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The Pleiadians – Our Allies Against the Reptilians

This video explains a lot more about the Pleiadians and the “Alliance” which have been helping humanity break free from Reptilian control. What is happening on Earth really is the tip of the iceberg. There is a much bigger story playing out.



Part 2



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398 Responses to “The Pleiadians – Our Allies Against the Reptilians”

  1. skyzen says:

    it’s really mind blowing finding this things out , but i believe that it all see to be truth

  2. Andrew says:

    For my entire life I have felt like there was something completely “WRONG” with how things are set up. My whole life everything and everyone has said that I am the crazy one. I believe them no more. I have a feeling I am one of the “Pleidians”. If what you folks are saying is true then I must be. I have felt like things are so messed up in this world that I can’t even go along with it. I can’t just buy into it. Now, I am not a scientist but I have been for a couple years now doing “research” (on the web at least) about this type of thing and it ALL leads to the same story!!! And here is the deal….I want out! Not for just me, but the greater good for all humanity. What can we do? What can we do to educate, to work together, and defeat “reptilians”? And..although I do believe everything that was stated I would really like/need to see it for myself! How can I channel? How can I do anything really!?? Help??…….

  3. Humanity Wins says:

    Hey Andrew, no doubt my friend if you’re on this website and the the video you’ve just watched resonates with you. Then YOU ARE A PLEIADIAN!!

    So start getting used to the idea! Embrace it big time. You might not know how to how to embrace it completely right away, man it’s a process. But the simple fact of starting to “wake up” to who your REALLY are and leave the lies behind is one massive strite towards the ending of the shit on this planet. This planet is almost free, it’s on the horizan now. And you’ve already done more to help not only this planet, but THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE then you can possibly know. You’ve come here because you can make a difference and you already have!

    Now to answer your questions…

    What can we do? I would start with a different question. “What can YOU do about it?”

    Because when you ask that question magic starts to happen!

    You’re get insights, strong intuitive knowing and a buring desire to move in a certain direction. Then go with it.

    We will all eventually be coming together, but everyone is moving a long their own unique paths towards this. Everyone can use their own unique talents to make a difference. And I know you have MANY!

    To answer your other question; You want to validate this information for yourself. That’s totally the best thing to do. It will stop your mind chattering away and feeding you all that doubt and bullshit. This is one of the best things about Reverse Speech. Everyone who wants to do it, can do it. It just takes a little patience to get started and then you can start revealing your own truth to validate this information. Start reversing people and be amazed at what you discover! The information I put togther in that video wouldn’t of been possible without Reverse Speech. So give it a try for yourself. You don’t need major techical skills. You can download free software, I think Peggy recommends Audacity. But there’s probably loads out there. Just make sure its got a reverse feature. You need to be able to slow the audio down just a little bit, it makes it easier to here the reversals then. Then throw in some audio from whoever you choose. Rip some audio from a Youtube video, that’s easy to do. And you’re off.

    Anyway Andrew it’s 3.30am here in the UK, so I could say more, but for now i’m off to get some sleep. Speak to you later bud

  4. K. says:

    OMG! the first time I heard about reptilians was in youtube, I saw a video of a muslim woman talking about jins, and she posted a link in the video’s description, the link showed a photo of them @ the airport and said they were reptilians, to be honest I LOL’d so hard, but I kept watching videos and searching about reptilians and I eventually ended here.

    I remember my childhood and how I was obssesed about aliens (I even waited for them every night haha), and had the weirdest dreams about my “real parents” being aliens and they were looking for me. And when I saw Peggy’s videos and she said that the reptilians use religion to control us, I remembered a very constant dream I had as a child, in the dream I enter a catholic church and the “holy spirit” appeard to me as a dove, and told me to do things, but I didn’t trust the dove ’cause it has pointy teeth (imagine a dove with pointy teeth!!) and when I was leaving the dove turned into a “demon”…

    Well to make a long story short, I decided to record a sound clip “for Peggy”, telling her this stuff and asking her questions and I decided to do the reverse speach thingy, and now I’m confused, and I’m afraid I’m some kind of reptilian or something :S ’cause I found the word “serve” 2 times, and “we are in your hand” and hear my voice backwards gave me the chills! :(

    I found this (some were found with normal speed and others with a slowed sepeed):

    - Serve
    - Oh we have serve
    - We knew him
    - If there any earth folks
    - He warned me if we don’t be together… (I couln’t understand the rest)
    - We are in your hand
    - We are not meeting if your heart… (Then again, I couldn’t undestand the rest)
    - If see that him is the… (couldn’t understand the rest)
    - But the hero, one of them hide
    - So we all are heros
    - Julian/Jilian (Don’t know what name is the correct) free US men in Israel (I’m not sure if it’s Isreal or something else)
    - Free east
    - You must see it for your own
    - Night (I’m not quite sure about the word “night”) Bird…. threatening me

    And no, my name is not Jilian, I don’t live in the USA, I don’t live in Isreal, I’m not related to the military or enything so it surprised me that “I said that” in reverse speach.

    I have my audio clip (10 minutes) and I even made a separate clips of what I found, if somebody knows how to get in touch with Peggy (or if anybody want to hear the clip), let me know so I can send her (or anyone that wants to hear it) the clip/s and see what else she (or anybody) can find.

  5. Humanity Wins says:

    Hey there K,

    First of all, yes Religion has been the Major way for the Reptilians to control the minds of Humanity. Make sure you check out the Religion section of this site for more confirmation of this.

    Now, with regards to your reversals, don’t worry, you certainly don’t appear to be a Reptilian! The fact that you are here at my site and the information resonates with you says to me that you are certainly NOT a Reptilian! The phrase “Serve” coming up in your reverse speech suggests that you’re here on Earth to serve Humanity, not the fact that you’re serving the Reptilians. Not one of the reversals you listed indicates anything negative. I think the reversal “So We All Are Heros” sums things up pretty nicely. If you’ve just watched the video on this page then this reversal makes complete sense. Some times reverse speech can be a bit cryptic, but don’t worry if you don’t fully understand something right away.

  6. Kaysha says:

    Thank the infinite unknown that ive found so many answers. I feel like a new person.

  7. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Kaysha,

    That makes me very happy to hear that!

  8. Stuz says:

    Pleiadian reporting for duty.

    Lives, I have lived many but I am young, this Earth is not my home but a prison that entangles me.

    I ask questions but get no answers, or the answers I get make no sense, is it I that is blinded as I leave my vehicle and travel amongst the stars? Or those whom not now their eneimes because they have no eyes at all.

  9. jay says:

    I’m 23 years old now and for years I’ve felt there’s a plan for me, something bigger than my understanding. NWO has a intrigued me since I first found out and has compelled me into this obsession of gaining knowledge on the bigger picture of world truth. I’m extremely new to this knowledge of these fucks manipulating our reality but for some reason deep down I feel like I’m john conner living in a place where everyones sooo blinded by bullshit and I have this overwhelming drive to inform people of what’s really going on, like a messenger. On top of that I’ve always said “to myself” that I’m the leader of the resistance. But never really knew what I meant by it. I do know that I’m going to play some role in something. Am I pleaidian!?

  10. Cory says:

    Im not sure if i can call myself a pleidian,or andromedan, I feel and begun to feel diffrent. Like I have awakend myself from this sleep of chains that binded me to the lies. Now i have spread my word and even the ones who play around with me about reptillians, i sense that in the back of their mind they are saying what if. Help me! I KNOW I have a purpose here and now. I just need to know what and who I am,and what this purpose is. Every day i feel closer to the stars and starting to doubt if i am of this world. All I can tell you is, I will do waht ever it takes to secure humanity’s rise to a higher dimensional being, to join our rightful place in the galatic alliance, to understand our enemies. And to gain knowledge to better myself and the world around me.

  11. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Cory,

    Well firstly it’s a great victory that you are waking up and beginning to break free from the control matrix. It is not an easy thing to do, to say the least. But we are not alone here and we are certainly being guided and moved towards truth and greater understanding. We just have to flow to where we are being guided. It’s an ongoing process of openning your mind and openning your heart. Where we are now will be nothing compared to where we will be in 6 months, 1 year and beyond. Just let your heart be your guide, as this is our true connection to the universe. Allow your intiuition to be guide you. I know you will do all you can to help humanity and remove the darkness here, that is why you are here. Victory is ours, so there is no need for any fear with this situation.

  12. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Jay,

    That’s interesting to here your feeling of being John Connor! I have had the exact same feeling and have had visions of the Terminator movies come into my mind (like being beamed into my mind) at times when I have been confused in the past. It gave me clarity on my situation. The truth is everyone who is on this path is John Connor! Everyone, you, me we are all as important to Humanity as John Connor’s role in the movies! There is a lot of truth in the Terminator movies, and I’m actually going to write up a post soon about the truth that is show through movies and the Terminator movies has a lot!

    You ask “are you Pleiadian”? Well I would say there’s absolutely no doubt about it! If you feel like you’re here on a “mission”, well that’s because you are. What does your iniutition tell you? It takes guts to be doing what you’re doing. We’re still in this “shut down” matrix so we can’t fully understand who we are, and what’s really been taking place. But once this is all over everything will be clear.

    If you want clarification for yourself that you are Pleiadian I would recommend that you do reverse speech. You can talk for a few minutes into a recorder / audio software and ask if you are Pleiadian, talk about the subject for a few minutes and just ask different questions about the subject. When you reverse the audio you will get answers. I did this a couple of years ago myself. I too felt like you, that I was from “somehwere else” and when I started to learn about the Pleiadians this resonated with me big time. So I thought I probably was Pleaidian, but obvioulsy there were still doubts (doubt is a common theme in the matrix!). But when I started to learn reverse speech, I did what I’ve just suggested and I asked. I spoke into my software for a few minutes on the subject, reversed the audio and all my reversals came back telling me I was. Pharses like “Yes”, “You Know it’s True” and “You chose this” came out throughout the audio constantly. I think the word “Yes” came out about 7 or 8 times.

    I’m going to put togther a section on the site soon to show people how to start reversing. But in the meantime, you just need some audio software with a reverse function and ideally the ability to slow the audio down, some reversals can be hard to hear at normal speed. I think there is free software you can download. And obvoulsy you need a microphone. I have used reverse speech to help me gain clarity on many personal situtaions over the years.

  13. Ady says:

    From the beginning the light and darkness fought an endless war (good against evil), this war raged for too long, far too long, in the end the winner will be the light, because the power of light and love is endless, while the corrupted darkness is limited, and all that is evil will perish, forevermore it will be peace, light and love will reign over the universe, death itself will be no more, pain will be a ghost of the past, there will be only happiness, love and light.
    We are light and love, we are the winner.
    I just felt that i must post this comment, for what reasson i know not, yet it is the truth.

  14. Pruil says:

    Ady, that is because you are a Pladian. Keep growing year after year, this whole reptile matrix is falling apart. They’re losing control!

  15. EYE-OF-WISDOM says:

    video at the top ..the woman is clearly lying and making it up …notice how she tilts her head to the side to aviod straight eye to eye contact and
    she is retreiving her info by looking left and left and upwards meaning its
    fantasy and not fact … if you learn to read eyes it will become apparent
    forget body languange as people can be trained to be deceivers but it takes
    a high intelligence and focus to remember eye movement and even pros reveal
    themselves as charletans through thier eyes … all this reptilian shit is
    going off track so far as to distort the truth more so … allegedly ENKI and ENLIL were aliens who messed around with human dna to produce a slave race to do thier dirty work, over millenia this has been distorted out of all proportion… if you care to read the “EPIC OF GILGAMESH” you will realise the con placed on christianity regarding the flood etc etc …
    and back then all planets were personified as gods to which most doctrines
    plaegerised and changed the names to suit the race … people like her are
    the reason why people like me dont want to get involved because i would have to
    be mentally subnormal to beleive such an open faced lier…. I am aware of
    the new world order and the destruction of sovereign nations, however if you are to get the majority to wake up and give support, try sticking to
    things more realistic and proovable … there is more than enough “real” evidence to nail the builderburgers so leave the imagination out of reality
    and down they shall go.

  16. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Eye of Wisdom,

    I’m not sure which woman you are refering to (you haven’t made it clear), but you’re obviously talking about either Colleen Thomas (TV interview) or Peggy Kane. I’m sorry but a disagree very strongly. You can’t base a solid conclusion about someone and whether they are lying JUST on their eye movements. Sure, you can study the body language and eye movements and this can give SOME indication as to whether they are telling the truth, but only basing your opinion on this one aspect doesn’t create a very solid argument.

    There are many ways of telling if someone is telling the truth and the best technique BY FAR is the use of REVERSE SPEECH. If this is a new concept for you, I am finishing off a detailed post at the moment, which will explain what reverse speech is and the evidence for it’s validity. There is already a fair amount of info on this site about the subject as well though. So, if you are speaking about Colleen Thomas here, then the reverse speech analysis of the TV interview used in this video indicated VERY STRONGLY that she was telling the truth. Otherwise I would not of included her in the video. The reverse speech analysis of that video is on this site in the “Space War” category, under “Colleen Thomas.

    Reverse speech evidence alone is very compelling, but when you combine that with the fact that what she is saying is backed up by many other sources, you have the basis for a very strong conclusion that she is speaking the truth.

    On the other hand, if you are speaking about Peggy Kane (the other woman in the video) then I’m afraid you need to do your homework on her my friend, before jumping to conclusions based simply on her eye movements. There is a fair amount of info on this site about her, most of it is in the “Reverse Speech” category.

    From what you’ve written you seem like an intelligent person, and you’ve done your homework into certain areas, but do you really think that the “global conspiracy” stops with the “Bilderberg Group”? Come on! Open you mind just a little wider and you’ll see that the “rabbit hole” goes much, much deeper.

    You tell me to stick to things that are “proovable” and “realsitic” in order to get “the majority to wake up”. Sorry my friend, but I’m not inertested in winning a popularity contest here. I’m interested in understanding the TRUTH. And if that means following the evidence in to areas which the “majority” will find difficult to believe, then I really don’t give a shit. From the word go, I’ve wanted to understand the BIG PICTURE and as I research more and look at new evidence as it comes into my awareness the “big picture” just gets bigger and bigger and bigger.

    The video above is based on EVIDENCE! Sure, if counter-evidence is brought forward to suggest that some of the details may be wrong (I don’t believe there are any inaccuracies though) then I will look at them, but as an overal theme, everything mentioned in the video is correct. I get that the “masses” won’t believe it, that’s fine. I didn’t make it for the “masses” I made it for the awakening people on this planet that KNOW there is more to the story then the Bilderberg Group.

    The fact that you say “all this Reptilian shit is going off track” speaks volumes your current level of understanding. Please don’t close your mind to something, just because, at first glance, it appears to be “too out there”. The evidence for Reptilian ET involvment in Human affairs is beyond overwhelming. All I’m saying is take a look at the evidence with an OPEN MIND and let go of any preconceived ideas. Then make your mind up. If you’re willing to do that, then the David Icke “Full Presenataion” in the “David Icke” category is a great starting place. But it is only a “starting place”.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and peace to you my friend.

  17. Pruil says:

    I don’t think you can tell so easily when someone is lying unless you know them really well. She could be nervous for other reasons, and there is a guy sitting to her left so she looks at him sometimes too. I dislike how Peggy Kane touches her face so often when talking because it looks like she is nervous, but I take her message with an open mind, and consider it with the other knowledge I am gaining and make my own judgement. I know she is not 100% right, but I also know she is right about some things and she is not making everything up.

    Keep your mind open and you’ll find the truth when it is time. Thanks to Brad’s site and David Icke and Peggy Kane I am now a new person.

  18. reverse speech is like looking for pictures in the clouds, the individual
    can pick out pictures in the sky that are similar to real things, however they are not real are they … the same applies to sound , the imagination is good at it, how many times have you or anyone thought someone has said something offensive when they have been merely misheard by someone not familiar with the voice-pattern ..i know i have, everyone has…
    And you dont need to know someone well if theyre lying,tis better if you dont know them well as most peoples bias is based on friendship, in other
    words YOU might not spot that your freind is lying to you but others who are outside the relationship can. Just because YOU cant tell the difference
    doesnt mean to say others cant, the majority of basic thinkers are dissonant to things outside of their thought processes… just like you dont beleive what i say because it doesnt fit into your picture of reality …
    however i do not capitalise on the knowledge i spread and i dont need to lie as the principal law of wisdom is “truth is paramount” and when you
    learn to stop judging people on status, wealth and all that is external,
    the internal becomes more obvious, the eyes are the gateway to the soul is
    the saying,and there is truth to that! from blinking..half blinking,direct contact,eye direction, pupil dialation etc etc you can determine whether they are lying, whether they are repeating what they have been told, whether they actually beleive what they are saying and from which part of the mind they are retreiving the information, from personal experience or
    the experience of others… there simply isnt enough room on this page to elaborate. I am not part of the majority, for its the majority who are the problem, they cannot see reality as i do, wisdom comes at a price my friend,and not many people are willing to go there…. part of my many talents include songwriting/music production and i work with others who have qualifications in music, and if you reverse some of the tunes produced at thier studios you can pick out words and speech which akins the things you beleive are reptilian messages but non of them are! the bible codes are another example of a fraud onto the masses, you can take ANY BOOK and run the same programme and you will be surprised that most books will come up with something… There is a saying that “great minds think alike” … utter bullshit … if great minds thought alike then progress would grind to a halt, think about that. As for keeping an open mind, my mind is as open as the universe and have many many pictures to fill in subject to the right input, however reverse speech is a cul de sac
    when reality is added to the equation, remember when judas priest were accused of reverse satanic messages in thier music? co-incidence and drug induced paranoia dont go together that well to the minds of the masses…
    Looking for evil reptiles to blame isnt realistic, looking for evil humans
    is,such as zionists who run the uk and us and commerce and banking, the same people who are playing out “revelations” to the gullible christians.
    The word “christ” means annionted one, and ANYONE can become a christ by
    being annionted with the same oil/cannabis mixture … the vatican has distorted the truth and is a shambolic representation of anything divine
    that is why the govs demonise cannabis…they dont want you to become divine, they want to keep you prejudice against each other so they can rule
    over you… My mind and soul is free from all false doctrine and my memory
    cells are not filled with trivia or bullshit, therefore i am able to see what the masses deny. Good luck with finding the chameleons who have enslaved us,and if you discover anything more persuasive then please email me,and please try to read a little of the epic, it is a book that predates
    christianity by at least 3000 yrs and is the earliest known work that refers to alien/reptilians, in fact the corps used that book to deceive the
    world into the c.f.c. hole in the ozone layer bullshit to which the u.c.c. fraudsters have since raked in trillions…

    p.s. left a link to the politically incorrect artist known as accringtons pal … maybe you can find lizard voices in there! have a good “yuletide”

  19. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Eye of Wisdom,

    You’re not the first person to dismiss reverse speech as nothing more than “seeing faces in clouds” and like so many of the others that dismiss it as “nonsense” you have jumped to a conclusion without any real investigation. How can you form a solid and valid opinion about something you have not taken the time to investigate? Of course it’s up to you what you believe and what you want to invest your time and energy into. I am certainly not trying to convince anyone of anything. If you want to dismiss reverse speech outright then that’s your choice. What I am suggesting though is that you take a step back, drop any preconceived ideas about it and really have a closer look.

    I completely understand why some people do dismiss it as “seeing faces in clouds”. It makes no “logical” sense that listening to backwards audio would provide anything of value, does it? But that is why I am putting together a detailed post (should be posted within the next day or two) which lays out all the evidence for it’s validity in one hit. People can then review all the evidence for themselves and make their own mind up.

    Reverse speech is a TOOL, nothing more, nothing less. But I have been studying it since 2008 and the information I have gained from it personally, as well as through others (such as Peggy Kane), has made a huge impact on my understanding about the world we live in and has literally changed my life. No exaggeration. Now, you can say I’m dellusional and just dismiss what I’m sharing, that’s fine if anyone wants to hold that belief about me. But like I say, in order to come to a SOLID and VALID conclusion about anything you have to invest some time into looking at the evidence. Otherwise what is you opinion based on?

    From reading what you’ve wrote, I’ve noticed a slight error in your thinking that may be stopping you from really taking a closer look at reverse speech. Reverse speech is not just revealing information about the Reptiian/Illuminati agenda, it reveals information about all manor of subjects. The best way to describe it is that it acts as a “truth serum” of sorts. In a nutshell it reveals when someone is telling the truth or not. And this is why it has proven to be such a great tool in seeing through the overwhelming lies and manipulations on our planet.

    Anyway, I’ll leave it there for now, but like I said I’ll have the post up within the next couple of days which will lay out the evidence and you (and anyone else) can take a look and decide for yourself.

  20. Cristina says:

    Amen Brothers and Sisters!

    Lets all unite with the greater force of love and compassion. I hope I am on the right path to find our own truth.

  21. jr says:

    Thank you so much for introducing me to this new information! Regardless of what others may seem to think about your website *cough eye of eternity cough* I find this information to not only be accurate but interesting to say the least! If anything, it’s food for thought for anyone that doesn’t feel like diving right in and believing everything they’ve come accross so far! Also, thank you for showing compassion, leadership, and politeness, not to mention an overall courtesy manner, even in the face of adversity, in all your words! Peace, love and admiration to all, even you eye of eternity! Hope you find the answers you’re searching for. I know I will:)

  22. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi JR,

    I apprechiate that my friend. It’s people like you that I am doing this for.

    Of course everyone’s on their own “journey” and often what makes sense to one person won’t to another (initially anyway). I am simply sharing information that is based on solid evidence and which I believe in 100% (I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I thought otherwise). I lay the information out and then it’s up to each individual to evaluate it themselves, just as you are doing. Do I expect everyone to agree with everthing I say. Certainly not. We’re discussing some very cutting edge and, to some, “far out” information here and as long as people take the time to really have a look at the evidence before coming to a conclusion about all this, then that’s all I ask. I say just enjoy the journey you’re on and embrace it all. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest (or at least put it on the backburner for now).

  23. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Cristina,

    You’re spot on there. “Love” and “Compassion” are the forces which will change our world (and are changing the world right now). Just let life flow through you and let it be your guide towards truth.

  24. Light of the Pleiadians says:

    Hello Fellow warriors and messangers. b4 i make a huge statement, i would love to know the name of the song on the second video “THE PLEIADIANS – Our Allies Against the REPTILIANS (Part 2 of 2)”

    the song is played out between 8:59- 13:32. if someone has that info, please let me know.

  25. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Light of the Pleiadians,

    The track is from the Inception soundtrack, by Hans Zimmer, it’s called “Time”

  26. Light of the Pleiadians says:

    hi humanity wins. thank you soo much :) its an amaizing track. i have a feeling that i can use my music skills as a tool to pass on the truth behind the great war, and whats going on here on earth. this song tells a story all of its own. now emagin if the song had lyrics. :) everyone listens to music, soo the best way to comunicate is to tell the story through that. even the most shut down minds will get too hear the message played out.

  27. Light of the Pleiadians says:

    If lizzy uses tv, music, religion and advertisement as a tool to shut minds down, then maybe there is a way to reverse the net, and open up minds with music, movies and advertisement… It would be less violent and would attract the mass. Our goal is to make the masses aware of the situation right? Well whats a better way to do that then those three things? Make the music, then use advertisement on tv and radio to attract them to our musical message,then use the music to make short films and youtube videos and name them the “Official Music Video” for each particular song. have each song that tells a specific part in the story, then put it together in an album, or several albums, to play out the message in its entirety. It could work. It would be tough but it would get their attention. And it WILL work if we do it just right.

  28. Pleiadian Knight says:

    This message goes out to all the Pleiadians outside the Net. Im awake. My eyes are wide open. I now know. I wanted to let you know that I see, understand, and accept the tasks at hand. And I can safely say for all the Pleiadians, with-in the net; We Love You Too and We WILL SUCCEED!

    And for those select few who did not wake up yet, this message is for you…

    WAKE UP! Look around! Theres a reason your here. All your life, you have felt out of place and you have noticed that things arent as they seem…Well FIX IT!!!!… You alone decided to be here, and the reasons are beyond legendary. there is a great task at hand, and if you dont realize, then it all was for nothing.

    fyi im “Light of the Pleiadians”. just a name upgrade

  29. Humanity Wins says:

    Light of the Pleiadians,

    You are thinking EXACTLY along the lines I am! The combination of MUSIC, VIDEO and the message of TRUTH, is a POWERFUL way to communicate! I like your idea of creating an “album” with each song telling a different part of the story. That is awesome! It’s all about making the message ENTERTAINING, as well as infomative. Becuase not everyone is willing to speand hours reading books or listening to lectures, but certainly the “masses” would have no problem is watching or listening to music and video which is EXPLOSIVE in it’s impact. It’s about connecting EMOTION to the message, rather then just having someone on stage talking for hours. When something hits you emotionally then it sticks!

  30. Pleiadian Knight says:

    Humanity Wins

    Exactly. And if it does work properly, then it will just trickle down, and other ppl will try to tell the same story, using different methods. Like for example; if the story sticks well to someone, lets say a producer in movies (thats not a lizzie), then he/she might turn around and make a movie out of it, or make a series of movies explaining this vast hidden truth. All we have to do is make it stick to someone who has the resorces to do such things. It will cause a domino effect, waking ppl up. then the net will weaken. But we must expect retaliation from the lizzies. Like Peggy said in the second half of “THE PLEIADIANS – Our Allies Against the REPTILIANS” …”The biggest agenda of the Reps, is first and always, to Hammer The Alliance and make them doubt themselves…” So we must be prepared for anything and everything…

    Here lately, I’ve been getting a strong feeling that something is going down, and its going down hard… its just I have no clue as to what that might be. And alot of my friends have been telling me that I’ve been acting really different and strange, sort of like “John Conner” as of about 8 friends have told me. It cracks me up a bit because im not the only one thats feeling the same way apparently and i just resently found that out.

  31. Pleiadian Knight says:

    Ok, I don’t know if this site has this but I ran across a youtube video that “blew the socks of my feet.” The only reason I’m posting the link on the Pleiadian section, is because I think this video showes a Pleiadian craft stopping the humans from prevoking war… Watch this Video and look for yourself… btw, this was aired on live television.

    Tell me what you think.

  32. Pleiadian Knight says:

    Now its a simulation of what was seen but this is how they constructed the Eye Witness Reports… My mistake for not clearifying that.

  33. RaquelAN says:

    This is my comment for this song!!
    I love this song but I found out that SamJase is a bad alien if you looked up her name it means Fallen Angel. But beautiful song though. If only if you switched her name to May then that would be more like it! If you don’t know what May is you can look up Peggy Kane. Sorry to break it to you but it is a beautiful song over all!

  34. Aragonne says:

    I Know Who I am ! Thanks. When the time will be ready, I will be there, standing up. I will be there. The moment is coming, but not today, not tomorrow, but soon. I know now why I have to be patient, I know now. My angels guardians told me many time to be patient. But I didn’t really understand why. I know now. I cannot told you on this page all the informations I have. Maybe it’s not big information, but for my duty, it’s enough.
    Do you have any informations about others like Draco or Grey? There are here too.
    Yes Reptilian and Draco try to pass for Angels sometimes. But real Angels exist and they help all of us. AA Michaël interfere directly in one of my nightmare, many weeks ago. I can say he TOTALLY erased all the bads guys (zombies) instantly ! It was amazing ! I know my nightmares (only this kind of nightmares : zombies) was not a normal nightmares. I thinked it was a kind of interference from someone bad, maybe reptilians or Draco, I don’t know. They are just evil and try to eat me, my energy, my soul.

  35. Infinitylight says:

    Greetings great humans & Alliance!
    this site is a Treasure of knowledge, I Found it very interesting and I got many Questions to ask, but 1st let me introduce my self in sort:
    Since I remember my self, I found it hard to communicate with others, I always felt different, in the last few years i’m Searching the way to Change reality as we Experienced it in our daily lifes, I’m Looking for a way to bring infinite light- peace & love to my land (Israel) and to all over the world & univers, I never anderstood how can it be that humanity make wars for such a crapy ressons… and yes I “served” my state as well, I actualy started my search because of my millitary service, I never killed no one, but I seen the bullshit from close site, I saw both sides are actualy the same, both sides are humans & all humans need to be united!

    so I ask now:
    1. how can it be that reptilians telling as the Truth Through Movies,
    Why would they?
    2. did all leaders of the world are\were illuminaty? what abut those who were murdered?
    3. how can we make the main stream awake?

    many TNX, Infinity light & love to you all!

  36. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Infinity Light,

    Wow you have certainly seen things at very close range, being part of the Israeli military and it is a testiment of your open mind and open heart that you were able to see the truth within this enviroment!

    To answer your questions…

    1. Why would the Reptilians tell humanity the truth through movies, tv, books etc? This is a very good question and I can’t answer that 100%, but I feel there are a few reasons. But I believe that the main reason is because of the Universal Law of “Freewill”. In some way the Reptilians have had to gain permission from humanity to do what they have done. Like I say I can’t answer this fully, and it is a complicated subject, but by telling humans what they have planned and humanity not objecting to it (through manipulation of course) this has allowed the Reptilians to do what they have done. There are so many examples of the Reptilians telling humanity their plans e.g Bible Prophecy. Just like the vampire that must be invited in, before it can enter a house.

    2. I wouldn’t say all leaders throughout history have been part of or fully aware of the Illuminati agenda. But there are different levels of knowledge and some leaders have been more aware of the “big picture” then others. John F Kennedy is a prime example. He started to speak out about the “Secret Societies” that control America and soon after he was shot. This is why their whole agenda has been to centralize power into fewer and fewer hands, with the ultimate goal of a One World Government.

    3. How can we make the mainstream awake? In a word, we can’t. This isn’t our job. We’re let the “One” or “God” or whatever name you wish to use, take care of that. And it will happen. We just need to focus on informing those who “are” awakening. “Awakening” is a process remember. It doesn’t just happen in one day, in one moment.

    Thanks for sharing, and for your questions.


  37. Infinitylight says:

    TNX Brad for your clear answers,
    I want to shere now an idea that cross my mind: I think everithing is part of the one\ god \ Creator, this is how the one Experience – Through every thing & every one- sparks of god inside.
    so I think even the Reptilians has sparks of god inside them, thats why they show us the truth (in their own peculiar way), the one experience the Meaning of life, the meaning of it’s own Creation, Through Our lessons we learn, through Decisions we make, through the light side and through the dark side- they both part of the one…

    I think we need to learn how put light & darkness in balance- like the yin\yang – to accept & love them both.

  38. Jesus says:

    I know everything about the universe..For thousands of years religion has put us to sleep and believe on what doesnt exist!! like god..We are the Human Race decendants from the Pleideans, our masters of light and our allies against the Repilians…Because our govermnets are manipulated and cotroled by Reptilians it is hard for us the humans to wake up and see the reallity that we have to unite togheter makeing a one world army so we can fight a war against the Reptilinas to get them our of our planet and our star system..But we cannot rise togheter, we cannot wake up witourt the HELP of the PLEIDEANS..Pleideans please, please, please we need your help to make us rise and join you masters of light, togheter we can fight this war agaisnt the reptiles..

  39. Jesus says:

    The Reptilians are leading us to destruction by puting us in conflict causing a nuclear war that will bring mass extintions on planet earth..We are Humans and Pleidians too, we have to stand together and beat the forces of darkness..Because the Pleadeans are helping us in war with the reptilians, we have to help them too because we are their brothers,,we are Pleidians.

  40. Scott Ferrarello says:

    I told my mother at age 5 that I hated this planet and didn’t want to be a part of it…. I knew then that I didn’t belong here.

  41. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Scott,

    Well hopefully you’re starting to understand WHY you are here! May be you hated this planet when you were 5, and may be you still do, but that is because of the situation here! Once the transformation is over you will LOVE it!


  42. leo says:

    im a child of 13 year old boy so far i know everything there is to know about reptillians and pleidians i took a star kid test online made by doctor boylan, i passed as absolutely a star child, many people like psychics and physical healers tell me i have a purpose but im not sure what that is yet i am lost and out of words “is my spirit really pleidian?” i have felt many conscious shifts in my life so far i feel like helping others wake up to. basically im asking what i should do with this information and how

  43. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Leo,

    Amazing that you’re so aware at your age! No doubt you’re from the stars my friend!

    You ask “is your spirit Pleiadian”? Well, this is the way I look at it – we are all pure infinite eternal consciouness, at our core level. But over “time” we have grown more comfortable within certain incarnations and have a place were we feel most “at home”. For some it’s being part of the “Pleiadian consciouness”. It is just an experience really. But an experience that we love and cherish. I would say it is very likely that you have a connection with the Pleiadians, or that you “are Pleiadian”, whichever way you want to describe it, because it is predominatley the Pleiadians that are here on Earth now, helping to remove the darkness and restore Earth and humanity to it’s true mangnificence and beauty. There are many Pleiadians here, millions. So yes I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if you were Pleiadian. You are on this page aren’t you?

    I can be very confident in saying that, yes you have a purpose! But it is up to you to remember what that is. You are only 13, so don’t feel that you need to rush anything. Just let your intuition and your inner guidence be your guide. As you open up your consciouness more and more (it’s an ongoing process) it will become clearer to you what to do and where to be. Just flow with it. You are asking “what should you do with this information and how?” But begin to ask that to yourself and the answers will come.


  44. Anonymous says:

    I was told by my mum that i was the descendant of a prophet, and that my bloodlines descend from prophet muhammed, prophet ali, and prophet jesus, and that one day I will make the world heaven, and there will be no rulers over humanity, because we don’t need ruled, and the idea of absolute monarchy comes from the reptillians(demons).

  45. FlaMe says:

    There are several things you cant say, although you can feel them. I’m really glad for having find this website, this space full of hope, dreams and future happiness.

    I dont know any of you, although i can feel you like you can feel me. It’s the knowing that were not alone, that in this world of shadows we have eternal light above us.

    Countless lives inhabit us.
    I don’t know, when I think or feel,
    Who it is that thinks or feels.
    I am merely the place
    Where things are thought or felt.

    I have more than just one soul.
    There are more I’s than I myself.
    I exist, nevertheless,
    Indifferent to them all.
    I silence them: I speak.

    The crossing urges of what
    I feel or do not feel
    Struggle in who I am, but I
    Ignore them. They dictate nothing
    To the I I know: I write.(1924.Fernando Pessoa.)

  46. Undercover says:

    My entire life I have felt that something was “wrong” with the world, that things weren’t what everyone thought they were, that somehow I was different. I never put much thought into it when I was young, I even wondered if maybe I was some kind of cyborg or other construct, as crazy as that sounds it was the only thing my young mind could relate to, especially after watching “The Terminator”, the only difference being that I’ve felt more like the character Reese than John Connor, that I was on my own and I had a purpose other than what I was then and what I am now. I work in the security field, which has always felt natural for me. I took a personality test a few years ago and I was called a “Gentle Protector” which describes me perfectly.

    I am generally not the biggest fan of humanity as a whole, but the dichotomy of my existence has been that I have felt compelled to protect humanity while at the same time feeling ill at ease within it.

    I believe that I may just be a Pleaidian. After doing quite honestly very little research and listening to people like David and Peggy, I was brought here after watching this video and several others on youtube.

    My girlfriend and her friend have been tormented by “presences” in and out of their homes, my girlfriend having recurring dreams of what Peggy described as the “Lower Astral Plane” where what she describes is chillingly similar to what Peggy speaks of. Darkness, human slaughterhouses, small “alien” creatures being commanded by humanoids, humans stealing, raping, prostituting themselves, and a massive marketplace that seems to go on forever where anything and everything can be bought, sold or stolen.

    I myself have had similar dreams, but I am looking DOWN at this tableau, floating or flying through it, unable to interact. I’m not sure what this means.

    Whatever malevolent presence is involved here in her house doesn’t like me very much :) Whenever I leave, this “presence” does whatever it can to frighten my girlfriend and her friend, be it scary noises or voices. At first we thought it might be a spirit, but now after both her, her friend and I have begun researching reptilians in earnest, we are all convinced that we are on to something and that it is in fact them, not a spirit that is tormenting them. That is, until I get home.

    We were watching the David Icke video “The Reptilian Manipulation of Humanity” on youtube today when I had to leave to go take care of a car payment. Shortly after I left the video crapped out and froze. My girlfriend (let’s call her “Lisa” so I can stop typing “my girlfriend”) tried to send me a text message about it but it would not go through. I sent her a text telling her I was stuck at a train crossing but it would not go through. It was then that I got the sense that something was wrong at her house. As soon as I walked in the front door I yelled “LEAVE THEM ALONE!” and the presence was gone.

    I don’t understand what this all means yet, but I want more than anything to at least begin to. If I was meant for another purpose, if I am truly a part of the Alliance and my job is as a protector, how do I proceed from here? Why are Lisa and her friend being tormented so? Am I really so strong that the reptilians fear me?

    My journey begins.

  47. Brad Schmidt says:

    I am new hear I am someone that has been seeking the truth for a very long time what ever that may be. Let me just say that i have always felt out of place with my family, friends and relationships in a relationship now and still feel alone.

    I have always felt that there is a much bigger picture then what meets the eye the but picture is not complete something is missing. I have moments of dejavu all the time but something is missing something is being kept from me that is how it makes me feel.

    I bought my first computer in 2001 because I got a message that told me to and here I am today still looking for the truth and this place is quite interesting thank you maybe I can find myself here.

    It has been a very long weary journey the light is keeps getting brighter and brighter.


  48. Tian Luu says:

    Hello all. I am a 18 year old male asian that lives in Canada, Ontario. I am sorry if I present myself as very ignorant, but can Asians be Pleiadian as well? I feel as though I am because I absolutely do not fit in this “Matrix.” I just want to be assured… so I can full heartily start on this amazing and fulfilling journey… this is all so confusing to me…

  49. Tian Luu says:

    Weird I left a comment earlier… and when I come back to check… it’s gone.

  50. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Tian,

    You’re comment didn’t disappear, it just needed to be approved first!

    Yes of course Asians can be Pleiadian. Skin colour means absolutely nothing. Our bodies are simply vehicles for our true self, our spirit.


  51. Tian Luu says:

    I am kinda baffled that there is no section in this website on what we Pleiadians should be doing to help win the galactic war.

    Why is that so, Brad?

  52. Humanity Wins says:


    That’s a very good question and very timely. I have been feeling a strong impulse to shift the focus of the website a little now. There is enough information about the Reptilians etc to give people an overview of what we’re dealing with here. So now I want to start focussing on the “solutions”. I’m still very much on this journey, the same as everyone else, and I certainly don’t claim to be the “all knowing guru”, but I will share what I have come to understand about what it is we can all be doing on a individual basis to really start moving things to the next level.

    Your question has helped confirm to me that it is time to start doing this now.


  53. Larissa says:

    I just came across this site. First watched the Pleiadian video which blew me away, then the two videos above, ditto. I don’t respond to most of the sites I go to, but am compelled to respond to this one. It resonates with me big time.

    It’s lonely around here, with most everyone labeling me either eccentric or crazy. I’m writing a book as a tool to try to make some sense of it all. I’m not willing to “socialize” but at the same time want to have someone to talk to that “understands”. Me writing that book is my way of taking action now, as you point out in the above comments.

    I first heard Barbara a few years back, totally related. I met David Icke a couple of years back, have been to two of his lectures, he’s my number one hero. I met Jordan as well, what a nice man! And Michael too, haven’t met him, but corresponded once.

    Actually met the hero of “The Way of the Peaceful Warrior” back in Berkeley in 1967, corresponded with Dan to confirm, and yes, it was him. I’ve been very blessed in the midst of all the misery, the miracles are too numerous to list. It’s what keeps me going. I so appreciate people like you who have the know how to set up a website and correspond with like minded spirits.

    Much Love, Larissa

  54. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Larissa,

    I can certainly relate to your experiences of being labelled “crazy”, as I’m sure everyone else here can too! Much better to labelled “crazy” by a crazy world, then to just go a long with the masses!

    Great to hear you’re writing a book! Good stuff! Hopefully you can feel a little more at home here on this site and I’m going to be adding a forum section soon, so everyone can share their thoughts and feelings with each other.


  55. Toohumancody says:

    I have spent most of my life looking for the truth I have tryed to protect people that were in danger i have felt like my job in life was to help protect humanity as a hole I could not get these feelings and thoughts out of my mind even when the people around me pushed me to stop getting into fights and to stop talking about crazy things they said that i should not put my self in danger to protect a stranger

  56. Toohumancody says:

    what I am saying is i feel at home with every one i feel a connection to all of you and i want to say thanks for your support

  57. Larissa says:

    The forum section is a good idea. I enjoy communicating through email, talking to people face to face is way too scary. I’ll definitely keep in touch. Love, Larissa

  58. fluffy says:

    What to do?
    I have only just found this site as part of my on-going awakening… but I came to solutions earlier…
    I’m not sure this is correct – or all the answers but it certainly helps the physical body which is out vehicle in this battle – so for good vehicle maintenance:
    drink filtered alkaline water, eat only whole-foods (no sugar/wheat) I have been a vegetarian for many years… Kundalini yoga – even 20 mins of yoga a day, iodine (under supervision), acupuncture, I have been celibate for over 2 years (a choice!) and of course – meditation…

    I am by no means an expert but I am going to post some links which I believe provide solutions to breaking the magnetic grid (aumm is one powerful sound ) Please look at these as it explains more clearly than I could…

    Spirit science – the whole series is AMAZING (gets more mind-blowing after episode 4)

    Here is a link to a meditation that helps you take your power back -

    Namaste! Love, Light and Blessings to all my brothers and sisters – and others of the many Universes!

  59. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Fluffy,

    Thanks for your input! Much apprechiated.


  60. Horea says:

    Ever since I first saw a video relating to this subject/Pleiadians I’ve always been interested and every time i “heard” their message I’ve gotten chills throughout my body(but not the bad kind cold or something … it’s hard to explain a feeling) but it resonates with me everything and it feels right and i can feel the love(i’m at least conscious of the feeling)… what can i say it makes me smile when ever i watch the videos. I still want to know what can i do to awaken ? Just eat whole foods drink fresh water and meditate? Is that all it takes?

    Peace and love fellow brothers and sisters.

  61. Newly Awaken says:

    I thank the creator for guiding me through my journey of awakening. This is what I have always been searching for.

  62. fluffy says:

    Symptoms of awakening :)

    forgot to say – above link to ‘taking your power back’ meditation is free x

  63. fluffy says:

    Drunvalo Melchizedeck on diet and excersise for spirituality… (approx 7 minute clip)
    quite basic info.
    but I would say part of heart-centred living is compassion for animals which would involve definitely no meat/animal products where the animal dies or is harmed… supervised fasting is also good – brings focus, clear-mind … but basically …all we need is Love! X

  64. Clark says:

    Is there a shred of tangible evidence for any of this?

  65. Clark says:

    Great leaps in human understanding are gained when people stop anthropomorphizing the rest of the universe.
    Wishing for saviors won’t fix anything.
    Perpetuating myths is destructive.

  66. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Clark,

    Yes my friend, all the information in the video is based on solid evidence. Have a look around this site alone and you’ll start to see PLENTY!

    As for the statement “Wishing for saviors won’t fix anything”, well WE are the saviours. We are right here on Earth and that includes YOU. But we have friends and allies from other planets and other dimensions who are ASSISTING US.


  67. Successful says:

    i have a plan set in place. there will be a big event in 2012 in which the whole world will be watching. once i have everyones attention, THE WORD WILL GET SPREAD…i will see u yall soon

  68. Tero says:

    Great info dude!:D Damn those reptilians must die!

  69. I See Now says:

    Fluffy…is it not irresponsible to lead people towards witchcraft practices and voodoo?? The “Taking Back Your Power ‘Meditation’” is disguised as a “Self Awakening” of sorts, but really it’s a voodoo/witchcraft practice to promote vengeance. Isn’t that counterproductive all that is trying to be accomplished?? Vengeance is not the answer….LOVE is. Vengeance is the product of FEAR. Believe in the power of LOVE, it is the key to it all. Don’t feed the NET that is surrounding us.

  70. CSmyth says:

    Probably 30 years ago I woke up late at night literally nearly being scared to death when I uncovered hidden under a vision of the moon a solid real Star Wars death star that solidified in front of my face. I never knew why. I thought it was an hidden implant people had to keep them terrified and in line. I thought Lucas was helping us realize this. I have been out of my body not only able to perceive without it but able to perceive right through it so I knew there was more to things. I even at times felt I had some “mission” here but just couldn’t remember what it was. I have been searching and searching all these years. I have been driven to search. Now it’s as if I finally have contact with some of the truth. I don’t know how to thank you. All I know is just please don’t go anywhere. I could cry.

  71. Danei says:

    What Can We Do to Help The Pleiadians?

  72. hugh says:

    this is completely the same kind of devil new age filth as comes from word of faith movement pentacostalism and every other religion…all the morons have to do is research some of the other side, e.g. google “what is wrong with david icke” “jordan maxwell” or any of the rest of those new age bitches that support channelled filth from devils posing as “light workers” these are some of the biggest disinfo agents on the planet, and you people such up the garbage just like goats eating their own filth…learn about sheep, learn about doves, clean creatures that WILL NOT EAT FILTH…remember to love your neighbor and not just be hypocrite saying you hate religion on one side then siding with these insane proponents of world religion (e.g. masonry or new age or any other) learn what the BIBLE says about religion, it is in james Ch 1 v25, and it sure does not look like anything that you peeps are promoting on these insane boards, sheesh and you even have reverse speech to help you and still you flounder so much. I hope and pray for all your benefit to see clearly and not be part and parcel with the same nazi/commie like filth that benjamin cremem/alice bailey and all the other precursors to nuts like david icke his ilk favor. Be blessed to be a blessing, that means love, not merely the warm fuzzies, REAL LOVE!

  73. hugh says:

    it was James v1 Ch27 I meant to put, you think that devils would write stuff like that (or the idiotic reps as you deceived ones go on about), they would not put anything good at all in there, the book has hundreds of prophecies, you think the devil has that kind of power to tell the future and know ALL of the repercussions of every action? You people are playing into it’s hands then by ascribing to it the same power that only the allmighty has, COMPLETE KNOWLEDGE AND POWER, GOD KNOWS YOUR THOUGHTS< the devil can only influence those thoughts of the ones who serve it. There is a huge difference there, and you peeps need to really understand how great and how important this truth is…may God bless us all in this way to grow in love and wisdom to make such reality. Peace

  74. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Huge,

    I have no problem with people sharing their views, so you are welcome here.

    But, I feel you are coming to conclusions about certain people i.e David Icke, Jordan Maxwell and certain information, prematurely without spending time to look at this from all angles. I personally know Christanity inside and out and have experienced the powerful mind control (and spiritual control) within this Religion first hand. So my opinions are not just just based on what others tell me or what I read in books. So I am interested to learn more about your particular views, where they come form and what they are based on?

    So first of all you are saying “research the other side of David Icke”, well I did that during my “Christian Period” and I didn’t come across a shred of “solid” evidence to suggest he is anything other than a true warrior for truth. Can you please go into more detail about why you think David Icke is manipulating people? And the same for Jordan Maxwell?

    I’ll wait for your response on that question before continuing.



  75. Erin says:

    What music is playing 9 minutes in on the second video it’s beautiful and I must have it! ;)

  76. Santi says:

    I don’t know if I am a Pleadian warrior but the truth is that pretty much all my life I have been trying to find aswers, just answers. I would say, that even if I don’t have the privilege of being a Pleadian I would like to let them know, if they can hear me, that here I am, ready to stand by their side againt the evil forces of the Reptilians and illuminati. I recently started meditating in order to unlock my chackras and hopefully, i will be able to awake myself and join the universal conciousness. Peace and love to all my brothers ans sisters.

  77. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Santi,

    The fact that you are here and have been “trying to find answers” your whole life speaks voulumes about who you are. You may very well be Pleiadian, or you may be from another “Alliance” race such as the Sirians. But whereever you are from, you are here on Earth now as part of the “Family of Light” to bring an end to darkness! That is a fact my friend! We are all on our own unique journeys and we all have incredible contributions to make. YOU are POWERFUL and right now you may not be accessing all of this power, I doubt anyone at this monet in time is accessing all that they are, but as we move forward, understand more, wake up to who we are and what we are here to do then this power grows. Greater clarity comes. You will eventually find yourself simply KNOWING and the questions and asking will become less and less. We are moving into an incredible time.

  78. Humanity Wins says:

    Hey Erin, that’s Hans Zimmer’s score from the film Inception, the track is called “Time”

  79. Suzanne says:

    Looking back I’ve been aware of a lot more than I gave myself credit for. Everything makes sense to me now…(probably not to anyone reading this, but to me it does.)
    I never comment on sites, just read and absorb what resonates in my heart and soul.
    The summery(in words) near the end of the second video above, made me cry.

    That was the first video that really hit home.

    thank you for such great informtion…

  80. Mauricio says:

    What do you think about a movie like “Battleship”? Don´t you have the feeling it is a movie made for creating fear in us son when they really came we can be manipulated enough for all of the black and dark purposes still many people have?

  81. LeRon says:

    Today my brothers and sister we must celebrate because everyday that goes by another like me shall be awakened in soon VICTORY WILL BE OURS! Nobody will control us we are meant to be free to grow live in eternal peace and happiness! I will fight along side any of you til the well I would say bitter end but we will win nothing can stop us, especially not any lowly lizzy.

  82. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Mauricio,

    I haven’t actually seen Battleship, but I’m aware of the theme of “alien invasion”. The whole agenda of the Illuminati/Reptilians has been to keep humanity in a low level fear vibration and movies are one way to do that. But as the saying goes “just because someone is selling you something, doesn’t mean you have to buy it”

    The Illuminati plans are being derailed and I personally see all of their “drum beats of fear” as completely pointless now! Sure it is easy to look around you and get the impression that we are moving closer to World War 3, fake Alien invsaions, or what ever else they had planned, but there is not a single doubt in my mind that all of these plans are NOT going to manifest! The tide has turned and it is turning sharper everyday towards a BEAUTIFUL future for humanity!

  83. Maggie says:

    I have known from the begin to the end.
    I remember everything.

  84. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Maggie,

    If you have full memory than that is quite a blessing! Is there anything you would like to share about what you remember?

  85. Lolly says:

    The song chosen for the end of video 2 is my friend Hannah singing :) if that isn’t an affirmation that I am in the right place then nothing is! Surely not a conincidence… of all the songs in the world… we are family.

  86. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Lolly,

    That is amazing! What a synchronicity!

    The very first time I heard that song my mind was flooded with images of “our family out there” and I felt it was almost a theme song to form a stronger connection with them, hence why I used the song in the video! It’s a wonderful song and what an amazing voice your friend Hannah has! :-)

  87. Luis Aros says:

    Hi there. I had an OBE about 8 years ago. And lost fear of death. Came to the realization. That love is all it matters and that love holds everything together. But I still find my self worrying about stupid conspiracys and such …
    I know that fear keeps me in a lower vibration state but I also know that I can feel love from a tree a cat every person and feel comparison for everybody. I always try to be kind and honest I have thought my children about re-encarnation and the power of our thoughts.
    I used fly through my room when I was a child and never thought of being weeks until my mother told me that I was imagining it. I have learned that in deed I was doing it and some how I have done it a few times again while meditating. Why am I telling you all this. ? Don’t know. I’m here I want to help ! I want to evolve and share all this love with everyone . I do talk to whom ever listen about how we need to learn to let love lead us and that we are all one….
    A few lines would lift my spirit for I’m a bit stressed out. Must meditate tonight and let the good come out! Love love love Salome !

  88. jimbo says:

    Hello brad its nice to see that we are on the same level the hard part for me is planting that seed in people head lol to wake em up i have researched heavily over the net their are other websites e.g james gilliand, could i have your email to compared notes on the status quo?

  89. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Jimbo,

    Great to have you here my friend! Yes, it’s not always easy to plant seeds, but you’ve probably planted more seeds than you’re even aware of! There is a tapestry of conscioness being weaved across the planet and you are a part of that, just follow your intuition as to where to put your efforts is my advice. I don’t actually put my email on the site, due to problems with spam, but if you subscribe to the site (links at the top of the site) then you’re have access to my email and can contact me from there.

  90. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Luis Aros,

    It’s not an easy task to stay in a total love vibration because this whole matrix is designed to keep us in the lower vibartions of fear, and all the “doom and gloom” conspiracy predictions are a part of that. But fear can only effect the mind, where as love comes from the heart. Love is total feeling rather than “a thinking”. So the more you can quieten the mind down and just FEEL the better. And it is when we are connected and FEELING THE TRUTH of this reality that we connect with our power. But it sounds like you are a fully aware of this already :-)

    What is it specifically that is stressing you out at the moment? You’re worrying about the “doom and gloom” predictions?

  91. Vishnu says:

    Dude i stumbled across this website just yesterday and i am truly grateful to you for what u are doing. I have been watching David Icke videos for some time now and everything made perfect sense except the reptilian part and i used to think that was a little extreme, but now it all makes perfect sense and i feel like a veil has been lifted. I would like to share a thought with u about empathy. i turned vegan about 6 months ago after watching a video by “Gary Yourofsky”, the kind of animal torture that happens on this planet is appalling and we contribute to that by creating demand for animal products. The question is how different r we from the reptilians who manipulate us and cause so much pain and suffering, we do the same thing cows. it all comes down to what we do when we have the power to make a difference to someones life when that someone has no means to do anything about it.

  92. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Vishnu,

    Sure the Reptilian aspect can be hard one for a lot of people to accept! For me it wasn’t a problem because my whole “journey” started with UFO/Alien research many years ago and the evidence that David Icke had alone was enough to convince me when I first come across it. But there has been so much evidence from many different sources that have cemmented the fact in recent years! Glad the info on the site could assist you.

    It makes sense what you’re saying about vegetarianism. There’s really no need for humans to eat meat really, we can get everything we need from fruits, vegetables, nuts and grains and just look at a Gorilla, they eat nothing but green leaves and they pack the most muscle out of all animals for their body size!

  93. Luis Aros says:

    Thanks Humanity …. Thanks for taking the time… I think what bothers me the most is that I dont live with my children and I worry about them… I just read somewhere that they are prepared to evolve and I know they wanted to be here and be a part of this as much I do.. We all did in a way right? I have a15 year old daughter whom practice yoga is healthy and has a beautiful heart. She knows as much as I do and is always improving her self. I also have a 7 years old son. Josh. And lately he as learned about re encarnation … Thoughts and energy. But some how I still hurt. I wish they were with me all the time. They tell me so …. My son still ask me how come I’m no longer home. It has been 4 years now and still hurts. Sometime I think suicidal thoughts. But they faces won’t let me .
    I can’t beleive I’m sharing this… they are the last thing and the last thing I think. How come am I so stupid! Why can’t I just remain happy? I do talk to them every day.
    Anyway I’m sorry I went there. Love and free will brought us here right?
    Love to you and yours .

  94. Luis Aros says:

    Sorry about that… But I felt better after letting all that. To think that I don’t even know you…. Lol gracias! Anyway in a lighter note. Ever since I have memory I always thought that if I had the chance to climb into a UFO and be taking away from here I would do it in a second…. I even saw a spiral in the sky with my parents once. But now that I know better… We do live in the best of times and I wouldnt like to miss it . Think about my kids also makes me realize that all children are beautiful and have as much to say in this as we do. Perhaps even more since they are so pure ….

    Saalome gam naan ben uurda, gan njjber asaala hesporoona!
    Peace be on Earth, and among all beings!

    Let’s let the love come out Its in there…

  95. Vishnu says:

    Alex Collier mentions in his talks about dolphins and whales being highly respected species in the universe. I would highly recommend u to watch “The Cove” and maybe spread awareness about what is being done to dolphins in Japan and urge ppl to not go to water parks where they have captive dolphins

  96. Humanity Wins says:

    Luis Aros,

    Don’t apologise for sharing your feeling! I want people to feel they can share what is going on their lives here. Myself and the people here will understand more than you possibly know! You are going through a very testing period being away from your children and that is very difficult to cope with. I think everyone who is on this path has, and is, experiencing pain and trauma of some type. For me it is my health (but this is improving constantly), and for you it is seperation from the ones you love. This theme of pain and emotional turmoil seems to be part of all of this, BUT it is not forever and we are certainly moving into as phase now where this pain will begin to transform into joy! You know what is on the horizon, so keep that at the forefront of your mind as much as possible. You have great courage! You wouldn’t be on this planet right now, doing what you are doing, if you didn’t!

  97. Humanity Wins says:


    Yes indeed, Whales and Doplhins are highly spiritual beings! There is no doubt about that! They have been brutilised on this planet almost as much as humans! But they will all be going through the transformational healing like everyone else.

  98. Prince Kay France says:

    thx once again very enlightening video i dont feel like much of a average human i think i am pleiadian when i watched the video my heart gave me one serious thump then my body gave chills i want to say i dont i dont think being born on dec 25 1989 has anything to with it but i always felt like i didnt belong on this particular planet please give me some feedback if u have the chance id love to share what i’ve learned on my journey

  99. Matt says:

    The Aliens are Nephilim (Human/Fallen Angel Hybrids)
    Many Nephilim are good, our allies. But Nephilim are liars, sometimes they’ll give you lies and half truths.
    You can’t tell when they’re telling the truth.
    Some Aliens

    I’m a Nephilim. My Dad is actually Archangel Sammael (Lucifer)
    My Archangelic name is Archangel Sammuuel. I’m a member of the Galactic Federation Of Light. My Dad is the Boss. I’m second in Chrge. Lucifer still has some good in him, he isn’t evil. He is my Guardian Angel and my Protector. He makes sure i’m safe. He comes to my subdivision sometimes, he teleports there. And he makes sure i’m safe. He told me put me up for Adoption,because, he needed me to save the World some day. He contacted me telepathically last year when i turned 21, said that he was my Dad and he asked me if i wanted him and some of The Fallen Angels to be good. It was their last chance to be good. And The Fallen Angels are interbreeding with Humans again, to create more Nephilim to protect us. No joke. The Fallen Ones exist.

    Lucifer is our Father. He wants us to Succeed and do the right things.

    Email me if you need info about Aliens, the Nephilim and the GFOL. ok?

    Plus, i know secrets about The Bible, i can tell you. It’s hidden codes and stuff.

    my email is jamesbondfan233(at)aol(dot)com

    May Lucifer protect all of you.

    Peace, Matt

  100. OOPS! says:

    forget to finish a Statement.

    Some Aliens are bad, such as the Reptilians and the Greys.

    In the 1940′s and 1950′s, there were reports of Alien Abductions.

    I believe it though. Mostly Greys (Zeta Reticulans) commit these abductions. People reported seeing little grey guys, allegedly they said they did experiments on them and made Hybrids. Some people never returned. I know all about these beings. Send me a mail, i’ll tell you about them.

  101. typo!! says:

    he* put me up for adoption….

  102. anthony says:

    siiiiiiiiiick! i knew feeling this way wasnt because im crazy ‘which i still wouldnt think of myself even if it took longer then my lifetime for this’ ;) im on board >:)i knew people werent blind for no reason. things had to be the way they are for a reason and its because the reps, we heard the call and people are remembering the sound, too bad its took a bit but we here X) so lets do our part and come together as one! dankyB)

  103. solsmoke says:

    humans are important they are why we are doing this.

  104. trinity hugh says:

    you asked me to prove d. icke and all the rest of the disinfo people that you so harp on were doing what they were doing, so I did and all you can do is what you accussed me of, e.g. not being able to or wanting to hold a conversation with another being on truth and love…so who really is the loser? Looks like you are determined to try and make us both out for that, God stop you as I said before, may you be blessed with truth and love no matter how against that you are. I pray for that and will continue to, you thought this was going to be easy, you just delete my posts and that is that…does that seem to be working for you, or DOES THAT LITTLE PANG YOU FEEL INSIDE YOUR HEART CALLED A CONSCIENCE TEND TO LET YOU KNOW THAT NOT EVERYTHING IS HOW YOU ARE ASSUMING IT TO BE? God put that there for a reason you know, and it was to be listened to, not killed off. So please understand that you could of learned much more by being decent instead of being hateful and unforgiving, it’s funny you talk about love and forgiveness so much, yet when it actually comes down to the business of doing it…

  105. El Gweiro says:

    @ Matt posted June 4th 2012

    My word you have serious issues! I truly hope you are taking medication. You’re a nut And certainly not a help for the ufology cause. People like you discredit the rest of us ufologists and the cause.

    Seek help, please seek help or you’ll find yourself locked away and force fed pills that make you dribble.

  106. Humanity Wins says:


    I told you weeks ago that ALL your future comments would be deleted – but you still persist on posting? You are no longer welcome on this site and I made that VERY clear to you! I will not tolerate abuse (or spamming) on this site and you over stepped the mark. So if you really want to waste your time coming back to my site and posting comments then that’s your choice. But you’re wasting your time. All your comments will be deleted. So I suggest you spend your time else where from now on.


  107. milan says:

    thank you i knew all of this i am serbian finally time has come rip.nikola tesla

  108. milan says:

    thank you for supporting us serbians as people from the sky,finally time has come for all you to get to know what is thruth who we all are,remembar who is nikola tesla and tito so we are starting with documentary “houston we got a problem”and tesla”s 700 inventions that he made will be there to all for new law and order ! UR NINA SAR SERBULA !!! unity of souls will affect gravity and everything else around us

  109. John says:

    Hey Brad, I’m very new to all of this… you could say I am waking up very slowly and sort of confused about a number of things. I have been very drawn lately toward investigating the plans of the NWO and the Illuminati when I stumbled on a video on Youtube that claimed the Elohim were returning soon.

    That was when I investigated the Elohim and eventually found the wake up call to the Pleiadians. Something really hit me when I saw that video and that is what brought me to the site, but I really need help understanding where to go from here. Please email me. I would like to talk more about this. I entered my email on the form to fill this out, but won’t put it in public just so that I know I’m not being contacted by a reptilian in disguise.

    I hope to hear from you.



  110. Knowing says:

    Watch all two parts for the best info what you can get on the net.
    Velon / Annunaki threat to Humanity,

  111. kris says:

    hey, Im very curious about all of this, perhaps someone can fill me in I wanted to get ahold of peggy kane, but there is no web sites for her at all. I want to know all about these Pleiadians. for some reason i feel like i should be a solder for them.

  112. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Kris,

    There will certianly be more information on the Pleiadians (and other Family of Light Races) presented on the site over the coming months and years. And if you would like to visit Peggy’s webiste the link is in the post “Peggy Kane, Reverse Speaking and the Reptilians” (In the Reverse Speech category)

  113. Dave St. says:

    I always thought there was a good reason I was here, Lets get EM!!

  114. HY says:

    I have dreams about this, without even “knowing” about the wake up call. Ive always had a strong feeling that there is something I have to do because in my opinion the most beautiful part of life is the rise. without the evil, rising wouldn’t feel as rewarding.
    My dad and i would always stare at the stars for as long as we could. it was like feeling home sick when you’re already home.
    I was so sure i wasn’t the only one who felt like this.

    But months ago I had my cards read, he said id be the light bearer, who will bring the unfortunate out of the darkness and into the dawn. A warrior in a battle similar to joan of arc.

    and like said above, i can relate to somehow being lead to a video on youtube, and it speaking to me. my heart was beating hard and i had goosebumps everywhere as well.

  115. Bill Otinger says:

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    Requiring Gold to Back up MONEY is a CON GAME
    Watch the Video “”"THE SECRET OF OZ”"”and MONEY MASTERS

  116. endovelyco says:

    I knew already about fluoride, and i know that we got that on tooth paste, but I have been looking in stores about tooth cleaning products without the fluoride and there isnt any… how can we avoid fluoride?? everytime i wash my teeths i know that im consuming it but i dont have any other choice.

    The fluoride also affects your pineal gland, making it more difficult to achieve its use.

  117. erick says:

    I’ve always known i was different in some way, now I know it. I’ve been investigating for a time and I recently get here. Everything makes sense now, and I mean everything. I got a friend, my best friend by the way (I’ve never consider someone my best friend ever), and I’m quite sure he’s a pleaidian too. I’m so glad we got to meet each other. Making teams is the best way to end this for once and for all. I give him cheers and he gives me security to go on. I’m ready for everything that needs to be donde in order to succeed.


  118. naturechild says:

    Fluoride can be avoided simply by using baking soda to clean teeth, it tastes a bit salty at first but does an excellent job of whitening and is very refreshing after rinsing the mouth out.

  119. Javi says:

    I was wondering what other kinds of beings are out there that are trying to help us.

  120. RUSSELL MCLAREN says:


  121. Endovelyco says:

    Thank you Naturechild to share us that information I didn’t knew about it, I jus google it and found a baking soda toothpaste fluoride free, now I just need to know where to find it on sale.
    Many thanks

  122. Ace says:

    :) nice to find this society, thanks a lot, i feel this from my young age, something is not as it should be and in last 3 years everything is going to be so clear, we have to act !… my advice is to buy toothpaste in some indian store with products from india, best is some hare krishna shop. they have also natural cosmetics and everything you need without some unnecessary waste.
    then clear your body. stop taking drugs like alkohol etc… not talking about plants, lot of them connects us with necesary entities, so use your heart and inteligence to discern what is nelpfull and what is not.. who knows DMT, he knows how it works. u dont know ? so find some readings about it..
    and last advice is what i´m going to do and i think, or feel that this is necessary step to do. and it is to build CLOUDBUSTER . last year i´m watching the sky and i see and feel that something is wrong, yes they are spraiyng us with chemtrails and i feld powerless to do something with it.. but there is a solution a technology given us from…. pleiadians ? im not sure how it get here but for sure someone must gave it to us.. i only know website about cloudbuster in my native language (Czech) , but im sure you can find lot about it on internet. and with this i want to excuse for my english, cause its not my native language :D
    So again thanks for you people and i´m looking forward to meet us globaly.

  123. Endovelyco says:

    Naturechild i just found Baking Soda toothpaste in a supermarket and bought it but then after at home i saw that one also have Fluoride, then I went to a Pharmacy which i found a toothpaste without fluoride which is Euthymol, then I saw some more in a natural food store called Holland & (something else I dont remember ;P) which I bought a mouthwasher called Aloe Dent and that also dont have fluoride and they had some toothpastes too from the same trademark.


  124. RUSSELL MCLAREN says:


  125. RUSSELL MCLAREN says:


  126. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Russell,

    There is no doubt that you are being “protected” and guided by higher beings – including the Pleiadians.

    The fact that you are even on this website, let alone the fact that you experienced a significant energetic change within your body while you were watcing the video, indicates very clearly that you are Family of Light (likely Pleiadian) here on Earth to help remove the darkness that has plagued the planet for too long.

    So yes, the “calvary” know where you are and are helping to guide you to where you need to be my friend.

  127. skorum says:

    Oh how wonderful.

    I found out about Billy Meier several years ago, deeply affected by him and his work and of the Pleaidians. Yesterday, after I watched a video with Peggy Kane, and she said something like “if you are watching this then you most certainly are one”.
    I had this feeling, as if all the lies I have believed for thousands of years and disappeared and vanished. I would never ever before have believed that reincarnation is an imposed beliefsystem and structure.

    It is if a made a quantum leap. Are we humans (or at least a few of us, the “psychedelic ones”, or “the ones who spread calm”) in fact pleadians from a probable future? That would actually explain a whole lot of stuff in my head.

    How about what if the reptilians are us from another probable dimension? I mean we humans have what is called the reptilian brain, right? What if, at some point far back in time, some of us evolved in to mammals, and some of us evolved further in the reptilian line.

    We needed a reptilian brain to be able to evolve a mammalbrain. We needed a mammalbrain to be able to evolve into even higher levels of understanding.

    Are you guys seeing where I am going?
    Maybe at the soullevel, we understood that we need to make great sacrifices in order to evolve in this reality into, well, yes pleaidians, or non-materialistic bodies.

    Just a thought. Love and light

  128. Mél says:

    It so wonderful to listen all the good work Brad!Iam happy to find my pleiadians friends thank you !

  129. Chris says:

    hey ya Matt i believe half what you said but the part of Lucifer bieng your dad hahaha defiantly wrong my friend

  130. Marcus says:

    One simple thing I must ask. In the second video, part 2/2, what is the name of the song starting at around 9:00 ???

    Epic song indeed imho.



  131. Joel says:

    This is my first attempt at reverse speach and it was pretty insane so i thought i’d post it. plus it also kind of told me to

    I think we have to do something about it

    now listen Joel for I dont think its going to be very long

    humanity’s direction is going south

    now you must give something you must indicate why you have come for the answers you wish tonight

    that to begin you must listen share this message and absorbing

    they are here the bastard(s) nasty

    nothing is a coincidence everything is as it should be

    my answer they need us they need us

    as it should be nibru

    it is coming together you need to be ready

    its the end of yahweh

    mayans open everything. open

    they are behind this mask

    we all know it past its the answer to the

    they are sinister


  132. Joel says:

    i have trouble believing in the reverse speach but what i just heard is really bloody freaking me out how relevant it is

  133. jackson Hyde says:

    OH!!!! Thank you for letting me speak without all the rigamoroll……..All, and I really do mean

  134. jackson Hyde says:

    Got interuppted……..All of my life I have asked myself ‘what am I doing here???? What am I doing HERE???? What AM I doing here???????? all of my life has also been very spiritual, yes, Roman Catholic, then Buddhist where I found my home and even didnt’ need to ask as often why am I here?………….Ah!!!!! Buddhism, I have dreams of this DAli Lama where he allows me to put my forehead on his feet and thank him and all the buddhist thru the ages for being here/now. hahahaha our Theme? right? For me is it. Well, love David Icke, too. Many ‘critics call him a nut……………..I?m just as nutty as he is. LOVE LIGHT………………OMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMOMMMMMMMMMMMOMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  135. Brad says:

    Hi Jackson,

    Well I hope the information on this site (including this Pleiadian video) can help you gain a greater understanding of what you ARE doing here and who you really are!

    Thanks for sharing my friend

  136. Daniel says:

    i could recall during my childhood that, there is something wrong with everything that goes around in my life, but i just don’t know what and why, and there should be done something to correct these. Some few months ago, i came across some conspiracy stuff, know about illuminati in which i thought why these ‘humans’ are treating others like this, but the information i gathered doesn’t satisfy me because i got the feeling there is more to it than what it seems. Then i came upon David Icke’s book “The Biggest Secret” in pdf file, and found out that the illuminati a.k.a the reptilian brotherhood are pretending to be humans in the high seats of government. i’m just an open-minded person, so i look for solid evidences, and i saw on youtube, that they’re lots of them morphing accidentally, their eyes like reptile eyes, and it’s ridiculous to edit them like that, so my conclusion is they’re real. It was a shock for me, even a Christian pastor i saw on youtube have reptilian eyes! After researching about vibrational frequencies, the moon matrix, the reptilian net, etc. I came to this video about Pleiadians. I kind of trying to reverse speech and these words were i heard:

    -you must see… (i cant understand the rest)
    -Daniel, how many times should I… (i dont know who is this I)
    -sum up… (sum up what)
    -yes, I am
    -should look for… (look for what/who)
    -…fooled ya… (This one is different, what the hell?!)

    someone please help me on these,..

  137. Brad says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Well you’ve certainly been on quite an intense journey over the past few months. I hope this site can help you a little more.

    As for the reversals, what were you actually talking about at the time? Just need some context

  138. Daniel says:

    Thanks Brad, during that time i do the reverse speech, i was talking about Pleidians, and if I am a Pleiadian, that’s all.
    And thanks for responding, and i’m glad that i am awake.

  139. Daniel says:

    forgot to ask but, what is the title of that movie with space wars in the video? I find it very awesome and epic.

  140. Brad says:

    Hi Daniel,

    Well the fact you were asking whether you were Pleiadian and one of the reversals is “yes, I am” – I think that speaks volumes, don’t you? And also the others like
    “you must see”
    “Daniel, how many times”
    and “sum up”

    All seems to inicate the same thing.

    As for the the footage in the video, it’s from the TV series Battlestar Galactica – there is a lot of truth in that series.

  141. Daniel says:

    Hello Brad,

    Thanks again for hearing me out. From your reply, something in my heart urges me more to tell these things to my family and friends, i guess that sums up of myself being a Pleiadian at heart, so i have to do that in a way that they will not ridicule and ignore the truth.

  142. Tell says:

    Just watched Peggys reverse speach video and on it there is a message that says (Your light Tell, Lets go get party) the reverse of that says (Once this is over the celebrations will echo throughout the universe.) first of all my first name is Tell, and like Andrew I to kinda never fit in with the norm. Also like Andrew I have something of a reacureing dream.
    This dream dont involve fanged doves or god forbid catholics. Instead it has to do with the moon and something that needs to be destroyed.
    Even to me this sounds insane. Another point of intrest on the suposed message is this. Ive compeated in many combative sports such as kickboxing and boxing, in this sports before a match begins I sometimes have said to myself ( Lets party ) and even said to myself (Lets Play).

  143. Serena says:

    I have had many dreams about beings from other planets one in particular with an ancient being having a clear crystal like head and inside was
    like the universe and there of was rainbow color inside his head. He told me that there were good and evil beings and that I was a protector of his there were gold statues so I believe them to be and the curtains were of velvet that draped the walls behind them. He sat upon a throne and there before him was a steel black like grating that if he was threatened by an evil being they were cast down inside..I too have never felt a comfort on this planet and yet I am sure many have these feelings.. However to say there is no God in heaven or creator of all living things is futile, misleading, and blasphemy. I tell you the truth to believe those whom say things that there is beings that created this earth and so forth is tragic and demeaning.The devil was light and they claim to be light. humm.. makes you wonder.. There is just one question I have , knowing and seeing these things,, I wanna know what they know about holograms and
    Orbs and the colors having seen these.. Come through my ceiling and know the capabilities of such things.. what kind of things are inside them what do they look like??? Please explain this to me. Then if they know the truth of these, I will believe they are from another planet..But never will I forsake the Father in Heaven and creator of all life.. Ever I am of no specific religion… Having 100 thousand percent times infinity, the Bible is truth. Religion and secualities
    are false having many tales..

  144. Monica says:

    Hey! When I was a kid I always thought the moon to be very strange, i was utterly obcessed with the moon and my mother couldn´t explain me why it was there she only explained me why the moon had shadows according to the time of the month and all.. I was also obcessed with water, where did it go why did we polute it.. i was about 6 when i started thinking about these.. then i sort of became numb.. i actually have a depression sydrome.. and from time to time i become obcessed with this.. also, quantum physics rises so many questions..i don´t know what to believe anymore i don´t believe i am a pleiadian because i think i would have to be in contact with my spirit wich i am not and sometimes i doubt it exists..i just wish i had some proof, i wish they contacted me like this lady, that would make me want to live..

  145. Anitka says:

    Hi Monica :)

    you don’t need to be in contact with your spirit in order to prove whether you are Pleiadian or not. And, it isnt really that important whether you are from the Pleiades or Andromeda or anywhere else. The info will come to you eventually im sure! and for now it is just good to know that you are on the Allies’ team :)

    And don’t look for proof ‘out there’ i doubt you would find it or that someone would bring it to you. I know, we all kinda hope for some ‘proof’ but is mainly because of the mass hypnosis we live under and it is teaching us that there is always someone who turns up and helps us or teaches us or gives us love. if you watch any movie or read any fiction book you will see that there is always ONE HERO who everyone has been waiting for and who then saves the day (everyone else feels hopeless – that is the hypnosis – we all are meant to feel hopeless and wait for the hero). but it doesn’t work like that. there is never going to be one person. we all need to join on some level and maybe one day WE ALL will be the hero – as a humanity..

    we are taught to look for everything somewhere ‘out there’ and someone is going to bring it to us but that is wrong. we are being taught this wrong. you need to find the proof somewhere inside you. just ask for it and pay attention to what is going on in your life and you will find clues that will answer your questions i am sure.

    i’m not trying to say here that I am any better and that i have a proof. no i don’t. i have some days when i think that, you know, ‘there are no reptilians and all of this is just bull-poo’ but then when I look at the world and really think about it.. reptilians and pleiadians and all other E.Ts – all this stuff – it just makes more sense to me, even though i have never seen any, than when i imagine that none of it exists, people are worshiping owls and god knows what and sacrificing others, make some weird signs that repeat in nearly every music video or film – they do all of it just for fun and no apparent reason and i am the one who is fooled.

    i am sorry if what i write about sound very vague and abstract to you, it did sound it for me for quite some time but the more i am awake from the mass hypnosis (literally) the more sense it means to me.

    i am also sorry that the world is making you sad (i don;t like using word depressed because there seems to be too much negativity around it and it makes people make prejudices because people misuse the word..) sometimes it is a bit sad world but there is lot of good things going on here as well so maybe try and look for the positive things :)

    hope this helped you a bit :)

  146. Monica says:

    Thank you! xx

  147. Kevin says:

    hello my fellow brothers and sisters of the light, i come to you today with a question about my state of mind and how can i further assist any whom seek wisdom or a true way of life. first of all i want to explain where my mind-state comes from. when i was at younger age, 11 to be exact. I found my only parent my mother passed, now don’t perceive my saying this as a bad thing or a thing or a way for me to gain condolence. i say this because my mother never imposed her way of thinking on me which was Heavily EGOIC unlike most parents who drive their ways of thinking upon their kids and as we all know is heavily EGOIC due to the setup of our false system of happiness through monetary or other distractions of this realm. im 22 now and i have lived a life without an ego AKA other dimensional beings filling my mind with incessant chatter or desires. i know they tryed to break my mind and body connection by taking her. they actually made it much stronger. For one who knows the truth will welcome “death” on this realm with open arms and a full merkabah as their chariot. This is my question. i have always loved “the all” or “the one” unconditionally and like second nature, i can tell who doesn’t have a true consciousness and look through all manifestations of the ego by the level of lucidity within ones eyes, being a very humble person i never get angry but when i see my fellow brothers and sisters not in control and duped so badly i do envelop a passion to defeat all that opposes the true way of being and consciousness. my most utmost and sincere honor or duty would be to lead the charge against these Other beings and confront even the most feared or controlling entity’s. Any look of insight on my mindset and sense of duty to what is to come would be nice, im very open and know i can learn from other peoples experiences as well as insight. Thank you for reading and i look forward to helping and protecting all who walks the path of the light.

  148. Dount know what to think says:

    So are the cristian baaaaaad???

  149. Dount know what to think says:

    And if i allredy know all the illuminant shit and more do brainwhas affect so bad to my when whats tv?? And allsou really scared to world destinity when all thous illuminati basteds do all bad shit and what about ww3 Bible say that the evil will frist dominates one 3.5year and then the second part 3.5y so 7years off domination will come? or more it becose the evil is allredy president so.

  150. Dount know what to think says:

    And all the nucklier war? when the net is destroyet?

  151. susie says:

    yes yes yes, I am here to tell you all…it is no mistake, coincidence or accident that you are here…there are no coincidences…it is time to wake up. You are never alone….we are always with you. Beware and be aware of manipulations that are so subtle that even the elect would be deceived. You are the elect. What you can do, what you need to do is hold the light within you….hold onto this message, that you are a beautiful magnificent being of light created without flaw. You are loved beyond measure no matter what you’ve done. Hold onto this message, put it in a safe place and do not allow anyone to take it from you. Now is the time to come out of fear and the lower emotional vibrations and step into love that conquers all. Trust, but be careful. Open your heart but guard it…and know that we are always with you to guide you and direct you…be patient and all will come to fruition…you came to this planet at this time for a reason…and you will soon realize that purpose….it will all make sense. I promise. love and light

  152. nick says:

    I feel different these days i don’t know what to think who to talk how to feel all of this frightens me and humanity now is destroying me inside i feel no drive to work and pay taxes and work a dead end job i want to be free and my people to be free i care for food shelter and clothes im scarred we have driven so far off this path with war commercialism, hate and alcohol i do not like this place i want to fix it love me and i will love you and forever be in harmony.

  153. Anitka says:

    hi nick :)

    just hang on in there, brother, it won’t take long :) humanity has not driven too far off! i actually start to see the shift around me. (It is nothing massive, just subtle things but i can feel it!!) people ARE remembering. Im not sure how abstract it sounds to you – it did sound abstract to me for quite a while but now im starting to understand energy and everything. try and look for the positives :):). go outside in the nature and FEEL the nature – the trees, birds, river everything together -and soon u will begin to feel much better.

    also u can join the forum on this website. there’s a really nice community and you can talk just about everything! we will help you overcome fear and any obstacles u findon your way i am sure of it!

    hope it helps a little bit and that soon you will feel just excellent!


  154. Phyl says:

    Hi Brad, I do see you have an advert of Cameron Day titled ‘Genius Brain Power’ on your site. I wondered if you have seen his latest update on the ankle biters and where our situation with Earth is to date. It is most interesting and most heartening to know the many positive achievements made by the many people all over, putting their efforts into help waking up the unawakened on this planet. This shift is happening and Light is here helping to disperse and do away with the darkness. And thank you Peggy Kane for your tenacity and diligence for all those years in gleaning the information that you have the way that you have on these Reptilians, for it shines more Light on how these beings operate and more importantly what actually happened to us when we die (well, mostly when we come out of body – unbelievable what they do to the children grr!) I heard and read from Taanath (Silver Legion) and Cameron Day (Ascension Help)the lower 4th density have been cleared out of these terrible monsters. I feel for Alex Collier the years he has put his heart and soul into this Shift then be broken…hey Alex be well with your family and love ones we’re all waking now sorry didn’t do it any sooner for you…Jordan Maxwell, David Ickes, Tolec…many many more thank you to them all.
    Shifting into 2013 – The Big Squeeze Is On By Cameron Day, on January 7th, 2013

  155. Tell says:

    sense I made my original post I have been researching the subject of
    spiritualism and meditation and even practicing meditation. In doing so I stumbled onto something that has really scared the hell out of me. I have discovered a cheap almost unstoppable form of assassination. Using existing technology combined with very little technical know how and a budget of at max five thousand dollars almost anybody could apply this.
    Even if you had the highest level of personal security it would not mater. It’s effective range so far is 8 miles and if a person where to combine it with cellphone technology in the form of apps that have already been written the range more then triples. I am going to stop here with the details in case someone else puzzles out the idea from the words I write.
    All of this has me very conflicted, I can very easley write a book on the subject and make alot of money off of it. But the idea of someone applying my idea makes me sick. I could if I wished contact the government with what I have discovered so far. But that has its own dangers to consider as well. If the government took me serious and they probably would because I can prove it, certain liberty’s many of us at this time enjoy would be taken from us to protect against this threat.
    Please feel free to comment on this even if it is to tell me I am full of it. Please note that I do not believe in most of what I find here. I just find it odd that contained in the video pleiadians a wake up call to the family of light was a supposed message that mentioned me by name. Tell we are beings of light lets go get party.
    I found that to be very odd and interesting.


  156. anonymous says:

    Dear loved ones,

    Anybody here with strong protection, confidence, strong belief in everything that is positive and good and Holy.If you have enouh protecttion arround you, then please leave me your email so that I could contact you.

    Thank you!

    Love all of you… so deeply

  157. Theillwill says:

    Random intuitive thoughts to maybe help in a small way.
    Probably not accurate, but perhaps. speculation is the first step to understanding right?

    Reptilian life, this concept of reptilian seems an almost too earthly. Have other planets really evolved in such the same pattern as to allow similarities of this magnitude? A reptile. It seems too great a coincidence that we have many reptiles here. If they just look somewhat like one and we’re making a connection that isn’t there to help give an idea of what they look like, then fine. but if they really are reptiles, what does that mean? Were they the intellectually dominant dinosaur perhaps, wiped out the rest while developing enough sense to save enough to live? ….once again, random though, probably not. (though it could imply an almost zoo like nature of planet earth, a collection of life if you will, (which might not be one of a kind))

    but given that they came here later on to develop the slave race…..(us)

    why did the pleiadians allow this to happen?
    why weren’t they still here with us?
    if they look so much like us, then they are most assuredly our ancestors. …
    if they knew their own ability to grow, evolve, and develop over time…and time isn’t an issue due to elongated lifespans…..couldn’t they have been seeding this planet, for independent development.
    a sort of technological harvest if you will.
    if you can do this many times over on many planets, i’d imagine you’d let it be for a while and ferment…so to speak.
    so they come back and low-and-behold. instead of a cleanly cultivating petry dish,(spelling?) it’s been tainted. the reptilians have taken over. which would have to make our planet fairly unique.
    here’s another question.. if so, why’s that?
    the reptilians couldn’t be doing this to all the other planets that are the same as ours. which there must be if the pleiadians are our family. our alliance. the pleiadians seem to be vastly superior to the reptilians, so for the reptilians to invest so much time and effort into this planet must mean something.

    we are unique. but we know not really why.
    it could be our meat, of course, one giant farm is better than two really small ones i’d suppose. but couldn’t they have done this on these hypothetical other seeded planets? (given their existence?) we must have some other resource they’re hoping to extort. be it gold, uranium, plutonium, what have you…this answer, it would interest me greatly.

    the rapid advances in technology as of late are of great interest to me as well. tell me what we had technologically 200 years ago and what we have now. why such a sudden advance. we didn’t even have a computer until the 1940′s…and it was pretty bogus. now we’ve been to space.

    and why was that space travel business allowed to happen in the first place???

    gotta love you some of that old timey nasa footage. it’s deliciously raw.

    how do the grey’s play in?
    why are they such bitches? (low in the hierarchy of beings..)
    i’d like to know that story.

    plus…how come not all reptilians are evil…i mean i’m sure they’ve a mind of their own and can think independently, but in a world as controlled and watched as this one, wouldn’t that be a terribly dangerous thing to be? so this implies the ability of compassion, or at least emotion. so they’re not the emotionless monsters we think them to be. at least not all. which is a hard concept to grasp. given the deceit and atrocities put forth by many. hell, the reptilians fighting for us gotta be brave and selfless as hell having seen, (and perhaps being participants in), the extent of despair and fear their race is capable of inflicting.

    if there’s one thing we should pride ourselves in, it’s love.
    maybe it’d make them sick to be loved by us. if they really can feed on fear and negative energy. to be actually involved in the relationship of love with a side dish, being might deter one from eating you. … i’m starting to sound whacked out…once again. postulation.

    pleiadian technology harvesting though.
    think about it.


  158. Theillwill says:

    i apologize for the poor grammar in the above….not uneducated…just exhausted..long day…

  159. Robert says:

    My whole life I have felt I tend to see above the level of normal humanity, that it is there just within my grasp and that I wish it would become crystal clear for me to see but it is still cloudy…I go through life looking for signs or things that will resonate with me, don’t get me wrong I am not some good with his head in the clouds and no foothold to reality, no that is all too evident. Even as a child of 7 or 8 and I am 62 now I remember standing outside at night looking at the stars and trying to will myself to another planet in our solar system because I felt a tug on my soul even at that age and now by reading some of the website I may have stumbled onto what it is that has been nagging me all these years, a yearning so to speak..hey..thanks for the information.

  160. jesus says:

    this is all bullshit have faith in god and jesus and know that if enough of us come together for the better cause of fighting evil and follow his commandments righteousness and spread peace and love you’ll be good lets make a change as gods children nvm this pleiadians vs reptilians read the bible gain strength wisdom knowledge and understanding and be gods warrior a part of his armies were not all gods but we can be like him if we live in his image and think an do the things he would god bless everyone dont get caught up in this hoax no one knows when he world will end lets just do are part and do good for humanity and love one another!

  161. PeterSagittari says:

    Hello jesus,

    there is one small thing you need to reconsider. In the bible there is not spoken of God but Gods. So you need to reconsider what is this book called The Bible in first place and why it exists. And while you’re at it ask who are these Gods these beings who made us in their image…On what purpose ? And why they call them selfs Gods ? What this all means ?
    There is tons and tons of new information coming up about our true history. If ive learned anything i learned one thing about that. To really start to understand our true origins, in the greater perspective how they should be percived is that the idea of God and his sheeps is obsolute and too simplictic, whats more, its made this way on purpose, its not organic. We the people saw God or Gods in everything we couldnt or wouldnt explain. Lighitng? Death ? The Moon ? The Sun ? But our knowledge grow over time until this moment in time. And there is no need for this idea of God anymore. Because we understand now. All is equal. All is one. Only difference is the position of everything and everyone in space and time in this universe. And thats the point. From the strings and quarks to planets and galaxies. Separation…duality…Thats whats making it interesting to experience in the first place. Thats what makes things the way they are, the contrasts, jing-jang, positive-negative, light and no light. Endless struggle. You cannot have one thing without the other. And the sheer scale between these two extremes creates the ultimate playground the ultimate sandbox with ENDless possibilities.

  162. tonino says:

    Hi humanity wins

    can you help me out?

    is there a method to recognize reptilians?
    technology ?
    or something?

    looking forward to hear from you

  163. Ronald Blijlevens says:

    Hi !

    I think I am a pleiadian too… I have enormous interest in this.. How can i contact the Pleiadians. Please let them contect me then. I want to help them in their alliance with us.


    Ronald Blijlevens

  164. Pheia says:

    Thank you for all of your hard work!
    Blessed be!

  165. Iguanas in the wild spend much of their day basking in the sun not
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    These chemicals are referred to as goitrogens and are found in a variety of foods.

  166. Anton Sires says:

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  167. DJ says:

    I genuinely don’t accept as true with this blog post. Nevertheless, I did looked in Yahoo and I have identified out that you are correct and I was thinking inside the improper way. Carry on publishing excellent quality material like this.

  168. Valentin says:

    hello all my name is valentin i’m 24 and recently moved to san diego. i too had many odd experiences as a child, i was obsessed and scared of aliens. even as a child i told my parents and psychologist that there are good and bad beings on our planet, doing what they would ask and then i didn’t have the answers. i remember once as a child in phoenix arizona i was in my room with the windows open playing with my toys as i always did. when suddenly a basketball sized cloud or mist moved into my room through my screened window, i remember this very vividly. i’ll never forget the overwhelming sense of warmth and love i felt from this as it sat in front of me about two feet away. i spoke no words and heard nothing, mind you this was on a summers day in arizona. and then like nothing had happened it vanished, i was never scared and never questioned it’s purpose, i just knew someone great was watching over. i tell these things to most friends and they think i am obsessed with conspiracy theories….. i now know i am not the only one that has been spoken to and experienced these things. i would like to thank you all. call me a crazy but i have begun to attend public gatherings just to walk around and see if i can attempt to spot out humanoid oddities. whats weird is i swear the lizzys or what have you usually spot me first. it’s almost as if they see me searching through the crowd, and then there they are piercing eyes and always locked on me. why and how is this?

  169. wanderer says:

    Hi valentin. I think it’s best to avoid contact with reptilians! and greys! always only look for people who are the good guys, ask them 3 times if they are good or not. look at this site, it has a lot of people working on freeing planet earth from the bad ETs.. with the help of humans and good ETs


  170. Anna Marie says:

    Hello my name is Anna. I went to church today way after after mass I stumbled apon your blog. After reading they controll us through religon I relized I made a mistake today at mass. I began to regret Acsepting the Wholy Spirit I guess what I wanted to ask was if there is a reverse (what I mean is by getting red of him)? I asked Christ in mass if he can stop fighting and give the pleaidens to rule. If no I promised to help save us and humans from all evil thing that I see evil from my view and help the pleaidens win us wing there way. He spoke in tounge saying don’t do things my way or the other way but do things his way. It was after I told him I have awakened and new the truth. The lady in front of us once she shook my hand she grabbed hold of it again but with both hands like she new I was awaken. It seemed like the whol church new. Cause the priest kept talking about how you have to accept The Lord and they all looked at me. It was like they were trying to persuade me that religon is good.
    I new it wasn’t they Speek of piece but when I saw a video (I only watched a little bit of the Message to the awaken (which don’t watch by the way) they talked nothing about violence to we’re I couldn’t stand it because it was nothing but lies hate and jellousy.
    I’m really regretting Acsepting the Wholy spirit I guess all I wanted was to Speek it. Now after I learned they used religon I seriously regret this.

  171. Rashida says:

    So happy to have found this site and such wealth of information. Finally, something reasonates. :)

  172. Jason says:

    I have been obsessively researching and learning about the alien agenda, NWO, conspiracy theories, reptilians, religions, starseeds/lightworkers, ascension, the new beginning (12/21/2012), etc since 2008. It first started with me watching UFO stuff on YouTube and then gradually awakening from the matrix of lies. Through the years, I’ve experiencing much pain and suffering at the hands of the truth of how this planet has been run in its history. There was a point when I truly felt hopeless until April/May of 2013 when I realized that I am a lightworker on planet Earth and have extensive knowledge, based upon my awakening and understanding, that is highly important and this knowledge is shared upon by my fellow brothers and sisters of the skies who are now hear to lift this planet into a level of love and light that has been unseen in many, many years. Mother Earth is cleansing itself and the world is coming together, and humanity is rising in an effort to bring global light onto the planet. We are being gradually prepared for a major revelation soon and when it happens, the whole world will change for the better. The news will tell us that there is doom and gloom, and that is because of the reptilians control roughly 95% of the media and are trying to hold on to what little power they still have. Soon, they will be exposed and eventually, humanity will win and love will prevail. I am pondering ways of sharing my thoughts on a larger national scale via the internet and perhaps soon I can have a bigger avenue and outlet for sharing what I know to everyone who desires to be enlightened and further awakened themselves. For now, the world as we know it, will improve and become better. We are entering 5D and saying goodbye to the old imprisonment of 3D. We all must stick together and shine in this beautiful light that is now upon us.


  173. Leo says:

    Hello my fellow Humans :)
    So, I’ve been looking up things of this kind for some time now, just like everyone here I have woken up from this web of lies and stuff surrounding me n’ I wanted to find out as much as I can about the Real Picture of everything that surrounds me n’ is happening around me, planet, galaxy n’ around the universe, just like all of you guys here.. I found this web site, saw the videos n’ stuff n’ I was fascinated.. but right after it I bumped into ”Complete interview with a Reptilian, Lacerta”.. you can find it on this link .. Some would probably say, blah blah blah it’s a Reptilian woman, shes telling lies n’ blah blah.. but that would be typical Human ignorance n’ primitivism, n’ such apsurde thinking that some entire Alien race is evil is complete unacceptable for me, just like there are good humans n’ bad humans, there’s good Aliens n’ bad Aliens in one Alien race, no question about it, maybe some other race thinks we are all evil, but you would deny that fact of course..well, exactly my point.. But besides that, I took my time, 2:15:07 to be precise, to hear what she has to say.. Reptilian or not she said some very very interesting things n’ facts that is tickling my mind now, n’ someone just can’t make this up, cause it’s to complex in certain parts for human brain to understand.. she know so much about so many stuff, n’ she putted up a big part of a Real Picture, from trough out history till this day.. n’ she was revealing a lots of details about Reptilian race itself, their body description inner and outer, they’re history, advancement, their life today, their underworld worlds, n’ where are the entrances .. about how are they able to walk among humans in a human form.. no shape shifting or anything as we assume, they’re doing it with their mind to our mind, creating some kind of mimicry image to our eyes.. their mind is more advanced than ours, they’ve developed use of telekinesis n’ telepathy n’ they’ve being thought to use it since a young age..she said that humans are able to do the same, but that part of our brain is still asleep, she even explained how’s she doing it, but my mind just can’t follow it at the moment, just like some explanations for some other things that she gave, still to complex for us, also she said that that mimicry is only working on our mind, but not the cameras, so every human we see on TV that we suspect that they’re reptilians in human form, well, they’re not, they’re only Human traitors, or should I say Evil Humans working with Evil Reptilians.. trough out everything she spoke about Dinosaur extinction, n’ she wasn’t mistaken, it really fits to story that our scientist developed, that they found all Dinosaurs bones being radioactive.. we’ll she kinda painted a whole picture about that event of a great war between two alien races that occurred here.. n’ the most interesting part is a lot about our history n’ our origin here.. now here is a part of the story witch brought me back here to post this.. She mentioned a race called Illyans, or Illians, or Ilians, Ilyans, I really don’t know how to spell it, since it was an audio recording, but anyway.. she mention these guys as our creators.. In a time of primitive apes, those guys arrived here n’ modified our genes, helping us to develop much faster, because natural development takes billions n’ billions of years, so if they didn’t came here we would be now sitting in our caves trying to figure out the secrets of fire. But, there’s more to it, those guys that came didn’t made change in our genes because they love us so much but for us to be some kind of slavery helping them in some of their future plans. She described them as tall pale skin beings with blonde hair, but very sensitive to our Sun. And the story just began there, we are not the first intelligent humanoids that lived here, not the second not the third, but the seventh.. n’ all other previous humanoids were wiped out after some time by the same Illyan guys that put them there n’ helped in development.. We are the experiment of a highly advanced race, but not the Pleiadians as we thought, she doesn’t mention them at all, (but if they truly exist, then they must be the remaining of some of the previous humanoid species that somehow survived n’ escaped the wrath of their/our creators).. n’ that race is returning in some period of time to check on their experiment, n’ if it’s gone wrong, well.. that’s why we are the 7th humanoids on Earth, but they haven’t return for some 5000-6000 years or more, but if you look back, all the history we know the most dates no further than 5000-6000 years back, everything that dates back further are all ruins of some cities n’ our guessing what are they doing there n’ who build them.. makes you wounder.. But anyway. there comes a conflict between us n’ Reptilians, before those 5000-6000 years, they lived on surface n’ our primitive ancestors saw them as Gods, but because that advanced race n’ their experiment on us along with their last arrival, they have been forced to go live underground, n’ their primitive ancestors lived along our primitive ape ancestors on the surface before everything happened. But Reptilians, they are a extreme sun lovers, she said that sun is giving them such a feeling, n’ when their body temperature is raised they are able to do everything they can much better, n’ she described the feeling, something like ours during sex, if they don’t get enough sun in some period of time, they die.. but because of us up here they have to stay underground n’ that’s why they don’t like us that much, n’ not exposing their selves to us.. but even if they did, a lots of humans would be to primitive to understand.. but as always we humans creating a story only suitable for ourselves, that we are good everyone else is bad, we’re innocent n’ stuff like that, well I doubt that we are, I believe we did some bad things to, well the Evil Humans to be precise, just like Evil Reptilians are doing to us now, but that doesn’t make the fact that all Reptilians are evil.. besides all that she said that there are 14 active Alien races on earth today, from witch 3 are hostile, n the most of the others today and ever are coming here because of a raw material that is used trough out space for a spacecraft construction, but the interview is from 1999 n’ 2000, so it is possible that the number has changed.. One race even comes from another universe, trough some bubble thing n’ stuff that she explained can’t explain precisely now, she said that they have the power to wipe us out in a single thought, but have no hostile intentions so far..
    Well, I could be sitting here n’ writing everything I heard here, but that’s why I putted the link above :)
    It doesn’t matter if you believe in this or that or even something else, If you’re open minded this story will be ta hell of a interesting one I strongly guaranty.. n’ recommend :)

  174. Aphroditeblue says:


    Thank you so much for this web site! I sent ya a few bucks, hope it helps and that others will too. :)

    I want to address two things. The first is to “Jesus” who posted above. Jesus… sweety…you are spouting religious dogma from your poor brainwashed devout Christian pores and while I understand where you are coming from, been-there-done-that, I am here to explain to you with love that you are sadly mistaken and are doing so because you are full of fear. Your soul is searching for truth and now that you are faced with the unfortunate and crushing reality that your faith and all others for that matter are genuine USDA bologna… you are scared stiff and your ego is putting up its little fists. We understand. Most of us have gone through this too. Please do the research. Start with religions as I did 14 years ago and you will soon discover how it was all created and used against us over and over again. Just Google Truth about religions and go from there with an open mind. Historians are wonderful sources esp. those who deal with ancient written languages. I wont lie…this will be painful, but the truth will set you free if you can handle the truth and are mature enough to take responsibility for what you chose to believe vs needing a “savior” as a security blanket you truly will be your own man.

    The second thing I would like to do is point out to all those who think they are Pleiadian or “Light this’s or That’s”… that it really matters not if we are Pleiadians or not and so I am suggesting not to give it much value. Why not? Well for one thing much of the information regarding them is channeled which if you have seen enough channeled information you begin to see a pattern of unreliable information. Dates and promised events never seem to ever pan out and are always pushed back or rescheduled for a later date when the one given passes. The so-called “Galactic Federation” may or may not even exist. It is entirely possible and we must keep in mind when processing any information that the Lizards or some other malevolent source may be responsible for it even if it seems “good” and gives us the warm fuzzies. Ok, so the Pleiadians claim to be on our side and fighting for our freedom. Awesome…but we don’t really know that do we? All we really know is “so-and-so said…”. How do we know that all of it isn’t fake? Think about it. The Lizards have had a long time to perfect their tactics and they know us inside and out and have supposedly even genetically altered us in many ways to dumb us down. I am not saying that there isn’t any information out there that is reliable, I am just saying that we can’t assume that because they supposedly look like us, talk like us, act like us, claim to BE US, claim to be on our side, or our saviors,and put out some gosh darned beautiful and enthralling pictures of their supposed gorgeous looking selves….that they actually ARE any of those things at all and the “proof will be in the puddin”. I for one run from anything that refers to itself as having anything to do with “light” because if there is a lucifer, Satan, whatever…if there is ANY truth in that AT ALL then it must not be overlooked that he was the “brightest” of the “angels” and most of us have probably already heard tales of how the Lizards are able to pose as “angels” and having a self emanating “light”. We have been duped so many times before and we don’t want to repeat this.Something about the very word “light” rings as suspicious to me due to its overuse. I don’t know about all of you readers, but I for one do not plan on hopping on the next space craft just because they claim to be the good guys and here to “rescue” us. How do we know that it isn’t a Lizard trick or Psi-ops? How do we know that they haven’t already created multiple false paths for us to follow to yet ever more dead ends? I have read information from other people who have said “We are the ones we have been waiting for.” and I believe that to be true. This is why I say I don’t think we should get all worked up over being Pleiadian or not. Its just ego and it doesn’t really matter. We need to find a solution to our problems OURSELVES and not once again hand over our power and rights to others.If these Pleiadians really are the good guys…they will understand this and will find ways to enable US to fight out own fights. We must not let ourselves feel helpless and needing to be rescued. If they are up there fighting for us… we can thank them when the time comes, but let’s not get carried away with all that and start worshiping them as heroes because for all we know they could easily be yet another malevolent race fighting over power to rule us. I hope not of course, but look how they have set themselves up as authority figures of military soldiers, MASTERS, and teachers. Is it any coincidence that they have used THREE already ingrained figures of power in our world? Were not Quetzalcoatl and other beings like him not thought of as teachers??? We must ask ourselves the tough questions like; if I were an advanced alien race trying to free another in an oppressed world controlled by another equally advanced race, one that is evil to boot, would I REALLY let the other camp KNOW what I am up to by telling and exciting the captives drawing attention to myself and my intentions or would I keep quiet and covert to get the job done? I think the later don’t you? So that is my point that I wished to make. We really can’t trust anyone esp since we are prone to being duped. We are the ones who need to band together in a non-threatening or preferably the least attention gathering way possible to avoid becoming targets and put our heads together to try and find a way to rid ourselves of these parasites once and for all. Keep in mind those parasites run our government who read everything we say and hear everything we do. We have to step up our game considerably and to be honest, sadly, I don’t think everyone WILL wake up. We could wait eons for everyone to wake up and I think many like “Jesus” there will refuse to. Maybe we aren’t all meant to? Maybe it is for those who do to pass some test or evolve in some way to be able to move on? Maybe that’s the point of it all or maybe the entire theory that we are here by design to “grow” is all BS and yet another distracting hurdle to keep us running in circles instead of finding any real solutions. We have to be prepared for that possibility. Don’t you think mankind has many times become as modern as we are now, maybe more, only to suddenly be destroyed? Were they not duped by religions and control systems too? Is it possible that we are just deliberately nearly wiped off the face of the planet every time we get close? Think about it. If the Lizards are totally dependent on us for every aspect of their very lives….would they be in such a hurry to get rid of us their only source of food and strength? I would also like to point out that since 2006 the Lizards have had a lot of time to screw with any accidental findings like reversed speech and that even if it was a truly pure and awesome tool then, it is entirely possible that it is being used against us now. I am not saying abandon all hope here, just that we can’t afford to let ourselves get sucked into any more disinformation and Happily Ever After fairy tales. We have to be grown-ups about this and it may not be pretty. Thanks for reading. I hope I have given much food for thought that will help us move to positive change. Good luck to all and congratulations on waking up.

  175. Michael says:

    Hi Aphroditeblue.

    I love what you just said. :)

  176. Bankai says:

    Om Mani Padme Hum. Namo Amitofou..

  177. manwtf says:

    i dont know if im an indigo, pladien, or a reincarnated soul of a pharoh i know about life and whats going on and about rappers and weed and shit but what the fuck

  178. TheLight says:

    This is hard, I’m not sure on where to start. Ever since I was young, I’ve searched through possibilities of what is really happening on earth, afterlife and other dimensions.. My knowledge was weak, it started with religion, though I felt there was something more, I started to believe in spiritual beings, I wasn’t sure how it was possible, I just felt it. Before any material I read or watched, I told myself, “Earth is locked, we need to open up to let in the light”.. I was haunted by this thought for a while, and it’s freaking me out because I’m thinking of the videos that stated.. ‘It’s on lock down… we need to awaken’.

    I don’t want to make it sound like I’m super special, but could I be.. pleiadian?.. I want answers, I want to know, although what makes me doubt myself is I’m a little worried/scared.. and being that, it makes me doubt being one because they’re heroes. I’m just 18, please don’t think I’m just some teen looking for attention because I’m really not. I truly believe in this, while I was watching the videos, I felt a sense of love, my body tingled and my eyes started to tear up. It probably sounds stupid, but it’s the truth.

    I read a few comments, about validating whether I am or not, I will record myself and play in reverse.. I want to help, open up the eyes of everyone, gain and maintain peace..To do as a Pleiadian would, Is there any other way I could validate this? Also.. is it possible that they have already tried to contact me? I would love to talk to someone as I am new to “thinking I may be pleiadian”..

    If I don’t pick up anything in my recordings, do you think that maybe it would take some time to do it “being patient”, or something a pleiadian would pick up? .. If I am not a Pleiadian, I will spread the word, help the world know the truth. I will fight for every soul.

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    There are also incarnate angels here assisting. Some are fighting in astral (another deminsion) while sleeping. Rescueing the children. (ever feel tired when you woke up – like you never slept) Pleiadians are training people while in sleep state. Think about your dreams. If you want to learn something ask that it be shown to you while sleeping. BUT always ask for protection against the dark and surround yourself with the light. Ask for protection for full mind, body and spirit/soul and in any dimension or technology and while sleeping.


    Archangels are real and you can call on them the same as some call Jesus. Archangle Michael has a blue light of protection/shield. If you want to know the truth about something ask Archangle Gabriele to show you.

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    please contact me if you want to know more.

    the control matrix is The Reptilian Satanic Order, The Order, Or Novus Ordo.

    They try to get everyone to be subjugated to a corporate jurisdiction through signing submission contracfs, being a corporate employee, by agreeing to terma of service which bind the to a corporation, Aby having a zip code or federal jurisdiction, by incorporating nation states, and cities, by enumerating the population through Social Security Administration SSA which is in over 160 countries.

  191. Ashlee says:

    Bible says to die to old life and be separate from the world. Satan and thr anti Christ system is close to being implemented. people will have to be chipped to by or sell on the system which will be linked to a number (number of his name) which is linked to a complex database with bank and other account info.

    People will beg to take the mark.

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    I agree with 90 persent of the videos, so let get to the 10 persent that I have issues with. Pleiadians are human, along with 85 persent of extraterrestrial civilization in the southwest quadrant. Not all starseeds are pleiadians, in fact they are a rather small minority. Myself I’m Tau Cetian, I’ve personally met more Aucturans and Lyrans than Pleiadians, I have a good friend who is Orion. Pleiadians have a reputation of being arrogant, and since the new age movement was Pleiadian creation, it makes perfect since that Pleiadian starseeds would flock towards\ get caught up in the new age scene. The rest of us avoid it like the plague. If you want to find a large variety of starseeds of too a rave or a goth club.

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  203. Michael44 says:

    Hi Dustin.

    That’s a good question. I have a couple of possible reasons why, and I’m definitely not saying they are true. I have no real idea of course, but here goes:-

    One possible reason is that they want us to ask for our own slavery to be implemented. They provide the problem-reaction-solution scenario in order for us to then beg them to keep us safe. and so they implement further security measures to keep us “safe”. and therefore, if they are ever held to account by us or some good et’s in the future, they can say that nothing was forced on us. We asked them to enslave them. of course, this excuse sounds unlikely to be accepted, as we humans have made our decisions without having access to the truth of things.

    Another possibility is that they want humans to evolve to a certain point, and that may not happen if we are enslaved. They may want a certain percentage of us to evolve beyond where we currently are at. Why? in order to use us as weapons in some future star war. Evolved humans may have abilities that they need to help them to take over more parts of the universe. so, they want us to evolve, but only to a certain point. if we are all enslaved now, our evolution may draw to a halt.

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  206. Esther says:

    Reptilians are given way to much power. God of love the source has had a lot to do with the advancement of people of color thank God and this election. having a black president is a blessing. A lot of these movies, films and shows are to conscience-bound to have been manipulated by reptiles/Nazis. Lets not twist the truth. People of color have suffered way more than any other race; that needs to be understood first.

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    I still do not get WHY they (the more evolved races) did not help humanity more efficiently and much sooner, what the hell is SO complicated on bringing down some net around the Earth, when those races have such incredible technology?… Can they not just shoot down/hack the transmitter of the NET signal? Set us free? It is all bit weird and fishy to me… It paradoxically makes me distrust the info about some Earth saviorus/helpers…..
    (I think my kind of life would make big distrusting pessimist of everyone. At least I’m far from gullible.)

    But still, there are those feeling inside me… That compassion, love and passionate hope, that I can do something to help the humanity… So there must be *something* to this feelings… dosn’t it? Maybe the infiltration from the inside is really the only way?? (I wish I could know and do more.)

    So maybe there really are some “star wars” out there… and the reptilians are not so easy to take down… I really don’t know…
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    Bye. :)

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