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Pleiadian Contactee, Colleen Thomas – Reverse Speech


There has certainly been much debate over Colleen Thomas and the information she has been sharing since 2010, and of course this is understandable considering the content of her information, but reverse speech can help us determine if she was in fact speaking truth, or if she was simply misguided and delusional.

So let’s get on with the reverse speech analysis of Colleen to see what it can reveal. Is she really a Pleiadian contactee, or is she just spreading disinformation? Reverse speech will help give us a clearer picture about the legitimacy of her information.

Here’s the video that was used for the reverse speech analysis…



Forward – “That Ship Off”

That Ship Off (Forward) by forward”>That Ship Off (Forward) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “All They Shine”

All They Shine (Reverse) by Humanity Wins

The Pleiadians are spiritually advanced beings


Forward – “Er, Evactuate”

Er, Evacuate (Forward) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Yeah, We Tried Nuke the ET”

Yeah, We Tried Nuke the ET (Reverse) by Humanity Wins

The last part of this reversal isn’t totally clear, but the term “ET”, as in Extra-Terrestrial, is a common phrase in Reverse Speech, so this is what I feel is being said. The missile that was fired at the Pleiadian ship appears to have packed a punch.


Forward – “Er, With an EMP Weapon”

Er, With an EMP Weapon (Forward) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “And They Fire Weak Main at the…”

And They Fire Weak Main at the Rock by Humanity Wins

The last part of this reversal isn’t clear, but again there is a reference here to a weapon being fired.


Forward – “Trying to disable the ship”

Trying to Disable the Ship (Forward) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Our Ship Will be Seeking Out”

Our Ship Will be Seeking Out by Humanity Wins

This could be refering to the Pleiadian ship seeking out and disarming the missile or the US warship heading towards China. I feel it is refering to the Pleiadian ship.


Forward – “A Warship”

A Warship (Forward) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “They Showed Up”

They Showed Up (Reverse) by Humanity Wins

The Pleiadians showed up to disarm the missile.


Forward – “And so They”

And so They (Foward) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “They Gave us Net”

They Gave Us Net (Reverse) by Humanity Wins

In reverse the term “Net” refers to either a deception or the Reptilian Net which surrounds the Earth.


Forward – “In the United States Right Now, We’re in a”

In the United States Right Now, We’re in a (Forward) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Surrender Hawaian Airspace Standing”

Surrender Hawaian Airspace Standing (Reverse) by Humanity Wins

This reversal indicates that there was some activity over Hawaii during this incident. Possibly the Pleiadian ship was first detected over Hawaian airspace.


Forward – “There’s Also a”

There’s Also a by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “That Were a Saucer”

That Were a Saucer (Reverse) by Humanity Wins

Again confirmation that a Pleiadian “Saucer” was involved.


Forward – “Lithium in That”

Lithium in That by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “A Net And Then They Fill”

A Net and Then They Fill by Humanity Wins




Forward – “In Our Water”

It’s in Our Water by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “It’s a Great Owl Burning”

It’s a Great Owl Burning by Humanity Wins

In Reverse Speech the “Owl” is a common metaphor for the Reptilians. So This reversal is telling us that the Reptilians got a butt kicking!


Forward – “Sprayed in This”

Spayed in This by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Up See the Help”

Up See The Help by Humanity Wins

Look up to see the Pleiadian “help”


Forward – “There’s No Need For”

There’s No Need For (Forward) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “HAARP Beam Launch it”

Harp Beam Launch it (Reverse) by Humanity Wins

It seems that HAARP was used as a weapon against the Pleiadian ship.


Forward – “Might Not No”

Might Not Now (Forward) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “It’s Going a Gamble”

It’s Going A Gamble by Humanity Wins

Was the US missile being fired at Iran a gamble for the Reptilians or were the Pleiadians gambling with their intervention? Could be both.


Forward – “Pass Right Through Them”

Pass Right Through Them (Forward) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “Mother Helps High”

Mother Helps High (Reverse) by Humanity Wins

 Over the past 18 months reverse speech has been revealing that our creator is in fact a “Divine Couple”. There are constant references to “Mother” and “Father” because they have been at the forefront in bringing the Reptilian’s rein of terror to an end.


Forward – “Me Now From”

Me Now From (Forward) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “And We’re Fine”

And We’re Fine (Reverse) by Humanity Wins

The Pleiadians came out of this situation without a scratch.


Forward – “What it Actually Was”

What it Actually Was (Forward) by Humanity Wins


Reverse – “The Owl Will Try it”

The Owl Will Try it (Reverse) by Humanity Wins

The Reptilians (The Owl) Know that their time is almost up and they are trying anything they can to ingnite fear. But it is all in vein.


So there we have it. Colleen Thomas is completely congruent in reverse. The story that she is sharing on the news broadcast is the same story that comes out in reverse. Now, this isn’t a definite conclusion about her, but at least we know she was speaking the truth in this particular video. I will be conducting more reverse speech anaylsis of her soon in order to start really gaining clarity on her.


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62 Responses to “Pleiadian Contactee, Colleen Thomas – Reverse Speech”

  1. tylerklein says:

    did anyone else notice how many times this colleen women blinks? that suppose to be a sign of a reptiline and maybe they have figured out how to pass the reversed words…im just sayin thats what i seen just why is she blinking so much…its creepy

  2. Humanity Wins says:

    Hey Tyler,

    Sorry but you can’t just jump to the conclusion that Colleen is a hybrid Reptilian just because she blinks more than average during this interview. And as for the idea that the Reptilians have manipulated the reverse speech, well of course it is a possibility, but at present there is no evidence what so ever to support this theory. It is clear that you haven’t spent any time researching the validity of reverse speech. When the Reptilians do manipluate reverse speech (it has happened in the past) it is very obvious. You can tell clearly the difference between real reverse speech and manipulated reverse speech. Peggy Kane has spoken at large about the this as well. I would suggest to you to spend some time looking at the evidence for the validity of reverse speech and listen to the information that Colleen has shared before jumping to conclusions simply based on how many times she blinks.

    Please answer me this as well, why would a hybrid Reptilian go on international news and reveal major truths? Truths that they have wanted so desperately to keep from the mass of humanity i.e they have eaten human meat, the truth about chemtrails, the involvement of the Pleiadians etc etc etc? Your theory just doesn’t hold any weight. And as for her blinking a lot, she’s on an international news channel speaking live about Reptilians and trying to reveal truth to people, I think you’d be a little nervous as well. Go and do some more research then come back and share your opinions. Thanks for posting anyway.

  3. Scott says:

    Hi my name is Scott. I have been doing reverse speech for a few years now. Continiung to expand my work. Putting a book together. Here is a link to my sight. Happy for any feedback and or questions you might have thanks!


  4. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Scott,

    Great to hear you’re doing reverse speech as well! I’ll check out your link and offer any feedback I can.

  5. Pleiadian Knight says:

    You know it actually surprizes me that the news (thats controlled by the lizzies/ govmt.) even allowed that to air on tv. I wonder if they even knew she was comming forward with this kind of info.

  6. Humanity Wins says:

    The RT news channel is a bit more “open” then most, they do have some “controversial” people on talking about subjects a little out of the mainstream sometimes. But I don’t hink the news anchor had a clue what she was getting herself into with Colleen!!

  7. Pleiadian Knight says:

    Right lol. Hopefully more Pleiadians Can muster the guts and resorses to operate in public like she did. Its only a matter of time b4 it does happen. The question is when will it start. Alot of Pleiadians are waiting for the right time to act openly. Most choose to operate “underground”, but what good is trying to tell the truth to the masses if your operating “underground”?. I completely understand that every Pleiadian has a specific task to complete to obtain the ultimate goal, but we should try every possible way to blow this up in the publics face.

    We should have a “think tank” for this task. lmao

  8. Humanity Wins says:

    Colleen was very brave in doing what she did last year, but unfortunately she has been “got at” and the last video she posted online was of a very very different tone! In the video she is saying that she was “deceived by evil spirits”! She had been involved in Christanity for most of her life, and it seems that some kind of “programming” was activated within her. This new video from her has been reversed and it seems like a few different factors have played a part in her “change of tune”. I will put up a post soon with the reverse speech of this latest video from her.

    This is the danger in making such a powerful impact alone in our current circumstances. Of course she was brave, but this drew so much attention to her that she was a main target. I believe it is more effective to be a little more “under the radar” right now, but we will all know when the time is right to really break the surface in a big way, but ALL TOGETHER! This was Colleen’s problem she was standing alone. I am going to contact her and try to help her “break her mind control programming” if I can. Religion has been, and still is, the Reptilians most powerful and most effective form of mind control. This is why I have, and will continue, to put out information to help people break their Religious programming.

  9. Pleiadian Knight says:

    Wow Thats very saddening… jeez I dont even know what to say about that…
    listen,I have several ways of getting ahold of me. I wish there was a way of E-mailing you personaly. I could undewrstand why you wouldnt want random people to email you anyways lol But Im going to just post my Facebook for contact. Because I want to be as useful to the cause as possible. And if I find things on youtube, or othersites, I would want to be able to share them with you and see if you can review somethings aswell. Im very good at validating evidence and other stuff as well. and plus I might be useful later on if something comes up. Man power might help a bit. Oh and by the way, My facebook account is the same as my gmail account, and If you do contact me on either one, once I validate that its actually you, then I’ll give you other means of contact aswell for just in case purpposes.

    thats both my facebook and gmail.

    If you dont contact me, I completely understand and wont take any hard feelings. Its Just where Im at, Kind Of makes it difficult to succeed.

  10. Humanity Wins says:

    Sorry for the late response, I’ve been taking a break for the past week.

    I’m going to set up a facebook profile for this site very soon, as well as some other means of contact (Twitter etc) so I will add you on Facebook soon. I’m not a big user of email, so I would probably miss a lot of what you are sharing, but if you have something to share in the mean time though then communication through this site is the best option. I’ll be setting up a forum section on the site soon as well, so that there is a deticated eniviroment for people to connect and share their thoughts.

  11. Pleiadian Knight says:

    Thank you so much and its quite alright :) And untill then i will use this for sharing stuff :) face book is a good way to share things with ppl aswell. my face book has been sety up; for that very reason. there is ALOT of ppl comming together over this very situation lol it actually suprizes me lol Maybe soon i can get myself into the occupy wallstreet movement. ive always wanted to go out and stick it to them. the only problem is that its alwasy so far from me lol

  12. Pleiadian Knight says:

    Humanity Wins
    I Have a question, Reguarding the “Greys.”… well several questions lol
    I can never find enough info on the little guys at all. I’m trying to find the involvment level, these guys are in. which side they are on, and what is their purpose.

    I hear way to many things about the greys. Like they are neutral, and in ancient times they where known as “The Watchers” I even heard they were slaves, (which doesnt make sence at all if these guys have the biggest brains, and psychic communication.) why are these “greys” even here? If they really were “The Watchers” why arent they helping us? Isn’t the point of watching an entire Species on another planet evolve, Protect from other invading extraterrestrials and keep the new species from destroying themselves? What happened? Whats going on in the skys that are keeping them. I know they are real because you cannot have an average sighting of an alien being looking mostly like “Greys” with out atleast some being right. there is just not enough info on who they are and why they are here. I would love to know their role in all of this.

    This is one of the missing puzzles that I would gladly put into place. I’ve pretty much know whats going on up their, its just I dont know whats up with the Greys.

  13. Berto says:

    hey pleiadian knight,

    i was reading along the comments and couldnt help but notice the last one about the greys. I, too, have been researching ETs in general, trying to see where each race fits where i.e. pleiadians, reptilians. and there were 2 videos from different people (one of them is a contactee, alex collier, and the other one is a researcher, david icke, interviewing a south african shaman who had contact with a reptilian.)that explain in some detail who the greys are and their purpose. Both stories that come out of them are synchronistic with each other in that the greys are subservient to the reptilians, or their slaves if you will. Their home is in the zeta reticuli star system, which, just like this one, was invaded by reptilians. There are various grey species i.e. tall greys, short greys, and apparently the short ones are the ones genetically manipulated by the reptilians, or hybrids. Although fundamentally they are slaves, they still have their own agenda on Earth different than that of the reptilians. The grey species is slowly dying in this galaxy, for that reason they have abducted humans to try to make a grey-human hybrid so their species can survive (alex collier). most of the key info on the greys I acquired from listening to the 1990s alex collier video when he first comes out with this information. I would strongly suggest HumanityWins to reverse speech that video, which i think has strong key information not just about reptilians and greys, but other benevolent races, other than pleiadians. Hopefully what i said made sense and helped you out. If not I strongly recommend watching that video and also the south african shaman’s interview with david icke, which tries to explain the reptilians’ history on Earth in africa. You can search it on youtube, it is called “the reptilian agenda”

  14. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Berto,

    You’re totally correct about the Grays, they have been the Reptilian’s slaves.

    There’s certainly some synchronicity here, you’ve asked if I would reverse Alex Collier’s interview from 1994, and I’ve just done that. The post will be up soon

  15. Berto says:

    I greatly appreciate the reverse on Alex Collier’s video. It is very informative and hopefully many people can learn a lot from it

  16. Michael02 says:

    I’ve been doing a lot research about everthing government thoyies,bible, egyptians, and a lil very intresting cartoon videos called Spirit Science.I think you should check it out. But some False information. Well some friends of mine came across your video on you tube and we watched and it really blew our mind cause after that we were seening Everything!!! Like its everywhere. Serpants!!! But this leavings me a question about the Crystal mayan Skulls. Are they part of the Pleidan’s Plans? Our Plan to gain our knowledge back? Cause I’ve been watching videos about Elderly’s Mayan Preist’s at the U.N conferance. They say that it is good to get a Crystal Skull with you. What is your Opinion?

  17. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Michael,

    From what I’ve come to understand the Crystal skulls were a Reptilian creation. So best stay clear of them!

    Also, glad to hear my video helped open your eyes a little!


  18. justme says:

    OMG!!!! This woman is a total bat shit insane loonie! Find her vids where she is half naked and talking about how men want her and women hate her because she is so gorgeous. She needs to keep her clothes on because she looks awful in a bikini. That is one of the worst boob jobs I have ever seen. There is nothing worse than an aged woman trying to be young and sexy. If she is what she claims to be what the hell is she doing trying to be a centerfold for AARP magazine? Sheesh! I guess some folks get rid of one mind trap and fall right into one even worse. Good luck and I am gone.

  19. justme says:

    One more for the road and stop telling others to wake up until you can recognize a sleazy con artist! My god, where is your brain man?

    Meet the real Colleen.

  20. Humanity Wins says:


    Yes, I’m fully aware of the reasons why there has been so much debate over Colleen Thomas and I can understand why some people simply jump to conclusions about her, that is why I decided to do a full reverse speech analysis of her in this post. Reverse speech doesn’t care about “opinions” it will reveal the truth and in this particular video her reverse speech indicates she is telling the truth.

    So please take your ego somewhere else, how dare you criticise and tell me to stop trying to wake others up! Pathetic, I have no time for such narrow minded people. Bye bye

  21. justme says:

    So much for FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION!!!!! You are another hypocrite spouting from both sides of your mouth and YOU could never be wrong. You jumped from the frying pan(religion) into the fire (new age garbage) and have not one iota of discernment. You are leading these people on the wrong path and karma will bite you in the butt for doing so. Remember, you fell for the christian garbage and even got the annointing, and at that time I am sure you would react the same way you did to me if someone had tried to warn you back then. Oh no, people like you have to have the unseen hand, the invisable Wizard of Oz who will eventually tell you all things. This earth is millions of years old and all of a sudden the good ET’s are going to save us?!!! For those who are tired of the rapture claim they can now move on to the ET hope. Can’t you see it is the same old story with a brand new twist? A bit of advice, leave the hocus pocus alone and stop trusting in someone else’s voodoo/contacts/messages etc. before you end up losing your mind. You are easily led and I sense you need to grow up and stop chasing what is not there. Messing with the unseen and unknown is a dangerous game. You won’t win. WE are OUR own and only hope and not some non-existant super race floating around in the ether world waiting to swoop down kick ass on your behalf. YOU wake up and try to grow up!

  22. Humanity Wins says:


    I really don’t get where you are coming from I’m afraid??? I gave you freedom of expression by approving your comment did I not? Of course I don’t agree with you, that is what I was making clear, but you’re free to share your thoughts, concerns and doubts, I have no problem with that.

    Yes I fell for the Christian deception (almost) and it took all my effort and strength to work my way out of that horrific confusion, but I did it. I have never said that I am right about everything, I am a human being and mistakes can be made, and have been made, I will be the first to admit that. But I have always gone where the evidence and my inner guidence has taken me.

    The evidence is certainly available to support the fact that humanity has friends and allies (Pleiadian and other Alliance races) who have been and are working hard to help Earth. That is not “New Age”. I agree the “New Age” movement is a manipulation, no different than Religion. This does not mean that we just sit on are ass and wait for them to take care of everything, far from it. All of us here on Earth have work to do. We have to regain our power and wake up to who we really are, then the mess on this planet can end.

    What exactly are you calling “Hocus Pocus” by the way? Reverse Speech? David Icke? Peggy Kane? Alex Collier? the Pleiadians? What exactly? Do you really think that humanity has been left alone to fend for itself against a brutal Reptilian race without anyone lifting a finger to help?

    You have been rather aggessive with some of your comments but I’ll let that go, I’ll just send you Love instead xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I appologise for being a bit defensive in the last reply, but I wasn’t in a “peak state” then, I’m only human after all! Again sorry if I offended you, I really don’t feel the need to fight and bicker, but I’m more than open to a healthy debate and welcome everyone sharing their thoughts and feelings. We’re all on the same side here.


  23. justme says:

    Brad, I was not offended as I am not one of the ‘politically correct’ imbeciles of this era.

    All I am trying to say is you do not know the people who claim to get messages through channeling and even if you did you have no way of discerning what is being said. As with religion, you are getting your info second hand and that is also called hearsay. Sure, many of them seem sincere but there again you have no sure fire way of knowing if they are being fooled themselves. Did you know that Sitchen was a high level mason who tried to hide that fact? I do know more books have been written on these topics in the last 50 years than ever before in all of history. Billions of $$$s have been made from books, lectures and interviews by these people, and like preachers, they can’t even agree with one another on many points. Some channelers claim they are getting the true info and the rest are dead wrong and being fooled. Why chase after the unseen and unknown? How can you be certain what you are dealing with is good instead of evil? Even mortal men all through history would divulge 90% of truth but it was the 10% pure fraud that trusting people missed because they were satisfied with the 90% truth. I want the 100% truth and will not involve myself in occult activities that someone else is using. Aleister Crowley channeled more than any other person and Jimmy Page of the Led Zeppilin band who bought Crowley’s house stated when he wrote Stairway to Heaven that something moved his hand and wrote that song. Now, that proves one must have the ability to discern good channeling from evil. Since evil goes out of the way to appear good how can you ever be certain which is which? Personally, I believe it is all evil as good never hides or needs to. I believe all we are required to do is live by what we know as the Golden Rule and really that is about all we can do. Our own governments are corrupt to the bone but they have technology most people would refuse to believe. What if they are behind all this channeling and have an agenda behind it? You must ask yourself are we being fooled again and being set up for the biggest hoax ever.

    We are all going to die at some point. Why live in fear for the short time we have here? I went through a period of falling into the trap of the top fear mongerers and it became more depressing than the trap of religion. Actually, all I had done was trade one mind prison for another.

    We have prepared for drastic events the best we can in our home. We also have the means of personal protection which we would fully use if forced to protect our home and family. Aside from those measures everything else is a waste of time and money. You asked if I thought we were put here to be left alone without help. We have help. We have intelligence. Mankind became just as greedy as those we accuse of being that way. Each on his own level have sat back and let evil men take charge and never voiced concerns as long as we still enjoyed a comfortable life. We are all guilty for the mess this world is in. Hell, everyone knows there are millions starving all over this planet but they don’t care. If millions who have plenty allow other millions to starve that proves what unconcerned greedy creatures we are. If everyone lived by the Golden Rule that would end every problem you could name. We are too fearful to do what really needs to be done so we cower and keep looking for that savior out there, up there, over there or somewhere. With each new generation this trend changes to something else, a new savior along with a new unseen monster. We have sunk so low I fear that it will take a huge crisis and many deaths before the dull lazy masses will wake up but I will not be looking for help from out of the blue or any ET source when the problem is ours and our own making. We made it and we will either fix it or die.

    I might come across agressive but that is my nature. We don’t have time to mollycottle and tiptoe around. As for Reptilians, I have never in my life seen one, have you? I am more afraid of the human monsters that will be raging if our economy crashes and the fat and lazy become the desperate and starving. You own neighbors would kill you for a loaf of bread if they got hungry enough. We need to use logic and common sense and stop worrying about what we don’t know and can’t see. We need to take care of what we can see that is wrong. I am not wasting another penny on books, DVD’s, lectures etc. by those who say they have knowledge we lack. If they were telling us real deep dark secrets they would all be 6 feet under instead of filthy rich. Hmm, sounds like religious leaders doesn’t it? Same game by a different name.

  24. Humanity Wins says:


    I totally agree with most of what you’ve said here. You are spot on about “channelling” it is and has been open to major manipulation and the vast majority of channelled information is very very suspect. However that is not to say that all channelled information has been a manipulation. This is where reverse speech has proven to be such an incredible tool for uncovering the truth and seeing through any lies and deceit. Most of the channelled information that has been reversed by myself, Peggy Kane and others has been shown to be lies and manipulation, even though it sounds so loving, enlighten and full of divine truth.

    The Pleiadian messages channelled through Barbara Marciniack over a number of years (she wrote 4 books in total) starting in 1992 gradually became distorted and manipluated, but the original communication in 1992 (segments of which were used for the Pleiadian Message video) has proven to be very very accurate. I say this because so much of that original message has since been backed up by many other “solid” sources and with very strong evidence. e.g the concept of the moon broadcasting some form of “hack” frequecy which is creating a “false reality” for humanity and keeping us shut down and disconnected from our true conncection to life and the universe (there is still more to know about this of course). Discoveries were being made through reverse speech from 2006 onwards about this and then more recently David Icke backed this up with his information about what he calls the “Moon Matrix”. This is just one example. So yes the information shared in that video is from channelled material but the vast majority is backed up by strong evidence from other sources.

    You say that “the problems here are our own making” and that we created the problems and therefore have to fix it. There is some truth in that statement, but I don’t see humanity being to blame for the mess on this planet. Everyone has been manipulated from craddle to grave by the hidden hand of the Reptilians for thousands of years. They took control of this planet and imprisoned humanity, on a level that we are only now starting to understand. It is a big universe out there and what is happening on Earth is just the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority of human beings are good, decent people. They don’t want people starving in the world or wars taking place, but they have felt powerless to do anything about it. This is what is changing now. People are waking up to who they really are, the power that is inside of them and what’s really been going on on this planet.

    Have I ever seen a Reptilian myself. No, not many people have. This has been their primary method of survival, staying hidden. They have operated on other dimensional plains mainly, so it is very rare to see them. But I have experienced their mind and “spiritual” manipulations first hand.

  25. justme says:

    The people of Heavens Gate cult led by Applewhite were all highly educated people who entered a world of ‘channeled’ information and honestly thought ET’s were coming in the tail of a comet and in order to hitch a ride they were required to rid themselves of their earthly bodies. The Jones cult was said to have willingly drank poison kool aid to enter into heaven. Since then, with much investigation plenty of well trained investigators have come to believe that these events were just a continuation of the governments MKultra mind control black ops. After all the horrific info on those demonic projects were released by the Freedom of Information Act the American people knew how evil our government truly was. Pres. Clinton made an annoucement on national tv to apologize for those projects and swore that the government was no longer involved in such treasonous acts against it’s own people. If anyone believes that then they will fall for anything. Their tools of that trade are so far more advanced today most people would refuse to believe. You can be implanted with a mind control device if you go to the wrong dentist and many victims of that crime have testified about it. If you have never read the book written by Cathy O’Brien, an ex MKultra mind control slave, I highly suggest you read it. It is titled Trance-Formation of America.

    What better way to fool people into a false sense of safety with help on the way than to pretend to be the good guys looking out for you?

    I mentioned Thomas Paine in another post and this is what he had to say about such ‘revelations’ given to certain people and he was spot on and this is part of the creed I follow.

    Revelation, when applied to religion or most anything, means something communicated immediately from God or unseen source to man.

    “No one will deny or dispute the power of the Almighty to make such a communication, if he pleases. But admitting, for the sake of a case,that something has been revealed to a certain person, and not revealed to any other person, it is revelation to that person only. When he tells it to a second person, a second to a third, a third to a fourth,and so on, it ceases to be a revelation to all those persons. It is revelation to the first person only, and hearsay to every other, and consequently they are not obliged to believe it. It is a contradiction in terms and ideas, to call anything a revelation that comes to us at second-hand, either verbally or in writing. Revelation is necessarily limited to the first communication- after this, it is only an account of something which that person says was a revelation made to him; and though he may find himself obliged to believe it, it cannot be incumbent on me to believe it in the same manner; for it was not a revelation made to me,and I have only his word for it that it was made to him.” Thomas Paine The Age of Reason

    So it matters not to me who had a revelation/channeled info or the subject. They may be truthful or not. They may be mistaken or even being used. I would have no way of knowing one way or the other.

    If our governments can lie for years as ours did and deny these mind control and deceptive programs what makes you think they do not have the ability to use reverse speech to their advantage? You think with all the resources they now have that reverse speech can’t be tampered with? They allow the masses to have just enough info to get them trapped and then send in the wolves. This is history repeating itself over and over.

    I will deal with the known and the seen. There is more than enough there to worry about. I have looked deeply into the subject of channeling and I am fully convinced it is a trap and I caution you to tread carefully.

  26. Humanity Wins says:


    Of course I and many others have looked very seriously over the years at whether reverse speech is a manipulation, it is a possibility and I would be arrogant and stupid not to consider the fact. But there is absoultely no evidence whatsoever to indicate that it is a manipulation. Now, if someone knocks on my door and says “look reverse speech is a manipulation and here’s the evidence” then I would take the time to look at it. But so far no evidence has been presented.

    The information that has been revealed through reverse speech has blown the cover on so much of the Illuminati/Reptilians secrets and there is no reason why they would want people to know this. Obviously I get the idea that the most effective form of manipulation is to mix 80-90% truth with 10-20% lies, but so far there is no evidenec to show that reverse speech has truth mixed with lies. So much of the information gained from it is backed up by other sources. If reverse speech was communiating a different theme all together then there would be alarm bells ringing big time. You can try it for yourself. Speak into a recorder for a few minutes lying about your name, your gender, where you live etc and then reverse it, it will tell you you are lying.

    Peggy Kane has been using reverse speech for 10 years now and I have been using it for 4, Peggy has litterally 10′s of thousands of reversals and the theme throughout has always been the same, and I have never heard anything in reverse myself, from the few hundred reversals I have, which has seemed bizarre or out of place with my greater understanding, it has simply added to what is already proveable, but adds to it.

    The bottom line is that reverse speech is simply a tool, you can take it or leave it, but for me it has proven to be an incredibly valuable tool and has given me greater insight into many many areas.

    Like I said previoulsy, I am with you with what you are saying about channelling, it has been a very effective form of manipulation, but the information about the Pleiadians and other Alliance races has not just come from that Barbara Marciniack channelling alone. That channelled information has simply backed up and added to what is already know through many other sources. If you are open to the idea that there are ET’s out there, then what makes you think that they are all evil?

    This is one way of looking at it, take the 2nd world war. The Nazi’s invaded France and took control. The French people were pretty much powerless to kick the Nazis out, they were trapped and surpressed. But they had allies, the British and the Americans. Eventually the British and Americans landed on D-day to start the liberation of the French people (along with help from the French resistance force) and defeat the Nazis. This is very similar in theme to what I believe (based on strong evidence) is going on here but on a cosmic or galactic level. This isn’t to say that we simply sit and wait to be rescued. There is still a lot more to know about why this isn’t the case, but ultimately we have work to do here for ourselves. Humanity (or a least a large percentage of humanity) must wake up to their own personal power and be the catalyst for the major changes to take place here. So this is the difference between Reigion (or the New Age) promoting the idea of a “saviour” or an outside force coming in to take care of everything for us. It is all about taking back our OWN POWER and not looking outside ourselves for someone else to take care of all our problems. But still, we do have friends and allies out there who are on our side and are helping us as much as they can.

  27. Yveflower says:

    Hello! I Love that debate between “just me” and “humanity wins.” I liked how you, humanity acted in love and didn’t let the initial negative comment get the best of your emotions. I don’t need that reverse speech technology to see that you are an awakened soul. Keep up the good work. Just me brought up some good points regarding trust and channeling. Which leads to my question. Im a little stumped on the pleiadians, i love what they say and what they are revealing to us. Unfortunately, on a few recent messages they had mentioned Obama is going to be reelected and they mentioned that lucifer is their God. I heard it on youtube and on the galactic federation website, they mentioned that Obama will be saved by them. When they admitted that he is for the dark cabal (i hope i spelled that right) lol. I also found out that they were fallen angels….similar story to Lucifer’s. I’m a little confused here…maybe you could shed some light on this please? Thanks!

  28. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Yveflower,

    Well first of all the Reptilians PRETEND to be the Pleiadians (and other Family of Light races) all the time! So just becuase you see a video or read something on a website that is supposed to be from the Pleiadians does not mean that it is! That is why reverse speech has proven to be such an incredibly valuable tool for seeing what is truth and what is lies! Any message from “the pleiadians” stating that “Obama is is a good man” or that “Lucifer is their God” is quite obvioulsy NOT coming from the Pleiadians!!

    I hope this clears things up a little for you


  29. Yveflower says:

    Well first off thank u for deleting the previous users’ comments, that person needs to live by example! And thank you for that helpful response.. i have another question for ya, considering your using this reverse technology, which channelers do you recommend to receive truthful pleiadian messages?

  30. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Yveflower,

    Well firstly Huge (the user I deleted) has been causing major disruption on this site for a good few weeks now – I gave him an opportunity to speak his mind but he soon overstepped the mark! So I just delete his comments now. I think some people think this website is “public property” and that they have a “right” to be heard and say what they want (even when its abusive)! Afraid not!!

    Anyway – as for which channels do I trust – well thats actually a good question – not many! I’m planning to do a lot of reversing of different channelled material over the coming weeks and months so I’m sure we’re learn more about who is credible and who is not. Obviously the original Barbara Marciniack channelled message from 1992 (which I used in the video: The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For The Family of Light) is very accurate. But in terms of recent channelled material – well at the moment I personally only trust my good friend Erin – she channelled the messsage from the Pleiadians for the lastest video (A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light – Vol 2) – She is in constant contact with the Pleiadians and they told her they wanted to put a direct message from them on my website. There will no doubt be many more direct messages from them to be added to the site (and future videos) – I am actually going to be adding the reverse speech of Erin’s channelled message to the site in the next couple of days as well.

  31. Miguel Edler says:

    hmm guys this is interesting,but could u get some more information…i was wondering if Michael Jackon was a starseed from de pleiades, he worked for the dark sides.. but then i discovered the light and he was so unnatural, what about making a studying about this topic??(:

  32. Asia says:

    For the past few months i have been feeling this longing..idk what it is or why i have this feeling so deep within my soul. So many times things have happend i cany ever explain not just as an adult but alot when i was a little girl..this has all been so much to take in at once but i think its a sighn.. this women is amazing and i believe she is here for a reason as well <3 i must keep researching. But im afraid of the bad ones.. so bad that you cant look at them? did you see the movie ( The forth kind) ??..speaking of an owl? the owl in the dollor? the bird looking dressed up people in the olympic?

  33. Asia says:

    okay maybe to much at i was reading berto’s comments.. you speak of thses “greys” the tall greys? when i was little i used to say there were tall “shadows” watching me at night.. 3 of them. weird yes.. but like i have said i have been going through this bind.

  34. Endovelyco says:

    when i was a kid I also had some shadows in the middle of the night while trying to sleep.

  35. Endovelyco says:

    the feeling being observed by those shadows made me had afraid of the dark during my childhood, I couldnt even go to the toilet if I woke up in the middle of the night, so I ended doing many times on my bed because of that, and I was scared even to move like I was paralysed, I couldnt support to be in a room with darkness, there was something and I always felt I wasnt alone, once I woke up in the middle of the night but in the sofa instead of my bed, I screamed because I was scared and my father went to my room and said :”where are you? why you are out of bed?” and I said that I didnt know how I ended on the sofa, and Im not sleepwalker, I was 9-11 years old.

  36. Chuck says:

    so the word Owl comes out here, but here you go to the conclusion

    “The Owl Will Try it”

    The Reptilians (The Owl) Know that their time is almost up and they are trying anything they can to ingnite fear. But it is all in vein.”

    It is interesting what you “gather” but your own opinions are just that, you cannot claim as an absolute truth what you think…

    Try reverse speech on you, but I know the result, when the word “owl” word comes out, you will write ” the reptilians bla bla bla, they are going to lose”

    I’m just saying if you really are the shit, be more objective

  37. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Chuck,

    First of I certainly dont look at myself as “the shit”, as you call it! Ha ha! I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got, and I’m sure everyone else is doing the same!

    And yes I have reversed myself many times! If that is what you are asking?

    And no I dont claim to have the “absolute truth”! And anyone who claims they have, I suggest you run away from them very very quickly!! But my interpretations of reverse speech are based on years of resarch in this field. So yes I am happy to say that I know a thing or 2 about what reverse speech is communincating. But if you wish to disagree with my interpretations, then no problem, go ahead.



  38. MAS-Maverick says:

    In relation to Michael02′s question about crystal Myan skull I have a similar question. Dan Akroyd has been known to have a strong belief in ET lifeforms and claims the government is concealing information, but he never really points out the specific agenda of the ET’s. He has also produced a vodka that is distributed in a crystal skull. Is he a deceptive Reptilian tool used to downplay the agenda? Or is he selling alcohol in a clear skull to spoof the reptilians?

    Maybe it’s just me, but the coincidence seems all too uncanny…

  39. michael says:

    Way to go Jillianne.

  40. rich says:

    My guess is that, in the near future, as per the book of Revelations, we’ll be shown who is pulling the strings by way of the consciousness level of humanity being high enough to pierce through the Reptilian grid. If (or when)that happens, we’ll probably end up seeing Reptilians all over the place, like on Youtube. What do we do then? Following the theory that a number of us are of Pleiadian origin and are incarnated warriors, what are we supposed to do when the time comes? Kill the Reptilians? As I understand it, the Reptilians are ruthless. It’s them or us. But, they’re partly human too, that’s where the problem is.

  41. UNIVERSE says:

    to “” rich “” well the good thing is humankind don’t have to worry about Reptilians.. because almost,, all of them when kill .. in the same time.. and the few remain of them will be arrest for The Galactic Federation of Light.. so humanity don’t have to worry about that.. and for the true about the who is pulling the strings to the humanity being high enough consciousness level.. that will know too.. with time and later.. because all what happen before it was going in the wrong direction and it was not in the way supposed to be.. and at the end everyone will going to want to know the true and the why.. so everyone with ther own eyes will see “” who, why and what “”

  42. Rob says:

    The major problem with her story is her assertion that a nuclear missile was launched to destroy an alien craft above the U.S. coast. If a nuclear warhead were detonated above the west coast, an electromagentic pulse (EMP) shockwave would destroy all electronics in the western half of the U.S. So she is saying the US gov launched a missile with a nuclear warhead that would detonate above the US, and destroy an alien craft, but would also end civilization as we know it in the western half of the US.

  43. PeterSagittari says:

    Nobody said anything about detonating an icbm over the populated area. One missle was harmlessly disabled. The second propably too. And EMP discharge of an icmb missle has 15km range (+- depens on the load) , same as its shockwave.

  44. Brad says:

    Hi Rob,

    She never said it was a nuclear warhead that was fired – it was an ICBM (Inter Continental Ballistic Missile) – just a missle that can be fired across great distances.

  45. Gordon Kirk says:

    Hi Brad i wonder if you can help me out with something i got accepted on to the peggy kane forum i was accepted and went in happily enough i thought i went in to my inbox i maybe sent ia message i dont even know who to but i got banned i am very much like you had a very similar expierence with learning the bible first before coming across similar research i deeply would like to see what research peggy is doing i felt it would give me some answers to add to what i already currently know and understand all the same i am glad i have come across your website and see you have a forum also i read your story you story is quite a story a little more interesting in mine perhaps regarding the religion part iu learned with jehovah witness for 5 months to went to 30 meetings but something didnt just feel quite right i believe everything that you seem to think is true all we can do is search our truth eh Namaste Gordon

  46. Michael says:

    Hi Gordon.

    I had a very high regard for Peggy. She came across to me as very genuine and courageous, but she seems to have changed for the negative in the past few years.

    A few former Peggy Kane forum members became very concerned about her behaviour and started up their own forum about a year ago.

  47. ColleenThomas says:

    I’m curious as to the results of my video regarding demonic contact in reverse.

    Many people made wrong assumptions as to where I stand on religion based on that video (I am 100% opposed to it). When I use the word demonic I refer to negative entities such as the Grays and Reptilians rather than spirits or spooks. The term demon simply means “knowledge,” as in forbidden knowledge. By every ancient account humans were created to be dumb slaves on a world controlled by ETs playing god here. Not everyone was in agreement about how humans should be treated hence the split personality, good cop-bad cop aspect of Yahweh, Allah, etc… Eg Enki and Enlil had a falling out over human sexuality. They were being bred via artificial means and taught not to see one another naked. When the Adamu were caught having sex the offenders including the Anunnaki who taught them how were tossed out.

    Once I became suspicious of who was contacting me the hive mind I suspect were the Grays never returned. I had planned to try them by invoking Christ but never got the chance. The Pleiadians have remained in contact but very infrequently. The last to come see me was my future son Jeremiah who explained they are in the throws of dealing with very difficult exopolitical and cosmological affairs and don’t have time for social calls right now.

    I made a lot of mistakes in 2010 but the worst was trusting that all those contacting me and others were Divine in nature. Because I trusted them I repeated their bs lies and ended up discrediting myself. I am always honest and sincere with people so if you find indications of incongruency I would like to know of it. I was informed by some psychics that a group of magicians were targeting me. I have suffered a great deal of really bad luck since then but I do not believe my mind has been compromised, but then how would I be able to know that if I am being victimized in that way? That’s why I’m so interested in your results.

    Thank you for working on my material. I feel honored that you took the time to do it.

  48. susie says:

    I have viewed this woman’s videos a while ago and came to the conclusion pretty quickly that she was not authentic..but that’s my opinion…the thing is…we all think in terms of black and white, but the world is not black and white. Moment to moment we all rise and fall in consciousness and are subject to manipulation. None of us are immune to it which is why we must be ever vigilant…the message I got from my spirit family who I believe are Pleaidans is this “BEWARE…BE AWARE”…..your soul depends on it…don’t trust anyone but always test the spirits…a being of the true light will confess that Jesus is the only way. A real Pleaidian will confess this. It has nothing to do with Christianity or religion. Don’t let that trip you up…please!

  49. susie says:

    I thought I would share this with you:

    Pleiadian Star-Man Speaks


    I am Barashkaal, a Pleiadian Star-man. I hail from the planet Choragus in the star system of the Pleiades: the third world from Maia, there being Egek and Delokth also worlds whose paths lie closer to our Life-Star. We exist in the fourth dimension which is most often invisible to third dimensional optics, yet at times does appear because of the nearness of these dimensions. We honor the Creator, the One, the Star-Maker of old who made time and is before time, who exists in multi-dimensions and in every living thing.

    There are imposters who would claim our name and titles to dessiminate teachings amongst the cosmic races that are not of truth. By mixing truth with error they make themselves heard, and are listened to and beleived by many.

    We are not perfect: therefore there are some among us who have gone out and bring with them misleading words. Some of these are innocent of guile, for they have lost their way and are grasping for meaning. In their confusion, and by their knowledge which surpasses many, they weave their own concepts, then interject these to races who are not as awkened to knowledge of the above.

    The Orion race hailing from Bellatrix and the world Lea’Yah have spoken truth, for we are one in purpose. We are what they are and our interaction is of One. It is the Grays and Reptillians that deceive, and are in truth beings of guile whos purposes are to draw the cosmos away from their Creator. At times these take on other forms, and can even appear as Pleiadians or Orions. Humans on the world Earth have often fallen prey to their allurements. Enticing words of apparent wisdom are trusted without question.

    Be careful for the breeding experiments. The Reptillian serpent-gods will attempt to create a super-race of beings whom they can move into positions for the purpose of conquest. Only the most wise among you will be able to identify these, and only the most gifted will be able to gain mastery over them. Nonetheless, these beings will be permitted to do their work, but their time is short, for they are governed by the laws of the One.

    Herein you must test those who speak to you bringing a message for your worlds peace. On your world earth you have the express image of the Creator manifested in the person called Lord Jesus Christ. His words and the words of the One are recorded in your Holy Scriptures: the Bible. Lord Jesus Christ is called the Morning Star. He is the Star-Maker.

    For you to test those who visit you from beyond your world, you must enter communion with Lord Jesus Christ, the Star-Maker. The One gives illumination and power through the name of the one you have come to call Messiah, the Saviour. With this power you must ask those who come to you if they beleive Lord Jesus Christ came in the flesh, and if they are servants who are gladly obedient to Him. It is not enough to hear a confession that one only beleives. The Reptillians beleive who He is, but they are not gladly obedient to Him.

    There will be two kind of imposters: First, there are those of the negative anti-dimensions which are spirits and cannot change their nature. These are the Serpent-gods and Reptillians, which include the Grays, who are amphibian/reptillian. Secondly there are those of us who have lost their way and are spreading opinion from their mind across the cosmos. These can change their nature and return to an alignment with Truth.

    If you encounter one of the latter, you may sit down and discuss with them the Truth. First you must learn the Truth yourself and know the Truth intimately. Then you may be able to explain the Truth to those who have gone out from among us but are still a part of us.

    The days are coming soon upon your world Earth, and are already in linear time manifest, when many will gather together to hear and beleive many of the untruths spoken by imposters. Accompanying these things will be great distress upon the world, and great signs in the stars. Since your linear year 1945 these things have begun to escalate. 90 years is determined. From 1945 to 1975 events escalated at a predictable pace. The last 10 years of a 30 year period show a marked escalation which births into the next period of 30 years. 1975 to 2005 is the next period, with the 10 years from 1995 being the escalation period. You are soon to enter the third period which will be marked by extremes beyond those of the prior two periods.

    I tell you to prepare for great changes upon your world Earth: changes beyond those which have happened in the prior 2 periods of 30 years. Many of your “end days” predictions will be taking place during this time. These were foreseen and foreknown by the One, the Star-Maker, who sees the end from the beginning, for that which is was and so will be ~ existing in and beyond time, before time and after time ceases.

    I am Barashkaal. I have spoken the words of Truth as revealed by spirit to mind, and communicated through channels chosen before of old by the One to speak Truth into the realm of mortal and immortal beings.

  50. James pavey says:

    Hi. I can’t find your contact details. Would really like contact
    You to have a chat.

    Many thanks james

  51. Ronnie says:

    I am new to your site and am very familiar with all the topics, having spent a lot of time doing my own research on all these topics. You mention that Colleen seems to have changed. They may have indeed implanted her with an etheric mind control defice. It’s something I heard about on a radio show that Tanath spoke about from the Silver Legion on “Talk with Vince.” She gives the link on her website. Can you check out Alex Jones! Can you do a reverse speech on him please? I listen to Pete Santilli’s show and he played a part of Alex’s show where a caller questioned his hiring practice about this one person in particular and Alex had a fit and cut him off and called him “insane” which is a term generally used by the lame stream media. Frankly I was shocked and it was a red flag for me. While you are at it, can you do a reverse speech on Pete Santilli just for the sake of it. You just don’t know who to trust anymore…..

  52. Kristina says:

    “Well first of all the Reptilians PRETEND to be the Pleiadians (and other Family of Light races) all the time! So just because you see a video or read something on a website that is supposed to be from the Pleiadians does not mean that it is!”

    This may finally clear up why Kevin Trudeau made an awful fear based video about joining GIN ‘or else your family will die on 2012 during the reptilian take over.’ Needless to say: HE WAS NOT HIMSELF. I know this for a fact since i’ve followed him for a long while. Ummm….not the informational stuff btw- more like the law of attraction he teaches through “Your wish is Your Command” amazing by the way and would just love to hear that through reverse speech!
    His books are priceless & nothing short of amazing. My job as a lightworker here is ‘the health/detox part’. I’m on it :)

    Thought maybe the illuminati got him and made him into a droid/possessed?? Or he has always just been evil from the start- have no idea anymore at this point- I adored him) His teeth were rotting, his face was sunken, he was talking different and of course the first minute into this awful 15 minute video he did the 666 with his fingers for a full 5 seconds…i nearly crapped myself cause I’ve been wondering if he was on the bad side pretending to help yet couldn’t see what the reps would have to gain by exposing all the toxcicity and then teaching us natural cures such as Apple Cider Vinegar, baking soda, sauna, colonics- stuff that cannot be patented$$$$$$.
    I’ve learned so much from KT, I’m probably on this site right now because of the path he revealed and i relentlessly/obsessively searched & studied upon—yet I still wonder about him- adored him now I just abstain. I’ve taken my focus off of him and joined David Icke’s forum- now I’ve also seen pics of David Icke & KT having lunch.

    GIN went bankrupt…conveniently right before the shift- could KT not hold his vibration after and took off- i’m not hearing much from him nowadays.

    GIN was in his wife’s name
    If anybody has any info on KT- besides the very few sites that say he is a peleidian/fraud please let me know!

  53. Kristina says:

    And can i put my thumb-nail pic up on this site?
    This odd house with one tooth is kinda unnerving! :P
    Sorry, i have lots of Libra in my chart…

  54. ivyowl says:

    Owls are cool. Nothing wrong with Owls. Nothing wrong with the goddess Athena who is symbolized by a the owl. Owls eat reptiles so I am not in agreement. If these alien things don’t like owls..I say they can kiss my owl ass

  55. IVONE VEBBER says:

    nos temos cérebro reptiliano…já fomos monstros , depois selvagens ,depois civilizados…agora entrando na fase de aparelho racional….despertando a glândula central pineal…
    os etes trevosos ainda são materialistas e inconscientes,
    pra ajudar desenvolver consciencia estude também a CULTURA RACIONAL….
    quanto a colleen ,concordo que os escuros estão atacando por todos lados….mas o Obama ,tenho dúvidas que faça parte da gangue…
    o tempo dirá

  56. Heather says:

    Hi HumanityWins:

    Not sure if you are currently around and responding, but after reading through the posts, i was genuinely curious about something. I read in one of your responses that you referenced almost being pulled into the “christian deception.” May i ask what you felt the deception was from your experience?

    To share something about myself, my parents brought us up inside the Catholic faith. However, it wasn’t until i became an adult that i branched out into reading the bible on my own and took an interest in reading other source material. It brought up many questions on what was truth and what was not. Granted, it came as no surprise to me to uncover that Vatican roots could be grounded in deep deception and|or corruption. I’ve been introduced to an array of subjects ranging from the knights of colombus, to the knights templar + holy grail, all the way to the questions surrounding the gnostic gospels and whether or not they were purposefully discluded from the bible. I am also versed in the concept of the illuminati new world order agenda. I have suspected for a long while that ties to this illumanti mindset could be found in the ranks of the Vatican, alongside other religious venues such as the highest degrees within the Free-Masonary. Very recently i started to learn more about the Reptilian agenda and how this ties into all of this as well.

    The point i wanted to make from my end was that inspite of all this knowledge i have come to both learn and accept, i still believe in the truths my faith has provided me with. So in that sense, I can’t really share the position that christianity is only a deception, even if the Reptilians and their race are behind using religions to try and deceive the masses. Regardless of this, I’ve still found and embraced many fundamental truths that connect me to my Creator|God and the love of my Creator. I believe in the power of prayer, it has manifested in my life, and i am able to discern that my reverence is for the true Creator, not some luciferian false god that the elitists are discreetly subscribing to behind closed doors of religion. A luciferian false god who is ultimately about control, chaos, and the ensuance of destruction. There is no value for human life, for any life, under this system. I believe in the incarnation of Jesus Christ and his mission here on earth.

    With that said, this is where other members of my faith and myself may part ways because i do believe in the existence of other life in the universe that is of the Creator essence. No, i don’t subscribe to the belief that all other extraterrestial life must be the “children of lucifer” and henceforth “evil.” I’ve heard these arguments made. I do; however, understand that it would be in our nature to question who to trust and who not to as the lies and deception do exist out there. Biblical prophecy warns of such deceptions and heretics within the church so i understand skepticism flowing from believers in the faith. This is where i think discernment is key to knowledge coming both directly and indirectly inside or outside the faith. For me personally, I would find it pretty vain on my part to believe that such an almighty Creator capable of everything and anything couldn’t possibly have created life elsewhere in the universe, life that also honors their true Creator. Therefore, I don’t understand the immediate jump to conclusion that the “Aliens” ~all of them” must be the fullfillment of the end times predictions found in the Book of Revelations. I truly believe that if one is in tune with the true Creator, divine flow will come through. You’ll know if something isn’t right and if a false teacher has presented itself to you. Something will feel off. Until then, i do believe in learning, i believe in my Creator, and i do believe in divine discernment. For the record, to others of the faith, just like it is plausible that some of these ET races could be some of the “fallen ones” that the bible references, some of these ET races could be interpreted as “angels” incarnate sent by God to help and assist mankind to the degree permitted. True lightworkers doing the will of the divine at hand. While i fully believe in the angelic kingdom in the spiritual realm, i think most believers have a preconceived notion on who and what an angel of God can be. But even Christ himself mentions in Scripture how “there are many mansions in my father’s kingdom” which i personally believe references all the different incarnate planets, realms, and dimensions found within the physical incarnations and spiritual heavenly realms. We all ascend at our own speed.

    Therefore, in the end, I don’t subscribe to being anti-religion and don’t feel there is a need to be , even if the Reptilian race has tried to use it to their own means. Their need to do so demonstrates to me their desperation to have control over where truth can be found, even with their attempts to manipulate and taint it with lies. In the end, what i think matters is as long as people are choosing to congregate under a religious title of free choice and not by force, and they find joy together in honoring their Creator, so be it. That becomes the positive in it. All souls find a way to “wake up” and for some, it is through their religion.

    Sorry, i realize that got long winded and the initial question probably got lost. I was just curious if your stance against religion is belief-based, meaning, maybe you don’t believe in a Creator God, or is it the essence of institutionalized religion in general that turned you off to christianity? Feel free to answer if you’d like, you of course, don’t have to.

    I had one other question about the topic of “grey|gray ” ET’s that was brought up in discussion. Where has the information come from that they are in league with the reptilians and|or are slaves under them? Also, i read that pleidian message, but couldn’t help but to balka bit at the clear insinuation that like the Reptilians, they are unable to change their nature ever? Is that really a fair assessment from the standpoint of our loving and forgiving Creator? Especially if its true these Gray’s were in fact enslaved? Our loving Creator would let them perish like that? I can’t really grasp that. Also, I find myself a bit confused regarding what is true about the Grays because I recently listened to an interview that broke them down into three categories: The real short guys ~which are said to be working with the federation of light, the medium sized ones who are supposed to be in league with the Reptilians and were described as ‘emotional cripples’ who put the experiments of their abductees ahead of everything else, even above the humans, and the tall ones which little about is known. In otherwords, they are not all bad or evil. This would make the most sense to me, just like humans are different and can be good or bad. Just curious as to your thoughts on this as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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