And all possibilities exist within that. I’ll step off my soapbox now…..

  58. Dax says:

    Hi Erin,

    It’s a pleasure to meet you. And I completely agree with your analysis. I’ve always (well almost) listened to my intuition when reading or viewing on these topics. And I know it’s not scientific but feelings tell alot when you listen to them. Sometimes it’s not even a feeling, it’s like you said, a knowing, a glitch that removes the vail and the lies that are intended. And it really helps not to stear off course.

    But when you add that reversal analysis, it’s mind blowing how the true intent comes out. I’m new to that technique but it resonates well with me.

    Ok so that said, I would like to know more on your ability to see the reps. I’ve asked to be `worked on` to expand my visual capabilities. To stretch the visible light that I can percieve. So, is there a technique that you know of, or were you born with that ability?

  59. UNIVERSE says:

    talking about the Star Ships Galactic Federation Of Light looks this video of the Star Ships Galactic Federation Of Light

  60. michael says:

    Hi Brad.

    Thanks very much for your thoughts.

    It does seem that to develop our inner knowing or intuition is the way to go for all truth seekers (along with using/experimenting with reverse speech of course-I don’t have my own computer at present, so I havn’t downloaded any RS software yet).

    Thanx againg.

    PS: To Erin. I second Dax’s request for you to give us more details on some of your Rep experinces and how your psychic ability came to be etc (only if you feel comfortable in giving us more details).Ta.

  61. Dax says:

    Hey Michael!

    Thanks for seconding me. But you are absolutely right in saying :

    Only if you want to, Erin… :D

  62. michael says:

    Oh, one other thing.

    You don’t tell us to just wait and do nothing – To just wait for the Alliance to save us. You say that we have work to do here.

    Erin’s May 2012 message has the Alliance telling their ‘Family’ that they are powerfull beings who now need to step up and GET WO WORK.
    Lots of Christians can see the rising EVIL on this planet, but believe that Jesus will come and fix things and that they should just wait and do nothing. Nwe Agers believe that real evil may not/doesn’t even exist, and so they think there is no one to fight! And now we have people such as Peggy Kane who is telling her followers that there is no work left to be done; that the Alliance have already won and thta we are now living in some kind of time museum.Ummmmm..

    It makes sense to me that if Alliance members have incarnated into human bodies recently,these souls must have arranged a plan of action. Surely. as it is stated in the message received by Erin, the Alliance members have very important work to do!

  63. Dax says:

    New Age is exactly that, a new way of saying the same old disempowering things. You’re no longer a sinner but if you have troubles in your life it’s because your thought process is rotten.

    Now the ultimate thing isn’t going to Heaven but living in a material dreamland thanks to the LOA.

    There is no longer Good and Evil, people didn’t like that story, so let’s just say that there is only experience.

    And Oh! You don’t have to fight anymore, we have won the war!!!

    Yeah right!?!

  64. michael says:

    Hi Dax.

    I agree with you. The whole emphasis by the New Agers on the LOA and books like The Secret come across as superficial and very materialistic. As you and Brad hav pointed out, the LOA may be real, but due to the manipulation and energy draining actions of the reps, is unable to be enacted appropriately.

    Also, just relating to my previous comment on Peggy Kane. One of the first things I did when I discovered Brad’s site was to watch that Peggy Kane video circa 2006 I think. What she said really resonated with me, along with the way she said it. Basically I had a very good feeling about her as a person. Now, fast forward a few years and she just seems like another namby-pamby New Ager! What has happened to her?:( ……

    Lastly, I’ve got a feeling my previous Peg Kane comment at 8.32pm was a very similar comment (maybe almost word for word) to another comment made about PK recently-it may hav been by you Erin (I think). If I hav repeated someone elses comment, I apologise….of course, you know what they say about plagiarism being the sincerist form of flattery and all that :) .

  65. UNIVERSE says:

    ok ok.. DAX AND MICHAEL … 1.- thing everyone can do it.. is just to help in this is just do the right things.. so everyone can help.. and pray for the people you love.. ok and 2.- to be exact, was not humanity who won this war..i thing everyone have to see the video The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light,, again.. and 3.- it is working too is not the ,, is not doing anything ,, this is not easy,, ok .. and 4.- in this time everyone going to see with ther own eyes so will not be more doubt about it..

  66. Elias says:

    First of all I want to thank you about reminding to all of us not to follow a person or an entity. Especially the fact that it can be misleading.
    Secondly, I want to thank you for reminding me of compassion and empathy that the Hicks’s material rarely mentions that as an “emotion”.
    Thirdly I want to emphasize the fact that by seeing the way Jerry looked when he had cancer, first I felt bad, then I decided to feel compassion and forgiveness for him.
    Fourthly I think that Abraham although might be from a reptilian source has lifted so many people up through the years. And yes an enemy can cause you blessings if you do not disconnect from your heart.
    And at last I think that the most deceptive part of the Hicks’s material can be the fact that it might somehow disconnect yourself from compassion of the heart, which connects us all, because it promotes feeling good without having a good definition for “feeling” and “vibration”. For me I see it did not matter how much I tried, I couldn’t feel good, because It made me lose compassion and forgiveness for myself, and find myself guilty because I have attracted all to me, yes I tried to attract good things, but I could not escape my feelings, until I was reminded about compassion.

  67. Elias says:

    I watched that piece of video, and clearly I was expecting Abraham if it is of the light, express the word “compassion”. For example, it could have said, you can express the emotion of compassion for those living in misery and wanting an immense love and light and understanding shine upon them.
    But instead Abraham when it was challenged to the edge said “Your Work is to Shine a Spotlight” which clearly they did not want to say because as you have shown it translates beautifully to “Yell Ops and I Should Take Her Away”, which meant they could not take it anymore. And that spotlight did not quite resonate with me, why a spotlight and not light?
    AND a very big thank you for you Brad, for guiding us through this misconception! The attitude Abraham is building for people unconsciously is not compassion but “It is your own fault all this is happening to you”.

  68. Dax says:

    Hey Michael!

    It seems we are all saying almost the same thing here but what that says is that there is a bunch of us who are not duped by the whole New Age scam…

    Elias: Very good points in your analysis. I completely agree with you!

    Universe: I’m sorry, I’m not sure I follow you quite well.

  69. UNIVERSE says:

    i was talking about what you say before.. but thats ok.. everyone will be understand everything in time

  70. Diana says:

    Hi, Brad,
    I would like to donate a little bit to you; is there an automatic montly set up I can donate to? Diana

  71. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Diana,

    Actually I hadn’t considered the option of a monthly donation option. Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll add one as soon as I can, not sure how long it will take to set up though?

  72. Elias says:

    This is interesting as Bashar explains how reverse speech works:
    Q: Yes, and can you just very briefly discuss the mechanics of Reverse Speech and how that works?
    B: The idea is that you’re always, because you create a polarized reality experience, because you create
    physical reality to be a polarized reality experience, a quote/unquote “matter/antimatter experience,” the
    idea is that there is always, interpenetrating in one

    reality, two polarized opposites. So every expression of consciousness will always have the idea of a
    reverse aspect, because physical reality symbolically functions as a mirror, and therefore, any
    information, any communication will always have a reverse aspect or counterpart. Because, just as you
    see the reverse image in a mirror, physical reality, being a mirror, will always also produce a reverse
    image. In that you have, as a species, deigned to hide many aspects of yourself in the forward facing
    image, or what you consider to be the forward facing image, you will often then reveal the true state of
    your consciousness in the reversed facing image. And that is why in Reverse Speech, many times, you
    can hear the true intentions of an individual, no matter what they may be saying in the forward mode.
    Does that make sense to you?
    Q: It does, thank you so much.
    B: Thank you.

  73. Dax says:

    Wow! Fascinating! This really makes sense.

    Thank you Elias!

  74. nitsuga says:

    Dear John and Brad,

    To our dismay being assertive is not being politically correct. Antagonizing is sometimes neccesary to create shock and generate a reaction to get results. Most people react by ridiculizing and mocking a new idea, then become violent against it and then accepting it. It is a given process. Tesis, Antitesis and Syntesis. In the end, the snakes feed on our emotions only by voluntary peaceful acceptance of the truth we will be really free.

  75. nitsuga says:

    Mark, you can’t trust your feelings about what they are telling you because that is one of the things they manipulate, your feelings and your sensations. Even miracles and toungues are missleading.

  76. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” NITSUGA “”" ….. i think you need to learn how to trust your inner self.. your feelings can deceive you.. but with time you can learn who you can trust with time base in your experiences,, in others people and learn how to trust your inner self.. so you will know who you can trust and if you feeling something wrong.. is may be,, because is something wrong,, so just take time to learn to trust and know someone and just trust your inner self.. ok

  77. Wendy says:

    It appears that you have lots and lots of time to crush the good that Abraham has to share. Too bad you don’t spend all that passion to fight the dark forces that manipulate, control and harm humanity. It makes me ponder where you really stand. Hasn’t it been said to be aware of those who cast stones for they are just letting us know about their own true self. Why would anyone bash anyone that all they have to say is good and loving things? Abraham never bashes anybody or anything. May I add, that what Abraham tells us is far more enlightening than anything that you have shared with us in this article. Anyway, the fact of the matter is, we all have our own path and each one of us must find the path that resonates with us as individuals. We have the freedom to choose what we feel and want to believe is truth. Each and everyone of us have our own truth. You believe one way and I understand that and I believe in those that raise our consciousness and generates light, love and happiness. Therefore I choose to ignore your stance of negativity and choose to stick with Abraham. Just saying.

  78. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” wendy “” looks like the try to deny the true.. and its ok. because is not easy the everything you know in a moment .. everything change.. but thats why you feel this way because thats.. the true you looking for and inside you.. is searching for.. but so thats ok .. because with time you will accept true.. and understand whats true .. ok

  79. Dax says:

    Hello to All!

    Here’s an interesting teaching by Bashar on the LOA, incompassed in the Bigger Picture! Exacly what was eluding me! Now I have more of a grasp on how to really create, or just let be, my true experience and my true Self.

    Thanks Elias for making me discover Bashar!

  80. Dax says:

    As we were all saying, the LOA as been taught to us in a completely erroneous fashion. It cannot stand on its own!
    Bashar make that point come across limpidly.

    I hope you enjoyed the video.

  81. UNIVERSE says:

    seriously .. dax.. that video just let you know how easy and people can’t even thing.. lol lol but is funny.. but he will pay.. with time.. for playing with work of god

  82. Dax says:

    To Universe!

    I suspected, from the start of the conversation, that you were…let’s say special…

    You are like a little creature of trivialization and disinformation. Most of the time you miss the topic by a mile or you just dismiss the whole work and conclusions of Brad and the rest of us.

    Maybe, just maybe, you are hanging out with the wrong crowd here.

    And WTF is the deal with: … but he will pay.. with time.. for playing with work of god… Again WTF! Those are the words of an integrist and sick mind!

    Are fucking out of your mind!?! Saying such things is so 14th century inquisition…maybe you could go back there…you’d be happier there I’m sure!

    Bashar is THE ONE with the most consistency and integrity in his teachings. His holistic approach covers and intersects with everything I know to be true.

    But what the hell, it takes people like you so that people like me can exist. It’s a paradox…

  83. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” DAX “”

    you see i just not only can know things before the The Galactic Federation of Light.. and i can change this in my way.. thats why anyone can tell now .. how or why… but always in order for the best.. 1 more thing.. ask your self.. why ..The Galactic Federation of Light don’t say anythig or correct it .. why don’t get any of my comments deleted or correct it. and just why .. . just ask this your self.. and … if you see .. i can see the true.. not just what everyone thing or say.. but the real true.. of anything.. and thats why i try to help anyone to see what they can’t see.. so they can see the true like i do. and more and learn too.. with that.. .. so try to not get wrong

  84. Dax says:

    To Universe.

    You know sometimes, on the path to enlightenment, it’s difficult to discern truths from lies and *reality* from *illusion*. One is confronted with the very beliefs that defines him or herself. Sometimes one asks himself/herself if his/her new beliefs are the result of a higher consciousness or just a self complacent delusion. In my opinion you, Universe, have crossed that line a long time ago.

    You say that no one criticizes your comments; well allow me!
    You are a freaking delusional moron. You have just revealed your true self to us and it’s not a pretty sight.

    Maybe there is another boundary you could cross; it’s the one to a reality where you and I have nerver exchanged words.

  85. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” DAX “” you see to me everything is just way more different in many ways.. ..but 1 in the sametime is just the same because to know .. 1 think you have to experince first.. and like i say.. before “” i say “” why they don’t correct my words or why don’t say is not true.. . and everyone can comment if you want.. thats how you learn and search for the true and learn how to do it.. so this will help you..

  86. J says:

    We create our own reality. If you are feeding the monster fear, you are part of the problem.

  87. cindy says:

    Hey I used to be fairly deep into the new age. Right from the beginning I thought Ester Hicks was a scam. Whether it is Reptilian or not. She is so full of it. Why is it these “chosen ones” have all the ability. Then they parlay into big bucks. And preach abundance. They have abundance alright, your money. I am out of a job and if I am going to support anyone with what little money I possess it will be the real truth seekers, not the phony Ester Hicks of this world or that. I watched the video and the man didn’t even get half his stuff out and suddenly he was a convert or so they made it look. She took a page out of Seth and ran with it. Good work if you are slimy enough to take it.

  88. cindy says:

    Apologize for posting twice in a row. I have read Icke’s books since he wrote The Biggest Secret. Needless to say at that time I was shocked at the Reptilian thing and also when I mentioned him people made fun of me for thinking he was on to the deep manipulation. I would get teased as in the fucking guy believes in reptiles. For myself all I will say is I am no light worker or part of a brotherhood/sisterhood. I am just a human being trying to learn and share the good things I find out and some of the not so good things to pass down to my kids or anyone who will listen. Thank you Brad, I just found this site about an hour ago. I haven’t read all the posts but I send well wishes to everyone.
    I think it would be great if you showed up some of the Secret. Many of us are spoiled in the West. If you are starving in a poor country and thinking of mashed potatos and steak, I am pretty sure it is a little harder to manifest. Once more thank you to the makers of this site. I thought it was Peggy ? But if it is Brad well thank you Brad. And all the other people. I guess I will read a little about how it started so I won’t be talking blind. Have a great day all.

  89. UNIVERSE says:

    to “”" cindy “”" if you see you thing this is not good.. but i think you forget the this is the time you can really tell how is you real friend and you is not plus the other good thing is now you have the chance to have the time and you can share the time with the people you love.. plus now you can see who really care and love you for who you are… and let me tell you a secret.. as you know many people like you the are really good.. and better in many things.. are in the same situation.. because they try to break you down.. so you will be easy.. to control it.. XD ..and sorry “” brad ”’ for answer the questions but i like to answer the question when someone ask.. .. and to cindy now you understand.. .. and if you see after you past this is not way you will for it.. and you will be better and it willl,,this is just for short period of time.. is hard.. but is just like i say for short period of time…. ok

  90. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” cindy “” and tell the others.. the big secret the i tell you before and if you see it make too much sense and what you know now.. because now you know the true and how they, was doin it .. XD

  91. cindy says:

    Thanks Universe for your reply. I don’t really feel manipulated much anymore. But I sure felt like a loner in this crazy world and wondered why I couldn’t just march to the same drummer as everyone else. I find people who have different thought from the norm inspiring and it makes me feel at “home”. For the record I do think we manifest many things because we are electomagnetic. So if one goes about feeling powerless it is very easy to make those around you feel powerless also. No matter what the outcome if we stand strong in the face of adversity we can overcome anything.I remember a man posting that Jerry Hicks went and got chemotherapy when he had cancer after telling his “follower” they create their own disease and can cure it. Something along those lines. These people are very dangerous, I believe. And to prey on people who have lost loved ones is sickening. I know many people who subscribe to the Abraham teachings thing they are so enlightened and can sometimes have a sort of “spiritual snobbery”. I know I used to be like that. Now I am of the mind I don’t know shit and I watch and learn and treat people as kind as possible, but do lock myself into a belief system. As I heard a wise man say, don’t say you believe, because if you believe the very word has the word LIE in the middle of it. And once you believe something it cuts you off from learning because you believe it already, he then stated just say you think. What an inspiration this man is. Have a great day all.

  92. cindy says:

    Dam sorry for the typos and I didn’t mean to say I had a belief system just before typing not to lock oneself into a belief system. Sorry for the screw up.

  93. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” cindy “” you see the full point of this is you to learn and explore , in everything you want .. so you can figure out for your own self.. so with this you will understand.. the things .. and for about to the felling like a loner .. is because you need to go out and interact with other people. so you can explore, with your mind different things.. ,, ok so you can start to feel free of everything..

  94. michael says:

    Hi Dax.

    Hope you are well.

    I watched the Bashar video and it didn’t resonate with me at all. He seemed to just rehash the same old new age mantra, didn’t he?
    “whatever vibration I give off is the experience I’ll get back” – Well, what if my vibration is being purposely lowered thru Rep manipulation or technology?

    He also made out that everything we are attracting (based on our core frequency) is doing its best to reach us but that we are keeping it away from us as we feel we are not worthy to receive it. Isn’t this still all about blaming the victim?

    I’m not saying this is a deception, but i am suspicious.

    Also, what’s with the pyramid and spiral symbol on his website? Although I understand that maybe occult symbols in the distant past may have been used for good (you know, the way money is a tool that can be used for both good or evil), why risk giving people the wrong impression by having a blatant pyramid on your website?

  95. cindy says:

    Michael, say I have been researching the occult symbols and many of them are used today in rituals and I am not saying this as some kind of Christian. I was watching a movie and saw Enoch in it as in the Book of Enoch and fallen angels and stuff. They do put subliminals in many things and some not so subliminal. Just saying. And hey I am not Christian.
    Universo- When I said I felt like a loner it wasn’t because I didn’t have “friends” I just thought different and questioned the world. I couldn’t understand why we just would come here to work and die. If that was the case why live to begin with? Now I think they want us not to question and just be slaves and “believe” life is hard then when we die we go to heaven. What a dumb idea. We slave to pay our rent and they live like kings. We slave to feed our kids and if we screw around off to prison we would go. They steal blatantly on Wall Street and it is all legal. We are very programmed. If you go to documentary heaven or even on youtube and put in the Century of the Self it is a documentary about Sigmund Freud’s nephew partly and how they manipulate people into buying things and through movies. Also I have been reading the Story of Civilization-The Casear and Christ part which is 1 volume 900 pages the whole thing is about 20 volumes in total and they are free to download and you see how very much the same system is in place today, yet we think we are so enlightened. i just read about Spartacus, what a man, there are always brave souls out there rallying against the system. That is why it gives me hope that we have the internet for now at least and can speak somewhat freely. Enjoy your days now. What is the saying? I’m out to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I am all out of bubble gum. :*)

  96. cindy says:

    I have been researching occult symbols and many of them are not just there by “accident” they have strong subliminals.
    Universo- I do not feel alone in the world. I left alone in the way I viewed the world. I wondered since childhood is this what we do come here to scape out a living and then die. Why bother. Others saw beauty or so it as the way things are. But something in my heart couldn’t as much as I would not want to question things. I was still haunted by the futility of it all. I have been reading the Story of Civilization – Christ and Cesare time volume. Things are much the same today as they were then. The rich live like kings and rig the system to their advantage the rest eke out a living and get a vote that really counts for nothing and they think they are “free” Thankfully we have the internet for awhile to share with one another while we still can. I will never go back to sleep again. I never was, that was the problem. If you steal a tube of toothpaste you can go to jail, they steal your life savings on Wall Street and get bonuses. What is wrong with that picture. As the saying goes, I am here to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I am all out of bubble gum. :) Have a good day now and thank you for your comments. Some times some of us have to die. Now I am not doing to go all suicidal on myself but I am not taking anymore shit from the manipulators. Let them try and hurt more Muslims, well I won’t say what I would do. Peace and unity in the heart of all people, who seek peace and unity. Just a thought maybe if I do die, Ester=Abraham (never heard of a woman who had her own ghost with her family name, how quaint) can channel me. hahahaha

  97. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” cindy “” if you see.. you are start to see the true.. like i say before just explore.. and when i say.. people i say make a new friends and start to explore but with you living i mean.. just live.. thats why you are free.. so do what you like and live in the way you are happy with out doin anything wrong .. just do the right things and everything will back to you with time…. and don’t worry the more you see and learn.. you will be ok.. just live.. your life.. and do the right things and you see how everything will start to change for you and how this will make you happy.. just start live.. .. and remember i now you are a beautiful person.. thats why this was affecting you too much.. but remember you have the power to be aware of the things.. so use that to get stronger.. because you can

  98. harriter88 says:

    i am beginning 2 think that all new age Gurus and anyone with a platform in general is hosting a Drac.You might wanna include along with Hicks Bashar,although he describes himself as a hybrid Zeta gray human.Still not 2 b trusted.Jay weidner’s interviews and articles on solving the problem of the”Archons”(And Cryptoterrestials/hybrids-and how it might be Humanity’s final hurdle 2 freedom)are well worth reading.Thank you 4 the work that you are doing on behalf of that as well.sincerly h88

  99. harriter88 says:

    just wanted 2 add,when u start 2 open your acient eye,you see the look(Reptillian Gray Hybrid Clone etc)in these People(Beings i should say)The story of their evil is written in their countenence and Eyes,like the rotting picture of dorian grey.

    Awake HUmanity

  100. Dax says:

    Hey Michael!

    I hope you are well too!

    Thanks for your feedback.

    You know I could be wrong about Bashar but I’ve listened to about all of his clips on Youtube and I found his message to be holistic and very very consistant. And also very much aligned with what we’ve been saying here about the LOA amongst other things.

    You might want to search a bit further on some of the following topics: The 4 Laws Of Creation and Permission Slips.

    I was really challenged by the ideas and the concepts in this video. Its a five minutes, basebal bat hit in the face! You might all want to listen to it mre than once…

    And I also really liked this video montage to boost my energy!

    Let me know what you think.

  101. Dax says:

    Hi Brad!

    How are you!?

    You’ve been awfully silent in this conversation. What do you think about this Bashar video?

  102. Dax says:

    Hey Cindy!

    I like your style. I enjoyed reading your comments and I wish you good luck on kicking ass!

  103. Dax says:

    Hi Michael…I responded to your comments but my reply is being reviewed for moderation…so be patient, it’ll come.

  104. Dax says:

    It seems I may have been harsh in my comments, maybe too much, towards Universe…but sorry, I can’t take it back! All I can say now is that I don’t wish to dismiss the person, just the comments.

  105. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” Dax “” don’t worry as you see .. and like say before i can’t see what everyone can’t see.. thats why i know why.. you say that.. and i know you will.. see it at the end at the same way i do.. plus thats 1 thing you was need to do to understand better the things and learn with time..

  106. Dax says:


    I didn’t say that I agree with you…to the contrary…but you are entitled to your opinion ( or delusion ).

  107. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Dax,

    Well unfortuanately I’ve been ill in bed for most of this week – so haven’t been on the site at all really.

    As for Bashar, I haven’t personally seen any of his material, but I’ll check out the video you have posted. I do intend on conducting reverse speech analysis of him soon though, as I’ve had a lot of requests to do so.

  108. Dax says:

    Hey Brad!

    I hope we will hear, soon, that your illness has left you…for good.

    Take care of yourself!

  109. michael says:

    Hi Dax.

    No probs. I havn’t had a chance to get on the computer again till today anyway.

    I had a look at the montage but the other video wasn’t up on You Tube. I suppose one of the reasons I’m sceptical of him is I havn’t heard him talk abbout the Reps. Maybe he talks about them somewhere else but i havn’t heard him mention them so far.

    Aren’t the Reps the biggest story on the planet today?(not that many people are interested in hearing about it). I think they are the biggest story and yet most people are blind to their exiatence and don’t seem to want to know.

    If i was a being channelling thru a human, i would want to tell them that the Reps have been in charge for possibly tens of thousands of year, and have been working on a long term agenda to possibly destroy most of us and our once beautiful planet. I suppose i want bashar to aart talking about them.

    PS: Correction. The Reps are tthe second biggest story on the planet.
    The Alliance coming to help support Humanity is the biggest story ;)

  110. harriter88 says:

    Michael,i am in complete agreement with you concerning the “Rep issue” but it’s a Quality vs.Quanity thing.Just a few who are wide awake caneffect great change(100 monkey syndrome),and when it starts 2 come down,then everyone will know about the Reps.Mabe part of our job is 2 carry a calm vibration about it all,so that the Masses don’t loose their minds when it happens.Also my problem with Bashar(And all other chanelers 4 that matter)despite what might b true and resonant in his Riffing “wisdom speak”(not the same as “WALK”),like Hick,is that there is an under-lying?smugness,contempt,and lack of empathy/Warmth 2 & 4 the HUman condition and those he interacts with that i just don’t trust…anymore(I was a Fan awhile back).he’s Big on Charm though…as they all are.I am not Christian but Christ’s warning of many false phrophets coming in the end days and decieving many…is well taken.

  111. harriter88 says:

    …..Plus he’s doing this the entire time he channels…

    People need 2 start looking at the constant Hand signaling that “they” do 2 show their allegiances and membership in the “Hive”

  112. Dax says:

    To Michael and Harriet88

    Salutations to both of you! I hope you are well.

    Well, first of all, I’d like to say to Harriet that your icon on this blog is a downward triangle…lol…Seriously, you are right on the symbology. But Bashar also says that our world is evolving as being part of a triad, composed of our solar system, Sirius and Zeta Reticuli. That said, I don’t believe that the traingle has only a negative meaning. It’s the Mother symbol and it alleviates for the predominant male energy that has dominated Earth for too long.

    Secondly, I wouldn’t say that Bashar has no empathy/sympathy. For a Grey hybrid, I’d say that he’s as warm as he can possibly be. And his message is imprinted with love and respect.

    And lastly, as another example for myself,is that I have a big triangle right in the middle of my astrology theme. What does that say about me!?!

    As for Michael’s point on the Reps topic; Bashar did talk more about them in his early work, and still, aknowledges them from time to time but he urges people not to get caught up in the negativity surrounding the subject. Because the more we focus on that aspect of reality, the more it gives it tangibility and it perpetuates the Reps’s hold on our version of Earth’s reality.

    But the case I just made, on behalf of Bashar, isn’t really enough for me to completely surrender and stop questionning everything I believe at any given time. So I suggest that we keep exchanging different informations and views so that we don’t become blinded by some version of the Truth.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  113. harriter88 says:

    Thanks dax,u r right about the symbology being neutral(the icon was a default btw:)i am just sharing my gut instincts.The fact is however that the Majority of humanity(not in “the club”),is symbol illiterate and there4 make no use of the symbols Positive aspects,whereas most of those who do know about them(as the link clearly shows)4 the most part are initiated club members,who predominantly use them perversly & as i said before 4 signaling purposes.It is good that many are waking up and in their growing symbol literacy can project the Positive polarity out into the world.Someone once said “If a picture is worth a 1000 words,then a symbol is worth a 1000 pictures.Peace

  114. Dax says:

    I was reconsidering what I know about Bashar and his teachings and I stumbled upon that clip that I did not see before…

    Tell me if this feels right as an interaction or not:

  115. harriter88 says:

    As i said before there is Truth(sometimes alot)in disinfo.We really can’t know bashars intent/agenda except on a”Gut” level.Take what resonates but them make it your own.The point as i feel it is not 2 imbue the Gurus anymore but certainly use their messages.Mabe he is as you say sincere(a quality i prize above all others),as a zetan can b(LOL)But also as you said,never stop Testing Questioning everything.And our critical wits come right after sincerity on my virtue list.

    Seek not abroad; turn back into thyself; for in the inner man dwells the truth.
    ~St. Augustine~

  116. harriter88 says:

    and my critical mind muses…..i hope saint Augustine wasan’t a “Rep”lol…does not discount his message though…if he was…:)

  117. Dax says:

    Is there such a thing as default (for your icon)!?!… :-)

    Yeah, I’m with you a 100% in being critical. The way I overcome my over analytic mind though(because if I swim only in doubt, I won’t grow an achieve anything) is that I entertain an ever growing relationship with my Higher Self. And it’s very, very surprising how validation/invalidation comes back quickly to me through synchronicities. Plus I do test the vibrations with a *magic* stick (wich is essantially a variation of a dowser stick) because a negative/positive message is mesurable by its wave lenght.

  118. harriter88 says:

    dax…If it does not feel right 100%,chances are it isin’t.Our gut and intuition will never lie 2 us.we all need 2 learn to listen 2 it and trust it more.Animals are total masters in that area.your dog or cat know Friend from FOE.Peace 2 you and safety 2 the people of the eastern US right about now:)

  119. harriter88 says:

    as 4 my icon…all i know is i didn’t pick it…it was assigned

  120. Carlos says:

    I like coming to this site to check for any new updates since it provides some good food for thought and the comments that follow are always a good read as well. After reading a few of the comments (after reading the article of course) I am siding with Brad on this. It’s easy to give an opinion but can be difficult to support especially with strong thought provoking evidence.

    I will admit if I stumbled upon the video in this article prior to reading this it would of sounded convincing to me, but my curious nature would of eventually led me to this site with this information. Heck my curious nature is what led me here in the first place.

    However I for one try not to dismiss information as quickly as some or side with information as quickly as well. All of us on our path to awakening have to tread carefully, for we are up against masters who are much older and experienced than us. What I learned upon my path so far is that humans think logically and do it out of habit. Just cause it doesn’t make sense to you or you don’t agree with a way of thinking doesn’t make it wrong but at the same time it doesn’t make it right.

    On my path I learned to trust my instincts and by maintaining an open mind truth and knowledge are revealed to me at a proper pace where I can understand the knowledge being learned. At times I will find information and if my instincts don’t compel me to investigate further I will move on to something else, some may think I may be losing out on valuable information, but what use is the information without proper understanding? There are times where my path to awakening brings me back to previous information that I once dismissed but this time the feeling is there that I should read this.

    I try not to force myself to hasten my pace since I may lose out on valuable knowledge that will help my awakening. I find that even in everyday life there are great learning opportunities about discovering your potential. Some may say its coincidence or at the right place at the right time. But if you take the time review the events that have occurred along with your train of thought for the day, you’ll see that theres more to it.

    Don’t discount the little things for they are small pieces to a bigger picture, things such as fore shadowing events in your life or dreams becoming reality, the more you pay attention to details the more you develop yourself and your capabilities for understanding. There was a time I drove by a friends home and saw his lawn covered with leaves and I thought to myself ” man it would suck to have to rake all those leaves” next you know when I returned home my friend called me just as I entered the door and asked me to help him with the leaves. Yea it may seem unimportant but its small events like this that if you keep track of, will help you with your awakening by developing yourself for whats to come. Even dreams should not be discounted. At first they may look as a coincidence when what your dream actually happens, but if you see how often they occur with how your developing on your path to awakening I would think there is more to it.

    A lot of these things are beyond our understanding and its not something we can learn over night. Don’t ask to find out what is right, because anything can be right without the proper understanding. The better thing to ask is for understanding, with that you’ll find out what is right.

    Sorry about my rant. I have been wanting to express some of my thoughts but have been reluctant to do so mostly due to the fear of having someone be like ” your wrong heres a link and go educate yourself” I find that matters such as these require more than just one persons thought and that for a human that has not awoken or has fooled them self to believing they have throwing around things that they say are fact is really annoying and makes me lose hope for my fellow man.

    Cheers all

  121. harriter88 says:

    “we are up against masters who are much older and experienced than us”

    Then Why do they need us…and why are they farming us?

    Who really are the masters then?

    who really has the power then?

    What are they so scared of…to inflict this constant barrage of control on us?I’ll tell you why,they know our prison break is about 2 occur,and our salvation is at hand.Out of their box,finaly and with it ,the realization that…WE DON”T NEED THEM!

    This as i see it is the most important question of all,and what awake HUmanity should allign 2 and with

  122. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” harriter88 “” why they need humanity ? “” well for experiments, slave and eat. why they farming humanity ? for the samething i say before.. Who really are the masters of humanity? .. well is the pleiadians and arcturians.. but to be more accurate they are yours teachers .. masters sound bad.. to me… who really has the power then? well this everyone.. know.. and to be clear is not the reps or the arcturians.. but remember you ask who have the power.. ok and if this will help you .. so know who.. look a the video “” The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light “” and this the link

  123. Carlos says:

    @ harriter88 Really sorry about that I went on a rant and what i wrote got misinterpreted. When I say masters, I should of elaborated that they are masters of what they do. Which is manipulate deceive and mislead. They can also be seen as our masters because they do have a lot of control in our world. TO your first question UNIVERSE answered it. To your second, thats a question that would require being awakened to know and something I can’t answer. Question 3 – Currently they have the power but as more people begin to awaken and realize whats going on, then a strategic plan would be required. From my perspective its going to require more then protesting with signs or occupying a street to make change. I am not saying violence is the answer but their are ways to force change.

    For example imagine if all a cable service’s customers got pissed off and chose to cancel all their services and pay those penalties? The cable company wouldn’t have anybody left to make them a profit, yes that would lead to some after affects such as job losses but remember this is an example, the drastic change would force the company to change in order to ensure its survivability and if the change was acceptable then people maybe go back. but if people truly wanted change they would find another provider. To sum it up, if change is wanted then choices and sacrifices have to be made for the desired result, no one is going to hand us an ideal victory and in order for change to occur we may have to sacrifice our way of life as we know it in order to make room for a new one.

  124. harriter88 says:

    Thank u carlos 4 the clarifacation,and i agree that sacrificing our way of life is mandated & is being put 2 the test right now in New York and the east coast as well as in so many other areas of the world we don’t hear about-thanks 2 the Draco info/disinfo(all lies)news media box we are in the USA.The Sun and mother earth are doing their things despite what “They” tell us,ultimatly & hopefully 2 free us all no matter how bumpy the process is.Peace

  125. harriter88 says:

    …Incidently…Mother Earth & Father Sun are Far Greater Masters..Then “THEM”!

  126. harriter88 says:

    Oh and thank you universe as well…I don’t go 4 the whole GFOL ashtar ascended Master(there’s that word again)thing-another Reptillian Ruse as far as i am concerned….Having said that,i kinda dig the the idea of the Archturians….and i really hope they are standing by 2 assist:)along with others who really want the upliftment of HUmanity…Still they should all be tested with our critical wits as 2 and 2 reveal their True nature’s,intent and colors

  127. Dax says:

    Hello to all!

    Following up with Michael on the subject of Bashar on the Reptilians: Here you go: Go to 4mins 20secs on that video and the rest in part 2

    and for H88

    Tell me what you think.

  128. Dax says:

    And happy Halloween…listen to this on the link of Antlantis and Halloween…intersting…

  129. cindy says:

    Reposted from the Galactic stream post. Only $24 bucks Canadian.
    Part of one quote he mentioned from John Lennon.
    When I was little my mom told me, Happiness was the key to life
    When I was older in school, I was given an assignment on what I wanted to do in life.
    I wrote, be happy,
    They said I didn’t understand the assignment.
    I said, they didn’t understand life. :*)

    Oh yeah, you will figure out the Reptilian agenda quite clearly.
    Thanks Brad

    Hi Brad,
    If you go to David Icke’s website and click on the join us at Wembley thing it will take you to the page and a thing pops up and it says this is a pay for stream or something like that. If you hit the pay for thing (I did it via pay pal cause I don’t have a credit card) they will send you an email saying your payment went through and then your email becomes your log in name and they give you one long password which you can copy and paste. You can still get it and watch it until November 26th. I couldn’t get in once and it was 3:00 am where I am and I phoned them and it was 8:30 in London and I guess I woke the guy up. Anyway he sent me another password and said hello number one fan. I felt kind of bad for waking him up, they must think I am obsessed. But now that it isn’t live like it was on October 27th you don’t have to wait the 40 minutes between breaks and you can pause and scroll forward or whatever you want. It is well worth it. I have watched it about 3 times and got some other people to watch and they love it. It is long though. I am going to try and get my son watch it as he will need this information before he goes out into the world if he wants to make a difference. Wish I could share mine with you. But I guess I can’t. It is well worth the money and it has allot of new stuff and some I have heard before. I think you will love it Brad, it fact I may post this on your website if that is okay. So maybe some other people may tune in. I never get tired of it as it is about 9 hours broken into different parts. It ends very lovingly, although I don’t share David’s taste in music, I choose his taste in loving others. I am going to post this one your last link and I hope others will watch. It will unite us more with the heart vibe. And we can choose to rebel from a heart vibe. Love in your day.

  130. harriter88 says:

    Hry Dax,Bashar is always intresting(even if i have congruency issues with him).I find it even more intresting that New York(The USA has often been called the New Atlantis)is flooding-sinking the same way Atlantis did & on the same Day that bashar claims the Original Atlantis sank.Hum….smells a little bit ritualistic 2 me.

  131. Dax says:

    Hmmm, quite right…Interesting…

  132. harriter88 says:

    Yeah well we know about Haarp Weather control and their Obsessive Ritualistic behavior.APB:2 all Truth Workers Hold Good Positive Vibes 4 this night,What ever negative shit they try 2 pull off Turn the tables on them.As terrible as the storm was and the damage the death toll could have been so much greater.just a few being conscious of their ritual shenanigans takes the Human ignorance and secrecy components away thus making their rituals less effective and bringing the karmic debt back 2 them in a expedient manner

  133. michael says:

    Hi Dax.

    He talks about reptilians, but not THE REPTILIANS and their likely malevolent agenda for Humanity. I’m still sceptical, but I know I may be wrong.

    Stay well mate. :)

  134. Dax says:

    Hi Michael.

    Well, I guess you’ll have to trust your feelings and decide, if what Bashar says, rings true to you and represents a truth that you can apply for yourself.

    But listen first…without any assumptions…and see what happens…

    Just saying…

    Be well too :-)

  135. Dax says:

    Hello to All!

    We’re all conspiracy theorists here and we all know about the same things on control, fear, media, supranational capitalism, Illuminati, Reptillians, greys, genetic manipulation, information manipulation…you name it, we know it, collectively.

    Ok, fine, so what do we do now? Search for the next way we’re getting screwed? Get upset? Show some indignation? Scream, shout, fight? We already did that. To what end?

    So why don’t we try something new? Something we have never done before..?

    Maybe we could just ignore them!?!

    Do you remember, in the very last Star Trek movie, when Kirk was in command in a fight SIMULATION; the more he fought, the more the danger grew in amplitude, more and more War Birds threatening to overcome the Enterprise.

    Kirk realized that the more he focused on the danger the deadlier it got. So, the second time around, he ignored the first threat, sat in his chair and ate an apple! What happened then, the SIMULATION stoped…for lack of a counter part response. Of course, Spock, who had designed the simulation, accused Kirk of cheating!

    So what this analogy says is that it takes two to tango. So, if we stop acting our part in this violent, oppressing duality scenario, and move on to another reality, this one will just…disable.

    Food for toughts…

    Oh…just to make my point come across a little more…Here is Bashar on conspiracy theories…

  136. Dax says:

    And…just for fun, here is the clip from Star Trek: The Kobayashi Maru:

  137. Carlos says:

    @Dax Kirk’s strategy is a thought in the direction on Ideas how to stop them. IT’ would actually work if our opponent was preprogrammed to certain reactions to our actions( in this case lack of actions) but if something so simple would be able to work then we would not be in the situation we are now. I’ve read theories about them wanting population control and things like that, but the question is what exactly are they trying to achieve with that?

    Scene 1) We became to large to manage with old tactics so new ones are being developed for mass slavery and harvesting ie. a cattle processing plant.

    Scene 2) Due to the amount of population increase the ability to manage everyone effectively has caused awakening in humans due to the lack of being supervised.

    Scene 3) World disasters are a desperate measure for them to maintain the population and rather give up some for the fear of more being awakened.

    Scene 4) Our allies through strategy chose certain locations to cut off some food supply to our enemies to help weaken them in this war. (The argument as to why our allies would do such a thing does come to mind, but remember this is a a huge war and there is the possibility that there can be sacrifices to ensure a a better future for all instead of dragging out even longer the current one)

    I’m just throwing those out there because sometimes what may seem good is actually bad or what is bad can be actually good, it comes down to our personal choice how we see things. Just as a child doesn’t understand some of the choices an adult makes, we too can be seen as children that do not understand the choices our allies make.

  138. Dax says:

    Wow! Carlos….Nice way to kill a buzz! lol :-)

    But you see, even if what you say is true (as your point of view), I no longer feel aligned with that vibration and that truth. I choose to live in another reality. One of joy, expansion and creation.

    With that said, I wish you good luck!

  139. Carlos says:

    Sorry to be a buzz kill Dax. Living in that reality sounds like bliss and its something I strive to aim for, something we should all aim for. But when theres a huge force trying to prevent us from attaining that, it can be difficult for people trying to unite when so many are distracted by the way of life we live. I wish it could be as easy as you make it out to be but to better understand the hurdles a head of us and to not underestimate our enemy will better help prepare us for what ever is to come and when we attain that reality of joy, expansion and creation we can truly appreciate it for everything it is and not take it for granted like so many things we do today.

  140. michael says:

    Hi Harriter88.

    Yes, I must remind myself that it is possible for a small group of people to effect great positive change over time. Also, I know that brow-beating others with my view of the world doesnt work.

    I am trying to carry that calm vibration with others. My family in general is very close-minded and I realised along time ago that I can’t tell them what to think or believe, and that it is wrong to do so.

    What I try to do now is mention little things here and there regarding what I think (say, for example, if we are discussing politicss, i may suggest that I am leaning toward the idea that both sides of politics maybe working for the same people). I do my best to say these things in a non-threatening and friendly way. A year ago, 9/11 came up in discussion and I politely suggested that “I am open to the possibility that 9/11 was an inside job”. I was being polite and friendly and yet, as soon as i said that my brother in-law became a bit aggressive toward me(not physically, just, you know, that snarly smug voice and shake of his head- as if to say what an idiot I must be to even entertain the POSSIBILITY that 9/11 was fixed.

    Regarding Bashar, I agree with you that there does seem to be a lack of empathy there.

  141. michael says:

    I need to make a correction. Some of my faamily is very close minded. Others I can talk to about some things. Last Xmas I was having a nice time talking to my neice (my brother-in-law’s daughter) and her boyfriend about the Illuminati (in a pub).

    I have to be careful not to generalise too much…as well as not to go off-topic from Brad’s posts! :)

  142. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” everyone “” is ok .. if everyone start to get a little confused to everything .. because as everyone know .. right now ,, everyone are not anymore in the control of the ” Reptilians ” and now is The Galactic Federation of Light taking over of everything so everything will go start to work properly.. and i was not saying anything because i was too tired,, of the energy i was using ,, as you know everything use energy and vibrations,, and i was using too much that make me too tired. plus my body can’t hold the much energy i want.. but i am working on that too, but i recover fast and i am ok now, anyway .. the good thing is everything go in the best way and will start to move much faster plus everyone will see .. what 1 day .. the ” Reptilians ” hide for so long and everyone will see the true.. this is one things the ” Reptilians ” never expect and 1 of the things the arcturians,The Pleiadians,The Galactic Federation of Light.. was hopping for.. and will be many good surprices for everyone.. even for the arcturians,The Pleiadians,The Galactic Federation of Light.

  143. harriter88 says:

    Hi Michael,thanks 4 your comment.I do not 4 a minute that Bashar and other channelers speak truth,we need however 2 discern when they are not,because the truth be told we really don’t know the agengas and intents of these channelers,and who they really are.My comment to all energies outside myself is “the one and only true and infinite creator and i(Being a part of)command’s you 2 Show and reveal your true nature colors,and intent now.Imbue the messages not the messengers,having said that Bashar can be very charming and intresting,but also as i said before lacking(like Hicks)in warmth empathy-while also striking me as a little contemptuous.All of which are Prime Reptillian/zetan/Annunaki traits.Peace and freedom 4 HUmanith my friend

  144. Katherine says:

    I feel that all this information is open to our own personal interpretation. We are where we are and its individual. Different perspectives and it should all be respected as our free will to choose. Take what you will and leave the rest. It may just benefit someone else. John, you do make an interesting point as do most here. I listened to Abe-Hicks for a while, then moved on to other information and David Icke, Peggy, Inelia Benz, Avalon, etc, all good. Did I agree with all? no and thats ok too.

  145. Michael says:

    Hi harriter88.

    Just a very late thankyou for your http://www.whale links. I had previously read a little bit of this James Bartley before, but I had forgotton his name and how to locate this info.

    From what I have read so far, he does seem to be very anti-New Age and states the movement was set up by the Reps to deceive. He also sees us as being in a great spiritual war against them. From memory, he states that we need to become spiritual warriors.

    I will go back to reading it now ……oh, but only for a while Brad as I always make sure I come back to your site :)

  146. Michael says:

    I’ve realised I’ve been reading Don Bradley and James Bartley.

    Anyways, both are very interesting to read.

    ps. I just want to make a point that I don’t want to fight anybody or anything. If these dark entities called Reptilians can be neutralised through love, then we do our utmost to show them Love, Love, Love.

    But, does LOVE work on them? I dont know. I want it to, but maybe they laugh at love?

    Anyway, I’m hoping to find out the answer soon by reading websites such as Brad’s.

  147. Sim says:

    Hey Brad thanks for your wonderful site!! I was an Aber for a long time but eventually stopped listening to Hicks because it just didn’t produced results and didn’t satisfied the yearning I felt inside. Could you send me your instructions how reverse speech?
    There is a teacher I currently follow that I would like to check!
    kind regards

  148. Brad says:

    Hi Sim,

    Yes, if you go to the forum and look in the Reverse Speech category there is a download link to free software for reversing called Audacity

  149. Sim says:

    Ok I tried, but to be honest I didnt’t really heard anything. I tried to slow it down but nothing. English is not my mother tongue so maybe thats why…

    Could you give it a try on this clip? Its not too long and you would do me a tremendous favor!

    His teachings sound congruent to me with pleiadian teachings such as bringing the light into ones body, which he calls prana etc. I practiced them for a few months now and I had quite a few positive experiences/insights until now.
    But I am very curious what reverse speech will tell.

    kind regards

  150. Brad says:

    Hi Sim,

    Well some people reverse better than others. Thats just the way it is. I’ve reversed a number of people over the years and have hardly heard anything in their reversals. And sometimes you will need to listen to 2-3 clips before you get one that allows the reversals to come through more clearly. So I’d say just persevere. Reverse speech analysis does require patience.

    Let me know how things go.

  151. BERNIE says:

    Brad..i read the first number posts and then left it…boy was it getting heated!! lol
    the reptilian agenda is working big time right now to anyone and once defenses are up and people are arguing.. they love that and feed off of it.
    LISA RENEE from teaches us alot about that very thing and has tools and info and the ES community are gr8 support to each other.

  152. Kelly says:

    Wow, you need to stop brainwashing yourself and telling people what to think. We can think for ourselves thank you very much. We do not ‘lack a braincell’. It is really quite sad and pathetic how you’ve fallen into this righteousness.

  153. Arnold Rabius says:

    I see my higher self as the link to all there is. george kavassilas made my higher self infinite. This feels good. From this for me new perspective there is a lot to question, perhaps including Jane Roberts, Sanaya Roman an Ester Hicks. I see these woman as women of the west that lifted me up.

    I watched/heard the video of Ester and the man with the red cap many times. The man had amazing questions. Ester had amazing answers in 20 minutes time. For me top and top. However I wondered why the man could not make his assessment and deducted a point for Ester.

    Now my question: can you comment on Ester saying > six thousand instead of six million. The man had a point with six million. But six thousand? Could six thousand not expose the illuminati.

  154. Susan says:

    I agree 100% that the Abraham/Hicks information is misleading. In fact, it seems to me that the agenda is to teach people to only focus on what they want and to disregard everything else. The friends I have who have bought into this paradigm refuse to look at anything that they think will bring their vibration down. Since all this stuff about the New World Order is horrifying, and a “vibration downer” until you get your emotions under control, they refuse to deal with what is really going on in the world and thus to actively work for the light. And of course the main thrust of the Abraham movement is materialistic. Abraham does not teach anyone to examine their own shadow or look at why they want what they want. Rather, this teaching seems to me to be about selfishness and a refusal to participate in the evolution of humanity in any kind of meaningful way.

  155. Sara says:

    Read both sides of the argument. I am no cult follower. One line gave you away pretty quick…
    You mentioned that you saw a reptilian behind ester…an ugly one too.
    You my friend have this condition…us medical people call Dimentia. Or you maybe Donald Trumps bastard kid, looking to make silly pennies with this post.

    Both parties should bring facts to the table…

  156. Ann says:

    Brad, can a person email you directly? Thanks.

  157. Arthur Fomalhaut says:

    “Pass, that’s the lie they think they own”

    He had just mentioned the alleged famous 6 millions holocaust. Pass means he has just past it, it is that holocaust that is the lie they think they own, not the others shyly mentioned afterwards, without figures of victims -he is also in mind control-. It is obvious for any student of the Reptilian manipulation that the holocaust is central to mass mind control, and also to protect themselves, as they both have partially identified themselves, and at the same time have used for protection, as a screen, the Jews -in one of the many meanings of the word-

    most of the population still believe or is likely to be intimidated by it, therefore they own the lie

  158. Arthur Fomalhaut says:

    In general, you re a genious. Amazed and you cant imagine how intensely in. Why I did not know about this my home for so long? suscribed.

  159. Arthur Fomalhaut says:

    It could ve been done without reverse speaking. It is an easy one. It is very clear she is anxious and struggling, in her face, her “air”. Also people who know the truth dont normally go into verborrhea, they are calm and tend to speak rather simply and directly. She is just like evangelical preachers.

  160. Arthur Fomalhaut says:

    The man said “infestation” and feels exasperated by what we normally and sadly call “sheeple”… he is in, one of “you” or “us”; that what made her so anxious instantly, I can feel it in her body language or dont know what; and this happens to you Brad also right here. Sorry to multipost.

  161. Ice Cat says:

    Stumbled upon this page and skimmed a few posts … Wow, parenthetically, does anyone know about the studies where if people
    feel more positive they are more healthy, and if people are negative
    they tend to have more diseases likes cancer? Never mind
    Esther Hicks, et. al. It just seems that if people find something
    positive in what they do, even if what they can contribute is small,
    and try to support others in a positive manner, the world would
    be a better place.

  162. Cris says:

    I agree with Ice Cat! (:
    Even David Icke talks about chosing love over fear. I’ve read some of Esther Hicks material & watched many videos of their teachings on youtube and I have actually learned quite alot. As well as from other channelers like Bashar, Kryon, etc.. I’ve seen the movie “The Secret”, “What The Bleep Do We Know”, “The Living Matrix”, “You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay. and many other videos. Did I mention everything was for FREE 99!!??? lol I didn’t pay a cent at all. It is good to be aware of what is going on, and everyone should; but like David Icke had stated, and many others, we cannot fight or push against it because it will only get worst. Our outside world is nothing but an illusion, a hologram that we create; in other words it’s just a reflection of us. So let’s work from within an listen to our inner self. I think we should start informing others about being healthy first and to stop consuming all the poisonous food we are being fed. I started sharing this book called “Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know,” to my friends. This book is what led me to discover all of what I know right now. I’m planning to then pass along the my knowledge about the Law of Attraction and everything else I have come to understand. But I will do so when I feel like they are ready. (: It will be very soon I feel.
    Being positive is actually really important, and I’m speaking from experience.

    Great Article!(= Eventhough I may not agree 100% because we may not be 100% sure that your evidence is 100% truth, even if you explained all about the reverse speech.(Which I did read) We don’t even know if all reptilians are actually mean. Not all humans are mean =]

    Peace Ya’ll.

    Cris a 17 yr old from California.

  163. Michael says:

    Hi Cris.

    I get what you are saying,but I can’t agree with you.

    If you do accept that there are negative entities existing on our planet, and if you accept that they are powerful entities, don’t you think they understand the law of attraction at least as well as you? And, is it not possible that they are currently more skilled than most of us in applying this law, as well as other laws that we may have little knowledge of.

    You said – “I think we should start informing others about being healthy first and to stop consuming all the poisonous food we are being fed.” – May I ask what the people who live near Fukushima are meant to eat?

    I do not believe it is as simple as you are making out.

  164. tony says:

    hmmm so im not the only one whos relised something odd about esther hicks. i havent read your work on esther because the first word i noticed was reptillian (im a christian so my beliefes are in god/devil angels/demons) today i had a relisation that esther hicks may well be host to not just 1 demon but a legion of them…….this is hard for me to say because i fell in love with her works and her message that is until the cracks started showing.

  165. sharon says:

    I just love reading all this stuff. I think it makes sense our government is being run by reptilians, because nothing else they do makes any sense. I have some new idea to throw out there. I do not believe fossil fuel is from fossils, but maybe, (just in idea) it is the sewage waste from the underground world.

    what say you?

  166. Kristina says:

    Hi Brad
    I admire your site & the way you express yourself.

    I’d been doing some research on “Abraham” myself. I’m VERY much anti-religion and thought it was odd that they use bible folk names to ‘teach’. Hmmmm. Now I used to be very religious/spiritual from the time I was 15 until I found out that every religion is basically the same face with a different mask- like politics and so on that the Illuminati have us fighting each other when it’s all the same side- Team Dark’s side! satan is the ultimate trickster and if people do research they will see this evidence- ALL religions are worshiping/feeding/inviting satan. Of course it’s set up to drain us and feed them- I had been duped as well and felt very betrayed-as the Reps intend. Moving on…
    Both Jerry & Esther have crusty backgrounds- they don’t sound like ‘people’ with great morals. They were both married when they met, he is very much older than her-very Illuminati- she could be a slave totally taken over by/fully possessed by many entities now- and she was very pretty before she got all gross and slumpy with reptoids flopping her odd self around on stage like a sloppy puppet.
    Like puff daddy lol- you can see/hear/feel the demon that speaks through him, I see it in his eyes- he’s a nut job asshole anymore and people think it’s ‘cool’.
    *It’s odd that Jerry is dead now- cancer- so much for healing through the mind which he did try to resort to chemo as a desperate attempt to stay alive instead of -willing- health.
    *When I was listening to them constantly on Youtube I loved the messages but honestly my life went to shit lol and I felt angry often & couldn’t seem to shake it. Now that I don’t listen to them- I feel fiiiine.
    *It makes so much-too much- sense now that I think about it that of course they would want us to stick our heads in the sand- like every other religion- so that we feel guilt or fear (of attracting more negativity- what a joke!) when we confront situations in life that do not work for us- google: moon food. I know what it’s like to allow my beliefs to turn my sorry ass into a doormat for the love of “god”.
    *They first got ‘in contact’ with abraham after they went to some psychic and “MEDITATED” great way to invite dark in btw. Then one day when they were driving on the highway a huge truck was about to squish them and she got very scared. Fear & deep physical/emotional trauma breaks down your aura and the demons get in- obviously why the reps are into torture. They pulled over to the side of the road and that is when ‘abraham’ really took over as she, herself has said.
    *I noticed over time as I was watching their vids that Jerry just disappeared. I didn’t think much on it until he never came back around…strange since he sounds very strong, passionate and confident. Nobody told us he was battling cancer cause we’d all stop following them/paying them.
    *They do pooh-pooh the true answers when their fans question religion & “THE AGENDA”. I found that unnerving yet still listened to them for a while. I don’t want to hear that if I don’t believe that MSG will kill me that it wont- get real. I didn’t believe in candida but got that real bad from birth control & damn antibiotics due to awful skin from the birth control- sick Illuminati cycle…money. Funny, willing away my acne just didn’t work lol. I fixed it myself through research on Real health which led me to research ALL THIS. Like what evil assholes would purposely make people sick and preform unnecessary surgeries all for money—oh was I naive :)
    *Jerry was a Crown Level distributor at Amway- large company/high up= very Illuminati. Was Esther his little prize slave model?

    Long story short, i’m going to look into this reversed speech thing. I wonder WHAT and WHY this works for the reps…like how and what are they doing this for. Do we get spells put on us when we listen to their ‘uplifting’ messages of humor and hope?- Yeah… they are humoring us and hoping we don’t catch on ;)

    This BASHAR medium gives me a very bad vibe and he’s a straight asshole- not very positive at all when his guests kindly & rationally question things he really yells at them and the rest of the audience snickers all evil, it’s just odd. Away with these mediums i say.

  167. Michael says:

    Hi Kristina.

    Yeah, if you don’t believe that MSG is bad for you, then it aint.

    And, why did Jerry die? Obviously he just wasn’t being positive enough.

    It’s very nice to hear from you. =)

    If Craig from the Bashar post comments responds to me, I’m just going to point him to your comment…oh, and probably say a little bit more myself – [I cant help myself sometimes ;)]

    Thankyou for reminding me of why I come to this site-to read comments like yours. :)

  168. TheKristina1106 says:

    Hello Michael & good afternoon to you :)

    Yes, I’m also chugging from those nifty little BPA rich plastic bottled waters from 20+ companies that were so kind to add fluoride into them for me…aaaah- feel the refreshing satisfying quench of it all. Hey maybe i’ll even tuck a few into my 12 year old nephew’s lunch bag so he can reap the benefits as well, or perhaps he’ll just grab a diet soda from the school’s machine! Sigh….

    After that i will generously shlop my GMO-gluten-rich pancakes with delicious agave syrup. (Agave Syrup- a reptilian trick that is actually 2xs worse than high fructose corn syrup through it’s extensive processing & the simple fact that the agave plant is the HIGHTEST on the glycemic index- google this for anyone who wishes to- please chuck that crap out of your family kitchen).
    …I just don’t think i’m getting enough mind/body/vibration destroying sugar into my diet. I will work on this- go Obama!

    Then, I will be washing my breakfast down with a delicious glass of soy milk because i was told by main stream media or stupid Dr. Oz who touts the need for vaccines, that it’s sooo much better for me than colon-mucus forming milk-puss (sorry but true: barf. This also makes your body very acidic so cancer/disease can flourish & you can then desperately support the reptilian medical systems, chasing your own slowly dying tail in a vicious circle for years or until you simply croak and are no longer of any use to them. $$$$) ((ALL FORMS OF SOY- yet another trick that causes breast cancer/lumps in men and women, are highly toxic because it has not been fermented & it’s properties changed from toxic to nourishing.)) I’m so passionate about this because I have a lump do to believing soy was good & eating as much boca burgers, silken tofu/soy & soy milk as possible about 5 years back…luckily i never got into edamame- edible soy beans!)) Sorry if anyone loves this stuff but save yourself the grief of breast lumps (men & women), they are nerve wracking & just not fun. I’m fine btw :)

    I just posted a long rant on Bashar the Draconian/Reptilian Agent forum on this site- feel free to point anyone who doubts that he is not on Team Dark’s side to it.

    I, too, have a hard time keeping my big mouth shut- obviously ;)

    Much Love & Light,

  169. TheKristina1106 says:

    ***I don’t believe in fear mongering with no positive solution, so i’m offering some simple swaps:
    ~Because of the toxic herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, GMO’s, irradiation- where you food is…um ‘treated’ with radiation & a bunch of other horrors- YOU MUST CHOOSE ORGANIC products if you are too tune your body up & get rid of the reptilian manipulations forced on us through our foods.

    Also try to get rid of your microwave oven- this alien technology came out in the 50′s as well when the greys made the deal with the Vatican to experiment on us & ultimately destroy us- microwaves destroy your food’s life force & break your mind & body down as nuts as that sounds. I haven’t used one in 3 years & don’t miss it at all… AND honestly have not had one cold or flu since then! Take a moment to put your food in the toaster oven, skillet or mini crock pot. Reptilians… :/

    Bottled anything & fluoride= bad
    *Calcium fluoride is natural, sodium fluoride is highly toxic. It is the byproduct of aluminum which- gasp- came out in the 50′s, it is also used in rat poisoning, this is added into our water system as i’m sure many know by now. Please chuck your fluoride rich toothpaste as well. You can try Tom’s of Main’s No Fluoride which still has some poison in it or Pure MSM, which is pretty good.
    *Get a Zero Water System from Target or on their site- removes A LOT of crap from your water & comes with a water testing stick- you can taste the difference for real. The pitcher is about $30 I believe at Target. I have the huge ceramic water cooler lol, which you can get on the site only.

    Soda= bad
    The only thing worse for you than pepsi/coke is a DIET pepsie/coke. Sugar free= poison.
    Diet soda poisons you & actually causes you to GAIN weight.

    Agave Syrup = bad
    anything made with organic ingredients which do not include HFCS or nasty additives. Maybe even a dollop of organic strawberry or blueberry jelly. Mmmm mmm mm.

    Soy milk = bad
    *If you like whole milk try coconut milk instead. It is not sweet, I promise.
    *If you like skim or 1% try almond milk

    Pure Exhaustion from writing a novel as quick as I can = exhausting
    *I’m out- have a great day everyone :)

  170. Michael says:

    From James Bartley’s article “Richard Boylan Is A Reptilian” –

    “Consider this scenario: An intelligence officer says to his general:”General, it seems that the enemy is massing in our front. We have identified certain units, which have arrived recently from other areas. The enemies wireless communications traffic has suddenly gone dead and all signs point to an imminent attack in our sector.” How do you think the general will respond to his intelligence chief? ” Why are you being so fear based? Why are you drawing that negativity to you? Bla, bla, bla, quack , quack, quack.”

  171. harriter88 says:

    Hey Mike glad 2 c that you are still fighting the good fight against the HUman enemy wether conspicuous or as controlled opposition(which is everywhere)…oh and hi tares hive agents,gatekeepers & and SHAPESHIFTERS…how u all doing tonight?Peace out. :)

  172. harriter88 says:

    …oh and i forgot….Hybrids,Crypto terrestials,Dracos,Saurians & other crocicidilians,MIB’S,avians,amphibians,fish people,zetans, annunaks,Oh and of course interdimensional Jinns & Demons…..Hi 2 all u as well…& be well.Gnite 4 now :)

  173. harriter88 says:

    pss.i swear my last entry……I just wanted 2 add what u all have in common(yknow my itimized greeting list above),is that u all play the “FAKING GAME” u all fake tears and emotion and have not an iota of real reflection or empathy(esp the lizards among u),and the biggest thing u all fake(Drum roll please….)BEING HUMAN!!!!….and now those masks are comming off and their ain’t a damn thing u can do about it.except try 2 stear and copt the information at every level.fortunatley u can’t co opt our eyes and guts and what they are now seeing.

  174. Michael says:

    Hey harriter.

    Great to hear from you again. :) :)

    …yep, and I’m still here flapping my gums ;) (fingers =))

    Those masks are coming off. We must always hope that we will WIN.

    Surely GOOD must be stronger than EVIL!!…….

    You said “and now those masks are comming off and their ain’t a damn thing u can do about it.except try 2 stear and copt the information at every level.fortunatley u can’t co opt our eyes and guts and what they are now seeing.”

    Well, I found this short video about Matt Damon, Richard Branson, and wotever her name is, making fun of the conspiracy theorists, and someone has written in the comments the quote from Ghandi – “First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, and then you WIN”

    Looks like we are in stage 2 and the Elites are maybe just getting a little nervous?

  175. Michael says:

    I said “Those masks are coming off. We must always hope that we will WIN.

    Surely GOOD must be stronger than EVIL!!…….”

    That was directed more toward myself, not to you =). I was just reminding myself that we can and will beat these fakers.

  176. atalanta says:

    Ok so lets assume you are correct, that it is really reptilian control of these human meat machines. I don’t see how the human meat machines free-will has been thwarted by Abraham/Ester? In fact they are telling us that we can be happy and have heaven on earth by following our own innate emotional guidance system. That truly we are in the garden of Eden but because we keep warring and sending out anger into the universe we are destroying our own garden. What’s wrong with that advise regardless if Abraham “Source” or “Reptilian”?

  177. atalanta says:

    By the way, thought is how we control our own evolution. From the smallest cell to the largest creature. Watch any TV show on evolution and you’ll see that the creature controls their own evolution, the restructuring of their own DNA. Humans do it too. Look at how human features have changed over time particularly in the last 100 years. The kids today are “prettier” then they were in the earlier centuries and its happening very quickly. Even within a person’s own lifetime.

  178. Maxwell says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a Reiki Practioner and also Crystologist in training. I am opening my own healing arts practice and it has occurred to me that the topic of Implants/parasites etc. is very important as a point of discussion.

    Since the topic was being discussed earlier…

    I have become aware of implants/parasites in my mind and body that do several things to my consciousness.

    These are some of the characteristics that I have noticed.

    1) Implant thoughts. These thoughts are not mine. This took me some time to figure out. Owning thoughts that were not mine caused me a LOT of grief. Now I know (phew!)

    These thoughts are implanted with different agendas

    a) Cause Confusion and make your mind a terrible place to be in. Not fun. Trust me.
    b) Create and maintain false perceptions, beliefs about myself and about the world
    c) Intercede guidance from higher beings. At best a jamming signal, at worst outright manipulation (pretending to be higher beings with divine guidance).

    2) They feed on fear. Fear is stored in our bodies – emotional, physical and energetic. The implant/parasite infiltrates these localized sites of fear and FEED of them. This includes any past traumas etc that you may have. ANY fear that you have CAN and WILL be used to control you.

    3) They feed on SUGAR! For me this is hard. I have a BIG sweet tooth. Don’t be surprised if you have real-life physical parasites as well. A diet change is BIG HELP. I am still working on this since this is what I need to work on the most.

    4) If you don’t do anything about it, they won’t go away on their own. Sorry you just gotta do it – or get someone to remove it for you. It can be an intense and strange physical experience However, the best way is to heal yourself – then there is no way that any Reptilians or other nefarious entities can enter your Aura and energetic bodies.

    5) You may have several and not even know it. If you see that you have one, give yourself a big pat on the back because they thrive on YOU being IGNORANT of the fact that you have implants/parasitic entities. The jig is up once you KNOW, once you know what the problem is, then you can take the appropriate course of action to remedy the situation.

    Ok now that I’ve written this I’ve realized that I could write a whole essay on this subject alone, which I think I will do since this has been personally difficult for me and honestly I’m fucking pissed off at the way in which my mind/body/spirit has been manipulated. I’m done playing nice.


    Oh and lastly about Abraham. Always look at the eyes. They never lie. They are windows to the soul. She is analyzing him the whole way and her eyes reveal this. If she was really listening her mind would be switched OFF and simply be receiving openly and honestly with her heart and mind and body completely. She interrupts him several times, attempt to flatter him personally (obfuscation), assumes the audience doesn’t want to hear what he’s saying (which is wrong :) ). She talks like the debaters do on Mainstream Media News (that’s not good thing). It’s pretty obvious that she’s hiding something really once you see it.

    Do not underestimate them. They are smart beyond imagining! They will pretend to be your dead dad’s voice and speak to you.. especially if you have father issues! IF you need Love, they will pretend to give it to you. Don’t worry, daddy is here for you etc. It is SICK PSYCHOLOGICAL MANIPULATION. I’m impressed at the degree of sophistication but it’s DISGUSTING.

    I hope some of this helps :)



  179. Maxwell says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I am a Reiki Practioner and also Crystologist in training opening a healing arts practice and it has occurred to me that the topic of Implants/parasites etc. is very important as a point of discussion.

    Since the topic was being discussed earlier…

    I have become aware of implants/parasites in my mind and body that do several things to my consciousness.

    These are some of the characteristics that I have noticed.

    1) Implant thoughts. These thoughts are not mine. This took me some time to figure out. Owning thoughts that were not mine caused me a LOT of grief. Now I know (phew!)

    These thoughts are implanted with different agendas

    a) Cause Confusion and make your mind a terrible place to be in. Not fun. Trust me.
    b) Create and maintain false perceptions, beliefs about myself and about the world
    c) Intercede guidance from higher beings. At best a jamming signal, at worst outright manipulation (pretending to be higher beings with divine guidance).

    2) They feed on fear. Fear is stored in our bodies – emotional, physical and energetic. The implant/parasite infiltrates these localized sites of fear and FEED of them. This includes any past traumas etc that you may have. ANY fear that you have CAN and WILL be used to control you.

    3) They feed on SUGAR! For me this is hard. I have a BIG sweet tooth. Don’t be surprised if you have real-life physical parasites as well. A diet change is BIG HELP. I am still working on this since this is what I need to work on the most.

    4) If you don’t do anything about it, they won’t go away on their own. Sorry you just gotta do it – or get someone to remove it for you. It can be an intense and strange physical experience However, the best way is to heal yourself – then there is no way that any Reptilians or other nefarious entities can enter your Aura and energetic bodies.

    5) You may have several and not even know it. If you see that you have one, give yourself a big pat on the back because they thrive on YOU being IGNORANT of the fact that you have implants/parasitic entities. The jig is up once you KNOW, once you know what the problem is, then you can take the appropriate course of action to remedy the situation.

    Ok now that I’ve written this I’ve realized that I could write a whole essay on this subject alone, which I think I will do since this has been personally difficult for me and honestly I’m fucking pissed off at the way in which my mind/body/spirit has been manipulated. I’m done playing nice.


    Oh and lastly about Abraham. Always look at the eyes. They never lie. They are windows to the soul. She is analyzing him the whole way and her eyes reveal this. If she was really listening her mind would be switched OFF and simply be receiving openly and honestly with her heart and mind and body completely. She interrupts him several times, attempt to flatter him personally (obfuscation), assumes the audience doesn’t want to hear what he’s saying (which is wrong :) ). She talks like the debaters do on Mainstream Media News (that’s not good thing). It’s pretty obvious that she’s hiding something really once you see it.

    Do not underestimate them. They are smart beyond imagining! They will pretend to be your dead dad’s voice and speak to you.. especially if you have father issues! IF you need Love, they will pretend to give it to you. Don’t worry, daddy is here for you etc. It is SICK PSYCHOLOGICAL MANIPULATION. I’m impressed at the degree of sophistication but it’s DISGUSTING.

    I hope some of this helps :)



  180. Michael says:

    Hi Maxwell :)

    Thanx for all that info.

    This implants/programs topic was something that Brad had planned to cover a few months ago.

    I am very interested in it and welcome any info from you.

  181. Erin says:

    My mind has been blown in recent weeks and I now believe in Reptilians. Interestingly enough, it was my finding of Abraham that ultimately led me down this path. I’ve been a follower of Abraham for nearly 15 years and discovered them early in my adult life, but considered their teachings just one of my many tools and always felt something was missing.

    Someone told me just yesterday about this post. I initially couldn’t believe it only because Abe really did change my life and helped me find myself after being brainwashed as a child in the Mormon religion. Yet something about this post still resonated with me. Then I remembered that Esther was raised Mormon in northern Utah. Because I grew up Mormon just a few mountain valleys away from where Esther was raised, I have felt a bit of a ‘kinship’ with her over the years. In my recent ‘awakening’, I also discovered that some people consider Mormons to be one of the 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati. I couldn’t help but but think of Esther’s connection to the Mormon church upon hearing that Abraham could be reptilian. Much like myself, I am guessing she has an extensive Mormon ancestry and is part of that bloodline. Needless to say, my perspective about all of this had undergone a major shift and it is all still sinking in.

  182. Nong says:

    so basically what you’re saying is that all the bad stuff going on are all caused by reptilians?

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  184. Sandra says:

    I never listen to this woman before, but first of all can somebody explains to me what that F… reverse speech means?. I didn’t heard Sh….. And I watch it twice.I didn’t heard anything you mention above. Are you just making it up? Trying to confused people?

  185. bruno says:

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  187. Jen says:

    I am so grateful to the truth finally being exposed about these and other “channelers” whose information is not accurate. I have always felt that if they are nickle and dimeing you for information, it is a scam of some sort. To help people spiritually should not cost a fortune. I also want to thank all the people whose hard work and free/low cost information is helping get the truth out to those of us who want to know how to break free of the matrix, once and for all. To all of the ranters and ravers on this and other posts, please if your going to complain 1st learn to use your spell check! And second open your mind to the information that these souls are sharing free of the money chain, which is so obviously reptilian!!!

  188. jade says:

    I’m not sure if this question was answered yet or not, there are so many comments. First of all thank you a lot for this information. My question then is there ANYTHING of real value that they were saying??? I feel like some of the things about the Law of Attraction were real, and money. It’s so disheartening to think that everything they said was a lie. I know they like to mix truth with bullshit so which parts are real, which are fake? AND These guys must not be the only ones doing this, trying to get a headstart on the New Age movement by deceiving us. How can we know the truth in these times…????

  189. illuminati says:

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  190. Goddess says:

    I applaud your articles on the truth! I have a very high iq so I can really see through the manipulation of the reptilians! Esther Hicks is definetly a manipulation of the reptilians.
    The very strong fact of how the reptilians see us as little infants who they can lie to and control into their darkness makes me so sick and angry!
    I am tired of how the men all over the world treat women… the life givers of this world that should be treated like Goddesses!
    If everyone on this planet worshiped Mother Earth and all her life, creatures, women, etc…. there would be peace on earth! That is why the reptilians created male dominated male god religions (gods of war)… where the males fight for whose “god” is “better” christian, muslim, or jew…..
    when in reality the real truth is that really we are all children of Mother Earth… we are all ONE! All of Mother Earth (Goddess’ children!) and if all the women on this planet were worshiped for their life giving ability to give birth.. the women on this planet would even have orgasms during childbirth! New research shows that if the woman is being kissed by her man during labor the woman can reach orgasm! You can research this yourself hence proving that Goddess (women worship) is the answer to all of our problems! The divine feminine needs to be at the forefront of our human expansion!
    We as humans need to give back when we can to those less fortunate in this reptilian created matrix.
    I myself donate what I can to help dolphins (very intelligent loving creatures) and other charities to help animals, and of course fellow humans as well!!!
    Thank you so much for shining the light on the frauds that are Esther and her reptilian “Abraham”…
    I could write so much more for now I will just say
    Goddess Bless!!!!

  191. Michael says:


    I’ve recently been re-reading some Wes Penre stuff.

    In this chapter –

    he says the following –

    “In an interview called Emerging Feminine, the famous researcher Michael Tsarion brings up that anthropologists know that the females were the ‘keepers of the wisdom’. One of our tasks right now, he says, is to bring the ‘Holy Grail’ back to its femininity[6], something that has been almost totally lost over time. Don’t think for a moment that Marduk and his son(s), who are still controlling us behind the scenes, don’t understand the power of the feminine. They are very scared that we humans are going to regain this power by seeing through the lies. They are terrified that we start listening to our women, once they have regained their psychic abilities and their ancient wisdom, something that is happening all over the world as we speak.”

  192. Sabbian says:

    So much Resistance! That which you resist shall only persist! Fear shall only fan the flames.
    Love is all there is, giving “Unconditionally” Is truly receiving. Love “Unconditionally”.
    Be Filial Piety and Omnipresent in the light of God we will all become one, not long now.
    Love one and Love all.

  193. Michael says:

    Gosh Sabbian.

    Resisting being exposed to Fukushima radiation is being fearfull is it??

    Resisting GMO’s is “fanning the flames’”, is it???

    What is this unconditional love you talk about??? Why don’t you talk about real love instead?

  194. Michael says:

    By the way Sabbian, I was always a good little boy. For most of my life I have been a good little soldier. I went along with societies standards(for a while anyway). I did NOT resist. I didn’t like what was happening in this world but I didn’t resist – not much anyway.

    Please tell me how resisting evil increase evil??? I’m all ears.

    Why do we deserve all this suffering?? What did we all do to deserve this??? What did the planet herself do to deserve this???

  195. Michael says:

    I did NOT resist and I end up suffering anyway. WTF? …how does your theory explain that?

    So, now I will try and resist and I hope I can develop the necessary courage to do so.

  196. Linda says:

    I usually don’t comment, but I happened to stumble on this site and read many of the comments. It seems that most everyone has good intentions and want to help the Earth at this time. We must all realize that much information is coming into our awareness and learn to discern what is right for each of us as individuals. Coming from an intellectual perspective will only confuse if it isn’t brought through the Heart. I personally have been helped immensely by Abraham Hicks’ teachings, so for me it is positive, call it Reptilian or not. Many people won’t resonate with this teaching so it’s not for them. It is frustrating and frightening to see all of the damage being done to our beautiful Earth at this time in history, but we are far more than what we think we are and have the power to create a benevolent future. I believe that we are infinitely creative, but it is up to us as individuals to create from either Love or fear. We can still create change and wake others up to what is occurring in 3rd dimensional reality, but it must come through Love or the future will be more fear in a different form. Please come together and bring positive energy to this website because it seems that there are many who visit it that want to create a benevolent future for our planet.
    Much Love, Linda

  197. Michael says:


    I found this line from Mark Passio from this link –

    “That which manifests as a result of what you are wrongly resisting, is that which persists.”

    I am not saying I am right, or that Mark is right about all this.

    At the moment, my best bet as to what is true is that we ARE involved in creating our own reality, and we do have to accept at least some responsibility for our life circumstances, but that others are also trying to create their own reality, and what if their intentions conflict with ours?. Something about this theory seems to be incomplete.

    Also, by the very fact that the powers that be have allowed this new Age teaching to spread so far and wide should raise our suspicions.


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  199. Elimos says:

    Hahahahahah. This reverse speech crap has got to be the worst debunking argument I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

  200. Saul says:

    While I can’t comment on the reverse speech my work with the Creator Sons and the Council of 12 confirms that not only is Abraham Hicks reptilian but it is also the same group that stole Yahweh’s name and deceived the Hebrew people’s into blood sacrificing and other unloving behaviors.

  201. Saul says:

    The issue with Abraham is the teaching to feed the ego. By focusing on only your ego’s desires and wants you alienate any true connection to Source. Much of what Abraham is true but it is focused on only pleasing the self. One who is service to self oriented will not be able to reconnect with God in any truthful way. One must extend Love outward and focus on manifesting heaven for thy brothers and sisters. We are all One in that we are part of the body and emanations of the God source. The person you encounter is more than just a mirror of the self, that person is equally God and we all should hope to recognize this. I strongly recommend “A Course in Miracles” to really get a good concept of how the ego works and the “danger” of manifesting solely to suit it.

  202. Sourceorsorcerer says:

    Hey Brad!

    Wow do I appreciate your research and your articulations and considerations of any claims and understandings you’ve made. I’ve been listening to Abraham and Bashar on and off for a little while, primarily very recently. I had some particular suspicions/issues with these sources of information. One thing I wanted to comment on is the supposed manifestation of of what we attract based on thought and perspective. I read your response to road, and the video of Abraham and the man questioning him. Absolutely, he did not answer the question. Answering the question would involve, at the very least, linking events and thoughts, at least on the general, to attract what is out of our hands.(regarding genocide) Abraham had one particular video expressing that we attract to ourselves situations of trauma, including rape! That’s when the bell went off. No way does a child, a BABY, with limited psychological development, experience and understanding of life on earth, attract sexual assault! If Abraham was saavier he would claim that the negative enviornment surrounding the baby was so negative, the baby felt the tremendous darkness and manifested something matching with this vibration, despite having no understanding of it, or conceptional capacity to even attempt to. Man, even I can attempt a viable answer in accordance of ‘their’ philosophy and I don’t buy it! He didn’t even attempt at any partial specificity to the question posed. No fucking way lady! I appreciate the time you have spent making discoveries and expressing your understandings to convince me further on what is what. I haven’t researched to the extent you have, nor would I claim to believe in more of what you understand and have discovered as my knowledge of such is limited. I have to say, this stuff is beezare! Real or not. I am however calling bullshit on Abraham.

  203. Tanya Mayher says:

    Watched this Esther Hicks youtube clip and totally got where she was coming from. Deep clear heartfelt pure wisdom. I don’t agree with what you say about her being on the ‘reptilian’ side. She is simply pointing out our point of true empowerment and choice as a human being right here right now to make a difference, to make a change in our life. And she is simply pointing out that if we were not so afraid of dying – which we all do and have done many times – we would live more fully fear free lives, we would connect to our hearts more easily and live far less destructive lives. We would be less horrific to ourselves and to others. Am surprised you don’t feel her clearly for who she is. ?! I felt her answer was superb. She is aligned with deep cosmic truths and consciousness. “we agree that the system surrounds you… ” “your work is to shine a spotlight on the wellbeing of this planet … upon what is wanted … with such profound attention … that it becomes your chronic point of attraction” … to me that totally make sense … if we don’t have people focussing purely on a positive vibrational outcome for this planet the there will be no 5th dimensional resonance for the rest of the people to come into alignment with. Perhaps you struggle with the simplistic nature of this truth … simplistic in words but ofcourse to achieve takes a life time of healing and self love etc… this man is just depressed and going through heartbreak and a hard time in life, and good for him for bringing his sensitivity and real questions.

  204. Michael says:

    “and good for him for bringing his sensitivity and real questions.”

    Questions that were not answered satisfactorily (unless the answer to his questions is that its all his and ours fault!).

    This is what her/his philosophy gets down to when the rubber hits the road in our current 3d world:-

    If a little baby gets raped – then that baby drew the rapist in with its negative vibes – it must have, otherwise it wouldn’t get raped, would it? When it gets down to it, this is what esther says is true.

    Do you honestly believe a baby can be blamed for being raped?

  205. Not for me says:

    I found this very interesting until i actually listened to the reverse sound recordings.
    Your interpretation of t what is said in reverse is at best sometimes a stab in the dark – really doesnt sound like what you have translated the words to be.
    i kind of wanted them to – would of been interesting. I must of been feeling bored and looking for some excitement today.

    I am pretty open minded about things – just take or leave what feels right and real to me. Good luck to you.

  206. Not for me says:

    And the man has a strong german accent as well? Have you thought about getting a german translator for his words, maybe interesting. If you are really looking to translate words in reverse to make meaning from it – this would be for kicks of course.

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  209. AlchemiaNova says:

    Hi there, I am a Hermetic Arts student and I am also what people would call a “psychic”.

    First of all I want to thank you for this information and for your kindness. The truth is right in front of our eye, we just need to heal our bodies and mind (specially our pineal gland) to be able to see clearly.

    I also want to thank you for introducing me to reverse speech analysis. I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction with a reliable reverse speech software.

    I have been researching topics about the new world order for a couple of years and in my search I was brought here. I do believe in reptilian manipulation, these “demons” have been around for a very long time. There are many different ancient drawings and statues referring to these manipulative creatures. I myself have been influenced by them (or rather one in specific). The way I found out about this was that for a long period of my life (from 14 to 24ish) I was in a very “dark” place in my mind. I am able to draw in a state of trance which allows my conciosness to speak to me. I was not aware I had this ability, only now as a 29 year old man am I able to look at my art growing up and realized all my drawings were messages my spirit was sending me. Most of these drawings are reptilian-like; reptilian eyes, reptilian creatures possesing me, human characters with reptilian body parts, reptilian women eating human babies and even a drawings of me being half a winged crature and half a reptilian with bat-like wings. The interesting part is that after my awakening (a long process of eating organic foods, unflouridated water, decalcifying my pineal gland, meditation, etc), the first artwork I made was of a child that looks like me with giant wings made of light stepping on a giant serpent. Again, this was a drawing made when I was still unaware of reptilian manipulation.

    Thank you and keep on shining!

  210. Michael says:

    I’ve just realised this is a very long piece, so here is the beginning only-

    “I have decided to describe two films that I saw in the late seventies. These were not Hollywood type films, these were private home movies made with a high-quality professional grade camera. These were films of high ranking Illuminati members performing cannibalism. I was told that these were filmed in a mansion owned by a member of the Committee. The Committee is the group which rules the Illuminati. My impression was that the mansion was in Europe, but I don’t know that for certain.

    A man who we called Bob had made these films and showed them to certain people. He was in the Illuminati, but had become disillusioned with it’s leadership. He was trying to inspire a resistance movement to reform the Illuminati from within by creating a new leadership. He was a Satanist, but not all Satanists practice human sacrifice and cannibalism. He would show these films to people who he thought might be able to help him change the Illuminati’s leadership to make it less insanely violent.

    I had seen other disturbing films but these two were different. When I looked at these films it was very emotional for me. I feel that they were etched in my mind in a way so that I can never forget them. I feel nauseous and my hands tremble a little as I am writing about this. But I think if I describe what I saw in those films and publish it on the internet, I may be able to get these images out of my mind. I have prayed about this, and I believe Yeshua wants me to do this.

    The frst film I’m going to describe was in black and white. It had sound. It was a high quality film, but sometimes the sound was tinny sounding and occasionally some images were out of focus. The first part of the film was in a large kitchen. I remember that in the start of the film it seemed that the camera man, Bob, was trying to bring it into focus and set the camera up in a fixed position. As the camera was being juggled, briefly, behind the cooks, you could see through one of the kitchen windows out into a parking lot where a classic limousine was parked. After the images became steady, the camera was focused on a large table. This was inside a clean upscale kitchen which was very spacious.

    The shorter cook brought in a white infant child who was male. I’m not certain of his age, but my guess is that he was a least four months old, maybe older. She placed him on the table and played with him. He seemed cheerful and smiled some. The other taller woman then came up from behind him and carefully slit his throat with a strait razor. The blood spurted out across the table staining the white linen table cloth. His eyes rolled up and he died almost instantly. Quickly they carefully held up the dead infant so that his blood drained into a large pan.

    Then they brought out a large cutting board, set him on it and began to remove his internal organs. They placed the internal organs into large shiny pots. They used a small metal saw to cut off the infant’s feet and hands. They carefully removed his head. Then they stuffed him with what looked like a breaded stuffing. After that they placed him in a large baking pan. They did all of this quickly and with practiced skill. All during this process, they were cheerfully explaining what they were doing and why.

  211. Michael says:

    I’ve just been reading Wes Penre’s latest writings, and he says the following:-

    [In this case, we had a full Universe to “play around with,” and most dimensions were available to us. We were part of an Experiment that we had agreed to and which we loved playing in because it was about Nature. In the middle of a functioning Experiment, the AIF came and shrank our Universe by 96%, and that became our new Universe. In this new Universe, they kept us imprisoned on a small planet in the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy, and that became our Universe. On that little planet, we let a small number of extraterrestrials tell us what we can and can’t do. We let our “Free Will” be determined by these beings, who in fact were strangers here—they didn’t even belong here.

    Many “New Agers” say that the Global Elite and the extraterrestrials, who are in charge of them, are reflecting our own level of consciousness—we are in this poor state of mind because we have done bad things in order to deserve the Global Elite, who are controlling us. Not until we change our mass consciousness will the Global Elite change as well. These New Agers further say that no one individual can be free on his or her own—we have to work on the mass consciousness to be free. In other words—this whole mess started with us humans doing criminal and unethical things, and then we “pulled in” the Elite—this probably also sounds familiar to those who have read “Hidden Hand,” who claimed the same thing.[15]However, he is far from the only one saying so.

    I would say that this is nonsense! This is probably an idea that comes from the Global Elite,or the “Alien Masters” themselves to keep their own hands clean. I can hear a familiar Luciferian voice in the background saying: “Don’t attack us—it’s not our fault! You were the ones who asked for us to control you because of your own behavior! We were just your catalysts!”

    My readers know the story—humanity lived in a Golden Age, and then the Alien Invader Force (AIF) descended and started a war here, where after they started trapping human/Namlú’u souls into third dimensional human bodies. In light of this information, how can the New Age hypothesis be correct? Someone is trying to make criminals out of the “victims,” although I don’t like using that word. I just want to set the records straight—who is the criminal? Is it the person who storms into a 7-11 store and starts shooting people left and right, or is it the person who gets shot?In this case, we had a full Universe to “play around with,” and most dimensions were available to us. We were part of an Experiment that we had agreed to and which we loved playing in because it was about Nature. In the middle of a functioning Experiment, the AIF came and shrank our Universe by 96%, and that became our new Universe. In this new Universe, they kept us imprisoned on a small planet in the outskirts of the Milky Way Galaxy, and that became our Universe. On that little planet, we let a small number of extraterrestrials tell us what we can and can’t do. We let our “Free Will” be determined by these beings, who in fact were strangers here—they didn’t even belong here.

    Many “New Agers” say that the Global Elite and the extraterrestrials, who are in charge of them, are reflecting our own level of consciousness—we are in this poor state of mind because we have done bad things in order to deserve the Global Elite, who are controlling us. Not until we change our mass consciousness will the Global Elite change as well. These New Agers further say that no one individual can be free on his or her own—we have to work on the mass consciousness to be free. In other words—this whole mess started with us humans doing criminal and unethical things, and then we “pulled in” the Elite—this probably also sounds familiar to those who have read “Hidden Hand,” who claimed the same thing.[15]However, he is far from the only one saying so.

    I would say that this is nonsense! This is probably an idea that comes from the Global Elite,or the “Alien Masters” themselves to keep their own hands clean. I can hear a familiar Luciferian voice in the background saying: “Don’t attack us—it’s not our fault! You were the ones who asked for us to control you because of your own behavior! We were just your catalysts!”

    My readers know the story—humanity lived in a Golden Age, and then the Alien Invader Force (AIF) descended and started a war here, where after they started trapping human/Namlú’u souls into third dimensional human bodies. In light of this information, how can the New Age hypothesis be correct? Someone is trying to make criminals out of the “victims,” although I don’t like using that word. I just want to set the records straight—who is the criminal? Is it the person who storms into a 7-11 store and starts shooting people left and right, or is it the person who gets shot?]

  212. galadriel says:

    This information and smuy important, please share it in Spanish. Also how do you can remove these implants having us blind?

    Thank you.

  213. Jules says:

    We are running out of psych beds here in. The states , so if you wasted a minute if your life watching this Vidieo and especially if you took much time responding to it.. Sign up for a rom soon!

  214. Juli says:

    Hi Brad
    Do you have email I can contact you on? I’d like to share a few interesting things that maybe you can check out as well.

  215. Nate says:

    Her name is the nail in the coffin. Anyone who knows their ‘true’ history (or HerStory as I call it), sees the obvious symbolism in Esther Hicks’ name.

    Esther = Estar = Ishtar = Ashtar = Fed of Light

    Hicks = Hyksos = Hi+Ksos
    Hi = High
    Ksos = Czar = Saur = Saurus = Serpent

    The Hyksos tribe invaded Egypt with a coup and installed Akhenaten as the new Pharaoh. This famously began Egyptian monotheism in the form of a Sun and Light worship religion. For more on the brutal and secretive nature of the Hyksos:
    Read the whole article and if you’re American (I am) it should sound too familiar.

    The typical interpretation of Hyksos is “shepherd kings.” I’m doing some etymological hop skipping here, but my interpretation is a synonym anyway. It’s just more specific on the ‘who.’

    Yet I don’t think Reptilians are entirely on top here. We may think there’s an invisible Reptilian standing behind Esther, but I think there’s more to it. I bet Archons are pure energy beings, and they can project whatever ‘light’ they want into our minds.

    Where the average TV watching soda drinker will see nothing, the ‘open-minded’ (sheeple) will be given what they want: a little shimmering around Esther. I recall a video where Abraham said ‘relax your eyes like you’re looking into the distance and look at Esther, you will see some shimmering lights around her.’ What is going on here is that indeed relaxing the vision broadens our perceptive spectrum. This is what is going on when we ‘daydream.’ Our vision relaxes and our mind’s eye become receptive to different light frequencies, aka: your imagination. (This is my assertion, Scientists will not confirm this).

    But being discerning poses an obstacle to Archons. Because the discerning consciousness is ‘looking for something,’ the Archon has to send some image into the querying consciousness. If the Archon can’t project something nice and fluffy that the detective’s mind will accept, it will go the opposite route and project a Reptilian to put an end to the psychic inquiry. Understandable, cause from what I hear Archons are a hideous visage. Imagine a person who became so obsessed with psychic power that their whole body shriveled up except for their pineal gland, which took over their physical expression. Gross. But remember, Archons are people too, insomuch as we are humans because we express consciousness. Their consciousness is just lost to believing they must consume other souls to survive.

    I’d guess Abraham is the real-deal biblical Abraham. Just another high-level errand boy for YHWH, or perhaps they are one and the same. Not to say YHWH is ‘the #1 God irl,’ but rather it may be a person posing as god using technology/psychic ability. The Abraham of yesteryear pretty much propped up a bunch of believers (the ‘chosen’), gave them some mental tools to manifest stuff, and underhandedly installed ideas like: ‘don’t question where your abundance comes from,’ ‘don’t investigate the causes of suffering,’ ‘change your perspective, and reality must follow,’ and the all important ‘god is on your side, so don’t question the program.’ Way too familiar.

    Here’s the secret of the secret: you must look within enough – to change your perspective enough – to change your vibration/emotion enough – to change YOUR BEHAVIOR enough – to change your reality. There, I said it. Your spirituality won’t get you out of work.

  216. harriter88 says:

    shapeshifting all over the place on this 1 2

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  219. Michael44 says:

    Hi harriter88.

    Well well, surprise surprise. Darryl Anka is upset that his likeness is being used without his permission……

    Hey harriter, maybe if I sit on the ground cross legged and put my hands together I will be able to look very spiritual too, and maybe I’ll look so wise and knowledgeable that people will believe wotever bullshit that starts coming out of my mouth. ha ha oh, and just as in John Cleese’s Faulty Towers episode, Anka mustn’t mention the reps, oh no no no, all the evil in the world is our fault…all of it!…and life is just a game. How nice. How fun. mmm I like suffering so i think I’ll just create a bit more of it for myself ;).

    Faulty Towers – Dont Mention The War

  220. Michael44 says:

    I just came across this :-

    Please please New Agers, wake up. We do not create our own reality. Instead, we co-create it with all the other beings on this planet. We are not islands. We are all connected.

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  222. harriter88 says:

    hi back are some more vids/links 4 yals
    off the charts lol real?or not,but my gut tell me there is sumtin 2 many of these shapeshifting vids.admit that many are well poisoning bs
    mark passio New Age Bullshit
    use your third eye on this one folks,that the pause button & screen enlarge function

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  225. Esther says:

    The problem is the community of color the blacks have no unity. I’m of color and if blacks could stop the hoodrat mentality and fighting eachother it would help them and they’re children

  226. Esther says:

    I dont like that she is not fully accepting that evil is responsible for human misery. I understand this man but not her so much. My answer to this man is reptiles,aliens, sociopaths,and psychopaths are responsible for human misery.

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  231. jana says:

    Hi there. I went to Abraham twice. Although a fan at the time, your article made some sense to both my experiences, which perplexed me. Here they are … everyone, decide for yourself:

    1. I drove from Canada down to Philly to see her/them. I didn’t resonate with anyone there. Not to boast, but I dress in a unique way and really enjoy my style, which elicited many compliments from the Abe community there. I raised my hand all day till it was an ongoing joke in the room as Esther/Abe chose everyone around me and I’d stand up, only to be told “not you.” Finally, she called me up last and everyone cheered, which seemed to annoy her. She then diminished my clothes/hair (really, nothing outrageous, just different) and was somewhat standoffish in her replies. Note that her aura was HUGE. It was the first aura I’ve ever seen. It wasn’t wide, but was at least 8-9 feet tall. I’d heard others mention her aura in the past and her explain it as “energy leakage.” She shifted back and forth on her feet and for a sec, I think I felt a bit like dinner.

    Between the first and second time, I heard a lecture in which someone asked her about government/corporate/royal conspiracy. She said “Nobody is that smart” and stared the guy down. Any hoo …

    2. The second time I went to see Abe, again, I felt completely like I didn’t belong, though Abers were often coming to talk to me. It was a workshop in Cancun where everyone was encouraged (by Abe) to glut themselves on industrial food and drink at a hotel so loud and garrish, it felt quite hellish actually. I’m not precious about diet or regime, but when I say this was an assault on all my senses simultaneously … even the AC was loud! So yes, I got called up to the “hot seat” again. And this time, she stared me down with cold, black eyes and essentially wouldn’t answer my question. In front of everyone, she dismissed me utterly. My question was whether WE were the Christ–if that emergence was the perfection of each man’s design. With disinterest/dismissal, she shrugged her shoulders and said, “maybe.” Anything else, she asked. No, I shook my head. That was it. Note that my bit was not on the final recording. Lots of people came up to me afterward and said, “wow! she really didn’t like that/didn’t want to answer your question.” She/Abe had stared at me like I was a leper. Totally surprised me. Needless to say, I feel like there’s a certain type that she plays to. I guess I’m not that type!

    Is there a reptilian involved? Wouldn’t surprise me! It was the hard, black, stony eyes trying to shrink me, it felt. Yuck.

  232. Michael says:

    Hi Jana.

    She (it!) was scared of you it seems, and so she/it tries to belittle you in front of the crowd – to make it seem that it is your fault. That you don’t deserve her respect. To try to get the group to laugh at you.

    I am not surprised Jana.

  233. Michael says:

    I just had a bit of a google about Hicks again, and my first thought is – blame the victim! hers/its teaching is ultimately about blaming the victiom. so, if it is all the victim’s fault, then I spose we have no need for empathy or compassion.

  234. Michael says:

    Don’t worry Abraham/Esther Hicks fans, this child obviously was asking for it. Just relax – its all a game. (irony).

  235. Michael says:

    I love this last line from David Icke – “If you don’t face reality, you don’t change it.”

    Jana, i’m blaming you for this rant of mine :). Getting stuck into the deceptive nature of Hicks is a real hobbyhorse of mine, and you just reminded me again how distasteful I find hers/its philosophy.

  236. Michael says:

    That was meant to be a yellow smiley face – “Jana, i’m blaming you for this rant of mine :)”

    I’ll try that again – “Jana, i’m blaming you for this rant of mine” :)

  237. Michael says:

    That’s better!

  238. jana says:

    The other thing she told me in the first workshop was that I didn’t need to face any of my shit. That “I don’t need to go through anything in the cellar. Seal it off and carry on” … with all my baggage, essentially. That really contradicts what I’ve come to understand through further life experience. I did, however, do that for a couple of years–and got really good at getting “high” by “thinking, thinking, thinking” or shall I say denial? Until all my shit came up for acknowledgement, integration/transformation. She really doesn’t encourage facing anything. She even uses the analogy of putting your head in the sand deliberately, oblivious to the fact that you’ll get your ass kicked at the same time! But hey, that would be my fault any hoo. (if i had an emoticon avail, i’d insert smile here) Thanks, Michael

  239. jana says:

    One more thing: I looked up the origin of the being known as Abraham, which actually means by some translations: exalted snake.

  240. Michael44 says:

    Yes Jana, you said -

    “I did, however, do that for a couple of years–and got really good at getting “high” by “thinking, thinking, thinking” or shall I say denial?”

    I’ve definitely tried my fair share of that in the past , but as you have said, the shit refuses to stay down. And it takes so much energy to deny what is true about you at that time. It is tiring….and of course it is not real.

    We have to face the real, and i am far from having my shit together yet. It is a scary time. But what other choice do i have? and what other choice does anyone of us have…..i was just earlier today thinking about an ad on tv for Johnny Walker Whiskey, and the tag line is “Just keep walking”. well, I want to keep walking too :)………

    Abraham is a snake. how dare it try and put you down in front of the group….yes, me thinks it was definitely afraid of you. it must’ve sensed something about you. Now that’s a badge of honour as far as I’m concerned!

    (just regarding emoticons, after you submit your post, you can click onto edit and they will appear). or alternatively, for a smiley face type in this :) and it will turn into a yellow one after you’ve submitted.

  241. Michael44 says:

    umm, correction on emoticon instructions- there is no edit button in these comments (i was thinking of the forum). Don’t put a any character right next to your “:)” or it won’t turn yellow.

  242. Michael44 says:

    Ok, i never said i was good at giving instructions.

    last go.

    Type in this “:)” but without the inverted commas and click onto submit comment box. that’ll do it.

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  245. Trina says:

    I’ve watched David Ike years ago and he clearly gives alot of “truth” to absorb. I also have followed Bashar & Abraham who I thought were uplifting and seem to give hope. It is hard to accept that you have believed in them only to find out exactly what is going on.

    After watching this video and how Abraham clearly dodges his questions and then cuts him off (a side I’ve never saw before) just totally turned me off to who I thought these people who can channel & do lightwork to be.

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  256. quantum says:

    very weird how things come into play

    just came across the hicks and i wont lie, seemed promising when i heard her talking cuz it was very positive. after reading more on this site i then realized that i shouldnt jump to conclusions so quick.

    i did watch the video and i seem to be on the same level as the man who asked the questions.

    i get upset at how “stupid” or “sheepish” people have become
    it does bother me to see people have no common sense anymore and just go about society thinking its so smooth and perfect when shit goes down everyday

    very cool to have come across this stuff though, i did a bunch of exploration lastnight and came across the starr lady and read her site on those different types of beings that live out there

    very excited to keep reading up on stuff like this; as it FEELS correct


    brad i signed up for the forums but havnt received an email yet!

  257. quantum says:

    quick question i forgot to ask or an argument to bring up i guess

    it is INEVITABLE that the “good guys” win, but y all of this suffering?

    y not just destroy or capture or even just ignore these “bad guys”

    also what i read from that jelaila starr lady that if there is no good and evil, we as spiritual form cant have experiences and evolve because if there was only good we would only know good

    i dont no y there should be any evil though!

    which would also bring me into a theory i like to ponder:

    humans r the best being i can say to reach “divinity” or “nirvana” because we are given the choice between good and evil. and what makes us superior is that when we choose good because we know its right

    so is it good to have the understanding of good and bad? then reaching an equilibrium. or did eve really screw up for humans when the serpent tricked her and now we all have “original sin” as stated in bible

    another thing i guess i brought up myself

    now talking about the church! i am catholic i do believe in a all loving God but that vatican is the evilest place in the world. all religions have been used to sway people. even buddhism! which i can consider still the cleanest religion?

    thx guys! i am looking for to some comments actually, maybe i was supposed to come here and comment for a reason!

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  260. Sean says:

    I think arguing about it will not solve anything. No one commenting on this site knows for a fact what the truth behind it all is. Unless you are directly in contact or you are an enlightened entity involved in this battle against the dark ones, and can prove it, then it’s just your opinion based on your perspective. It’s sad to see people with the supposed same cause fighting each other. Also Brad friends are something you’re going to need because you cannot do it alone. Please stop fighting because that’s what they want, for you to create a low frequency among yourselves and others. You’re both correct and your both wrong as are the rest of us. Work together because togetherness is all we have.

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  263. Adam77 says:

    I’m new to Abraham/Hicks. I’m already turned off by the message. If you take to a simplified level they basically tell you not to act and put your head in the sand. Never address the negative. Never act against it. Just be happy. Things will not change until human beings have unified minds. Left and right brain. Abraham seems to be about right brain and the suppression of the sacred masculine. No thank you.

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  265. Sharna says:

    Over my years on Planet Earth I have discovered that what I see in others, is in myself. The good, bad, ugly, wonderful etc etc. Labels which quantify or judge others by a perception (often ego/mind) that changes so quickly especially in this timing on PE. Today’s fashion isn’t always lasting truth…. In fact in quantum physics it is now.. maybe not in the future, but only 29% of facts today are only going to be ‘truth’ in 6 years time…. So what you believed 6 years ago, only one quarter has stood the test of time! And 5years from now, maybe that % will be only 1%. All beings are playing out their part, extremely well. A bigger picture of all beings throughout the universe is not comprehensible viewed from this 3D experience. Separation and Fear are the great divide which each individual must ‘throw away’, ‘overcome’ if Oneness and Love is to be the next evolvement of each soul into the consciousness of unity.
    Planet Earth is one such ‘place’ that all beings can mix, grow, learn, get over, heal, help, unite or divide… not too many places are out there where this can happen… that’s why it’s so unique and beautiful.
    I certainly have belief systems, but they too change as they magnetize into fullness a different colour, spectrum, dimension or dissolve so I throw away that belief altogether.
    My beliefs attract my experiences… as too do what I feel and emote.
    David, the creator of Reverse Speech Therapy, spent a fortnight in my home in Darwin in 2004. His behaviour was totally unbalanced.. He was in fear, to the point of thumb sucking in a fetal position on my lounge when I came home one day… desperate for drugs. At that point I showed him the door and discontinued the training he was presenting there.
    I am not judging his behaviour, but allowing you to see a part of a man who was fear filled, running from authority and super scared because he had a belief that ‘someone’ was going to kill him – as his son apparently had disappeared mysteriously, his house set afire, his car bombed and the Police or CIA were after him.
    His modality was in it’s infancy at that point and from what I learnt ego and mind was at the basis of his reversing speech through losing his recorder down his toilet one day.
    The majority of his students were not psychologist but pseudo gurus who from what I experienced full of hidden agendas… in fact my husband needed 5 years of hypnotherapy after 6 sessions with one such ‘student/teacher’ of David’s.
    Each person who has come to this planet has a part to play… Each soul in the universe has a part to play out… What is seen as Reptilian or Pleadian or Sirian or for that fact Chinese, Aboriginal, Philippino? is just the part of the role… that’s it.
    From all of my personal past life trips, I too have been just about every nationality and species in the universe… so it is not ours to judge, but to experience it for ourselves and heal whatever comes up as that is the chink in our own soul that is requiring attention.
    It is either FEAR or LOVE… So simple… Just experience it for yourselves, not sit in the armchair and point at what you’ve never tasted.

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  273. Aurora C. says:

    I started familiarizing myself with Abraham Hicks almost a year ago. AS a decades (lifetimes) long student of Consciousness and esoteric knowledge, something really started to bother me about the whole scene. There were not talking about refining one’s state of being and waking up. They were focusing on using the power of the mind to get money, and everything else ego desires. It was all about having the power now to manifest right now what you (ego) wanted. Anyone who truly has a spiritual background, and has gone through any degree of spiritual transformation sees a real problem here.

    This is presenting a version of spirituality that is setting human beings back, and assisting them in using their own minds to keep themselves locked into erroneous self identification.

    My original instincts are right on this. The WE that is “Abraham” has tales and scales. They use all the right words, but I can see and feel the deception energetically. They can read minds and use that to deceive vulnerable human beings. One gets so weary of this bullshit, excuse the FRench. WE must work on our own inner expansion and transformation and quit looking to others for guidance. It is too dangerous these days.


  274. Katerina Safarik says:

    You are so spon on with this article! Thanks for all your hard work! Few minutes in listening to this 23 minutes of brainwashing manipulation and I felt *SICK*! ONLY A PERSON WITHOUT ANY MORRALS AT ALL can agree with Abraham/Hicks. Whoever does not feel it very strongly with his intuition/intellect, that it’s all clever manipulation… I do not know… you ar truly lost, right now.

    (also I really do not like my icon :DDD )

    P.S.: I look forward article about removing implants! I really need that! And also some of my family members!!

  275. Fiona says:

    I am amazed to come across this. i Listened to one of abraham hicks what ever they are. and the one above with the guy. I am sorry But I have been bvorn with the gift of knowing the truth. and not one thing that she uttered was even understandable let alone the truth. For if it was the truth I would of been able to understand it. It is LIERS all of it. and a load of gobbledegook. Not a ounce of truth in it. thanks for exposing this. I have heard of her but my gut told me don’t waste yur time. so I didn’t then one day I happenend accross it and turned it of some way through after her endless raving bs became to boring to even listen to. As does all reptilian vomit to me. All LIES and I know it before I even have to listen to it. Sad that peole are so easily taken in by such bollocks. but then they are constantly looking to other for their needs to be met. When it is in them to meet their own needs.

  276. John smith says:

    Rofl this woman literally says “head in the sand is good if the alternative causes you any suffering” so ignore reality basically. Psycho and sick freak.

  277. awakeveg says:

    Intuitively I feel people behind him seemed even hipnotized just like it happens in teal bosworth cults and things like that, like with bashar people speak almost fearful to this abraham entity and he allows it, that’s a sign of overpowering energy put upon these minions. These followers are always people looking for answers outside and specially for that they are weak as they put their power on others, they are lost and this be happy and create your own reality seems like a narcotic, making them to feel even worse when something goes wrong cause now not only they are the receiving end or are victims but now they also receive the blame.

    Hicks is the only one I listened for a long time, always thinking why I couldn’t understand this entity, until I figure out it is not really saying pratical things, you can watch 30 videos and just end up more confused than before. She helped me to boycott gurus all together, if she received people on her house for free or with donations it would be one thing for me but when they put these high fees to share the truth I know they are scam, well intentioned people, teachers, spiritual figures, mediums and psychics can’t help but be compassionate and share something for free.

    The most telling thing in this video though is how he was forced to be filmed, that’s horrible and tells much about this cult.


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