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YouTube User “Gorilla199″ and the Holy Spirit


If you’ve been following this site then you’ll know that there has been a concentrated focus on Religion and how the Reptilians have used it so effectively to control people’s minds. So far, Christianity has been the focus, with a number of Christian ministers having had their Reverse Speech analysed (see previous posts).

The information gathered through Reverse Speech both on this site and through Peggy Kane’s research tells us that the Reptilians have been behind the whole thing. The level of manipulation has literally been beyond belief. They have been responsible, not only for establishing the Religions in this first place and creating the “Holy” books, but they have been behind the even more effective manipulation of creating wonderful “spiritual” experiences and encounters for the followers of these Religions, specifically Christians.

Christians refer to these wonderful moments with “God” as being “touched by the “Holy Spirit” and there is no denying that these “encounters” with a supernatural force are very real indeed, with people feeling a “presence” with them and often feeling lightheaded (which is often referred to as being “drunk in the Spirit”). It is also common for people to be so overcome by these encounters that they fall to the floor, unable to stand for quite some time. Overal these experiences are often very joyful and emotional.

So, with these kind of “experiences” and “encounters” happening in Church, at Christian events and even at home, is it any wonder that Christians hold such strong beliefs about Jesus, the Bible and Christianity? Why would you even question such “amazing” encounters? Why would you even think for one moment that this might not have anything to do with God? 

As Reverse Speech research has shown us, we live in a hall of mirrors at the moment on this planet due to the Reptilian’s manipulation of Humanity. Reverse Speech is simply the best tool currently available for us to see through the fog of confusion and understand the truth.

Now, there are many Christians out there who have done their home work and have an understanding about the global conspiracy, the Illuminati and even the Reptilians to some degree, but obviously they are explaining the situation from a Christian perspective, with Satan verses God and Jesus coming as the saviour etc.

One such Christian currently creating quite a stir on YouTube is Chris Constantine, who goes under the username of “Gorilla199″.  He has published over 200 videos to date on subjects including the Freemasons, Ufos, Nibiru and the Reptilians.

As with most Christians, he appears very sincere, honest and has great conviction with his beliefs regarding Christianity and Jesus. His experiences within Christianity have clearly had a positive impact on him and he even claims to have been healed from years of depression after his first encounter with the “Holy Spirit”.

And this is the great paradox; Here is a man who has obviously been effected in a very positive way after becoming a Christian and being “touched” by Jesus and the “Holy Spirit”, so why would his experiences have anything to do with the Reptilians? Would they create Joy in people’s lives? Could they be responsible for creating such incredibly positive experiences for people like Chris, when their whole agenda has been to create chaos and fear in this world?

Well, in order to start answering that question lets see what Chris’ Reverse Speech has to tell us about his experiences with Jesus and the “Holy Spirit”.

If you are not familiar with Chris’s channel ”Gorilla199″ then it is recommended that you watch one or two of his videos before moving on to the Reverse Speech analysis below – Here is his channel Gorilla199 YouTube 

Below is an example of one of his videos. In it  he is talking about Freemasonry and the Reptilians. There certainly is no doubting that he has done his research and understands a lot about the secret society networks.


Now, out of the 200 + videos he has published, the video below probably holds his most powerful message due to the subject matter and the level of emotion involved. In the video he explains the events that lead up to him becoming a born again Christian and what happened during his first “encounter” with  Jesus Christ and the “Holy Spirit”. As you will see, Chris is very sincere and shares his story with total conviction.

The Reverse Speech analysis follows the video…




For clarity purposes it is recommended that you listen to reverse speech through headphones 


Forward – “Looking For God For a While”

Forward – Looking For God For a While by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “The Owl Were Fuck With Me”

Reverse – The Owl Were Fuck With Me by Humanity Wins

For those new to Reverse Speech terminology “Owl” is one of the most common metaphors for the Reptilians. Although the grammar and sentence construction isn’t perfect with this reversal we still get the message loud and clear that the Reptilians were messing with him. Reversal speech doesn’t care much for censorship as with the “F word”




 Forward – “Worship Song, And Um I”
Worship Song, And Um I (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Yeah, Was Net, Was For Show”

Yeah Was Net, Was For Show (R) by Humanity Wins

“Net” is one of the most common terms in reverse speech and refers to either the Reptilian net surrounding the Earth or a deception. In this case he is telling us that he was being caught up in a deception and this whole experience with the “Holy Spirit” was created simply for effect.




Forward – “Before the Cig”

Forward – Before the Cig by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “It’s Bullshit”

Reverse – It’s Bullshit by Humanity Wins

This is the part where he is explaining when he noticed his depression had gone and then a voice spoke to him. From this reversal he may of been bending the truth a little. 




Forward – “Before I Could Click the Lighter”

Forward – Before I Could Click the Lighter by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “That’s the Owl Look…. He Throw Shit”

Reverse – Thats the Owl Look…He Throw Shit by Humanity Wins

The word after “Look” is unfortunately inaudible, but this reversal again indicates the Reptilian  involvement in this situation.




Forward – “Cried in my Life”

Forward – Cried in my Life by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Fell Down, Meet the Owl”

Reverse – Fell Down, Meet the Owl by Humanity Wins

This reversal tells us that he wasn’t meeting Jesus at all, but the “Owl” (the Reptilians).




Forward – “What an Experience”

Forward – What an Experience by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Snake Rapes, Get On”

Reverse – Snake Rapes, Get On by Humanity Wins

This seems to be a constant theme when anyone is talking about “wonderful” or “amazing” experiences with the “Holy Spirit” in reverse they are telling us about “rape”. It seems that the Reptilians have somehow been raping people energetically, as in feeding off of their energy and by creating strong emotions in people they have been able to create a strong energy to feed from. (Again, for those new to Reverse Speech terminology “Snake” is another common metaphor for the Reptilians)




Forward – “There’s No Way That “

There’s No Way That (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Yeah The Owl Runs it”

Yeah The Owl Runs it (R) by Humanity Wins

This reversal is telling us who’s really behind Chris’ experience.




Forward – “That Those Words”

Forward – That Those Words by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Sell, Job Done”

Reverse – Sell, Job Done by Humanity Wins

Chris brought the story of Jesus and then it was “job done”, the Reptilians could then have their fun.




Forward – “About Where I’m Sitting Now”

Forward – About Where I’m Sitting Now by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “One is Not of That”

Reverse – One is Not of That by Humanity Wins

The “One” is our true God, the true creator and we will all be reunited fully with him in the very near future. This reversal is telling us that this experience with the “Holy Spirit” has nothing to do with the One.




Forward – “He Suprised”

Forward – He Suprised by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “See Owl’s Deceit”

Reverse – See Owls Deceit by Humanity Wins

This reversal pretty much sums it up.




Forward – “When he Fills You With the Spirit”

Forward – When he Fills You With the Spirit by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “A Rapes, You Show His Kingdom”

Reverse – A Rapes, You Show His Kingdom by Humanity Wins

The kingdom being shown here is one of manipulation, deceit and rape.




Forward – “And Jesus is Awesome”

Forward – And Jesus is Awesome by Humanity Wins


Reverse - “Our Souls, it’s a Siege Net”

Reverse – Our Souls, it’s a Seige Net by Humanity Wins

Christianity’s role, along with all other Religions, was simply to entrap people’s minds and souls. The Reptilians have layed siege to so many people’s souls throughout history. This is now coming to an end though and humanity’s minds and souls with be free!



My love goes out to Chris, he is a sincere and caring guy, but unfortunately he, like so many others, has been manipulated by the Reptilians into a belief system that they established and controlled.  They have also loved messing with people’s heads and creating “spiritual” experiences has been an easy event for them to create due to their technlology and total understanding of this dimension and the human mind. 

Again, back to the question “why would the Reptilians create positive experiences for people?”

Well, the reversal which gives us the biggest insight is “Snake Rapes, Get on”. This reversal comes up when he is discussing how “wonderful” his experience was. The Reptilians have fed off of Humans energetically (and unfortunately physically as well) and the stronger the emotion the bigger the meal. Yes, negative emotions have been their favorite form of energy, but intense positive emotions seem to have been well received as well. Worship in Churches across the world every Sunday have been a regular meal for the Reptilians and these are incredibly positive environments generally.

The bottom line is that there is still a lot to be understood regarding the Reptilians and their reason for doing certain things, but we will soon have all the answers to every single one of our questions.

Freedom, Truth and Love is coming!  


New to Reverse Speech? – Have Questions? – “Is Reverse Speech a Valid Tool or is it Bullshit”


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92 Responses to “YouTube User “Gorilla199″ and the Holy Spirit”

  1. 737 says:

    Amazing reversals!

  2. lava says:

    I found your site awhile ago via Peggy Kane’s website. I find your reversals and interpretations every bit as good as Peggy’s. Keep up the good work!

    I’m not that interested in organized religions as I found the concepts unfulfilling in my teenage years (many decades ago!); however, I understand many people are just breaking out of these control systems. Your revelations are bound to open some minds!

    If you decide to move onto other areas (e.g. current events or spirituality), I could give a few suggestions. Since reverse speaking is fairly new to me, I’m currently just listening and trying to get an “ear” for the voice clips that you and Peggy publish – I have to confess it is hard…. How long have you been working at this amazing art/technology/craft?

    Thanks again.

  3. vicket says:

    Thanks for reversing Chris. I’ve been following him for a couple of years and I also believe him to be very sincere. Nice site you have here.

  4. Nika says:

    I keep finding things on the internet that confirm what I am coming to believe. My mind was so programmed its been hard to break free from religion and these beings want our energy. We must be pretty special…powerful. Lots to ponder these days. Thanks for your webpage.

  5. Linda says:

    Part 2 is faulted. Would you be able to fix this so you can share this. Thank you..

  6. So explain to me this, why is it telling grays to go away in the name of Jesus is what repels them. This is what many experiencers report.

    I found this because I believe Chris is a good person and I was looking for more info on him.

    I don’t always agree with him, but I do agree with quite a bit of what he talks about when it comes to masons, etc.

    If you are really anti-Illuminati you shouldn’t be attacking people who are sincerely against them.

  7. Humanity Wins says:

    To Stoptheevilnwo – That’s a great question about the reports of people using the name of Jesus to repell Alien abductions from the Grays. There is certainly plenty of evidence out there to suggest that this is a real phenomena. Joe Jordan is the leading expert on this. This is a question that I’ve been trying to get the bottom of for some time. I have done reverse speech anaysis of some of the abductees talking about their experiences, but there is nothing conclusive as yet. Although I will put up a blog post soon with the reverse speech I have done on the subject.

    Bottom line, there’s still a lot we don’t know. The Reptilians have completely fucked us and given us so much manipulation, lies and half truths that trying to understand everything right now is impossible. We will soon have all the answers to every one of our questions though.

    There is no doubt that all Religions, including Christianity are Reptilain institutions set up for manipulation and control. But I think there is still more to understand about the figure known as Jesus. But I certainly don’t buy into what the Bible wants us to believe.

    And as for me “attacking” Chris, at no point have I attacked the guy. I have a lot of love for him because he’s trying to do the right thing. But unfortunately he’s been royally fucked and manipulated by the Reptilians, just like so many others. I have simply reversed his speech and posted what he says in reverse. I am not reponsible for what he says in his own reverse speech. Reverse speech is a fantastic tool for pushing through the smoke and mirrors of Reptilian manipulation to get to the truth and Chris clearly gives us the real picture of his “Holy Spirit” experience.

    All this bullshit is about to come to an end, so I say to everyone just chill out and get ready to celebrate :-)

  8. Randy says:

    Being that I am entitled to my opinion, this is ridiculously funny. I find it so unfortunate for you that you put all this faith in reptilian belief. All this belief from nothing but mere speculation and imagination. I can say that ONLY one out of the eleven reversed speech clips was understandable, and that’s not saying much because even it’s not clear. Therefore, I can’t help but rule out ALL of the reversed speech clips of Chris and reptilians at work as pure non-sense on your part. To the contrary of your reverse speech of Chris, I would put my faith on the forward speech version, that is to say, the interpretation of the words is compelling evidence as what he is saying is true. If you can put faith in reverse speech, then why not put faith in forward, at least it’s understandable and not something that’s been assumed. I think David Icke is a highly educated individual and I find him interesting, however, I think we know that this was an attack on Chris. A loving way to make him look bad that was achieved through nothing but manipulation. We all know these two guy have had issues in the past. All your claims fall under the category as fallacies (Ad Hominem), along with the quote, “All this bullshit is about to come to an end, so I say to everyone just chill out and get ready to celebrate”, and “This is now coming to an end though and humanity’s minds and souls with be free!”, (Slippery Slope) and more. My friend, the Bible has prophesized waaaaay to many events in our time not to have any validation to it; therefore, you probably should put more faith in that than the mere speculations of the reptilians. When it comes to Chris’s testimony, or your reverse speech accusations; well, let’s just say, I put my faith in Chris, aka, Gorilla199

  9. INK says:

    More good stuff! We are getting closer every day to the One and truth! GO US, GO ONE!

  10. jeffry lopez says:

    im 17 years old and im proud to say that where i live, bakersfield california
    theres actually alot of people waking up, and in my high school, i never anticapated this, im so happy

  11. Humanity Wins says:

    To Randy….

    First of all I respect your opinion and I have no interest in trying to convince anyone of anything. If reverse speech isn’t valid in your mind then that’s up to you.

    Now to address your comment;

    Well, my understanding of the Reptilian manipulation of humanity certianly isn’t based on “imagination and “speculation”. This has been an area of research for me for over 6 years now. I have looked at the information and the evidence available from multiple sources and this is what my conclusion is based upon. Reverse speech is simply ONE area of information. It is simply a tool. And yes, for some people it isn’t a valid tool. That’s fine for them. But for me I’ve looked at reverse speech in the same way I’ve looked at ALL information I’ve come across over the years. I’ve analysed it, studied it and come to a conclusion based on the evidence. And for me reverse speech has been reponsible for opening my mind to higher levels of understanding.

    And as for the Bible and it’s accuracy of prophesied events. Sure, what is prophesied, particularly in the book of revelations, is on the mark to some degree. But who do you think prohesised these events??? God??? The Reptilian’s have been in control here for a long time and they’ve always known what their “endgame” plan was. Unfortunaley for them it isn’t going to end how they planned. This planet and the human race will soon be free!

    Put your faith wherever you like my friend. It is none of my business. If the Bible feels right to you then go with it.

    Love to everyone :-)

  12. mari sofi says:

    I am lovingly thankful for the work you and Peggy are doing.. I was lead to this nothing is an coincidence.. It was totally perfect to get this information today.. and according to my own heart this is true.. I have known this now for some months now..

    all the Love and Light there is

  13. emac says:

    Read “The Gods of Eden” it explains a lot of what you’re saying

  14. the rula says:

    well clearley there is two forces at work at in this world good and evile

    but all i can say is i do believe that the holey bible is true i read the king james version myself but long as it preaches the truthe of jesus christ thats all that matters i believe in jesus christ of nazereth and am saved long as the information that you read says jesus christ is the son of GOD and came and died for youre sins ye shalt be saved
    for GOD so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son for whosoever shalt believeth in him shalt not perish but have everlasting life

    i believe in him and i am saved

    now as for reptilians i do not know for sure if or if not that they are true but i think they may be true i myself have had dreams or maybe seeming like dreams of alien greys most recent i remember there were about two greys thoughte they seemed kinda skinny and a little white

    here wha happened all of a sudden i realized that i was falling asleep then all of a sudden i did not reach that part of relaxation wher i drift off too sleep nore when i decided to move or open my eys it was hard all of a sudden i seen and felt myself in my living room wher i was still struggling verey verey mutche to open my eys whicthe required alot of energy imagine if i just said i was hard for me to move it was like i could not but it toocke a whole lot of lot of energy just to struggle and squirm just a little here where it gets scarey out of my faith in GOD i grew extra strength from that of course i was using with what little strngth i had to struggle and squirm and was using it to all of my energy to focuse it on my eyes and trying hard to open them where i seen the walls of my bedroom just so little then again my eyes would shut i knew i was obviousley then physicalley in my bedroom but then my eyes would force shut again and again i was stuggling to open my eys and get up this cycle repeated about three to four times about onh half a half a second or half a second my eys would open bareley oh so little then shut again then when they where shut again i would see and feel myself in my living room the interesting thing that i know think about and notice is that i was laying on some hopefulley piece of furniture in this dream or abduction or whatever you want to call this it seemed and felt like some form of mass or something was there that i was laying on top of it was not neither hard nore soft but yet it seemd like it had some sort of comfort to it like it didnt cause no pain it was not cushy soft nore hard and cold it was just there like cardboard i guess but i was still off the ground like the same high equivalent like when you lay on a couch i guess but either way thrue all of this that i described so far i did not see no greys but i knew they were there i felt there eeerie deep dry dark negative gloomy like presence and i knew and felt they were coming,thats it i felt and got tired of this struggle i did nit want to wait and see them nore did i want to struggle really hard and get up and figthe them i just said in the name of jesus let me go i said something like that but i told them to leave me alone in the name of jesus or let me go in the name of jesus or something like that in the name of jesus of course and then i was able to move then rigthe before i wocke up there was this some sort of type of energy where like in a mvie you do not see the camera move but you know the camera moved because the scenarey changed and or the person moved closer to the object well all of a sudden i seen outside licke all of a sudden i was seeing thrue licke a camera mode because my sigthe moved and moved where i seen my door then my sigthe toocke me wher i seen outsid on my porch so i had a view from my porch but it did not stop there it ket moving forward to just a few feet towards my driveway where i seen two greys walking really close to eachother like they were conversating they were walking verey close together like as if they were connected but i knew i was pretty sure i got the impression that they were not connected at all they were just walking that near to each other because they were conversationg with eachother and working verey near to each other then i wocke up, also i believe the holey bible is true so i believe there is no lie in it and that yes it was written by GOD thrue his prophettes or however it is that he wrote it but i do bekieve that it is true and that it is by GOD jehovah jire,and evereything that it says about jesus is true, now in reply to something that i read that the person said the and made a comment what seemed to me like the person was saying (who do you think wrote the bible?)well i dont know how you can know, that they know there end,but yet also say that(unfortunatley for them it isnt going to end as they planned) i mean what are you saying i hope that you are not implying that they wrote the bible whitche i do not believe and then say they wrote there own destruction there own ending) and how come you say you know how its gonna turn out at the ending but not say you believe in the bible i mean i dont know if you do or dont, but if you dont why believe one part of the bible but not all of it i mean either something is real or not i myself personelly do believe in the bible

  15. Marco says:

    I was pondering the idea of reptilians feeding off ‘positive’ energy after reading your article above and came to the conclusion that, if that were true, then the reptilians would be increasing their body’s vibrational state of being (based on what positive energy will do to a body). This doesn’t seem to ‘fit in’ with the idea of a negative based being.
    I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I do have a theory that may explain it somewhat.

    My theory on this is likened to that of an Investor. Investors are willing to sacrifice SOME of the money they have because they know that the return is going to be greater than the sum they put into it. I believe this is the way a Reptilian will operate. If a Rep is willing to give a Human a profound joyful experience about something…lets say Jesus for example, well, imagine the rewards. 20? 30? years of faithful loyal service, not forgetting the sacrifices, giving to the church and a lifetime of inner struggling between Good and Evil. And that’s to say nothing of the Sins, the awkward confessions and of course the resulting penances.

    That’s a pretty good score for one act of granting a joyful experience. Maybe it’s a sacrifice for them to do something like this ..(I certainly can’t see them getting high off our positive emotions). A sacrifice perhaps, but a profitable investment nonetheless.

  16. Humanity Wins says:

    That’s a good take on it Marco, I think you’re basically right about that. It’s not just as simple as the Reptilians giving this guy a few “positive” experiences and therefore his whole life is wondwerful! I mean, his mind must be in a pretty unbalanced state. He sure seems to have a lot of anger and often attacks people like David Icke because they don’t believe what he does about “Jesus”. So yeah I think you’re right about the investing analogy.

  17. SherieAnnBrodigan says:

    I’m feeling the same line as Mari Sofi as to having felt led to this site. I noticed that Fire Fox has limmited info and IE let me see this site in the listings.I had been clicking through youtube and felt an urge to magnify Ted Pike and his friend in a video I had never seen nor heard of TP b4 and had never looked for anomalies. The morphing of both is so clear I was shocked and kept saying, I never wanted to know this. In 1986 I had been staying with pple in Chico Cal they were big fat rich kids who ate all the food so I had been fasting and taking their dog for runs in a big field. I had been sleeping in the dog chair.They took me on their hunt for thunder eggs and I walked around picking up loose crystals and I saw a hole in the ground and stuck a twig in out of curiosity, a clear jelly full of silver balls was like a glue on the twig,and I jumped to find anyone to ask about it,when I came the few steps back to the spot the small stick and the hole were gone.As we were moving North twards Seattle the car died parallel with Mount Shasta. though it had passed a 3A inspection the day b4. after getting robbed by the 2 females who picked us up hitching North,the ppl I was with blamed me and so I went to hitch alone.An Oldsmobile took me to Eugene OR. with 2 Frat guys. I had never been to Eugene. I walked over to the 7-11 for a pack of M&M’s. And while standing in line a man came up to me smiling and said he would like to read his poetry to me. He had a 40oz beer he was buying. He walked to the front of the line and the cashier looked through him he laughed walked back to the case and picked up another 40oz. Then he walked to the front again and the cashier looked through him.He laughed and walked to the door waiting under the arch for me. We walked to a near Frat house and went to an unused room where he let me see his book it was in a blue leather binding with gold detail.It was in a language I had never heard and I guessed it was Eastern European.He read it and I sat picking at M&M’s. When he came to the end I looked back at him and his eyes turned as red as red lights. I screamed and ran out he chased me I screamed with all my might and he grabbed at my rt shoulder I turned my head and body to shrug him off and saw that he had not grabbed me but had shrunken down and was standing on my shoulder. I screamed and threw him off of me as I ran he kept the chase I ran to the door outside through the kitchen expecting there to be some ppl in the house and expecting someone to come out hearing me screaming. I excited the house and ran down the road he followed. As I back tracked to the 7-11 and around the streets I knew. I ran and he chases laughing and laughing and pulling down his pants and urinating as he strutted bo leggedly walking and when he did that I stopped a pedestrian to ask if he was invisible to them. The couple said they did not see him. Then he walked right onto a car roof laughing. I ran to the Frat I knew and it was locked I stood at the end of the pillared porch and wondered where to run. I saw the fenced pool area and jumped the fence and climed the fire escape climbing in the first open window,and found I was in the bathroom/showerroom. I opened the door and saw that I stood directly b4 the room of the guy who had offered my a room for a night earlier. I had come into Eugene and gone to 7-11 around 7pm and 5-6 hours had passed.I knew I had lost time.In the morning stepping onto the porch I saw the house where the poetry had intended to entrance me was the house standing accross the road. This is one way I know reps are real. Also I have been attacked many times for ex dr’s seem to take a demonic approach to me and torture me over and over throughout my life so much so as to convince me they have an entity in them which causes them to enjoy tormenting me. I do not go to dr’d unless I am starting to die and Vets have killed my pets mutilated my animals. Anytime I ask for help from anyone for anything I must remember the help may be more complications.

  18. SherieAnnBrodigan says:

    I love Chris and project a loving embrace for his being. I have thought about his messages and come to focus on his negetivity his calling ppl stupid and other names. I think about his face and how he seems to loose sleep and rest and I feel sympathies for his struggles.I read the Bible starting at 12y old asked for a used one for my Bday. Grandma gave on old one and I went right to it starting at Luke then on to Ester, read it many times.I have read the Bible king James out loud in English and Lutheran outloud in German while recovering from a neo nazi attack (97)which left me with broaken foot hand and tooth fractured jaw and fractured skull. I had time as I could not walk. And thinking the Bible would bring me healing I read to the cat and spirit world. I came from a Jewish family and finding a friend in Christ came because homeless at 15 I needed food from churches they harped on Jesus b4 I could eat. Also my mom dropped me at KUWANA’S when I was 5y as a babysitter,free meal.I’d asked Christ into my heart every time thinking I had lost him at the synagogue,the Saterday b4.One time we sat in rows,told one of us would be called up to the stage to give a time line of out salvation.I knew I would be called up and wrote Sherie Ann Brodigan on a slip and put it in the hat.My question to God was,Are they going to read the paper and call me in a fare way or are they just going to call me and pretend it was my name on the slip they drew? God led me to write my middle name as proof it had been drawn. As I went to the stage my sister whispered,Why did you write your middle name? The teacher and I went from birth to death writing each prjected phase of my life onto a giant timeline. When we got to my death the teacher exclaimed Oh, we forgot the most important event,the day you invited Christ into your heart.She went back and scribbled it with arrows into the margin in a place where it seemed appropriate to her.I no longer hope for the Christ child though am comforted to sing clasical Christian music and to hear Christ motivated classical music.Christ has never stepped in to save me from beatings as a child or molestations or any other torture.I love my Creator and He has made his presence known this for me is all I need,to listen and obey for the sake of all that is true and good.I see Chris suffer and smile and for that I know he would be happier with a clear mind a mind free of slogans and associations a mind ready to accept the reality of peace within the warning and encouragement of God.Let God search the world for love and find you ready for his advice for you in your time of impending conflict.

  19. SherieAnnBrodigan says:

    Just a little added info :)) I got a Noah’s Ark coloring book as a gift from the teacher and I never colored in it it was my special gift.I found the same coloring book at a church bazar 35 years later and it has not been colored in : )) And also when I was in Eugene I was laying on the grass of the University and drinking a hansens cherry juice I got from deposit bottles I had collected.I saw little garden gnome looking beings walking up the tree trunks and laughing in the branches and walking up side down on the boughs. When they were up side down I had to laugh that there hats did not fall off.I have never seen red eyes or gnomes again.

  20. Aragonne says:

    What to say… God exist, angels exist, Evil exist too, and demon and ghost of many kind, and Rep and many others. I’m Catholic, Christian. I believe in God, angels, evil, paradise, etc. But I always know, because my parents told and learn me that : what ever religion, government, police, your boss, your parents, or any other forms of controlling, persuasing, etc. ALWAYS questioning why do you have to do what they want you to do. Always use your judgment, your intelligence, your heart to know what is good to you and what is not. Like what we say here : you have not to jump down the bridge only because your friends have already jumped. I don’t believe in dogma of any kind. I don’t believe in Religion or any other tools for controlling people that order me to do thing without asking questions, I don’t believe in orders. I’m not a good soldier. I’m my own boss and God help me to stand up, not to obey, not to go down, not to be a slave and not to be on my knee to worship Him. God want you to stand up and be yourself. Well… That’s enough for tonight. Good dreams for all Humanity.

  21. Thomas says:

    There are two sides to the bible, the man made version which is what to me is what everyone here sees as the reptilian mind control version. Then there is the side that projects the Universal Light of Life which is love. it is clearly stated in the bible that only people who can SEE and HEAR will get the true message and meaning, that is why he spoke in parables and that is why the majority of the bible is in poetic form, there is a lot that is behind the words, read it over and over and over and you’ll begin to SEE and HEAR if you have love in your heart. God won’t allow dark to over take the light, only light can penetrate the darkness, so shine your light on the world and look and listen for the light, it is everywhere, the entire universe is filled with it. If you haven’t read the bible i suggest it, there is audio versions everywhere, the best free resource is , there you can read it, listen to it and it is a searchable data base which makes it easy to find passages or reference or cross reference any versions of the bible that are out there.

  22. Craig says:

    My reply to this and and other things have all been the same. I try real hard to understand how all you individuals believe in this reptilian stuff when we have God.I’m not trying to be rude or intrusive.Can you answer me why you don’t think there’s a Almighty God that’s going to take care of this all for us?Why do you believe that the bible is propaganda of the reptilian along with science when you don’t really have any proof of it?Do you just assume they were here before we were on the planet earth or do you know?I’ve also watched interviews with reptilians and I’m sure many people on this website can refer to a interview with lacetera (I’m not sure if I spelled it right) I watched the whole video but it’s a human speaking.When you play your sentences backwards or phrase how do you know it’s reptilians and why do you assume there isn’t a heaven or hell, yet you assume it’s a reptilian inner spirit voice talking through this guys words. Thanks for reading I’m sure you have reasoning.

  23. Craig says:

    One more thing why do you believe this satanism is real but you don’t believe in God?

  24. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Craig,

    Whoever said I don’t believe in God???

    I think you’re misunderstanding things my friend. Religion is a LIE. That does not mean that we don’t have a real creator who loves us and is helping us! Far from it. The Reptilians have pretended to be God and have manipulated billions of people throughot history by doing this. But our true “God”, “creator”, or whatever name you wish to use, is at the forefront of helping humanity break free!

    You ask “why do I believe the Bible is propaganda?” Well spend more than 5 minutes on this website and then you’ll start to see why I know the Bible is a Reptilian manipluation.

    You are also misunderstanding reverse speech as well. It is not a Reptilian speaking in reverse through this man (Chris Constanitine), reverse speech is connected to the universal mind and will reveal the truth no matter what is being said in forward. I recommend you read the post “Is Reverse Speech and Valid Tool or is it Bullshit?” in the “Reverse Speech” category for a deailed explanation.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts


  25. Enlightenus says:

    Sending positive energy towards something negative turns into negative energy. For example, war in the middle east is far from positive, but over here in Canada and America people are cheering and celebrating the soldiers. So all that positive energy back home is translating into negative energy over there.

    In Chris’ case, he’s sending positive energy to the reptilian agenda, which makes the Net stronger. Good can be used for evil. I too am sure that Chris is a good person aside from some of the anger towards others. The so called holy spirit has healed him of depression for a life long contract of soul and mind slavery, if someone just dropped $50 million into your hand you would be healed from depression too but then open doorways to other avenues of unhappy Conciousness. That’s the holy spirit, except it’s a spiritual $50 million.

    And to one of the earlier comments about if you don’t believe the bible then you don’t believe in god. Well actually we do believe in God, the true creator has never harmed a soul, and has never destroyed creation or even thought about it. The ONE only seeks to improve and renew. Please add up the death toll of YHWH in the Old Testament…2.5 million. You can figure the rest for yourself.


  26. hugh says:

    david icke is totally new age and combines total shite with truth, just what you people seem to think is balanced…benjamin creme and alice bailey and all the resat of the fiendish DEVIL worshippers (yes they did not worship reps just actual devils) are very much in line with this type of thinking, they are doing what they are paid to do i suppose, yet would it not be REAL for them to repent of their evil lies and hatred and instead come to love others unconditionally in Jesus, OF COARSE IT WOULD. You and the reverse speech thing can come across much truth, yet you FORGET to mention that people can interpret the reversals and this plays a large part in their truth…Anyways, this was very interesting, and some of it even true, yet you are just like all the rest of the new agers, etc. that hang on your own every word as truth, and then knock people who believe the Holy Bible.

  27. Pastor Chris says:

    Why does reverse speech always contain misappropriate words, verbs, adverbs, and wild adjectives? Doesn’t that indicate that it is simply jibberish?

  28. Kim says:

    I just found this site, and I just wanted to ask if you have ever heard of the Djinn? According to legend, they can shape shift and present themselves in any form, including dead ancestors, angels, demons, shadow people, UFOS, etc. They can be good or bad. Something to consider.

  29. stephany says:

    I can see why reptilians would give the Christians that floaty feeling they get, I’m not going to lie I had a old minister touch me and say in the made of Jesus blah blah blah and next thing i know i was on the ground. but it was just that a black out, i felt this warm ball of warmth coming from the ministers hand on to my stomach which forced me into sort of state that i could not control, but my conclusion is that, well the reptilians needed something to back up the bible and what do people want physical proof, so by u calling on to Jesus or any god you get the holy spirit. now that the reptilians caught your attention that’s when they start sucking up all the energy you release at church… I mean the times i went to church as a kid everyone in church wes crying during service and they would get possessed and just act crazy. To me it all seem unreal people look like they were in mourning every sunday morning and when the sermon was over………………………………………………….. everyone went back to their old HABBITS,,, and everyone has dirty skeletons in the closet.. dont tell me everyone touch by the holy spirit remained holy, no everyone went back to their old HABBITS


  30. jon says:

    Hi i found your site while looking for ist’s illuminati spirit torture. from which i suffer very badly, as a matter of fact im beggining to think im ther tamuz. I’m not kidding !! the tv radio never stops even the queens at it. im martin origanaly from glasgow. if you notice shes just met martin in n.Ireland. now shes in glasgow, thats how it goes all the time, 2 years ago lacey martin presented her with flowers. im one of Gods very elect you see !! sometime i think mark 13:12 in the bible was writen for me its so real. my bro works for airbus and they are funded by big illuminati coy’s illegally acording to the w.t.o. world trade orginization, illuminati coy’s paying illuminati familys to inact mark 13;12. I have thousands of secret society witches following me around i.s.t’ing me, makeing sure i cant work, sabbotageing me stuff, my dad was a rosecrocionist from edwinstowe,newark,,,,, id like to hear from you, p.s. my mum’s possessed by the Godess/she owns columbus house/ is adament i become an r.c.preist?

  31. George B Duran says:

    I come this day to share the following:

    Surely it seems to be a lot of ‘chaos’ everywhere, but that is just part of the balancing natural process of Life [Cause & Effect]; there is no one above this COSMIC LAW.

    Because THOUGHT AND FEELING is the One Creative Power.

    Mankind having free will must decide how the Energy supplied by the Supreme Source, is going to act in the life of the individual. That is why it is so important for each one to CREATE [THINK & FEEL] a personal relationship with the SOURCE of all LIFE.

    This Pure Energy can be used constructively or otherwise; and it will return to the sender bringing with It the accumulated momentum found on its way back, occording to the quality with which It was sent [Cause & Effect].
    Anyone can use this Energy to CREATE an invincible guard about her/his mind, body, home and world that nothing can penetrate. Only that It has to be qualified with LOVE for It to repel any destructive, discordant element; at the time that It will draw as the most powerful magnet, All the Good there is in the Universe.

    In fact such guard is needed if we really want to have the assistance of the Great Ones. For neither They nor the ‘others’ can interfere with man’s free will… It is our own choice; whether we want to be Invincibly protected and continue on the PATH OF FREEDOM; or keep being slaves of those who have been manipulating the inhabitants of planet Earth for so long.



    This is a formal invitation for all mankind and mainly those who believe on Doing the Right Thing, to stand up firmly, poised in the acknowledgement of OUR TRUE SELF… For the Freedom, Protection, Enlightenment and Restoration of the Earth and all life upon It.

    I will stay in touch… And for those who might be interested in ‘discovering’ and recovering the Full Power of their own Divinity; with all the Love of my True Being I would like to direct your attention to;

    “UNVEILED MYSTERIES” by Godfre Ray King




  32. Josh says:

    Debunking the benevolence of the christian/islamic/jewish god is a first step in revealing the fact that these religions are lies. Read the old testament and you will the many cases where “god” has order his people to slaughter entire cities, has caused devastation, and agony just to prove his might, and where he has caused needless suffering where he could have prevented it, were he benevolent of course:

    EX 7:1, 14, 9:14-16, 10:1-2, 11:7 The purpose of the devastation that God brings to the Egyptians is as follows:
    to show that he is Lord;
    to show that there is none like him in all the earth;
    to show his great power;
    to cause his name to be declared throughout the earth;
    to give the Israelites something to talk about with their children;
    to show that he makes a distinction between Israel and Egypt.

    Exodus 32:27-29 – 27 And he said unto them, Thus saith the Lord God of Israel, Put every man his sword by his side, and go in and out from gate to gate throughout the camp, and slay every man his brother, and every man his companion, and every man his neighbour.

    28 And the children of Levi did according to the word of Moses: and there fell of the people that day about three thousand men.

    29 For Moses had said, Consecrate yourselves today to the Lord, even every man upon his son, and upon his brother; that he may bestow upon you a blessing this day.”

    (They were blessed for killing people. That does not sound like a loving god.)

    Numbers 21:3 – 3 And the Lord hearkened to the voice of Israel, and delivered up the Canaanites; and they utterly destroyed them and their cities: and he called the name of the place Hormah.”

    Numbers 21:6 – 6 And the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Israel died.”

    (“god” sent serpents of all things to kill his own people. How loving indeed. There is that serpent imagery there. Blatantly reptilian at this point.)

    Numbers 25:4-9 – 4 And the Lord said unto Moses, Take all the heads of the people, and hang them up before the Lord against the sun, that the fierce anger of the Lord may be turned away from Israel.

    5 And Moses said unto the judges of Israel, Slay ye every one his men that were joined unto Baalpeor.

    6 And, behold, one of the children of Israel came and brought unto his brethren a Midianitish woman in the sight of Moses, and in the sight of all the congregation of the children of Israel, who were weeping before the door of the tabernacle of the congregation.

    7 And when Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, the son of Aaron the priest, saw it, he rose up from among the congregation, and took a javelin in his hand;

    8 And he went after the man of Israel into the tent, and thrust both of them through, the man of Israel, and the woman through her belly. So the plague was stayed from the children of Israel.

    9 And those that died in the plague were twenty and four thousand.”

    (There is absolutely no justification for that kind of evil.)

    Numbers 31:17-18 – 17 Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

    18 But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.”

    (Killing children, slaying women just for not being virgins, and then keeping the virgin women for themselves, after slaying their brothers, fathers, and mothers. How loving indeed.)

    Deuteronomy 2:33-34 – 33 And the Lord our God delivered him before us; and we smote him, and his sons, and all his people.

    34 And we took all his cities at that time, and utterly destroyed the men, and the women, and the little ones, of every city, we left none to remain.”

    (More human sacrifice. More blood. More death. I do not care why “god” said to do any of these things. There is no justification.)

    Deuteronomy 3:6 – 6 And we utterly destroyed them, as we did unto Sihon king of Heshbon, utterly destroying the men, women, and children, of every city.”

    (Another city massacred.)

    Deuteronomy 20:13-14 – 3 And when the Lord thy God hath delivered it into thine hands, thou shalt smite every male thereof with the edge of the sword:

    14 But the women, and the little ones, and the cattle, and all that is in the city, even all the spoil thereof, shalt thou take unto thyself; and thou shalt eat the spoil of thine enemies, which the Lord thy God hath given thee.”

    (Slaughter/plunder, slaughter/plunder, slaughter/plunder. I am seeing a clear pattern in the bible. Some loving creator this is.)

    Need I post any more? Need I continue to show how ruthless, tyrannical, and utterly evil this entity called “yahweh” is? This entity is clearly a reptilian if you know anything about reptilians at all, if you have done the research at all, if you have seen the videos, listened to the lectures, read between the lines. It’s all there.

  33. Endovelyco says:

    Well in fact trinity hitler was a devoted christian but the most surprising is that he had the catholic church as a ally, that institution which follow the jesus path ( at least is what they say), funny is it?

  34. Josh says:

    But “god” was the author of all of this if you believe what he says. He created all of this, designed all of this, and as such it would be his fault, not ours. There is no one apparently to punish “god” for causing all of this to carnage. It was his failure for creating humanity in the first place and yet humanity suffers for it. No you blind one, your “god” is not the Creator. The Creator is loving and does not punish. he Creator would take responsibility instead of blaming his own creation. Just because Jesus was hated by Hitler, does not mean that christianity is true, and I cannot possibly see why you would think that.

    Also you can read what I posted up there and saw where “god” made his people hang up the heads of the dead just to appease him. It is barbaric. By creating this entire reality, “god” only has himself to blame for this, all of this, and we should not be punished. When did I even choose to exist in the first place? I was forced into this world and told that I had to worship this “god” or burn in hell forever. Not very loving. But at the end of the day I know that your “god” is a liar, a tyrant, and is as evil as Hitler himself. I know that my heart is good and that I want to help others. I would die if it meant freeing this world from the Illuminati. I swear I would. My point is that my heart cannot be deceived by evil if I would be willing to make that kind of sacrifice. Yes I could be lying just to prove a false point, but I am not, I would die right now if it meant freeing this world. Yet I am not a christian. You should read the section on whether reverse speech is satanic or not. It might just open your eyes a bit because the logic is flawless. My soul cringes at the thought of going back to christianity. If I cannot trust my own soul, then truly this existence is hopeless, and vain. I will not bow down to anyone, especially not to a baby killer.

  35. Josh says:

    Another thing: It was only out of racism that he tried to rewrite the ten commandments. It was only out of racism that he tried to make Jesus look white. It had nothing to do with “satanism.” This universe does not revolve around your religion, as much as you wish to think that it does, and I cannot wait until this world is free from the slave programming, brainwashing BS that the reptilians, and their human traitors are spreading around. The New Agers even revere Jesus and they quote the Bible. The New Agers are as brainwashed as you are! If they were deceived by the “devil”, they would be taught to hate Jesus, and the bible. But they are as fanatic for it as you are. The fact is that the reptilians are behind the bible, the new age religion, and Jesus. It is all a sham. There are many paths of deception, many of them religions, and as long as this net is over us, the slave programming will be there.

    Religion creates division, war, and hatred. You are creating division by coming on this site and trying to call us liars/deceived people. You create negativity that feeds them. I wish you could see this because you would feel a lot better to know that the Creator of this universe is not a bloodthirsty monster.

  36. George B Duran says:





    Y no lo estoy diciendo para dar un falso consuelo a aquellos que han ‘perdido’ algun ser querido; porque si a eso nos vamos, soy uno de los que mas seres queridos ha “perdido”. Ya que AMO a TODOS los seres por igual y no solo aquellos dentro de mi circulo falmiliar inmediato.

    Sin pretencion alguna porque ya se que ‘nada soy’. Y en la vida de cada individuo lo mas importante es su propia relacion con la FUENTE UNIVERSAL, el resto es secundario.

    Se no ha permitido conocer acerca de JESUCRISTO. Su instruccion se ha difundido por todos los confines de la Tierra… Y a pesar de toda oposicion ha trascendido hasta alcanzar nuestra generacion.

    Vino a ‘revelarnos’ a NUESTRO PADRE CELESTIAL. Dandonos muestra de SU INFINITO PODER, SABIDURIA Y AMOR.

    DIOS–YAVE–JEHOVA–ALLAH–EL GRAN ARQUITECTO y/o cualquiera de los miles de nombres por los que le conocemos: ES REAL.

    La vida que anima nuestros cuerpos, es SU ENERGIA SUPREMA [INDESTRUCTIBLE E INMORTAL]. Por tanto somos Inmortales.
    Nos ha provisto con SU PROPIO PODER CREATIVO, y a traves de los pensamientos y sentimientos tenemos el privilegio de dirigir SU Energia.
    Si los utilizamos para recibir las Ideas Divinas provenientes de Su Mente Universal y expandir el Amor Divino desde Su Corazon; creamos o mejor ‘re-creamos’, su Perfecta Armonia en nuestros cuerpos, hogares, y mundos individuales. Al tiempo que servimos como canales para que la LUZ se expanda y disuelva las tinieblas de la ignorancia

    “CONOCER LA VERDAD, REALMENTE NOS HACE LIBRES”, de la ignorancia en la que nos han mantenido por tanto tiempo.


  37. George B Duran says:

    “Greetings dear brothers and sisters. I thank you all for sharing this information and disinformation; it goes to show how powerful our mind is in creating thoughts (ideas) of every kind and making them to become real (‘physically manifested’).
    It is best to utilize such Power of Creation in a constructive Civil way. After all:
    - All are men created equal. In the image and likeness of the Creator or Creators depending on the translation and/or interpretation. The fact remains…

    WE ARE ALL EQUAL TO THE POWER/SOURCE OF LIFE/ENERGY. Therefore, we are all descendants of the same ‘bloodline’(DIVINE).

    -WE ALL SHARE WILL, INTELLIGENCE AND LOVE: The building elements of all creation. And the bounty of the Universe to act upon.

    -JESUS CRHIST, so I am informed: Came to show us all the most direct way back ‘home’. By having ABSOLUTE TRUST(FAITH) in the FATHER/POWER OF THE LIGHT and LOVE/RADIATION to all life/fellow.
    -That is the fulfillment of all the LAW.
    -IT is just exactly as acknwoledged by the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION.
    -By fulfilling our responsibilities, we are entitled to Full Protection from/of the LAW. The assistance of/from the HOSTS OF LIGHT.

    -There are HIGHER LAWS acting everywhere, regardless of any opinion to the contrary. And ‘NO ONE IS ABOVE THEM’.



    “I AM” fully consciously aware that when I make this call; Almighty GOD and HIS ASCDENDED LEGIONS OF LIGHT, move into action and all human darkness disappears.

    This radiation goes forth into the mental and feeling world or all mankind and out into the atmosfere of the whole planet Earth and deep down into Her very core… Dissolving, Consuming, Purifying and Transmuting all the Energy ever used by any human being into the Purity and Perfection we all desire.



    A NEW WORLD ORDER is being established by the ONE POWER OF LIGHT… And anything else is just becoming IT!!!

    Therefore my dear brothers and sisters rejoice in the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, ACCEPTANCE AND ACTIVITY OF THE LIGHT…

    ” W E A R E O N E ”




    ! ! !

    L I G H T ! ! !

    ! ! !

    “‘I AM’ G D”

  38. Endovelyco says:

    couldnt you just posted only the english part? why spanish when most of the people here read and writes english? it doesnt make any sense, duhh :|

  39. George B Duran says:

    Please accept my appologies if you could not understand the ulterior motive for it… Reverse it and you will know. But it will suffice if you just translate it.

    Remember: An open-minded attitude is essential in accessing the higher and oftentimes seemingly hidden insights. Train the outer self to serve as a channel for the Higher Self Powers, already stored up within ‘the genetic bank’.

    W A R N I N G :



    Ponder on this: I agree with the idea that “TRUTH IS ALMIGHTY AND DOES PREVAIL”; therefore “TRUTH IS ITS OWN DEFENSE”, and that as long as I stay true to IT: “I AM” INVINCIBLY PROTECTED BY IT, UNTIL ITS FULL MANIFESTATION.
    That is why “I AM” using my own name. It keeps me focus on doing what I consider is right; for “I AM” well aware now of the consecuences of my actions. My intentions are pure and “I AM” always seeking for the establishing and consolidation of a ‘PERFECT WORLD’.
    “I AM” certain that we are already experiencing IT on the Higher Levels of consciousness, and that we are really close to make a REALITY… Every particle of my being tells me so!

    With each passing day, my confidence in the POWER OF THE LIGHT grows stronger. Thanks to the loving assintance of THE GREAT BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT watching over us all.
    It is time we give credit and recognition to those BELOVED ASCDENDED ONES; thus opening wide the way for the outpouring of “THE LIGHT OF GOD THAT NEVER FAILS”. The only way and means for the Purification we so much need to take place.

    It has taken me quite a while to arrive at this realization. I have met the effects of my own misqualification of this Sacred Energy; and I still do… But,”I AM” now fully consciously aware that it is just the natural process; I complaint not, nor blame others for my the trials I have and go through. It all is making me stronger and that being increased every day.

    I know our VICTORY is guaranteed. By focusing all of the Energy loan to us by the ONE SOURCE; holding HARMONY in our THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS, and then release IT into any condition that requires adjustment: WE TURN THIS DARKENED WOBBLING PLANET, INTO THE ‘FREEDOM STAR’ SHE IS MEANT TO BECOME.

    Y O U A R E I N V I T E D ! ! !





  40. nicole says:

    there are 2 types of consciousness or awareness: self-consciousness and God-consciousness
    the people that indeed become enlightened, very few for real, tap into the later one; they literally manage to see the world and act as if thru God’s eyes.
    if you read the Genesis and pay attention, you will see Adam and Eve at the “apple biting moment” suddenly became self-aware; they could, for the first time, be aware of themselves as individuals, but, separated from God (for the first time, God’s voice took them by surprise, for example);
    I believe this awareness lowered the frequency of their bodies as well, they had to experience death; they were never thrown out of the “Garden of Eden”; this garden is still here, all around us, but we see it now thru the eyes of the self only, hence we cannot see it as energy.
    All that surrounds us is made of this energy of Love, the colors, the patterns, the sounds, it was all created so we can experience it with our senses, smell it, hear it, taste it, feel it as emotions of love, and Love it back – that was the circuit; I could literally see it all like this, about 7 years ago.
    Maybe the reptilians, or whatever they are called, are real, but they can only exist and have an influence in the plane of separation, of duality, where an individual sees himself as separated from God, then he can be manipulated; We, on our own, can never know the whole truth neither sort out what is true from what is a lie, by looking at things from the self-awareness point of view, where there is by definition a mix of lies and truth.
    Is like holding your head down in a bucket and trying to guess what is the nature of the material that the bucket is made of, hoping that this will bring you the truth about your own nature… lol
    In the plane of duality acts the law of Karma; in the plane of Love acts the law of Love. The free will is exercised in the realm of duality, as a part of the process of learning in which time is serving us to experience the feedback of our choices.
    One can only access the truth by healing his individual relationship with God, so he may experience the God consciousness; we have a lot of misbelieves about God and that covers the truth of who we really are; we cannot find the truth of our true nature/essence if we have deep misbelieves about our Creator;
    The beautiful part is that these misbelieves are reflected like mirrors all around us, in our realities; you can use an introspection by asking questions about your misbelieves (ask God to show you how you really are, how He sees you not how you think you are) and simply look around you and see what is reflected; but you have to be extremely honest to yourself. You will see, more and more shields will fall apart to discover the inner light within you that is simply Love and is able to literally feel Love and compassion towards everything that you witness in the duality realm, the realm that you used to be part of before (meaning emotionally involved).
    My own opinion is that Jesus Resurrection really did the opposite of what Adam and Eve did (they brought self-consciousness in human body). He brought a human body back into God consciousness; He literally created a gate, a way back for us, to be able to return into God consciousness, to give up our own duality view.
    What if this is our real potential?
    I don’t believe many of the people that preach about Jesus really understand the meaning of His existence on Earth. Their message is still about separation and fear, have nothing to do with the experience of Love and compassion. He came to show us the way thru which the law is alive (the black on white law from the Old Testament), the way thru which our experiences are sifted thru our hearts, thru the consciousness of Love.
    Love means to me, accepting all possibilities; and if you speak from quantum physics, the zero-point field, the field that comprises all possibilities is what i call the energy of love.
    We seem to experience that which we cannot accept, the experience that we are afraid of. The mind is where you can be manipulated; everything that you know thru the mind can be deceitful since the mind operates in the realm of duality.
    I have no idea about the reptilians, a friend gave me the book of David Ickle one time and I refused to read it; she had a big argument with me, called me an ignorant; I told her that by reading that book I feel I will open a gate for them towards me, because if I see the pictures and read some horrendous details I will be impressed, generate an emotion so I will open the gate to them; that is simply how I felt. It is my opinion that David is serving the negative, whichever its source may be; a person that pumps out a message of fear cannot have his/her source in Love.
    Consider that now you have a bucket on your head, and people like David are showing you there are some worms crawling on the wall of the bucket; and he gives you details about what sort of shape they have and what they feed on and so on…. Ok, true, but is this answering you the question why is it that you have a bucket on your head, or at least why do you have worms on the wall of the bucket? Nope…
    What I am trying to say here is: try to establish back your relationship with God; pray. Use at least 10% of your time on youtube in prayer for help, and for the truth; focus inward, meditate, focus on your feeling towards the others, towards your close family; did you make peace with them? Be honest, do you love them unconditionally? Are you an expression of love and compassion? If no, ask yourself and God why?
    Take your bucket off your head, experience your true self, hand in hand with God; we are part of His creation and we cannot experience Eden or God consciousness , just on our own… by ignoring Him.

  41. Endovelyco says:

    Satans Throne in the Vatican with a Reptilian Jesus —->

  42. Joe says:

    So how do we see them for who they really are

  43. rich says:

    Interesting turnabout! My parents gave up bringing me to church when I was a kid because I was too wild. That’s probably the best thing that happened to me. And now, I’m looking at all this material, and others I have come across the Internet. All this research is keeping me at the edge of my seat. I used to associate spirituality with religion. And that apparent similarity is misleading. It’s better for a non-religious “non-experienced”, “virgin” person to approach this topic like a blank slate than an “experienced” person set in his/her religious ways.

  44. rich says:

    Marco, I like that “investor” concept. It fits in with the Reptilian profile. After all, they have been living for thousands of years. They can spare the time until harvesting. It fits the “predator”, “stalker” profile. Play with their pray. Get the fish on the hook, give it some leeway, then reel it in a little, some leeway, reel it in… on and on. Like my cat, playing with a prey it just caught.

  45. rich says:

    This emotional roller-coaster, that’s what they thrive on.

  46. rich says:

    I watched the Divid Icke-Credo Mutwa video on Youtube. Mutwa mentioned he watched a Freemason ritual sacrifice. The sacrifice is used as a way to extend a Freemason’s life. A woman (pretty, preferably), is captured (I think a child could, and been used too) and killed. The woman (or the child) is stripped, laid on a bed. The Freemason strips and lays next to the victim. Without having sex with the victim. The whole exercise is a transfer of energy from the victim to the captor. He may lay next to the victim for days or weeks. Then the victim is told she will be killed, to extract the most fear from her. Then, she is let go, just to be recaptured. Then she is executed. SLOWLY. As she passes away, the captor looks into her eyes while listening to her last breath. I think this pretty much matches the behavior of Reptilians.

  47. rich says:

    I read the “Terra Papers”. That certainly puts an interesting angle on the Creation.

  48. Serena says:

    I have no doubt their are other worldly beings, being I have seen things unexplainable. I know without a doubt I seen a ship so large it covered building and apartment complexes, no matter what anyone thinks of me, I could care less.. However to say that God does not exist and that we have no creator is blasphemy.One must find the unseen to discover the truth as are the beings on this planet disguised in another form, I do believe that something great and terrible is happening and that these are taking away our freedom and poisoning our food supply. Which is much of the demonstrated video concerning 9/11…it is in fact happening now
    Obama has signed documents on this fact. which is scary.
    But I will unequivocally say, It is written that evil would come
    and thee Antichrist. Though before the scrolls are open certain things must take place first. Revelations has clear and precise
    blocks on everything.. Though some things are taking place before the
    Seals are open..They may be periodically placed as a stumbling block for those who do not see clearly that these things are impostures
    Of the real things that are to come, frightening the nations to cause fear and mislead. Some of the stories on here seem viable and I believe in helpers of light yet are those that speak of truly helpers
    of light or just informers. Truly turning the world against the One true god and creator of all life. God help us all..

  49. Serena says:

    One more thing, When one speaks in tongues they are said to be speaking in thee most holiest of languages with the tongue of an angel.and once again I have truly and unequivocally seen things.. Such as an angel with wings my room filled with mist before the angel appeared having wings at least 5 feet in diameter not having a full visual of the face. Try explaining that backwards.One who speaks in tongues is said to be communicating with The father and creator..

  50. Paige says:

    Love is the message that has to be valued for it is the onley choice Freedom to beleave in the miracles & always seek truth for darkness can not overcome the light but one candle can brighten a very dark room…are minds are present & our universal consciousness is opening & expanding us to not onley seek the truth but question reality as we see it! We get to choose fear or LOVE dark or light is your cup half empty or is it FULL? Our choices our individual but we r all connected & 1! L O V E & G R A D T U I D E always :p

  51. Anonymous says:

    About the talk about energy positive energy shines away the negative energy etc and reps feeding of positive energy.
    If they are dark how can they withstand the light? Makes you think why lucifer also was called an angel of light.
    You have to see light not as dark or white but as energy. They feed of energy. Dark anger is energy, love is energy. Shine your love toward them, is shining energy. Its power, can be used on both sides.When you love something your energy flows towards it. To worship something idolise it love it, your love flows towards it. Worship God , your love and energy flows towards it. Worship the devil your love and energy flows to the devil.Its all energy.Its not like love and hate, dark and light. Because when you worship the devil, you LOVE all bad things, and hate all good things.Still they have love (attraction ) but to the things we feel are wrong. What is good and whats bad, it depends on what side you are on.
    And why would the devil give you something and make you happy? The devil, reps, only make you unhappy when you dont serve them. When you give your love and life force to them, your worship they will give you all. as long as you know you are an infinant creature who needs a god and they will be your gods. Its all about energy and worship.They love to see you worship them to go on your knees be desperite because you are in trouble.They can feel your hero.Yes they will give you what you want and then you made them superior over you. Why would they make you happy. It strokes their ego looking at you being gratefull because your life was crap and know because of them and their great godlike creatures they gave you life. Its all about controll, its all about power. But once you tryto get away from them and break free dont wantto give your energy to them anymore, thats when all your “gifts” disappear. Even if you believe in the bible, why would you say how can they give you miracles and good things if the devils point is to make you miserable.Its even in the bible that when Jesus was in the desert the devil offered him every good thing if he would just serve him. So if you believe in the bible, you even know that the devil also offers good things if you only serve him. Then again, the bible says the devil only came to kill steal and destroy. Thats why its contradicting yet truthfull if you see the word STEAL.Its all about stealing.Giving yourself away. Giving your power away. Yes you should become one with God and love and appreciate others and live a good life. But God gave you life, why would he want you to give it away to some system on this planet which is clearly completely out of hand.As long as you give yourself away you will never know to whom you are giving yourself to. Because even the bible states that also the devil gives good gifts.I know its confusing. But its all about energy.Even illuminati in churches will do miracles for you, as long as you keep coming to them and they are your savior. They all want to be Gods, the reps, illuminati they want to be worshiped. Worship is giving your energy and your love and your money and your time away.They will give you something to lure you in. Its like when a pervert lures a child into a car. First they offer something, some candy, a promise to go to the zoo, to buy toys, to help find your mother, the child thinks, if he was ba then why is he helping me. Its to lure you in.

  52. question says:

    1 question for all to answer.
    Forget earth, where are all the spaceships debris in space? I am 100% sure that our space would have flowing with bilions of their remains or hightech debris.
    You guys should open your eyes and minds so that Satan is not controlling you?
    Don’t tell me that the plaeidians already in the world and telling us. It seems like they are here because you guys are creating them here. Where are them or intervening with our history like the Bible?
    The Jews itself is the prove of this God and now Jesus our Lord.

  53. Question says:

    I am referring to the war in space. Plaedians can attack Mars, Moon or any Reps domain. But we are NOT seeing anything in space. Nothing is being blowing up in space. I am opened but don’t think you guys are.

  54. Neo says:

    To Question
    We exist in a multi-dimensional universe, where things exist on different frequencies and wavelengths. What we experience is from a third dimension perspective, which has its own unique frequency. What occurs in the fourth dimension is outside of our frequency range, so we cannot see or experience it. Think of it in terms of different television frequencies – unless you are tuned into that frequency you cannot see the programmes

  55. Question says:

    Yes there are many dimensions. But what I am referring as we see aliens on the moon and under the earth. I am sure we can see any battles outside of earth. Just as you guys claiming seeing Aliens ships or Aliens on the moon so we can see them too anything happened in space.

  56. Michael says:

    Hi Question.

    Can you see in ultraviolet?

    Butterflies can.

  57. Michael says:

    “I am sure we can see any battles outside of earth”.

    But, your eyes can’t even make out ultraviolet light. Wow, your human brain and eyes must be pretty limited if you can’t even sense the UV light part of the electro-magnetic spectrum. – that previous sentence was spoken by a butterfly =)

    Yes, I am being a bit facetious, but your statement is arrogant.

  58. Question says:

    I am not denying that there are no other dimensions. I agree with you tha there are dimensions above us. I just saying these Aliens live on our own dimensions as on the moon and under the earth. You understand my point?
    They are here on our dimension also on other dimensions. I am focusing on our dimensions since they are crossing into our dimension easily back and forth. So the Plaeidians can too and show themselves outside of earth and sent us a message they are here.
    Done! Solve all problem. We will all believe. Don’t tell me they do not want do for some reason.

  59. Michael says:

    “I just saying these Aliens live on our own dimensions”

    How do you know this?

  60. Michael says:

    Hi Question.

    You may be thinking of 3rd density human/reptilian dna hybrids. Thes e are called Reptoids. They are 3d but apparently (if I understand it correctly) can be taken over by 4d Reptilians more easily than a regular average joe

    The actual Reptilian beings that drive the show are supposedly lower 4th density beings. They apparently can actually manifest a 3d human body if the right conditions are available (for eg a satanic ritual- summoning of some sorts). It apparently takes some effort for them to come from 4d and appear in human form 3d.

    That is how I understand it to be, but I do not believe any of it!
    I have followed the evidence, and I just think it is heavily likely that 4d reps exist. That is just my judgement. Each person has to weigh up the evidence themselves and come to their own conclusion. Of course. =)

  61. Michael says:

    ‘It apparently takes some effort for them to come from 4d and appear in human form 3d.’

    That should read ‘It apparently takes some effort for them to come from 4d and appear in reptilian 3d form’.

    (this is all just my understanding of it works, but I am definitely no expert on how all this stuff is meant to work).

  62. Question says:

    So all these videos in youtubes about aliens on the moon is fake? Can you guys even have any prove? You guys have been talking forever And yet no prove to the world. Well, this story never ends.

  63. Michael says:

    I havn’t seen those videos.

    I have no proof.

    …”You guys have been talking forever And yet no prove to the world. Well, this story never ends.”…

    Uh, no. We have not been talking about this forever – i.e David Icke started talking about this about 20 years ago….

    Now, if you want a topic that people have been “talking forever” about (well, close to forever – approx 2000 yrs), and who say they are right (but can’t prove it!), we could talk about the Christians, but I’m too tired at the moment. =)



  65. Bert says:

    Just read a message above here about the grays. They attacked me when in contact with drunvalo. Later i found out the greys are the helpers of the reptillians,and obviously everyone knows by now drunvalo is reptillian.
    When i tried to get help from rama.He emailed me that he was very well on the same team as drunvalo and then the attacks started again.

  66. Czar says:

    How did the reptilians obtain such power from the start ? Is it because the people in power made up the 6% of crazies fulfilling deaths objective ??


  67. Tasheena says:

    I have been researching and reading up on all this and so much more for over10 years now and I have found thru so much that as long as you are ‘righteous’ in your words and actions then no entity is able to harm you. You believe ‘god
    ‘ helped you from the ‘Greys’ but really your righteous belief that ‘god’ would ‘unfreeze you’ is the only way they let you go.

  68. Tasheena says:

    Religion was created to prevent a world of chaos and to ultimately help distinguish the enlightened ones.

  69. Tasheena says:

    Déjà vu is a sign from our soul telling us we are on our right path

  70. Tasheena says:

    Every Great thing will present it self, somehow, you just have to be able to see the opportunity and always remember that Timing is Everthing.

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  84. just me says:

    It’s really super neat that people pull stuff out of their rectums and call it truth.

    Is that what we’re doing now? Making shit up?

    Of course this place seems dead now—nothing new under the sun?

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  89. George says:

    This is just another deceiving attack on a genuine Christian person who is revealing secrets and the controllers do not like it. Its a petty retort and can not misguide real believers. I doubt that this reply will be posted.


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