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George Kavassilas Interview – Reverse Speech

George Kavassilas is an Australian speaker and author who claims to have had many interactions with off-world Beings, both benevolent and malevolent, and says in 2003 he took a journey out of this reality and up through the multiple dimensions of our universe, allowing him to see the “big picture” of what life is all about, who we all are, where we come from and where we are headed.

George has been the subject of much debate over the years, with many questioning the validity of his information, and some even going as far as accusing him of being a Reptilian hybrid (an alleged shape-shifting video has circulated online), but George has always openly discussed these accusations and has clearly stated that the shape-shifting video is a fake. 

Now, after the previous post on the Galactic Federation of Light, it is certainly very relevent to be covering George Kavassilas’s information, because he has discussed in many of his presentations over the years the manipulation he personally experienced at the hands of the Galactic Federation of Light, shortly after he took his ”journey” through the dimensions of the universe. He describes this paradigm as the “False Light” and this is a quote taken from the intervew below as he discusses this subject…

“It’s a very big universe, and after eons and eons of evolution there are beings who come from a very dark place who have mastered the ability to pose as beings of love and light. And I warn humanity of those beings, having dealt with them personally. What is about to be implemented on the human race is a drama which is very very clever and has been implemented for the past 6000 years and I would say don’t be naive, don’t be gullible and be true to your heart and you will see through the lies.”

This will be the first of a series of posts covering George Kavassilas, including reverse speech analysis of his information in order to help determine whether he is a true light bringer or simply part of the control matrix.

In the interview below (approx 1 hour) George covers…  

His perspective on Ascension to 5D and how many people he feels will ascend, The Chakras being a 4D construct, the true friends and allies of humanity coming from a place of unconditional love and not wanting to interfere and spoil the experience for us here, His ideas about Nibiru, letting go of the ego and flowing with higher aspects of self, planetary and star consciousness, the False Light paradigm and more …

(reverse speech analysis follows)


 Part 2

 Part 3

 Part 4



For clarity purposes it is recommended that reverse speech be listen to with headphones


Forward – “Pineal Gland and the Spinal Column and”

Pineal Gland and the Spinal Column (F) by Humanity Wins

Reverse – “Then the Lock, One Ops, and Then They’re Going Up”

Then the Lock, One Ops, and Then They’re Going Up (R) by Humanity Wins

The second part isn’t the clearest, but “ops” in reverse usually refers to an operation, so this reversal appears to be speaking about the “False Light’s” plan to lock people into a belief system, so that they can then be taken up into their ships when the time comes. This is my interpretation.



Forward – “Energies Stimulate You”

Energies Stimulate You (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “The Owl Emits, Seige”

The Owl Emits, Seige (R) by Humanity Wins

For those new to reverse speech Owl is one of the most common reverse speech phrases for the Dark Forces (think Bohemian Grove). So this reversal seems to be telling us that George is correct about the malevolent source of these “energies”.



Forward – “But Now Realise I Was”

But Now Realise I Was (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Sow Us All, They Rind Up”

Sow Us All, They Rind Up (R) by Humanity Wins

Are the powers of darkness using the New Age movement to sow their seeds of manipulation in order ”fatten up” their herd for the great harvest?



Forward – “And Then I Will Use That Light”

And Then I Will Use That Light (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Foul, I See You Want Him”

Foul, I See You Want Him (R) by Humanity Wins

Could this be referring to the Dark Beings wanting to keep hold of “their” humans? I certainly think so.



Forward – “Bender Arch Shay Like”

Bender Arch Shay Like (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “They All Dash, Got a Net”

They All Dash, Got a Net (R) by Humanity Wins

This could be referring to the dash of people within the New Age arena towards what they believe is spiritual truth or it could refer to the dash onto the “False Light” ET ships if/when they arrive? Either way they’re getting a total deception (a net).



Forward – “So What, What We Need”

So What, What We Need (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Yeah Kneel, Owe Us”

Yeah Kneel, Owe Us (R) by Humanity Wins

This could be referring to the humans kneeling in servitude.



Forward – “Spiritual Modalities In Order to”

Spititual Modalities In Order to (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “They Long To See, Its a Lie, Ambush”

They Long To See, Its a Lie, Ambush (R) by Humanity Wins

Not the clearest reversal, but this again follows on the theme of people being desperate to experience this ”Spiritual Power”, but not realising the truth behind it all.



Forward – “And Less 4D”

And Less 4D (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Yeah the Wolf Sell Net”

Yeah the Wolf Sell Net (R) by Humanity Wins

Some could argue that this reversal is speaking about George and his perspective about the ascension process, but personally I feel this is again continuing the theme of the Dark Forces (Wolf is another common reverse speech phrase for them) selling their New Age/False Light deception to the world.



Forward – “Their Realities”

Their Realities (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “See The Liar Rev”

See The Liar Rev (R) by Humanity Wins

Again this one is open to debate. Is this speaking about George or the Reptilians? I feel it’s simply refering to the Reptilians revving up their lies. 



Forward – “Will Now Transform”

Will Now Transform (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Morphs and Their Scandal”

Morphs and Their Scandal (R) by Humanity Wins

I believe this is referring to the shape-shifting ability of the “False Light” Beings and how they are hiding their true form.



Forward – “Of Life, so They’ll be Many Different Ways”

Of Life, so They’ll be Many Different Ways (F) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “The Owl, They’re Feeding Him, Here With Us, Foul”

The Owl, They’re Feeding Him, Here With Us, Foul (R) by Humanity Wins

The phrase “Here With Us” isn’t too clear but I’m pretty sure that’s what is being said. So is George right and all of this New Age spiritual worship is simply feeding the Reptilians?


Of course a couple of George’s reversals could possibly be referring to him as the liar, but personally I don’t feel that. Overall his reverse speech is very congruent and doesn’t give any indication that he is part of the control matrix. Usually if someone is spreading disinformation or purposely mainpulating people then reverse speech is very quick to show this. So from the results so far, I’m confident to say that George Kavassilas is a true light warrior and has a very important message to share with humanity.  

That being said though, I do have doubts over his perspective on Nibiru. This has been a hot subject for quite some time, with a whole host of different perspectives being thrown into the pot over the years. But discoveries made through reverse speech by myself, Peggy Kane and others indicate that Nibiru (or planet X) was some type of holographic projection created in order to trick a large number of Reptilians into evacuating Earth (I will put a link at the end of the post to more information about this). But that does not necessarily mean that George is wrong though. It’s possible that the planet that George refers to as Nibiru could very well be a different planetary body altogether and separate from the holographic projection used for the Reptilian ruse. Certainly an area for further investigation.

Again I feel George’s personal experience of dealing with the “False Light” Beings from the Galactic Federation of Light, and his ability to so effectively explain this control paradigm, is really where he shines so bright. His information around this subject is of such immense importance that it really can’t be underestimated. Hopefully his insights will help those who have been left a little confused or concerned by the previous post on the site regarding the GFOL (if you haven’t checked that post out yet I’ll link to that below as well).

There is certainly more to discuss here and I will be covering much more of George’s information over the coming weeks, particularly around this issue of the “False Light”, along with further reverse speech analysis in order to gain even greater insight into his message.

You can visit George Kavassilas’ website – Here


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Want to Learn More About Planet X (Nibiru) – Click Here


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89 Responses to “George Kavassilas Interview – Reverse Speech”

  1. Mél says:


  2. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Mel,

    Well I’m going to be reversing a lot more of George’s info and hopefully that will shine even more light on what he has right and what he has wrong. But so far with this 1 hour interview his reversals were fairly supportive of what he was saying. But I wouldn’t like to state that everything he said is 100% correct – I’ve yet to come across anyone that has all the answers and George himself is fairly humble and states that “this is what I feel” a lot of the time rather than making a statement as an absolute fact.

    So yeah, be interesting to see what else reverse speech can bring to the surface.

  3. Humanity Wins says:

    Oh and by the way if anyone would like to choose their own comment profile picture (rather than being stuck with a cartoon image) then just set that up on this webiste –

  4. dusty6161 says:

    i really liked this guy until i heard he said we are going into 5d in march 2013. and he is a contactee of the galactic federation of light (ashtar command)

  5. dusty6161 says:

    I would like to delete my comment up here ^ but i do not know how too lol. it seems he knows the difference. if you could delete that comment brad that would be the awesome.

  6. Marie says:

    Thanks for the videos, i enjoy watching them!! I have seen the reptillian video of George and it does look fake to me. I am
    pleased that (it seems) he is one of the good guys! Your website
    brings a stable datum amongst all the confusion and thanks for
    enlightening us!:)

  7. Marie says:

    P.S When i wrote my comment it didn’t look like that, lol! Looking forward to the forum.

  8. SOL says:

    I have seen many Gearges videos and at one time he did believe in the GFOL. But he turned away from them and exposed them, even risking his own credability (people may question why he turned away from GFOL). Of all the people out there (Cobra, David Icke, etc etc) I personally believe he is the only one spilling out truths. There are others as well, but they remain quiet in background (like Silver Legion).

  9. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi dusty6161

    If you don’t mind can I leave the comment there? Only because you won’t be the first person to bring up this issue i.e George’s previous comments about Acension in March 2013 and his previous alignment wih the GFOL.

    First of all with regards to the March 5d issue – George now states that he was incorrect about this and is now longer willing to predict certain dates for anything. I believe he began to retrack this statement around a year ago. He covers this issue in most of his recent interviews and presentations.

    And as for the GFOL, yes in 2004 George was heavily manipulated by them, but like I explained in the post, he was able to break free from that manipulation and has gained a huge amount of wisdom from that experience. He refers to these type of beings as the “False Light”. More details on this will be covered in future posts.

  10. dusty6161 says:

    thats great. yes keep the comment up. I can’t seem to find an interview of him saying he was wrong about march 2013.. if you could some how post that here. that would be awesome. I am a crack addict for knowledge :P

  11. PeterSagittarii says:

    And Also if he’s right the chakra system is just another type of chains, meaning what you have here on the website in the consciuosnees tab is also a part of false light paradigm. All that thing with crown chakra as the entry point and pineal gland as the master control…false…tempting and powerful and wakening but false, thats what they want us to believe. Did anyone of you read the fantasy series of The sword of the truth ? there are so called “wizrad rules” nad the first is ” People are stupid, they will believe anything what they fear might be the truth or what they want to be the truth.” => If lie small you get cautch, if you lie big you get away with it. If you understand this rule. It makes sence doesnt it ? I wonder the kundalini force comes in to play in this, since its called the “serpent force” and its tight with the chakras…

  12. PeterSagittarii says:

    Be AWARE brothers, and REALLY challange EVERYTHING ! The light and all the power and knowing is already within us, it never left. Find it and use it to break free to REMEMBER !

  13. Mél says:

  14. Michael says:

    “The light and all the power and knowing is already within us, it never left. Find it and use it to break free to REMEMBER !”

    Thanks Peter.

  15. Michael says:

    Hi Mel.

    Thanks for the heads-up about Jesse.

  16. dusty6161 says:

    yes that really blew my reality into bits and peices. he still believes this universe we live in now is run by a source energy that is run on unconditional love and he says the chakra points are a lie and you should shine your heart into your whole body and outwards. that is the answer.. we are the universe. he agrees with david icke on stuff. and we are universal beings. glad to finally be 100% awake now. dis guy gonna get some home made 5D cookies from me when i meet him.

  17. mcabldz says:

    hi everyone :)

    please correct me if im wrong but what i understood from George about the chakras is that they are 4d, they are a step to 5d (maybe not the only one) and the bad thing about it is that many people get stuck on it and think that´s everything. that doesnt mean the chakras system itself is a lie…

    thank you

  18. PeterSagittarii says:

    Nobody is saying chakra system is a lie, they are real, like 3D is. Chakras as vortexs of energy exist in 4d but false light being created this entrapping paradigm there that looks like the whole universe. They took the construct of this universe and mirrored it to 4D where duality and physicality exist, so they can control and manipulate everything and everyone thus playing God and they are using chakra system to do so. Just like here we have money for this purpose :D. Not everyone there is a part of this false light family, they are good guys there. But its all good. Everything gonna be alright. Just dont get yourself manipulated. You are the most powerful one here and everywhere else.

  19. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” petersagittarii “” so as everyone know almost everyone will ascend , but few like you will end in a different place. and you will not like it.. and for the others will be their own graduation time,, and this will be world wide but many will have 1 more chance to do it.. and this will be a time when everyone will see with their own eyes the true and how the others start to ascend. plus many alredy came to be aware of the true and it will pull at side people like you.. trying to drag the rest to you own unhappiness.. but know it can’t be anymore.. plus the time is so close to me and everything will end in the way suppose to be. i know who will come to oppose to this and what they will try to do to change it at the last min. but this will not going to happen.. because in the order to try to oppose to this will be the break of the rules and and when that happen it will be use as a best example for the rest.. and once and for all, this will end.. to everyone see.. and will not be more doubts ..

  20. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Peter Sagittarii,

    Well with regards to Rama’s technique in the Consciouness section – It is certainly up for debate as to whether this is part of the “Flase Light” construct? Can the act of FEELING certain parts of the body, specifically within the brain, be labelled as part of the control martrix? Not sure about that. Yes, George speaks about the pineal gland being part of this 4D structure, but I’m not sure I agree with this. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t? I understand the idea that “bringing light into the body” from elsewhere could be problematic, but if we are dealing with organs WITHIN the body then really how can this be labelled as 100% part of the control matrix? Certainly more investigation into this area is needed I think. And personally I’ve expericed many benefits from using Ramas technique and simply focussing on and feelings the top of the head, and on occassions the pineal gland, and if you read the comments from others that have tried it there is certainly some very beneficial results for most.

  21. PeterSagittarii says:

    Universe, i really dont get what are you saying or why ? What that message mean ? What do you mean by few people like me ? truth will pull at side people like me ? im trying to drag the rest to my own unhappiness ? what ? What did i wrote that makes you say that ? What makes you feel that way ? Your whole message is very confusing to say atleast. Its sure not a follow up answer to any of my comments, pls rephrase that, or otherwise explain.

  22. PeterSagittarii says:


    Idont know buddy, i just assume that the false light paradigm is much of larger scale than we can even imagine. Remember those beings are tens of thousands years ahead, we cannot even begin to think about of all their aces in their sleeves. And another thing is that they had a LOT of time to actually get the whole 4d under they control. They had time, resources and technology to set up a AMAZING drama to everybody. Just take that into consideration. Good or Bad, cannot be trusted. And ofcourse it should FEEL right and beneficial and blissfull and empowering, thats why its called false LIGHT paradigm right ? Just my thoughts in the subject.

  23. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” PeterSagittarii “” because you still not ready for the ascend, you know what i mean about you still like to play and doubts this.. you know it.. plus i can see it.. and about when i say you will go in a place the you will not like it.. is because that place is in other planet and they live in duality like earth before. so it will not that nice.. as you may thing.. and about ascend some will going to start to ascend really soon.. and almost all.. will ascend in big numbers later.. and others will have 1 more chance to do it.. after they fail.. and well is something coming really soon.. so it will make everyone see the true.. and i don’t want to say what it is.. it will be better if everyone see it.. so it will not more doubts .. about this..

  24. Michael says:

    Hi Universe.

    What you are saying will happen in the near future sounds very much like the Christian belief in The Rapture – all the faithful get
    taken up bodily to heaven (even dead bodies), while the rest of us (the unbelievers) hav to tough it out on Earth during the End Times, and then have to face the wrath of God’s final judgement.

    I’m very suspicious of this talk of Ascension . It sounds so similar to The Rapture.

    Also Universe, stop playing mind games with people. If you disagree with anything Peter has said, then explain why you disagree and , if possible, back up with evidence. What you said to Peter was unfair.

  25. Dax says:

    Hey Michael and Peter,

    I’ve been saying this for a couple of weeks; Universe is always off in his comments and he does play games with people. What I suggest is that you just ignore him. He’ll eventually go away (hopefully). So, Universe be useful and insightful or shut up!

  26. UNIVERSE says:

    to Michael and dax .. i do everything for a reason and if you want see the i can see the i can back up with evidence,. well just read all my comments and see how everything is happening, is just that easy.. and see how everything i say happen, way before i say and way before i say when change too for the best.. even when everything was going to happen in different way.. when change,, way before the The Galactic Federation of Light know it .. even they was not sure or was not in that way it was going to happen.. and michael you don’t know know how wrote that.. and what you see now is the real thing and how everything will really going to happen

  27. Dax says:

    Hi Mél,

    I’m not sure why you would want to focus on that kind of reality.
    I’ll admit that I only listened to a small part of that video but I’d rather focus on something else. I’ll grant you the fact that we do have to explore our dark side but I think I did that enough in other lives.

    Be positive people! Please keep posting things related to growth, awareness, expansion of the mind.

    If you keep focussing on satanic rituals and other realities like that, it WILL manifest!

    Come on, lets expand in light, not contract in fear!

  28. Hornet says:

    To Universe,
    you haven’t spoken to me, but I’ll reply anyway. As you have sugessted to Michael and Dax, I read all your comments and all of them are very difficult in understanding what is really on your mind. I do not know what is your problem? Please use english translator, google translate for example, because in every single post you misusing words and your line of thought is sometimes more than difficult to understand. So get your thoughts together and pay just a little attention to very basic principles of english grammar. Not that I carp on you, I just want know what is on your mind.
    As for people you judged – you have said that everything you do is for a reason – it does sound like you are some kind of magistrate or local critic. Your previous statements do not provide evidences as such about anything – they are just chaotic stream of unconsidered thoughts. And that is not a statement, it is an simple observation and fact.
    So if you want to be understood by anyone, make your answers more consistent and try not to make personal attacks, for example by predicting who is going to ascend and who is not going to – I suppose that you are not an oracle?
    And again try to solve your problem with expression.
    Take care.

  29. Michael says:

    Hey Dax.

    I hope things are good with you.

    I agree with you that Universe needs to ‘lift his/her game’ so to speak (Universe, sorry if it sounds like you are being ganged up on, but I found your comment to Peter totally uncalled for).

    About what Mel has posted, I’ve only seen a few secs so far and it’s a looooong video [thanx alot Mel :) - I'll try and manage the time to watch at least some of it], but I suppose Dax that this is something we won’t agree on in a hurry i.e I still think that we need to ‘know thy enemy’ and the tactics they are using against us.

  30. Michael says:

    Hi Hornet.

  31. Michael says:

    Hi Dax.

    I just want to make it clear though, that I am not certain of what I think. I hav read another website recently (where the author comes across to me as being genuine), that we need to heal our enemies now and not fight them…So, I’m still not sure what to make of things.

  32. Michael says:

    Just a last thought – am I really meant to try and heal my enemies, when they honestly don’t seem to give a rat’s about my and other’s well-being and are willing to kill millions of people in a heart beat. Isn’t it up to us to try and stop them?

    Anyways, enough for now.

  33. Dax says:

    Hi Hornet,

    Thank you for eloborating on my comment to Universe. I think you managed to carry the point across better than I did while being really respectful. Well done!

    Hey Michael!

    You make a valid point about knowing our enemies. But, at the same time, it is us who are giving them their power by focusing on them and their actions.

    I suspect that if we invest as much time and energy on our own endeavours, rather than studying our *enemies*, we’d be better off and farther along on our journey to enlightenment.

    I really do think that it’s enough to know that they exist and be aware of what their agenda and M.O. is. But I have a sneaky feeling that, deep inside, we already know them and their ways by heart. It’s like hooking back up with an old lover and being reminded, bit by bit, why we dumped them in the first place…lol

    As for myself, I’m trying to shake that bad habit of dwelling on negative informations and experiences, or at least use them to make good come out of shitty situations. I want to shed some light on my dark side and sling shot my way into a higher consciousness state.

  34. Hornet says:

    Sorry that I have not said hello before, so I am doing this now:)
    Hi Michael,
    Hi Dax,
    Hello everyone with goodwill and open mind!
    Your welcome Dax. I really could not understand what was on Mr Universe mind and then I have read that “ascension judgment” – it was to much and uncalled for(like Michael said). I’ve tried to put it non-offensive way, because in my experience I’ve learned that one won’t gain anything by being aggressive or abusive to other person. Even if we feel that person might deserve to being treated that way, but it won’t make any good with that kind of behavior- at least to us. It is best to give good example and take time to explain, despite negative circumstances – who knows, maybe from attacker or enemy one can gain new friend or an ally ;) Let us see if Mr Universe will be an ally ;)

    If I may – about enemies conversation – I remember one saying which goes “It is better to have an enemy that you know, rather than a friend that you do not know”. And I fully agree with you Dax about not giving our enemies power by paying to much attention to them. They love to inflict us in their little games, so for me it is best to ignore them to a certain degree – I know better ways to spend my time. So as you’ve said, when we stop feeding them, they get bored and stop. Sometimes it is difficult, though.
    As for regarding dwelling on negative information – if I may (again) I do not watch TV for about two years now. TV is mostly for distraction, pushing down IQ, making people lazy and some mind programming. All they show or talk is everything but important issues. Also I try to avoid certain web portals, they all are addictive, like a drug really, and like a drug those at first satisfy curiosity and not much later make feel exasperated or irritated, which is not my favourite :)

    Ok, I was wondering when Brad is going to make Bashar reversals. It is really puzzling me, whether Bashar has some kind of agenda instead unconditional love as always saying. I have tried to understand Bashar reversals myself but without luck now. It sounded really like nothing similar to english or even other languages. I think for now, I’ll try with his channel Darryl Anka. I hope revesals won’t be in arabic, because Darryl have said that he has arabic origin in some

  35. chris says:

    Is this guy still considered legit? I am curious of the FrequenyFence video about him?

  36. Brad says:

    Hi Chris,

    Well like I mentioned in the post, George has discussed this video a number of times, and has clearly stated that it is a fake – but it’s always difficult to know for sure who is telling the truth isn’t it? This is why reverse speech has proven to be such a powerful tool. I will be conducting more reverse speech analysis of George’s information soon, but so far his reverse is indicating he is speaking truth. But again like I said during the post, some of his reversals could be referencing him as the “liar” and the “deceiver” but I personally didn’t feel that. His information on the “False Light” beings, is very valuable indeed

  37. vito satan says:

    It seems now that the shape shifting on camera thing is being used to smear and discredit people who are speaking the truth.This could be a very good example of that.I noticed that FrequencyFence put the knife into David Icke in one of his vids,claiming that Icke was also a shape shifter.

  38. ColleenThomas says:

    I have always regarded George as sincere, however, around the time he married his messages started changing (late 2010) leading me to suspect he had fallen under psychic attack. Barbara Marciniac was attacked and it aged her very rapidly. I’ve noticed rapid physical aging of people in power as well. Look at pics of our Presidents for example. IMO If George had picked up an astral attachment we would be able to see evidence of it by now. George may have had an attack but does not appear to have an astral (energy vampires) attachment using him at this time.

  39. ColleenThomas says:

    Regarding Nibiru Sitchen was wrong ( in using that term as a proper noun. I made the same mistake of calling the system being called Nibiru but known by many names around the world (the Destroyer, Red Devil, Satan, Nemesis, Etc) Nibiru until I learned the term refers to “crossing” (of said system, of the galactic equator?). It is a matter of cultural habit to refer to the dark star system as Nibiru rather than anything like “disinformation” about the matter. There is no proper name for the system in question so it doesn’t matter what we call it IMO.

    I listen to a guy on YouTube called Captain Bill who talks to an “Andromadan” named Mythi who I believe tells the truth about our cosmology but may well be a cabal instrument for leaking to the public things we should be told but can’t be owing to all these years of denial regarding the Dwarf Star system found through the IRIS telescope in 1980. Mythologies report that the Destroyer crosses into our system regularly. Mythi stated that Elenin (aka the Blue Kachina) had been destroyed by “Krulines” and that the dwarf star had been carried off course for our safety.

    There is no question a star system with planets and moons came here in the past and caused a great deal of damage from quakes, volcanism, heating (the ancients went underground stating they came out only at night until the heat which would catch a branch of brush on fire if extended out the cave no longer did so), flooding and so on. IMO Joshua’s long day was as result of the last crossing.

    The archeological and historic evidence is incontrovertible that an iron and sulphur rich body of some sort lays down wide swaths of matter-soil-debris on our world periodically. The book of Revelations seems to agree with Sitchen that said destructive system has a prefictable frequency of crossing into our system. The Bible version of frequency is “time (1), times (2) and half a time which adds up to three and a half. The Bible short hand for time calculations is a thousand to one so 3,500 years is the meaning of this prophecy about the Beast with seven heads (planets) and ten horns (moons). The Sumerians, according to Sitchen (who we now know had dubious credentials and is possibly associated with the Masons (I have not seen proof of this accusation) pegged the frequency at 3,600.

    There is a perfectly good explanation for the discrepancy related to measuring time frames of orbiting bodies. If you measure any body in space in orbit with another it speeds up on approach then slows upon leaving. This explains why some cultures estimate our crossing of the galactic equator as 26,000 years, 26,500 and others 27,000 years.

    If you look you will find that our whole solar system has been warming, not just Earth. Neptune and Pluto have increased in albedo (brightness) and thermal radiation. The Sun has been ruled out as the cause leaving “Nibiru” as a credible candidate for being the cause.

    My Pleiadian family state they came here to intervene in our cosmology. We have benevolent organizations with incredible technology assisting us who are prepared to transport us to places of safety if needs be but they are working to keep the need for that as low as possible. Please offer thanks to our friends up there and encourage them to keep up the great work because there is another scenario we should consider:

    It is possible that Elenin self destructed due to electrical stress and that the dwarf star is still on course for the prophetic catastrophic close encounter and that the only reason we can’t see it is because of cloaking technology. I have confidence that there are ships out there as large as Jupiter because they decloak from time to time near our Sun. YouTube is littered with Satellite images of these giant ships that are often confused for Nibiru. So it is possible that the dwarf star is near enough to see but hidden to reduce fear.

    The benevolent ETs don’t want us frightened because of the beings that feed off of and are strengthened by that so perhaps we will never see what is causing global warming and increased earthquake frequency. Hopefully we will be allowed to see the system as it leaves our neighborhood because otherwise a lot of folks like me will look foolish forever onwards.

  40. steve says:

    Hey Brad do you realize that if George is right, what the implications are for Peggy. That the being she is in contact with may be a deceiver and the group that turned against her may have had a point.

  41. Gina says:

    Hi Brad

    only just stumbled on your website and so connected with your journey. Been on the same path for 15 years. would love to know what u think on Amitakh Stanford> lots of info but what really disturbed me was what she says about how we are manipulated even in the afterlife and forced to reincarnate over and over. Her website is Xee at 12. let me know what you think

  42. Anonymous says:

    PeterSaggitari do you have a website or some contact info?

    Hope to hear from you.


  43. Anonymous says:

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  44. Gina says:

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  45. Anonymous says:

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  46. Meme says:

    Hi all! I am very very new to this all, and still not sure whats going on with me. About a month ago something happened, and now my whole world is turned upside down?? I seriously need answers and don’t know who to turn to. Hearing all the falseness involved and people claiming to be what they are not. Maybe someone here can help me please?

  47. dusty6161 says:

    come on update your site. i need more info!

  48. Anitka says:

    hi meme ;)

    good to hear you awaken, my friend. If you need some answers go ahead and ask, either here or maybe use the forum as well :)

    there is one important thing you need to remember though: once you get more into everything, try and make your own sense of everything and please do not follow other peoples’ opinions. we all need to learn to trust ourselves before we take other opinions into our mind! Try introspection to help you distinguish between what is right for you and what is not :)

    Other than that, welcome to your new (and perhaps more magical) world!

  49. Muis says:

    Hi Anitka :)

    Thanks for the info, really much appreciated ;), i get what you are saying, and maybe i should just stay on this site for a while, until i can make some sense of it all. So many questions and so little time :) ……

  50. Anitka says:

    Hi Muis :)

    glad to help anytime I can!

    and… we have all the time in the world ;)….


  51. Peter says:

    what i love about him is that he talks about the manipulation but at the same time i feel its not for me

    personaly i dont feel i need to read anyone to know what whats real or to make a difference, the thing is with reading you are only reacting and never acting :)

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  1. […] George Kavassilas Interview – Reverse Speech | Humanity … – George Kavassilas is an Australian speaker and author who claims to have had many interactions with off-world Beings, both benevolent and malevolent, and says in 2003 …… […]

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