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Michael Tsarion – Origins & Oracles

Michael Tsarion is arguable one of the most well researched thinkers within the “conspiratorial field” and is an expert on occult symbolismancient mythology and alternative history, producing a number of books and presentations (both live and in video format) including, most significantly, Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation.

Throughout his work he presents a remarkable amount of evidence of historical Reptilian symbolism and cites many ancient texts and artworks from across the world, connecting this symbology to the elite ruling powers, going back to Sumer (approx 4000bc) and even before that in Atlantis/Lemuria. Interestingly though, Michael doesn’t believe that the ET beings manipulating and controlling humanity are actually of Reptilian appearance, but prefers to put forward the theory that the symbol of the serpent has been used to represent their wisdom. He states…

“This is not as David Icke and others have professed, that they looked like serpents, they did not, the serpent was mearly their symbol for wisdom”

Of course I can confidently state that Michael is wrong about this paricular issue, the evidence on this site alone shows this, but non-the-less, his work is still incredibly valuable due to the extensive evidence he provides around the subjects of ET manipulation of humanity, occult symbolism, ancient high-tech warfare in our solar system and on Earth, and the catastrophes that followed.

In his deatailed video presentation; Origins & Oracles, Michael Tsarion puts together everything he has discovered on these subjects into an epic body of work spanning over 10 hours. In it he covers…

  • The Serpent and Reptile in ancient language and symbolism
  • UFO’s and contact with ETs in ancient texts and art
  • Mythology – high tech wars, visiting ETs and cosmic disturbances
  • The Great Flood and the destruction on Earth approx 13,000 years ago
  • Genetic re-engineering of the human species
  • Atlantis and Lemuria
  • The “War of the Gods”
  • The Destruction of the Planet Tiamat (now the asteroid belt)

As Michael himself states; “No one person has all the answers”, and I feel he is incorrect on a few key issues; As I’ve already stated he prefers to believe that the Nelphilim (ET manipulators of humanity) are of humanoid looking appearance and simply genetically engineered the Reptilian race on Earth to be their slaves. Unfortunately he doesn’t really provide any evidence for this theory, while the strength of evidence to show otherwise is abundant.

The second main issue that I feel he is off track on, is the theory that the Nelphilim were pursued across the galaxy, ending up in our solar system, and eventually hiding here on Earth. He believes that a “Net”, what he refers to as “The Stargate”, was placed around the Earth by the Nelphilm’s pursuers in order to stop them from escaping. But again, he doesn’t provide much evidence for this, while the evidence has clearly shown in recent times that this “Net” is a Reptilian construct, created to shut down and imprison humanity, not to keep an ET race from escaping.

I feel it’s important to make my feelings clear on this before presenting Michael’s work below, otherwise there is the likelihood of confusion for those who already have an understanding of the Reptilian manipulation of this planet and of the “Net” (which David Icke calls the Moon Matrix) surrounding the Earth.

But these issues aside, Michael’s presentation below contains a huge amount of validity, adding more weight to the subject of Reptilian involvemnt in Earth affairs, going back to ancient times, and provides a detailed analysis of ancient texts and mythology which helps reveal the true history of Earth and the events which took place in our solar system.

Quite a ride, I suggest you strap in and buckle up for this one (approx 10 hours)…



Part 2


Part 3


It’s important to review information from as many sources as possible in order to formulate our OWN perspective about the world and what we believe is the truth, As Michael himself states at the end of the presentation “Like any good detective a great deal of patience is needed” and “it takes bravery to go against the flow”.  So piecing the full picture together is a unique journey for all of us. Of course I disagree with Michael’s theories about the “Stargate” and the Reptilians, but it is up to you to decide what you feel is the truth. But overall, there is no doubt that Michael Tsarion’s work provides an important piece of the puzzle and the more we understand about our past the easier it becomes to make sense of our present.

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  1. nova says:

    I follow his work for about 8 years and I still got a lot guestions about his theories.
    Michael got his piece of the puzzle.He needs to find the position where that piece fits in.
    I don`t say his right or wrong, because I don`t know.

  2. PeterSagittarii says:

    I think this is worth seeing after you watch the 10 hour tour.

    Ancient Aliens Debuted:

    and after this read this :

    Debuking Ancient Aliens Debuted :

    If you are interested in more than one point of view, this is for you.

  3. Nebal says:


    First i would like to thank you for all the hard work you do , and all the great information your site provide, thought my comment is not related to the subject above, but didnt know where to post it , as i would like to know if you have any feedback on ( Dolores Cannon )`s work.

  4. Brad says:

    Hi Nebal,

    I haven’t spent a huge amount of time on Dolores Cannon’s work, but I certainly will be covering her at some point and will be seeing what reverse speech can reveal about her information

  5. UNIVERSE says:

    for my point of view ,i don’t believe in oracles and i do just look into the past to understand the present and i do change the past to know the present so i can see the future

  6. Brad says:


    You certainly are an enigma my friend???

  7. PeterSagittari says:


    I think its better to ignore Universe. He always does this nonsence.

  8. Brad says:


    I’m VERY close to banning you now – you have just totally spammed my site with links to the Galactic Federation of Light, for some unknown fucking reason – If you feel the GFOL is who you want to be listening to then this site isnt for you anyway – So last chance buddy – start making sense or time to say goodbye

  9. PeterSagittari says:

    Oh no ! My lovely comment is gone ! :(

    Brad has a point, that gfol link spam, not a good call.

    And Brad i hope you got my last email.


  10. Dax says:

    Wow! Am I being sensored here? All my comments in this thread are gone!

    Brad, do you think I’m being too radical in my interventions?

  11. Brad says:

    No of course not Dax, I just deleted a number of Universe’s comments on this section – so your comment didn’t make much sense on its own. Anyone reading the comments here would of been confused, so it was better just to remove it along with Universes.

    Same for your comment Peter. And not yet, I haven’t checked my email in the past 2 days

  12. Dax says:

    Hi Brad,

    Ok good call. Forgive me for jumping to conclusions.

  13. mcabldz says:

    hi Brad:)

    i saw some videos on youtube from kryon, i dont know if you have heard of it but i wuold like to know if you can reverse some of it please

    thank you

  14. nitsuga says:

    These sites are sort of compasses marking the north but the route taken is not necessarily a straight line but still heading north. This is a big puzzle so we need to put all the parts together and take a view from afar to see the whole perspective… We are promoting a clash between tesis ans antitesis to make sintesis.

  15. Joanne says:

    This is amzing knowledge and has been researched and presented very well. It has given me insight and freedom to make my own judgement and to peice together the peices of the puzzel of my own life and the blue dragon I have on video. Thank you for being so brave in coming forthwith this knowledge.
    There is 1 question:
    You said in video 4 that the light ships we see around the world today are made by the millitary and are designed to try and penetrate the stargate so the Black venitians and illuminati can leave earth. Then on the same video you said “The US millitary have captured extra terrestial ships with HARRP and brought them down to earth to try and gain knowledge of the ET technology to be able to penertrate the Stargate. Could you please explain.

  16. Joanne says:

    The question is Can ET ships like the peleidians visit the earth or are these the ships we see at night the US millitary ships designed to penetrate the stargate?
    Also if the Oversouls discovered by the black magician John Dee, I thought we were keeping our end of the bargin of giving them blood, so why havent they opened the stargate or kept their end of the bargin, Why do the elite need Harrp to bring down ET ships when the orignal deal was blood for the opening of the stargate?

  17. Susan says:

    These videos were fascinating. I really enjoyed watching them. They clarified some things I’ve known for years as a result of having taken dozens of workshops from Lazaris, in which he talked about our ancient history and its consequences to modern times. There were a few differences between what he said and what Tsarion said. Lazaris says that the Orion/Reptilian consciousness came first, genetically engineering a slave race to serve them as gods. He said that hundreds (maybe thousands) of years later the Pleadians and Sirians found out about it and were outraged. Because you cannot do a wrong thing to get to a right place, the solution they came up with was to do some genetic engineering of their own by mixing their genes with the human animal that was already here. They did that on the land of Lemuria, which was covered by a mist. This had the effect of keeping their actions secret from the Orions. I suspect that the “mist” that Lazaris was talking about was energetic in nature, meaning that it was of a slightly different vibration than the rest of the earth, which is why the Orions couldn’t see it, but he never really clarified that. He describes Lemuria as being an incredibly beautiful island in which the veil between the faery, angelic, and human worlds was very thin. In Lemuria were the Dreamers, who were the most spiritually advanced beings on the island and probably in the universe. They knew everything about reality creation and had an advanced spiritual technology called “dreaming” that allowed them to exist between worlds. In fact, they are the ones who “dreamed up” the solution to the problem of the enslavement of humanity by the Orions. The solution had three parts, which he calls the Grand Experiment.
    The first part was to create a human that could house a spiritually evolved soul. Lazaris said that it took the Pleadians and Sirians hundreds of years to perfect this kind of human, but that they finally succeeded. They then proceeded to teach these new human beings all that they knew about spiritual growth and development, much like Michael Tsarion said in his video. Lemuria was oriented toward the divine feminine and the divine qualities of the soul. He never said that it was technologically advanced. I always got the impression that it was more nature oriented. Crystals were used as tools for co-creation and were integral to their spiritual practice. Lemuria existed for many thousands of years before it eventually disappeared into the mists of the imagination, leaving behind a resonance or a vibration that humans don’t consciously remember but dimly aspire to. He said that it was most definitely not destroyed, but simply disappeared.
    Many, though not all, of what had been the Lemurians decided to incarnate into the land of Atlantis, which was the second part of the Great Experiment that the Dreamers dreamed up. Whereas the Lemurians represented the divine feminine, Atlantis represented the divine masculine. Over thousands of years the Atlanteans developed a powerful scientific technology. In the beginning the Atlanteans were more balanced, but as time went on, because they represented the masculine polarity it became more and more corrupt and destructive, for that is what happens when the masculine energy dominates and suppresses the feminine, nurturing, loving energy that brings balance to its drive. Through war and corruption Atlantis destroyed itself three separate times. The final time its land mass completely disappeared.
    After Atlantis was destroyed by water the third part of the Great Experiment began. In this part the Lemurians, the Atlanteans, and the Orions intermingled their three kinds of DNA, which could be symbolically represented as: the gentle, nurturing, intuitive, spiritual, Lemurian (feminine) DNA, the intellectual, goal oriented, technological, scientific, Atlantian (masculine) DNA, and the DNA of our base animal, kill or be killed (Reptillian). We have been at war with ourselves ever since. The masculine within us is at war with the feminine, and our divine nature is at war with our animal nature.
    Because it is impossible to determine which DNA a child gets, some of us have more Pleiadian DNA and resonate with their kind of consciousness. Others have more Sirian DNA. Others have more Reptilian DNA. Some people are more evenly mixed. It is not just the Reptilians that are evil. Unless one is conscious, awake, and aware and doing their shadow work, all humans exhibit some reptilian tendencies, for our ancient brain at the base of our spine is reptilian in nature.
    Lazaris has never talked about the “net”, but he has talked about the quarantine, which he said would be up December 21, 2013. He said the quarantine kept ETs from meddling in human affairs, but did not elaborate beyond that. Now that it is officially up those ET’s who follow the rules are free to show themselves to us. Lazaris told us 20 years ago that there are some very evil ET’s here who are working against us and couldn’t care less if we all died. He mentioned the Greys who are responsible for the abductions. He also said that there are many, many good ET’s here that are helping us out behind the scenes. They have been awakening human kind for over 30 years by mostly working with us in the dream state and at the etheric level. He said that there is power in high places that we know nothing about and not to be afraid.
    Information like Michael Tsarions is very important in showing us the true nature of our historical and political reality. It is not difficult for awakened human beings to see how unawakened human beings are like sheep being led to the slaughter. It is also not difficult to see how the Reptilians are dumbing us down by degrading our biology as they corrupt our food supply, feed us toxic pharmaceuticals that never heal disease, encourage violence, sex, drugs, and other forms of debauchery through the media, and weaken us with harmful toxins and pollutants that are now being sprayed upon us through chem trails that one can’t escape from as they simultaneously destabilize the economy and take away our incomes.
    Lazaris’ advice to us is: WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP. Become aware of what is happening around you and do what it takes to maintain your body, heal your mind, and never stop doing your shadow work. Work closely with your higher self to receive the guidance that can set you free from all false beliefs that rob you of your freedom. To the best of your ability open to receive the love your Soul has for you. Never give up hope and remember to enjoy your life, for joy holds a high vibration that manifests more of itself. He does not say to ignore the world, but to stay involved, doing what is your life’s purpose to do. Those of us who are destined to wake up first are merely at the head of a wave that will pull the rest through.

  18. The real advantage of Tsarion’s work is a combination of the quotes and some kind of historical “timeline”. His rationale is naturally suspect as to the origin and contemporary origin and efficacy of “evil”. To say, for instance, that the moon landings did not happen for technical reasons is ludicrist. Only an intolerant and introverted personality could be so isolated as to trust his own judgement when science and a mass of evidence contradict it, Jay Weidner and his anaysis of Kubrick’s work for Nasa not withstanding.
    Neither does he precisely indicate through this vast corpus whom is “good” and not, making one wonder if all things “hidden” are necessarily evil. It therefore becomes just another explanation of the esoteric without connection to any particular political or social entity.
    But it is none-the-less a wonderful exposition in the revelation of just how corrupt the establishment is, and how propagandized history remains. Nothing, in isolation, really, can be trusted. Not history, not science, certainly not the media, and religion, outside of inspiration, is clearly mind control. So such a presentation helps us in it’s detail by allowing as objective an opinion as reasonable by expanding our source of information. So Thankyou Mr. Tsarion, and the author of this website, for his liberality in presenting it.

  19. mark says:

    hello i am looking for some answer just finished the whole 10 hours of atlantis and just had my crash course of his whole life’s work, very intriging work which open my mind to some alternative answer it will take further digging of my own to verify his views If GOD is willing, there was a fabrication that was so blantant that has made me question how it was possible for him to get so wrong, He stated a quote from the Quran highlighting the 911 factor when he was exposing the eagle factor in the symbolic metphors.

    the chapter 9. verse 11 stating
    For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken the fearsome eagle. The wrath of the eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah. Allah meaning(THE GOD)Arabic.

    the actual verse stated in all transalations is

    If they repent and observe the Salat and Zakat then they are your brethren in religion. we thus explian the revelations for the people who know.


  20. eric says:

    reverse his speech he is a dirty reptile. T is a freemason symbol. and a sarion is a reptoid. type in sarion in google and look at the images. duhhhhhhhhhh dont listen to his crap.

  21. eric says:

    when you google it spell it as saurian. and the duhhhh comment was innapropriat. i appologize.

  22. joanne says:

    Hi Eric,
    Why would the reptilians want Micheal Tsarions knowledge known.
    I agree there should be reversed speech done on him.
    Cant find Letter T in free Masonary except on T shirts but letter G seems tobe a big player.
    Cant find the name Tsarion coming from Irish origins.

  23. Peter says:

    i am amazed by 1 thing only i quote “It’s important to review information from as many sources as possible in order to formulate our OWN perspective about the world and what we believe is the truth,”

    how is this so? all you do is react over and over again how about we start acting on our own instead of constantly feeling the need to read others to know

    comments like this make me feel we are completely of track when it comes to awakening

  24. Cathal says:

    I enjoyed this presentation. But I was concerned about the giant skeletons in Saudi Arabia. It took me 5 mins on google to ascertain that it is a hoax. That kind of sloppiness undermines Michael Tsarion’s entire work.

  25. Kelvin says:

    I believe that 5 minutes of research on anything is unlikely to provide accurate results. A quick research on crop circles will undoubtedly produce a hoax response. One of the most effective means of hiding the truth is to dilute it with enough disinformation so as to make the researcher question the veracity of the whole concept.

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  27. Bryce Ruffin says:

    Great article! For those interested, I have compiled the entire Origins & Oracles series here:
    The series consists of 6 parts. I found it a tad difficult to locate all the videos in one place. So I put them all in order for easy viewing. Thank you!


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