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The Bashar Channellings – Divine Truth or Dark Lies?

Darryl Anka began channelling an alleged extraterrestrial named “Bashar” back in 1983 and since then has gone on to create quite a following within the “New Age” arena. But who exactly is Bashar? Is he really who he says he is; a being who simply wishes to “enlighten” humanity and share messages of empowerment, or is there a more sinister agenda behind his apparent uplifting teachings?

After the discoveries made through reverse speech about the Reptilian manipulation of Esther Hicks, and her channelling of Abraham, many requests came in asking what reverse speech could reveal about Bashar as well. They certainly share a very similar message, all-be-it in different styles, so could the same “dark force” be behind Bashar’s message also?

Interestingly there is an association on Bashar’s website between him and Abraham-Hicks…

“Along With Seth and Abraham-Hicks, the Bashar material has been heralded as some of the most relevant, compelling and dymanic information delivered to the planet to date” 

A red flag possibly? Or an innocent lack of understanding as to who “Abraham” actually is?

Personally, I hadn’t listened to Bashar’s teachings until the requests starting coming in for him to be reversed, so I’m not going to give much of an introduction or share my feelings about him here, but will simply post the reverse speech results for everyone to decide upon themselves.

The Abraham-Hicks posts caused much debate, with many people refusing to believe the conclusions I was coming to. That was there choice of course, but I certainly felt that the reverse speech evidence was not being taken into account as much as it should of been. This is really the beauty of reverse speech, it is not based upon opinions or beliefs, it is a technical modality that has proven time and time again to reveal the truth and uncover the countless Reptilian manipulations on this planet.

(If you are new to this website and the concept of reverse speech you may want to check out the “Reverse Speech” section after this post).

Ok then, so let’s get on with the reverse speech analysis and see what Bashar has to tell us…




For clarity purposes it’s recommended that reverse speech be listen to through headphones


Forward – “(Circum) Stances Don’t Matter”


Reverse - “Heard I’m Plug This Net”

In reverse speech “Net” commonly refers to a deception. So is Bashar promoting (plugging) one here?



Forward – “Anytime You Find Yourself Doubting”


Reverse - “And He Lied, Buzz, Throwing Off, We Nasty Net”

The middle section isn’t the clearest, but certainly not a postivie sounding reversal. Is Bashar lying and throwing people off the right track with a “nasty” deception?



Forward – “Redefine the Circumstances”


Reverse - “This Nets and Reverse it and He Off With You”

Again, the end section isn’t too clear, but I’m pretty sure that is what is being said. So is reverse speech taking off the nets and revealing the truth?



Forward – “Material (ises) Experience, So”


Reverse - “Was Snake Rapes, Get, Says the Owl”

For those new to reverse speech “Snake” and “Owl” are the 2 most common descriptions for the Reptilians.



Forward – “If Beliefs Did Not Come With a Self”


Reverse - “Flies to the Muck, On They Feel a Bit”

Are Bashar’s followers attracted like “flies to muck” because of his ability to connect with them on an emotional level (“they feel a bit”)?



 Forward – “Scenario to You Once Again”


Reverse - “Nag, It’s Now We Use Through Your Anus”

As I’ve said before, reverse speech doesn’t care much for political correctness, so could Bashar be talking through his ass?



Forward – “Looks at Physical Reality”


Reverse - “Need a Liar, Walk as if That School”

Is Bashar giving the appearance of teaching valuable lessons in his “school”, but in truth it’s just lies?



Forward - “Very Important, Very Important, Very Important”


Reverse - “You Don’t Need it, You Don’t Need it, You Don’t Need it”

Is it possible that what Bashar is stating is very important, may not actually be that important afer all?



Forward – “You Are Not Different”


Reverse - “They’re Fed, Honour We”

Have Bashar’s followers been fed what they came for and are now putting him on a pedestal and honouring him?



Forward – “Physical Reality Will Mirror That”


Reverse - “After a Rainbow, He the Liar, Walk as if “

Rainbow does sound a little like “rain-blow”, but I’m pretty sure this is what is being said. So is the rainbow Bashar is painting for people just based on lies?



Forward – “And Gets in Step”


Reverse - “Bad Snakes, Big Net”

Could this reversal sum up Bashar and his teachings?


So what do YOU think?

Are these reversals conclusive? Is Bashar just another Reptilian manipulation, spreading a mix of truth and lies?

Well for me there is no doubt, but I certainly plan on reversing a few more of his videos in order to formulate as solid as a conclusion as possible.

I know some people hold the perspective that “well if there is truth AND lies in these channelled messages then I’ll just take the truth and leave the lies” but personally, I think that’s a very dangerous move. How can you know for sure what IS the truth? And why even listen to ANYTHING a child killing Reptilian being would have to say? Just my opinion.

More Channelled material to be reversed over the coming weeks


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130 Responses to “The Bashar Channellings – Divine Truth or Dark Lies?”

  1. Dax says:

    Wow! I can’ believe I’m the first to comment on this! :-)

  2. johnny says:

    can you please reverse this guy???? is he really a pleiadian or a liar…..thank you for your job in service of humanity…PEACE BROTHER

  3. Eduardo says:

    Brad, you are right, as usual.
    I once had the displeasure of watching Bashar on a lecture stating that we, humans, SHOULD NOT be worried that our governments are poisoning us, building concentration CAMPS, bunkers and all the nasty things that we know.

    Instead, we should just ignore all that and “focus on what is good” because, according to this wonderful genius called Bashar, if you focus on the good and have positive expectations, then you are immune to all things bad in the world.

    Kinda like how a positive thinking child tries to jump from a building wearing a superman suit. He truly believes, with all his body, mind and soul, that he can fly. But he doesn’t, now does he??

    The man has got to be a real master in deceit and mind control to convince thousands of educated grown ups that they can be immune to threats just by pretending that they don’t exist.

    On the other hand, this world where human beings, despite being informed of every atrocity that is being carried out by our government and powerful companies’ CEOs, simply CHOSES to sweep all that shit under the carpet and thus does not offer any resistance (resistance = self responsibility, as Alex Collier says) – this world has got to be A DREAM COME TRUE to Queen ElizaRDbeth and every other reptilluminati in this Earth, doesn’t it???

    Still, despite things being so clear, it saddens me that some of our fellow humans will chose to remain in denial, just bowing, bowing to the reptiles.

  4. Dax says:

    Well, many thanks to you Brad for reversing Bashar! I know this is alot of work.

    I have to say (and you won’t be surprised) that I’m not quite aligned with your interpretation of certain sentences.

    For instance:

    Reverse – “Heard I’m Plug This Net”- I hear: Heard I unplug this net -

    Reverse – “This Nets and Reverse it and He Off With You” – This could be taken in a positive or negative way…

    Reverse – “Need a Liar, Walk as if That School” – I hear – Need a liar, Walk as if that’s cool. The transition between THAT and SCHOOL isn’t too clear though. But again could be taken one way or the other.

    Reverse – “You Don’t Need it, You Don’t Need it, You Don’t Need it”
    Wow! This is the clearest reversal I’ve heard yet.

    But, just to point out that in that section, when he says: “You Don’t Need it, You Don’t Need it, You Don’t Need it” he is refering to the physical mind. I think it’s very important to keep those staements in their context. Because anything said out of context can be subject to interpretation. (And believe me, I know from experience…in court).

    So, I won’t go through them all but I think that sums up my opinion.

    Of course, I hear some of you saying: People hear what they want to hear. – And that is very true…on both sides of the fence.

  5. Dax says:

    Hi Eduardo,

    Whoooo! I have to strongly disagree with you now.

    I think you are deliberately over simplifying that statement of Bashar. As it turns out, I’ve listened to that video at least five times. And what Bashar says is exactly the oposite of what you are stating.

    He is saying, as Einstein did, that your focus creates your reality. That said, he ALWAYS says that you SHOULDN’T jump off a cliff based on new interpretation of reality. A cliff could be a belief, a limitation or a fear, call it as you will, and if your conscious mind is not aligned with your higher mind on that specific belief, then your belief is not solidified, and thus then as he always says, you cannot fully act on it for you don’t truly belive it’s true.

    And, as for fighting back, I would point out a martial art principle that states that, defending yourself, should not be a struggle. You have to use the attacker’s energy against him in the flow of the attack. So if someone throws himself at you, you use his impulse to throw him even further.

    I think we should be very careful not to be terrified and petrified by the Reptilian agenda. For that is it’s goal. It get us in a state of indignation and anger wich is very similar to fear. So let’s keep a global view of the dramatic theatrics going on in this world without being sucked into it. It’s very hard to solve a problem whe we are all entangled into it.

    Let’s keep our perspective!

    So here’s the said video. Make up your own mind!

  6. Eduardo says:

    Dear, Dax, I have to respectfully disagree. On the lecture I saw, he was encouraging people NOT to react against the New World Order, FEMA Camps, collective poisoning, GMOs, etc. Not to take the streets, not to make OPPOSITION.

    Such a speech could only be seen with suspicion. If it looks like a gift to George W. Bush, if it would make Queen ElizaRDbeth smile, if Henry Kissinger would see it as useful, then its NOT light, not consciousness, not liberty.

    DAVID ICKE, for instance, has been telling us for decades about the potential of our own minds and how our own beliefs shape the world we live in. The difference is, UNLIKE BASHAR, he does not encourage us to close our eyes and pretend like the threats don’t exist, does not encourage us to live in a pink fluffy wonderland fantasy paralel world, like an autist. Because that is not the solution.

    The solution is to change our beliefes, but ACT UPON THE MATERIAL WORLD. David Icke says that and encourages humanity to YES! DO INVESTIIGATE what your government is doing. YES, take the streets. YES, show the banksters who is in power. Alex Collier has the same message.

    But Bashar is different. Much like that shallow book/video called “the secret”, he encourages us to pretend like the reptilluminati aren’t about to eat us alive… no, no, they aren’t, you just have to convince yourself that everything is fine and the FEMA camps, the fluoride, the abductions, the enslavement of humanity through the banking system, it will all just magically disappear without you having to ACT UPON THE MATERIAL WORLD.

    Like: year, right… !!!

    That is one very, VERY COMFORTABLE illusion. One that serves not humanity’s interest.

  7. Eduardo says:

    Another thing I would like to add: I am a brazilian person who has contact with native (south) american teachings. Some of these shamanic teachings are not open to the public, but are secret teachings passed from mouth to ear since before the european came.

    And if there is one things native american shamans do, is that WE ARE SUPPOSE TO ACT in this 3D world. We are supposed to live, to dance under the stars, to be under the rain, to walk barefoot. THE WORLD itself is the arena where the war between counsciousness X unconsciousness takes place. And if something (anything) engourages us to WITHDRAW from this world, then it is not on the side of consciousness. Rather, it is helping uncounciousness.

    To repeat beautiful worlds is not the solution. We have to reform our beliefs, to be positive, yes, but to MANIFEST that in concrete ways.

    To be ACTIVE and not PASSIVE.

    This is what the ancient shamans of south america have always said.

    Running away is for cowards, to retreat in your inner world making pretty meditations and repeating positive sentences is for cowards as well.

    But, shamanism is for warriors. Shamanism is extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient.

  8. Hornet says:

    Big thanks for this article! I was following Bashar for 2 years now and I watched and listened almost all of his presentations, even those form 80s. It all sound very good but some of his points made me really think. If it is a truth or not. I was thinking if even one smallest part is deliberate lie, then how many lies is mixed with truth? I agree with you that it is better to stop listening to that kind of information constantly wondering what has value and what doesn’t, unless you want to reveal truth behind every statement.
    Regarding to reversal:“Heard I’m Plug This Net” – I can hear very clearly exactly as being written. If you (and everyone else) haven’t read Peggy Kane article about Bashar from 2007, here is a link:

    Please have a look and tell what you think. I agree that we need to keep a perspective, open mind and never stop looking for the truth.

  9. Alphatest says:

    Those results makes you wonder though…

    But I think the message Bashar is putting out IS FAR from being disempowering and negative since he often advices people to TAKE BACK THEIR POWER, stop giving it away to religion/governments/authorities or something outside of yourself. To build new systems, follow excitement/joy that is a thread which will bring in more and more synchronicities (and I confirm it did work with me, so many coincidences I cant explain).

    Many of Bashar’s predictions were quite accurate also : Phoenix Lights, 9/11, Fukushima. This link below gives a lot of credibility to Bashar as compared to many sources. By comparison, many deadlines/predictions made by Alex Collier & Tolec were quite off-base (or they occured way later)…

    Months ago, I even asked Tanaath of the Silver Legion about her impressions of Bashar and she replied that she didn’t get negative impressions from him (although she didn’t look at him in depth). Darryl Anka was even quoted praising Barbara Marciniak’s book “Bringer of the dawn”.

    Anyway the jury is still out about Bashar IMHO

  10. Dax says:


    Whoa! Where to begin!?!

    First of all, how do you feel after writing your last two comments; filled with fear?

    Second of all; have you ever taken the streets, as you say, and if you did, how did that work out for you?

    You talk the big talk about fighting back. It’s Us against Them; that is so 3rd dimension duality (litterally a duel), exactly where THEY want you.

    There is no shame in going back inside of yourself where you can create the reality you want. But from what you are saying, you are comfortable in this elizabethan theater. Dwelling in the drama and refusing to see other realities. That is the prison they want you locked in!

  11. Dax says:

    Other than that, I said all I had to say, I think, in the forum.

  12. cindy says:

    Thanks Brad. I have to agree with the South American person. We should not be passive, that is what got humanity into this mess. Too easily duped and wanting the easy way out. Of course if one thinks someone is for real then they find out differently they may feel the need to protect as they don’t want to look foolish. I don’t want to sound like some kind of snob here but I think allot of our problems are that we are looking for Saviors, whomever they may be. A little teaching add water and instant enlightenment. Usually you have to work and practice and learn. The spiritual path, the real one is not for the faint of heart. That is why Shamans and such had the knowledge handed down from generation to generation, the knowledge in the wrong hands can be dangerous to them and others.
    These channellers, man oh man, they sure seem to be coming out of the woodwork. I wish it was that easy. I don’t wish that, I take it back.
    I think it is quite a good profession (financially) if you read a few books, gain some esoteric knowledge and then talk in a fake voice and get people to bow down to you. They open their hearts and their wallets pretty quickly. If we weren’t such a vulnerable species those creepy Evangelist who rip so many people off wouldn’t exist. I just think it is so sad that we have to wait for some saviour. Explore, read, have an open heart, save yourself. God knows Bashar won’t be there to save you if the shit hits the fan. He’ll be hiding out in some safe place with a bag full of cash or whatever, while the people are hungry and mauling each other in the streets. Look if they punch each other out in line to get cheap shoes on or whatever, what else will they do when there is no food supply.(pray that doesn’t happen) I realize I am going off track here and I wish the best for humankind but we have to get backbones.
    Once more thank you Brad for all you do. You can still be a positive person and not buckle down to anything you think will save you. Please brothers and sisters, we are HUMAN BEINGS, let’s take our dignity back.
    I do not intend to offend anyone here but this channelling stuff really gets to me. It ruins it for the ones who do have a truth to share with humankind. Why don’t we just treat each other well, there is no secret code to that one. Treat each other well unless someone treats you badly then move away from that person. If you are surrounded by loving people your life will feel better.Man, you will feel better off being alone that being around people who just use you. It feels good to be of service and kind, that’s what humans are about. This is coming from someone who has very few friends as they were not friends to begin with. I have found more “friends” online (a few) than people I have known for years in some instances. Sorry for going off topic, I just get emotionally upset about these con men/women. Love in your days to all. Bashar go piss up a rope. :*)

  13. Dax says:

    Hi Cindy.

    Quite a depressing story you are telling yourself here. Don’t you believe that your focus creates your reality?

    Maybe, just maybe you should entertain more constructive thoughts.

  14. angedamour says:

    I did awnser in the forum yesterday!?

  15. angedamour says:

    Yep Hornet! I did look Peggy Kane reversals and its quite incredable to see,then we are all fish… but not anymore =)

  16. Brad says:

    Hi Dax,

    Well sure, no problem if you hear different things in the reverals or have a different interpretation of them. But for me looking at the overall theme of these reversals i.e Liar, Snake, Nasty Nets etc, I’m happy to put my money on him being a Reptilian manipulation.

    Like I said I’m going to reverse more of his stuff soon, so we can see what direction that goes in as well.


    Hi Johnny,

    Afraid the audio of that video is too poor for a reverse speech analysis – but I didnt get a good feeling off that video at all.


    Hi Eduardo,

    I agree with you there – I think the main manipulation of these new age teachings (whether channelled or not) is the distinct lack of emphasis on physical action. Of course everything starts in the mind, but if that’s where you stay then really nothing is going to get done is it?


    Hi Hornet,

    Thanks for the link to Peggy’s article – that’s great! I didnt know she had covered Bashar at all.


    Hi Alphatest,

    Of course the message sounds empowering – otherwise no one would take the blind bit of notice – but don’t underestimate the powers of manipulation that these “dark forces” possess! They are extremely clever. Mixing truth and lies and presenting the lies with love and laughter is what they do.


    Hi Cindy,

    Unfortunatley you are right, the vast majority of humanity has been so cut off from their true power that they are either looking outside themsleves for a “savior” of sometype, or are easily sucked into manipulations that appear to offer them what they are lacking – i.e empowerment.


    Hi Mel,

    I’m glad you reversed Bashar yourself as well – always good to get confirmation from other sources

  17. Dax says:

    Hey Brad,

    Thank you for your input. Keep it up.
    The people here really enjoy and buy into your work.
    Don’t forget that this comes with it’s share of responsibility.

  18. angedamour says:

    Come on Dax! we are adultes here!??
    I am responsable of MYSELF AND MY MIND… not Brad!

  19. angedamour says:

    I do reversals and you Dax!
    I do confirmation with Brad and Peggy Kane and this men also.
    So i am master of my mind and responsable of myself.

  20. angedamour says:

    Nice to meet you Cindy and yes sometime we can count friends with one hands and less =)
    Love and have a good day to you also
    Expressing ourself here, no problem to me=)
    It can happen to me too… i am a humain experiencing life or life experiencing myself,) wathever hi!hi!

  21. Alphatest says:

    Hi Brad, thanks for answering me but I wished you addressed the other points in my message. I can see that you’re an intelligent person by some of your previous msgs (in other threads), so let’s make this an interesting debate.

    First, I’d like to clarify that just because ppl have listened to Bashar doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re naive, or buy easily into “positive” stuff or that they havent done their “homework” so to say! Don’t think for a moment that Bashar ONLY says “positive” stuff and that he’s often “soft” in his approach or towards his audience as I’ve seen many times that although he can be VERY WITTY & entertaining he’s also quite *direct* with some of the ppl interacting with him (ex : those in denial or who refuses to take responsibility)…

    To me I feel the quest for truth doesn’t end with Reverse Speech but rather merely BEGINS with it. RS is not a one-size-fits-all solution. As in life, nothing is that quite that simple, black/white even with results from RS… I dont claim to be a specialist of RS like you or Peggy Kane but here are my concerns about it.

    The problem with RS as I see it (and based from a perspective of someone like Peggy Kane) is that as a TOOL it’s VERY MUCH geared towards the old 3D physicality (we’re staying within the realms of all known physical senses), focusing on the duality of separation we’ve known for millenias. It also tends to discredits a whole range of movements, people, phenomenons: NDEs, New Age, Channelings, etc.

    In a sense, isn’t that perpetuating MORE of the divide & conquer tactics (ppl fighting against each others instead of the real enemy), the “us versus them” paradigm that we’ve known for millenias…? The same mindset that brought us wars, intolerance, tyranny from the Reptilians/Illuminati?

    The possible trap with RS is thinking it’s a be-all end-all tool that is all you’ll ever need and that you can stop keep digging further and thus fall into a comfort zone. But even Alex Collier in his latest interviews in 2012 stated that he’s still having “epiphanies” and learning new things. I remember there’s a saying that goes “if all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”.

    Also, just because someone knows and is using RS, does it imply that he’s got it “right” and others have it “wrong” no matter how many years & efforts these ppl have put into their own crafts/works? Take for example someone like David Wilcock or Scott Mandelker (a PhD) who has spent at least a dozen of years & more practicing buddhism & studying Ra’s Law of One (which according to Peggy Kane’s RS – almost all channelings is Reptilian-based). Should we conclude that all of these people are naive, gullible or trying to make money?

    I perceive RS as being more negative than constructive since it defines/validates itself AGAINST something/someone else already existing (an anti-something) instead of being self-sufficient or standing on its own. It doesn’t bring any hope (ex : the Lizzies are sooo powerful, they MIGHT control the astral realms, NDEs, our reincarnations, etc. Besides many things/people are not to be trusted, we’re left to our own devices with very little tools to fight back) and honestly listening to Peggy Kane creeps the s*t out of me! BTW does FEAR & hopelessness benefits us or the Lizzies?

    And Peggy Kane, by her own admission has a track record of being fooled/manipulated many times by the negative side over the years. Suddenly, she hits it right *once and for all* with RS?

    Besides, if our enemies the Lizzies they’re so powerful & much more technologically advanced in being able to control so many aspects of our lives… How comes such control-freaks let something like RS slip through the cracks? Overall, objectively RS is VERY easy to understand technologically and duplicate (basically just reversing a sound wave). How comes they havent exploited it to their advantages? How can be we sure it hasn’t been already done so (ex : Reptilians targeting sincere ppl who will pass all tests by RS?)

    (more next)

  22. Alphatest says:

    Now what about some of the cases RS has validated lately for example, either here or elsewhere…

    Alex Collier has predicted many things in his interviews/seminars back from 1994 to 1996 (they can be easily found in Youtube). I’m listing a few of the things that he predicted will come (almost for sure) within a few months up to few years : Martial Law, Impeachment of the President, economic collapse, reality of ETs will be known before the year 2000, etc.

    What about Tolec’s predictions (Alex Collier sort of “vetted” him by appearing in some of Tolec’s earlier radio interviews) : glowing ball popping out from the ocean signaling the last Reptilian underground base is cleared, a worldwide “speaking tour” with some of the Andromedan Council leadership, etc.

    If Andromedans are so much more technogically & spiritually advanced than us (ex : interstellar travel, time travel, manifesting objects out of thin air using light & sound, they can read all your previous lifetimes, etc.) how comes they keep feeding totally unreliable predictions/data to their contactees Collier & Tolec? What does that tell us about their ethics & spirituality level?

    What about Benjamin Fulford as he’s been vetted by RS here ( : just from him this year that the Pope will step down, the Queen of England will be replaced… That’s just one fraction of the very unreliable/unverifiable data he’s been putting out there.

    What about Colleen Thomas : have you listened to her lately as she’s made a COMPLETE 180 degrees on Pleiadians and everything…?

    Just like the insider “Drake” who said a bunch of things that never became true, these ppl havent got a good batting average to say the least, yet RS has validated them…

    Well I believe there are such things as ACCOUNTABILITY & CREDIBILITY in life… IMHO, time is the best judge since truth will come out sooner or later. Critical thinking & discernment should be our main tools, and we must never stop doing our homework & research as well.

  23. Brad says:

    Hi Alphatest,

    I think you are lumping everything together a little here.

    Reverse speech is constantly indicating when someone has specific details wrong. It doesn’t just say “this person is telling the truth 100% or this person is lying 100%”. Lets take Alex Collier for example – if you review the reversals from him (in the Cosmic/ET section) you will see that reverse reveals a couple of times that he has a few of the details wrong. But OVERALL the revesals reveal that he is a legimate Andromedan contactee.

    Now it is a good question “why have these contactees got some information wrong”? A very good question. There could be a number of reasons for this. Manipulation by the Reptilians AFTER the contact was made i.e Implanting false memories, beliefs etc. No one has all the answers right now. No one is 100% accurate in what they are saying and this is why reverse speech has proven to be a very vaulable tool indeed.

    As for Colleen Thomas, yes she has done a 180 in the past 18 months, and if you compare her reversals now to when she was speaking about her contact with the Pleiadians it is like night and day. The reversals from her “new” Christian perspective clearly show that she has been hit with some type of mind control and that all of the information she has been releasing over the past 18 months is bs (I will add some of this to the site soon). Where as when you look at the reversals from a couple of years back when she is talking about the Pleiadians this is very congruent.

    And the same for Tolec, if you review his reversals – reverse has indicated that he has a few deatils wrong (mainly about his predictions of ascenion for the planet in Jan 2013). But you can see from his reversals overall that he is a legimate Andromedan Council contactee.

    But yes I agree, there does need to be more investigation into why these “contactees” do have mis-information. But like I said my feeling is that manipulation has taken place AFTER the contact was made.

  24. Brad says:


    To respond to your other comment here…

    Well you’re saying RS doesn’t bring any hope! Well that is so far from the truth I’m afraid. I really have to strongly disagree with that statement. RS has brought more hope to the table than any other form of informnation I’ve ever come across. It is constantly revealing details of the “Wonderful Future” that is coming for mankind.

    It is a tool, yes, and it has proven to be a very reliable one.

    If reverse speech was giving a totally different perspective on things then I would be VERY concerned indeed. But reverse has only ADDED to information that has already be shown to be based in reality. For example with Abraham-Hicks, my partner Erin is very psychic and she can see the reptilians, and with Hicks she sees a reptilian being standing behind her with a flow of dark energy coming in. I have put a description from her on the previous Hicks post. So that is only one form of additional evidence which backs up what reverse is indicating. But then you look at the comments from other people who have felt or seen similar things with these people as well.

    I certainly would NEVER put all my trust in one form of information thats for sure. I’ve only ever gone with the strength of evidence. And reverse speech had proven to be an excellent source of information.

    Of course it COULD be open to manipulation, I’m not stupid, I can accept that, but as it stands at the moment there is NO evidence to support these concerns. It is contstantly revealing information that the reptilians are desperate to keep hidden (just look at the reversals from the Religion category for example).

    You’re saying “I perceive RS as being more negative than constructive since it defines/validates itself AGAINST something/someone else already existing (an anti-something) instead of being self-sufficient or standing on its own”

    Well if you feel the revealment of the Reptilian’s lies and manipulations is a “negative” thing then I really don’t understand where you are coming from I’m afraid. RS will just as much agree with “positive statements” as it will disagree with “negative” ones. There is enough uplifting reverse speech information on this site to show that.

    We are in a total hall of mirrors down her on Earth right now, the level of manipulation is absolutely staggering. A true reptilian matrix. And sure people get things wrong and are lead off the right track whether that’s David Wilcock, Peggy Kane or myself. It’s part of the deal being down here right now. We knew it was going to be tough to navigate through this bs, and we’re all doing the best we can.

    For me, reverse speech has given me such a greater understanding of what we are deling with here, thats why I am so open in my defense of it. I would proabably still be waundering arounding in a confused mess within Christianity if it wasn’t for RS (read my story for the deatils – link’s at the top of the site). So I hold it in the highest regard. But of course, like I’ve said many times, if someone were to knock on my door and say “Brad RS is a Reptilian manipulation, here’s the evidence” then I would have a good hard look at it. But so far that evidence has not been forthcoming. Instead RS continues to prove it’s self as a very bright light within this reptilian hall of mirrors we call Earth.

  25. dusty6161 says:

    hey guys. just thought i would share with you guys. there is a female singer from hollywood her name is tila tequiela haha. her music is not my style. but she has had 2 attempts on her life because she exposes the reptilians and the Illuminati. its worth looking into. her youtube is public and easy to find. i just want your opinion on her. cause she is from hollywood after all and has a family member in the cabal. alex jones set her up to. but im not going to get into that. love and light <3

  26. Immel says:


  27. phoenix says:

    Hi I wanted to send you a personal message but there is no link. Have a look at this video. The book is free for 3 days on Kindle from 10th – 12th

    I talks in some detail about fake channelers

  28. Edgit says:

    Hi Brad !
    Great work as usual. Just wondered what you made of the lacerta files on youtube? These are supposed to be between an underground reptilian and a human. The reptilian goes into great detail about flying saucer technology and different types of aliens visiting earth currently. Lacerta also goes into detail about how the human mind is easily manipulated by reptilians and other alien species. Certainly worth a look. Cheers again for the great site :-)

  29. Eyno says:


    We ARE ALL ONE, if we do not accept this fact then it is not possible to live in a free world of love. We are one with our government, with all of that, and WE have created all of it, and it is OUR responsibility to do something about it, If we play the BLAME GAME then we are just pushing our problems away and not dealing with them. It is not the Reptilians’ fault that our world is like this, it is our fault that we have co-created this world, with such beings. We have lived the victim consciousness long enough to allow such things to happen.
    It is time to let go of being a victim, victim neither to reptilians, nor to our governments. As long as we think that they are the ones responsible for our life, we are deliberately creating ourselves as their victim. Surely our problems will not go away if we take revenge and kill them or whatever, but then we have to deal with our hatred and agony. So please take a second thought on interpreting the messenger instead of the message.


  30. Light says:

    You guys all need to dissect everything. No matter what subject it is. Figures you’d try to make Bashar and Ab-Hicks evil. Just like people who hate Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Krishna and anything else with wisdom. You must have evil or negativity in you first if you see it outside yourself. If it’s so called meant for us to be eaten by the Reptillians then maybe it’s b/c we eat the animals of this earth. Who says any one act is better. We dissect animals and use them for experimentation so maybe it’s the natural order. Must be fear based Christian Mongers.

  31. vishnu says:

    Hi Brad,
    Long time no article from u….

  32. Anitka says:

    Hi vishnu :), Brad’s been away for a while but he sent us an e-mail to know hes fine:

    Hi Everyone,

    If you’ve been on the website in recent weeks you would of noticed that I haven’t been

    active at all over the past 5-6 weeks. So I just wanted to shoot out a quick email and give

    you an update on what’s going on.

    Basically I’ve been having to deal with a lot personally, both with regards to my health and

    some other big challenges that have been taking place, so I decided it was best to take a break

    away from the site while I am going through this period.

    I will able to share more when I get back to the site, which shouldn’t be too much longer now,

    but I don’t really have the time or energy to get into all the details at this moment. I’ll certainly

    have some interesting information to share at that point though.

    Anyway, this is just a very brief email to let everyone know that I’m ok, and there’s nothing to

    worry about. I’ll be back soon.

    Much Love

    Brad Scott

    P.S. Part of the problem I am dealing with at the moment is trying to fly out to the US to be

    with my parter (my Twin Flame) Erin, but this has been problematic due to financial reasons.

    If anyone has been considering a donation towards the website recently, then any donations

    now would be greatly appreciated. – Many thanks in advance.

  33. Matthew says:

    I am a current follower of Bashar’s teachings and I very much enjoy his way of presenting how reality works and how things are always within our power to change. To be honest, it took me a while to buy into his talks, my first reaction when I first listened to him was that the man was crazy, theres no way he’s channeling an alien, and it took me a few weeks of letting what he said sink in and I’ve noticed a number of very positive changes since accepting some of his ideas. You don’t have to believe a word he says, but if you can find insight and wisdom in it, whats the problem?
    I think a number of people are missing the main message of his talks. Bashar doesn’t say to ignore the current reality, he provides an explanation that gives comfort and a positive message for those who listen. In fact in a number of his talks he says that the government’s control over people is horrible, but that it also isn’t entirely their fault. We the people have also put these people in power, let them run rampant and allowed them to abuse a system for their own gain. He talks a great deal about personal responsibility and taking action in whatever way shape or form suits you. At no point does he say you have to be any certain way, it is always a choice. You choose to be ignorant and not educate yourself on the truth, you choose to be complacent or rebellious against government. You choose how you react to any given situation. Granted he does provide a positive message for the future, but let’s be honest, do any of you on here really believe that the current system of control is going to continue? I personally believe the structures are slowly crumbling as more and more people awaken to the truth, about who they are, and what exactly these systems are. They will fall, we can build something so much better in their place, and we all collectively can reshape the future of our planet. Bashar just presents that as a hopeful message.
    Also, by reversing his words, you are in fact changing the message into something entirely different. If you find something in it that reinforces a conclusion for you, then that is your reality and your choice to do so. Just keep in mind that reverse audios and the audios themselves are two entirely different things. Not saying you can’t see things in each, but the two are completely unique sounds and messages, so do not confuse them for the same thing.

  34. Hans-Peter says:

    Interesting thead.

    My take is that we can argue about anything and virtually prove both sides to be true, that is duality only.

    For if I say “I live”, does that prove me to say “evil I”?

    Anyone who honestly believes this and thus alters my intended message is an illusionist himself!

    Bashar is a person who can challenge the people and that is good.
    Yes there may be false teachers, but if there is a false teacher, then it is because there are students that are receptive to the kind of illusion the “guru” offers, thus going into the school of hard knocks to be actually taught by this false guru only.

    So I take no offense in this. That is fine, probably even the fastest way to go with such a “false” guru that will then take me into such extremes that my own, inherent contradictions become obvious and thus visible to me in order to see through and finally let them go!

    And most of all, it is not possible to fight evil in order to live!
    If we do, we have already lost. Evil forces live by the frustration, fears and hate that we release by trying to fight them only. :(

    The only thing that we can change is ourselves. As soon as we start fighting and are thus trying to change something that is outside of ourselves (like fighting dark forces), we are taking part in a game that cannot be won.

    This we experince as drama as Dan mentioned.
    But I also hear what Brad says, we must be aware that “grey thinking” (by saying that it doesn’t matter, that all is ok dispite of the circumstances) is not the highest approach either.

    The only way out is to change our own conscious awareness and thus begin to detach ourselves from our programmed responsiveness to the things of this world. Get rid of our ego’s perspective, our fears and inhibitions about aliens, about dark forces that could override our free will by sheer force, etc.

    They simply can’t, but if we believe they can, then they can because we succumb.
    If we are afraid of the dark, the dark has power over us because we don’t dare to be ourselves.

    And I agree, we have to be here! If we are not here, in the present moment, then we allow something else to rule our space of being instead. Be it illusions, trickery, sickness, you name it.

    Everybody is a creator, even a creator of his own illusions, fears and perversions, likes and dislikes.
    So all this has become a reality for us, our own individual reality.
    So I am not saying that what anyone says or experiences it not true.

    The question is only, is it already your highest potential?

    Can you change or is your believe more holy than the truth, the truth that all things of this world are subject to change.

    And that it is us that can change that, by first changing ourselves (to make it really simple).
    As soon as we have changed, all the rest becomes obsolute.

    If we grow up, who cares about the many sand castles that our sand box colleges had destroyed?
    Is it relevant any more now, when it was so very relevant at the time we were in the child’s mind still?

  35. Missy Truelove says:

    Ask yourself this which of these spread fear into your being?
    The video itself or the allegations that the video is false and if you believe it then you are wrong?

    Which of these invokes fear into your body?
    Whichever it is leave it as is and do not continue on that note.

    Both are possibilities but only one can truly resonate within. Take it with best discernment and do not fear being mislead and if you do fear being mislead then do not look outside yourself for leadership but rather search within.


    bashar is a devil from the pit of hell, how you people can be so deceived into accepting this and other messages shows that humankind is and always has been a lover of lies and deception. You peeps need to come clean and believe in the one true God, not these dirtbags and vile suppressors of the truth who are channeling fallen angels also known as devils…ALL of these swine shits give the same message…everyone of them, they are pure lucifarian, and I don’t care what the entity calls itself, they are all evil forces on the side of satan, they have nothing to do with Jesus or His Fsther, or the commandments, or love.

  37. Michael says:

    This is a short excerpt from Wes Penre :-

    ‘there is another short, but interesting story to tell about Bashar, the famous channel by Darryl Anka. In one session the following happened, according to this blog owner (I have had this confirmed, by the way):

    “This part jumped out for me: “A guy asked three questions. First about Chem Trails, second about H1N1, third about compulsory vaccines, To each question Bashar answered “That data is no longer available from this terminal”. He said that he answered this way because all of these are negatively oriented, fear inducing belief systems. We can not extend frequencies and energies in those domains.”

    Michael says – ‘Bashar does not sound right to me. This does seem sick to me. I’m sceptical.’

  38. Michael says:

    Eduardo has summed it up great, as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m willing to have my mind changed, but no-one seems to be able to say how Bashar’s teachings can actually work in our 3d real world.

  39. Michael says:

    Surely it’s more likely that to raise our vibration level, we have to become aware of all the negativity, and then act to turn the negative into positive.

    Surely if we break a leg, we don’t pretend that it isn’t broken. We don’t pretend to ignore the pain, the suffering. The first step to healing in this case is to acknowledge that we are damaged and that we are suffering! Only then can we act in a way to allow healing thru rest and good nutrition, and eventually graded exercise.

    Ignoring a broken leg because you don’t want to focus on the pain and fear, simply will not work.

    We need to get real, don’t we?

  40. craig says:

    Choose one. Team fear. Or team fearless. Contradict not then your focus.
    And you are NOT ‘nothing’ you and them are in fact US. And US made all within. All.

    To focus on what you may dream most evil, while simultaneously disowning of as born from nothing, instead of the mentioned is to me a most silly act. Especially of one is taking team fearless as a team.

    Our team is way on the otherend hashing out the understanding of probability waves and percieved time relations and the like.

  41. craig says:

    Michael, ‘need’ I remind US it’s all of US? Pre-Bang? No. Do what you will. And all that can be is reacting to what you perceive.

    I myself perceive self-delusions as silly and unpleasant to think on and impossible to bind to. What say you? Does fear please you when it is felt by others?

    If not, I suggest you realize to fear clipped nails is odd.. Ponder at the other side of the spectrum its pleasant here. :-)

  42. craig says:

    Oh and Mike…. To perceive sounds of recorded voices in reverse as Negative is your choosing. To attribute a negative intent into something that you started wrongfully presumed to be ever broken due to fear, is what it is. And of course will cause you to not be capable of correction ever. You can’t fix what’s not broken. So why tell yourself you are to?

    Find out simply what you feel inside you when you focus on a thing is what it is. Being that nothings out-there, it is from you. If you like fears feel carry on. If not give power its opposite feeling of no fear things, when you find them.

  43. Michael says:

    Craig, are you telling me you don’t fear anything?

  44. misong says:

    I think that what bashar says about david icke is quite relevant.

    I felt several times when listening to david icke that he doesn’t really embody what he
    ‘infintie love is the only truth and everything else is an illusion’
    or ‘everything that vibrates is an illusion’.

    it seems like he doesn’t know that the moon-saturn matrix is an illusion too.

    I think it’s the same with ‘engaged buddhism’..
    they talk about emptiness and non-duality but they don’t really act that way, because they are more concerned on changing reality outside than their own mind.

    I think that once we really understand the holograghic nature of our reality, the best action we are to do is change our own perception.
    Because everything we encounter is a faithful mirror of our own projection…
    They talk about the illusory nature of reality but they cling on believing that there is a somewhat objective reality out there.
    These are based on subconscious anger or fear projected on the world.

    Even though David Icke says not to fight Reptilians because what you resist you become, I think that he is making us become more dualistic.
    Well maybe I didn’t understood him completely, but this is what I feel for the moment.

  45. Michael says:

    Hi misong.

    You said – “Because everything we encounter is a faithful mirror of our own projection”

    Can you explain to me how this is meant to work in everyday life?


  46. misong says:

    Another important point of reflexion is whether there is a co-creation or not.
    I think that there is one’s own created universe that looks like it is co-created with others…
    Just like a picture(2 dimension) which looks like a 3 dimension,
    our minds create the illusion of subjectivity and objectivity.

    I’m not sure if I have understood rightly David Icke but I think that he is confusing the very origin of the matrix.
    The reason why we live in a 3D illusion is not because of Reptilians but because of duality and separation in our consciousness.
    To point out the Reptilians for the cause of our illusory 3D world is just another form of dualistic perspective because,

    Dualistic nature of the mind when projected outside is called ‘Matrix’
    and egoistic nature of the ego when projected outside is perceived as ‘Reptilian’ or ‘Luciferian’.
    All the freemason and illuminati etc. are projected realities of our Egos, so let’s get aware of the fact that we are not more ‘good’ in nature than the bad guys.
    Ultimately the only real conspiracy is the conspiracy of my ego who wants to survive at any cost and make me feel that I am an individual and separated entity…

    Thanks to Adyashanti I learned a lot to unmask my ego’s hidden agendas.

  47. Michael says:

    Thats all very well misong, but you haven’t answered my question yet.

  48. Michael says:


    I am not saying you are wrong. You may very well have it spot on, but I would really like an explanation from someone on how it works in everday life.

  49. misong says:

    Hi Michael,
    I’ll try to give some examples.
    I have had many boyfriends and each time, I was in conflict with some features that I really didn’t like of them.
    It took me really long time to realize that they were my exact mirror at the time because the bad point I saw in them was not in me.
    For example I was very extroverted but they were introverted, or
    I was very honest but they look like dishonest,
    I was very egalitarian but they were authoritarian or patriarchal etc..
    It took me much inquisition and research about myself to realize that I was not egalitarian but fighting with my inner authoritarian tendencies,
    that I was trying hard to be honest with an inner fear of being dishonest etc.
    Well, that the enemy I face was nothing more than myself.
    Be it of that moment or of my past, or of my latent state.

    I remembered that at a very young age I was very introvert,
    not frank to myself and others, felt superior to others.
    but these were features that I got over soon, so I forgot and denied that these were parts of myself, of my past stories.
    and what we deny we carry within, unconsciously.

    So the relations I had was just like the universe giving me chances to recognize myself and to love myself with all my weaknesses.
    But I resisted again and again shouting ‘I don’t like it’
    until finally I was forced to concede he was the part of me I didn’t know or didn’t want to know.
    It was myself that I had to forgive, not him.
    Since then, my relations are becoming much better and great.
    as I always see my partner as a diagnostic evaluation of myself.

    And this applies to every part of my life, with family, friends, social environment etc.
    The most difficult part is when I am searching for evidence of a certain truth of argument.
    Because it is not that easy to realize that we always discover proofs of what we believe or unconsciously wish is true, even if it hurts us.
    Not only are scientific datas biased but also mediums who tell you your past lives. The more you go and ask them, they will give you some similar answers, and you’ll think that’s quite sort of true.
    But if you start to have a great change in your identity then the mediums will give you very different past lives…
    They are giving the truth that you unconsciously believe to be true.

    So I think that if we have a tendency of distrust and suspicion, we will get in touch with secrets or conspiracy, just like detectives are joyful to meet mysteries.
    I myself have always had a tendency to interlace everything for the fun of finding the pieces of the puzzle. Intellectual thriller…

  50. misong says:

    Just one more to add.
    In the humanity level, I think we have many unconscious feeling of guilt, that are unrecognized.
    Have a conscientious look at how we manipulate animals, stole their children, kill them in a horrible way not to speak of all the horrible animal experiments…
    We are educated that eating meat is something very normal
    but at the very deep heart we know their pain.
    I have always felt somewhat schizophrenia with pieces of corpses at dinner,
    and it took me decades and decades to finally realize that to live as vegetarian helps me clear my unconscious guiltyness.

    What Reptilians do to humans, we do to animals.
    Don’t you think that animals would think of us as horrible Reptilians? Just do some research on animal abuses and tortures..
    Even if I didn’t do any animal abuses (as far as I remember, but I don’t even remember my past life so who know?)
    I know that we as humans did all these horrible stuff.
    Maybe that’s the way I could explain to you that this world of Reptilian violences are mirroring my own reality as human..
    But I don’t want to argue with you, cause it’s just my considerations of the present moment.

  51. Michael says:

    Thanks for that misong. =)

    I don’t hav much internet time left tdy so i am going to think about what you said and I will get back to you very soon. =)

  52. misong says:

    Michael, maybe this video titled ‘The Holographic Universe’ will explain better than me. I saw them all 1~5 but if you don’t have time I think the 4th is quite vital.

  53. misong says:

    I felt it explained quite well what I have come to realize by myself but maybe I felt that way because it said almost the same with Buddhist teachings which I am accustomed to.
    This is just a suggestion and I guess most of the people here will not agree with that videos..

  54. michael says:

    I will check out those videos over the next few days. =)

    I agree with you when you said –
    “and what we deny we carry within, unconsciously.”

    Yes,I believe we need to become whole people and to acknowledge the bad stuff that’s in us and not just the good. Otherwise, how can we ever fix something about ourselves if we deny that the problem even exists.

    Regarding the meat-eating comments, I think you have brought up very valid points. I have thought about this a little in the last year or so – including your comment about are meat-eating humans any better than reps. You said – “What Reptilians do to humans, we do to animals.Don’t you think that animals would think of us as horrible Reptilians? Just do some research on animal abuses and tortures.”
    I’m not sure what to think regarding this issue. I am certainly very against most of the farming practices that exist, along with being against the experimentation of animals.

    Having said that, I do include meat in my diet (and animal products in general). My body feels better when eating animal food. that is the reality for me at this stage. So, we may disagree a bit about that topic.

    Now, to the main topic – and I’ll try to make it shortish and to the point –

    I think you may have a point regarding boyfriends/girlfriends reflecting their other’s negative traits… but boyfriends/girlfriends choose to be together, and they can choose to leave each other. Free will can clearly be exercised.

    Now, i am not trying to be dramatic with my following question. And I do not expect you to have all the answers by the way =) -but, I do want to know how your belief system stacks up when confronted by extremely low-vibrational acts performed by beings on this planet. if what you believe is probably true, then it should be able to work in the real world.

    2 Questions: What role did that baby play in being left to drown in the toilet by the “medical’ staff”? Were the medical staff simply reflecting the baby’s unacknowledged negative trait of wanting to try to drown medical staff?

    And, I promise I wont go on and on after you have answered me. I’ll just leave it at that. I promise :)

    And thank you for being willing to come on and discuss this =). Unlike somwone like Craig, who wasn’t willing to stick around for just a little bit.

    I’ll probably disagree with your answer but we both know that’s ok =)
    All us people of good intent are not always going to agree with each other.

    thank you for talking to me and all the best. =)

  55. misong says:

    Well, these are questions I have been asking myself for all my life..
    and even though I have come with answers of my own, I can’t say they are the real answers for sure.
    I have lived as a radical feminist during my twenty-thirties, feeling sad and angry with all the oppression and injustices in the world. Besides, the law of the jungle was something I could not digest. Why do gazelles have to die so awfully by lions? Well that’s the same for babies and innocent victims..

    To make a long story short, I’ll put it directly.
    At the surface level of consciousness, we could say it’s because of karma, in the sense that everything has a cause and effect. You are overworking and you get ill. You contact viruses and get sick.
    But at a deeper level of consciousness, we could say that the soul choose that experience, so chose to contact the viruses and have the whole drama.
    This can be a very delicate subject because it may look like blaming the victim, which is exactly not the point.
    When a child plays with dangerous object and gets hurt we do not blame the child. The parents should have been more cautious. But even then, we have some children so curious that it is sometimes inevitable that they have some accidents.
    So, being a child means ignorance, and curiosity means openness to more adventure… and more tragedies.

    Now we would like to blame those parents but we fail to see that they are themselves ignorant on how to raise children safely. And in fact the child is born from ignorant parents but at a deeper level ‘chose’ these parents (had the same vibrations so to speak).
    The concept of choice is very confusing because everything happens in accord with the level of consciousness of the soul too.
    When we are unaware of our thoughts and vibrations, we often do and attract things that are harmful, thus not wise to ourselves. We keep doing the very things we should get rid of. This is then understood as karmas.
    But when we are aware of our mind and vibrations we can try to choose differently, or choose the drama deliberately for a good cause.(maybe like Jesus).
    So if there are babies and innocent creatures experiencing horrible things it is because of their vibrations(or karmas) or because of their in-depth choice for a certain purpose(helping others to wake up, or experiencing different facets of evil or ignorance etc.)
    But ultimately there is no fate nor free will. Fate is a word utilized when we are unaware, and free will is a word not relevant for an individual person or even soul because there is not a separate entity anywhere. That’s why I prefer to say that there is only the free will of The One (or God, or Real Self, of whatever you call it). So if you think of yourself as finite and separate entity it is not true that you have free will. It’s just the illusion of free will.
    (the lovers think that they chose to be together or to break up, but in fact they are just reacting according to their former recorded experience and belief systems).

    So I think that we have free will insofar as we realize our real selves as the One. Free will is possible only when we realize that we can not be victim of anything else than oneself, and only then can we really choose anything.
    Does someone choose to be depressed when he finds no other way of reacting?
    Does someone choose to kill the enemy when he is in war? Even choosing the Good instead of the Evil is not real choice as far as you are afraid of being hurt and lost by the Evil. Even the perpetrator are not really choosing their crime insofar as they feel it inevitable for their survival, physical or psychological.
    As far as they(babies & medical staff) are unaware they are both victims, but insofar as they are choosing at the soul level they are not victims. So of course at the 3D legislative level there must be law-enforcement but in reality nothing is really as it seems to be.

    Your question was about the role of the babies and whether the medical staff were simply reflecting mirrors. I think that those victims and criminals are like mutual reflecting mirrors, and that the whole picture is the reflection of us looking at that picture. In the sense that we understand the world as a place of injustice and pain, but also in need of our love. The compassion that we feel is the light in us guiding us into the realization that others are parts of ourselves, and the ones we abhor are there to make us realize and examine our own ignorance and forgive ourselves of our sins(=ignorance).

    Finally, how do my belief system stacks up when confronted by extremely low-vibrational acts performed by beings on this planet? I must confess that I am often zigzagging between sense of mission as a light worker to bring more awareness everywhere, and feeling confused about being entrapped in a game of light and darkness. More recently I felt that the very game of saving the earth was the basis of my spiritual ego.
    So when I am myself confronted with low-vib acts at least I know how to get out, but when I see others and the world situation, first I try not to be trapped in low-vib emotions and secondly, I try to recognize them as my hidden selves and heal myself of my own luciferian darkness.
    One of my ex was a freemason, I criticized him a lot on being selfish and driven by vanity on his own success and ambitions but this really was a preach to my unknown little selves contained in the totality of my being.
    The Luciferian force loves to play the game of angel of Light and demons of Darkness. As I recognize myself in either both sides I feel more free from them all.
    But it often takes me a lot of awareness not to get entrapped in the everyday life. For example recently, as I got too much focused on illuminatis and reptilians stuff I had feelings of fear and tension, even sleep paralysis. But as I remembered that these were illusions of My Universe unfolding in My Mind, I could look and see at the very core of my feelings of fear, look at the fear and not be entrapped in it. The fear itself can not continue when it is exposed as one’s own fabricated production.
    Michael, I hope I made my views clear enough but once again I don’t think I have all the answers yet. I am also ready to discover new insights even if it demolishes those I have. Feel free to express yourself, when I say I don’t want to argue it means I am not interested in posing myself as ‘right’.

  56. Herlander Nogueira says:

    What if, someone gets positive reverse messages mixed with negative reverse messages?
    How can one prove this science is not just pseudo science?

    I am truly interested in truth, even more than in Bashar.
    However I do understand that if he says anything like as to IGNORE what the government does, he actually means for us to DO what we like instead! Because if government does everything for us, we are being GOVERNED. If we GOVERN our LIVES, we are our GOVERNORS. Isn’t this a good thing?????????????????????????????

    I can understand the dangers of ignoring reality! I do get that, but I also get this message he passes in the sense of PARADOX IS POWER as he says, because it means we understand the both sides of each thing, and THEN we have the POWER to do with it what we believe it is BETTER.

    Am I wrong in my thoughts???? Really wish someone to clarify me on them!!!!!!!!!!!


  57. Edmond says:

    The teaching of Bashar has been really beneficial to my life. Of course, in the beginning there is the sense of doubt and skepticism. However, I would never write something off without first applying what is taught or simply taking a look for myself.

    I have watched most of his videos and I own two of his books, ” Blueprint for Change” and “Quest for Truth”. And with the research and analysis I absorbed from his messages are there to give individuals new perspectives, solutions and ideas to help ANY of you shift into a reality of your preference. Because if everything is HERE and NOW that means anything you imagine already exists. So yes, there is a reality where reptilians take over or government continues to corrupt the masses. The point is are we going to keep focusing on these “problems” and give it POWER and allow them to manifest?

    I do not ever recall Bashar telling us to sit back and do nothing. As a matter of fact, he always tells us to “play” , “act” on our highest excitement, take action to the best of our ability and be passionate about being passionate. So if one was angry and sad about world hunger. They can transform that low-vibratory energy of anger and sadness into a high vibration such as passion and co-create that solution to our world.

    It’s good to be aware of the problem because you can create a solution and take action on it. But if you’re focused on the problem,
    nothing will change. Like Einstein said ” You cannot solve the same
    problem with the same level of thinking.” This is what Bashar is communicating to us when tells us to “ignore” these problems. He doesn’t want us to attract what we “don’t” want and stays away from these negative subjects as much as possible. He understands by diving into these subjects can cause negative energy for those who are in the audience and the one’s who listen to it.

    A great example of this is remembering how some of us where exposed to this kind of information in the first place.

    We begin to ask questions and somehow we always get the answers at the right time. We learn about the world corruption, the conspiracies, animal cruelty, society conditionings and world hunger.

    Then we ask…


    Who is this doing this?

    And we find out about the “Elites”, “Illuminati”, “Devils” or whatever you want to call it.

    Because Truth be told, I felt powerless when I was first exposed to this information.

    Then that question pops up, ” What can I do to help? ”

    The information comes flying in again, but this time we meet the Channelers who offer their messages.

    By reviewing that process, the more focused we were on the negative the more it surfaces. And once we ask “Is there a solution?” A new direction is taken place and a different set of messages appears.

    The point is we got here because of that “problem” (darkness)
    and to every problem their is a solution (light). Because there can be no Light without Darkness.

    Also, by understanding the how the Higher Mind works with the Ego Mind. You will see why focusing on the negative can be a dangerous process. The way the Higher Mind communicates with physical reality is through Imagination. Our Higher Mind is bringing us information on what we want through the images we give it through our language. And we have to be careful about this because by saying what you DON’T want, you actually get presented exactly with what you don’t want.

    Why is that?

    For example, to keep things simple I will say I don’t want an APPLE.

    You actually just communicated the image of an APPLE to the HIGHER MIND.

    Again, the Higher Mind doesn’t understand what is “don’t” because it’s only taking the images or whatever scenarios that you are feeding it.

    So, this is a deeper explanation on why he doesn’t want certain people to focus on those negatives scenarios because what you’re actually doing is telling your higher mind to shift you into the reality.

    “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi

    Stop preaching the negative and start taking massive action!

    I’m here to convey the messages from Bashar are not the misinformation kind but a empowering message to put people on the path of their most desired reality. Because sometimes people won’t take action even though they are aware of the problems on Earth. The main reason for that is no self-confidence or self-belief. The Channelers are here to help you identify what is holding you back to release the power within yourself to actually do what you were meant to do here on Earth. Because we are evolving from Homo-Sapiens to Homo-Galactics

    I hope that was helpful and offered value to those who wanted some answers. And remember physical reality is a mirror, so if you are accusing anyone of deception or suspicious of their intentions, you have three fingers pointing at yourself and realize those things are coming from you.

  58. Michael says:

    Hi Edmond.

    You are not going to convince me in a hurry. =)

    If you can provide evidence of how your New Age thinking works well (how it actually works in the 3rd density world), I will be all ears, but I doubt you can. It seems no new age backers can.

    Also, have you ever wondered why the New Age has been such a big part of popular culture? Don’t you see that there is a very good chance it is part of a reptilian agenda-just like other religions?

    Where does empathy sit in your belief structure…in fact, that is the one question I want to ask you –

    Where does empathy sit within your belief structure? – What I mean by that is that your religion basically blames the victim (unless I have misunderstood you..I mean , you said “And remember physical reality is a mirror, so if you are accusing anyone of deception or suspicious of their intentions, you have three fingers pointing at yourself and realize those things are coming from you.”

    So, to a person who is being spied on, do you have empathy for them, because, after all, you are saying that if the person doing the spying is accused of being a spy (by the person being spied on), then the person being spied on is actually the one who has the problem- so the victim is at fault again it seems. So, how can you honestly feel compassion and empathy for any victim, based on your belief structure? Surely, if you are being honest, you can’t be?

    I don’t mean to be harsh Edmond, but New Age just hasn’t stood up to scrutiny, and, since new Age has become popular, the planet has got worse, not better (I know that doesn’t prove anything, but it is evidence in my favour – With all the New Age followers now in the world – millions and millions of them – why have things only gotten worse for beings on this planet”?

    Woops, I said I only wanted to ask 1 question. =). Sorry, but New Age doesn’t cut it for me and I can get a bit worked up about it sometimes.

    Anyways, I wish you well =)

  59. Michael says:


    I’ve read what you wrote again, and I still disagree with you.

    i just also wanna point out this –

    You said “I do not ever recall Bashar telling us to sit back and do nothing. As a matter of fact, he always tells us to “play” , “act” on our highest excitement, take action to the best of our ability and be passionate about being passionate.”

    As far as I’m concerned, the new Age is as far removed from real passion as you can get.

    You also said “So if one was angry and sad about world hunger. They can transform that low-vibratory energy of anger and sadness into a high vibration such as passion”

    So, being upset about world hunger is of a low-vibrational nature?…Really?? Your New Age is so cold! Passionless. Without true LOVE.

    My view.

  60. LD says:

    Almost ALL Channeling is deceptive & fraudulent – positive entities do not need to take over a body to give a message.

    The New Age Movement was initially created by the Rockefellers for a reason – to subvert awakening humanity.

  61. Emanuele says:

    I think that it all depends. If you believe that everything is about the global cospiracy, your findings may reflect your believe. If you instead believe that Bashar is genuine, the reality could maybe reflect this tought too. Everything depends from the point of view. I don’t care at all of the alien nature of Bashar’s channel. I only think that it says many interesting things, and often I agree. But this is only a little part of my search for my PERSONAL truth (i say “personal” because I think that general ones don’t exist).

  62. Kristin says:

    You are reversing someone’s words and trying to say there is another meaning behind what they are saying. The problem with that is, if you, yourself, were to say the exact same sentences the same effect would occur… for example, say “Very Important” and then reverse it, it will always say “You don’t need it.” I have tried this myself.(You can download Audacity and try it too) It is not the person who is speaking, it is the sounds being made, the language being spoken. Maybe the whole English language is a bunch of backward innuendos? It is certainly not the person behind the language…

  63. SOL says:


    Try this one and see your own results:

  64. Nick says:

    I wouldn’t bet on it if I were you. This rebuttal appears to be coming from one, maybe two or three people tops. That in itself says a lot about this posting and its purpose. I believe Bashar over these clowns.

  65. Michael says:


    Truth is not decided upon by consensus.

    If 99% of people believe something to be true; that does not mean it is true…it can take just 1,2,or 3 people….

    Now, according to your belief in bashaer’s teachings, by calling us clowns is surely just a reflection of you being a clown?

    Evidence over put-downs works better most of the time Nick.

  66. Tom says:

    Hi, I read the comments on this site with interest. I would also advise to be very cautious with the so-called channeled messages, all the more since the amount of available messages seems to be constantly increasing without the overall picture getting clearer. Channelled messages should be approached with utmost care, and they should not be taken as a platform to give up one’s own responsibility.

    I also read the stuff about reptilians and illuminati on this site, but I do not want to comment on that. It would be useless at the moment. World War III nearly broke out four times in the late 20th century. This is documented. With or without shit like reptilians or reverse speech.

    If someone claims to have an opinion on statements made by someone else, e.g. Bashar, the most appropriate way is to check his messages against common sense, then against scientific facts and finally emerging scientific theories. Bashars statements make a lot of sense in the context of emerging theoretical approaches on how to understand the universe and our own role (and responsibility) in it, such as Bohm’s and Pribram’s theories of the holographic nature of the universe. Bashars messages appear in a different light, then. Furthermore, there are striking similarities to other channeled quality material such as the books written in trance by Jane Roberts in the 70s (Seth Material).

    Judging books and theories is by itself already a challenging task. All the more if the subject matter has been generated under strange conditions as it is the case with “channeled” materials. This type of material should be approachd with utmost care before making a lot of noise in this or that direction. Judging channeled materials takes years and even then one cannot (and should never) be sure if one’s own best judgement does not have to be revised significantly a decade later. Technical gimmicks such as reverse speech are tools for fools. Use your brain and your intelligence. Develop your own common sense and go by the MESSAGES you get from sources such as Bashar. If you do not like the messages develop better ones and spread them to the benefit of others. And before you talk about Reptilians make sure that they are not a distant part of your own higher self in another dimension or reality.

    The key to an understanding to Bashars messages is the alleged existence of a multitude of parallel realities. This is his core message and everything else is derived therefrom. “Its very quite there” is his comment on those versions of the planet earth which have been destroyed by nuclear armageddon. These are the key issues and they are still are relevant to some degree. None of us should be here. None of those who play around with reverse speech should be aive. Think about it. Use your brain.


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  68. Jay says:

    Get outta here.. This is too silly man.
    You base yer conclusions on stuff like this?

    Pffff INSANE!
    your ego’s trippin

    love is the only answer


    we know nothing admit it, we were created by the gods…
    we reside on a very low cosmic level
    one day we will know the truth,
    the only thing that conspires is in you
    don’t feed the fear, accept what you are
    and if you don’t know who you are.. ACCEPT THÁT
    don’t start pointing fingers.

  69. Michael says:

    Hey Jay.

    Evidence please.

  70. Great information. Lucky me I came across your website by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have saved as a favorite for later!

  71. Slope says:

    Please…..SUOIRES UOY ERA?!?!

    I dare you to pick a random text on this website and record it while speaking it out loud. Please articulate well, this is essential for the outcome!

    And then reverse it.

    And finally judge & meticoulously scan it with the same “open mind” as you would any other subject that people throw at your feet

    And finally ask yourself the big question: ARE YOU SERIOUS?

  72. Takoma says:

    Go to his website and see what he is selling. This is a business venture. Be careful what you listen to, but more importantly be careful who you send your money to.

  73. Ani says:

    What about Kryon?

  74. butters says:

    are you people serious ? .. i used to believe in all of this conspiracy stuff but then had a few experiences myself .. don’t believe this guy is lying to you based off a couple of nonsense reverses “After a Rainbow, He the Liar, Walk as if “? what does that even mean ? there world was supposed to be over in 2012 … is it ? i rest my case .. WAKE UP

  75. Jacv says:

    Well said butters. How can people think that they can handle the absolute truth of life? It will be like you see it from your particular and unique point of view. What do you think about someone thats is making you doubt about something that you believe, based upon his particular point of view? Brad? We are going nowhere here my friend.

  76. Charla says:

    What I want to know is, where do people find the time to post such stupidity on the net???

  77. Kathy says:

    I think we need to stay focused on our mission here and not give too much attention to side shows. We all know there are disinformation agents, ok, so are you going to dwell on that or move forward?

    Take what you need from these speakers and get on with it. We need to keep expanding our consciousness and get to work. We are starting to grow our own foods, we are gathering information, we are networking with different local groups in our area, stuff like this.


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  79. Matthew says:

    So You are saying that any Time these words are ever to Be used together in these orders that that Is what people are saying w/ in their unConscious?

  80. blue oxen says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading all the view points on this subject, it inspires thought. It seems to me it all boils down to two points of view about our so called reality. View one: We live in one world that we are each responsible for in in a struggle of dark & light. View two: There is an infinite number of worlds where anything you can imagine has happened and the thoughts an beliefs you entertain determine which world your on.

    If you pick the first door, grab your sword of truth and enter the fight. If you pick the 2nd door your in the world that’s perfect for you, relax and enjoy.

    Perhaps both both points of view are true.

  81. Ed says:

    what i have to say is based on observable fact, not opinion.
    if you rearrange some of the letters in the above article you get
    “noddy went to the drive in with mickey mouse. the movie said that anything can be altered to mean anything that anyone wants it to. this is as true for what i just said as for anything else. all truths are tru, even the falsehoods”.
    again, this is an observable fact and isn’t based on mere opinion. isn’t that spooky?? :o

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  87. LOL… if Bashar is a kook, then the author of this piece of “reverse speech” garbage is even worse.

  88. aeileon says:

    willow called us all cookies, she said because they will eat us. She also said she has two hearts. Phil scnieder said that the reptilian he killed had two hearts. I am convinced that bashar is here to deceive us.

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  91. george[p says:

    For years I considered bashar the best source of information. I found out 2 months ago that all channeling is shit.
    After 10 years of researching this field, i just realized that ALL i knew was wrong. everything about the nde, reincarnation (not natural), ETs, shape and location of earth and other neighbouting planets, religions, jesus (mofo),….
    watch “the lie nasa told” on yt, YellowRoseforTexas is the channel called. watching this is getting the red pill as it’s not your regular conspiracy th. video

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  93. Noliko says:

    I am glad to read this. His vibe tells all.

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  95. Todd says:

    Um… Bashars message is positive and actually makes sense. Yours is negative and comprised of desperation and jibberish. Don’t try sooooo hard to find the dark you miss the light. I’ll take it forward thank you.

  96. Michael says:

    Here’s the quote on Bashars Home Page –

    “There is only the understanding of the thing that needs to be taught to every child on the planet, and that is the knowledge that every single individual on this planet is already powerful as he or she needs to be to create any reality desired, without having to hurt yourself, or anyone else, to get it. That’s how powerful you are.”

    So Todd, what did this little boy do wrong to deserve this –

    Did he just not realise how powerful he was. According to Bashar’s philosophy, the little boy created this reality for himself. Can you explain how this theory is meant to work in the real world please.

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  98. katherine says:

    I have listened to all of Bashar’s videos. It is my own perspective that Be ing a war rior is exactly that ! That is what Bush was and all of the people who follow the principle of making war, fighting, violence, murder, rape of the innocent etc. They deceive you into FOLLOWING a cause, their cause which sells munitions, war planes, guns etc. They have shares in these factories and they make billions of dollars. When you awake you don’t feed into that energy and get carried away by the lower mind and reaction. Instead you maintain your center. WHATEVER YOU FOCUS ON ENLARGES !! Bashar is not saying to be a coward, he is saying focus on the good, focus on peace, focus on love and feed that energy. However if YOU choose to do otherwise that is where YOU will be with like minded people. TWO different energies cannot exist at the same time. So WE, myself and many others are focusing on SOL U TIONS and focusing on the higher energies of love and peace. SOL = sun =light YOU BE THE SOLUTION ! DON”T ADD TO THE PROBLEM. Some of you will get it and others won’t !

  99. Michael says:

    So Katherine.

    Please tell me what your solutions are?

  100. Michael says:

    “Whatever you focus on enlarges”.

    So, why is it that so many people get stuff in their lives that they were not focussing on??????, and, in fact, didn’t want?????

  101. Michael says:

    I know you won’t want to answer my 2nd question Katherine, because I already know what people like you honestly believe.

    And that is –

    You believe that if someone got unwanted stuff in their lives, then they must have needed to have had it in some way. Somehow, the universe is just giving them what they need to experience.

    This view, of course, lets people like you off the hook when you see the suffering of others, doesnt it! It allows you to continue to go about your daily life without having to really acknowledge the suffering of others.

    This is the truth of your view. You know it and I know it.

    I’m so glad I don’t hink like you! Your type are on the surface all lovey lovey, but underneath you are cold and indifferent.

  102. Michael says:


    I was out of line yesterday.

    I made it personal against you and I was very wrong to do that.

    I will say that your view, as far as i am concerned, is likely to make it less likely that you will be able to feel compassion and empathy for others. I standby this view.

    But, I was very wrong to personalise my message. I do not know you.

    I hope you will forgive me for that.

    All the best.

  103. StarDust says:

    I’d love to hear some reverse speech on –Teal Swan– or –Teal Scott– “the spiritual catalyst” ….. She has some great things to say, yet something bugs me about her messages….

    Thank you in advance…

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  107. Deaf Chihuahua says:

    This is insane and paranoid at best! You can play anyone’s voice backward and invent Satanic messages. Get a life you guys!

  108. Davina says:

    You people are ridiculous, everything you are claiming on here about reverse speech and about Bashar and Hicks is just ridiculous.
    I think YOU are the DISINFORMATION AGENTS because they always choose stupidly blunt too-on-the-nose-names like “HumanityWinsIlluminatiLose” because they are experts at deception AND THIS WEBSITE IS ABOUT DIVERTING PROGRESS AGAINST THE ILLUMINATI BY SPREADING LIES WITH TRUTH it’s just like when they name their PACs something like “Protecting Environment and Economy” when they know they are just the opposite of what they just called themselves but becuase they are Luciferian ShitFucks they have no conscience about being so duplicitous.

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  110. XD says:

    You guys are fucking insane clearly your lives are based on fear.
    keep looking for wrong things and you will keep finding them

    XD this is so funnnnnnnnnnnny you made me lough so hard

  111. Tee says:

    That htiw kcul doog…ytilaer nwo ruoy ni pu thguac ylivitisop era uyug uoy wow

    Reverse that shit :D

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  114. Newton's Shadow says:

    … channels, aliens, illuminati conspiracies, jedi knights, religion. Why do we so easily sacrifice reason and scientific inquiry for extraordinary belief and hysteria? I understand that the need for evidence has become a dirty notion for those gripped by confusion, laziness and an unbridled imagination. I’m not suggesting it has everything to do with our lack of education or undiagnosed psychological issues, but these ‘supernatural’ phenomena have been ‘observed’ for centuries without a shred of verifiable evidence.

    If you’re concerned about being overwhelmed by some ‘mystical’ authority then please widen your perspective to include a dedication to education, especially those involving the sciences and the arts.

    Now, where did I put my leprechaun?

  115. Trina says:

    Can you please do more of Bashar? I really want to know without a shadow of a doubt he is being deceptive and controlled by Reptillians.

  116. Trina says:

    I never really cared for Abraham and I watched what you posted and was up-hauled at the reaction of Abraham. Bashar seems to be different in his approach. He also goes into physics. Physicists have actually consulted him and to his own accord attested where happy w/ what he revealed of course Reptillians would be able to give this information as well.

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  119. František Hrdý says:

    I believe it’s very important to know, that everything you ever perceive can be interpreted as positive and negative. With any information coming from extraterrestrials this notion is even more important. If the entity wishes to provide helpful information, it must allow the information to be interpreted as negative, else the freedom to experience any reality of own choosing would be taken away from us.

    This applies to all perceptions. No matter what the intent. If you expect there exist power to share something in a way which can’t be interpreted negatively, you are setting up the experience of great disappointment for yourself.

    If you wish to experience purely positive reality, do not assign negative meaning to anything. There’s always option to see anything as a lie. And it will work for you, if you choose to believe it. Truth is variable. Everything anyone ever thought was true, later was shown imprecise or wrong. But everything anyone believes is true in the moment, can be experienced as real.

    Denial is illusion. Everything is accessible now. Lie is illusion. All truths are possible and can be real for someone. All is freedom. Infinite allowance is the source of all creation. All is expression of love.

  120. František Hrdý says:

    I’m just curious; why would the reversed Bashar sound more true to you? What makes you trust the unclear reversed message instead of clear regular?

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  122. Cadey says:

    You guys are fucking retarded!!!

  123. daniel kelly says:

    what a load of bollocks. loool i used to have the same belief but i laugh when i look back now at how stupid i really was. loool have u read your reversed translations . wtf cmon dude isit me or are they funny. theres nothing youcan tell me about the illuminati that i dont know but ill tell you about life . dont waste your time promoting illuminati good or bad , dont create fearmongering creat positive changes. these translations are ridiculous . concentrate on who YOU ARE and then you will begin to make the change in this world

  124. Ardath says:

    All materials copied from one more source

  125. dr.midnight says:

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  126. Niseema says:

    I literally feel nauseous when listening to this. This is not only artificial and metallic but recycles all the New Age mumbo jumbo. Further, channelers are opening themselves up to DNA damage whenever inviting entities into their bio-neuro field.

    To begin to break out of the frequency fence created by the NAA, we must attune ourselves to 12 dimensional platinum liquid light frequency. Then, after some time rebuilding our light body, we will undoubtedly feel the interference within the lower densities as tbe NAA have infiltrated densities 1 through ten. Even the fifth dimension has reversal technology.

  127. awakeveg says:

    We shouldn’t listen to them at all, the problem is not only separating truth and lies, the problem is being in touch with that vibration.

    ALL famous gurus and channelers are reptilian manipulators, that’s how they became rich, truth is not accepted here let along popular.

  128. neil says:

    Ive not heard anything so more rediculus than what ive been reading here. Sounds to me a lot if you have been filled with paranoia. Which is a shame. I wish you all well.


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