Hello and welcome my friend. You are not here by accident. If you are reading these words then you are here at this time to play a significant role in helping to remove the darkness and restoring beauty, magnificence and freedom to planet Earth and the human race.

It’s time to remove any fear or feelings of inadequacy and celebrate your true infinite power and the truth of who you really are. For you are a great warrior. A warrior for peace. A warrior for freedom and a warrior for justice. You have always stood up to bullys haven’t you? You could never passively stand by and allow injustice to occur? This is who you are and this is why you are here.

You chose to come here. You made the decision to stand up and say “I’ll go”. Because in your mind there was no other alternative. Your brothers and sisters needed you. Life in all it’s forms needed you. The Universe needed you. Your courage, your bravery and your boldness was needed and you stepped up to do what was necessary. You are honored and adored more than you could possibly comprehend right now, but you will soon come to understand this.

It is time to fulfill the mission. The grandest mission of all.

There is no need to be uptight about this situation. For what is about to take place on this Planet will be extraordinary! Love, laughter and celebration will echo out into eternity, and you will have played a vital role in creating this.

So stand up straight, lift your head high and walk like the hero you are.


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