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The Moon Matrix – The Reptilian’s “Net” (Video)

Here’s my latest video explaining what the “Moon Matrix” is and how the Reptilians have created this “Net” in order to disconnect humanity from higher levels of awareness, so that humans would be easier to control. This Reptilian “Net” is actually powered by humanity itself. It is low vibrational human energy which supplies the power for this “Net” and as more people “wake up” this “Net” becomes weaker. Learn more in the video…




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14 Responses to “The Moon Matrix – The Reptilian’s “Net” (Video)”

  1. jordy says:

    dragon crown barcelona (catoccitani):
    enemies of the Illuminati (sosiatas draconistarum Catholic) from 1400 AD, the crown of dragon dates from before the Roman Empire, Egyptian belief worship the black cat (protecting the family and women), the crocodile-dragon, THE PENISQUEDES-o sobek protector of souls journey the afterlife and the mother earth Issis in Montserrat. CAT ATER LUM-(CATALUM) – instead of black cat -

  2. gideon says:

    nice vid explaining :)

  3. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Gideon,

    Glad you got some value from it my friend

  4. vicent says:

    King antelles down the first king of crown prince dragon occitania antmetll of Egyptian origin of the dynasty crellente sobek

  5. Mark King says:

    What is the name of the movie that was represented in this Doc?

  6. Humanity Wins says:

    Hi Mark,

    The film is “They Live” (1988) by John Carpenter

  7. CaptCat says:

    Note to Hugh. You sound like you just tuned in. You missed this genesis and jumped right to revelations. About a month ago I did believe in what you are saying. The bible, amassed by King Constantine around 350 ad and now recently 650 ad,by the zionist jews. Books about the Creators “chosen ones” the Hebrews. Why in such a vast universe are the jews the chosen ones by a universal God? What was wrong with the Gentiles and who ever else was on the planet at the time?. It was all lies dude…They picked themselves to be the end time rulers. Now they own or run everthing from main stream media, hollywood, muic industry, newspapers,nuclear weapon manufactuers, federal reserve, haarp, nasa, etc. They hid all the information from us till recently. Your getting the tip of the iceberg it seems. Try being a truther and do 6000 hours of research like alot of these bloggers have done. They know what your saying but are over it. Notice they are polite enough to not get into it with you but leave you with the last word? No more putting down those that have experienced the reality of which they speak before you judge them. Peggy Kane, David Icke, Pleidians etc have been enlightened and see thru the smoke and mirrors which the bibles and religiions are proving to be. They are sticking there heads out to save your sorry naive ass my friend. Enough of your ranting! Eventually it will all come out and you will be eating your words.. Capt.Catastrophe.

  8. Prince Kay France says:

    this is to who ever was jus talkin bout the bible if u believe in the bible still after learning about some this truth go back to sleep u are not helping the cause religion just means control you know how to live already why do you need a book to tell you how open at least. On a another note how can I help i refuse to be controlled

  9. ladyb says:

    I can empathize with Christians I used to be one. I was never happy could not understand why……maybe through Christianity we are taught those that love earth do not love God. We are also indoctrinated with the fact that all man kind are wickid.

  10. ladyb says:

    I was waking up about 4 yrs ago but not fully because I was stuck into Christianity. I guess my thought process was its gotta be real because of the effects of the holy spirit…….not to mention its got to be weather I like it or not because my after life depends on it. Now I see the GOONS behind it all lol

  11. Peter says:

    I have been searching my entire life for the truth.. if the eyes are a window to the soul… mine twitch all day everyday.. so im searching for something.. I believe I have found it. I was an idiot most of my life believing that mainstream tv was truth, lol not anymore.. now that I have been enlightened on the cause it’s all I can do or think about. There simply isn’t one truth, there are many and every piece helps fill in the puzzle also andromedans aren’t evil as depicted in that movie, they are actually helping and are very loving creatures and would never hurt anyone… I believe some of that movie is truth but mixed with lies to help control your thoughts.

    keep going truth warriors but do not get stuck on one truth (the bible is mostly all wrong)

    force = family of light

    may the force be with you

  12. Michael says:

    Peter said “now that I have been enlightened on the cause it’s all I can do or think about”.

    Ain’t that the truth! :)

  13. Grace says:

    Hi! just want to let everyone know what i found. There is a psychic on utube-she calls herself KellinthRaw. Pretty awesome,trustworthy individual. She had a nde + many other. In one of her vids(she has many-true indigo)she astral-projects to the moon and finds inside hybrid greys sitting behind desks-like humans at work. They were even able to see her. She even went back and blew up the inside,after she realized what was going on-she got very angry.Said it was maybe 9 levels.She even says there IS much life on the surface of the moon. The vids(of these) are “what happens on the moon stays on the moon”.She is authentic-i KNOW.She has many other vids-teaching us about our true power.I mean this little woman blew up the inside of the moon-with her own power-breath-from heart area. She is VERY amazing:)) Luv her-SHE’S GREAT!Might want to check her out-she’s getting famous. But-she even saw the new age conspiracy lies.Hope that helps someone!0:-)) Blessings

  14. Thanks for finally writing about > The Moon Matrix – The


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