The Galactic Federation of Light – Friend or Foe?

There has certainly been a lot of confusion over the “Galactic Federation of Light”, including Ashtar Command, and whether this is a legitmate ET organisation, here to help humanity, or simply a deceptive manipulation. Of course, on the surface, their messages appear to be positive and uplifting, but as we know, this is not a guarantee that their agenda is benevolent.

There are a number of channellers and contactees who claim to be working with, and sharing the messages of, the GFOL, with some of the main contributors including; Mike Quinsey (channelling SaLuSa) Sheldon Nidle (physcial contactee), Greg Giles (channeller),  Wes Annac (channeller) and Steve Beckow.

Their main message for humanity has always concentrated around 2 main areas; Firstly the “mass landings” and ”full disclosure” of their presence which is soon coming across the world…

“Your leaders have indeed put Disclosure on the “front burners” of their agenda and it is presently a priority for many nations. There is a great silence in the halls of power across the world as those who are awaiting the orders to begin the disclosure process hold their collective breath. Many levels of government are involved in this process and there is a great sense among many nations that now the time has come. -  Wanderer of the Skies - 7th October 2011

And secondly, they speak constantly of their efforts to remove “The Dark Illuminati Cabal” and of their rescue of humanity…

“We wish to begin the initial stages of this part of the operation soon after the media coverage begins of the many arrests of your criminal Cabal. That is our time frame, so we ask you to stay prepared for the coverage of these arrests and remain vigilant for the next phase of our operation.” - Greg Giles – 12th March 2012

Their intentions certainly sound noble, but again, it’s very dangerous to simply accept what they say without question. With everything known about the dark forces controlling this planet, and their mastery of manipulation, it is essential that we establish exactly who they are and what their agenda is?



Barack Obama and the GFOL

A lot can be learnt by looking at who The Galactic Federation of Light align themselves with, which “figures of authority” they promote as trustworthy, and who they describe as their key allies here on Earth. And it’s certainly no secret that one of their most heavily promoted figures is Barack Obama.

Now, For anyone who’s spent more than 5 minutes researching the Illuminati Agenda, this may come as a surprise. Here is an ET group claiming to be from the higher dimensions, full of  ”spiritual wisdom”, refering to one of the Illuminati’s main puppets, Barack Obama, as a “Light Worker”. 

This is what the GFOL have to say about Barack Obama…

(This statement, and the image below, are taken directly from the main GFOL website…

“The Obama family is surrounded with Christed light protection and the several assassination attempts on Barack have failed  – Without the power of any Illuminati behind him, Obama could not have risen to become the Democratic party’s nominee, the essential first step to his election as president, and this was known to the master planners of Earth’s Golden Age. The soul who embodied as Barack Obama, the souls who would back him many years later, and all of you who clamored to participate in Earth’s ascension process knew that too, but none remembers.  Some doubt that Barack Obama is the highly evolved light being that we and other messengers in high stations have told you he is, and he is perceived as following in the footsteps of the Illuminati.You will see for yourselves the truth of what we have said”

And this statement was made by GFOL contactee Matthew Ward on Sept. 6, 2012…

“It’s essential that the Obama presidency continues. This has nothing at all to do with politics in that country or any other! It has everything to do with the Golden Age master plan!”  – Source 

And this from SaLuSa on 28th March 2012…

“President Obama is still a key figure in the coming changes, and shall lead the mission to bring peace
 to the world.” – Source 

Prominent GFOL messengers, Steve Beckow and Wes Annac, constantly spread the message that “Barack Obama is a Light Worker” on their websites…

Steve Beckow  -

Wes Annac –

So is Barack Obama a “Light Worker”? Is he really here to help spread the truth and save humanity? Have we had him wrong all this time? Well, for anyone considering that possibility, this short video should be an eye opener…

Matthew Ward also made this statement on Aug. 13, 2010…

“Doubt about Obama’s light-filled intentions is arming his opposition — that is why we urge you to withhold judgment and to envision him and your world in golden light. Negative thoughts and feelings about Obama’s leadership are reducing his ability to persuade his own government and other leaders to act in harmonious cooperation to achieve a peaceful world with shared wealth and well being for all. This is not his failing, but rather the law of attraction in operation — negativity aimed in any direction brings back to Earth more negative situations”

Main Source – Obama is a Major Factor -  Secondary Source – Matthew Ward



Sheldon Nidle

Obviously channelled information can be easily manipulated, but when you have someone who claims to have physical contact with the GFOL, then this is a different story altogether. Sheldon Nidle claims to have had contact with his Sirius B contacts going back to childhood, and his “back story” is certianly very elaborate. 

In the presentation below Sheldon describes his GFOL contact experiences and gives details of his main Sirius B contact, Washta.

Sheldon begins to share his story at 3.35 mins

If you’d like to view the entire 90 min presentation here’s the link  – Part 1

Sheldon Nidle’s information is fairly compelling, and he certainly sounds very sincere as he shares his experiences. If this is all lies and imagination, on his part, then there is no doubting the complexity of this manipulation. Maybe he is telling the truth? And if he is, and he really has had contact with ET’s from Sirius B since he was a child then this must surely mean that the Galactic Federation of Light is a benevolent ET organisation, here to help and uplift humanity, mustn’t it? These are human looking ET’s after all, they are not Reptilian. How could Sheldon’s experiences have anything to do with the Reptilians?

Well, Andromeda contactee, Tolec, has information which may just shine some light on these questions. (For those new to Tolec, previous information from him has been reversed and has been shown to be very accurate - see previous posts).

In this video Tolec critiques a GFOL statement made prior to the Olympic Games in London and explains the difference between the “Galactic Federation” (part of the Andromeda Council) and the GFOL…


The accompanying written transcript (page 4 contains the relevant information about the GFOL)

There is certainly a distinct difference between beings from Sirius A and Sirius B. ET’s from Sirius A have been referenced by many sources as being part of the benevolent ET Alliance, here helping humanity break free from Reptilian control. Also Tolec has stated that Sirius A, is the 8th member star-system of the Andromeda Council. 

Here is Tolec’s website, with details of the 10 member star-systems of the Andromeda Council

“The “Galactic Federation of Light”, aka the “Galactic Confederation of Light”, is based in the Sirius B star system, with direct connections to Earth. The Sirius B star-system is a place where many Reptilian beings are known to live. And it is a place where many seemingly “human looking”, re-engineered beings live, who are primarily of baseline Reptilian DNA origin” - Tolec



The Travis Walton Abduction

Tolec’s information certainly provides an explanation for Sheldon Nidle’s “human looking” contacts, but is there any other evidence to back up his statements? Have the Reptilians engineered a human looking race, that are ultimately of Reptilian DNA, and who are working as their slaves?

Well, one of the most well documented alien abduction accounts in recent years comes from Travis Walton, a lumberjack from Arizona, who was abducted in 1975, in full view of his co-workers, after walking towards a landed UFO in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. He was missing for 5 days, before being returned close to the initial abduction spot. Both him and his fellow co-workers passed police polygraph tests to confirm that their experiences were true.

Travis became conscious on board the craft and he described a number of short creatures, (the Grays) plus “human looking” beings, with blond hair and blue eyes…

Here’s is Travis giving a presentation about his experience, with the background image displaying these “human looking” beings.

There is no evidence to suggest that the benevolent ET Alliance (consisting of many human looking races) have ever been responsible for the horrific act of abducting and experimenting on Earth humans. Maybe these beings that took Travis weren’t human at all, and possessed an entirely different DNA type?



Statements Made by Sheldon Nidle’s Sirius B contact, Washta

Shedon Nidle certainly describes Washta as a loving and benevolent being, but lets take a look at some of the statements and predictions he has made in recent times about the “removal of the Illuminati” and the “shift in financial power”…


“We are your Ascended Masters! We return, dear Souls, with news of what our various associates are accomplishing worldwide. The preliminary requirements for funding the St. Germaine global Trust are completed! We expect this disbursement momentarily. We have also asked if the steps to legally remove several governments are finished, and the reply was in the affirmative.”

- Washta (Sirius Star-Nation) Galactic Federation of Light & Ascended Masters - 3rd January 2012


“Both the Eastern and Western branches of these societies recently signed off on a number of documents confirming that the dark no longer has any input regarding the running of the world’s finances. We watch as the various secret sacred societies consult with the appropriate Ascended Masters regarding the timing of your next steps to full consciousness.”

 - Washta (Sirius Star-Nation) Galactic Federation of Light & Ascended Masters - 7th February 2012

“We have been informed that several major banks worldwide are nearly ready to transfer ownership and management. This is part of the massive shift of financial power out of the hands of the dark into those of the Light, and is the result of recent maneuvers by the Ascended Masters.”

- Washta (Sirius Star-Nation) Galactic Federation of Light & Ascended Masters - 24th April 2012


It is now 7-10 months after these statements were made. Is there any evidence of these events happening at all? Has there been a “massive shift of financial power out of the hands of the dark into those of the Light”? And have you ever heard of a secret society being described as “sacred” before?  

Now of course Sheldon’s description of the “loving energy” coming from Washta, and the other Sirius B contacts, sounds very compelling, but it is widely known that malevolent ET’s have the ability to replace real memories with implanted false memories, and therefore it’s certainly possible that Shelden’s account may not be totally accurate.  



Greg Giles

It’s very apparent that the messages communicated by the Galactic Federation Light are very concerning indeed, but when the GFOL channellers themselves start to become confused over who or what this organisation is, and what their agenda for humanity might be, then people really need to start paying attention.

The following quotes are taken from the website of Greg Giles, one of the most influential GFOL contactees in recent years…

Post date 4th October 2012…

“Do I believe the name of this organization is the Galactic Federation of Light? Actually, I do not, though it’s certainly possible. I do not really have any idea what they call themselves and I ask all of you today, does it really matter? What’s the difference what they call themselves, do you agree? 

So, as many of you have noticed, I no longer refer to them as the GFL and I no longer refer to the name Ashtar Command, for I cannot know for sure if these two organizations even exist, at least organizations that go by these specific names, though they certainly may.

All I can tell you for sure is that someone somewhere has been sharing messages to me and I shared them with you, and they still are communicating with me.”

Well, do you agree that it doesn’t matter who this organisation is or what they call themselves? I personally think it’s VERY important to know who’s giving you information to share with humanity and what their agenda is. But maybe that’s just me?  He continues…


“Whoever is the source of these messages being sent to me does not take no for an answer. Let me explain. I have told them countless times now that they have absolutely no right or permission by me to begin speaking to me, either telepathically or through the use of radio waves or however it is they manage do this and no matter what they wish to discuss with me.
 Just so you know what I’m talking about, last night alone I woke up while receiving more communications from them three or four different times. They also began speaking to me when I first woke up this morning. That’s four or five times in one night and at least a week or more after I first told them, and I have told them on far more occasions than once, that they have absolutely no right to begin to speak with me and I do not wish to hear one more word they have to say. Do you think that this would be enough for them? Well it is not. Now you can say, well, then they are dark or evil, but I say no. I just see them as a little rude and a bit pushy and also kind of busybodies who cannot take a hint. That’s all. Nothing sinister.”
“So who are they then? Well, I certainly can’t be sure, and I also feel it’s up to all of us individually anyway to discern this for ourselves, if this matters to you. How could any of us learn this for certain anyway? They are not exactly forthcoming with this information, and even if they were, it probably would not be the real story anyway, so I give up on trying to figure that one out. It really doesn’t matter though to me. Does it matter to you? Why would it matter where they come from or what they call themselves?”
Two things are certainly very clear with what Greg has said; 1. This “group” or “organisation” certainly doesn’t sound like a loving and respectful group of beings and 2. Greg’s total naivety is utterly, utterly breathtaking.
You can read the full post on Greg Giles’ website – 


The Name “Ashtar”

Even the name “Ashtar Command” brings up a serious red flag.

In demonology, Astaroth is known as the “Crowned Prince of Hell”, and is referred to by Alestir Crowley (AKA The Most Evil Man in the World) in his occult black magic textbook; The Lesser Key of Soloman, as “a very powerful demon”. Historical art has always depicted Astaroth as a nude man with wings, holding a serpent in one hand, and riding a beast with dragon-like wings and a serpent-like tail. 

And then there is the obvious similarity to the name of Babylonian goddess, Ishtar, who was associated with sexuality and “sacred prostitution”, and who has been worshipped by the Illuminati bloodlines for millenia.




It should be very clear to most that the Galactic Federation of Light is not an organisation that can be trusted. Ultimately it appears to be just another “Saviour Program” for the New Age arena. Their whole message is “don’t worry – we’re here to save you”. It’s all based around dis-empowerment and pacifying the population. Of course there are benevolent ET races helping humanity to break free from Reptilian control, but the true allies of humanity always make it clear that they are not here to save us, but are here to support us. A big difference.

And one glaringly obvious question that should come into the minds of anyone who has an understanding of the Reptilian involvement on this planet, is why the GFOL never reference the Reptilians? They rarely, if at all, even mention any malevolent ET influence over humanity. They point the finger only at the human Illuminati bloodlines. Couldn’t imagine why that would be, could you?


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129 Responses to “The Galactic Federation of Light – Friend or Foe?”

  1. Brad says:

    I was reading Greg’s blogs until I started hearing threats in them, then I found Tolec’s web site and there is big big difference in the info. I no longer go to the GFOL anymore I am done with that.

  2. josie Diaz says:

    Rethink your conclusions here,every message that come through that says is from the GFL in not necessarily so, Tolec well what should you believe every thing he say to be true, soon you all will not have to worry who is who, all will be known, is so sad to see sooo much disinfo circulating around,and please you don’t have to worry any more about the reptilians there and done with, Light and love to you dear one, Mother knows best. :) :) :)

  3. Margi says:

    So Brad, were you able to reverse speech any of those channelings? Probably not due to the artificial voice over crap they use! :)

  4. Strbrst001 says:

    Great post!! And it makes a lot of sense!!! ;) good Work Brad!! ;)

  5. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” brad “” 1 thing is true,, i don’t trust Tolec’s and to “” josie Diaz “” Mother knows best?? i think, i get confused in this 1

  6. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Josie Diaz,

    You’re asking me to “re-think my conclusions”?

    Ok, so are you trying to suggest to me that the GFOL SHOULD be trusted then?

    Sure, not every message coming through claiming to be from the GFOL is necessarily so, but lets take the issue of Barack Obama as an example. The vast majority of GFOL channellers state that “Obama is a Lightworker” and this message is VERY prominant within ALL GFOL sources. Their main website is full of their support for Obama?

    I’m sorry but any group who states that Obama is a “light worker”, here to help save humanity, can not be trusted in my book.

    And as for Tolec, of couse I wouldn’t recommend anyone believe everything he says (the same with anyone) but his infomation about the Galactic Federation fits very well with information from other sources, plus 3 videos of his have already been reversed and he is VERY congruent in reverse (see previous posts). So do I trust what he says more than anyone from the GFOL? Most certainly! But his information is only one segment of the post anyway, so if you wish to dismiss what he says than go ahead.

    You’re stating that we no longer need to worry about the Reptilians and that it’s all done and dusted? Well, up until about 6 months ago I was certainly swaying towards that conclusion myself, but not anymore unfortunately.

    Be a nice situation if you’re right and “mother does know best” – but what if you aren’t? What then? I would suggest that you don’t accept 100% your belief with this, but instead keep an open mind and stay vigilant to new information which may just make YOU re-think YOUR conclusions.



  7. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Margi,

    Yeah I didnt even bother trying to reverse those robotic voice videos. And also I felt I wanted to have this post reverse speech free, just to mix up the research styles a bit on the site. I know not everyone understands what reverse speech is all about right away, so this is more of a traditional reseach piece.

  8. Humanity Wins says:

    Thanks Strbrst001, and Brad I’d say good decision in moving away from Greg’s information!

  9. Lucrezia Borgia says:

    What is your opinion on the work of Chris Thomas? He believes all these channelled messages are the work of an alien race called the Velon.




  11. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Lucrezia Borgia

    I’m not aware of Chris Thomas, but I dont agree that ALL channelled communications are from ONE race. And that’s provable. Channelling is simple as means of communication, like a telephone. There is no doubt that huge amounts of channelled material is a manipulation, but there are most definatley some legimate messages communicated through channelling.

  12. UNIVERSE says:

    the arcturians and pleiadians ships are start to land.. and more are coming.. well plus the The Galactic Federation of Light .. so everyone will be ready for the celebration of the galactic graduation.. i wonder about the party like is always after a long work, is a nice celebration at the end.. in this case a GRADUATION .. congrats.. and congrats for everyones hard work..

  13. Lucrezia Borgia says:

    Chris Thomas is a Welsh pyschic surgeon who claims to have access to the akashic records. His main precept is that we are now completing something called the Human Plan where we embody our Souls in 3D reality. This plan is threatened by the Velon (and their sub tribes the Hathor and the Annunaki) who appeared here 3 to 400 years ago. Their plan is basically to get rid of us so they can colonise the planet for themselves. They have used the Illuninati as their tool and have also used time travel to plant misleading information in ancient Sumaria (i.e. Sitchin cuneiform tablets etc etc … )

    Now I’m not saying I agree with him, but his analysis is a different paradigm to the Marciniak/Icke thesis that seems to permeate your work. I was just interested in your opinion.

    More on Chris Thomas if your interested:

  14. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” The Galactic Federation of Light “” now see what i see.. and as everyone now.. time come close too, yep yep

  15. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Lucrezia Borgia

    I’m not aware of Chris Thomas, so thanks for the link. I’m watching the start of the interview now. So far he seems to have a good idea of what he’s talking about with regards to “implants” being more energetic based.

  16. cindy says:

    I haven’t had time to review all of this, but the first part reminded me of what Icke said in his talk on Saturday from Wembley. Something like there want a WW 3 and then holographic aliens so humanity thinks they are real and falls to their knees, but don’t fall for it. Once they have you on your knees and starving you will give up any rights you have and gladly sign up for any control system they offer out of the morass. Not those words exactly. But perhaps we need to save ourselves. The first part I read on the page here sounded like a voting campaigner to re-elect Obama.If he is so filled with light why is he allowing drones to be dropped on civilians and people without trial. Doesn’t sound like a light-worker to me. Not that the other guy is any better he acts like an automaton. I will review some more of this when I have more time. Thanks for the post, Brad.

  17. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Cindy,

    I would of loved to of been at Wembley myself, but couldnt make it unfortunately.

    Well this has been the Reptilians means of control for so long hasn’t, as Icke calls it, Problem-Reation-Soultion.

    So they’re attempting to cause so much distress in the world – with like you say, the endgame plan of WW3 and then they can offer the solution to the problems they’ve caused in the first place and yes it seems to me that the “Galactic Federation of Light” (reps in disguise EXACTLY like the TV series V) would appear on the horizan as saviours. Personally I dont think it will get that far – their plans are already being foiled massively – but we can’t know for sure so its important to keep getting information out to people and helping them understand the planned agenda.

  18. cindy says:

    I wasn’t at Wembley myself. I just paid for it through paypal and get to watch it until November 26th. I was surprised by the Archons (sp) as I read the gnostic gospels years ago. Elaine Pagels the scholar who helped decode the scrolls and wrote the book said the bible is just like taking a 101 course there is much more revealed. I looked on the net and the Archon thing is all over so it isn’t Icke making up shit like they always claim. Yes I think what you are doing is very important. I remember reading this book by some guru years ago and he said if you meditate and see a benevolent spirit to always look at the feet, if they feet aren’t formed right it is a deception. Not that I see spirits but I found that interesting because so many people get faked out by anything. We are so easily programmable we have to be ever vigilant, not in a paranoid way, but in a don’t stay ignorant way. Knowledge is power. The right knowledge anyway. Thanks for all you do Brad and I hope to be able to support the site more in the near future. I am going through a bit of a transitional phase and hope it will turn out for the better. Much light and love on your journey. “We” always appreciate and love the brave ones who go out and expose the truth. You know the old “where Angels fear to tread” saying. So thanks again, Brad for doing what you do. If we can shine love and light out there and truth let them try and stop us. And they will try and stop us from communicating soon. I tried to watch a video from youtube some alien thing from Britain the other day and it said, “no available in your country” I have had that happen a few times. I thought wow, I am only in Canada, part of your commonwealth (commonwealth, what a name, who gets the wealth not the commoners) :*) Anyway we have to keep one step ahead of the game before they disperse us all and only let us watch CNN or something on the net. (my God CNN, kill me now) Okay gotta slide. You all take care now. And wishing you all peace in your hearts.

  19. dusty6161 says:

    this makes my head hurt. this message sounds as benevolent as i have ever heard. just makes you think how much discernment you really need to use.

  20. cindy says:

    I sent this email to Brad earlier, don’t know if this is the place to post it. If you want to be enlightened you can still watch Icke at Wembley, it cost me $24.00 Canadian so it is cheaper in American bucks or English money. I used paypal. It is well worth it and you can watch it over and over again. It is very dynamic. Below is email I sent to Brad. Hope you don’t mind Brad.

    Hi Brad,
    If you go to David Icke’s website and click on the join us at Wembley thing it will take you to the page and a thing pops up and it says this is a pay for stream or something like that. If you hit the pay for thing (I did it via pay pal cause I don’t have a credit card) they will send you an email saying your payment went through and then your email becomes your log in name and they give you one long password which you can copy and paste. You can still get it and watch it until November 26th. I couldn’t get in once and it was 3:00 am where I am and I phoned them and it was 8:30 in London and I guess I woke the guy up. Anyway he sent me another password and said hello number one fan. I felt kind of bad for waking him up, they must think I am obsessed. But now that it isn’t live like it was on October 27th you don’t have to wait the 40 minutes between breaks and you can pause and scroll forward or whatever you want. It is well worth it. I have watched it about 3 times and got some other people to watch and they love it. It is long though. I am going to try and make my son watch it as he will need this information before he goes out into the world if he wants to make a difference. Wish I could share mine with you. But I guess I can’t. It is well worth the money and it has allot of new stuff and some I have heard before. I think you will love it Brad, it fact I may post this on your website if that is okay. So maybe some other people may tune in. I never get tired of it as it is about 9 hours broken into different parts. It ends very lovingly, although I don’t share David’s taste in music, I choose his taste in loving others. I am going to post this on your last link and I hope others will watch. It will unite us more with the heart vibe. And we can choose to rebel from a heart vibe. Love in your day.

  21. Lucrezia Borgia says:

    I thought this was relevant to the discussion.

  22. Daniel says:

    Has everyone forgotten the book written by Sheldon Nidle and Virginia Essene published in 1994. In this book Nidle predicts the Photon Belt will strike the Earth in 1996 and there will be three days of no electricity. I remember this because I read the book and bought into it to my everlasting embarrassment. The book was titled: You are Becoming a Galactic Human. It includes an alleged history of the Earth, which is quite entertaining. There is no mention of Reptilians. Why would anyone believe Sheldon Nidle after this book? I really appreciate your synopsis of Barack Obama. I believed in Barack Obama also. I read the Matthew Ward messages. It was to a great extent these messages about Barack Obama that lead me to believe that the Ward messages are disinformation. I don’t see how you can now come to the conclusion that Barack Obama is an advanced soul. The videos you show in this article are really revealing. I had not seen them. This guy is a fraud. As a politician he is the great Betrayer. Some of the excuses being offered now in the Ward messages about Obama are embarrassing. So you sign the NDAA knowing that soon it will not be law. What kind of ridiculous explanation is that? If he is truly protected as Ward states he is, then why wouldn’t he just come out and tell the truth rather than hiding from the truth and going along with laws such as the latest NDAA.

  23. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” The Galactic Federation of Light “” i know the in the past many of you when lost, and in this time in will not be the same. i don’t want any of you . get hurt anymore, you guys when work so hard on this and so brave. the in this time will be different,, and as i know when the dark ones try to break the rules and use the last thing to try to control everything and all again,, they will break the rules and they will pay the consecuences.. because this galaxy belong to the The Galactic Federation of Light … and it will be like that,

  24. leo says:

    i dont know this seems shady like i dont know….. this might be the false light you were speaking about brad i mean it seems way too good to be true first obama then we are here to save you? usaully the real people who want to help dont say “we are here too save you” they say somehting more of “we are here to guide and aid you” so im a little sceptial about this, but i could be wrong

  25. StarTornado says:

    Hi Brad,
    I’ve rather enjoyed reading the various opinions about what is going on in the world and what will happen to humanity. As far as the Galactic Federation of light is concerned… I’m not sure what to believe. I’ve been listening to them for some months now and I feel like they keep making promises that they never keep.

    I am a regular meditator. I am a deep believer that the pineal gland in the brain is responsible for much of humanity’s spirituality. About six months ago I was in a particularly deep meditative state and saw (in my mind’s eye) these unbelievably gigantic invisible spacecrafts hovering above are Earth. Aboard these spaceships were human lookalike creatures wearing Star Trek like skin outfits. The Galactic Federation of light claims these descriptions of themselves. I remember specifically these beings telling humanity that they are indeed, God. I remember the feeling of fear and disease in my gut…. And I asked God if indeed this was God. I felt that God was laughing and saying “of course not child.” I am not religious in any way, shape or form. FYI

    Despite all of this internal information within myself I still can’t pull myself away from that appealing claims made by the Galactic Federation of light. Intern I’ve also tried to communicate with these beings on my own only to be disappointed again and again. I guess it looked like an easy way out for me at least ~ .financially.

    I feel like this world is going to shit and the Galactic Federation of lights’ robotic posts with the clouds in the background promised me some hope of positive change. As a member of the United States of America I do not trust our government and do not like the game they’re signing us all up to play. If there is no whether civilization here to help us or even support us what the hell are we going to do?

    Do you ever contemplate that maybe the Galactic Federation of light is trying to delicately inform us that we are all about to die? To truly reach the higher dimensions you have to pass out of this body anyway, right? And if this is true I’m slightly embarrassed to say that I have invested a certain amount of personal hope and expectation in the Galactic Federation of light. If the world is just going get worse I really don’t care that much if I die if it means that I will be freed from this reality. My intention is not to sound morose.

    What are your takes?


  26. Brad says:

    Hi Delphine

    Well there certainly IS a REAL benevolent ET alliance helping us down here! The Galactic Federation of Light are simply the “Dark Forces” PRETENDING to be this organisation! So your concerns and worries about “everything going to shit” aren’t necessary (in my opnion – and the evidence certainly supports this).

    I suggest you absorb more of the information on this site in order to start seeing this for yourself – Obviously the Cosmic/ET section is a good starting place (particularly the Pleiadian category).

    I would say the giant ships you saw and the “star-trek” looking uniforms of the occupants means you were very likely seeing our TRUE allies, family and friends. :-)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  27. Peter Luis says:

    I’ve only come across all of this in recent months. It’s so incredibly disappointing to find that GFOL may be the very dark forces that they say they are against. I was convinced that Obama was the anti-christ and the Illuminati years ago, but transcripts from the GFOL convinced me otherwise. They even predicted Obama would win re-election ( and they spoke of so much promise.

    Is it the Illuminati all over again, or what? What are their intentions? I feel like I’ve been tricked all over again – argh! Back to square one, and questioning everything/everyone.



  28. Peter Luis says:

    By the way, thank you very much for writing this article – whoever you are!

  29. StarTornado says:

    Hi Brad,

    What is it about the GFOL that leads you to believe they are the “dark ones,” and not who they say they are? I’m a skeptic, but what they have to say really hits home.

    I listen to SaLUsa channeling on YouTube and 85% of the time I feel it sheds light on things. I’m just curious to know how you came to believe the GFOL is indeed bullshit.

    Las thing ~ there are several “channelers” that claim to be getting messages. Have you considered that perhaps some are real and some are the dark ones in disguise?


    P.S. Thank you so much for putting yourself out there and creating this site. It’s so important to get the truth out so people can wake up to what is really going on.

  30. Peter Luis says:

    Hi StarTornado. I’m having a hard time dismissing them as well. I’d take everything we hear from anywhere with a grain of salt. Be critical about everything and listen to your intuition.

  31. Brad says:

    Hi StarTornado

    Well I’m assuming you’ve actually read the entire article here? And watched the videos included?

    So the article kind of answers your question really, but to elaborate a little further, the amount of red flags raisd by what the GFOL communicate is off the chart. Just take the “Obama is a light worker, here to save humanity” bullshit. Sorry, but anyone who chooses to believe that Obama is a “lightworker”, with all the evidence to prove otherwise (the video I included in the post is just a tiny fraction of the evidence avilable) just because the GFOL say so, is in my opinion, so mind controlled that I wonder if they will ever break free from it.

    Then we have George Kavassilas and his personal experience of being manipulated by the GFOL – I will be covering more of Georges material soon. But there’s plenty of info on Youtube from him, where he talks about his experieneces with the “False Light” beings, as he calls them.

    I think what people fail to understand is just how deceptive and manipulative the dark beings in control of this planet actually are. People need to stop being so naive, and just blindly accepting what some so called “higher being” is telling them, just because on the surface it sounds good! This is the geatest form of manipulation, mixing truth and lies together.

    I’d recommend having a listen to the George Kavassilas interview and the reverse speech analysis on the site, where he talks a little about the “False Light”. Here’s the link…

  32. questioner says:


    I don’t hope your website humanitywinsilluminatilose are antichrist either. cant know.

    but I’m supporting you if you are for the best and true.
    peace and love!


  33. questioner says:

    answer on topic question: one is Foe

    and one might be true!

    because there are not only One organization,
    but two

    and btw:
    … I have never heard anything about Obama from the organization I read from

  34. Peter Luis says:

    I do with that the GFOL was indeed from the light, but red flags get raised for me as well. They do mention that Obama had to “play along” with the cabal in order to get to where he is now to take them over.

    However, it’s interesting that GFOL refer to the dark ones as Illuminati and never mention they are reptilians – which is what we know they are. That is unless – not all reptilians are evil?

  35. ColleenThomas says:

    Regrettably I spent six months trusting that the GFoL was for real and repeated much of the things they claimed would happen that never came to pass. After wiping egg from my face I investigated the group and found out from my friends the White Hats (from the Aviary group members who worked on CIA black ops such as remote viewing) that these channellings are manufactured “psyops.” The general consensus is that a faked alien invasion is on the books and that the GFoL will present as our rescuers when the time comes.

    The real kicker for me to doubt the veracity of SaLuSa et al was the so called light chambers awaiting each of us, reportedly to bring us to full consciousness. My gut told me this was hostile. When prosperity funds, disclosure, first contact, financial revisioning and so failed to materialize I knew that nothing Divine was attached to the GFoL because according to recorded history Angelic beings are very well versed on the future and would not be such utter failures at predicting the near future. That we are expected to swallow that devil Obama as God’s gift to humanity just adds insult to injury.

    I’m very grateful a friend gave me a link to this site. It’s very refreshing here ; )

  36. Michael says:

    It’s very nice to hear from you Colleen. =)

  37. ColleenThomas says:

    Thanks Michael. I wish I had discovered this jewel of a site sooner!!!

  38. daleykd says:

    I would like to ask colleen how she feels about any 4th dimensional contact. Such as dreams, astral projection, contacts from E.T.’s and meditation. Since you feel as though you were tricked allready by the reptilians, how do you go about protecting yourself from more lies. I personally have always been a lucid dreamer,(i.e. can control my dreams and have had some come true) and have been able to experience astral projection about 8 times. Only recently I have been awakened to the concept of the reptiles and controled government, and so far have gathered that they control the 4th dimension of which I like to be in. so my new thoughts are worried that this whole time i have been taken advantage of and wonder if it was all fake. Do you feel the same? or do you feel as though some of it is real and some fake? I almost worry about dreaming and astral projection in the future. I also seemed to connect with your first video, but was worried when you talked of arc angel michael and of the other aliens that visited you?? what do you feel was actual good contact you recieved and what was lies? do you have lucid dreams also or have you had stral projections? just curious what others believe in.

  39. ColleenThomas says:

    I rarely lucid dream and project but love doing it. I was told by my future self that I live in a bubble from 7th density that protects me when I sleep and that he monitors me by day. I can’t be harmed but I can be accessed and believe or reject what any entity has to say.

    The problem really lay with me failing to realize the distinctly different kinds of contact being made with me. In the initial type I could feel-sence who was there, gender, mood, personality type, age, relationship to me, etc but the real kicker was the love and adoration they projected, it was profoundly intense and moving.

    When the hive contacted me with info to pass on to others I felt no familiarity to them and no emotion of any kind. The Grays are known to be emotionally flat and to have hive mind collective consciousness so I’m supposing they were feeding me rediculous stuff but I can’t know for sure.

    The people on the Bethlehem (Pleiadean ship) also contacted me in groups as well but I could feel the collective exuberance they felt like they were so happy I was finally telepathic and they had missed me. The child size Grays are a part of the crew and my most frequent visitor was a spokes person for my future son Jeramiah. The speech of those little guys sounds like bug wings buzzing so I never got a name for him so I called him Jeramiah too.

    I feel confident that those of us here from the future for divine reasons are protected. That you have such abilities tells me you are here on mission and protected. Keep boldly going where you care to go and enjoy. But should you encounter sentient beings along the way pay attention to their emotional impact. The Grays feel flat which can triggar fear because its so unusual and the Reps feel intimidating if not frightening owing to their contempt for humans.

    We get to choose a paranormal ability to work while we’re here. Trust what you picked in being 4-D gifted. You had a lot to choose from and picked that one. Trust you reasons and flex your muscle in that realm until you feel a master of it : )

    Blessings of peace be upon you

  40. daleykd says:

    you definatley made me feel better, sometimes one just needs a little comfort. The only time I felt scared was the first time it happened to me when I was in Junior High, I thought something was taking me outa my body and had to force it to stop. It didnt happen again to me till a couple years ago, I am now 35, and has been super fun each time. I just dont want to expose myself to any bad entities on purpose. And blessings of peace with you as well.

  41. esp says:

    Okay, the fact that the GFL or at least the people who beleive they are to be trusted think that Obama is a good president with good policies (policies my family and I can expect to be imporvished and then sloughtered by long term (he reminded me of hitler since before he was nominated)) was a red flag for me from the start. As was the concept of oneness (not an increased sense of everything and everyone around you that you are able to cut yourself off from, a volenteary connection or relationship with other beings that you or they can choose to end anytime they want but oneness a hive mind, if you want to know about oneness watch every episode of every Star Trek series that so much as mentioned the borg and you can learn all about oneness then tell me you still want oneness) and the biggest red flag of all is something from earlier this week, I was reading about the agenda of the reptialains and the grays funny only major differences between the two agendas was who was telling the story and how much spin and sugar coating there was with it, gee I wonder why (I say that last part with a smug sarcasim).

    All the cheating, fraud, and mind control involved in the elections (and I’ll bet when all is said and done we’ll find out that the only reason Obama was ever president really was that he used a combonation of mind control, fraud, and other cheating) right now I don’t trust the government in the least (except to screw me over, they’ve proven they can be trusted to screw people over) and I make a point of staying away from orginized religion (again to much just doesn’t sit right with me about it). All this mess with politics and mental programing in school (needless to say the schools hated me for being the kid who the programing just wouldn’t take on) has driven me to write a couple of kids books to help remind kids about among other things that they have their own free will that they can use however they want (I’m starting to wonder if I’m being channelled this stuff, but it’s pro-private property, pro-capitalism, pro-freewill, pro-invividaul rights) I don’t care if it’s orginized relgion, the government, extra-terresterails, or anything else they can forget about playing me for a fool.

    I don’t know at this point in linar time who our true allies are but I do know that right, but I do know that I’m looking forward to meeting them. I’ve always known that there have to be both hostile and friendly extra-terristrails in the universe (at least ever since I ever had the capcity to form my first thoughts on the subject this life time). Heck I hope one day I can go to the moon, and even mars on vaction.

  42. ColleenThomas says:

    Daleykd. That you are having fun is a great sign that your body is safe and secure as you travel. Just the same I recommend you ask your higher self and those who love you to guard your body while you travel. An empty vessel is quite a prize for the dark ones so be sure to deny them that with a prayer for protection as a matter of habit each night because you never know when you lay your head down if you will travel that night or not.

    Try having trips with a specific agenda in mind to test yourself by. A near future event like the outcome of a ball game, race, election, etc… would do nicely. In time you should be able to win bets to make money though that serves only to affirm you are connecting with extensions of this reality into the future. I can imagine no higher a purpose than to key into future timelines (all probabilities are equal until selection collapses the field into a certain pathway) than to actually select the best one before chance does it for us. People like you can cause a preferable possibility to manifest from a plethora of potentials.

    May you master 4-D so as to bless us into peace, love and abundance for all. Your success will be our success AND serve as proof that we are far more than given credit for (though the Bible does say we are gods awaiting the 3-D world and the powers therein to be made our footstools).

    God’s be with you in your travels my love ;)

  43. ColleenThomas says:


    I’m reminded of the subtle change in the preplanned comment to be made by Neil Armstrong as he stepped onto the moon. One word difference but yet the error caused meaning in reverse that would not have been there had he said the words as prepared.

    This observation suggests that inflections of speech should not be more heavily weighted than word choices. That said perhaps mechanical text readers still reveal hidden messages from channeled content. If you have the time to do so, or can recommend software so I can (free ware) use to try it that’d be great.

  44. Michael says:

    Hi Colleen.

    On the forum a few days ago Brad suggested he may not be on the site much for the next few days or so. But, I think he will be wrapped when he comes on and finds that you have found his website.

  45. Endovelyco says:

    hi Colleen

    theres the WavePad Sound Editor, I have it and is free, you can record what you listen on your computer then you can reverse it and slow it, I tried to do some reverses but my main problem is that english isnt my first language so if i listen to it backwards its hard for me to notice some understandable words.

    But you can try it, is far easier for a english speaker.

    All the best with Love

  46. daleykd says:

    colleen. I usually do try to surround everyone with the white light for protection, I do sometimes forget, so thank you for the idea cause it makes sense to make sure before one sleeps. Oddly enough I had a wierd expierence last nite. I had the same dragging feeling and then the laughing in a jeering way and I had to force myself back to body was difficult, and normally very easy to do so. So after I finally screamed to them to shut up, and force myself back to body, I got up real quik and did some white light protection, which I cant remember if i did before? Was odd since I just had conversation with you on it? It was definately different from all my other ones except when I was young. Just thought I would get your opinion on it, cause its not something i control to happen it just randomely happens.

  47. morningstar says:

    Hi brad,iam totally in agreement with you about the GFOlies thats what i call them, what concerned me the most was that Salusa was being channelled every single week. I mean how much can change in week? and all they would do was to recycle words and use clever sound bytes and make predictions that never came true. Since i have awakened in the last several years like yourself i was devouring all knowledge that delt with UFO’s, spirituality, esoteric and everything inbetween. I have come to know that my soul originates from the arcturus star system, theres a lot more I would like to chat to u about but not over the net I live in manchester uk would be good to meet sometime. There is so much dis info in the new age arena its unbelievable i would say that 90% of is not reliable. I spent the over ten years in a Christian cult so I have first hand knowledge of mind control and manipulation. By the way have u studied the RA material?

  48. susie says:

    Hello and sigh…I sigh because I am so happy and relieved to come across this site and info. Been alone for a long time….for one thing I have felt a connection to the pleaidians for a long time and for another thing, just a few months ago I was AWAKENED specifically told to WAKE UP and have been repeatedly since then told to WAKE UP…I have tried and tried to get others to wake up but they won’t do it…my problem has also been knowing what info is true and what is false because Jesus Christ is my Lord and I know that any extraterrestrials that do not acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord is not of the light…so I was more than excited to find a community of people like me. :D

  49. susie says:

    oh and by the way….Obama is a very dark entity…no light in him…dead eyes….sandy hook was a faked event…I am able to see through this stuff so clearly, yet have a hard time when it comes to some of the higher esoteric teachings…however, the holy spirit inside me knows doesn’t it ;)

  50. Paul says:

    Hmm, I actually believe that Mr obama is a Good intentioned individual but he once in power found that it is not the president of the USA that runs america let alone the world and He is not so much a puppet as a helpless figure head that is trying to make good in bad economic and crazy bi partisan system of of a situation, in the Us were more than 8 out of 10 (Check your statistics) american’s are either homeless or live in trailor park’s and are treated as subhuman by a culture which place’s money and property firmly above human life, I used to love america but that was the america we see on television not the one were people search through trash for enough to just survive, I truly can’t think of a more un christian country, jesus said if you have two coat’s and your brother has none give him one for you can only use one, god doese not want prayer he want’s your heart’s circumcise them to him (love him above all else, not your property or money) so woe betide on judement day the self righteous man that shoot’s a vagrent for stealing a potato because he is starving (Republican gun nut’s anybody , let’s see them try to shoot the angel’s). As for the illuminati – they are undoubtedly evil and should be brought down starting with the Bauer fronted Red Shield Lodge of germany that has stretched it’s black talon’s into every country and institution in the world, red shield you might no better by it’s bavarian german wording of Rothschilde, and they are the real power in the world now hiding behind Goldman Sachs and several other front man company’s. As for the extra terrestrial’s look up the star child on the net and look up it’s genetic analysis you might be surprised to find they are from here and I hypothesise they are our souls former host’s, yes I did say soul. and remember there are not one but three evil cabal on earth, the muslim anti christ woman oppressing rising power and the corporation’s that are the real anti christ of the twentieth and twenty first century whose all consuming appetite has decimated the environment and stripped the real wealth of 99 percent of the world’s population benefiting only less than 1 percent (when the corporation’s are state controlled and owned they are benign (not communism but Socialism which despite the american idea is completely different and the russian idea is not natzism “which has nothing in common with socialism”) but as soon as an over payed board of shareholder hired cronies take’s over then there is no one and no law that will stop there incesent rape of the world) a government that abdicate’s control of it’s national resources to private firm’s is not a government of the people but of the financial backer’s that lobbyed with big check’s and bribe’s to get there men into power and we have the same scum running britain’s three main party’s with a side order of uk independence party and cameron is a top ranking member of the CBI a major buiseness lobbying organisation that put’s the interests of the most wealthy far over the poor.

  51. Michael says:

    Hi Susie.

    The concept of “waking up” really resonates with me.

    David Icke talks about us waking up and rising like lions.

    To think that just maybe we are not small and powerless beings; but powerful beings who have just been asleep. That’s pretty special if it’s true :)

    I do not know this, but i hope so much that it is. (I understand though that I must be careful to always look for what actually is true, and not just what i would like to be true!)

    If you don’t mind, can you tell me about these “wake up” orders you have been given. i.e how were they given to you?


  52. Michael says:

    I’ve just been reading a bit of Wes Penre, and I came across these few lines -

    “We all have to pass a lot of tests now and in the near future. And we have to be brilliant, all of us. Not that we aren’t. We are all brilliant; we just need to wake up and realize it and start making conscious decisions, getting rid of all sloppy thoughts and make decisions based on intentions that come from clear thoughts. We have a lot to learn in the little time we have at hand, so if we waste it, we will regret it.”

  53. I try not to post anything about reptilians on my site because it’s to far out a subject for most people, and it would drastically cut down on the number of people seeking the services I offer. My reality (after years of studying and researching and comparing notes and questioning, including analyzing people who request assistance) is that the “reptilian controllers” (my term) invade and gradually displace the souls assigned to human bodies with the goal of taking over. They do this in several ways. They consider midwives and people who work with young children prizes because they can extend into the child bodies and take them over–the younger, the better. They also want people in power (government and corporations). No way can I share that on my site! Too fear-inducing. My multidimensional (for lack of a better word) sources of information have told me over and over again that it is illegal for the reptilians to inhabit human bodies. Therefore, I have spent years instructing my “Angel-Light Team” to bind and remove them from those who ask for spiritual/energy healing. I have interacted with reptilians being hosted by human body-mind units and surveyed the % of their possession, occupation, and use of those bodies. I cannot emphasize enough that the possession is not an either-or thing but a matter of percentages. I am very uncomfortable around those who are more reptilian consciousness than not. Small % invasion/infiltration can slip up on the best of people, and they can’t be condemned for that. I won’t give percentages here, but will report that President Obama is much, much less infiltrated by the reptilian controllers than Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump, and others I won’t name. He still has “heart.” It’s difficult to find “heart” in people who have been majorly taken over by reptilians, and what you find is faked and discernible by people who know what is going on. My point to all this is that it’s about percentages AND that reptilians can be removed from human bodies IF the human soul is still available for retrieval.

  54. Blake says:

    Hey Brad/Humanity speaks, all this talk of the GFOL has me thinking…. I’m just one person but what do I do? I’ve never talked in a blog, let alone put my thoughts for everyone to see. But I do think my insight might be to use for some of your bloggers/ out of the box thinkers/ people that, I hope are not sheeple, can relate with. I myself was very curious with GFOL. The talk of togetherness,mixed with the thought of everything will be OK,and the dealbreaker….LOVE. Then I started to seriously listen to the messegases just to get a positive spin on my day, thinking I was privi to this information. Then tonight when I was listenng to coast to coast, they were talking politics ofcoarse. I just thought well lets see qhat rhe GFOL is up too while commercials are on. And I dont know why it happened, but it did. I wanted to see if anything could DEBUNK the GFOL. I thought it was impossible…. Then after the 2 or 3 page thruogh google search, I found your page.. Shich at first I thought was going to have all the illuminati basics like all the other “HATERS” but I soon came to realize, that you are th opposite and I appreciate what you are doing for this movement. And that is simply spreading the truth about what is going on.. I had some hold back that SALUSA was talking about OBAMA as being the chosen one….. But when I listened to your clip, and found how to judge things by listening to your inner hearts feelings. It really hit home. Thanks!

  55. Blake says:

    Sorry about the abc check! I was thinkin, but the fingers were not typin. Lol…

  56. Anitka says:

    Hi Blake :)

    it is great to see another awakened soul! your message was very nice to read it really resonates with me :)

    hope this website will give you much more you can relate to!


  57. SaFyre says:

    Hello everyone,

    i think the pieces of the puzzle come more and more together. Till now i never posted something anywhere but i think its time to put here on this site my point of view of things. I respect the critical thinking here and the open-mindedness of this site and feel its time to come out with some things.

    From my research i think i might know what could happen. The gfol are indeed the malevolent et group from sirius b and from orion´s belt. the governments are in contact with them for a very long time and together they plan this official et-disclosure via dr. steven greer and his team. his film the sirius connection will be released very soon and it concentrates around sirius (probably b) and orion.

    So what is suspicious about dr. steven greer?

    first of all rockerfeller financed the whole research and made his speech back in 2001 with the other government-witnesses possible.
    second salusa mentioned him in one of his messages from the last year as some kind of pioneer. salusa mentioned david wilcock as one of those leaders in our future (i just cant connect with david wilcock something is fishy about him, i mean new york times bestseller and all that presentational stuff he needs). but back to greer, i always thought his face looks like some of a reptilian/human and then i stumbled on a video on youtube that exactly analyzes in one of his presentation his shapeshifting. then he tells us that all ets are benevolent! what? this is very suspicious! in my opinion he is a reptilian shapeshifter from orion or sirius b on his mission here on earth doing what he´s got to do. he could have never ever done what he did if he weren´t one of them, this is controlled opposition.

    we all know that mike quinsey channelles salusa from the galactic federation of light – so there´s the connection. i liked how the above article covers the connection between greg giles and the gfol as well.

    this will be their final move to deceive and enslave humanity to the fullest and we got to stop this now! tolec from the andromedan council said that the galactic federation is aware of this so called galactic federation of light, but are they aware of what a threat they will be for humanity if they officially land here as enlightened nordic human beings and most of humanity will fall for their trick?

    false disclosure is on its way. first steven greer´s movie, then the hearing of witnesses before congress in april, then the landing of the so called family the gfol. if disclosure happens, then its got to be honest with all truths about grey abduction of humans, with the grey/human hybrids, the shadow government working together against humanity with the orion group over the last 70 years and all that stuff. but they will deceive humanity big time in their final plot for their new world order! we need to stop this! i dont want to spread fear but to get people aware of what might come so that we can be prepared. our true benevolent et allies need to help us against this big time deception as well. what about the crop circle with the grey and the disc in it warning us of the greys as bearers of false gifts and broken promises, we oppose deception. humanity opposes deception as well and humanity never made any deals with them, it was just the shadow government not the people. theres no need to hold on to non interefernce because they broke the law of free will of many people.

    if anyone got questions just go and ask, i´m with humanity!

  58. rich3800 says:

    Along my web meanderings, I had come to trust the GFL somewhat. I tried to not “get married” to my beliefs, in case I had to change my mind, not to invest too much “emotional capital” into anything. Yeesterday, I came across Kavassilas’ “Greatest secret” video, which made me want to check his other videos. Other videos, which intrigued me, yet irritated me because he claimed GFL was the false light, which clashed what I thought I knew. Kavassilas said the shift would happen on March 21st yet, Clif’s Wujo remote viewers put a “catastrophic event” sometime in June. How to reconcile timelines? There’s this little thing called “free will” which people can use to derail predictions. I remember watching the movie “The Secret” and its mention of quantum mechanics. One thing I came away from the movie with is that “watching the quantum process changes it”, or something similar. Time travel involves quantum mechanics, right? And then I find that this site has a “debunking” section on GFL. Again, another stake gets driven into the heart of the GFL “vampire”. Ouch. Another divorce for me.

  59. rich3800 says:

    I didn’t trust Obama because one of his backers was George Soros. Considering how rich Soros is, did Obama really need those political donations from the “little people”? No, he didn’t, but he wanted people to get emotionally involved in his reelection. The stronger the emotional attachment, the least likely he would be impeached for any reason. Yes, the same Georges Soros who is being pursued by the Interpol for financial crimes. Yet, I had heard he was a “double agent”, using his position to “bait” officials in the government using outrageous laws to discover their true position on a topic. I think this is a “bait and switch” and the “fish” is us.

  60. rich3800 says:

    What is the Galactic Federation’s website?

  61. rich3800 says:

    Interestingly, I found this website googling “Galactic Federation” and came across this: . By coincidence, one of the sunken continents, which is scheduled to rise in the future is “Lemuria”, the mythic continent.

  62. rich3800 says:

    According to, Lemuria was a huge island in the pacific. Before the calamity that sank Lemuria, many of its inhabitants took refuge under Mount Shasta, in California.

  63. Phyl says:

    From Tolec & Taanath Galactic Federation of Light Exposed – Taanath tells this piece -

    The Galactic Federation of Planets – The Federation is made up of over 500 worlds, from at least 100 different systems all in this galaxy they’re all freeway based and there are groups of positves and some neutrals, and by positives, I mean that these are people who are generators of energy and whose social practices tend to be communalists, not communists, communalists tend to be peaceful and tend to be very friendly and giving. And they also are the primal governing body for the positive planets of this galaxy. How is this different from the Federation of Light?

    The Federation of Light makes up a handful of systems that boast most of these are reptoid and gray systems, and to the people of them have been genetically engineered so that they appear human and is not so much a federation as it is more of a Empire. And they are actually conquistador, they go out and try to expand their empire often through hostile methods, and one of those methods is, by priming human civilisations for contact and invasion via specially selected individuals who will fit an ideal of physical appearance that humans are often comfortable with.

    Question about the Dracos and the Grays…do you know how many panets or other worlds they try to conquer? they’ve been at this a long time. – They have been at this a long time and I don’t have the number all I have is a list of number that need freeing after earth has gone from 21 to over 50. What effect have they had on the us down here on earth? – They first got involved around about 2,000 years ago on earth and at first their presence was very very covert and then after the fall of Atlantis they got to be a lot more overt, because the ones who were suppose to be watching over us, left their post and that allowed the Lizards in, and one of the things they’ve done – they’ve influenced us genetically, they dropped our life span from one thousand to fifteen hundred years – to fifty to a hundred years. They introduced diseases, they introduced poisonous animals and plants. They introduced salt into the water system in order to make it so that the water system is controlled and better control our population. They made it so that we are capable of involuntary pregnancy, which again was an effort to control the breeding population. They have introduced a lot of different social systems including certain methods of trading and buying and commerce and they’ve also influenced certain bloodlines on this planet. So pretty much they’ve created the mess that we are in today? – Yes!

    If you listen to the messages of the Galactic Federation of Light they’re always telling us about how “we messed up!”, “we made a mess of the planet!” that “we’re terrible people!”. That’s not the case at all, it was never us. Humans on Earth are seen by positives as the same as an abused child. If an abused child acts out it is not as if it is that child is bad, it is because the abuse is bad enough, that that child acts out. The problems on this planet were never done fully by us. We might have been the tool, but it was another hand that was welding it.

  64. Blake says:

    The union address was very powerfull, but yet lacked heart…. Everything we want to hear, but know none of it’s true. Love is universal, and also very easy to point out when it is faked…. My concern is that people can see the future in the positive light, but not believe in it. Is there a way out? Well, yes there is. We are the product of our own being. Love prevails, life is the only thing keeping us going day to day. The people of love/life/the living, with a heart! Not by leading a revolution, but by changing the minds of the people around us. By being kind, loving, and respectful. No matter what mental/political, religious state you are in. Just be understanding to the energy, and love around you. And be willing to accept eachother for who we are. Ive had to work at this myself, but have come to find out that the pros deffinately outwhey the cons. From what I’ve seen tonight the circus of the media thinks we will do nothing, aslong as they promise us everything and give us question marks above our heads. Lets change the future, one opioin at a time

  65. Blake says:

    Love to all, that will take it and run with it.

  66. Anitka says:

    Thank You for the lovely words, Blake!

  67. sioux says:

    don’t you know that there is a false light/galactic federation of light? wouldn’t it make sense that the forces of darkness would try a preemptive attack on those who are being led by not the real galactic federation of light? have you ever heard of alaje? true light…be careful…you are falling right into the trap that was set up to lead you out of truth…nesara=false must use spiritual discernment and or back masking to know who and what you are dealing with.

  68. nicholas Fowler says:

    yes, K concur and wholly support what is written here. apart from watching the very beautiful and inspiring videos, more than once I may add, the one thing we should learn is never give your power away to others, maintain your integrity, always, live from the heart, speak from the heart, and see through the heart always. a bit of bad temper may be in order, it is with me, so many stupidities going on today, so much silliness out there and I have worked through ,my own over the years. there is at no time a point where we can sit back and relax, save for a short period of consolidation. unless our own personal journey has reached a point where there is some semblance of balance between the polarities in our being. for most it is is a traumatic time to be in, and when the energies begin to bite and take hold on the psyches if those who so far refuse it awaken, many will be in turmoil, and unless we are able to act and react from our own position of stability and light, we may get caught in the turmoil these unawakened ones are going through. it is at once a time of danger, yet a time of glorious awakening to realities at present we can only imagine vaguely. but soon these realities will become our daily experience once the ascension process takes a hold on this planet. don’t give your power away, don’t give too much energy to others, and as they say, keep your powder dry until a time comes when it is needed.

  69. Jared Broker says:

    I think that in these chaotic times, it is important to come back to basics. Anything that is perceived outside of ourselves should not be trusted.

    In our selves, we will know what to trust. The most subtle and logical ways forward seem to be of the highest good.

    Take care of self, others, and your immediate surroundings. Peace to you all.

  70. patriotact says:

    Read, “Allies of Humanity.” It is a free download. It says the Universe is a dog-eat-dog place where planets invade undeveloped planets like ours, and warn we are being infiltrated ourselves. They point out that being abducted against our will, breed hybrid children, and release them into our society only means they are not asking our permission to do anything. The GFOL has been promising ascension for years now with just days to go before everyone will get replicator devices, but just today, they say war, and the Ring of Fire will wipe out most of us. They claim they have disabled nuclear weapons to save us from ourselves, but the ‘allies’ say that is so we do not damage our bio-resource they came to mine. Two different ‘channelers’ are changing their tune today. I can say for truth though, that a war of UFOs have occurred recently. The meteor (mothership) hitting Russia was slow filmed showing craft ejecting from the front before exploding. A UFO dogfight was filmed accidentally above Machu Picchu, and several underground bases were taken out by UFO with sonic and light weapons (many videos attesting to fact). It may be different planet factions are fighting over our resources. The best policy is when you see an alien, kill it first, then ask questions. That is our Government policy and Russians, so we should do the same. Kick ETs ass all the way back home. We should be allowed evolve in peace, and watch Monday Night Footbal like decent humans should.

  71. Swift Water says:

    Couple of points I wanted to make really quickly, not having read all of the comments here. 1) It could very well be that the “light work” Obama is doing is unconscious or otherwise not what you’d ordinarily expect to be very helpful to humanity, think Judas – betrayer of Christ? Or co-saviour by affiliation? Could be that Obama is destined to be so “evil” that he snaps us awake.
    2) The idea that aliens need resources is preposterous. With the technology we already have here on earth we can assemble molecules in essentially any way we want, whether it be gold or goats, the only issue is the energy required to do so makes it a waste of time and resources. If you can hop between stars, you’ve probably got the energy situation down.
    3) The nature of reality and consciousness itself should be more revealing to the truth about ETs than our own human psyche. I swear if I hear another “white man vs the Indians = the only logical reality” argument I might vomit. I find it far more reasonable to assume that the universe is governed by laws, laws which are demonstrable and unbreakable. One of them is no doubt responsible for making sure you don’t go around destroying the universe, namely, there being such a thing as an infinite source of energy to tap into, and a prerequisite to discovering it/being able to distribute it to your planet being that you’ve realized enough about the nature of reality to not use this energy source to destroy the universe.

    Any of that make sense to anyone? Forget about the channeled messages for a moment, I’ve been following them for years. But why on Earth (if you’ll pardon a pun) would an evil race of beings leave you thousands of crop circles displaying to you the secret behind this infinite energy source (see sacred geometry, torsion field)? Wouldn’t handing someone the key to the rest of the universe in a form that won’t take effect until the populace in question (us) calms down enough to utilize it collectively kind of show a sense of responsibility, duty, and compassion?

  72. Swift Water says:

    I’d also like to mention that in nearly all the channeled messages from the GFL or associated councils they always mention that it is up to us to save ourselves, they’re just here to make sure we have a fair shot at doing so. In other words, once we’ve solved the puzzle, they’ll help us pick up the pieces – but they make it a point to remind us that it is WE who have created this reality for ourselves, that we have willingly handed over our power to those who would abuse it. I don’t think that mentioning a simple fact, that those to whom we have relinquished our power are using it (quite naturally really) in their own best interest, not everyone’s, is the same as blaming everything on them. Especially when they make it a point to refer to the nature of reality for proof of how this works, and indeed, it has worked this way for a very long time on Earth.

  73. Nightlazer says:

    This is more of a question from the videos I’ve watched some a few times… the idea that i hear from the… GFL they say ” theirs a big plan” thought is that humans always have plans many of them some go right some go wrong, this seems like step three out of all this to free the people of Earth, but the real question I have is and they’ve talked about this in a video after Earth it’s go out go in to the universe, why what is out that? IS all the power and ideas going to just Earth, I mean the way it sounds is their should be over 3 billion of the GFL, don’t get me wrong I’m for the movement and the uplifting, yet I want to know the big Idea they have. ( The reasons why I ask is because their going give us a choice again… and I say again because it was our choice to take on this mission yet, they going give us the choice to stay here or go with them, spiritual or physical.

    I want to know their big picture/ though or idea, because in someway, can’t they just come back, or can’t we still be friends? I ask this because you are looking over us you can’t just stop talking after the person say their going stay here the idea if we’re family.

    * I hope theirs understanding behind my question* I just want to know their big movement that is going on. Also that Idea of what really made us forget everything and go down to the level of 0 of any understanding.

    ( it’s just theirs so many parts to this, they can connect and make sense it’s just their not enough dots to this big picture for me… I really want it I just don’t want to BS this idea of question or evening the meaning behind all of this.)

    - yes i know my english is honorable so if you read this sorry for the Miss types and pieace of ideas, but english in some understanding isn’t even 100% what it is because we get new words every years…-

  74. misstko says:

    This information is very biased. I know that there are true messages and fake messages from the GFOL, they bring messages from all sources, the andromeda council, sirius b, pleiadian, agarthan, salusa, st. germain, including God and Jesus as well as many many others. Like you said, it is the filter of the heart that lets you know whether it is sincere and of the light. God led me to theses messages and none other and when I found them they not only speak to my heart but have grown me spiritually and turned me into a light worker fighting to return the light to my fellow man. The real GFOL, teaches you to grow your spiritual body through raising your vibrations to pure love, learning how to see through this illusion and rise above, as well as sending sentimental strengthening words from God. They speak about the reptilian race and how they are going to try and impose as them. They want you to understand how negative vibes work and manifestation works, that is why they do not give out specific dates or tell what is really going to happen, so that we do not manifest ourselves out of it. They say they are mandated by heaven and are waiting for the decree by God to be disclosed, and as they are disclosed the only people that will be able to interact with them are those that resonate at high enough levels to see them, and this will all be in the idea of helping the ones who can see them to learn their abilities to be able to overcome the happenings that are about to happen. Not some big mass landing that is going to save us all, they do warn about a last event that the cabal will be allowed to commit to seal their fate in God returning to punish them, and we will have a little bit of turmoil to go through before things get better. So I could keep going but you see as all is misinformation and one message you heard and all the messages I heard. What I know, is when I listen to GFOL messages from other sources they are not the same dont sound the same dont feel the same and dont send the same messages. But I can tell you they are real and their messages resonate with my soul. And with the whole Obama thing, come on we all know they want to make him the ultimate vessel for the anti-christ, but isn’t the smartest thing for the light to have an infiltrator, ever thought maybe he signed up to die. In any case here is my source, see if it resonates with you.

  75. Ailfawka says:

    I personally think putting all our eggs in one basket is the worst thing any of us could do in times like this.

    Just be open to many things in time you will know….
    Who knows Obama just might be a undercover agent of light? Blending in is required is it not?

    With that said many possibilities we should be open not just one, only focus your thoughts if you are sure if not some restraint might be in order.

  76. mark says:

    Anything that says the light will win the dark will fail is NOT of the light. We must remember that any info that tries to twist the truth is done very subtly and woven carefully into actual truths, just warped enough to send many off down the wrong path. There is no dark.. only absence of light. Once the light shines on all beings they remember the truth and are freed from the illusion. ALL beings..not just the “good” ones. No duality, There is no rescue… no fight.. only beingness. The bell will soon chime and its vibration will return all into balance and harmony and we will see our brothers and sisters who have played on both sides the game. We will remmeber, rejoice and we will laugh together again.

  77. mark says:

    There is no fight.. once humans realise their true power and sovereignty there will be need. All will just stand away in the light and love of a fully realised human race. The only battle is the one STS ET’s wage to keep us thinking we need help, we are weak and we are not free. And as divine creators.. if you think that.. then so it shall be. There will be many incredible dramas unfolding and many “false” gods and prophets. We dont need any of them and any that tell you we do are self serving and not here to help anyone but their own agenda. It will be sad to see so many fall foul of the lies but all we can do is mean stable carriers of the light frequency and share with all who are receptive to it.
    There is only one thing anyone needs to do… and that is love the self and through that you will help others. There is no way to convince those who will not listen, so dont even will only frustrate you and anger them. Wait for them to come to you and wait for them to ask the right questions… then they will be ready to listen and you will be ready to speak.

  78. mark says:

    sorry for the sp’s above.. in too much of a hurry! lol

  79. frida says:


    I don´t know if its wrong of me to write here…

    I just don´t understand how any of us could win from the illuminati and the reptiles if they can manipulate our minds with high tech mind control, change our memories, I mean it seems like they could manipulate us in to what ever they would like humanity to become, exterminated? its a big risk, chemtrails in the sky, vaccinations, GMO food, its going way to fast. Im not looking forward to the time when the evil its going to come up on the surface of the Earth and take full and total control. How can we win when we can not trust the so called ascended masters and their message? obviously we can´t trust them.

    Still its a very complicated story who is evil, what is evil, most of the human beings who are really evil its because they have been conditioned to be that by trauma based mind control, by severe torture, many since the day they were born. If you want to know what I believe? I believe that trauma based mind control its how they rule us. Beyonce, Madonna, Britney and so many more, open your eyes and watch their music videos because they are exposing the illuinati or reptilian agenda very clearly, by what they wear, by the lyrics in their songs, their hand gestures, by the masonic symbols they display. Im just a girl, doing a normal job, living a “normal” life, in the past I tried to be like the other people in society, but I just can´t. For me the NWO agenda its extremly open these days and one have to be blind to not see whats going on.

    I do hope for a better present and future. Where severe trauma based mind control its not existing any more , where the leaders are the ones with the good heart and the good intention. A world where we all work for the best of all living beings, including our Earth. I see a world where we live in peace, we work only for bringing Earth in to a higher vibrational state of love and respect and peace. But that´s just a dream right now, the people in power and the power behind them are working hard to destroy all the beauty we ever known.

    This links its for information and education only, no commercial interest: Is it possible to do reverse listening to this song? Do you think its something goodto listen to?

    The hope I keep, I hope we all keep of a Real Good World,

    In lak´ech

  80. dave says:

    That’s exactly how it resonates for me Mark, we tend to forget that we are all players in this 3d game of survival that has ended for those who are awake and have come back to help mother and her children awake.. It’s a clever construct (matrix) but truly we do remember we contracted in the words from Georgeeee K which I love his expression by the way to have these experiences and its true the Dark have forgotten the game just like we did and to be honest it does make sense to me. We just hold light dance and express our divine nature while bringing ourselves back to centre..

    Peace and Abundance to all

  81. Dr John says:

    What I tell people, is become a clear channel by shifting your consciousness. As you do that you evolve, you are able to know what resonates with you and what does not. To know truth is know be in touch and know what your heart and mind say in union. Through that consciousness does your Source within know what is truth out there and what is not. When we know and understand ourselves we know and realise lies from truth.

  82. Zara says:

    The GFOL (Sheldan e.a.) expect a massive landing and many ETs will come and explain who they are, and who we are.
    To increase our ability to live in a 5D reality (3D can no longer be sustained, 4D is not mentioned), special individual ascension chambers are provided for us.

    Tolec confirms my suspicions. They may not be what they appear to be.

    Just wait for the natural shift to 4D, and prepare for the next ascension as soon as you are ready. Surrender to love, not to technology.

  83. Mr. Blank says:

    Curiouser and curiouser…

    Without preamble; I found this site via a YouTube video, “Message from the Pleiadeans”, I think it was. Several pieces of that matched what I already knew and a few more fit snugly with the few holes I still have. So, to whomever created/posted it – thank you. It’s been a long time.

    As for the GFoL and channelers; allow me to point out that for a race that advanced it wouldn’t take much to compromise all of the lines of transmission and without any human being aware of it. Now is a dangerous time, as w all know. My opinion? Proceed with caution and prepare. Things are indeed about to get very bad.

    With all of that out of the way… Hello, folks. I sincerely hope I’ve finally met some like-minded people.

  84. Michael says:

    Hi Mr Blank =)

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  86. Goddess says:

    I think the galactic federation is a foe… if they exist …. because they are extremely intelligent aliens who would have the power to bring us world peace in heart beat and end the unfair money system once and for all… but the galactic federation choses to treat us like monkeys in a cage called the prison planet (earth) ruled by evil reptilians who continue to treat us as slaves with no hope in site! as humans treat each other horribly as well!!!!

  87. White Rabbit says:

    many of these messages/channelings and certainly Sheldon Nidle having been repeating the EXACT same message for nearly 10 years. It’s a bit hard to swallow and/or stomach at this point. There’s absolutely nothing that gives the GFOL or those claiming to represent their cause any credibility whatsoever. The messages are uplifting and positive or what I like to called drenched in HOPIUM, which has everyone waiting year after year for something or someone to come and save humanity from the twisted freaks controlling us. I personally have no doubt in my mind that a non-human presence is/has been engaging humanity for a very long time and it’s NOT a benevolent energy/energies. Check out: Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker
    By Cameron Day

    “The thousands of contacts with the entities indicate that they are Liars and put-on artists.
    The UFO manifestations seem to be, by and large, merely minor variations of the old age demonological phenomenon.”

    -John Keel, Operation Trojan Horse, Illuminet 266, 1996

  88. Daniel says:

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    Hope you find it interesting

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  94. Julie says:

    At the end of the day, if our galactic family are in the heavens to help and guide us, well that’s great, but I still believe we have to make the effort ourselves to get out of this mess instead of sitting back and simply waiting. I can’t remember now who said, “the only thing that evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing”. It has been for us to do nothing that has allowed the dark forces to get away with what they have. If is most definitely time that the good men and women of the world, awake those who are still asleep and deal with this head on. We need to empower ourselves, stand together and fight (peacefully of course) tyranny at every step. We can’t all be put in prison, we can’t be forced to fight illegal wars, we can choose what food we eat and what medicines and vaccines we want to take. We have the power to free ourselves, we just need to be strong and join together and refuse to be dictated to. Easier said than done I know. But no-one ever said it would be easy.

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  104. Dreamweaver says:

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  110. Jesse Blenn says:

    Hi Friends, During the past year I have found out that I am from Andromeda, one of the “Three Waves of Volunteers” that Dolores Cannon talks about. A very interesting experience! Anyway, Obama is from Arcturia, but often under mind control. So he is one of us, just not acting. Will he act? That is a good question. Search my name on youtube and see my two videos on David Icke is Right – Obama…. As I said I didn’t know what to expect. There is the story. There is confusion as Kathryn May, the channel of who needs light says the Lizzies are basically gone, yet I see evidence that they stuck around for a while longer… So if she is right then Ashtar need not talk about them. If they are still around we should clearly mistrust those who don’t mention them…. My contact indicates that there are about 28.4 thousand of them still around (with access to the surface), down from about 193 thousand 5 years ago. Seems that they are on the way out but not gone. Some of the messages are true others not. 41% of what the GFOL says is true, and thus in general Ashtar is not to be trusted because it is hard to tell.

  111. JulianKrs says:

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  114. I really dont understand why some people feel the need to be so argumentative.

  115. Blue Dragon says:

    I never had much faith in channeling from who knows where some insight but that is the nature of the deception throw a little truth in there and people will say oh yeah I heard about that.

    Those who were Abduction cases since young age and say those were nice guys like Sheldon N well really just because the USA made a treaty in September 1953 with the smelly aliens to allow them to take humans as they pleased does not make it right.

    Those who control your mind are not good guys free will is sacred remember that much at least, so some of you know nice aliens are here what good does that do we are only here to see if you are worth saving from extinction from the solar flare that wipes all life from this planet.

    You site the Zeta Grays and their evil collective run the world with the shadow elites this is true but what are you doing about truth is important stand up and do thing the right way for the benefit of all others, you will be notice when you do the right.

    I know I am one of these crazy watchers whether you believe it or not matters not your thoughts are not guarded and most who can hear you are bored you do want to make contact for your own personal reasons when you start to things for all others then you will know how to find us.

    But as i said I am crazy for taking this assignment I believed as former colonist at some time your racial memory would kick in and you would get back all you lost, you do get close but time has run out sadly.

    You are no longer thinking the right way in sufficient numbers to get past extinction example is this why bother saving you if within a couple of generations you will die out that would be cruel of us you need to extend your life span we are old.

    Your race has been so corrupted the Eden we call it has been effected bad guys have been keeping you down we could fix it but why if your mind is not free and my voice does not carry the weight it once did when championing your cause you let yourselves down freedom begins in the minds go ahead prove me wrong so far you are disappointing you would not believe how long i have been here trying to turn you back to your potential nd even I am losing the faith so you stand alone now. All the best and be Good.

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  121. Most of what you articulate happens to be supprisingly legitimate and that makes me wonder why I hadn’t looked at this in this light previously. This article really did switch the light on for me personally as far as this particular issue goes. However at this time there is actually just one factor I am not too comfy with so while I try to reconcile that with the actual central theme of your point, let me see what all the rest of your subscribers have to say.Very well done.

  122. David the Libra says:

    Gregg, you are a victim of V2K (Voice to Skull; please research on your own). They are a cheap imitation of the ‘GFOL’, or anything else eixisting that is of God’s light and love. They know the truth but are malevolent (dark) govt. authorities trying to mimic that which is of benevolence (light). OK, I have something VERY important to speak of! I have been involved w/ an ongoing project which you will VERY soon hear of. In the black ops. dept. of the govt. (Rothschilds — Illuminati) called V2K. They’ve been using our power grid to tune into our brain (specific) wave frequency. They have played ‘Big Brother’ by seeing (via software) what we see through our brain (all 5 senses). The most heinous and hideous of Illuminati technology present today. But project is almost complete and you will understand it when you see a mass exodus on capitol hill. From Barry Soetoro (aka Obama) and the Rothschilds on down there will be resignings from their group. Caught by my group, whom they’ve had a last vindictive contract out on, who can hear their signal. If over 1 yr. it could be detected by us they contractually would have to cease and desist all operations behind govt. VERY VERY SOON! I promise you, and you will always remember me and my group as ‘David the Libra’. I am of balance in this universe… a warrior if you will better understand for God ‘the Father’ (Eloheim) through Yeshua Christ. A work via the Pleiades and Zeta Reticuli. I GUARANTEE YOU by the end of the month of our current November. Remember what you’ve received and heard!

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  124. awakeveg says:

    I don’t trust tolec, as an intuitive and intelligent human he also made many predictions that never came true, according to him we were ascended in 2014 but it seems if you go to him with this he’ll freak out, not evolved at all, never talk about compassion to animals or give us any tangible evidence and ways to spiritually empower ourselves. We can’t look at their messages as it is, you have to see the fruits on that tree, based on this Tolec and Cobra Ishtar Antares for example are telling us: ‘Sit down, someone is saving you.’

    No one is saving us. The bible was manipulated, men wrote the bible, were these writers ethical? Cause from what I hear a powerful men decided to change the bible more like pharaos did to put them in a godlike place and many priests walked away from this job, imagine who remained and what type of scum they were to do this, to change history of their own race.

    Cobra is even more dangerous, I’m sure he’s working for the wrong side, the evil one. Although I’m very suspicious of the ‘light’ side, read Cameron Day’s blog and what you think about the light being a scam as well, I thought it was interesting. I follow no one but what Day says about children being RECRUITED by ‘light’ beings, being exhausted at night for spiritual battles, the good suffering way too much, the good being born in an extremely abusive family seems true. What type of horrible light being would recruit children???

    Some from the ‘light’, if there is really a side to pick on cause I believe it’s better be neutral, in service to all souls (humans and animals), giving something we have for FREE, meditating, stop eating and being part of the animal holocaust. Never seeing someone (human or animal) suffer and think they deserve for their karma, or that they created it, almost saying ‘They deserve it’, or someone will come and save them, no! Get in the middle of it. With that if we did indeed pick a side, it’s just the good side, the compassionate, or kind or selfless side, now to pick between the powers that were + negative aliens or galactic federation of light, white brotherhood and all these spiritual people who don’t walk their talk it’s better not have a side indeed. But I think all these names below are working together, maybe they don’t know but they are disinfo:

    galactic federation of LIGHT
    GREAT WHITE brotherhood
    cobra ishtar antares
    teal bosworth swan scott
    george kavassilass
    in 5d
    matt kahn
    tolec Christopher T. Maynard (only badly copying alex collier, someone I feel is genuine)
    adronis johnson

    They are too popular and that already is cause for suspicion because the truth is hidden or hated in this world. People defend them because we are in a worshiping society when you adore someone you are giving your energy so THEY stay there, why do you think celebrities, banks and the powers that were couldn’t be touched? people are putting them there and they like it.

    Amongst 60% of truth they then insert their lies and agenda and it’s all they need because the truth is a bait, to you to give your consent and go with it, then you are poisoned with their true message which are dangerous:

    -teal bosworth says suicide is ok and it’s an option, it’s not okay at all. She encourages and accepts worship, she’s not arcturian and is making much money out of ‘truth’. Again truth is hated and stopped at all costs, you can’t make money out of truth actually.
    - george kavassilass has a fricking saturn tatoo in his finger, he wears necklaces showing who he works for but most of all can’t people feel ill when they look at his eyes???

    -I hope everyone woke up to ashtar but sometimes I’m afraid how naive people are, just to be nice cause some just don’t want to think and that’s the real dumb people in my opinion. He promised so much, delivered NOTHING and blatantly throw in our face what his name means.

    -Now the white and light of the gfol and brotherhood only shows that they keep trying to reafirm where they come from, real light beings are not worried about white or light and fancy names because they know their vibration and their actions will show who they are and unevolved beings try to convince, evolved beings are compassionate towards humans and animals and don’t force anything upon our free will, they simply won’t convince us.
    They have no problem in being questioned, they are called upon but don’t recruit people.
    My star family only appeared to me after I cleansed most of my karma with much FREE service to people and animals, became veg, meditated for some years and I CALLED them (ask for Source and Jesus protection while going to sleep, before meditation, before any communication, even before leaving your home, be in constant contact with the real Creator of us).

    Other names that made me feel ill in my gut (listen with your gut and heart, not ears and don’t let the ego racionalize, that’s not how you navigate in the other dimensions, ears and brain only works here) are LORD sananda, cause I’m sure Souls as evolved as Jesus Christ would never refer to Himself as a lord, lord are for egocentric, vain and low dimensional entities. If we look back Socratez, Buda and many very evolved Beings were humble.

    People claiming to channel god and mother whatever, I don’t even know what it means but I believe are lying or being fooled, Source is not exactly how people think they are I have a feeling but the truth is NO ONE OF US know how Source/God/ess is, all I know it’s not a man and might not have a humanoid form either. We’ll have to raise many dimensions yet until we have a true glimpse of Source.

    - Cobra Ishtar Antares talks about beings that when I researched them seems occultists and lower dimensional but more than that when you read him there’s no empowerment, he and Tolec are telling us to sit on our a… and be a good little sheep.

    - Bashar talks down or sometimes is disrespectful to people, his prices are an insult which makes me think intelligent people don’t go to these conferences, people talk up to him and he allows it. It’s disgusting to see how people are treating him like god or fearful to talk to him, I think they feel his vibe. So many of his questions are played with but no real answer, a 1000 years from now Anka’s spirit would be wiser than is now but all Bashar has to share is pretty much what we can pretend and talk about ourselves, right here, right now.

    -Adronis Johnson, I don’t know if it’s true but a woman was accusing him on scaming her sister. His methods are just like Bashar’s, the one who is talking comes from the future. There was no empowerement in his talks so I stopped to listen to him and his prices are pretty high.

    -Andrew Bartzis says he is the one and only galactic historian, no matter how he make mistakes and get facts wrong, being the only one who can reveal us the ‘truth’ he is destroying his human vehicle by smoking while if he was really the one and only he’s doing things that will make this guy with unique information leave us soon instead of being healthy. He has a faul mouth which is amazing to see when someone is in contact with higher dimensions, it’s like oil and water, these energies wouldn’t mix.

    To test these guys, write them a mail without giving any info and see if they give you one little sentence of comfort, of guidance, it will cost them just 30 seconds. But no, all the scammers don’t care, they won’t reply if you haven’t pushed the paypal button, I tested all of them and can say others not mentioned here are genuine, they at least gave me an opinion or any type of guidance a human being with a grain of empathy would. Before paying them drop them an email, you don’t want to be helped by cruel people, compassionate people will reply, they will care. No matter how a good person is struggling, they just can’t ignore to help others just because they are not paying. Actually all evolved beings who came here to help humanity, Earth and the animals right now couldn’t care less about money because ALL of them lived in a place where everything was freely given, they don’t harm animals and they almost don’t participate in the corrupt system, they always find ways to boycott everything that is wrong.

    The new age fraud of blaming us for our misfortunes seems to be a scam so we not only don’t help others but take the blame as if suffering as a victim is not enough, for decades I suffered and people around me would tell me to get over it. That’s cruel, I realize now that I was attacked for being as spiritual and making as much difference as I do, I’m not a victim anymore but I DIDN’T CREATE ALL THOSE THINGS for my self, I was terrorized as a child, I didn’t create that and people teaching this are cruel. In meditation you can finally find the truths, you don’t need healers, mediums, teachers, gurus, you don’t need someone telling what to do or the truths, put your power inside.

    - matt khan should be debunked by his prices and the way he talk to people, he is trying to hipnotize them and unfortunately people are easily fooled, I can’t be hipnotized if I don’t want and have a bs detector and saw through him. Don’t ever trust people who are too popular and are making money out of MESSAGES that should be free, I’m not in misery but I surely have almost nothing because I helped so many and nowadays rescue many animals, but I KNOW what my star family and guides (who I questioned relentlessly before trusting and still don’t trust a 100%, how could a medium?) are FREE, it’s not my message, it’s not a 3d tangible thing for me to put a price in it so I don’t, don’t trust paid psychics and mediums, can we receive presents or donations? Sure, who doesn’t like presents? I’m a big kid, but there’s no price.

    I started to figure the in5dcom’s two people by their almost devotion-like mention of kavassilass, then I heard her saying a few things that as a psychic just like her she’s either receiving some bad information or she’s misleading people on purpose, her teachings are all external either because she doesn’t want to change her self of is receiving bad guidance. Are all their articles misleading? Of course not, people are waking up, you can’t just make a speech or write down lies, you have to COPY from someone else and put it together so although many people feel on their gut something is wrong they see those 5, 6 truths and forgive this 2 little lies remaining. The problem in reading, watching and following someone like these people is that these lies are stored in you. Once I figure them out I don’t read or listen to them anymore because it’s like an infection really, those truths won’t undo the lie’s harm.

  125. Caren says:

    My Singing Monsters additionally includes the aspect of ensuring your creatures are

  126. ace of swords says:

    Tolec is an illuminati plant as well.

  127. andrew says:

    Awesome article that was sent to me by one of my team members today because of a piece they knew I was working on regarding the infiltration of the awakening community through misinformation.

    I would love to cite this article as a reference somehow. Please contact me if this is okay.

    Great work, extensive research and references, it is impressive and refreshing and real.



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